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Crush on candy


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bianca29 2018.06.22
Slow Game, don`t run on new PC`s stocked very often

darkeagle86 2018.03.09
Good game, only too short. but good graphics

X-26 2018.02.21
Short and to the point; I found the negative reactions hilarious.

evilraze 2018.02.20
its a ok game but to short

TrulyPost 2018.02.08
Pretty easy but sexyrnLike the animation

Cw9666 2018.01.13
Good graphics and easy game

TheGuy99913 2018.01.12
The Graphics are really good and the drawing is accurate 10/10

DCB 2017.12.25
3 screens into it and it freezes.

Samson32 2017.12.18
Had a lot of trouble loading this game only got a white screen.

GuyFox 2017.12.17
Too short, too easy, but nice game! Great model and cool graphics! Thanks!


Hi Power 2017.12.14
Not much story but great blonde boobs! You can finish is 15 min.rn

GamerGirl2017 2017.11.29
Highly delectable body. Would like to see HOT.

Eomas 2017.11.24
great graphics, but the game was so linear it doesn`t entertain very well

Trokkar 2017.11.21
Graphics are good, models very nice.. sexy. Just seemed to take forever to load for me. Once it did, good game.

crimsonfrog 2017.11.20
I like candy nice tits ans ass

ThatLonelyDude 2017.11.13
This game has decent graphics and a decent story. Good game, but I wish it was a bit longer

Lust4Life 2017.11.04
I though the game was pretty good...even though i wish the story line was a bit longer

xdjmx80x 2017.10.29
graphics are gameplay was fun storyline was cool.rn

kingtut8910 2017.10.23
Good graphics, and sexy girl. Game was a bit laggy but bearable. Sex scenes weren`t bad either.

frdsthebom 2017.10.03
the graphics where really good but the game was a little to easy

KitCarsen 2017.09.19
Easy game with OK graphics but with some awful facial expressions.

Joester 2017.08.30
I have a huge crush on candy i will play this always

Trokkar 2017.08.28
Just be nice and you will score, not great, but not bad either.

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
All you really need to do is be polite and you shouldn`t have any problems. Not bad, but not great either.

marcus747 2017.08.15
Yay! Another huge breasted blond woman you need to please or she`ll swallow your soul! (At least, that`s the vibe I got from her!) This game hits all the beats, thus I found it unimaginative.

getspam 2017.08.09
The girl is a bit creepy sometimes. Definitely not the best game ever. It seems like a try some one did as a learning test.

Laelith 2017.08.01
candy is a beautiful. Nice graphics, but not really a great game! Its a nice effort though!

Chevy 2017.07.17
Extremely short and without a storyline behind the scenes. Graphics can be better and when the girls seems angry she is more like a vampire than another thing... crappy...

wagontail 2017.07.06
fun game candy was great her angry face was a little over the top though

tezrowdy 2017.06.30
this game is fun and has good graphics and good story lines. i love this gamern

w1drng22 2017.06.21
Not too bad. Not overly complex. Hate to play those games that you can never get to the endings.

habaneronis 2017.06.16
Short but good, should extend and make a longer story

littleGamer 2017.06.16
lovely game - like itrngraphic is a bit `out of reality`

randy1 2017.06.13
Good game , but found it way too short unless there is a sequel

ltworf1 2017.06.10
I like the graphics, the storyline could use a little work. Bt a very enjoyable game. Keep up the good work

kemode 2017.06.07
Incredible game...sexy girl but a bit too short

rockarolla 2017.06.07
This game is very interesting, the story and the gameplay to. I really appreciated

watss72 2017.05.29
Beauty girl very very hot and sexy

watss72 2017.05.23
the most hottie game of all

pieffepi 2017.05.14
the idea is very good, but it can be vastly improved

lucasenko 2017.05.08
Excellent. Great graphics and animations.

Poisoned 2017.05.03
I like games that get right to the point. Great graphics, but not long enough.

lucasenko 2017.05.02
beautiful graphics and superb game

Relativeness 2017.04.20
but of a meh game, its okay but could be much better!

caragoo 2017.04.14
The graphics and animation is good just its a bit bugged up. Not many chances to give choices so I didn`t play it very long. I don`t really recommend this game as its not very good. I didn`t enjoy.

emea 2017.04.04
Graphic is okay, game mechanic is a little boring

wantrow 2017.04.02
yes, this game it`s bof, i does`nt like this game

joisub 2017.04.01
Wasn`t a fan, the game mechanic were just to cluncky

YukioM 2017.03.27
I do like the graphic of this game, less the interaction

Abnet 2017.03.25
Excellent. Great graphics and animations.

brojoe1974 2017.03.24
I really enjoyed this game very interesting graphics

Ross6 2017.03.24
very short good tho she does anal

Vera2001 2017.03.23
this is a great game thatshould be 10 ot 10

Tankero21 2017.03.22
easy to play simple graphics took about two time to get good ending

sausageb88 2017.03.20
Candy is hot. Graphics are good. Game play way to easy.

gunneren98 2017.03.18
a bit to small screen for me

aliantito 2017.03.13
wow amazing story and hot hot sex,,,

SithiusVarick 2017.03.13
Great graphics , but it locks up except for sound when shes blowing ,,, anybody else have this issue ?

ianjames 2017.03.07
great game with a sexy girl

kemode 2017.03.06
GREAT game! And a very hot girl

BigDaddyDave 2017.03.05
Candy is hot but little too easy

zorthonx 2017.03.02
She was hot, graphics soso

badd8t1 2017.02.26
might have been nice but it wouldnt load for me

drlongfinger 2017.02.24
could do without the nasty pissed off look just make her frown

scaler95 2017.02.24
I liked this game. I enjoyed playing it and want to play other games like this!

dracowhitefire 2017.02.23
I`ve had better entertainment. More effort was put into the modeling than into the game.

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.20
thats an average game as there ever was one. After playing it I feel like I have payed i for times and times before.

RudolfoV 2017.02.19
Artwork is good!
But not much of a challenge, she is sooo damn horny ;)

Mondoblasto 2017.02.17
I like the graphics, Candy and her body look good. It does look a lil weird when she scowls though.

Have only got the anal and BJ endings. Is there no vaginal? I do appreciate that allowing a guy to give her anal is a big trust issue, and I understand that getting through that is the "major" goal, but there are queues that she`d be open to anything, and then all you get is "do me in the butt" and "my chest is not all of me", which is a lil disappointing to me (I do like posteriors, but doing them is not quite my preference).

My only other dislikes is that I can`t click faster through the screens to try another option, and the sound doesn`t work in IE. Speaking of the sound, during her moan tracks it sounds like someone is trying to fiddle with a mic, but quietly.

Getoffmyboardree 2017.02.13
Story and graphics are the weakest links the game

Lucifer1815 2017.02.10
Good set of story lines and great animations.

elijahclark279 2017.02.10
for one andy is smoking hot and for two i love the fact that there are multiple endings

kjdehn3 2017.02.09
great game but wish kelly did this

LetsGOOO 2017.02.04
im so bad in thise game

Bane1995 2017.02.01
nice artwork. needs work on the story and play ability.

d4oor 2017.01.31
I loved the game it had good quality and candy was very sexy but it wasn`t as challenging as I would have liked it to be

rex007king 2017.01.31
sorry but it is not worth playing

Chenz15 2017.01.31
candy is good looking, the is alright

Gurkmjea 2017.01.30
I think its too short with not many options, updated version would be nice

Ally 2017.01.29
Candy looks great, the graphics are great the sex is pretty good the anal is really well drawn.

pablin 2017.01.28
candy is a beautiful. Nice graphics, but not really a great game! Its a nice effort though!

asinble 2017.01.27
nice and hot game i love candy hot

zenshigo 2017.01.26
good graphics and animation

oranjeboven 2017.01.26
ok game, but no chalenge.

furer8989 2017.01.25
Not Bad, but can be better graphic

GibbyG1100 2017.01.24
graphics are nice, but the animation is slow and sloppy. the storyline is nonexistant, and overall it needs some work. 4/10

dhxf130973 2017.01.23
Really nice graphics and user interaction-

Art97 2017.01.21
Really boring and non-interesting

YTheLastMan 2017.01.20
Great graphics, but loading times between scenes might annoy some. Don`t they say though, patience is a virtue well rewarded?

Ggy12 2017.01.18
Ok game. needs more of a story.

kinou21 2017.01.18
Very nice graphs and good idea !!!

Sola_KMT 2017.01.16
the game wont work after the intro, I got tired of looking at the couch

mrgamerz998 2017.01.15
this game is good but it is weird

Pedrodelacrosa 2017.01.14
candy is a beautiful, but game is stucking types for me, so not like.

Instagram 2017.01.13
Quality of the graphic could have been better.......

HarrietGarmin 2017.01.13
Not a bad game, though maybe an actually end scene would be a little better.
Another note would be more options to choose and different endings.
Other than that it was a fun game.

pjbond 2017.01.11
A good first effort, if that`s what it is. The girl has a nice body. The game (and therefore the girl) is too easy. There is really no seduction here, which, really is one of the main draws of an erotic game.

Millionsofstars3110 2017.01.10
WOW! This game is so fucking sexy. Has anyone got any kid`s? I`ve got 3!!

hotbrian1000 2017.01.09
nice short game. Should have had moans for the sex scenes. pretty good game.

JimboStout 2017.01.09
Graphics still need work. Not very many choices. A good starter game.

fawrhaest 2017.01.08
Really slow loading each frame which made me quit halfway through. Though, I would like to play again since the girl is kinda hot :)

noiammax 2017.01.08
A bit too short, nice animations but it`s leterally a 5 minutes game

raman 2017.01.08
Quality of the graphic could have been better.......

batagor 2017.01.08
uh oh, just another "way tooooo short" game to play. JS :p

icrazyur2 2017.01.08
ok since i cant say what i really think on here junk if your reading this first dont waste the time

DucaDalba 2017.01.08
The game is too short, and the quality of the graphic could be better.

CartoonFan 2017.01.07
Not bad, bit quick though. Not sure how many different endings there are.

glukos37 2017.01.07
This game is pretty good but not a lot of choices.

GP69 2017.01.06
Reasonably good game. Could do with a few more action options rather than 1 correct option and everything else ends the game! Almost as if the creator is giving guidelines to their next wanna be partner of how to impress them!

vitali 2017.01.06
Nice and welcomed new game from (probably) new developer. Anyhow too easy with simle graphics. Good start and hope we will see new and more complex game shortly

Jaaru 2017.01.06
Nice looking new game, liked it.

TameZ 2017.01.06
it wasn`t really a bad game but I don`t see why you get different options when one is clearly right and one is clearly wrong. its not like the wrong option is like a 50/50 shot its just clearly the wrong option this game would of been good at the beginning of this site but with all the great games that come out on this site now with an interesting story and a fun narrative theres just no room for games like this anymore theres just to much good content to compare it to

Eomas 2017.01.05
ooooook, this seems much too short to be on par with the other games here it looks good, but it`s slow and linear

kaxikayima 2017.01.05
damn it... apparently, `` i`d like to rape you anally `` was not the correct way to go :(

doctom 2017.01.05
Are you kidding me? What is the "game" her anyway--very simple and short, might as well just watch an animation. A lot of work, but fell short.

Corgath 2017.01.05
this game is pretty hot but too short

oranjeboven 2017.01.05
Pretty sexy game, but pretty easy too.

thesaint 2017.01.04
jeanmimel, how could you make it work? I managed to have it running one time only, but Idon`t understand HOW!!! I use firefox.

Paxton04 2017.01.04
The graphics in the game are definitely good. Candy is a good character in the game but the lack of options and choices make the game boring. There are also minor bugs in the game that take away from the game play experience

SaMoriTu 2017.01.04
A very intersting and cool game, I enjoy it

cambridge4453 2017.01.04
I think people have been mean with this game. Candy looks great, the graphics are great; the sex is pretty good; the anal is really well drawn. . It`s not much ofa game as there are not so many choices but I think there is a lot of potential here because the look is so much better than a lot of the games.

shiffos 2017.01.04
not too much choice and some bugs

CapnMorgan 2017.01.04
the graphics are ok, I would have liked a few more options for sex with her, but not bad really. given how long it takes to put out something like this I give it an A for effort but would love to see it expanded in the future.

Pedrodelacrosa 2017.01.04
Poor game really, graphic is nice.

pieffepi 2017.01.04
Pretty easy game. Nice graphics but poor animation and no audio

opswicked1 2017.01.04
Rather easy forward storyline. You can`t do anything wrong really. The answers are pretty easy. Nevertheless one hot woman.

Catgofire 2017.01.04
Pretty linear as far as story is concerned. Only choose between 3 dialogue options.

Graphics are okay.

10/10, would wank again

Santorx 2017.01.04
Hello !
Yes a nice try and I hope a beginning of more and more and much better every time :)

geunie 2017.01.03
Nice graphics, but not really a great game! Its a nice effort though!

maxxxy 2017.01.03
Not working for me. Goes from opening to "Starting ..." to first line of text, then freezes.

bluedevilcindy 2017.01.03
This game is pretty good but not a lot of choices.

fucker123@ 2017.01.03

luchador2008 2017.01.03
too much straight forward game..not my type! i like to have some diffuclty in the game, and do a lot to get to earn that hot spot...
Graphics : 8/10
Storyline : 3/10
Overall : 5/10

ferhaadalitaimoor 2017.01.03
Game is working very slow

jeanmimel 2017.01.03
good graphics and animation, but quite esasy ans some bugs sometimes

jeanmimel 2017.01.03
it`s ok, working now sorry

jeanmimel 2017.01.03
maybe a bug, I don`t understand,
Nothing happened after 3 pics ....

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