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Condom Man


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Domenik 2017.11.02
Funny game but it s get boring after a while

Doru 2016.11.10
Why is it so hard? There are parts that are very tricky to beat and I got stuck at Level 5.

jdwest98 2016.11.03
Funny game, but it didn`t really have an end and it stopped on level 4 for me

happaa 2016.10.28
I like this game. it take some time to learn the game and will get the fun.

punkaroo 2016.09.07
funny, good idea, very slow-paced though.

bigdog1124 2016.06.23
good idea but could have been better executed. its for sure an adult game

KEV_in 2016.06.12
Same time kind of boring and funny.

latinagr 2016.01.30
It`s so sily but so funny that you can stick with it for hours

edgar1942 2016.01.09
Very much an ADULT ARCADE game.

innedonlytalks 2015.10.30
difficult game not understanble easy


marco_mat 2015.09.28
it was great. i finish this game several times.

mt570917 2015.09.02
Very unusual. The platformer aspect was different though/

twotouch 2015.08.16
have not a platform game in a long time like

vympel9 2015.07.24
i dont like this game, is so bad

Stud84 2015.06.07
Got bored of it really quick. Dying appears to be mandatory in some situations, which is kinda meh if you`re a perfectionist. Also i find it kinda weird you play as an old man who looks like a sixty year old pervert, haha.


CoolCats 2015.06.01
The game is quite difficult but when you pass a level, you feel really good about it

Davidlow 2015.05.23
Good game, igot a score of 1800

USMCalpha19 2015.05.15
good idea, but poor execution. it gets boring quick

avry24 2015.04.28
I kept getting caught this is hard

avry24 2015.04.28
this is is a wonderful game I recommend it to everyone

KurisuPFO 2015.04.24
100/100 for score and death animations :`)

edelho 2015.04.04
not a bad game, but the controls are stiff

grayfox127 2015.03.30
kinda stiff controls but pretty fun

moebus 2015.03.27
hahahaha, funny game, very addictive

Hanger27 2015.01.31
i don`t really like it. a little bit silly

notworthit 2015.01.25
lol this game reminds me Goody game

exilebeast 2015.01.21
Only enjoyed it for 5 minutes

nirt10101 2015.01.13
its a classic but besides that its not rlly good

Westy987 2015.01.02
Fun video game. Reminds me of the old Bill Clinton video.

CeX 2014.12.13
fun memories. i remember playing it with friends when we were a little younger

deathpool96 2014.12.09
quite odd but really fun!

goldendick 2014.10.02
ha ha ha ha so funny a fun game but kind of hard but really funny ha ha ha

angel_one 2014.09.30
funnier than exciting, but good if you eant someentertainment

king@@ 2014.09.10
A lot of fun!!! getting pretty good at it

gekami 2014.08.30
nice arcade game. kinda difficult though

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
Very easy game. Its funny too!

bonusbro587 2014.08.09
This game had a funny name and a fairly good design

kevinmalk 2014.08.09
good game graphics could use work

bigboy1021 2014.08.02
Very fun game a bit boring though

Amlan199 2014.07.12
Good game but graphics needs improvement.

nikhil2611 2014.06.13
game is funny but should have more intrsting

thesaturn 2014.06.07
Very fun game. Should have more animations

XxANGELSLAYORxX 2014.06.04
Funny game, took a while to get the hang of it.

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
It is a nice game. Funny
Not great

Nemesis2020 2014.05.23
low graphics but good game, cannot pass lv8

St3fan098 2014.05.01
No the best graphic but nice to play

sexbuddie12 2014.04.17
Condom man... Condom man... Does whatever condom man wants haha

darkflame721 2014.04.13
this game is great and it has great graphics

pitexs 2014.03.23
hahaha well its fun game.i liked the condom man and good graphics

cool115 2014.03.19
nice games but graphics would be better

KingOftheD 2014.03.03
a little pedo i have to say

ef0505 2014.02.26
not the most enjoyable game

Johnocart 2014.02.26
Simple good game not much in graphics or animation department though

Master_Cum 2014.02.25
This is game is hilarious but a little difficult for me to get around.

Ebeltoot1996 2014.02.22
poor graphics.. so lame game

Haseo365 2014.01.30
This would be such a better game if the cops were to move at a normal speed.

TheIronWeasel 2014.01.11
Super lame as a porn game

Exodox 2014.01.06
dont really like it when the cops or dogs spawn right behind me.

D1 2014.01.02
Good Game cant get past level 10

jakeryan609 2013.12.30
simple and fun could play forever

TheMiixxedBarbiie 2013.12.28
omg this is so fun and funny

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
This game is pretty simple but still really fun

leopard666 2013.12.22
hot game bvt not in like 3d

smarak3 2013.12.20
nc and fun game.i liked the condom man and good graphics

akakingkong 2013.12.07
What a fun game haha, I had a great time playing it

snakebro80 2013.11.25
verry funny and up front game kinda creeper status lmao

Devran91 2013.11.24
Pretty fun game, but he`s walking way to slowly!

vrijbuiter 2013.10.05
it`s so simple but that`s just what it makes funny

skippy4233898 2013.10.01
fun game to pass the time

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

DeDuder 2013.09.20
This platforming game is intriguing. It takes time and quick reactions to pass this.

JK03 2013.08.22
Kinda hard, but a fun time-waster

aliboustani 2013.08.06
story was a new idea. interesting

Piligrime 2013.07.15
Not good not bad just fine.

marck4 2013.07.14
a simple but funny game, without any kind of erotic, but so damn silly good

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.14
game is fun to play but hard in some spots

legion144 2013.07.10
great game all in all but a lil challenging

Cadefear12 2013.07.04
This game is funny and strange at the same time.

Alessanda 2013.06.20
nice game... i really want more

GkillerCDB 2013.06.16
not so exciting, and I don`t think I would play it again, and it may be boring and you may fall asleep while playing, but it may be good to pass the time in the first time you play it...

appleapple 2013.06.09
simple yet entertaining when you`re bored

pornlover623 2013.05.28
loved the game and the rape element...super hot

DeadlyAlias 2013.05.25
This game brings back memories. Stupid but fun memories. I`ll have to see if the alternate hacks of this game have been loaded to the site, and if not I recommend hunting for them. Some hilarious stuff here.

hairycleaner 2013.05.16
Amusing, but as most ppl have said, its a bit slow

maguero 2013.05.11
I don`t like the game because it takes to long, it`s funny.

kevinzb 2013.04.09
interesting but not enough girls and u could barely make out the sex

swaggerjagger20886 2013.03.25
um what kind of fucking game is this a kid game

pankusy 2013.03.24
nice game, really funnybut little hard. I like it

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
one ofthe best date games that I have played

77out 2013.03.02
it is funny but it is also hard and stuped but still i got to say it is pretty good.

jaxsonhawk 2013.03.01
Very simple fun game to pass the time, easy controls, won`t be left not entertained

MERLIN3 2013.02.21
Frickin hilarious and a very fun game.Laugh so hard I about fell out of my seat.

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Funny game , but Condom man is too slow.

zacrules23 2013.01.25
aswome game please play fantastic need to get used to it first

Doom Eclipse 2013.01.22
funny game but hes sooo slow

vikrai 2013.01.15
Good game but somebody must explain what are the things we grab

Quineon 2013.01.15
Funny game, but how do you defend yourself?

derek96 2013.01.12
funny but iwld lyk condom man to be faster

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Nice retro game, but Condom man is too slow and a jump option ouwld bew nice

boubou67 2013.01.08
Condom man is very too slow...

gaul 2013.01.05
it`s funny game, make me laugh.

alex_lev 2013.01.04
it`sfunny, but quit hard, and a bit pointless

ultimatestewie 2012.12.31
very nice and horny game!!

scrubby 2012.12.27
Interesting concept like 80`s video games, but too difficult for me, and the windows is too small to watch the animations.

viknes 2012.12.21
it is funny but it is also hard and stuped but still i got to say it is pretty good. i woud give a five star to this game. well thats what i think.

oduncu 2012.12.18
Very enjoyable game. Need more of this kind. Thanks.

djfoert 2012.12.14
a simple fun game easy gameplay

jsant123 2012.12.10
the graphics are cool and the game is fun
the graphics are cool and the game is fun

jsant213 2012.12.09
the graphics are good and the game is easy

Tusher 2012.12.06
its really sooooooooooo funny

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


Sexy_Beast 2012.11.18
e.e this is quite an interesting game

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Funny game a bit hard, good enterrtainment all n all.

cjthedevil 2012.11.01
a very funny and awesome game

SlickWilly 2012.10.30
A hilarious game, if a bit difficult.

zyrken 2012.10.29
lol that guard is creeping me out

Yenga 2012.10.29
fun to play, not too hard though

boinga 2012.10.13
Hehe this game made me laugh!

AKK! 2012.10.03
Aint a good game for a site like this! Not more of those!

erpoly 2012.09.22
very good game...so challenging ...lvl 5 die...XD

LongHorn9 2012.09.15
Very enjoyable.. Game play is brilliant

Rapsdyan 2012.09.11
funny game, even if condom man should be a little more fast moving

Snowbill 2012.09.08
Liked the game a lot, but stuck on the 4th lvel , someone help me plzz

jorge40 2012.09.07
A fun mini game, I totally and all around enjoyed this game

Psycho1611 2012.09.06
very funny game,and also very long

tonybrutality 2012.08.28
the scenes with the girls were good but other then that it was kind of a hard game

Darkenki 2012.08.25
Fun game, and i enjoy the graphic play on this one. The game need to be update

dili636 2012.08.19
good game gets kinda hard at lvl four but passable

Sexyhorndog477 2012.08.16
A fun mini game, I totally and all around enjoyed this game

Sam115256 2012.08.14
a fun little mini game, could use some difficulty improvment

nixkix05 2012.08.14
it was a funny game but not cery easy..

rickroll24 2012.08.11
Very simple fun game to pass the time, easy controls, won`t be left not entertained

ActJackson72 2012.08.05
Interesting game. Controls are a little sticky but other then that its funny.

gorillazdk 2012.07.29
Really fun game, graphics could be better

mattbro 2012.07.13
This is a fun game. I wish that it was mouse controlled so I can use my left hand for "other things".

glangaria 2012.07.08
the game is fun, graphics could have been better though

babugee 2012.07.08
i guess the graphics could have been a bit better

pyro-romeo 2012.07.06
All in all,I think that this was a pretty fun game, platforming mechanics as broken as they were. I mean, if the game was going to be a mario ripoff, the designers should have given us a jump button. That may have solved the problems that I had with this one.

hopehopefull 2012.07.04
it was a funny game but not cery easy...

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
hahah lot of fun =) noce game

Nic-Nac32 2012.06.19
This is the first time playing it and I love it, I`m playing just because of the game rather than the sex animations, Loving the game play woot!

auldgit 2012.06.17
Very amusing game !!! To those people looking for cheats, don´t bother, it´s just a bit of fun to play !!!

imabmee 2012.06.15
fun am soo stuck with this game si swer

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
good game but the screen needs to stop moving around. it makes it difficult to play

zurielm01 2012.05.25
this game is way to easy and fun
nice thou

bahamut86 2012.05.21
bad game can`t get over stage and not so good grafic

slitplayer 2012.05.21
Man I`m good. I just top myself Score 5630 life balence 7.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.18
its funny but the police officers are very annoying

slitplayer 2012.05.15
Yeah, I got a higher score 5450. I`am getting real good in this.

sexyladies 2012.05.09
nice game good animations

gr8 2012.05.07
nice game good graphics

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.07
Perfect arcade game very fun enjoyed killing a lot of time playing it...graphics weren`t the greatest but good enough for the game

tithead 2012.05.06
very sexy game not bad loved it wanna see more

slitplayer 2012.05.05
Man I`am good, beat the game with a high score 5280 life balance 5.

slitplayer 2012.05.03
Beat it again with a high score of 5100 I love this game.

slitplayer 2012.05.01
Beat the game again score 4170 life balance 6

slitplayer 2012.04.30
Finally beat the game levels total 28 score 3000+ at the end there`s a short clip with Elvis the king singing in the background.

slitplayer 2012.04.30
Went up to level23 score 3670

bdenra 2012.04.30
Do you what the game needs? erotic cutscenes when you get the girls (especially the blonde).

kellylovefucker69 2012.04.29
plays too much like a game I`d want the kids to play. besides the run-ins with police, women, dogs, etc., there was no sexual content. and what was there wasn`t good at all. bad graphics and below-par gameplay. I would not recommend this game.

slitplayer 2012.04.29
Went up to level 16 score 1820

dtztrixx 2012.04.24
It`s a little fast, but I Will play it often.

Hitokiribattosai 2012.04.23
this game is really funny

Jones94 2012.04.21
nice graphics and good game

KOPPA340 2012.04.16
Fun game but really hard to complete the levels.
Speed boost doesn`t last long enough at times

Flexxz 2012.03.31
its funny but the police officers are very annoying

rimmer 2012.03.29
enjoyed playing this game, could make it bigger and better next time

slitplayer 2012.03.27
A funny game a bit tough, anyone went over level 10.

John G 2012.03.19
Really amusing for an arcade-type game.

shubhi 2012.03.18
though a bit hard to start off..but then the game is just wonderful...

Pyro100 2012.03.13
it could really use a checkpoint, but it is an arcade game i guess...

soulstoneking 2012.03.13
There should be a level select or check point to game like this. its hard without one

gr3yf0x 2012.03.08
FUNNY! hard to understand at first but it was fun (:

jellybean 2012.03.02
hahahhaha, FUNNY! hard to understand at first but it was fun (:

Creepycross 2012.03.01
hard game but nice to pass time. i cant ever seem to escape the dog though.

airforcewun 2012.02.28
nice game but really hard ... they should make games which can be finished

Potatopie 2012.02.27
Hilarious game, great graphics

ALFA MIKE 2012.02.27

butman 2012.02.26
a simple but funny game, without any kind of eroticness

UchihaMarine 2012.02.26
Really enjoyed this game. You will be surprised what you can climb and what dogs will do to you LOL

yannis 2012.02.23
un peu facile mais marant

Tim777 2012.02.22
the game kind a comedu suoper

mrmystery1990 2012.02.17
this game is fun and cool

astracat 2012.02.13
Great game!
really funny: not easy, not hard

dannyd18 2012.02.12
condom man is so funny game

Spinnaker 2012.02.08
short but a funny game...

Mohy 2012.02.06
this game is really funny

Moor 2012.02.04
very simple but very funny too

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game, this one is really funny.

glaggabuc 2012.01.31
The condom man is too sluggish, but i like the humor. Good design.

tater1213 2012.01.31
very good game the cops are hard though

agram97 2012.01.30
It was pretty damn difficult. Lol. But it was still fun. That eye alien thing plus the dog from out of thin air! You have to be kidding me. I think patience is the key to this game.

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.28
Simple, fynny and erotic, so good!

nandi 2012.01.27
it`s funny until the cops sodomize yo...i got some laughs out of it.

ben_500 2012.01.26
lol..this is really a funny game

ben robinson 2012.01.22
im not to keen on this game its just plain rubbish

reicos 2012.01.16
very simple but actually quite funny. Some of the traps are quite hard.

bigdanny 2012.01.15
very boring game doesnt have anything good in it at all.

Guillaume 2012.01.06
Could be better. I got stuck on level 4 where the guy just flat our stopped responding.

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
this game is funny but not hot

Jascorpion 2012.01.04
good concept. too bad its impossible to get away from the dogs and cops. why cant you go back from the previous screen you entered from?

nikisking 2012.01.03
silly buttt very awesome

joel08 2011.12.29
silly but good game otherwise

moo123454321 2011.12.28
Finally a game that isn`t just clicking :)

pall 2011.12.25
great game, has a different idea behind it lol

kremey 2011.12.25
This game is hilarious!!! Unfortunately, in some parts ya gotta get caught and can`t make off with ALL the women...

evilwitch 2011.12.24
nice arts but its difficult.i am stuck at level 4.

derda 2011.12.23
good change from all the click and get the girl games.

cooldud123 2011.12.21
this is a very addicting game

ramiro 2011.12.19
nice game although it was kinda silly

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
it has a problem i dont play after 2 level

Connychiwa 2011.12.15
i stuck at level 5...can anybody help?

jcreel23456 2011.12.14
that is a great game i wish there was mroe like this one

alebaro 2011.12.13
good graphics and a great gameplay

J0hnnyB0y 2011.12.13
stupid game, no good graphics, boring

CaptainPorno 2011.11.29
There should be a level select or check point to game like this.

w98yohanes 2011.11.27
nice game although it was kinda silly

corndoglolly 2011.11.25
silly good game!!! had fun!!!1

derekto 2011.11.22
noy bad at all...
just an arcade fun game...

Jodec 2011.11.19
Funny arcade game just for fun

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

Chunkylover 2011.11.16
quite a fun game but not all that exiting

illa 2011.11.15
funny game but to boring to play it in complete

shona 2011.11.14
nice and funny game,...level 4 was hard.......good game and nice animation

m4lv1n 2011.11.11
like this game just for pass few minutes

Gnomon 2011.11.10
Looks promising, but the game froze on me on level 4. Can`t move, no response, nothing to do.

simonsaysnow 2011.11.07
fun game. just wish you could move a bit faster

Torro 2011.11.07
reminds me alot of old atari games - but with some 69

lshone501 2011.11.02
it froze on me on fourth level...obviously not long enough to get a proper opinion, but it looked too slow and pokey for me. maybe ill try it again later

CrackerCracker 2011.10.31
Graphics aren`t that bad but could be really better in that kind of game.

pennywisethe 2011.10.31
No reaction from this game in the house. Thats so sad.

mutrommi 2011.10.30
Funny game. Some hard traps.

jibberish 2011.10.28
Simply game with funny graphics.

noname89 2011.10.25
funny entertain, a bit too louder but too much fun!

babtiser 2011.10.19
its funny but not that great of a game tbh!

t3gtman 2011.10.16
very funny game,kind of hard to play at first but then gets little easier to under5stand.

Mototon 2011.10.13
good game, make sure that you close the gate before letting the dog out.

lllriplll 2011.10.13
can make me waste smoe minutes

doute 2011.10.08
i was playing this game at Uni today

mattbro 2011.10.06
itsa goofy game but entertaining. thanks!

misShae 2011.10.03
Fun game, but he moves so slowly that if you die, it gets tiresome repeating everything again.

r2053man 2011.10.02
a very erotic game to play

johnnylongcock 2011.10.01
very challenging game but it is kinda fun

dsmason22 2011.09.30
This game is difficult but worth it!

thinlwin 2011.09.29
what is a problem. i`m not play this game. how to do.

wraith7670 2011.09.29
Does the game freeze for anyone else but me?

Highlife1366 2011.09.28
Pretty damn funny but easily frustrating. Lost interest quickly.

nytingod 2011.09.19
that dog ais a frickin pain in the ass

Quadralisk 2011.09.19
Funny game, but erotic scenes are way too short, and could be more interactive

vonquote 2011.09.18
Very inventive. Too bad we cant fight or use a distraction like donuts for the guards.

brael 2011.09.11
hahahaha this game is abit wrong but really addictive :D i got stuck playing for an hour!

casperbgd 2011.09.11
funny game, nice graphics...

adainasor 2011.09.04
good game but it has no fun

bokir 2011.08.30
nice and funny game for me, i enjoying this game

vyprson 2011.08.30
descent but could be a lil speed up

sammath 2011.08.29
Cool game funny as hell

midget_overlord 2011.08.29
this is a stupid game, not very erotic and just plain boring

Zus 2011.08.28
sexy and funny, a bit hard though

CobraKnight 2011.08.26
funny game not liking the getting raped part tho.

Hiwind 2011.08.24
its an intresting game but i wish he had a way to fight back

fireboy978 2011.08.24
This game was interesting unfortunetly it did`nt hold my interest very long. Also had some problems with the controls.

elo77 2011.08.22
nice game
funny but a bite difficult

zzzzzzzzzzzz 2011.08.16
a fun and challenging little game

Chesterfield 2011.08.11
funny little game. little silly though, but hey silly great

cukimay 2011.08.09
I feel funny and quite entertaining as well

Redfalcondud21 2011.08.06
putting in a alien to rape you then a stupid dog comes out is a trap i didnt account for

cuminyourbum 2011.08.05
can you stop the policeman from raping you?

spokxx 2011.08.04
funny games i didn`t long time in sucha good game

Biessman 2011.08.02
quite hard, but a nice funny game

tman29 2011.07.31
lol, pretty fun game but needs to have less guards pop up.

Randyfck 2011.07.31
i like this game and the way u have to fuck the girls haha its cool

cosmina 2011.07.25
it looks very easy and boring, but actualy it`s very hard and interesting:D

bigdickbandit 2011.07.22
good and funny game but ummmmmm why does the police man have to rape you other than that great game

mrfixit500 2011.07.17
easy to control needs a little more of a challange

bchristensen89 2011.07.14
nice arcade game. kinda difficult though

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

fadom 2011.07.06
like this game passed the time

shot13 2011.07.05
LOL This is a pretty interesting platformer.

It`s a bit too slow-paced though.

guiguilibero 2011.07.05
funny game but quite difficult

pibe94 2011.07.02
Goood game, but i always end up getting raped

shady123 2011.06.30
nice game fast and funny but the graphics would be better

sisange88 2011.06.30
funny game, i want game like this more

LUTHER 2011.06.26
funny game, classic one, but so funny

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I like this game, classic and dirty.

jormunguard 2011.06.26
KInda fun but challenging

karthickkv 2011.06.25
a funny flash game, low graphics, cannot play this game for a long time.

antoine123 2011.06.23
quite difficult. funny but difficult. if the guy would move a bit quicker would be nice. also a description of what the bonuses do once you pick them up would help

snakeman5 2011.06.22
I did not understand this game. I got bored quick

nach08 2011.06.21
good animation and good gameplay i wish to have this game on my computer

starbomb 2011.06.19
a fun and challenging little game

zier101 2011.06.16
kinda glitchy controls and what is up with those police men...

kingersteve 2011.06.15
it`s an amusing game but not a majorly well done, the one thing it has going is it is the only one of it`s kind.

abazayimulan 2011.06.14
This ia a very funny game. I liked it.

desiderata10 2011.06.14
Hahaha! so much fun, that`s all I have to say! :p

JohnC 2011.06.12
Found it hard to get used to game, maybe a tutorial might have been a needed inclusion

cge7 2011.06.09
this game is fun to play

hqhqztzt 2011.06.08
what a funny game! i`ve played it many times!!

dudewho loves sex 2011.06.05
i find its really fun and cool

Sgtjoao 2011.06.01
command staff and great to play

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
This is great game and i like it...

bookie_boo 2011.05.29
vERY NICE GAME I LIKE the graphics

nunovale 2011.05.26
Who was the crazy guy who made this game??
It`s lotta fun, cool!

sensationni 2011.05.22
It is quite funny how each and every dog/policeman/snake and so on is trying to protect the girls :))

cekoo176 2011.05.20
those polices arrest me everytime i m so talentless in this game

maxipesfik 2011.05.18
nice graphic and game, but dogs...

toxicroak 2011.05.16
2 things:
1. Gameplay sucks
2. How would a dog sodomize him?

Firefoxwizard 2011.05.16
Now that was a funny game, the sex isn`t that good, but the art style and gameplay was pretty awesome

Skarn62 2011.05.12
Just uninteresting & boring game.

12incher 2011.05.12
the worst game i have ever played

Peterd 2011.05.11
`m laughing! That`s a wonderful game, by being simpl and so old school action from arcades.

Peterd 2011.05.11
Hard to play until you get the idea then quite amusing and worth playing without much brain strain.

Peterd 2011.05.11
a simple but funny game, without any kind of erotic, but so damn silly good ^^

Peterd 2011.05.11
enjoy the game...like it,but need more than that

dr.dirty 2011.05.11
its a funny little game not so sexy :) but it is diffucult to get past the policemen and dogs

Matt740 2011.05.05
Simple game, but a little hard to control

rw79 2011.05.02
Good game. Need to play again and again to work out how to get passed those dogs!

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

sexy hotty 2011.04.29
man i think it was lame....it was boring as hell

jameskan 2011.04.25
enjoy the game...like it,but need more than that

moodyh 2011.04.21
special and funny, good for losing time

vsmsd 2011.04.19
liked this game very good one for passing time

Shinkai 2011.04.16
This game is funny and interesting...Though those dog...Nailed me everytime....

glockenspeal 2011.04.12
a fun game, nice gameplay, but i can`t escape the horney dogs very well

glockenspeal 2011.04.12
A fun game but i never seem to be able to get away from the horney dogs :/

Range12120 2011.04.12
To be honest, I didn`t really like this game.

robjor34 2011.04.12
i cant imagine cheats for this game! HA HA

xKxMxSx 2011.04.02
Fun and funny game, very intresting too...

SeriousMen 2011.04.01
it was fun but the artwork wasnt that great

hentai1337 2011.03.31
fun, would be cool if you could zoom in on the sex with the girls

baron01 2011.03.28
Rather difficult. More options with the girls would be nice and weapons against the cops and dogs.

henstep 2011.03.26
The game was good for a laugh. Quite amusing.

Angelegh 2011.03.23
very funny game I could play that for hours just for laughs

T M 2011.03.22
funny little time waster game. good for a quick break at the office.

joebkc 2011.03.22
enjoy the game...like it,but need more than that...

NickChaser 2011.03.22
I cant load the game.... :(

last82 2011.03.21
this is a hard game only get to level 7

shaun999 2011.03.20
very nice game, need more animations

darknessrising 2011.03.19
nice games need more sex animations

loco loc 2011.03.17
fun game but some of these lvls are jus downright impossible

rapy222 2011.03.17
kinda good the police officers and eyeball thing are annoying

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Could be a platform game if it was possible to jump, far to be as simple as it looks. Pretty funny, I wonder how the last levels look like since I didn`t manage to go further than 10 so far. Will go back to it, made me curious.

Gracerus 2011.03.13
Great time passer, need more of these games but with more sexy stuff.

redteeler 2011.03.13
weird game fun once u figure it all out its an ok game

Sammael 2011.03.11
hmm, he didnt move at the end of 4 lvl

SiJohn 2011.03.02
haha good fun game - quite difficult at times, and those damn cops are annoying!

Need the option to jump I think.

Roedebard 2011.02.26
it may have its heights if you`re into arcade games.

judytabooty 2011.02.26
im stuck at the part where the guy traps the dog. its like its frozen but i can move my mouse and stuff but the arrow buttons dont work in the game

WolfWarrior 2011.02.25
While it`s a fair enough side scroller, it`s not a good enough sex game.

getrou 2011.02.24
OMG its so childish lol why is a police man eff`ing a guy-.-

katakumba 2011.02.21
Takes forever to load....

keyla 2011.02.19
the police officers are annoying.

zexythang13 2011.02.17
a simple yet supirisingally addictive

r_o1_s 2011.02.17
i love this game and Very hot girls... amazing!

Carnedringh 2011.02.17
Funny game, but could use a little more spicyness and its quite difficult to get alive through all this. Really quite difficult - timing isnt really practicionable ... Well anyways, funny game concept though

jaekim 2011.02.16
kinda boring. the police officers are annoying.

bountyxx 2011.02.14
funny game but very little interresant

ratonius 2011.02.09
The game is funny, but need some erotic parts,,,nice cartoony graphics.

calonz 2011.02.08
it`s hard but fun as hell

NoWhereMan 2011.02.06
interesting little game..good way to pass some time.

kapatain 2011.02.05
I got stuck on the 4th level.

ixxer 2011.02.04
Liked the game, but its kinda difficult.

wade80 2011.02.04
funny games, passed the time

Albertinho 2011.02.03
I have never seen such a funny game!!LoL

Sharath 2011.02.02
I must say a weird but fun game. confusing yes, but still fun

Zaadin19 2011.01.28
Funny but pretty hard. xD I lol`d when he gets raped by guards and dogs.

DarkRay 2011.01.28
This is realy fun game, but little bit difficult

Wabbledont 2011.01.26
absolutely hilarious.. id play it again just for the laughs

ybsy 2011.01.23
Truly funny but with long time it will get bored

SkylineR34GTR 2011.01.21
Cool game, funny as hell.

minbuckeye 2011.01.20
Needs more options like "jump"

hq 2011.01.17
haha this game is so funny

jaguarty 2011.01.13
exelent , funny but have some bugs.

woops1978 2011.01.13
one of the funnier games I`ve played in times

secblaze 2011.01.12
hahaha, really funny game, can´t get tired of it

Cyrus8311 2011.01.10
I like the game, is very funny, i enjoy the comics, i good for time pass.

windscar54 2011.01.09
good game and somewhat challenging, gets boring after awhile though

slimshady 2011.01.08
is a really great game with great breasts

ntljkc 2011.01.06
hahaha. I really suprise when iwas caught :)), poor my ass

yy2 2011.01.06
Easy to get stuck. Hmm, it seems the devs. want you to keep playing.

kakaruto 2011.01.03
no special game, addictive but only average

kevlarspeedboat 2011.01.02
This game is quite funny, but I don`t understand why your character can`t do anything to protect himself.

roob95 2011.01.01
hilarious classic game love it

ninjamasta00 2010.12.28
the graphics arent great but the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable

sissyboy 2010.12.23
silly game i think not really naughty but good inawway

krac22 2010.12.22
is game is very simple but is very well

oblivious 2010.12.21
the game was nice and simple. it was hilarious how he uswed his nose as fick.

wdude 2010.12.19
not one of the better games on this site but still pretty good for a puzzle game

ender009 2010.12.19
The game is funny, but need some erotic parts

ShadowSchiffer 2010.12.17
Haha how intersting with that old man

Sidyus 2010.12.16
They made it quite difficult, but I did find it a lot of fun

akzm37 2010.12.12
Difficult but fun to play

latrupe47 2010.12.11
it is very funny, but a little difficult

truephobia 2010.12.08
there is a version of this game with better control scheme and only female villians with new fuck animations but the old version is nice too.

Scott71 2010.12.08
Who would have ever thought that you could make a game out of used condoms?!?!

lilzyck 2010.12.06
the game is super funny and good graphics

erital953 2010.12.05
such a good game and addictive

myackee 2010.12.02
weird game... not very fun

Mikko 2010.11.30
very funny game :) graphics are nice and this makes me laugh

meowmex 2010.11.30
This game is hilarious but need more sexy things ;)

hash19 2010.11.29
The game its cool and funny, but need some erotic parts

nickbee 2010.11.29
THis game is so funny, but I don`t feel horny... :P

crossroad 2010.11.25
I`m laughing! That`s a wonderful game, by being simpl and so old school action from arcades.

lower5 2010.11.24
like this game good graphic

sophia2435 2010.11.23
it is funny but it is also hard and stuped but still i got to say it is pretty good. i woud give a five star to this game. well thats what i think.

z_e_b_u_l_o_n 2010.11.19
Funny but hard because of the controls

Darthhan 2010.11.17
not bad, that game remind me old games

chumak 2010.11.15
Haha funny game. Worth a play or two but not really that great.

Murder X 2010.11.11
LOVE this game! ^^ Needs more sexual parts though.

Papasmuff692 2010.11.10
The ending to this is great

Cold Smoke 2010.11.09
funny game that`s entertaining

aion 2010.11.08
cool game need more erotic parts

jdh20 2010.11.04
good game but could use some better ways to get women and a bit more easyer when it comes to the dogs

Zorrotwee 2010.11.04
Funny Game, I like it. Really old school

Hardheart 2010.11.03
A bit difficult but funny game

navnuc 2010.10.31
not bad game easy to do harder to win

waynedemis1 2010.10.29
played for a bit, I will play later and win. seems to be a fair game.

bobbobbob 2010.10.25
easy game that was quite fun to paly

Mike20 2010.10.24
stile un po vecchio, ma storia divertente

FFFighter 2010.10.22
Once you get the hang of it, getting everything in this game as well as beating it as easy as pie. Oh & just in case some of you don`t know, here`s how the Gender symbol works. You know those guys and dogs that, if they touch you, take a life? Well, there`s a reason why they run off like that when you get the symbol. Hit the spacebar on em for extra points.

Ucantseemee 2010.10.17
creepy but funny, nice graphics too

neron 2010.10.16
cool silly game, but hard in some levels

rikis944 2010.10.16
The game its cool and fun but need some erotic parts !

majoram 2010.10.16
Stuck on level 4 - can`t get out

bt5121 2010.10.14
cool game need more erotic parts

zayl00 2010.10.14
fun game pretty amusing too

karthik 2010.10.13
the game is good but i`m stuck near the eyeball......

qille 2010.10.13
game is nice at all, but it is very difficult at some spots but funny anyway^^

shooter32 2010.10.11
good side scroller funny animations

firegurl19723 2010.10.10
Hahahaha, now this is more funny then sexy :)

mwbajkster 2010.10.09
just like some old commodore 64 platform games. so funny when dog bangs him from behind. liked it.

yankee 2010.10.06
oh awful is this yet , oh so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

belzach 2010.10.05
cool silly game, but hard in some levels

kranz 2010.10.03
ce jeu est genial trop marrant

trueguy1964 2010.10.01
very funy game .... so interesting.... very nice

Jerkey 2010.09.30
very good game but to hard in some points

pixio 2010.09.29
it froze on me on fourth level...obviously not long enough to get a proper opinion, but it looked too slow and pokey for me. maybe ill try it again later

sumguy05 2010.09.28
hah, game is realy funny. It goes both ways

bigmoney52 2010.09.26
i luv this game the graphics where great

tophe35 2010.09.23

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

bryansate 2010.09.22
funny game, but still it`s harder than you think..

jfirecap 2010.09.20
Very funny game, but a little difficult.

dhaun 2010.09.19
the walking speed could be better, the visuals are decent, and animations are funny. overall, this game is pretty fun

Fredyx 2010.09.14
Very nice game good Animation !!!

ejldude 2010.09.14
Pretty fun, although it is quite frustrating due to CM`s walking speed.

lincolnduricks 2010.09.12
game is to hard. but good game

pipatwatt 2010.09.08
Game is too Hard ,But good Game

asdfasdasdfsdffasdf 2010.09.08
hhmmmm..... i think not so bad, but not so good

iitachii 2010.09.07
very nice game with great graphics, more of these games would be great

karizma 2010.09.03
cool buyt some levels are hard

2high2care 2010.08.31
this game is pretty fun the cops are a pain in the ass though when they spawn near you

poppop 2010.08.31
weird but interesting to say the most with you having to kind of think

corporate player 2010.08.31
interesting concept, takes a while to get into it,

Slick Rick 2010.08.30
interesting concept, takes a while to get into it, but when you do its good to waste time on

pballplaya 2010.08.29
this game is addicting, fun, and sily. i love it

largefireant 2010.08.29
fun game to play but somehow lacking

firegurl1293 2010.08.27
Hahaha nice, very funny yet sends a good message to all the old dudes, use a condom or else you`ll be attending a graduation in 18+ years

FFFighter 2010.08.27
Game is fun, game is funny. What more can I say?

anasis 2010.08.26
so hard and don`t save i`m disappointed

mahsertar 2010.08.26
funny game, but i kinda lost in the game, lack of hint

lombardie 2010.08.23
A little hard in the beginning, but got hang of it soon. Pretty funny and simple game. Some of the scenes are pretty funny as well.

vad05 2010.08.22
ha..ha.. funny games.
have good graphic too.

arthur42 2010.08.22
interesting... but funny game

klincben 2010.08.22
fun game o play maybe graphic could be a bit better...

mat_97 2010.08.21
Great game, lot of care made on this, lots of fings

Sidmark 2010.08.20
Fun Funny game. Fun to play when you have nothing to do

honorableone11 2010.08.20
very funny! i feel kinda bad for him when the cop or the dog get him

leuciuc 2010.08.20
Quite a fun game to play ...though the graphics are not that good

paragon117 2010.08.18
really enjoyed the game surprisingly

baav 2010.08.17
its funny but not my kind of game

ColonelIce 2010.08.16
very simple and very funny game, but controls not so good

MagicYang 2010.08.15
i"ve played it long ago,not so nice

turtletat2it 2010.08.10

Gypsyhunter09 2010.08.10
simple fun game, but the controls arent that good

aherth 2010.08.08
funny game, simple concept, gets old though

verlaine37 2010.08.05
reminded me of the old adventure games but not enough action

sern19 2010.08.05
funny game and police/dog

TallCOP 2010.08.02
Wow. I got stuck on the 4th level.

args2 2010.08.01
enjoyed the quirky gameplay was good fun

gerty 2010.07.30
what a bad boy^^
but funny

lord vampiro 2010.07.29
very funny game. i like it.

fangsclaw 2010.07.28
this game was ok. i didn`t like the by parts though

senpai 2010.07.27
a little funny but thats about it

billybob01 2010.07.26
played this game about 4 years ago it was rubbish then still poor now, dont waste your time 1/10

tubs 2010.07.25
its a ok game i guess. funny

CrazedJedi 2010.07.25
Was not a very hot game, just funny.

hiroshi1 2010.07.24
i`ve played better games, this is bad

Moose14 2010.07.23
Wow, I still remember when this first appeared. A really funny game

bomberchimico 2010.07.23
well the game is enough stupid... anyone knows how can attack?

Ryley1 2010.07.22
Really stupid and difficult as hell a complete waste of time. Entirely too many enemies.

spotdiving 2010.07.22
Funny game, wish you had a way to fight off bad characters

J Creezy 2010.07.21
Could be better. I got stuck on level 4 where the guy just flat our stopped responding.

kochach 2010.07.20
extremely funny .......passes time away

belly1966 2010.07.18
pretty good, the controls were a bit unresponsive, but highly enjoyable

speedbird2007 2010.07.11
Great little game, funny and addictive

FacelessOne 2010.07.09
5 Minuts fun. Not more. Timewaste for me. But maybe for others a good game.

karl95 2010.07.08
Somewhat funny... Took me a while to get past those darn cops

aussieknight 2010.07.06
not my sort of game. some what entertaining

arty30 2010.07.06
simple and funny game, played for hours :)

dars 2010.07.05
extremely funny .......passes time away

teenash10 2010.07.03
funny game..couldnt get past level 4 though.Thanks

jenso 2010.07.03
It is a very funny game but to short

ghassan 2010.07.02
funny and hot games , i like it

w31rd0 2010.07.01
it`s really funny game....can`t stop laughing when he got bang by the guard or dog

spinex 2010.06.30
it`s funny game , i like it

Kitsune 2010.06.30
A good game for when you need a laugh.

Pnorg 2010.06.29
Can someone please tell me the gaol of this game?

eezypink 2010.06.29
was ayight have played better on this site and others

lucic17 2010.06.28
Would be better if he moved a little quicker, funny animations tho!

mistery 2010.06.26
simple and funny the dogs keep getting me.

dietcokelover 2010.06.22
the graphic was ok but i got stuck on lvl4 plz help :D

TheOriginalSyn 2010.06.20
so so game would be more fun if there were more levels and he moved faster.

sly 2010.06.20
funny game. great fun though

Arieswarrior 2010.06.14
cool game not bad game play

brdkk 2010.06.13
Kinda slow, but funny, couldnt reach the ending :(

engtav 2010.06.08
very simplistic and poor graphics

zmileyf 2010.06.07
very fun game, requires a bit of thinking though..

spooee 2010.06.07
Game is more about comedy value, but it still works, think its good

Sakome 2010.06.05
Not really sure how to play, he walks too slow D:

staghelle 2010.06.04
i didnt care for this game at all lol

kellysman 2010.06.02
awesome game. okay graphics.

madcow 2010.05.29
Fun for a while I guess, but too difficult.

ajax046 2010.05.27
Alright game, but it keeps scrolling everytime I move the character

kanf 2010.05.19
Entertaining game, but a little too hard :)

smutlord 2010.05.18
this game can pass the time when you have no work to do. It`s also funny

drewster25 2010.05.10
its a simple game but at points very tough to outdue the enemies, it passes the time and u have a little fun doin it.

mdnaal 2010.05.09
Its fun to play and the graphic are good. . .

Marrol 2010.05.06
Its fun to play and the graphic is on a satisfying level.

plak999 2010.05.06
this is the horny game ever...

Kalaam 2010.05.03
very funy game .... so interesting.... very nice

fred4280 2010.05.02
awesome game! really liked it

jin 2010.05.01
this is sow cool i like it

gosselin22 2010.04.26
the comdom is very funny and good game

justin b 2010.04.26
this will be one of my alltimefavorites hillarious

dethlord 2010.04.24
mieses game waste of time

streetfighterz 2010.04.21
game was fun but hard to play with the up and down arows moving the preson as well as the page

luke1911 2010.04.18
Love it! Great game-play, great girls... more please!

Abnrml 2010.04.13
pretty funny, but not a j/o game

unlimited2223 2010.04.13
I`ts a good game, is realy funny i recomend

badbitch24 2010.04.12
Now this game was cool i liketh it but got to lev 5 and could not get out

jovis 2010.04.12
this is a super horny game yeah!

ocid 2010.04.12
funny games not bad i like it

fynn 2010.04.11
Love it! Great game-play, great girls... more please!

samishq 2010.04.09
not good graphic but should have more game like this

johny172 2010.04.09
I had a problem with the screen continuing to move down when i went down ladders and such, but other than that no prob

mwafaq 2010.04.08
great graphics..good game..hot ladies xD

ynnekynnek 2010.04.07
good game bit annoyin that screen wont stop scrolling when movin down..........

obidos 2010.04.07
this gameis not very good at alll

.:Ghost1:. 2010.04.07
I like this game and its kind of funny!!

redspeeder 2010.04.07
very good game but too simple

cynthia 2010.04.07
funny but simple game like it

Amber 2010.04.06
nice game but cud have been better!

lolmaster 2010.04.05
great funny game, gets kinda boring after a while

Bande 2010.04.05
I thought it was fun, and just the right balance of difficult but not impossible!

woggman 2010.04.05
fun little game, not erotic at all though but still good for a chuckle

Zlatan_X 2010.04.05
nice cartoony graphics, but a little boring game

warburton19 2010.04.04
great game graphic bit bad but good game

GGGunSlinger 2010.04.03
The game was pretty easy and fun. Reminded me of Super mario bros back in the day. it was much fun

cowfloppy 2010.04.03
Fun game when you learn how to play it, its a quick easy game from there

vwolf2 2010.04.03
Alright game, but it keeps scrolling everytime I move the character.

elLiss 2010.04.03
it looks like a super mario game^^ but it`s quite easy and nice

cam34 2010.04.02
There should be some way to dispose of the guards and the dogs. That would even the playing field so you don`t have to waste a life to get them out of the way.

ChadD 2010.04.02
hahha its like old nintendo games
awesome game

eldiablo11 2010.04.02
ok game, but arcade and x games just don`t go together imo.

jckiller32 2010.04.01
more an funny game than a sexy one

BigDogH 2010.04.01
It`s a time passer. No erotic thrill at all, but a bit funny.

Hotfly 2010.04.01
This one is pretty difficult to play. I cant get past that dog on level 6. But i will soon manage it.

badr 2010.03.31
Shi Excellent Earning everything to pull the succulent

gose5000 2010.03.31
i didnt really like t the concept was okay but the game was boring

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.03.31
It is a ok game. Needs a few more touch ups.

chouchomiga 2010.03.31
not really intesting but funny to play 10 sec
graphic are low

Sptfire2416 2010.03.30
Not a fan at all. The guy was way too creepy looking.

21CDB 2010.03.30
Is there any way to keep the screen still while playing this? Every time I hit the down arrow key, the whole screen scrolls down. Makes playing almost impossible.

erjme11 2010.03.30
Not everyone`s cup of tea. Lol

Tritantaechmenes 2010.03.30
Really funny and nice game. But it`s a bit too hard. Definitely not for patient ones!

mistermatrix24 2010.03.30
this is really a stupid. game. but i guess it passes the time

blueyes 2010.03.30
like this game passed the time

wanker619 2010.03.29
good change from all the click and get the girl games.

kick_me 2010.03.29
ok game, too simple though, gets boring

guitarnerd111 2010.03.28
The creepy old guy is kind of a turn off for the game

panteik 2010.03.28
just a simple game, but funny

z7master 2010.03.28
Not a really hot game actually

bigmule 2010.03.26
ok game, too simple though, gets boring

21CDB 2010.03.25
Why can`t I get the page to stay still while I use the up + down arrow keys to play the game?!

zonc 2010.03.25
kinda funny game actually

caleb.338 2010.03.24
game is kinda tough not sure how to get very far

excalibur_jo 2010.03.24
Have seen better ones.....

blacksanji 2010.03.22
ok game if comedy is your thing

tschiesu 2010.03.22
i guess its ok...not bad for time pass

sicnarfj 2010.03.22
This was a great game. The graphics quality is incredible.

seducer 2010.03.22
the graphic is bad and gameplay is boring

SlevinHifeng 2010.03.21
reminds me of the old days, kind of old school

duffyderty 2010.03.21
i really cant stand this game, its a lil funny but more creepy

battousai890 2010.03.21
really weird game, but is pretty good

rockya 2010.03.21
funny game and helped passed a quick hour

podge3000 2010.03.20
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours.

bob1234561 2010.03.20
yeah, its okay, like the blonde lol but too short

beckbuttle 2010.03.20
kind of silly but addicting game

Lalala555 2010.03.20
Nice game!
The game animation is pretty funny :D

EvilSoul 2010.03.19
nice game but cud hav been better!

LoLB 2010.03.19
funny game, to but sometimes a bit hard

ferpinto 2010.03.19
Nice game simple gameplay but funny

bigdoglucky 2010.03.19
takes a while to get through. hard to play because when i push up or down my screen moves

ryno777 2010.03.18
Haha funny game. Worth a play or two but not really that great.

Salutkikoo 2010.03.18
Fun to play but a bit short once you know what to do

Uncle3N69 2010.03.17
Unable to get past first stage no idea how to make anything happen a dud in my opinion

kincade 2010.03.17
i like this game because it passes the time

kincade 2010.03.17
a simple game but fun to play

inki 2010.03.17
Quite nice love arcades like this one

typhoon44 2010.03.16
reminds me on flashpoint in the early 90´s

rossp11 2010.03.15
stupid but funny game to take your mind off things

lovelyladies 2010.03.14
a very funny game, but too short

avenger 2010.03.14
silly fun, nothing too intuitive or mind blowing about it

ocandela 2010.03.10
I can` play the game, the whole screen moves. I couldn`t figure out how to stop it from moving.

jmmm1977 2010.03.09
i don`t like i think is very boring

Xyzzy 2010.03.04
Runaway9995 - Level 4 is a tough one. First, climb the ladder to second floor, and move all the way to the right. When the dog turns away from the door, pull the lever and immediately climb halfway up the ladder. Now you gotta sit and wait, and wait, and wait. When the cop walks all the way to the right side of the floor, climb the rest of the way up the ladder and run to the left. You gotta be quick because the cop is chasing you now. When you get to the lightning bolt, use it to pick up speed, and climb the ladder to the fourth floor. Move left to the lever. When the dog is on the right side of the second floor, pull the lever to close the door. Now climb halfway down the ladder, and wait for the cop to move to the right side of his floor. When he does, climb all the way down to the second floor where the lever is, and pull it. This opens the girl`s door. Climb halfway up the ladder, wait for both the cop to be on the right side of his floor, AND the girl to be left of the ladder, then climb up and get the girl. Move to the right where the lightning bolt is, and wait for the cop to move all the way to the left. Grab the lightning bolt for speed, and go as quickly as you can to the right side of the third level, where you can then move to Level 5 of the game. It still takes some luck to avoid the cop, but it can be done.

a_dude 2010.03.04
this game is kinda booring

Jacobman19 2010.03.03
Haha condom man. Best game name ever :)

Nodwick 2010.03.02
Good concept, but the lack of defenses against enemies that pop up out of nowhere and not enough speed to run from them makes it a bit unfair.

cloudy68 2010.03.02
hilarious platform game .... :)

fabrikoo 2010.03.02
not as easy as it looks
but is funny

lobo2453 2010.03.02
I thinks it sucks.
Bur rhat is because my page won`t stay in 1 place to let me use the arrow keys

Runaway9995 2010.03.01
I`m stuck on level 4. How do I get past this level?

fastlane88 2010.02.25
funny game and pretty long too

pronsander 2010.02.25
Silly game.. You very quickly grow tired of it

trickster 2010.02.25
very good and simple game 2 pass the time. funny

eagleata 2010.02.25
it`s boring game. i don`t like it

Xyzzy 2010.02.24
Well, finally made it to the end, though I did not score all possible points. How do you beat level 3, anyway? Pretty funny game, though boring when you have to wait 15 or 20 minutes for the characters to be in just the right positions.

andy_regresa 2010.02.24
Simple and entertaining when you have nothing else to do

jessy 2010.02.24
the whole screen moves!!!

TapOut 2010.02.23
Became bored quickly. Not much as far as graphics.

blablaa 2010.02.23
not playable, because the whole screen moves

Vovasick 2010.02.23
Rape them alll. God sortered.

Raiha24 2010.02.22
it is a funny game... hard gameplay though

Old_gray 2010.02.22
it was all that, boring because after 10 secs i couldn`t care anyless

michelmichel 2010.02.22
a little boring game` it`s not what I was expecting

honeyrr 2010.02.22
not to bad game a little bit more would be good. this game is simply funny, just for pass few minutes

Arnulf 2010.02.21
I played his game some times ago and I found out that it can be played without losing any life and with taking all the points with you, but it is not easy!

itsme 2010.02.21
not to bad game a little bit more would be good

fuckyou 2010.02.20
fuckin good gamefuckin good gamefuckin good gamefuckin good gamefuckin good gamefuckin good game

hhhhhh 2010.02.20
a simple but very nice game, the game is nice when ur bored

soupkitchen4 2010.02.20
Simple and entertaining when you have nothing else to do...

warman 2010.02.20
not so bad i like it very much i do

Djole 2010.02.20
Not so bad, i like playinig it :)

LNT70 2010.02.20
Any requirement for the game, I cant start it

bimbip199108 2010.02.19
like this game just for pass few minutes

zachmorris 2010.02.19
love this game- so difficultthough

nowak 2010.02.19
Fun game to play, nice graphis,great animation.It`s funny.

arjayty 2010.02.19
a fun game but the screen moves every time I use the up or down arrow keys

lafuriaroja 2010.02.18
well no a bad game! but i`m stuck at level 9 ang cannot progress...

Shawn 2010.02.18
Well wasn`t able to play due to the fact everytime i try to move my screen goes to the bottom or to the side of the site, maybe try making the movment keys to "wasd" and it would be a good game

matt 2010.02.18
needs work, the whole screen moves with arrows.

zioteschio 2010.02.18
ya only when you are boared game..

hornybee 2010.02.18
not sure if it is good or not. the wqhole screen scrolls down when using the arrows.

chrisyam 2010.02.18
a very good game i love it very beautiful girls

amujan1 2010.02.18
i found the game very funny

DARKROS 2010.02.18

storm 2010.02.18
very funy game .... so interesting.... very nice

jethro 2010.02.17
reminds me alot of old atari games - but with some 69

hillwp30 2010.02.17
the most dumbest game i have ever played

dip it in 2010.02.17
a very, very, very,stpid, boring game

SoCalJams 2010.02.17
It seems like it might be a decent game if the screen didn`t scroll up and down when you use the arrows.

Xyzzy 2010.02.17
Game was just okay, I guess. Too boring and repetitive to stick with after level 9 or 10.

trastarin 2010.02.17
It´s not nice at all game

bigbeefy 2010.02.17
very boring game could sort out what the hell to do

jimitsu 2010.02.17
the game froze on the 4th board, cant make it work.

Berem 2010.02.16
Jajaja though this one is a bit simple games is enterteining

pbmaxxx 2010.02.16
The scrolling thing is annoying.

Clownman420 2010.02.16
man this game is so funny lol

bestia99rom 2010.02.15
This game was boring, to easy and to slow

mago99 2010.02.15
silly but the mechanics are awful. figure out to turn the page scroll off already

cheese101 2010.02.15
cant give a fair rating because of stupid scroll!!!!!!
please fix it guys

sfox 2010.02.15
this game is boring and i see not point in it

omuh 2010.02.15
A bit too hard and not enough erotism.

forest 2010.02.15
This is quite old game with few erotic.

colinjfrancis 2010.02.15
This game was tiresome to play, the screen would scroll whenever I used the up or down cursor keys, thereby making the game impossible to play.

spenracq2 2010.02.15
got stuck on level 4 abd could not go further

eagleata 2010.02.15
too slow and too boring game. i don`t like it...

sanek 2010.02.15
Nice, funny game for few minutes

Luzi 2010.02.15
quite funny but a little bit boring too.. walks to slow!

jerryonly83 2010.02.15
old style... not that great... kinda funny though!

dx61005 2010.02.15
the kind of classic game from the stone age.

jlk99338 2010.02.15
not the best game not enough variations in the sex animations and nothing is really hot

sentaiblue 2010.02.15
another good game fun to play not the best game

dingdong 2010.02.15
good game but the screen needs to stop moving around. it makes it difficult to play

LMarcy8 2010.02.15
my screen kept moving so i dident make it far before i got the game over. still a fun game.

Tfrank 2010.02.14
OK game, but more arcade than sexy.

cwenzel333 2010.02.14
Got through level 7, love the side scrollers...

phoenixw78 2010.02.14
The whole screen scrolls so I can`t get very far.

nine0ball 2010.02.14
Different. Good concept and the graffics were ok

gtdman545 2010.02.14
u guys need to make it so that the screen doesn`t scroll up and down while using the arrow keys.

gtdman545 2010.02.14
sucks when condom man gets it from a dog though lol

vano60 2010.02.14
it froze on me on fourth level...obviously not long enough to get a proper opinion, but it looked too slow and pokey for me. maybe ill try it again later

nissehult 2010.02.14
This game was boring, to easy and to slow

ba ghost 2010.02.14
good game how many levels are there??
i got 1800 score

boinky 2010.02.14
Fun game to play, nice cartoony graphics.

randy06 2010.02.14
hard to play but it is a good game when u learn how to play it

Ricoh124 2010.02.14
Hard to play until you get the idea then quite amusing and worth playing without much brain strain.

fuckyou 2010.02.14
like this game just for pass few minutes

thecook 2010.02.14
Well,when you are bored it´s funny

chiefton 2010.02.14
Are there any cheats in this game or is what you see what you get?

steven90 2010.02.14
like this game passed the time

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.14
a simple but funny game, without any kind of erotic, but so damn silly good ^^

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