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Cum of the Dead


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evilbob1234 2017.11.10
Fun game and cool concept. Pretty nice graphics as well.

Domenik 2017.10.19
Cool game. But I hate pics with blurred sex acts

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
It`s an easy game and it has nice pictures, but it just takes too long to be worth it. I only made it through the first five levels.

nyetmare 2017.08.08
Gets repetitive quickly, make sure to let the laser charge to wok quickly

Laelith 2017.07.28
Good pictures, bur very boring game

RADOST89 2017.06.09
cool, a bit hard, but cool

kemode 2017.06.07
good pics but kind of a boring game

Ryan4990 2017.03.31
The premise for the game, while quite repetitive, isn`t bad...but the blurring of some of the images has to go!

mjcmjc1995 2017.03.01
gets boring but a fun game

pablin 2017.01.23
Always the same, Got bored and quit.


lolzman 2016.11.27
i`m in love......with this game.....huuuuuuh...

drae1987 2016.11.01
not worth the time it takes to complete

bcgcpro 2016.09.11
Was slow, until you figure out you have to let the laser recharge :)

Just4Fun_83 2016.09.05
Pretty slow. Tasks take too long to complete

sf6178 2016.09.03
boring game but i did find myself trying to figure out what the picture was. there was no real rewarding feel to accomplishing the task.

bonder 2016.08.26
This is pretty slow, too little action and not fun to play

titaniumfist 2016.08.24
its very boring I thought about it and this game could be better if it was kinda like an rpg game

Plezier227 2016.08.05
Always the same, Got bored and quit.

stach56 2016.08.01
this game is easy but needs more sex scenes

samuel1154 2016.07.26
its pretty boring and tedious :/

coolbest 2016.07.08
fun game kind of addicting love that its gets harde!

KEV_in 2016.06.12
Wasnt do good that i thought it would be. Boring and maybe little too complicated for me.

Runner97 2016.05.16
get`s quite boring after a while

devood 2016.04.17
decent pics but not a very creative game. Also got boring really fast

MikeJGee 2016.03.31
Mmhh... not really the best one. The pictures were nice.. but Gsmeplay??

purplerice 2016.03.20
not a bad game but got old after 5 or 6 games. the pictures are pretty nice though

taken1337 2016.02.29
Should have added instructions, and why censored?

SergeantOverkill 2016.02.13
its too long and there should be a gallery for all the effort thats 30mins of my time wasted. but some decent hentei

Peronator 2016.02.10
I spent half an hour with the finite laser and I did not realize you had to wait to be loaded. LOL

Majkl88 2016.01.02
In my opinion is this game too long. But i still liked it.

Majkl88 2016.01.02
In my opinion is this game too long.

heller 2015.12.25
Very interesting game,
+1 graphics.

bendybus 2015.12.16
decent game, good graphics.

rudolf.cousin 2015.11.27
A bit long, but nice pictures. Thanks!

millette30 2015.11.22
really cool pictures, interessting game for about 2 to 3 rounds, but gets too repetetive afterwards

Nidah 2015.10.18
decent game thought it was fun

Bloaker76 2015.10.11
Great artwork, but why cencored? :)

play40 2015.10.10
nice hendai but boring gameplay

Sexguy1 2015.10.02
Nice. Zombie rape. Nice

bleen89 2015.09.22
Picture is beautiful and so attractive, but game is so boring and monotouns

kiloblaze1 2015.09.20
Ireally love this game need some more

kiloblaze1 2015.09.20
I love anime graphics, it makes me arouse seeing one

kiloblaze1 2015.09.20
This is interesting kind of unique

nicklegames 2015.09.17
Nice graphics but gets repetitive quickly

fr0stb1te 2015.09.05
not my cup of tea, it;s a bit short, and its just layering, the art was okay, i can`t be bothered to layer the whole thing, boring gameplay, try to change that

conkushin 2015.09.01
seems kinda pointless. just layering stuff away?

master115 2015.08.15
cool, a bit hard, and tedious, but cool

Kidchaos878 2015.08.09
Its not really my cup of tea.

karen18f 2015.07.17
was excpecting some motion on the picures, but is ok for a lazer one.

slapbasswoody 2015.07.12
Not too impressed with this one I think I prefer the adventure games

slapbasswoody 2015.07.12
Ok lets see what this game is like. I will comment once I am done

kamran_bored 2015.07.08
Slow and pointless games, with average pics

WainzLegacy 2015.07.08
decent. not mind blowing though

tututu100 2015.06.30
Repetitive, but good pictures

Owen66 2015.06.20
Not that good quality and the graphic is very poor takes too long

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.19
Pictures were alright. Concept was stupid. So after a zombie apocalypse, we`ll use lasers to clean mold off of pictures? And all it shows is that Zombies know how to use a camera and have a good time

CoolCats 2015.06.01
Pictures were very stimulating

joseph11081 2015.05.24
not that good graphics were nice dont like the theme

xarminx7 2015.05.19
boring after a while but the pics are sexy i love Jill

blindheart 2015.05.10
Simply game may not be worth the time, but the pictures aren`t too bad.

smjack 2015.04.04
What the game has in great pics, it loses for extremely poor gameplay.

grayfox127 2015.03.30
too slow to get into. the first challenge is very boring

chile666 2015.03.28
too long too repetitive but Great pics

Zoshier 2015.03.18
The game has a good concept, its poorly done, i just feel like it takes too long.

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
I stopped half way through the picture. This is an incredibly BORING game. Why does it have such a high rating? No clue.

patelshantanu 2015.03.16
Wow !!!!! It`s amaging game.
Please play it. It`s very sexy.

Antony1938 2015.03.01
so boring that I didn`t even play after the first pic

hornydan 2015.02.28
ok game, very slow to get anywhere in it.

Xeradon 2015.02.22
way too long to finish 1 level

nick54379 2015.01.24
i like the pics but it took me a while on what to do

exilebeast 2015.01.21
Gets boring way too fast!

playforcej 2015.01.21
Very slow game, didn`t make it much past the first couple of levels. Nice pics though.

Thorlan 2015.01.13
nice pics but boring after a short time =(

kalinsov 2015.01.11
i love the graphics in this game

Squid909 2015.01.05
Ok game but takes too long to get anywhere

STMahlberg 2015.01.02
It is a fun game; however, it is a bit long.

connaires96 2015.01.01
good pics gameplay way too long :(

lillianaire69 2015.01.01
This game took way too long and I lost interest in it

stoner300 2015.01.01
good game with good graphics

Jay2O 2014.12.29
This game is too long and really boring

Draken5 2014.12.24
uh not quite sure what to make of this... nice quality i guess

Monster911 2014.12.22
Interesting game! First, it looks hard, but after a few try i recognized, that I have to leave my shooter charged. Anyway, It is become booring real soon. But the pictures are nice! :P

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.11
game is simply boring its just the same thing on a loop

SpaceGhost53 2014.12.06
Resident Evil meets porn.Very interesting.Racoon City will never be the same again.

mendezfactor 2014.11.28
Game play - poor - just time consuming for the wrong reasons

Dustoori 2014.11.28
Felt a lot like downloading porn on dial up. Some nice pics though.

taysmith7111 2014.11.22
good fun and addictive but to repetitive

igrego 2014.11.12
debating weather to kiss or kill the creator for this awesome yet stupid game

ttt1 2014.11.10
this game remind me a anime, hellsing x)

flash_21 2014.11.10
pics are not bad but a real action would`ve been much better

devinmk15 2014.11.07
Game is ok would look active secens instead of pictures

FuckAllNite 2014.11.04
the first pic is too long..

Wolf_Boy95 2014.10.24
great pictures but repetitve gameplay

Raijingirl 2014.10.13
Good pictures takes forever to do stuff

trixsan 2014.10.07
I struggled with the game play

IDontMatter 2014.09.27
Not a bad game, just gets old fast

EchoStrike 2014.09.23
Very boring but it`s quite good.

sexmann 2014.09.22
variety of gameplay would be nice. pics are hot and sexy but why censor? it gets boring easy

sexmann 2014.09.22
pictures were fantastic just had to keep clicking to see more

silverghost931 2014.09.15
game was good but got boring fast

hammond2000 2014.09.13
good pictures but game was boring.

Damascus503 2014.08.23
Wonderful images. Would be nice if a gallery could be unlocked though or if there was a way to save your progress.

cottencandy 2014.08.11
dont really like the game it takes so long that i cant even finish..

redred123 2014.08.09
not very enjoyable the quality of pics was too low

kevinmalk 2014.08.09
the pictures are good but the gameplay is boring

joeb1974 2014.08.08
not the best game but ive played worse

robbyhots5000 2014.08.05
not a very exciting game, kind of boring

Swordfish 2014.07.21
pics are ok... but the game isnt a game.... just always the same... boring... pls no more games like this

nhojohn17 2014.07.21
This isnt really a game, its boring, there`s no choice, not really much of anything.... its pretty terrible

drunkenacid 2014.07.20
Not really much of an adventure game....no actual adventuring going on here.

jawiejetzt 2014.07.17
i think it`s a stupid game - no action,no since

aqasa 2014.07.04
graphics look so real, need more of this game.

porkasaur 2014.06.27
pretty boring, but nice pics i guess

fredys 2014.06.24
good pictures but bored games

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
Not bad. Can get addicting !

Sennin 2014.06.17
its fun but can get boring

cloakas 2014.06.08
not a fan the artwork is ok at best

thesaturn 2014.06.07
C`mom, Thats a terrible game

juventus 2014.06.04
dont waste ur time by playing this game

dee2009 2014.05.25
cool game but needs better grapics

xadavia 2014.05.24
resident evil and porn.... jackpot

GP69 2014.05.12
Too much cleaning of paper involved! Need more action!

Crafting Potato 2014.05.10
This game is quite boring though the pics were nice and erotic, there were no scenes except for pics, very boring clearing the pics with laser

djdjdjdj2 2014.05.07
this game makes me excited but bored

Jarhead469 2014.05.04
Not sure if I gave up on the game too early, but got too tired of clearing the pics. Wondering if there is anything more to the game than that. If there isn`t, it gets boring after about 5 minutes.

goldg 2014.05.03
dull, repetitive... and just for pics?

dantrap123 2014.05.02
It`s a neat game with cool pics, but it gets boring fairly quickly

Boomify 2014.04.26
its very dull and time consuming

nahc108 2014.04.21
How much levels are there?

SachinAgnihotri 2014.04.20
an average game not easy to undertsand

Avi1140 2014.04.18
Using the Highschool of the Dead theme in the Game is not justiceable it boring if it`s like the meet n fuck games adventure type it would be a match maid in heaven since a Zombie Apocalypse is a Anventure type of theme

katiesmiling 2014.04.17
This game was to repetitive and i got bored easily from it... went through a few stages and now I`m over it...

danhock 2014.04.17
Nice but it`s a little repetitive!

zipn00 2014.04.10
Let the laser charge up for a few seconds, this makes the game MUCH quicker. Mosaic censorship is disappointing.

brandontbf 2014.04.02
Good game took a while to get through it. Pretty repative

chieffyboy 2014.03.29
hmm not a very good game tbh, not making my top 10

jlo 2014.03.27
Got tired half way through, so not one of my favorites. Let the laser load for a while and it gets easier to clear the screen.

blklagoon 2014.03.25
there was no point to the game

pitexs 2014.03.23
nice game and so hoott but this long terms

oXDarkEyesXo 2014.03.21
It wasn`t what I was expecting, not a verry "good" choice of background music if you are fapping alone in the dark at 3:53 A.M., personaly I don`t like this fetish so FOR ME is a big no-no!

airycomb 2014.03.18
Entertaining, nice pictures, the game play is easy. I enjoyed playing this simple game.

messiaus0011 2014.03.10
Oh my god this game is way too long, still pretty fun though

undeadzombie 2014.03.09
this game was boring is that all that happen only with photo and no action

lavenderhouse15 2014.03.04
Game was alright. Graphic was funny.

jamesRams 2014.03.02
the sounds are ok, overall a good game

apilot 2014.03.01
ok game like house of d dead bt u have sex in it

strider6i9 2014.02.27
Slow paced game, gets boring pretty quick.

davecrow 2014.02.26
nothing to engage in. Felt like an art restoration specialist for hentai.

Johnocart 2014.02.26
Very nice hentai pictures but takes to long to clean them

sexylonda 2014.02.23
slow loading but story and game very nice

jaier704 2014.02.08

iPownBoy 2014.02.06
The beginning takes to long, but great graphics!

chillz13 2014.02.02
controls for this game are super touchy and the game is quite boring.

blokhuis 2014.01.30
Not really my type of game, it takes too long for me

joofuchs 2014.01.27
i love it very nice game

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
picture quality is great thats the only thing i guess

yanto101 2014.01.21
Fun flash game. Not so great porn wise.

chillwave 2014.01.19
to boring and very repetitive. do the same thing over and over

sexypokeman 2014.01.12
good game for a while then it get old.

mxcmxc03 2014.01.12
lasers and tits awesome right? wrong. Same thing over and over

TheIronWeasel 2014.01.11
Fucking boring game sucks hard

ppd_607 2014.01.06
Fine game but tends to be boring later on..

wmg51 2014.01.05
pretty repetitive. not really worth the effort

freepass 2014.01.02
does not seem to have an end so it gets a bit boring after a while.

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
pretty repetitive, but the pics are super hot.

zanter 2013.12.15
ok game but images take too long to uncover

pyresoul 2013.12.15
Cool pics but slow to uncover

teo1193 2013.12.14
the zombie topic it`s really interesting, however i don`t like the game velocity I saw very slow

hotjack 2013.12.12
really good pictures but the game seemed to move a bit slow

akakingkong 2013.12.07
It takes a long long time to play this game

lucky313131 2013.11.26
I can`t believe I just went through all that to not be able to review the pix. Kudos for a different type of game, but it just didn`t work.

pfcrazor 2013.11.22
really long game but really fun

knucklez741 2013.11.19
Cool game, alluring and addictive!

Shoimi 2013.11.17
game was fun at first then got boring but the pic were good

PFOfan 2013.11.08
It`s not good at al, for long distance is borring....

thinker77 2013.11.05
Not bad game, nice picture, gameplay needs to pick up

Martos68 2013.11.03
Pictures are nice but its a pretty slow and a bit boring game. Maybe add some enemies or areas you shouldn`t laser, upgrade the laser, etc

tmchant 2013.10.28
graphics and game play were smooth... slow, but worth it!

MrBiGdIcK 2013.10.27
Slow as hell but overall nice game love the pictures love the ladies busty tits ;)

Drace 2013.10.24
Slightly long yet still good

chexbox 2013.10.22
the pics are hot, but the game is slow

lopjak 2013.10.22
Agreed. Just takes too long and is overall too slow, but great pics.

ydkmb007 2013.10.21
Pictures are nice but its a pretty slow game. Maybe add some enemies or areas you shouldn`t laser.

DaneAxe 2013.10.18
Nice li`l game, but gets boring after 2-3 pics. try to take a pause to recharge the laser now & then

Emerald Dragon 2013.10.06
The game shows promise, but its slow cleaning nature makes the game far FAR to repetitive and slow to even consider finishing... either the game, or in any other way.

It would work better, SLIGHTLY if there was an upgrade system, but even then, only slightly.

Amaroth69 2013.09.22
it`s ok but gets boring after a while

pratya 2013.09.22
The game takes too long. Nice pictures though.

noreania12 2013.09.22
I like this game, and it has a great idea, but it just takes far too long to clear everything. It gets a bit difficult because of this aspect.

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

dio92105 2013.09.20
Kinda confusing but fun none the less

Hornydonny88 2013.09.16
Pictures are sexy but not extremely hot. game is quite boring.

hahaha05 2013.09.15
The gameplay is very boring, but have good graphic.. but it;s too boring. nothing to do here...

MaxDude 2013.09.07
couldn`t find anything worth commenting, very boring and long

DickChu 2013.09.05
Good Shooting Game. Nice graphics

LordDeath 2013.09.04
cool pics , but the game is so slow

mauls 2013.09.03
got to repetitive but great pics

Tiger1819 2013.09.01
not my favorite but pretty good

joshwist55 2013.08.25
boring for a hentai looking game this sucks

facawat 2013.08.25
i want to fuck them so hard

Fandeff 2013.08.19
Good picture but to repetitive ...

Knorti 2013.08.13
Interesting gameplay, but kinda repetitive

airgear123 2013.08.13
Nice quality pics and nice graphic

blomman007 2013.08.10
Not att all what I expected

teddy69bear1 2013.08.09
a bit of a little screen but except that i like it quite much

slowmurda 2013.08.02
Nice pictures and all, but it gets pretty boring and repetitive

sk216434 2013.08.02
good game but gets boring quick because of long pictures

Herrior 2013.07.28
its a nice game i got over 570k points i wish there was a save function if any1 knows where i can find more of those pics then pm me please (i hope this doesent count as spam)

Brevyman 2013.07.28
This game is only for people who are into hentai images not much else other than the idea of zombies fucking girls being creepy yet funny

jenny0192 2013.07.27
good game but would like some mini games as well

smartsex 2013.07.22
variety of gameplay would be nice. pics are hot and sexy but why censor? it gets boring easily.

Chadster 2013.07.18
How can they censor the pics? This game is too boring.

aion1 2013.07.16
awesome game good graphic not great and the scenes could have been longer.

Andrea81 2013.07.14
This game is tedious, time consuming, and boring. On top of that the rewards, pictures you are supposed to reveal, aren`t even that good and are....get this....censored.

Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

rames44a 2013.07.05
I find this way too tedious...

Shadow_Twisted 2013.07.05
The original version of this game, as memory serves, is done by the same person as Dildo Heroine, Space Slut Slim, and Dirty Girl. In the original it`s a catalog of some weird, mutant-looking women and so the pics in this version are an upgrade. Sadly the whole clearing the fungus just destroys it. It`s something new, but it makes for a slow, tedious, and repetitive gameplay experience and that`s never a good thing.

girlxxx1993 2013.06.30
nice pics but quite boring game

mrhjertsson 2013.06.27
Nice pics but pretty boring

a9a9a9a9 2013.06.21
It has good pics but boring to clear

ChrisCums 2013.06.19
This was unbelievably tedious and slow I was so bored i did not finish the first pic

mrbeanzer 2013.06.18
Not a bad idea, just takes too long to clear all the pics. Gets boring after a short while

kreeper 2013.06.13
boring game. not really funny

Noguy 2013.06.12
I didn`t enjoy this game, no real action, no intrigue, just cleaning pictures. Boring.

kapilguj 2013.06.09
a bore game but art work is good

VisionOfDeadDesire1 2013.06.08
it is acceptable but drags a bit

Pauley909 2013.06.06
the thing i liked was when the girls were fucked by zombies the thing i didnt like was when you keep on having to use the laser to see them

the game name sounded good so i went into it very disappointed i mean come on your just playing a hentai version of laser pointer

SaltedPork_02 2013.06.02
its a bit too long but the pics were keeping me busy

tomdvord 2013.05.29
it is good, but censored and soooooo long

PeterPepunkt 2013.05.28
quite nice pics, a lil repetitive tho

DireVanity1 2013.05.28
I like the cover with Rei

bigdark 2013.05.23
Too much work for too little reward!!

bigdark 2013.05.23
awesome and perfect game

danielus 2013.05.20
great game, good graphics

hashero 2013.05.16
This game had awesome graphics, but it was pretty repetative

b3lc3bub 2013.05.15
awesome and perfect game

brit_man33 2013.05.14
is it possible to be fun AND mind numbing at the same time

ghostterds 2013.05.10
The game was slow and somewhat boring for me. Nice pictures though.

sparx 2013.05.03
This was an ok game, couldve been better but couldve been worse

sexyman1213 2013.04.29
this is one of the best games on here it has some good graphics as well

sexybabe12345 2013.04.28
good graphics sorta cool game really liked the pictures

madmax68 2013.04.22
Too much work for too little reward!!

Jonny91Z 2013.04.17
Can be a little slow getting where you want to be, but fun nonetheless.

thebehemoth 2013.04.15
Needed a little more variety, but otherwise ok.

raignarock 2013.04.14
awsome graphics but gi boring after a while

DikkeLu 2013.04.12
Could be better. Good graphs, but not much fun

neonx 2013.04.11
nice graphic, but not much fun!!!

gwazz 2013.04.10
much to hard to clean up paper a boring game

j_wat1 2013.04.09
No really my type of game...Kinda dull and boring.. sorry.

pornogod 2013.03.31
i did not literally get it what do i will gonna do with this

Bonnie18 2013.03.30
its a too booored game. i dont like this. wrong game

steven_littrell1978 2013.03.30
interesting game, good graphics, but needs something to break up the repetition

sexbeastwithdrive 2013.03.12
graphics are great and jill is so hot

lonesttarr 2013.03.12
sorry, way too boring for just pictures

ice_foc 2013.03.11
good pitchers but put Bord way 2 clear it

wyrsa 2013.03.10
Not interesting enough, sorry guys. I just don`t like reveal the picture games.

jaekae 2013.03.08
these grafics are awesome

whitelightning024 2013.03.08
it was fun but could use more cum..

samboob007 2013.02.26
the pictures are nice but game is boring

jakeme77 2013.02.25
Defnitivly seen better games

Desgarron 2013.02.23
too much work for just a few pics, not worth it

shruthika 2013.02.21
still loading wish it will be intresting

AsianFTW 2013.02.19
Nice graphic but quiet boring

S.Muntzer 2013.02.16
THe game is not much sexy

snoq 2013.02.12
To slow game.. I dont want to spend 10 mins on getting 3 pics of cartoon girls when i can google search it and get hundreds of results in 5 sec...

peter3366 2013.02.11
This game just simply wasn`t good , but was entertaining

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
wow! this has to be the most boring game on the site! too bad you give it a negative rating!

minikingy43 2013.02.10
nice pics, but very boring

marvel302 2013.02.09
i felt like this game was a waste of time

Ghost_Rider 2013.02.05
not bad idea but a bit boring

chicann7 2013.02.03
I didn`t get to finish the game... it got boring after a while, though it was somewhat fun initially trying to clear the "grime".

kevster1 2013.02.01
good idea but mayby put this type of thing into an adventure type of game

KyleRayner 2013.01.28
game is entertaining for a while

gartal 2013.01.27
Great pics, Fantastic Characters, Very Boring Game. 5/10
Even if it is Hentai, its only meh...

Gordn3 2013.01.25
That game is too bored but nice pics.

zacrules23 2013.01.25
fantastic game nice to play thanks

swaggtony 2013.01.20
boring this is not so good

ResidentZipfl 2013.01.19
It is a funny idea with really hot pictures. But it took to longe to clear. After a while it is boring

dog69 2013.01.14
this is too slow and little boring

naughtystacy 2013.01.14
its too long and slow... didnt like it much

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Not a bad idea, just takes too long to clear all the pics. Gets boring after a short while

eli ranor 2013.01.11
i want to fuck them so hard

simonp 2013.01.11
love the pics takes to long to do thougth

Scraper1993 2013.01.10
it has nice graphic but what the fuck nothing is happening

dshehan 2013.01.06
to much time not enough reward

dirk762 2013.01.05
the graphic is ok but the game is boring after a while

erichakan 2013.01.02
its a game with new and nice idea,zombie want to fuck a girl,funny

sex_pal3124 2012.12.27
graphics 8/10 zombies want to shag the girls so do i

shyman44425 2012.12.25
clean, clean, clean the mold off of those pictures!

JamesRyan 2012.12.23
the pictures are hot... but it just takes too long to unlock them... really nothing for impatient! (like me ;-) )

marmarmar 2012.12.19
takes a really long time, and requires some patience

thecocker 2012.12.19
i want to have sex with that girl but the zombie wanto to have sex with she to

sandip50 2012.12.18
this is good game with good graphics and girls

gartal 2012.12.16
nice graphic and good photos it was good game

einrudelgurken 2012.12.15
Not a bad idea, just takes too long to clear all the pics. Gets boring after a short while!

t00nie123 2012.12.14
very hard nyahhahaha it it takes time to feel good

t00nie123 2012.12.13
love this arcade game very nice

edmark123 2012.12.13
little bit boring but the pictures and graphics is nice

Kurushimi 2012.12.12
I can find no noteworthy content in this game. Add this to the repetitive nature, and it`s just boring.

ArcType 2012.12.10
Repeating game play gets a bit dull and the difficult doesn`t seem to go up

Rjhae 2012.12.07
this game is so very cool i like this!!!

Jethro Gibbs 2012.12.07
Great pictures but could use some new ones after awhile

tommybeuk 2012.11.24
great pics and animations :)

Act132 2012.11.23
The pics are funny but gets boring after a while

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Great pictures, but the effort vs reward was quite lacking, in my opinion.

luckygun 2012.11.21
this is a good game. it is so funny

BulletBait 2012.11.20
It is a funny idea. But it took to longe to clear the picture. After a while it is boring.

abc15 2012.11.18
a bit boring but nice graphic

JLK123 2012.11.17
this game gets boring after a while

titygobler 2012.11.17
game is ok but gets boring after a while

Stupido 2012.11.16
A lack of story leads to become soon a boring game.

Shefali16 2012.11.12
Very, very nice, it`s like endless but awesome pictures.

Shefali16 2012.11.12
interesting game...and good sound

bmdiggy 2012.11.10
its a nice idea but it just gets so boring after just a few

mellows92 2012.11.09
Good idea but found just having a static picture gets boring quick

Horgretor 2012.11.08
I LOVED the pictures. the game it self is a little dull but man the pics are super.

Aabernathy 2012.11.04
A nice simple game. Easy to play and an interesting theme. Gameplay gets repetitive quite quickly though.

andy001 2012.10.31
nice game with nice idea about zombies

ldixon 2012.10.29
didn`t really know how to play

zyrken 2012.10.29
Got bored after 5 pictures

bigboy73 2012.10.29
not a bad idea but takes too long and i got bored

pabloescobar 2012.10.25
nice pics but to slow.. sped the game up

Ridgeway 2012.10.25
Not bad, got tired of clearing the pictures though.

strassasin69 2012.10.24
i gt too boring after 8 pic or somthing like that. otherwise it was good

a12345678956 2012.10.20

mmitch88 2012.10.18
its a nice idea but it just gets so boring after just a few

badboyz 2012.10.17
a graphic so good. very awesome

love7612 2012.10.15
I didn`t really get the object of this game . It could have been better .

SexyFreind#1 2012.10.14
clever i love the idea hot picks

chr24sziie 2012.10.14
graphics were great. i enjoyed playing it

Hustleyou 2012.10.11
zombies and sex! perfect:)

glitchedout1 2012.10.07
One of those pointless games. No sense of completion. Pics are meh grade.

Tanatos 2012.10.01
It is a good game but have to put a cros control.

boyo111 2012.09.30
Some points for effort....

jamessimpy 2012.09.24
the game is good but it needs improvement

TayeDinero 2012.09.19
i like the pics but the game needs alil something more

chome 2012.09.18
There are good pictures, but this is the only good thing in this game. The rest is just stupid aimless clicking.

fireswind 2012.09.17
nice graphics but not a good story

akb481 2012.09.17
good graphic but boring game

dirtymind2112 2012.09.16
this game gets boring very quick, but it has some nice pics

gregscallywag 2012.09.16
Instructions that the bar is your laser power would be helpful at first. Waiting to charge and then blast off the fungus from some piece of moldy paper is not a very intriguing story line.

LongHorn9 2012.09.15
Not really a game. Would like to know the point of it

vista 2012.09.09
Some okay pics in here but sadly no game. Just a slideshow of the pictures would have got a higher vote from me.

RelXand 2012.09.08
This is a pretty good game. The pics are pretty hot, but it does get boring after a while. Needs something to keep you hooked, really.

Mr.2 2012.09.06
the graphic was nice but what`s up with the gameplay? It`s too, well, boring :(

Psycho1611 2012.09.06
cum of the dead amazing.i like the graphics

DarkAce777 2012.09.05
Very, very nice, it`s like endless but awesome pictures.

MiroMasry 2012.09.05
waste of time for nothing.. boring

Cray-C 2012.09.02
Very boring game after awhile

tonybrutality 2012.08.28
definitly liked the unraveling of the game to reveal the pics

raveblade1 2012.08.28
Yeah it`s pretty boring but the sex scenes are nice :)

zr77z 2012.08.27
its a bit boring after a while and then no fun any more not so good game

jericho1st 2012.08.25
a little boring for my taste

runforcover 2012.08.23
The pics seemed unrelated or out of order...following a story would have made the repetitive nature of the game easier to take

Lord Gomez 2012.08.18
Too long for not so much reward... It broke my patience

digger2168 2012.08.14

user1234567890 2012.08.12
good game but cood have been beter.

rickroll24 2012.08.11
Great images, but alot of time spent to just reveal an image.

Dane1988 2012.08.05
Way too much work for just a picture. good concept though, just needs expansion.

allxspsc 2012.08.03
The game isn`t so bad but I don`t like it. It`s too much effort for just a picture :)

MarcoXXL2245 2012.08.03
its a really nice game but

twewy0226 2012.08.02
takes a really long time, and requires some patience

WUWowner 2012.08.01
game gets too competitive and no story at all. shame really.

remicat 2012.07.31
this is boring, all you have to do is erase the blur, which is fairly easy if you let the gun load to full power...

serendipity 2012.07.31
so boring did not even finish first pic either

lazerac 2012.07.25
nice gameplay but it is really repeatitive

michael136 2012.07.23
this game was sooo boring i couldnt even make myself finish the first picture.

blackness123 2012.07.23
Very repetitive game, some interesting pictures at least

Ryan1813 2012.07.21
Found the game to be a good time waster. ther pictures werent terrible. i would play more of this game.

josten 2012.07.21
The concept sucks, but the game is good

wongsiewsia 2012.07.21
nice game anyway...like it

chap74 2012.07.21
love the game but a takes too much to load goo pics too

abull 2012.07.20
gameplay starts out fun then gets boring

DAGEE 2012.07.20

virtualpilot28 2012.07.19
the game started great. music quality was good. and gameplay was well done.

lngbrdr22 2012.07.17
Nice concept,kind of repetitive though

menotyou 2012.07.14
The game is easy, but a bit boring. The pictures kept me going though, hard to find good jill pics

fucked up fan 2012.07.13
FUCK YEA I LOVE JILL FROM RESIDENT EVIL!!!!! but you cant find good pics of her anywhere but here

john charter 2012.07.12
nice picture but a bit boring with the none stop scanning.

owenja 2012.07.11
great game and great sex scenes

hotwvdude23 2012.07.11
Interesting concept for a game, decent images, different aspects would be a thought such as power ups

mightymike420 2012.07.09
a little boring for my taste

babugee 2012.07.08
gameplay needs improvement

LostCogs 2012.07.08
Expected a shooter of some sort.No indicator of how much work done and left.Good Images,needs work though.

seb2006 2012.06.30
Takes too long to clear the pictures, but the pictures are great.

jukio2011 2012.06.26
i like this kind of picture... maybe a little more cum!!

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
funny but a little bit tooo boring -.-

lovely21600 2012.06.23
to boring....add more and better pics

WolfMan501 2012.06.22
graphics were ok but the game good have been better

anteantic 2012.06.20
Great pics, Fantastic Characters, Very Boring Game. 5/10

mcskrillex 2012.06.14
This game was very fun. I loved the girl and the zombies!

Spifferus 2012.06.14
Wasn`t THAT bad... but tends to be boring after a while

Rockoutt 2012.06.14
not really all that interesting after the first few

Thom999 2012.06.10
Not interesting at all. A complete waste of time. It`s not even really a game but a simple puzzle

PgNmBr01 2012.06.08
Not interesting at all. A complete waste of time. It`s not even really a game

MrKinkyKyn 2012.06.06
Not too bad, a bit boring after awhile; but I like it.

crysup12 2012.06.04
the pictures are hot and i enjoy playing this game, but after a while it is less intertianing

chris_avril 2012.06.03
Not a good game. All it has are pictures. Even they aren`t that erotic.

BIG__DICK 2012.06.02
great game great graphics

Nic-Nac32 2012.06.02
I was hesitant about playing this game from the title "Cum of the dead" even the thought of having sex with the dead made me feel wrong and I regret observing this game for 2 minutes.

sexykelly166 2012.06.01
very good graphic the best. Love from team sexykelly

elluu 2012.05.30
NICE!!! This is very nice game. Thank you, maker!

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
Very odd, very different but okay

sshacoo 2012.05.29
interesting game...and good sound

abcfire 2012.05.27
Not much diversity of gameplay but great pictures

ocomon9 2012.05.24
Good game! I love the title

bahamut86 2012.05.21
very nice grafic and good gameplay

Nezerith2 2012.05.20
very boring and time consuming... waited for a while for it to get better... it didnt.

jenkinsleroy 2012.05.07
Nice enough game, but it just seems to go on and on...

cubfan1012 2012.05.07
Dont really care for this game very boaring

freddie74 2012.05.05
It´s all around the same. Boring

Anonymous3D 2012.05.02
Interesting style of picture game. It aroused my intrigue.

darrian10 2012.05.02
not really a good games.. sometimes get bored

faltu.d 2012.04.28
a lot of effort any patience to clean a pic

adeepu9 2012.04.28
Kind a lame but the idea is ok

twoecho 2012.04.26
intriguing idea. but its boring after a few tries

justin19862 2012.04.25
whats the point just cleaning of pics it gets boring quickly

whitetiger 2012.04.24
not exciting game after sometimes getting bored

tanny12 2012.04.21
boring and time consuming

fill ur hole 2012.04.20
ok, whats the pay off, clean off a bunch of pictures very boring after a few moments give me a story to follow

viboomaster 2012.04.19
Nice game but there was too much effort for too little of a reward

Tammoul 2012.04.19
Idea`s OK but the game could`ve been better. Gets kinda boring with time.

Dupe123 2012.04.16
Nice game but gets boring, could be used in a puzzle.

sideswift 2012.04.10
Awesome Game!! I absolutely loved it. However the positions could have been better....

DARK71188 2012.04.05

Bentke 2012.04.05
Its an okay game however I agree with most on here. Not that great since there is no story line or anything else to it. Kinda gets boring after a while pictures are okay.

FyreGuy5713 2012.03.28
great pictures but really boring game

slitplayer 2012.03.27
A very boring game after cleaning three i stop

giacomo004 2012.03.22
The game is nice but not in my preferred games...

Homernator15 2012.03.21
hot women being forced to sex what lucky zombies great pics

YungCity18 2012.03.13
It Was okay but started to get boring

fffbbb12 2012.03.10
It gets borning. Didn`t like this game at all

hotstuff76 2012.03.04
Great game. These get better every time a new one comes out

jellybean 2012.03.02
7 minutes on the first picture trying to figure out what i was doing, i rage quit at 12, the thought of the game sparked my imagination though.

nrogara 2012.03.01
great pictures, boring game

jhonnyboy 2012.03.01
gets boring after a while

mammoth83 2012.02.29
Thought the game was gonna be different just cleaning up pics of girls gets boring after a while (good pics though)

Arny 2012.02.29
This game is really boring

airforcewun 2012.02.28
i really like dis game but i was thinking we will be saving those beautiful chicks from zombies

tiny87 2012.02.28
too time consuming...would prefer a better storyline

InfamousAzn 2012.02.26
Great pics, Fantastic Characters, Very Boring Game. 5/10
Even if it is Hentai, its only meh...

UchihaMarine 2012.02.26
Only because im a huge resident evil fan that this games gets a 86 from me. but pretty good i have to say.

walter1351 2012.02.25
i like zombies and i like resident with this game i get both

Punisherroach 2012.02.25
a litle bit silly of a game

DDupont 2012.02.23
this aint wery funny, and its not very difficult

Tim777 2012.02.22
you know this is like comics comedy

Obax 2012.02.21
Too repetitive and slow paced. Artwork is good though.

Nemo2222 2012.02.21
Interesting variation on another game. Interesting graphics. Not difficult, could be time consuming if you let it.

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

wolfgang1234 2012.02.20
this game should have a bit more graphic on the zombies

nefarious1098 2012.02.16
Not very enjoyable, hugely repetitive, and not the greatest pictures

flyguy 2012.02.15
quite repetetive gameplay and not very good pictures

brit_man33 2012.02.13
Is there any skill involved in this at all? Found the game to be very boring

Clouding 2012.02.13
after some time, it gets boring

DDFUL 2012.02.12
good animation,bad too easy

deadludwig 2012.02.11
After a while, the repetitive gameplay becomes a bit tedious. I didn`t finish, and can`t say I feel I missed much by doing so.

Perhaps if there was something else, a cut-scene or something between levels.

pajones81 2012.02.08
strangely arousing...not a bad game. There are some better ones on here though.

DyaDya 2012.02.08
this is it if you have a fetish for the dead

qwert2156041 2012.02.07
i love the game it keep me intertained for awhile

jatazah 2012.02.06
I think i like this game

stordan 2012.02.06
nice zombie pics, but after a few minutes a little bit boring to play.

CoMIYC69 2012.02.06
Gets boring real fast. No skill required. Very repetitious.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great art work, but the game itself is boring, a slide-show of those pic would have been better...

KnowingEyes 2012.01.31
Decent. A bit repetitive but fun nonetheless.

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.31
Simple game for many hour of sex photos

kylew24 2012.01.29
great game good graphics love the animation

DevilDST 2012.01.29
boring or make cleaning pics faster

lionarslan 2012.01.27
A boting game. What the meaning un cleaning the picture?

nandi 2012.01.27
if i wanted pics i would go to a gallery, this is lame!

Noodles1919 2012.01.27
Love the pics!!! would like to see more girls from different popular games. takes a little too long to expose the pics

15mepitcock 2012.01.27
good pics way to long to get them

searvok 2012.01.25
it seems tthey couldd have done more with this kind of game it is quite a let down

imthebest69 2012.01.24
good looking chicks, but really weird game play, cleaning dirt is not exactly fun

ben_500 2012.01.24
really easy and boring, at least the image are good

jimflletcher 2012.01.24
good hentai, but game kinda lame

garonbrown 2012.01.22
Gameplay? just erasing filth

goblinking06 2012.01.18
weard game... girls are hot though

ViewtifulMichael 2012.01.17
Good quality pictures. But the game play itself was fairly bland

jayrjay101 2012.01.14
I thought there was more to the game than just erasing pictures, but over all, picture quality was great!!

Ghem67 2012.01.13
Not ineresting, but images not bad.

Roszkuz 2012.01.13
cool graphics but got boring

lightbulb 2012.01.10
loved the graphics and the gameplay! wow!!!!!

john4244 2012.01.10
this game is ok i geuss but it gets boring very fast

Guillaume 2012.01.06
Nice pics, but you really have to work for them, which takes away some of the fun of the game

fingazfast 2012.01.06
its entertaining for the first five minutes, then gets repetitive

jadak09 2012.01.05
gets boring as the game progress

geekboy 2012.01.05
Way too much time for little reward.

marvinhot123 2012.01.04
thisgame was bad no action just pics i want more.

nikisking 2012.01.03
really coooll and very hot games

booblover121 2012.01.03
really cool game and amazing girls :)

st_bro 2012.01.03
the art is good but the game its boring

nrcs 2012.01.02
start is very interesting and easy to play

csomis 2011.12.31
To much work for not really enough payoff.

Darls 2011.12.31
nice game but gets boring after some time

BEAVOLFS 2011.12.30
good game i lik it becaus there vas a sexi girl

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
this game is little weird but fun

jbnutt 2011.12.29
after play this game I found it to be OK

Monster1401 2011.12.29
this game is great has good graphics

andy2789 2011.12.28
noy bad but thr revil takes too long

Shadows Desire 2011.12.27
not a bad game but there are better ones out there

pall 2011.12.25
not a bad game but not one of the best

evilwitch 2011.12.24
its too long to see clear scene.i want more erotic scenes.

Pheonixfire1 2011.12.22
Decent game, could be better, just not as exciting as i expected

thewolfmcp 2011.12.20
ok game and some good pic

diesel69 2011.12.20
not one of the best here. took too long

frozenparody 2011.12.18
The pictures take too long to get cleared up, but they`re really good :]

killeremo09 2011.12.18
Good pictures but kind of repetitive

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
waste of time but pictures are good

Dea_fly 2011.12.07
good gameplay and graphics

vegeta21 2011.12.07
Not dificult at all. Its aight. Good pics.

erital 2011.12.06
Its not that difficult but worth it

danilipe 2011.12.05
great game, it takes too long to clear pictures though.

Fenian95 2011.12.04
Fun game at first. gets boring. Good pictures.

curt4u2011 2011.12.04
good gameplay and graphics

Demitrius 2011.12.02
thought it was gonna be a lot better but still the pics were hot

Tymon 2011.12.02
good game i liked the pictures

Renekton 2011.12.01
Great Graphics! But a little bit boring to play

SloBend 2011.11.30
would have preferred something more than cleaning paper.

molock_v 2011.11.25
quite boring after a few minutes... but good hentai picts

izafazli 2011.11.24
The best game i ever played....nice graphic

paparockroll 2011.11.23
it gets boring after 10 minutes

rb813 2011.11.22
The game itself was lame, but the pictures were good.

dcurious 2011.11.21
I would prefer videos or something less repetitive...

montanadevil 2011.11.21
Nice pics but a really long and boring game.

blah00 2011.11.20
awesome pics but gets old

Krueger 2011.11.20
Sexy picture but boring...

lazy boy 2011.11.19
not bad but .. not very good .. thnx

Jodec 2011.11.19
Funny game but not many erotical stuff

zenginoglu 2011.11.18
This is great game... I like it very much...

medjai 2011.11.16
nice idea but it`s all the same

Blackstone 2011.11.15
Quite a mixed bag of art, some great some mediocre, some just a step above what a fifth grader might turn in if they thought they could get away with it. The reveal takes too long, and the reward usually isn`t worth the wait. Disappointing.

shona 2011.11.14
a good game....but could be more better.....nice pictures...but very slow game...

xxmissyloverxx 2011.11.13
It was different but in a good way

GBPackers12 2011.11.13
The game has decent picture but its boring.

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Game play is too slow.... Lost interest after like 10 minutes.

el_vengador 2011.11.11
it`s not entertainment game

simonsaysnow 2011.11.07
i really wish there were a faster way to do this

thelostone 2011.11.06
i love zombies but the game play is to slow

mick149 2011.11.06
this is extremely boring... why is there no good games?

ron57 2011.11.06
need to speed up the clearing thing ....get boring

draxx 2011.11.06
Interesting game. Nice-looking graphics!

Rufus 2011.11.04
Not very funny. Nice drawings

Vivianne 2011.11.03
This game have a nice picture.
But it`s boring

sexisfun 2011.11.03
Not a bad idea, just takes too long to clear all the pics. Gets boring after a short while

gouldy 2011.11.03
ood game but very repetitive and long

lilsykz 2011.11.03
What more can I say? The pictures are great but the game gets old

dolerhyde 2011.11.02
What more can I say? The pictures are great but the game gets old very quickly. Nice pics, shame about the gameplay.

chitzu 2011.11.01
boring game. some pics are good though

CrackerCracker 2011.10.31
I`ve seen better. Pics aren`t that good and gameplay is bad

mordicus 2011.10.30
was a bit too long but good pics

Salkin 2011.10.29
game was long, but the art was good. Would be nice if the pictures were animated after a while

revenant11 2011.10.29
pics are nice, like resident evil), but realy boring game (

paganslut 2011.10.27
nice pics, too long to clear them

wytzen 2011.10.27
game play gets boring very fast, nice pics

Donafec 2011.10.27
pics were ok, game got boring really fast tho sadly

ajay3672 2011.10.27
I agree with a lot of the comments already made. A tad boring and the censored pics make it worse.

xonder 2011.10.27
Good pictures but why censorship? and it`s getting bored easily after 2 times cleaning picts

Lednacek 2011.10.22
i really hate censorship. what is the point of making an erotic picture and adding censorship. its more erotic covered in clothes then naked with censorship

Bloody-Cherry 2011.10.22
i am doing the same thing over and over again...i hate it but i like it after i finished cleaning up all does dirt.... >.< it kinda made me sick..... I love hentai girls.... but this..... .. *pukes* why are they having sex with the dead? :$ i wouldn`t want to have sex with a dead person.. it will be scary! and if i get pregnant with that dead men or something, i wouldn`t want my baby to be born dead... O.O` that would be creepy.. but i love the pics.. :)

Infernal 2011.10.22
not fun at all jsut doing the same thing over and over

redeye26 2011.10.21
doing the same thing over and over

gung17637 2011.10.21
Great Pics BUT Bored Game.

locomono9 2011.10.20
love the pics don`t like the process

lucik93 2011.10.18
good game but i want more

qwerty545654 2011.10.18
It`s really hard to play, but it has good pictures

kon_ 2011.10.16
This gameplay is slow the animation is good and the pictures i

PsykoGumby 2011.10.16
Pics are well done. Would be less tedious if the cleaning unit could be upgraded or you could use different methods...

Slice 2011.10.15
Boring after a while but if some more things were added might be alright

Dark_Legend 2011.10.15
This game is too long... and this turn him boring

DJKWD 2011.10.14
the best the one and only true best RE game ever folks

celtics14 2011.10.13
awesome game! but too short

celtics14 2011.10.13
great game great pictures too

lllriplll 2011.10.13
yeah take quite long time to clean the pics

miniBouddha 2011.10.12
Idon`t really understand the game and what you have to do...

lolkidz 2011.10.11
I`m not too impressed with this one, pretty tedious.

lolkidz 2011.10.11
this game is easy but needs more sex scenes

lolkidz 2011.10.11
This game was confusing at first.

neggis 2011.10.09
its a quiet boring game... after 3 or 4 pictures it takes to long to clear a picture

heplay 2011.10.09
For me, this is really boring...

xbumxsnip3zx 2011.10.08
alright game simple but addicting

whuutdafiretruck 2011.10.07
This game was confusing at first.

lilscott 2011.10.06
this game is easy but needs more sex scenes

Sweatyballs69 2011.10.06
Very tedious game, a lot of effort for little reward. The beam could be wider or more powerful and getting the last little dots are always painstaking.

AD8 2011.10.06
Takes too long and no gallery function

husain 2011.10.04
kool game good graphics!!!!!!!

lipevizine 2011.10.04
jogo muito bom! Graficos muito bons

metalor 2011.10.02
nice game like the zombies and the animations

johnnylongcock 2011.10.01
the pictures are great and the game is pretty good

DarthRock 2011.09.29
a very repetitive game, the only bright side is the great pics you uncover

Deadcrypt85 2011.09.28
Really Slow game i am saying

vim 2011.09.27
I`m not too impressed with this one, pretty tedious.

vonquote 2011.09.26
kinda boring after clearing a few pics. would like to see animation

playboy1982 2011.09.24
its ok but,it runs on forever the artwork is cool.

Slutfucker 2011.09.23
Very slow....did not finish the first picture...not enough patience:)

blaster274 2011.09.23
it gets boring after cleaning a few pictures, could be more interactive

Uhtux 2011.09.22
great pics, but really slow game

nanau1978 2011.09.21
nice game, but very long and slow.

akado 2011.09.19
The art is great, but there is no real `progress`, and its a very slow game to play.

gojomoreto 2011.09.18
Nice game but very long, why ? Maybe its better to do more fast !

gautham 2011.09.17
the hottest game ......woow what a fuck.......

palmer2011 2011.09.17
this game really does work!!!! but nice pics

azchris 2011.09.16
it was ok. took a bit to figure out the power levels of the laser but other than that nice pics.

gardner 2011.09.15
Agreed with others - boring, tedious

ArbiterVX 2011.09.14
good art but gameplay is boring

Bzare 2011.09.14
The game is good, nice pictures

geminiscorpion 2011.09.13
takes way to long and it is not even fun

Taio 2011.09.12
this game is pretty good you know

zarris92 2011.09.11
not really a great game,,takes too long and pics are ok at best

madkrow 2011.09.10
really really boring, the pictures are great but the game takes too long..

fuckyoubabe 2011.09.08
I would be better to see girls escaping from zombies on a 3D adventure.

Trout 2011.09.08
Takes forever to clear the pictures, and they are sort of boner-killers, anyway. Not worth the time.

mikone 2011.09.08
not to shabby, but takes to long

ittzzh3dl3y 2011.09.05
this game is really good but the grafics could be better

JOHNRKO007 2011.09.04
very boring game all you do is uncover pictures, not a whole lot of action at all

Rathty 2011.09.04
nice pics, but there should be a gallery or something when you beat it

camged11 2011.09.04
to long and not enuff action

Blood_32 2011.09.03
It was an awesome game.....more pls....

kinglakers22 2011.09.03
game gets boring after a while

bender1212 2011.09.02
good game but hot chick

vtwner236 2011.09.02
Great art! A little repetitious though.

AngelIrie 2011.09.01
Its really boring i was expecting actually watching one of them get raped by the zombie just doing this is boring :(

a_levinga 2011.08.31
it`s a simple but fun game

Luke83 2011.08.30
Cool game but quite long to finish all. Nice idea and pics though !

ludatruscorpio 2011.08.30
i like the concept but it took to long to beat it

playforcex 2011.08.30
it`s ok, very fast and nice :D good game

lewdog321 2011.08.29
Pics are nice but game gets monotonous fast.

jfaust68 2011.08.28
Like the pics but in order to uncover them, it can be a pain

suckmerealgood 2011.08.27
this is a long game a very long game but still very good

kyletheheartless 2011.08.27
a new idea to hentai, great

flameroran77 2011.08.25
It`s okay at first, then it gets borng and weird...

sebster_13 2011.08.24
little fun game with not bad graphs

Firo_44 2011.08.24
The game was okay. It gets kind of boring though.

dirtydeeds211 2011.08.22
The art is nice, but the gameplay needs to be jazzed up a bit

canard15 2011.08.22
Its is too long for what it gives

rikscu 2011.08.21
I like the idea but it takes too long

benmccallion1234 2011.08.19
the game is to long , its quite bad

dangrello 2011.08.18
Its kind of long, and it takes some time to clear the pictures, but the main idea is good

xdukex 2011.08.17
It is a funny idea. But it took to longe to clear the picture. After a while it is boring.

Dean27 2011.08.16
Incredibly long load times and hardly any action. But the graphics are amazing and the girls are hot.

lightshadow500 2011.08.16
a bit boring. to long clearing the pictures

FicklePickleTickle 2011.08.14
The artwork is the only good thing about this. I`m not sure that I could even call this a game. It`s more like erasing. There`s zero challenge to it and it`s not fun at all.

Marcus_War 2011.08.13
nudna oraz "to long and not enuff action"

HappyCamper 2011.08.12
Good pictures...not much excitement.

lam_chops 2011.08.12
Meh its very plain and not that good should add some animated pics or reward.

DealTehCards 2011.08.11
Gets boring after a while.

hubcap4115 2011.08.11
nbt to bad but so repedative

Todd96 2011.08.11
Alright, a little tiring but still alright

OrcsBane 2011.08.10
The gameplay gets far too repetitive after a while. It would be nice if beating the game unlocked a gallery of the pictures used in it.

smokeyy69 2011.08.09
didn`t really understand how to play, pictures looked alrite

Megaforce 2011.08.07
This is not one of the best games on here.

Redfalcondud21 2011.08.06
this game was boring its just the same thing over and over with difrent pics

smity 2011.08.06
boring game, wish there was another dynamic to the game, or at least a better reward

Willy10 2011.08.04
those anime games are strange to me

bum999 2011.08.01
Not the greatest, things were tedious and sometimes boring.

tman29 2011.07.31
not a very good game pretty boring.

neoninja 2011.07.29
im sorry besides the pictures thats the only thing i liked about this game

Funnygecko1435 2011.07.27
really great game great graphics as well

Herrushingu 2011.07.26
nice girl but nothing specjal and kind of boring

Hockey_Man_2 2011.07.26
nice girl but kind of boring

EricDey90 2011.07.26
Is that it. Just a laser to get a pix . boring

cosmina 2011.07.25
the images are good, but it takes a while till complete it

GoldenGamer 2011.07.21
Couldn`t get into this at all, just takes too long to reveal the pics, and even then, they are very basic, not worth the effort sadly.

wonderous 2011.07.20
It will be better if the method of unlocking the picture is more interesting and faster.

uk1muppet 2011.07.19
images were good though took a while to complete

shadownanto 2011.07.19
Takes too long to clean the pics, Great animation but ive played for 20+ minutes and still there is no end :(

l4gun4 2011.07.18
very well drawn characters. takes a while to get going though

xCRxSleepy 2011.07.17
The Pics Have Alright Graphics

arie226 2011.07.16
boring to long and nothing to keep your intrest

genocidefire 2011.07.15
Pictures are nice, good finds. The effort to uncover them is annoying.

rackovan52 2011.07.14
takes too long to clear the pics.... but god pics nonetheless

11inches 2011.07.14
a little boring in the end, it shpuld have an unlockable gallery

htetthu 2011.07.14
good games, i like the quality

pawan2modi 2011.07.13
I agree it take too long to clear the PIC, please make it more interesting

JudgeMental 2011.07.11
Brilliant artwork!! But the gameplay gets boring. I was hoping for some real zombie killing chick saving action.

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

Mr.Cat 2011.07.10
The game takes too long, but the pics are good

coltpowder 2011.07.09
this game is too long, good pics but yea too long

Vein01 2011.07.08
too long in this game...i want to get faster

fckrlvr 2011.07.07
Easy when you get the hang of it and god yes I love resident evil

JesterJoker 2011.07.04
very cool pictures but the way to clear them not really fun though.

FTW95 2011.07.03
it is a bored game, it is too long

FTW95 2011.07.03
Boring and not fun atall.

dan1987 2011.06.29
hiyaaaaaa..... when it will be over yet?

Trone01 2011.06.28
takes to long to clear the pics

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Kinda boring but the pics are cool.

paulrulz 2011.06.24
wish that there was a gallery mode and was too repetative

jbartu 2011.06.23
Nice game but buy playing some of the other game this one could be better maybe add a role playing aspect to it

demyx 2011.06.21
I like it but it is to long and repetitive.

WhiteWolf04 2011.06.20
Good concept, just needs something other than cleaning pictures...

Mikael1979 2011.06.19
strange game, i think this game is not good

dudette 2011.06.19
not the best game i played but the picts are good

Mr.ry 2011.06.18
i actually kinda like this game

kirakage 2011.06.17
bad pics and boring, no way of knowing how many pics there where left. if i knew how many where left i whoulda quit much sooner

Smooth Digital 2011.06.15
Far from the best, but not the worst. Gameplay is repetative, and the pis are only ok at best.

Dakeshi 2011.06.14
Alright game, gameplay could be better though.

zucriy 2011.06.14
Stolen game Engine. Bad storyline, bad gameplay. Horrible game.

umair271 2011.06.13
this anit very but but really difficult..

MadGab7 2011.06.13
The game mechanics are a great idea, visually speaking it`s good. Too bad after a few minutes it gets repetitive and boring.

stefano71 2011.06.13
really too long and boring

lucasbrasi 2011.06.12
Not a bad idea, just takes too long to clear all the pics. Gets boring after a short while.

abongabing 2011.06.12
this will be a great game if it not censored

toffy 2011.06.12
this games is not amazing

OG4000 2011.06.11
yes the game is to boring wish it more fun

GrabbaTheButt 2011.06.10
not challenging and i got bored very quickly

burnmehot 2011.06.07
It takes a while to clear all the pictures but nice graphics

cheapis 2011.06.07
pretty good games, i like the quality

Zeroc152 2011.06.06
Didn`t care for the ambient sounds. A gallery mode after would have been nice. Some of the pictures are stolen from other sites. The artwork also seemed to get worse as the game went on. Could`ve been made less repetitive. took 18 minutes to "win", which is about 10 minutes more than this game is worth.

ready4playing 2011.06.04
not very difficult but repetitive

redfox 2011.06.03
not bad but could be better.. add some action

yorkiebar470 2011.06.03
realy boring because there is no action

azsbest520 2011.06.02
the game has a good concept but needs more action it does get boring

xhyko 2011.05.31
not bad but its a boring game

thunderspike 2011.05.31
really good graaphics and stuff but It`s kind of boring.

awesomkid12 2011.05.30
needs to have a better storyline, but neverthelessgood game

bookie_boo 2011.05.29
Good graphics but very boring

cowman 2011.05.28
this is the hardest game i ever play but really fun

MattR 2011.05.25
its kind of boring really

JustCurious 2011.05.24
not much to say rather than simple but nice

t_donovan 2011.05.24
pretty good games, i like the quality

LeandroO 2011.05.22
The first few pictures are fun, but then it becomes all the same!

speedballz21 2011.05.22
after a whule it get s repetetive. but still ice game

Schwalbe 2011.05.21
It`s getting boring soon. There should be other technics or events to play.

ellipsis 2011.05.18
too long to be worth it..

maxipesfik 2011.05.18
nice game, but some upgrades would be great

blackhairedblonde1 2011.05.18
not bad ... but it gets repetitive fast.

Saru 2011.05.17
Nice artwork, but very repetitive gameplay experience.

pelican 2011.05.17
good enough game but gets repetative fast

arragillium88 2011.05.16
Though it takes some time, the artwork is very nice. :)

Nice effort, but poor execution. To much work for just a few pics.

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
Game play isn`t very fun in my opinion, but the pics were worth it

jeb123456789123 2011.05.14
that game was amazingly suckish and the girls were not even that hot and it was boring and bad graphics

Skarn62 2011.05.13
Nice graphics, but how about the gameplay?

goalie321 2011.05.13
OK but too many pics to clear

patty23 2011.05.12
nice game especially the pictures were pretty horny loved it!!!!!!

jayjay187 2011.05.12
the game wuz fun puzzlish the girls were hot! and otherwise the game wase really fun it was harder and harder wen u get futher in to it its had alot and zaombie cum and in brings me back to resident evil the concept os the game is tottaally diffrent tho

cell 2011.05.12
i thought the game would be fun

remobuddy 2011.05.11
game gets boring in exploring the pictures.......

kidre3 2011.05.08
i thought that this game was quite fun

tonysmalls18 2011.05.07
ok game good pics poor gameplay and too long

rangerguy 2011.05.06
The game is very slow for very little reward. It would probably been better with a soundtrack.

beneathuk 2011.05.05
Nice artwork but gameplay is pretty dull and very repetitive.

Twelvepak 2011.05.05
Took me a couple of minutes to figure out that I needed to wait on the timer. Not my favorite...

AragornI 2011.04.26
Not a bad game at all but it takes long to clear it

mateusz1998 2011.04.25
This game is really awesome, I loved it.

solidsnake3 2011.04.25
loving re for the wrong reasoons is so right:P

surken 2011.04.24
Zombies plus hot chicks... awesome. Good pictures, fun for a while, but gets boring quickly.

deevo 2011.04.23
Nice pictures, but it gets old really fast.

tsalagiwaya 2011.04.22
interesting concept, but it really gets old quick

moodyh 2011.04.21
starts awsome, but boring after a while

thesphinx 2011.04.21
Interesting game concept, with nice pics.

drools44 2011.04.20
LLove the nusic but relly way tooooo slow

arkhange 2011.04.19
great graphics but boring game

lightburner 2011.04.19
It is not my kind of game, it becomes boring after a pair of pics!

secretadmirer 2011.04.19
great graphics but kinda boring

kyle0104 2011.04.18
the gameplay is awesome love the game alot :)

boredashell 2011.04.18
cool game its kinda of boring and takes to much time though

shikanara00 2011.04.17
YES: long length of game play

BigO1000 2011.04.17
sorry but Thta game is boring.. it lasts hours to bet the picture free

Hobnob101 2011.04.16
really well done but does it just go on foreevr?

powerbob 2011.04.16
It has good pictures, but i have seen most of them on other sites and there just doesn`t seem to be an end to the game, I was bored about 20 something pictures into it

Shinkai 2011.04.16
Well,It COULD be better...

vtheghost 2011.04.16
addictive game huge collection of pics nice

najib101 2011.04.15
its kind of boring whats the main point of the game i dont get it sorry

vegetaline 2011.04.14
nica game bu t not so fun

delayfreak 2011.04.14
I didn`t like this game, it`s really long and gets boring really fast

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
nice pics but boring after a while

slv 2011.04.11
Gameplay a little boring. Great pictures though.

BiggyRich 2011.04.11
Fun game, nice pictures, but would be better if there were other elements to it... like stuff trying to attack you when your clearing the pictures, or having to avoid hitting certain areas of the picture or you will burn it... good waste of time though if your waiting for something, or are just really bored.

m4lv1n 2011.04.10
a bit old but still an alright game

pyko 2011.04.10
i dont understand why they call it "the cum of the dead" there is no where near enough cum to be called that

glockenspeal 2011.04.08
it`d be a better game if the stuff covering the picture came off easyer

jada4 2011.04.08
woah i like this game,not hard :D but hot

kushandhentai 2011.04.07
Way too long but overall addictive and good pics

1978Woops 2011.04.06
boring game, but nice pictures :)

stepheny2g 2011.04.06
very good game a bit repetative

Stack 2011.04.05
Dont like it at all... wierd and repedetive

Innocent 2011.04.04
addictive game huge collection of pics nice

Hellfinder 2011.04.04
Nice game, and there were enough great pictures to want to keep playing. I would have liked the option of seeing all the girls at the end though: it would have made things so much more worth it.

L0stPl4yer 2011.04.04
this game is very long and the images do not make up for the time spent uncovering each individually.

NatNat 2011.04.02
hot chicks but very slow and stupid censorship

cheetos1799 2011.04.01
Not much gameplay. Gets repetitive. Could use more aspects of gameplay.

Tudedude 2011.04.01
Not much of a game but good art work.

poopsnoop 2011.03.31
didnt really like the game that much but nice pictures!

hentai1337 2011.03.30
game was long, but the art was good. Would be nice if the pictures were animated after a while

Gold06 2011.03.28
The game isn`t good. For an zombie apocalypse game the complete lack of story on why there are dirty pictures and why we are cleaning them isn`t explained at all. I guess the art was alright, just not my style either.

howsthis14u 2011.03.28
Rather slow game. Didn`t enjoy it at all.

Peter32 2011.03.27
Takes awhile but its worth it

footie55 2011.03.27
It`s not my cup of tea...far too long and time wasting!

Sterben 2011.03.26
Bad things: repetitive, strange, long load, not much to do, it`s not really a good game at all
good things:the chicks are hot
that`s all i`ll say.

deiderata 2011.03.26
Its is too long for what it gives.

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.25
Kind of strange but original

cj13598 2011.03.25
Takes awhile but its worth it

b-rad1991 2011.03.23
Alright game, takes to long to uncover the pics.

Angelegh 2011.03.23
Good game just way to long

eriyodan 2011.03.22
Not a bad idea. but it takes too long to clean pics

f*ckme46 2011.03.21
this is a pretty good game

joebkc 2011.03.21
not bad,but i dont like it coz too long.....

r3d3y3 2011.03.21
very addictive to start but soon gets boring

Brachio 2011.03.20
great game but needs a galery at the end

holyblades 2011.03.20
decent game good graphics

quinton19 2011.03.19
takes way to long to complete not worth it

Landend 2011.03.19
This game drags on for way too long

bruno2000 2011.03.18
this game is a little hard to sse the pictures but have a great storyline

gfellha 2011.03.18
this is a hard game it would a be a little better if the bean was migger no wat i mena

UlyssesS 2011.03.18
Takes way too long to uncover pictures.

Lunarmage 2011.03.18
Took too long to load, and based on other comments , not worth the wait.

areuwithme 2011.03.17
not impressed, game was boring

huangyihua 2011.03.17
i waste so much time for loading...damn...

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
This game is slow and it takes way too long to uncover pictures. It gets pretty boring after a bit.

zephi 2011.03.16
A bit repetative for my taste tbh.

ebunny66 2011.03.16
get boring after a few pictures

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Very long game, not sure it is worth the time it takes to reach the end, since the reward is a sentence (pretty funny still about rotten flesh chicks), be patient and use the laser fully charged each time to clean each level.
The pictures do not look censored once you are close to the end enough anymore.
Still not the best game around I guess, since since play action is very limited.

sirdeaner 2011.03.13
fairly boring game, with censored pics. not worth playing.

Sammael 2011.03.11
get boring after a few pictures

M0RGAN 2011.03.09
Its was fun at first THEN IT GOT BORING

hot_tottie 2011.03.08
maybe it will be more fun next time i play it lol

Lois_Voom 2011.03.07
I thought it was going to have more picture interaction. Theres no interaction. Other than shooting a beam. I don`t understand the game

Hookie24 2011.03.06
Great pictures of varying girls, took a bit till i understood to charge it (silly me) but overall a very nce game with part challenege but not too much

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.06
Cools pics and good idea, but boring.

mattherin 2011.03.04
simple, yet some very good high quality pictures

gargletron 2011.03.04
A little too scary for my taste!

Myers 2011.03.04
For sure wasnt the best game i had played on this site

ifqvp 2011.03.02
not really fun, little boring

lellobidello 2011.02.28
too boring,nice pics but the gameplay is poor

Pablo69 2011.02.28
Very boring and repeatative game. Didn`t enjoy this much at all.

brandedbevis 2011.02.27
This game is kind of boreing.

LilBoiKiddo 2011.02.26
graphics are fun..game was kinda pointless..

ski9072 2011.02.23
It was ok for a while, but didn`t take it too long to get boring. It was an interesting concept, if there had been more to it.

cake22 2011.02.23
This game is really boring and pointless, even thought the graphics are great it is not worth playing this game. Also the instructions are not clear on what you are supposed to do.

chet-17 2011.02.23
It takes so long to complete

steamroll2012 2011.02.22
A waste of time,could of be constructed better.Takes way too long to complete,no incentive.

thetbman 2011.02.22
Gameplay: poor , graphic: good , animation: good
Overall: OK , pointless game without excitement

Stardead456 2011.02.22
It was rather pointless but still it was fun in parts. Make it more challenging or something similar.

terryaal 2011.02.22
pic is gud but boring gameplay, need interactive

AlecWasha 2011.02.21
this game is kinda pointless but great pictures

torque 2011.02.21
game got boring quickly make it an animation and get some run and rape games plz

robint79 2011.02.20
photos was good, but the game sucks

roudrosk 2011.02.19
game is okay...... pic are nice but gameplay gets too boring.... needs more action

ankit.poddar 2011.02.18
Nice Quality graphics and interesting concept

malir 2011.02.18
Game got nice graphics, but no defined aim makes it borring.
Controlling is a little tricky.

Carnedringh 2011.02.17
Well ... Game concept is really kinda boring. I really miss some challenge in it. Pics are nice but i really fall asleep while uncovering ... Sorry but not really a thumbs up imho

SPACKEN PRO 2011.02.17
habe mir mehr darunter vorgestelt :(

blue420 2011.02.16
the pics wre good but the mechanic was annoying

fanch666 2011.02.15
Original, but its too long

voltz 2011.02.15
Funny one but getting boring soon

sazas 2011.02.15
I agree with Steel11, this was a good concept but poorly executed.

thekraken 2011.02.14
This game gets boring very fast, would like to see same pics in a better game

steeel11 2011.02.12
this game has a great concept but poor presentation would be much better as a adventure game

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
i agree with some of the other reviews. the game gets boring after awhile. cool idea but would be better if it was an adventure with some shooting mixed in along with some dodging. the current concept is great intermittently, when you need to clean something to unlock a clue, hint or the next level.

015510 2011.02.12
the game was quite boring didnt really enjoy it at all

S3cr3tiv3 2011.02.12
It gets extremely boring quickly

ratonius 2011.02.09
Cools pics and good idea, but boring after a short while.

tintin1989 2011.02.09
boring and repetitive, its ok for first 2 minutes then drags out

evilelf562 2011.02.07
this is definately different :p

saif6585 2011.02.07
this aint wery funny, and its not very difficult

cool_ed 2011.02.06
I`m stuck.......just only loading and i can`t play game.........

loyalroyal92 2011.02.06
good game but not alot to it bit dull at some points

Luis4x 2011.02.05
she is my fav and this game is the best game i every played

paoseland 2011.02.04
not impressed, the graphics are good, and the ani-munge is... different, but overall, it`s lacking.

nirt2020 2011.02.04
this is one`hard core sex game wichisnt worth may time!!

inman 2011.02.04
this gets realy boring after a while

fox_says_ken 2011.02.03
The game gets pretty boring after the first few screens. Is there a goal or do you just keep cleaning and getting points?

wankingbastard 2011.02.03
graphics good, but the gameplay is boring

kimicum13 2011.02.02
Cools pics and good idea, but boring.

thien425 2011.02.02
Ok game, but it takes way too long just to get some action.

jbrooks15 2011.02.01
very good game just needs some more sex scenes but its good

gpghonest 2011.02.01
nothing happens after i clear the first picture

toaster23 2011.01.30
good game but it does get quite repetitive after a while

rayloren1948 2011.01.30
Not quite what I was expecting. Good pics. Kinda slow. inresting concept, but in the end kinda boring.

nietniet 2011.01.29
taks too long to clear the picture

Dark Grievous 2011.01.29
highly repetitive but very good pictures

DeathPulse15 2011.01.28
This is sort of fun. I like the whole idea with the shooting the laser, i wish they had more pictures though

zzbink 2011.01.28
the is the worst game i have played

arod97 2011.01.28
slow but overall a good idea

skitler90 2011.01.28
the pictures are great but the gameplay is too repetitive

DarkRay 2011.01.28
very interesting concept, but game is boring.

whalerack 2011.01.28
coolgame. its missin somethin. need more. not enough

lwooosh 2011.01.27
alot of work for censored pics

iamme25 2011.01.25
It`s too repetitive and boring

Wilyam 2011.01.25
Nice Pics but thats about it

looneytune 2011.01.25
taking awful long time to load cant wait

capetti 2011.01.24
Great pictures, but it gets boring very quickly because there is no story to this game at all (in spite of promising beginnings).

wayne762005 2011.01.23
good game nice graphics and animations

ralles 2011.01.23
good pictures but takes so long :(

Foxhound 2011.01.22
I like the art and the idea of the game. But it gets boaring after a while

tonito 2011.01.18
Did not understand the concept of the game can anyone explain

kuhaku 2011.01.18
nice pics, but has to wait to much time

pankajsri25 2011.01.17
good nice game but its a bit lengthy

Mervault 2011.01.16
funny, but the censure is a pity

mightyazda 2011.01.16
Defo worth checking this out - a very original concept!

supersexmachine13 2011.01.16
this is very boring. i like the pictures, though

lcisne55 2011.01.14
I didn`t like it it boerd me alot

alanyiu 2011.01.14
Nice pics, but game need more girl

xerlot 2011.01.13
Becomes very tedious very quickly. Good pics but other than that Boring

bLLizer23 2011.01.12
man it took like forever to load this game.. but not bad tho

Halibelcunt 2011.01.10
Its ok its just takes alittle to long

hkmsc 2011.01.08
taks too long to clear the picture

Druidic1 2011.01.08
Nice pics, but game is long and repetetive.

booo 2011.01.08
ima play it eveytime i get on

booo 2011.01.08
its probably the best game i ever played

booo 2011.01.08
game was awesome i loved it

MIKEy847 2011.01.08
cool game easy to use and has some nice pictures

sn109w 2011.01.07
nice pics but very slow game

pilou 2011.01.07
too much repetitive but nice picture on it

RenMartens 2011.01.07
Not a bad game for a min or two, but gets boring quite quickly

namildog 2011.01.07
Not one of my favourites. Too slow going - unless I am just really stupid!

supergebster 2011.01.06
good time killer but it gets really boring after a min but nice pics

Dude1999 2011.01.06
Not bad for an arcade game, keeps you busy for a while.

sauljr 2011.01.06
this game is too long and it needs some action 2 it

NotAnAmerican 2011.01.06
Nice pics but it would be better with more action than this

ntljkc 2011.01.06
nice picture but i like action more

visionati 2011.01.06
i love this type of graphic~~

jawz 2011.01.04
average game but worth a try always

simonp 2011.01.04
anything with zombies and girls gets my vote

jonesbanana 2011.01.02
sorry girls raped by zombies

Butcher70 2011.01.02
nice game - when I play I think on the first days of the pc.

facelessminion 2011.01.01
After having played it further, this really is just a glorified porn gallery which uses a lot of images from Sawao and similarartists. =/

facelessminion 2011.01.01
The game seems to have a bad habit of being cropped improperly in my browser.

heatround2011 2010.12.31
I wish there was more to it than cleaning up pictures with a laser cleaning device

dajasand 2010.12.31
great concept. i hope to see more of this type of thing. it may be too easy but im a huge fan of any game that involves babes zombies or both!

theultimate1000 2010.12.29
I like this game. Although the gameplay is boring, the pictures make up for it

saif6585 2010.12.28
very nice game and good animation

kevlarspeedboat 2010.12.28
The concept is good, but the game is too long.

Kolky 2010.12.28
Too long and repetitive. Graphics could be better.

spihke 2010.12.26
game takes to long to beat

aaaaaaa1234567 2010.12.26
nice pics but not so awesome

JeanMarc 2010.12.26
it is a bored game, it is too long, no big fan of hentai...

jackman2011 2010.12.25
This game is long and boring.

ifqvp 2010.12.25
good graphic, but long and boring at lastt

chene 2010.12.25
nice graphics but its long and boring

bling2004jr 2010.12.24
ok game not a fan of hentai

sissyboy 2010.12.23
lol funny game bit boring though pfft

sbruler 2010.12.23
It is a good idea yet it is long and boring.

Greywolf38 2010.12.20
Pictures are cool but the game needs more interaction.

hermie56 2010.12.20
strange. too low rez for my taste. no big fan of hentai...

encartauk 2010.12.20
but boring just revealing pics

JMD 2010.12.20
very boring and redundant game. nice pics though

wdude 2010.12.19
I think that this game is not that good but the pics are awesome.

pinochio 2010.12.18
very simplistic gameplay, but thx to the artwork, strangely addictive!

xalexandro 2010.12.18
its a good game, unteresting playing mode ans a great pics

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

zero453 2010.12.16
dont a very good game at all it to bording

Ryuukaze 2010.12.16
Interesting game.Although it is a little hard to look at the pictures while cleaning them XD

aquaticpyro 2010.12.15
hehe, this is interesting =)

percyb 2010.12.14
this game cool idea but boring

planeman 2010.12.14
The pics were good but the game gets old

HotSpot 2010.12.13
this game is defenintly to long

Melvin_H 2010.12.13
this game is way too easy, and the reward isnt that good

Bunni Love 2010.12.12
Interesting game - very repetitive though.

latrupe47 2010.12.11
it is a bored game, it is too long

HornyPorny 2010.12.10
dont like these kinda games so much

long55 2010.12.10
good game, a bit hard, good graphics, like it

k8aro 2010.12.10
Fun game but it starts to get a little repetitive after a while. good pics though!

falcon802619 2010.12.09
slow but overall a neat idea

spooky1 2010.12.07
grapics brill,very long boring game

flameablex 2010.12.06
kinda hate it when i see a girl been violate by monster. but nice graphic thought.

NightmareGER 2010.12.05
Very interesting style of game. The Laser sound is a bit annoying but just put up some music and it`s fine again.

*Can`t stop!*

hengame 2010.12.05
great artwork, but gameplay could be alittle faster and gets repetitive after awhile

hkevinh 2010.12.05
Cool game!!But no review function after finished all scence .

zombie101 2010.12.04
cool game i give 10 out of 10

NickFisher 2010.12.04
boring doing the same thing over and over but the pics were alright

Adderz 2010.12.04
The Pics were great, but it took too long and the play got boring very quickly

Eddie Roc 2010.12.03
Great pics, but the game itself is too boring.

hirokiri 2010.12.03
some nice pics, but tedious.

adridiza 2010.12.02
not bad at all...
I can do some action in this game

gray 2010.12.02
enjoyable.good graphics.old style side shooter

cruiser56 2010.12.01
lil bit boring after a while

Mikko 2010.11.30
a little bit boring game, but pics are very sexy. very good made.

Dustintx 2010.11.30
the graphics were so good i came!

West 2010.11.30
to long doing the same thing is boring

roundroom 2010.11.29
Lots of nice images but takes to long

dragoon2160 2010.11.28
Very unique game, but highly repetitive.

tacobell 2010.11.27
takes too long to clear the pieces. images arent that cool. zombies are awesome though

tacobell 2010.11.27
nice game but it gets repetitive after awhile

RobbyWilliams64 2010.11.27
Loved the pics, but it took too long to clear the pic

Lukas312 2010.11.27
heh its very good game but it could be little bit shorter

blackout2099 2010.11.24
great game but takes 2 long 2 finish

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this gamme good graphic

Fly88xx 2010.11.24
I really like the Resident Evil theme off this game. BTW, what did you think of the last movie (Afterlife)? I watched it in 3D, the effects were good, but the storyplot does not fit into RE.

dragonguardian13 2010.11.24
Nice images bu kinda boring after a bit. to repetitive doing the same thing over and over agian. plus the censoring kinda made it less fun too.

rsccola 2010.11.23
lots of video game chicks, just very time consuming

andyGenki 2010.11.20
really good games.nice images.

hok122 2010.11.20
All of them are from resident evil.

eddy54321 2010.11.19
it is a really good game i hope you make more

zardoz82 2010.11.19
Erotic images are nice, but the game play is very repetative. Would be better with more plot orientation.

hole 2010.11.18
game started off good then got old how many scenes are thier

biga76 2010.11.17
bella grafica e immagini, divertente

heiner 2010.11.16
WOW great grafics!!! i wanna be a zombie too

Bonnierider 2010.11.16
very good! graphics good and play

walker007 2010.11.14
the picture is great
I want too be zombie now...to FUCK!!!

throg_spelding 2010.11.13
Nice pics, but take to long to uncover

chumak 2010.11.12
the game is repetitive and becomes boring way too quickly.
Nicely done though

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Murder X 2010.11.11
if it werent for the pics, this game would be a pretty boring. is there even an end to it?!

swwblackhawk 2010.11.11
not a complete waste of time but close to it

StanVan 2010.11.10
I wish the game loaded up

probie 2010.11.09
good time waster way to long tho way to much work

skinkelynet 2010.11.09
nice graphics but way too long

aion 2010.11.08
cool game i like it but its too long

knux6666 2010.11.08
good game concept but ... got tedious ans pics were censored also ...

Hat 2010.11.06
Nice pics but just not that fun

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