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College romance


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remy12345 2019.04.20
quite funny rnFound it a bit difficult to balance everything out but I guess that`s the challengern

Judex 2019.04.10
A very nice game : a nice gameplay as Lop games is used to offer us. Great work guys !

Dragutin89 2019.03.07
Very good game and the Tokyo Girl is very hot

hplink12345 2019.02.07
Very fun game with great graphics and different playthroughs.

Badman.SP 2019.01.17
This is a fun and well developed game. The girls are super hot. The gameplay makes sense and is easy to understand. With great endings where the mair challenge is in catching all the girls before finishing the school year without being disapproved ... Great game

maxxxb6 2019.01.05
Sexy girls with great animation

sophieslut69 2019.01.02
Really enjoyed this game, my tip is focus on education to 25 first and then you can easily level up from there and earn cash.

Sexypussy989 2018.11.27
Great game, good visuals and great variety of gameplay!

dicpic1 2018.11.15
awesome game really enjoyed it

dicpic1 2018.11.09
animations, gameplay and all game is fun and im so happy


rojolocosex 2018.11.01
one of my favorite games, its amazing....

Dhamka 2018.10.12
This game is amazing I can get fucked by all 3 girls lmaorn

chesthenut 2018.10.02
has really nice graphics and gameplay

Matty9745 2018.09.04
awesome game with gorgeous girls.

EricMink 2018.09.02
Great game not too hard just need to focus on the grades or you wont get to travel

Kakashi551 2018.08.10
good game its slightly challenging which is makes it fun

AstridFolcard 2018.08.07
Sexy game. The key seems to be to pay your dues up front. The first 2 weeks you better hit the books.

Peila 2018.07.31
very good game and good graphic

Schmitzi456 2018.07.13
Awesome game. It takes a while to figure it out but it was worth it!

lukeRage 2018.07.07
love the game really fun to play thanks for the great game

velass 2018.06.13
the graphics for this game is awesome

spass1234 2018.06.07
One of my favourites on this site, I managed to get all three girls in one playthrough

supertrucker 2018.05.10
long game play. to much doing the same thing over and over to get points high enough to get closer with girl. all though the graphics are great and the girls are hot.

edy777 2018.04.24
Nice looking new game, liked it.

pancakeman29 2018.04.06
wonderful game, played it a few times. really fun for how old it is

alex_k 2018.03.29
I like this game a lot! The girls are really cute, the storyline is nice and easy to follow. Can`t wait for more.

life of passion 2018.03.06
I liked this games but it was pretty hardrn

crimsonfrog 2018.02.23
is it possible to have a choice who to take on the trip?

96399639 2018.02.23
This is great. My favorite type of games.

ben.dover01 2018.02.19
A wonderful game with nice hot girlsrn

jjoacg16 2018.02.07
Super cool game, I came in two minutes

gekodude8 2018.01.19
really interesting game i like the art a lot still it takes quite a while in some transitions and also it does not have much sex but hey the story got me keen for ch2

sakhzon 2018.01.11
i love the game .Best graphics i have seen so far on this website

cacotrepa 2018.01.06
Great. One of the best games from PFO.

crimsonfrog 2017.12.12
nice game still trying to get all 3 together

kebabaz11 2017.12.11
quite simple, but interesting games

netto 2017.12.10
Best game on this website!rn

Tom3l 2017.11.23
Awsome gameplay and graphics, Reiko was super hotrn

Badger 2017.11.19
great game play could do with some expansions on to further the story

Bloodbath2 2017.11.13
Loved the game, and the girls are beyond amazing.

KH4L1D 2017.11.12
this is a nice and awesome gamern

TEX TIGER 2017.10.27
The very good game and follow nice sound for play.

satanicarchangel 2017.10.27
Loved the game, and the girls and the graphics!

the_sapphire 2017.10.24
i`m stuck in this game! I can`t fuck that asian beauty! Please help me!

Efjee 2017.10.24
Great game, especcially like the graphics.rn

bullsextra 2017.10.22
super erotic graphics. nice story play

ZerKhanZen 2017.10.21
This is a fun and well developed game. Girls are super hot. Gameplay makes sense and is easy to get a hang of. Multiple endings are great and the sandbox feel of this game makes it so much fun. Great Game

BengerBang 2017.10.11
LoP hit another home run! Great models, great multiple endings, hot interactive scenes. Really good stuff

BillyScranner 2017.10.02
great graphics, entertaining gameplay, keep coming back to this one

mystic87 2017.09.24
Good game, nice graphics and nice looking girls.rnThe walkthrough was very helpful, thank you! :)

james6789 2017.09.23
good graphics should make more of them but very hot

Tom1sz 2017.09.23
It takes me lot of time :-) .... Dont buy expensives gifts not so helpfull

heyitstaylor 2017.09.19
this game is good i always play it because i love it

TEX TIGER 2017.09.19
The game is excellent, but is very hard for play. You must play multiple times.

devil123456789 2017.09.18
I LOVE this game! nice grahics and gorgeous girlsrn

happy1262 2017.09.12
awesome game, the weblink to view my ending doesn`t work though...

jakepaul172 2017.08.11
great game, the graphics in this game is just perfectrn

glde8er 2017.08.06
One of the best. a favorite to play. Make sure to keep your grades up, lol

Bw86bw86 2017.08.04
I liked it. Good balance between challenges and getting the girl. Would like to see a threesome options

marcus747 2017.08.02
I LOVE this game! The girls are fantastic! I managed to get all 3 in one playthrough thanks to a handy walktrhrough (I only managed 2 per game before). Highly recommended!

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Great game. Very sexy. I love the college girl scene.

skylord 2017.07.31
Really good, good graphics but hard.rnShould make more games like thesern

vineet14 2017.07.27
Amazing game and the girls are all fabulous .

johnlevitte 2017.06.26
the graphics in this game are my favorite.

youngbuckpimp 2017.06.21
very good game I would play again

AJ@2 2017.06.19
fantastic Game, Kendra is much better

littleGamer 2017.06.15
the graphic is goodrnthe game isn`t that bad

koop55555 2017.06.08
A little tedious when it comes to playing

RADOST89 2017.06.01
Great game, really good graphics

watss72 2017.05.19
lots of realism and sex. Very good game

dogg3000 2017.05.05
Great game. Good looking girls

godley 2017.05.04
very fun game such beautiful girls ill pl y again

Poisoned 2017.04.22
Fun but hard. Decent graphics. If it wasn`t for the walk through, it would have even more difficult.

Tiodor 2017.04.21
Very good game. Nice grafic

Mooblis 2017.04.19
It `s a very interesting game, with full of possibilities, i enjoyed playing this game for few hours :)

stubsc43 2017.04.17
nice game my personal favorite

caragoo 2017.04.17
Good game just a bit slow because it takes forever to get the girls to like you.

kallen01 2017.04.16
some of the girls remind me of the miss universe contestatns

joboda99 2017.04.12
I really like the Gameplay and the graphics

hentaijapanese 2017.04.11
Asian girls are always so sexy af

fenix34 2017.03.31
a lot of fun, found the crappy endings first lol, forgot which day it ended with, but the girls look hot, look forward to finding all endings.

GBear 2017.03.17
One of my favs. It`s great.

SexGod21 2017.03.16
The games is lowkey badass

SexGod21 2017.03.16
The graphics are amazing

darthfuck 2017.03.15
Should have numbers required to do that action. other than that fun game

Ezio75 2017.03.10
Nice game, beautifull girls

Hamisjani 2017.03.10
i love these types of games! very well done!

ETRock12 2017.03.07
Great game, really good graphics and is challenging

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.25
This is quite a difficult game, but I imagine it will be worth the good endings, overall amazing graphics.

wavy 2017.02.16
I liked this games but it was pretty hard

Lucifer1815 2017.02.09
Really good game, difficult to find a good mix to progress to a decent outcome.

krist1000 2017.01.29
I am stuck in convo 3 with the japenese chick after initing her to sex ... only one option is shown to me "touch her boobs" ... please help

ken2017 2017.01.25
this game has a good graphics good job lop

but.dude 2017.01.23
Great game- lots of options and good graphics! Had some grainy `video` scenes though- not sure why?
really tough to get all 3 in one playthorugh

leoliva 2017.01.22
A warm experience that allows us to remember the periods of student where we made love a lot but it was also necessary to approve the subjects ...

Alucardthefirst 2017.01.21
i realy enjoy this game it has a good pace and fun rewards

Diegof06 2017.01.15
the graphics for this game is awesome

jacky09 2017.01.13
great game , great graphics , i like the gameplay

nelsondc 2017.01.13
really is a good game i spend hours i this game

shogom 2017.01.06
Very creative and time consuming. Fun play and nice graphics.

a8hi 2016.12.31
the game was awesome, maybe an extra girl would be better...

BootyBoi 2016.12.30
Very creative and time consuming. Fun play

awesomejoe123 2016.12.23
THis game waas dope. i loved it i passed!!!!

DantheBaked 2016.12.13
Great game. It was a real turn on. i exploaded after minutes.

Ace A 2016.12.10
Best time to fuck is in college and this game made me remember that HELL YEAH!

bobbobbob3 2016.11.27
I`m stuck in this game, i always run out of time

69cjh69 2016.11.19
I came in minutes - brilliant!

exava 2016.11.14
if only this was my college life

Belladopesexy6 2016.11.12
the graphics and animation are great. What a gameplay!

kisuke41 2016.11.08
good graphics but its too hard. i cant finish it

oempaloempa 2016.10.11
nice game, good graphics, hot girls

funkydrummer1 2016.10.10
i tried to get all the endings but i cant figure them out. other than that it is a great game

Boobs were to huge for my liking.

jayjentorlaw 2016.10.03
kendra is so pretty . this game is one of the best

jakeblack 2016.09.28
I`m stuck in this game, I cannot get all three girls,please help me

figgah69 2016.09.28
this game is nearly perfect. the animation :o

Mausecat 2016.09.26
It`s good, I enjoyed it. It had great animations and good dialogs.

nohartz 2016.09.26
this one is a lil bit hard and hard games can make people lose their spirit to play, but the girls can make layer wanted to play more and more, plus the sex scene are amazing. 4 thumbs up for this game

jaehaerys 2016.09.24
Great game, I love the graphics and the story as well.

Hemabody 2016.09.23
The game was fun. The sex with that Asian girl was the best

welshninja1972 2016.09.17
Good game, plenty to do, good graphics

gcl_02 2016.09.17
Good graphics, intriguing gameplay, awesome game

reikaz 2016.09.15
Simple gameplay, nice graphic

sasuke220 2016.09.14
Game would not load at all!!!

mr.zero1 2016.09.11
Great game I got Kendra on my first try but I`m definitely going to try the other two girls as well ;)
Are there any secret scenes? A threesome maybe? (apart from the one in the ending)

shade-assula 2016.09.11
ok,i do not mean this as an insult but this is the type of game i hate most, a sub par story and lengthy game play but the game itself is so entertaining that it is nearly impossible to stop before you get 100%.

Gottaloveteenagers 2016.09.11
Super hot game but its pretty hard

erikous 2016.09.05
this graphic is not bad. Girls is soo cute

Tobie42keese 2016.09.05
great game very good story

londonlong 2016.09.03
Very addictive game and super hot

KiddyG 2016.09.01
this game is kinda addictive. i `m trying to get with the exchange student, but she keeps moving away

xluis18 2016.08.29
Fantastic Game with superior Graphics and Animation. Its Hard but you can get all three Girls before

Freestyler9310 2016.08.26
very good maded game, really hot girls :) mostly Kendra

jaehaerys 2016.08.23
Awesome game, great graphics and I love the story

curiousturtle 2016.08.19
REALlY GOOD game good graphics good system for swag and fitness and stuff

curiousturtle 2016.08.19
good game good graphics

abcd774 2016.08.18
one of the best games, great game|!

martinmatin 2016.08.18
Kendr ending is the best !

tacotrain 2016.08.15
Love the animations for Reiko

ggnore123 2016.08.14
I have gotten all 3 girls at 26 days in or so. Its pretty simple. Get swag up first to 70 u`ll need around 230 bucks then buy 1 a teddy bear, chocolate and flower for each then just interact with them until you get enough points. no need to buy a ton of gifts.

deris 2016.08.12
Same problem here. . It won´t load for me neither.

neosafstrom 2016.08.10
I love this game. It is one of my favorites. All of the girls are hot.

Nialel 2016.08.07
Great looking Girls. Short and sweet game. Good stuff

Luchs473 2016.08.01
Fantastic Game with superior Graphics and Animation. Its Hard but you can get all three Girls before Ends and they are all three pretty Hot. Gameplay like in the others Games, choose correct way and find the right Hot Spots to finish, Very Very nice Storyline!!!

SylWrathe 2016.07.28
Games kinda tedious, but when you do it properly in your 3rd or so run through it gets kinda fun.

gopi7891 2016.07.23
gameplay,graphics and animations are very good .nice game

Mbarakaja 2016.07.17
i like the story, an nice girls

TheHermes12 2016.07.11
fun game great concept though the days are too short to really play it

gugibg 2016.07.06
good game,but need more play time before game end

jeter12321 2016.07.06
Great Graphics as usual. Beautiful Crafted Game...favvvvv

PLATEROVM 2016.07.02
Good play but kinda stingy with points

LegendarE 2016.06.30
great awesome game! im all wet n horny!

sexghod 2016.06.27
one of my favourites, love this game

freemoney6996 2016.06.26
That exchange student, why is she like that?

GIMMY 2016.06.25
Very great game hard to get the Japanese girl though

Gaming_Lord 2016.06.23
wow this game was really fun

BANANA2137 2016.06.20
that is realy nice erotic game!

dragonwarrio2262 2016.06.16
The animations were amazing

steff258 2016.06.13
this game looks awesome and is really great

12foxy34 2016.06.11
Really great game. Highly recommend it.

tene7410 2016.06.11
pretty nice game with great animation i recomand you to play it :)

KEV_in 2016.06.11
Played this one time and choose Reiko, tried play it again but there isn´t chance to play basketball at all..hmm maybe i tried another time again.

sam8547 2016.06.04
im suck in the middle please help me

cobras81 2016.05.28
Pretty nice game, all girls are great. Challenging, since in order to get one of the good endings, you need to both get the girl and study enough to pass the exams. And love how is it full of references to the other games- I believe I figured most (if not all) of them.

Kendra`s ending won`t open to me as well though...Gonna try again later.

zorrie 2016.05.27
Cool game ..just to much activities to get to sex part...lol

LadySybil 2016.05.26
Girl on girl is always a turn on,awesome game!

ThatDude 2016.05.21

Although it does, somewhat represent the actually HS thing...

WINER4EVERMF 2016.05.17
this game has a perfect relation with the high school enviroment

INeedShroomz 2016.05.15
As I said yesterday.... GOOD QUALITY GOOD GRAPHICS
And i made Kendra have a crush on me.... mhhhm.

INeedShroomz 2016.05.14
Great Game. Quality was so good that it worked even on an old laptop.
I grab Reiko as my GirlFriend now i will grab Kendra then the last girl ( never remeber her name)
Got around 350 point at Reiko made 2 times sex only 2 mistakes every single time.
I passed the test with just (i think) 4-5 more point than the necesary one.

lunsanaata 2016.05.10
personally my favourite with a variety of options available

Ohdear 2016.05.08
Great game, will play again.

Huntsman25 2016.05.07
Man I must have played this 10 times. real fun. idk if you can have sex with 2 or all 3 girls in one playthrough but I sure will try to find out

KumaH 2016.05.03
It`s a challenging game, and that`s really worth in the end. Animations great. Have a nice concept for the story too.

rehenek 2016.05.03
thanks for your help in the comments

leo76 2016.05.02
good quality and hot girls

HiImTable 2016.05.02
japanese girl is so hot... love it

Dragonslayr 2016.05.02
I really liked this game even though it was a little long and time consuming.

DOMINATE2332 2016.04.28
Good quality and storyline. Very interesting, good plot, hope you continue on this storyline.

jansen23 2016.04.27
one of the best games on the side but difficult

jansen23 2016.04.27
good games nice graphics
really enjoy to play it

ColonelBlack 2016.04.23
This is another great work. Well done

cntdynamite 2016.04.19
the girls are very beautifull

Cartasiand 2016.04.16
I love this kind of games. I hope they made more

Smifffy 2016.04.16
I like this game, many choices and options to explore.

ziomal22 2016.04.13
i love it good game, This is the best type of games where you have to work at getting the endings

Sylnodel 2016.04.09
I really liked the girls, though the gameplay gets repetitive.

Sohara2.0 2016.04.08
The good is cool like simulating a college person.

YG 2016.04.07
one of my favorite game cool graphics

mastegun 2016.04.05
Damn theese girls are hot!

DonnieBGood 2016.04.03
Looks like a good game but bottom right area for corridor, etc doesn`t work at all. Makes the game worthless IMHO

idrunkwine 2016.04.01
Hot women, and fun game that is time consuming

eternalk 2016.03.30
great game with good complex routes

thetoyfoxer 2016.03.23
I think that the main chacter is sad because i couldn`t get him a girl

rod9usa 2016.03.22
nice game , but not very sexy

stillnotsleeping 2016.03.22
Women are hot but the sex is lacklustre and a lot of pointless repetitive stat building to get anywhere

Dan20 2016.03.15
the game is attractive and the graphics too

berserker99 2016.03.15
amazing game, great history

sexboy1 2016.03.13
great game one of my favorite

johnnyrotten 2016.03.11
Damn.... That was fun and awesome!! Killer game

bernador 2016.03.07
Good game, good work......... I envy the developer.......anyway ...........till this time I did not reach the target........not even with the Notes from Kage5243............... If the target is to have fun with every chick......I did........If the target is to be the best student AND have fun with the 3 chicks........baaaaaad times!!!!!!

vedmendiratta 2016.03.07
great game nice and easy to play

Wakit 2016.03.04
All 3 girls are great, but the japanese chick is the best imo

timothypayne241 2016.02.29
Hi there, I can really recommend the game. One of the best dating sims atm. Check it out.

Bernd_Bumsebiene 2016.02.27
I don´t like this game so much, because therer aren´t much animations

bhposphate 2016.02.26
I always get stuck with Kendra on the slide where she says she hasn`t been with a man for a long time. The other two girls are great though.

sonic234 2016.02.25
great game love the girls

lexx1024 2016.02.23
great game, but its impossible to have sex with more than 1 of the girls

lookin_4 2016.02.22
great game & great graphics what more can you ask for?

BigDickDuude 2016.02.22
Very nice game. At the first time quite difficult, but it´s worth to play it...

hotguy2020luv 2016.02.20
One of the best games, at least not so easy to win and that keeps u tuned in...loved it....

janglitiger 2016.02.19
I really like this game, it`s well done, nice sounds and graphic, good job to who made this game :D

nfamos1 2016.02.19
Great animation. Fun game. Get stats above 50 each, then earn cash for swag. The faster you get to the night club for 2 of the girls the better.

alef21 2016.02.18
very nice game. needs to combine things to get girls done. many different scenarios! nice design

pilot07 2016.02.17
such a good game kendra is my favorite

Matrix2799 2016.02.16
I really like the Gameplay and the graphics ;)

iw0uld 2016.02.16
ALways a favorite of mine, love it all especially Naomi!

VanityDire1 2016.02.16
I think this is one of the few "RPG" games that pull off the system incredibly well. The graphics are definitely a bonus as well.

npritikin 2016.02.16
I enjoyed this one. It`s not like the other lesson of passion games where it`s done in a matter of minutes and there are multiple endings

tacocat409 2016.02.14
excellent game with nice graphics

Cronos93 2016.02.13
the girls in the game are cute and hot, it`s a little bit hard to get adapted to the gameplay but it`s fun

ViperOrtonRKO 2016.02.13
I personally liked this one as it forces you to be smart with it, although the walkthroughs certainly help.

AnnaMarths 2016.02.08
Good game and story. I love how there are different girls and choices you can make.

NaverNoob 2016.02.07
Good game(but not easy), Naomi the best girl...

KaneSolamon 2016.02.01
Decent game but hard to get much notoriety unless you focus and dont make one mistake

pepexd 2016.01.29
one of my favorites games of all time, always choose the 3 of them

maxu1e 2016.01.28
really good game, perfect graphics and story (y)

xxbladexx14 2016.01.18
great graphics and beautiful girls.

silverush11 2016.01.17
This is the best game ever i played...Mike was very hansome..also not to mention all the girls...they were beautiful too...its graphic really cool...it really best

blaster190 2016.01.17
played loads of time. naomi is the best

tightpantz 2016.01.17
reiko is by far the hottest of the three

reipin 2016.01.13
i was addicted for this game

AndyMuad 2016.01.12
Wow, very hot girls. Good history. Nice job to developers of this game.

koyoo20 2016.01.09
whoa... i think reiko is the most beauty of all the girls. nice cosplay tho

someguy469 2016.01.08
Good game that required multiple play throughs to experience everything.

leena03 2016.01.03
Nice looking new game, liked it.

FazeReagan 2016.01.03
Great game. Loved Naomi the most

droopy1988 2016.01.01
great game love the endings

amcVortux 2015.12.30
Really addicted to this game. Cant stop playing it trying to get a girl. Great Work!

buzzndawgs 2015.12.29
Beautiful women! Great diversity in gameplay.

tvk 2015.12.28
In Mikes progress Write novels and Drama classes are backwards

louisBDC 2015.12.26
good graphics and nice storyline

adameve 2015.12.26
pretty good graphics ..i cant complete in time though noami is really hot

DerSkipper0711 2015.12.21
Forf me the girols look to artificial. College girlos should look more natural. And I don`t like too big tits, but the game itself is ok.

notlegend 2015.12.20
nice game good graphics good girls

carlvanan 2015.12.19
great game, good graphics and I enjoyed the game !

BigBandFuck 2015.12.19
guys i`m done i did everthing with naomi and we traveld togther ;)

GandalfTheG 2015.12.18
i like how you can fuck all three girls. fine game

bendybus 2015.12.16
Good game, girls looks great.

buttbutt1 2015.12.15
good scenes, great story, good animations

vncntleroy 2015.12.13
Favorite game, great graphics

sct2052 2015.12.11
just like college....only go to class to meet the girls!! great game

ChrisG 2015.12.10
Loved that game, funny, good graphics, and damn exciting

bigdaddymac96 2015.12.09
Love this game it really made me feel as if i can do a lot in reality because of the actions nd things of nature that take place.

habashi 2015.12.09
study , work and fuck! Thats college 100%

pussyeater1993 2015.12.06
Great game, awesome scenes, got to all he sex scenes, but failed Reikos, oh well, I preferred Kendra anyway

melvyn773 2015.12.06
great game, good graphics,

lempod 2015.12.05
really loved it but graphics were not that great

Seerch 2015.12.04
Girls look realistic, my head is kinda messed about it, I really love it!

kshetty235 2015.12.03
i loved playing this game as the gameplay is enjoyableand the gals look attractive.graphics improving a lot

SilentWind12 2015.12.01
it was oke. Could be more options

xFaZeworKx 2015.11.29
Awesome game the characters in this game look great.

jonathanf 2015.11.28
wow its cool you know you guys should try this

Kingoflimbs 2015.11.26
Nice. I enjoyed the game !

ben_aughty 2015.11.25
I enjoyed this game because it was like the old school dating sims, where you build up points and win girls with gifts. However the sex scenes weren`t incredible, and were repetitive. Overall though, 8/10 and definitely worth an orgasm or two.

trenth 2015.11.22
the animation team have too much work in this game for this nice result

Joukat 2015.11.19
one of the best games here

FaizanBhatti 2015.11.17
How Much Score I Have To Get..To Take A Girl On Travel With Me..Plz Tell Me...

FaizanBhatti 2015.11.17
Great Game..Best Game Ever Played..Love To See More Games On College Life..

qazwuq 2015.11.13
Really good game, but very hard!

geilerd 2015.11.12
This game is great, the best one so far

Montelino2905 2015.11.10
for me the best game at all here
Love it so much!!!!

Angelicalove56 2015.11.07
great game and the story line could b better but I love it

Kookiemony 2015.11.04
A good way to beat the game is to focus on getting your culture and science to 25, and then work on your popularity. Once you hit 25 popularity, start working at the mall to save up a bit of cash. From there, it`s up to you what you want to focus on; but remember to try and keep a healthy balance between all your skills, or else you are guaranteed to fail.

jtatec69 2015.11.04
3 girls 5 endings, decent.

xkayleighh 2015.11.04
Nice giirls, graphics and storie.

JNZ25 2015.11.01
Very good game, but a little difficult

bob_the_dealer 2015.10.30
really really good game if u get it right

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
Very good game, good sex scenes

stardreamclothes 2015.10.27
i`m looking forward to the next game

bob_the_dealer 2015.10.27
really good game tricky to ge the hang of but great when u get the hang of it

Nerdyalien 2015.10.26
I like this game a lot it gives you a lot of choices but i still cant pass the test

Sugar2001 2015.10.25
I like this game a lot because it is not too easy or too hard it is just right and the graphics are amazing. But there are so many other things I could say too but I don`t have time to make a list but It is one of my favorites and I give it a 8 out of 10.

fets 2015.10.20
is good but It`s quite hard....but once you get the basics its easy which took mee loong long time :/

pius 2015.10.20
wow..great game..i need other game like this

Toufik33 2015.10.19
TREMENDOUS game : challenging, wonderfull graphics, many ways to succeed with 3 very different girls.

pinkfloyd 2015.10.18
great game, also very dificult and chalenging.

Lolnanahaua 2015.10.18
Hot amd has nice graphics

deadx 2015.10.16
game is really cool and interactive, lots of ending and great 3d animation love the boobs

thenavigator 2015.10.15
This game is long, really long, but the freedom of choice and the wait makes the pay off even better. All the hot chicks are sexy as fuck and you`ll be sure to jizz. This is fucking great

rayjo 2015.10.14
Yeah! Hot game! Took me a few attempts but not too difficult. I got to fuck Naomi and take her on holiday, eventually! Best to concentrate on one girl at a time rather than be a player! Good fun!

rod.m 2015.10.13
one of the best from LOP... game is fun to play and all the girls are beautiful in their ways

MaxDillion 2015.10.11
Well THis games is good but It`s quite hard....but once you get the basics its easy which took mee loong long time :/

InnatePlane 2015.10.11
a great game! i especially liked the Asian girl the best!

Nishit 2015.10.09
Oohh..!! This game is pretty. It`s an RPG of short time game,appreciated. Hoping if we can have one long with lots of adventurous and fun RPG game then people will get addicted to it. All Animations, Graphics and Gameplay is just perfect.

htopper 2015.10.06
great game that simulates college life. nice to make a decision and have to do things over time.

xXPROZEUSXx 2015.10.03
wow nice game nice graphic

StrumStrum 2015.09.29
Great game! I found it tough but I`m looking forward to trying again!

Wolverine85 2015.09.29
Hot game. It`s hard to concentrate on studying with these hot ladys around.

GreenRoman 2015.09.28
Omg this game was very hot and exciting

Volleyballbabe19x 2015.09.25
Fun game.. Ended up failing at school. Sad Day

lolol891 2015.09.24
Great gameplay and graphic

elegant 2015.09.19
i really like this game funny and exciting

haiman23 2015.09.18
Very good game with great scenes.

Ayan_Mondal 2015.09.18
Quite satisfactory with the sex game. love it

kiloblaze23 2015.09.18
A very long game. Quite satisfactory with the sex though. Really love it

kiloblaze23 2015.09.18
It`s really hard managing the points. I push my skills to English

nicklegames 2015.09.17
Very interesting game. Mouse is a bit touchy though

eldelade20cm 2015.09.17
Good game, but is sometimes hard to progress

mikeskin227 2015.09.15
good design to have more than one girl

firesworth1 2015.09.14
It has nice story, gameplay, and graphics!

Venom15 2015.09.12
i absolutly love this game

kool0621 2015.09.09
I never had women like this in college. EVER!

zodaexx 2015.09.09
i like this game.beautiful girls

troy_lambourne 2015.09.09
Amazing game. Awesome Story

TMCB 2015.09.07
Honestly one of the best games I ever played. It has everything.

badass101 2015.09.04
i love this game and the college girls are beutiful

badass101 2015.09.04
i love this game and there are beutiful girls

varun2396 2015.09.03
great story but still repetitive steps

DESOUSA 2015.09.02
Graphics and the game are very good.

territory2832 2015.08.26
One of my favorites. I like the replayability and freshness of the decision trees.

Wakami54 2015.08.24
I love this game, easy and so much pleasure!!!

dark raider 2015.08.24
this game is awsome..great details and not to easy..

des14 2015.08.23
Graphics and the game are both excellent. AWESOME!

heftigerloerris 2015.08.23
I love this game very nice Action i think it is one of my favourite ones

mathadore 2015.08.20
My best one for the moment!

hentailover75 2015.08.20
great animation and gameplay will recommend to other players

Xavierthorn 2015.08.20
Great game with awesome graphics

mrscf22 2015.08.16
Loved this game, was an arousing challenge. I played several times to experience different endings, have to say the blond was my favourite ending.

pachleonard 2015.08.16
i really enjoyed the numerous choices there were to progress throughout the game

nospamzpls 2015.08.15
The endings are not really worth the time required to get to them.

kanther 2015.08.07
this is a fun game with nice graphics. Definitly worth playing

Blaze74 2015.08.06
I loved the game, sexy girls

catghi.12.45ef 2015.08.02
Awesome game I love it man

foxdirve 2015.08.01
collegue people is exciting for me
love this topic

majorefiction 2015.07.29
this is easily become my favorite games in here and i think 30 days is quite short to hit other than 1 girl..

micahamyers 2015.07.29
Excellent walkthrough Kage! I was wasn`t sure it was possible to have sex with all the girls in a single run

VertaMoon1 2015.07.29
Graphics and the game are both excellent!

ninjax2x2 2015.07.27
Absolutely loved the story. Graphics are good too!

technobrine 2015.07.27
AWESOME Just like the other games fuck yeah!

JMHenriques 2015.07.25
Nice graphics but a little to hard

mike488 2015.07.25
Great game and graphics lots of fun and challenging too

dandy9595 2015.07.23
brilliant game. the steps should be obvious. i wish these were on console.

Angel432 2015.07.22
Can you get a threesome going or is just one on one with the girls?

James14 2015.07.22
couldnt be better, great graphics

anan23 2015.07.22
Great game and story is perfect

Arbiter52 2015.07.21
a good game with good choices

mmonir 2015.07.17
I like the endings, tricky at times but worth it. graphics are good, makes it worth it

minion101 2015.07.11
great graphic and scene
nice game to play

GanC22 2015.07.08
great game really enjoyed it

tybolt 2015.07.04
amazing.. I love this game

standupandshout 2015.07.02
Great game. If you really work it, you can get all 3 women and then choose at the end (too bad that you cannot choose more than one).

jameshickman911 2015.07.02
the graphics were pretty good but its really tough to get anything good

nothing322 2015.07.02
great game and real addictive

Grigori69 2015.06.30
To difficult. had over a 100 points with girls and still nothing during game play and still couldn`t choose any of them at the end.

Gateway 2015.06.30
the gameplay in this game is beautiful, along with the animation

pleazure 2015.06.27
I fucking sessions are too late.

nIGHTaNARCHY 2015.06.24
interesting but complex to get the good ending !

Attica 2015.06.23
tough game but enjoyed it

NePovem 2015.06.22
This is realy nice game ... lovely graphichs & not to easy

blackopps799 2015.06.21
Very difficult but worth playing

ganondork 2015.06.18
Phew. Quite a interesting game, You actually need to put a little thought into stuff before you get the best endings. I like it

castilho 2015.06.18
good game, enjoy playing with beautiful girls

electro1 2015.06.16
It is a good game decent graphics

bluedevilcindy 2015.06.12
What a great game. The girls a hot. I love it.

mechai 2015.06.12
this is a good game thanks college romance

funinderby 2015.06.10
excellent game love the sex scenes

dteuing 2015.06.09
Graphic quality couldn`t be better. and great storyline

tymag 2015.06.09
awesome graphics i loved the game

ajcasino 2015.06.08
Overall pretty nice game, got all the endings except for #1 obviously because we know how that is (fail means you lose lol). Each game was going to be different since it takes a while to build up the points of each girl, so I just concentrated on 1 each time I played. 60 swag and 100 on everything else. Similiar to Jordan 500 and Naomi kinda reminds you of Jordan with the blonde hair, out of all the girls liked Kendra the best. Maybe because she was more "realistic" like some say and you know if you don`t get Reiko points up fast she gone and you stuck but Naomi is the hardest it seems, typical high maintainence popular cheerleader lol.

hawkeye_bigdick 2015.06.08
good story and great graphics but a bit long

Dersonrn 2015.06.08
Time consuming, but once caught the way , is very good. I liked it.

ghoul789 2015.06.07
great game with good graphics and amazing sex scenes

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
the graphics and animations are just so great!!

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
the game is unique.. and the graphics are so great!! i love it

timothymy69 2015.06.04
good games best I played

azizmass1000 2015.06.04
i love this game and the animation is super

azizmass1000 2015.06.04
game was nice but couldnt concentrate what to do

jellydogejello 2015.06.03
pretty hard but worth the effort

Avrion00 2015.06.02
i managed to get all in one game, i enjoyed it alot

SmilingDemon 2015.06.01
You cant stop playing untill you fucked every single one of them!

lclausen 2015.06.01
Good graphics, really fun to play

Bilingo 2015.06.01
great graphics, good story, I like the challenge of managing school and girls.

bobo14 2015.06.01
Awesome game. Good idea. Please make another version. Please!

Petey42 2015.05.30
Oh god I really really wish you could have extra endings involved with more than one of the girls. Get all 3 for an amazing group sex scene! Get any 2 for interesting threesome combos! It`s fantastic as is, of course, but that would make it even better.

kalaznikov 2015.05.29
This is a great game. Took me some time to figure out the wayt to do it but once you know it it is pretty easy to get the girl you want.

merlin789 2015.05.29
reat game really love ut should produce more

ThrashMetalCenturion 2015.05.26
Enjoyed the challenge of finding the right balance in the time management aspect of the game. Would love to see a 2nd version of this game and see what additions it would have.

Mmike 2015.05.23
i wish that i have girls like that in my town daaamn these girls are so hot!! i`m in love with this game :3

merlin789 2015.05.23
greeat game like it a lot!

PlayboyBD 2015.05.22
Each girl sexier than the rest!!!! Great gameplay, very realistic!!!

reocley 2015.05.20
good gameplay , welldone graphic and animation , i can`ts wait for next game like this #ThumbUp

Venusz 2015.05.19
By far my favorite game! Great sex and great graphics

DylannB 2015.05.17
amazing game... graphics are so realistic and Naomi is great. very realistic and would definitly play again

bleh1993 2015.05.17
This was a pretty great game. The only issue I had with it was when you screwed up and had to start over from the beginning this game can take a while to complete. However other than that it was fantastic! And Reiko`s scene was really hot.

NatalieLes101 2015.05.17
I really liked this game, it is really addictive!

pet_nolan 2015.05.15
Pretty nice game, very addictive :) :) :)

hmmmmj 2015.05.15
Its a good game but abit too easy

dimiden 2015.05.15
I like this game a lot. My compliments

andone 2015.05.13
Ive played this game multiple times for all routes and loved everything about it.

Krystal2323 2015.05.10
Awesome game. Definetly liked it. Would like more of these.

darkshadowslord 2015.05.10
Fun but too short. It would be nice if it was a bit longer.

Rumba 2015.05.06
Really good game i want to see more these girls

anonymous300 2015.05.05
the game is awesome but my mouse gets stuck somewhere around the bottom right corner of the screen but other than that i love it

airdeemoney 2015.05.05
i like this game.beautiful grls

eskelet 2015.05.05
it was great game i love it and that girls was.......damn!

elkhour 2015.05.03
Nice game, amazing characters

ilikeindiana 2015.05.03
All the characters are amazing

fergal 2015.04.27
A good challenging game, lots of game play here!

AlexTheGreat 2015.04.26
A bit hard but still fun.

bent55 2015.04.25
wow. just awesome. totally satisfied. it `s hard though but only a bit

bent55 2015.04.25
i masturbate when i play these games

jessy031 2015.04.24
omg this game !!! reiko, kendra and naomi are wonderful !!!

dangerousboy123 2015.04.24
hot animations great graphics and fun to play

big0520 2015.04.24
great game and I need to try few more times

JeepSlow 2015.04.21
It would be really cool if there were a way to get a couple of the girls together. I think Rieko and Naomi would go for it.

ehroalinx 2015.04.19
got to play it mutiple times to get all the girls...

john milton 2015.04.19
a quite good game, i`ve enjoyed it! thanks for the great work

grontbil 2015.04.18
Deffinitely a amazing game !!

cooltani4u 2015.04.18
Good story and unfolding of events. Dint like the money part which makes me struggle in game.

jratt235 2015.04.17
pretty good game good graphics

jangjang 2015.04.12
Realy like this game so many option and only 30 to do it in

daltonray 2015.04.12
good game. nice graphics

freddy0201 2015.04.11
Awesome game love all the girls

kashewkitty 2015.04.10
I really did like this game. It was better than alot of the other games I have played here..

rutteger 2015.04.10
Definitely need more like this game. Loved it.

Sirskafti 2015.04.10
I love the rpg feel of the game and the girls..

winnerisme 2015.04.09
WOW! this game is so amazing! the girls are so sexy, and the graphics are amazing!

Wahooguy 2015.04.07
Nailed all of em lol , worth it

msmelsta 2015.04.07
great game. had to play through a few times to get all the girls

narud07 2015.04.07
this game is amazing nice graphics beautiful girls

deadpool7 2015.04.06
this game is getting old now but still one of their best

Zeblast 2015.04.06
A very nige game, great graphics.

smjack 2015.04.06
Good game, hot sequences. Does make you guess the right choice often, but pretty easy to pick up. Personally found Kendra the best, though definite points for Reiko. Here`s what I recommend:

Morning/Midday: Workout at gym until you get 25 fitness.
Evening: Read a sci fi book. Do this a total of THREE times only, but make sure you do three!

Morning/Midday: After 25 fitness, work on science until it`s 25, then culture until it`s 25.
Evening: Play basketball until fitness is 55.

Morning/Midday: Tutor until Science is 55
Evening: If Fitness is at 55, write a short story for money,

Morning/Midday: Drama Classes until Culture is 55
Evening: write a short story for money.

This is where you have to improvise a good bit, depending on who you`re courting. Some of them have early swag requirements, some don`t. You need 503 cash to buy all the swag.

Use this comment as a starter... not gonna write a full walkthrough for all three! Though you may need to know, Reiko doesn`t come in until after a few days, and she`ll leave early if she isn`t happy! Also, don`t try to focus on all three at once... you only have 30 days, and that`s not enough time for all of them.

Good luck!

DJONIK 2015.04.05
A very fun game, nice graphics and girls.

doncrue 2015.04.04
ts a great game with amazing graphics

Oknavy1 2015.04.04
Beautyful girls, Sex, School, something people might want ;)

Thorisin 2015.04.02
I like this game. Girls is beautiful, especially Kendra.

sexman7888 2015.04.01
I like this game i think its cool and it shoud be put on more sites for more people

ostensible12 2015.03.31
girls are beautiful. love the game. i play it over and over again

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Good Story. Good Graphic and Gameplay

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Great Graphics as usual. Beautiful Crafted Game

Fire123 2015.03.30
Very high quality game, hopefully there are more like it

oldgate 2015.03.30
Got to admit the asian is fine pity there`s no anal

wolfisback1 2015.03.29
grahpic is great and the game is great too and the story is good

matt78428 2015.03.29
The graphics make this game exceptional. Otherwise it is your standard simdate. But it was still very fun!

harem_master89 2015.03.28
Excellent walkthrough Kage! I was wasn`t sure it was possible to have sex with all the girls in a single run through

sasxxx 2015.03.28
a good college game its hard to get into

Yanaga 2015.03.28
ohhh nooo just get bad ending lol, gotta try one more time

Lokesh Reddy 2015.03.28
loading of the game is bit slower than other games

Jake200329 2015.03.23
best game ever nice graphics

moebus 2015.03.23
many time for .... nothing

peakxl 2015.03.23
Awesome game! I love dating sims like these and the girls are amazing as always.

FrostedShrimp76 2015.03.22
Great game play got to be careful about what you do and say when having sex with the girls.

super sex 2015.03.21
love this game it is super cool

sexycaramel 2015.03.20
excellent im going to play it again

vex.tesk 2015.03.20
One of the best! Looks great, plays well, and many different options.

rata76ve 2015.03.20
It is one of my favorites games

himynameisbill 2015.03.20

Kane Ryan 2015.03.19
Really like the game play. Lots to learn and different strategies. The Graphics are good and the girls are sexy

xan1m3gu4x 2015.03.19
One of my favorite games here. That Naomi girl is incredible. Lol.

Teched 2015.03.18
luck that we found the best game :D

Hulken 2015.03.16
I like this gameplay - buuut it could use some more girls! ;-)

wildtiger 2015.03.16
fuked them all.. love it coz graphics were boosting the pleasure

tylerfuck 2015.03.13
the game wolt load for me?????????????????

Takeshi Ha Nguyen 2015.03.13
Interesting story, a little hard to get around at first but then everything goes fine, i`ve got lonely ending @ my first playthough LOL! Is there any way to get all the chicks?

latin166 2015.03.13
hmmm omg i love this game! i played it over and over again to get all 3, and all 3 sex scenes were amazing, reiko had the sexiest body and Kendras blowjob scene was absoultey perfect. her stare was beautiful, and Naomi was also gorgeous.

Reiko - 10/10
Kendra - 9.5/10
Naomi - 9/10

All in all, super awesome game! i love it!

super_balotelli 2015.03.13
great game and good fun to play

drakethehory69 2015.03.12
all the girls where amazing and the graphics were too

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
now that what i was talking good one keep it up

cocomoco 2015.03.11
grate game. nice people

guitarsurfer 2015.03.09
Kendra is certainly the hottest. And I took the time to get all 3

MountainMan 2015.03.09
`Good graphices good gameplay animation could be better

Shoey 2015.03.08
i like the gameplay and graphics

hornyman3 2015.03.06
the graphics are astounding throughout this game

hornyman3 2015.03.06
the game play in this particular game is amazing

hornyman3 2015.03.06
help, how do u get past the exams+ get the gurls to luv u?

GravnHD 2015.03.05
3 girls, a erotic flash game, amaing graphics, what can i ask more?

bomonde 2015.03.05
how can i have sex with all of them ? plz help

Black Wolf 2015.03.05
the best game ever
from every aspect its great
i mean great

plasmarianor 2015.03.04
I like its dificulty level. Not too easy but playing a few times you can learn the tricks and get any of the five endings

lordaniket123 2015.03.04
The game has so much of coool and really good graphics

Eddcerv 2015.03.03
I really love this ...the animation is awesome.

bigcock444 2015.03.02
Nice graphics, can get a bit hard from time to time but after a couple of trys I was fine

chicken5 2015.03.01
sexu ga,me really nice higley reccomend it

Doberk 2015.03.01
wow college romance is one of the best games here

RamanS21 2015.02.28
really really nice game i love it

moonlightmagician 2015.02.28
simple gameplay
nice graphic

mina ise kh 2015.02.28
Nice graphics, good gameplay.beautiful grls

chichloedude 2015.02.28
this game is really awesome. don`t you agree guys

labmunky 2015.02.28
Love this game, its on my favorites list. Great graphics, good play , and longer than some games. keeps it interesting too. 9 out of 8

BamaME2016 2015.02.27
First of all, the game was great. Long term games are some of my favorites.

However, I am a fan of anime and manga, and my heart was stolen the moment Reiko compared my to Spike Spiegel. Instant win.

Cauchpotato 2015.02.27
It`s good to find one of these games where long-term strategy is important.

Danboi 2015.02.27
Amazing game a must play

thugusrugus 2015.02.26
a pretty great game, beautiful sexy girls

matthewdrk 2015.02.26
This game had one of the most interesting stories on here. an 8 out of 10

Zeeno 2015.02.25
This game is awesome! It was challenging at first. You have to work to get to the sex scenes, but they`re worth it, especially Naomi!i like this game.beautiful grls

k8den 2015.02.24
could anyone tell me how to get the pointer to go to the exit and apartment buttons?

Healt 2015.02.22
Im fuck Kendra. She is so hot. OMG

FreakyDeaky 2015.02.22
The way they interact is great, love these games.

beastbody21 2015.02.21
This is one of the best games on the whole website i really liked it.

joe123454321 2015.02.20
Oh my GOD this game is so hot. I love both endings. Just amazing.

Mrbigstuph69 2015.02.18
The game was very fun. Reiko was my choice, being a cosplayer myself. The only complaint I have is the 3-strike system during sex.

venoxis 2015.02.17
the game is good, the girl are pretty hot keep the good work =)

SeeMeD 2015.02.16
great. fun to play and i cant wait to keep going.

gfg111 2015.02.15
great game to play. gets me excited

bigace232 2015.02.15
this game is so fuckin awsome

aki777 2015.02.15
Hi there, I can really recommend the game. One of the best dating sims atm. Check it out.

derpofthegods 2015.02.15
played multiple times, got with all the girls, was a fun game

jamielee 2015.02.15
awesome game, anyone found a threesome option

serenity68 2015.02.14
İts a nice game i liked it

Aeder1234 2015.02.14
Challenging and rewarding. Great graphics and nice girls!

LocusSpartan69 2015.02.13
Another Great game Lop
Played like 5 times

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. good programing. but I don`t like the point system.

umager 2015.02.12
great game, also very dificult and chalenging.

Ryota 2015.02.11
One of the best games if not the best.

tnt888 2015.02.09
remembers me on my time on highschool. nice graphics

GJaxx 2015.02.07
Possibly the best game on the site? Right up with Jordan 500 and the original LOP, great scenes and good to replay!

Daeven75 2015.02.06
One of the best games on PF1 - fun design that rewards you for making clever choice on skill training to date more girls at once.

cram98 2015.02.05
Great game! I`m looking forward to playing it a few more times!

Alkaid 2015.02.04
Naomi is the best of the characters. Shame it requires so much to see her. Good work.

realshady 2015.02.03
i think this is one of the best games on th site, A+

frednight84 2015.02.03
fun game, I enjoted it. ty playforceone.

CowKilla 2015.02.01
Very difficult man, i wish it was a little easier.

V.R. 2015.01.29
Good game and sexy girls of alternative realy... But it is beauty

edward123 2015.01.28
i got all of them
it was fun

Flotion07 2015.01.25
I like this tits in games!

jabbyxd 2015.01.23
awesome game. i like games with sounds of moaning, if theres none, it gets boring. :)

tjsj 2015.01.23
i keep getting to be lonely.....anyway good game and so cooool..

lerodson 2015.01.23
cooll game and graphic and awesome boobs

darksector 2015.01.23
cool game way to short though

imran91 2015.01.22
Really good graphics and gameplay

adjaga 2015.01.22
I love this game it is one on my favourite force one games.

ShadowDick302st 2015.01.21
i like this game the girls look great

adityabh21 2015.01.21
what a hot game payed 5 times and i cant stop it

asdfasdf1 2015.01.21
I really like the scene variety in this game! The different girls are hot

AirSexter 2015.01.16
One of my favoirte games on this website

7514698 2015.01.16
This is my personal favourite on the site. Girls are great, story is brilliant. Definately recomend

jonny18 2015.01.14
Such a fantastic game.. i play again and again. seem like m addicted to this one.

Jokke 2015.01.14
I loved it! Very nice graphics with a good story and multiple endings.

A personal favorit!!!

ac4p_1 2015.01.14
I really like the endings!

coolboy2000 2015.01.13
i really liked this game!!!!! fun

rorobobo 2015.01.11
for me this is totally the best free game ever! good story and many things to do!

defeatknight 2015.01.11
They are so sexy. but need bit more day

HKnexus 2015.01.11
This game is really fun. Got to fuck all the girls

xai 2015.01.09
I WILL have that Asian honey even if it means my life... lol. Good game over all

xai 2015.01.09
Really like how there is multiple endings. Fun game 8/10

infamous 2015.01.09
this is one of my favorite games on here

wakawaka22 2015.01.08
Man I put some hours into this
feels good though!

DevilSight 2015.01.07
Game is intresting. But it has only a few places... I would love a game with a lot of locations. By the way GAME 90/100. :)

eddie force one 2015.01.06
very hot...reiko its the best

nic666 2015.01.05
i reaaaally like this game

Dacoa 2015.01.04
Great game, good graphics and animations.

Syneid 2015.01.04
This is actually a challenge. I never get the Asian girl.

Nicholas_Hanz 2015.01.03
I liked this game , but I hope invite two girls or three to go with I at the end.

ladysman122 2015.01.03
perfict game and easy to play

playone233 2015.01.03
i need help getting with reiko i get close but she leaves .

cambridge4453 2015.01.02
It took a lot of work to get a girl - not a bad message! Much better than being too easy though. I think its best to concentrate on the gym and swag as you can earn more money as a bouncer and can guarantee a girl will be there every night, but I am still learning this one, after many attempts

mooper 2015.01.01
This game is really fun. I like the difficulty of time management mixed with stat and relationship building. Each girl looks really beautiful, and the scenes are fantastic,

moonlightmagician 2014.12.31
good game, nice graphic, it`s challenging to find a good end

jick66 2014.12.30
I like how you can choose which girls to be with

hottytits34 2014.12.30
Very good sounds and the girls are very reals

andre991 2014.12.29
like this game. realy hard but fun.

koolfluffybear 2014.12.28
Great Game. Reminds me of my days in college.

Dzeko19 2014.12.28
good game, great graphic,
its not so easy to get an happy end

sam3305 2014.12.25
This is a really great game it flows nicely and music has a nice beat to it as wellthumbs up to the creator

zelo 2014.12.25
i like the graphics. it looks way too real!

Nettwo 2014.12.23
Meh nothing special, study all time :/

JakeA217 2014.12.22
I love this game. Good graphics and such. The game itself is a challenge, given the time limit and all the things you have to do, but it is a good game overall.

HammerDickGod 2014.12.21
i love this game, it amuses me and i also love the graphics

Sharnie998 2014.12.19
I love this games its one of my favorite games of all, :)

cloud_av 2014.12.18
3 hot girls and school and good personality on the girls what more is needed?;D

Nightdog 2014.12.16
Girls: 8
Gameplay: 6
Sex: 7
Overall: 7

The sex scenes were too much pixel hunting, which I don`t like. Time went by even if you didn`t do anything sometimes. Like when you clicked a girl but didn`t talk.

rkimmelerre 2014.12.16
I liked this game a lot, but I can`t help but feel it`d be better if you could invite two girls to go with you at the end. Or maybe an ending where you`re allowed to invite two or even all three girls but soon learn that, no, that`s not actually better at all, you greedy idiot.

sexydude45 2014.12.14
game is hard but is still good

Mxdan 2014.12.14
Very great game maybe should of been longer.

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
fine various storyline -really great, i enjoy it everytime

wldsxwizz 2014.12.13
great game tough to get girls like it fun

mark300 2014.12.11
Found all three secrets:

One is by the locker by Naomi
The other is at the shop on the ceiling (on the left) close to the shop
And the last is in the Library, sticking out on a book

(these pictures require a QR scanner)

Was hoping if LOP could make a free game similar to Jordan 500, which is definitely my personal number one, but overall, this game was good; hot girls, glad to see Kendra again, and Reiko is just a bombshell.

antares27 2014.12.11
i like this game the girl is beautiful

anonymousperv 2014.12.10
Another hot game LOP!!! Nice graphics, good gameplay and hot girls:-)
I like it!!!

Bubblegumpop 2014.12.10
Great quality and story line but a tad hard to finish

69mnf69 2014.12.09
Great game, many different endings, loved it

schnabbelbob 2014.12.07
Girls are hard to get but i like the gameplay very much. Very interactive

nightinggale103 2014.12.05
This game was a little hard, but I enjoyed getting the girls.

KingHeartlez 2014.12.04
Too bad theres no threesome ending.

captain_hamhog 2014.12.03
from what I played it seemed to be a pretty good story. I can`t wait for the end I bet its a good one!

luv2drinku 2014.12.02
tricky play but good game and beautiful girls

mVpxBr0ny 2014.12.02
this game is sooo good!!!

nakata 2014.12.02
really good game with a long and nice story, also nice graphics.

PeexPeexGirls 2014.12.01
I wonder how long it takes to put something together like this?

petergaard1 2014.12.01
good game with well written dialogue and good graphics

bannaking123 2014.12.01
girls were hot oh so hot!

Rangor 2014.11.29
This girls are incredibly hot and awesome!!!)))

phoenix2014 2014.11.28
One of my favorite games, great gameplay

arathor 2014.11.27
the game is great and the graphics are excellent, it was quit difficult to get the 3 ladys in the same game, but that made it more interesting, may be 1 ending shloud be with the 3 girls

steven1256 2014.11.26
very good game great graphics

idiotguy 2014.11.26
Graphic, gameplay and animation is excellent and well made. whoever made this .

idiotguy 2014.11.26
This is a cool game. THe graphics are great but im stuck in getting her to flirt

Spiritkai 2014.11.25
Great game with so many outcomes! keep up the good work LoP

bigboy666 2014.11.23
i love collefe romance and the girls r hot

maysally77 2014.11.23
loved playing this game - tried many times and finally was able to get all 3 girls in 1 game. awesome gameplay & graphics, will play again!

soufix 2014.11.21
I love this game! I do wish there were more to the endings, though.

lee8will 2014.11.20
The game is fun, it had me hooked, trying to find out all the different ways to the girls. I finally got to the point where I could choose all three girls. I like games where there are multiple choices and endings.

ArkAngel96 2014.11.20
who doesnt enjoy a wonderfully made game like this?

Fuckluck 2014.11.20
I love the sex positions of this game.

mkobza 2014.11.19
I enjoyed the amount of different actions you could take in the gameplay. For me it was a tough game, but felt very satisfied after receiving the ending.

Quasimodo64 2014.11.18
Great graphics as always

mrsbig 2014.11.18
I liked this game! I like that there are three girls to choose from and that they are very different. I enjoyed the sex scenes and the gameplay, though I was sort of hoping that the storylines would cross each other and give us a threesome or something... Something for the next game, perhaps?

Mark13 2014.11.17
Excelent game, with beautifull graphics !

amslasher 2014.11.16
naomi is the hottest! and great game!

zantha 2014.11.14
I love this game! I do wish there were more to the endings, though. Like maybe a wedding and happily ever after?

igrego 2014.11.12
the music was driving me loco i mean its the same three seconds on loop

landon316 2014.11.11
kinda ridiculous with the 100 day thing

wonderboy001 2014.11.09
This was a very good game that was not that hard and had some good endings.

the4beatles 2014.11.08
this game is very hard to beat but very sexy and fun

Dalton26 2014.11.07
Wopnderful game. just like college only the fun stuff

pyanzabraham1980 2014.11.07
Pretty nice game, all girls are great. Challenging, since in order to get one of the good endings, you need to both get the girl and study enough to pass the exams. And love how is it full of references to the other games- I believe I figured most (if not all) of them..

Hood1703 2014.11.04
Good and fun game, full of high school fantasies.

drybones0205 2014.11.04
Great game loved the animations for the sex scenes very romantic. I really liked the choices of Fitness Swag Culture and everything else. Made a great college experience

gallows88 2014.11.03
not a bad game the girls were hot but need more time

wwwer4 2014.11.02
got a bad ending and have to start all over but this game is fun so I don`t mind

wwwer4 2014.11.02
this game has hot girls and grate graphics

rock_star 2014.11.02
this game is awesome, enjoyed a lot playing this game

sithlordhugo 2014.10.30
wish you could have an orgy with them

Helreith 2014.10.30
I liked the girls they all felt sexy and looked really nice. Liked that they all have a bit of personality. Graphics are great. Not much of a story though but overall a really nice game.

UlliCar 2014.10.29
got to fuck all three girls - great game - good graphics

mlg 2014.10.28
very sexy i wish they make more like this, but more realistic

BaKlAzHaN23 2014.10.19
wow this game is really hard to beat

a2242364 2014.10.18
I really want to get this ending righttt

salanziano 2014.10.16
very detailed game. amazing graphics and wonderful storyline

zwarn 2014.10.16
it`s like a real game, real choices to make, and very pretty girls !

frank1974 2014.10.15
i like to much this game one of my favourite...very hot girls

john1414 2014.10.13
Great game!!!! Sexy girls!!!

amslasher 2014.10.13
Here is how I finish the game with 3 girl available to pick up (and you could see all their sex scene too)

day 1-2
morning-midday: study english language @ class room
evening: help sell merchandise @ shop

day 3
morning: study english language @ class room
midday: drama classes @ library
evening: help sell merchandise @ shop

day 4-5
morning-midday: drama classes @ library
evening: help sell merchandise @ shop

day 6
morning: drama classes @ library
midday: study science @ library
evening: help sell merchandise @ shop

day 7
morning-midday: study science @ library
evening: write short novels @ your apartment

day 8
morning-midday: study science @ library
evening: buy stuff for yourself @ shop (red cap, cool shades, mp3 player)

day 9-10
morning-midday: tutor students @ library
evening: buy a round for everybody @ dance club

day 11
morning-midday: tutor students @ library
evening: write short novels @ your apartment

day 12
morning-midday: intensive workout @ gym
evening: buy a round for everybody @ dance club

day 13
morning-midday: intensive workout @ gym
evening: meet reiko (talk)

day 14
morning: intensive workout @ gym
midday-evening: play basketball @ city center

day 15
morning-evening: play basketball @ city center

day 16
morning: meet reiko
midday: play basketball @ city center
evening: meet reiko

day 17-21
morning: meet reiko
midday: meet kendra
evening: meet reiko
(should activate sexscene with reiko at day 21)

day 22-25
morning: meet naomi
midday-evening: meet kendra
(should activate sexscene with kendra at day 25)

day 26
morning: meet naomi
midday: help sell merchandise @ shop
evening: meet naomi

day 27
morning: meet naomi
midday: buy presents for girls @ shop (box of chocolates, fancy flower)
evening: meet naomi + give gift (box of chocolates)

day 28
morning: meet naomi
midday: free activity (you can do anything)
evening: meet naomi + give gift (fancy flower)

day 29
morning: meet naomi
midday: free activity (you can do anything)
evening: meet naomi
(should activate sexscene with naomi today)

day 30
exam day, choose one girl to take with you

When I say meet a girl, you would do interaction like talk, compliment, flirt, etc. Here is important guide about it:
Relationship level:
0-4 >> talk only
5-19 >> previous action + compliment
20-49 >> previous actions + touch
50-99 >> previous actions + flirt + kiss
100-149 >> previous actions + massage thigh
150-... >> previous actions + grab boobs + sex scene (sex scene automatically popped up when you reach 150)
do all interaction available with a girl as explained above

danosaur192 2014.10.11
Raiko`s cosplay looks wierd but great gameplay thou

danosaur192 2014.10.11
I like the gameplay
though it`s very hard to focus on everything that`s happening

kellykopoi 2014.10.09
really hard to focus on everything, looks like have to choose hot girls :P

warebear 2014.10.09
hot girls or studying its a hard choice... i went with the girls i probably should have split it evenly

thebestonesite 2014.10.08
nice game fun with hot girls

inkslinger 2014.10.05
I enjoy these rpg-esque formats where you can choose which stats to increase. It would be great to see the aspect expanded and the opportunities increased.

seanhim 2014.10.05
This game is awesome, i love the girls in this but i dont know if it is just me but save does not work.

bob13755 2014.10.05
not too difficult, not too easy

RomanticWanker 2014.09.30
A really nice game ! I enjoyed playing it. Nice graphisms, sounds and gameplay. It can just seems a bit long or hard to be able to get all the three girl. Better follow the walkthrough if you want to get the three as once !

Sundown 2014.09.30
Don`t know why, but the right down buttons are not working

Catherine Keisha 2014.09.30
The game is so sexy and the graphic

prawngod 2014.09.29
fantastic game great graphics realy hot girls

termhuss 2014.09.28
Great game play. Should should make a premium similar to it

sasha28 2014.09.28
nice graphic, nice girls

ola1176 2014.09.27
its okay i wish its a lesbian game but its not

YouNeverWin 2014.09.26
thanks guys.for this pretty good game

king@@ 2014.09.25
really fun, kind of hard tough.

TheNate1745 2014.09.25
very neat game i enjoyed it a lot

Daveo23 2014.09.24
Found it a bit difficult to balance everything out but I guess that`s the challenge

MadX 2014.09.23
best game ever..i will paly more n more

EchoStrike 2014.09.23
nice girls,nice game,nice rpg

MartVR 2014.09.23
Damn can`t manage to play it out well.

Tiatia 2014.09.23
Great graphics. Good story

smileyjoker 2014.09.22
Love all these game. Much more different then random games that usally are bad quality and story

Choco Renza 2014.09.22
all the beautiful girls love them all

Zottel 2014.09.21
Good Game an hot girls! what esle to say?

letto1986 2014.09.21
Excelent game! I love the graphics and the realism

TaylorGang420 2014.09.21
the game has some amazing graphics

yash6548 2014.09.20
Worth Playing nice graphics and gameplay

crimsonfrog1 2014.09.16
this is a great game once I figured it out,wish I could figure out how to take all 3

crimsonfrog1 2014.09.16
I really like this game, but can someone tell how to not travel alone?

ukmuppet1 2014.09.16
Good game multiple endings with good graphics was great fun to play and get all endings

SnOwMaN08 2014.09.16
Good game. like the graphics ans hot girls

yauto 2014.09.13
this graphic is good and animation to oh god damn my chock is cum

Gershyn 2014.09.13
I usually believe these games are sort of repetitive, but this was very fun.

Catherine Keisha 2014.09.13
the game is the greatest game i ever saw

jordan1403 2014.09.12
it was fun, new way to fantacize

deathonastick 2014.09.12
This games tricky, the key is too build your stats up consecutively and not focus on one thing directly.

Darkmoor 2014.09.10
Really good game and enjoying it so far

drguy 2014.09.08
this game was so good make more

Ian888 2014.09.08
this was i fun one to play

alchemy75 2014.09.08
Sexy and attractive game but it`s too short, it`s nice to play and discover the girls...

Ian888 2014.09.08
this was a great game to play lot of fun

Subtleginge 2014.09.07
i love this game, the girls are beautiful and the graphics are amazing

ho6 2014.09.06
abit hard to get a decent endinbg i found

devil_s 2014.09.04
nice game ! the game has a good graphics and nice ending

Jbryan 2014.09.04
This game is one of my favorites.

okoskamail 2014.09.03
good game, but it`s a littlebit hard to get a good ending

darkminou 2014.09.03
the game itself, and it machanics remember me the old "True love" game. An old Eroge. Really fun type , hope the editors ll do more like this one

bloodydragon 2014.09.03
The girls in this game are so hot!

LeeDN82 2014.09.02
All ending done. love the graphics on these games

blackburn1 2014.09.01
Great game like the many options you get.

johnnyistheman 2014.09.01
great graphics and ideas. Need more hints to help the players win the girl more easily.

phinn 2014.09.01
good playtime, wasn`t over in 30 seconds like a lot of flash games

thezombie123 2014.08.31
this is a great game and the graphics is nice

sexyboyy 2014.08.31
This is a great game, the graphics and the animation is excelent

jamieflamis 2014.08.30
so hot. can`t get much better

aldion 2014.08.27
this game was fun i liked how it played and the graphics so cool

faptastic 2014.08.25
Nice game, great graphics and animations, and enough challenge to feel rewarded for your efforts but not frustrated by the game.

tabbycat1 2014.08.24
Great game. The graphics are awesome.

madmage 2014.08.24
Nice game. Good looking girls

imppub 2014.08.24
like that all of the girls are different

AmazonianArcher 2014.08.22
Amazing stuff, nothing else need be said. All the girls and scenes are hot. Lack of a way to have more than one girl at once is a downside, but a small one.

Tegan200 2014.08.21
Amazing quality made me cum watching ;)

patoramone 2014.08.20
this game is so good i love it

SEXY961 2014.08.19
great graphics really sexy game

qwerty42 2014.08.19
Got to all the endings, and they were all equally amazing.
Time well spent.

shift0924 2014.08.17
This game has amzing graphics and the quality is great

rambo1200 2014.08.17
This is a cool game .

I like it .

pussycat123 2014.08.17
the editors have a good taste for porn this is amazing

samon 2014.08.16
looking forward to this fuckjng game

yangwu 2014.08.16
one of the best games ever love it

bigawa20 2014.08.16
i like the choices in this game just wish i didnt have to "pass" to go on vacation if you know what i mean

wampire 2014.08.14
perfect game,japaess girl is brilliant,i enjoyed it.

pseeker1234 2014.08.14
This is one of my favorites. The 3 girls are hot hotter hottest. Reiko is hot, i like cosplay just not the costume she wears. Kendra is hotter and the ending is great, getting into a threeway. Naomi is the hottest, the all black outfit that hugs every curve & blonde hair awesome.Excellent game

jenggotapi 2014.08.14
great game, great graphic, nice story, really enjoy it

Evanator120 2014.08.13
3 hot girls three times the fun awesome game to play

DaddySpaz82 2014.08.12
Seems like a cool game but it won`t let me go to my apartment and it got stuck on me after the first day

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
This game is awesome! It was challenging at first. You have to work to get to the sex scenes, but they`re worth it, especially Naomi!

Adams133 2014.08.09
great game, very enjoyable

kevinmalk 2014.08.09
good graphics great gameplay

xethren 2014.08.08
Good game
bad endings

A5TRO 2014.08.07
very good game they r so hot

Bob757 2014.08.07
one of the best games ever love it

Bob757 2014.08.07
the graphics are well done

mmmbabyfuckmeintheass 2014.08.07
this is my favorite game, i also love the graphics

Esmeralda13 2014.08.03
i love this game greeat graphics

machinafinimundi 2014.08.01
The great graphics although I would recommend changing their appearances

TheCasanova 2014.08.01
all the girls are hot but the japanese one is the hottest

Yodude2375 2014.08.01
The quality of this game is amazing

cimcim 2014.08.01
This is the best type of games where you have to work at getting the endings

TomTwoToes 2014.07.31
Great game with great graphics. Maybe make another one like it, but add a threesome. Unless there`s one I couldn`t find.

addy13 2014.07.30
this is cool game . im going to play this all night

SnowSnow 2014.07.30
Somebody help! I can`t do the basketball thing! Where do I click???

Luderi 2014.07.29
good game and nice girls

kalmalak 2014.07.29
amazing game

good graphics

KingChaos888 2014.07.28
The quality of this game is amazing, wish there were more like it

Juanksape 2014.07.25
Pretty interesting, though hard, a lot, try and make them easier, but the girls... WHOAA!!

greasyfoot 2014.07.25
really nice game love the storyline

saginaw 2014.07.25
yes you can get all three in one walkthrough, but wheres the 3some. Really like this one

Kvasir 2014.07.24
im not very good with this kind of game, but still fun:)

Purdy Pet 2014.07.23
One of my favorites! I`m definitely coming back to this one soon!

12214411 2014.07.22
The fact that you can lose makes the game even better.

Patrikx 2014.07.22
Funny game with much options, but somtimes i wish to have more...

csoggo 2014.07.22
three hot bitches, i played for every ending, was great, want more

nanam 2014.07.22
this games is so hot :)

Poseydon 2014.07.21
Nice game and story. REIKO is superrrrr nice. Please realize more game with REIKO.

Akong 2014.07.21
Hot game and great graphic

playforce2005 2014.07.20
sexiest game i have ever played

Ray1967 2014.07.20
Another well done flash game, I wasn`t good enough to get all three girls, but it was fun trying.

MikeyH74 2014.07.19
Nice game. i didn`t win but will have another go later.

traffic_x1 2014.07.18
Cool game, too bad they don`t have any threesome options... :(

jsfrts 2014.07.18
Very good game very interesting, nice to play.

malerynjgf11 2014.07.18
One question, how do you earn swag? Otherwise, this game is very, very, very fun!!!

calydoscope 2014.07.17
Great Game Awesome graphics

MalditoRasta 2014.07.16
Very good game, very interesting and the girls are very hot!

jakeyhines 2014.07.16
awesome/amazing game, Beautiful girls

ZaijunLai 2014.07.16
Totally a great games! alternatives given to the player and the graphic is just AMAZING for a web-based game!

dapieet 2014.07.16
very cool and challenging game.. like it!

akai 2014.07.16
great game, love the japanese girl and (with that) cosplay option in the game. took a while to figure out how to get them all in 1 play, when i finally figured it out i saw it was posted in the comments too

hughie 2014.07.16
hey i`m new to this website and this game is the best

stoad69 2014.07.15
Awesome graphics and story line. The girls are hot and very desirable.

ExtremeGamer 2014.07.15
Definitely one of the best games here! Supporting this and the creator :]

sexmach123 2014.07.15
This game makes me so hard

sexmach123 2014.07.15
Great game one of the best

R3ader63 2014.07.15
loved the blonde great game

blasoon 2014.07.13
This game was really good. I think out of all the girls, Kendra was my favourite.

NickH 2014.07.12
My favourite game so far, great girls and great fun!

justsomebro 2014.07.12
great game. loved the different girls

network22 2014.07.11
Very cool - challenging to get more than 1 in the same game.

Tranosaurus 2014.07.11
The story and functions on this game are so fun! It`s one of my favorite games to play here

asdzxcqwem 2014.07.09
not too long, but very fun with the multi-options!

omarabdullah78 2014.07.09
i love virtual world,,,,,it feels great

network22 2014.07.08
Very cool game - lots of options for what to do

canuur 2014.07.08
can anybody tell me where is play basketball option

Shub940 2014.07.08
the quality of the graphics is quite amazing!!! want to play again

canonblast826 2014.07.08
i like it and girls r sexy

sanyou123 2014.07.08
oh,yes,this is the best adult game ,i wanna have sex right now!

bigdig 2014.07.07
Best game on here. Sex is great. Points make sense. Easy but fun

kobebruh 2014.07.07
The game is very fun with great girls

maxjones97 2014.07.07
This is a great game! One of my favorites on here! I hope more like this will come!

sejedrengen 2014.07.06
Im stuck when i try to buy stuff for a girl

bitz94 2014.07.06
Actually I kind of like this game. Its a bit different than the others. And there`s no question about the story & the graphic quality.

LoPLover1 2014.07.06
really one of my favourites

thesonicflame 2014.07.05
really satisfied my needs

rileyw 2014.07.05
game is great but takes a long time especially if you fail..

lesbo4 2014.07.05
best game yet love the amimations

washburn 2014.07.05
this is the best adult game i have ever play but the time for activities are too short

r.cassle 2014.07.04
Great game!!! Really loved it!

JakeEschbach 2014.07.04
This game was amazing! Great quality and gameplay!

White_Wizzard 2014.07.03
great graphics and awsome gameplay

MJT 2014.07.03
this game is totally awesome
one of my favorite ones so far

Stole this so easier
nding 1 : fail to get exam (science + culture + fitness < 150) Ending 2 : succeed at exam but "chose" to go alone Ending 3 : exam + Naomi Ending 4 : exam + Reiko Ending 5 : exam + Kendra Get all your stats to 60, start with culture. Days 1-16 : During morning/afternoon, study. During the evening, work at the shop. around day 16, you should have culture, science and fitness at 60+, popularity at ~30. When you have 210+ money, go to the shop and by for yourself nose piercing + shades + mp3 player. This put your swag to 65. Now you can start to talk to the girls. 0-4 : only talk wit...
Now you can start to talk to the girls. 0-4 : only talk with them. (+2) 5-19 : talk and compliment them (+3), you can also give them 1 present. 20-49 : you can touch them (+4) 50-99 : you can flirt and kiss them (+5 each) 100-149 : you can massage them (+6) 150+ : Sex + boobs ! Enjoy !

hans22 2014.07.02
realy realy nice game and beautiful girls.

hubba69 2014.07.01
It` kinda lame that you have a certain time to be able to get to the new asian girl... still a great game but on a 1st playthrough, it was a little frustrating

grayman30 2014.07.01
the story was great for this game i liked it

botzal 2014.07.01
The graphic is awsome and the gameplay is fantastic. I like the ending with Naomi.

john.smith69u 2014.07.01
The bottom right does not work?

meli56 2014.06.30
i like this games this game so cool,great n awesome

Randall87 2014.06.29
Hot chicks, amazing storyline, great graphics. Not too hard to play & the animations are amazing.

cookie2006 2014.06.28
That was pretty cool, i like the story that the games take on!! Fantastic!

el92 2014.06.28
very nice gameplay an graphic. i`ve reached ending 1 . also good animation

AMR66 2014.06.28
amazing game

nice graphics

AMR66 2014.06.28
nice graphics, beautiful girls

Loror 2014.06.27
Great game and interesting questing and graphics

worth a play through and more than once being all 3 girls are hard to get when you play through once and there is 5 endings to see

alprazo 2014.06.26
Good graphics and good storyline. I like this game.

splitefire 2014.06.26
I dunno why its so slow loading.....

stopie11 2014.06.25
Love the game, nice challenge and good graphics

Kruvol 2014.06.24
Nice game! It is very hard to get all 3 girls in one play. I really don`t mind getting one of them per play and went through the game 3 times. NICE!

yowad 2014.06.24
The graphics are amazing and the story is great

cetaphil 2014.06.23
does anyone can fuck more than one girl per play?

Coldude-0 2014.06.23
this is a very fun game. i loved it

Xandinaril 2014.06.22
Didnt do well but I will keep trying, very sexy girls

temporaneo.81 2014.06.21
aaagh naomi, you are the best. good game, you can play over and over

zainhussain 2014.06.20
i wish the game was real so i couid cum all inside their tight pussy

maryanne 2014.06.20
i like the way naomi askes to strip

Auxerrois87 2014.06.19
Very interessant game, with lot of marvelous endings

toolzombie 2014.06.19
This game was a lot of fun. 10/10

xtremepic777 2014.06.18
The hardest person to get to go with a holiday was Naomi. It took me 5 times. Kendra took me 3 times and Reiko was first time lucky. I would recommend new players to try to go for Reiko, Kendra and then Naomi.

6166542 2014.06.18
Got all 5 endings, preferred Kendra`s ending the most. Naomi was annoying to get thought.

BobJoy 2014.06.18
Two out of three so far, now one more to go.

harman097 2014.06.17
3 girls tips:

Get all stats > 60, swag > 70 - don`t bother going past that.
Don`t waste visits to the store and never buy the most expensive items. Have >$223 when you buy yourself swag and get all the cheapest ones in one go (for 70). Its the exact same amount for presents - have > $223, buy all the cheapest ones.
In the early stages, don`t bother talking to girls unless you have gifts to give them. Once you get them to "Fascinated", you probably don`t need to give more gifts.
Make sure you get Reiko to Desire before Day 23(ish), or she heads back to Tokyo.

There`s no special 3 girl ending, unfortunately.

aussimal 2014.06.16
love this game lots to do many challenges and just like real life ,in a way to real but very good graphics,lovely story line one of the best i have played and am still playing,. try it you will not be disappointed.

Blacker300 2014.06.16
This game can be great game and have nice graphics for browser game

DimitarCC 2014.06.16
A very nice game! I love it! good graphics and story. just i need more girls to be available!

karanm130 2014.06.16
wow the best game i had ever played......graphics and chicks are great

jassy 2014.06.15
This was a great game, took a while to figure out but definitely worth a try!

FastNick500 2014.06.15
awsome game, keep going

MrSh4rk 2014.06.15
Another great work. Well done.

Klopsi 2014.06.15
this is a fun and sexy game. i like the girls, especially Naomi.

adragon707 2014.06.15
Great game I can`t wait to unlock the other endings

abbel 2014.06.15
great game .... I like it very much.

ballsac 2014.06.15
This game is kinda long at times. Nice graphics, but not exciting.

LKF33 2014.06.14
Really cool game :) with nice girls, and graphics are chill too ! Nice to play

Alfherin 2014.06.14
Weird how it seems like an actual game haha, didn`t think you could lose at these sort of games.

Nightblender 2014.06.14
good graphics and good storyline

gasfoot 2014.06.13
The fact that you can lose makes the game even better.

iamnoob11 2014.06.12
Time adds difficulty to the game but overall worth a playthrough. Sex scenes are a bit short though.

yannos34 2014.06.12
wow just a perfect game to lift it up lol

mario123445 2014.06.12
the graphics are the best i ever seen

kok123 2014.06.12
great game graphics nice gameplay

wrestleyou54 2014.06.11
fun game.. just choose one.. you can`t win them all over in one game it doesn`t seem like.. there should have been a scene for passing at the end..

Almeho 2014.06.11
I wish the scenes were longer once you have sex with them and I feel that there should have been more interaction between Mike and the girls other than generic statements based on how they felt about him. But, the game was incredibly detailed and the girls were gorgeous. It wasn`t too hard nor easy to figure things out even though I felt Kendra --> Reiko --> Naomi was the order of difficulty from easiest to hardest based on my experiences. I got Kendra in one try, Reiko in two and Naomi took four. All that said, this game is great, wish it was longer and Reiko is my favorite.

grevantime 2014.06.11
Even though it took a while to conquer the game, I feel it`s the best LOP since the original & black version.

kuydster 2014.06.11
awesome gameplay. Sex scenes were short but the idea of sim was interesting

Romaxa 2014.06.11
hard and interesting game

baggiemanun 2014.06.10
good game lots of choices

sexybeast1 2014.06.10
good game but I cant get reiko for some reason I got all the others though

Romaxa 2014.06.09
impressive gameplay and nice animation

fred666 2014.06.08
i`m stuck in the shop after bying a box of chocolate. Can`t reach the exit button

zainhussain 2014.06.07
i wanna have sex right now

17Kevin17 2014.06.07
Gotta love college fantasies!

aryan3210 2014.06.07
gameplay and graphics is good, time deadline of game makes it a hard game

lengfeihan 2014.06.07
i want to know who can fix all the girls in one time ? :)
good game!!!

ygg 2014.06.06
Like the gist of the game. Girls are cute too

tareq7 2014.06.06
this is a good game that is also quite challenging unlike most of the others with is easier to get the best endings and good scenes. thanks for such a good game

barry23 2014.06.06
story is good but a litte much sex is good too

sid23 2014.06.06
Nice game! there should be more games like this :)

NabilSamad 2014.06.06
Amazing game! Quite an interesting storyline. Loved the fact that it has five different endings.

rafial 2014.06.06
quite a good game .loved it

Verethragna 2014.06.06
amazing quality and history

Edogawa1012 2014.06.05
greaat game ..... but i focused on studies too much that failed to ask girls out

TonyLynx69 2014.06.05
Love it, wish there was some way to get a foursome or something! Nice job though!

sam wilkins 2014.06.04
great game,super girls and amazing storyline

kgunnars 2014.06.04
good game and a lot of hot girls. one of the best games i played so far

xox 2014.06.03
nice game, but little bit too many characters.

thking69 2014.06.03
challenging enough I like that good game nice hot girls.

ReallHotHornyGamer 2014.06.02
I managed all 3 girls, it is really easy, just get the 3 stats to pass exam to 50, get swag and popularity to 50 and than just focus on a girl, you can talk to each girl 2 times per day so it is really easy to get her to 150ish point so you can finally bang them.

redboss 2014.06.01
I`m not able to get all of the girls in 30 days. Wondering if anyone has gotten all 3 girls in the 30 days.

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
lot of work very long game but i love college games !

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
i like college games like this one got all the endings super

nitrosonny 2014.05.30
Ooh, wasn`t that something? Made me very horny, given that I don`t have much time either before I pass college.

Hazan9 2014.05.30
Girls are nice and game is good.

pussaycunt 2014.05.29
like this game alot, the girls were very beautiful and the game was interesting

ladiesman420 2014.05.29
set the mood right....
nice gameplay....with nice graphics...
really hot game.....pricky storyline too....

Mighty2000 2014.05.29
Very vool game with nice graphics.

tonacho 2014.05.28
That`s a very good game but i think too long

NoMerCY765 2014.05.28
amazing game and great graphics and fun to play

Megamorp221 2014.05.28
this is just perfect very nice graphics indeed

dxd_xl_snh 2014.05.28
nice game and nice girls with a challenge

elninolash 2014.05.27
This is great, graphic good. nice game.

redrunner 2014.05.27
Kendra is WAY too into France in my opinion, but her looks make up for it! When I first played this, she was my first choice! (I have been able to get all 3 though)

redrunner 2014.05.27
Reiko is hard to get, but is fun once you do. ; )

acpreston13 2014.05.27
Great game, good variety with the 3 girls. A combination or longer period would be good to concentrate on each girl.

TaiSorrow 2014.05.25
Hot girls. Worked really hard and got all of them and passed exams. Disappointed not to have a group ending for all the hard works.

pranks 2014.05.25
its a really nice game with amazing graphics & beauties. i also been able to complete with nicole finally after many tries. All were super beauty. Its a hard game but I thinks first u should score passing marks after that you should talk to any of the beauty. i personally able to complete by this only

indra2012 2014.05.24
Its not time for 3 girls in 30 days, I love Kendra

adyee 2014.05.24
Good game itl will be little hard to have three girls but.... the girls are too hot and game is also very good

ocandela 2014.05.24
I was able to have sex with both Kendra and Naomi in the same 30 days. I`d like to try and do all three girls in one game, but I don`t think that 30 days is enough.

I started taking English lessons every day and talking to one of the girls, alternating. In the evening, I`d help sell merchandise. Only talk to Naomi twice because after that, you need to increase your swag to continue your relationship. You can make up for it later.

After reaching 25 in English, Science, and Fitness, you have options that increase these stats by 6, instead of 3. Drama classes and tutoring will also increase your Popularity, which you will need to maintain your progress in your relationships. A quick way to gain popularity is to buy it at the nightclub.

The trick is a delicate balance of studies, relationships and making money.

Like I said, I was able to have sex with both girls, but it was literally on day 29 and I almost didn`t get Kendra.

Good luck.

Nemesis2020 2014.05.23
Reiko is hard to get. Nice game with good graphics

slut312 2014.05.23
i can never get any of them by the end

knif3d 2014.05.22
Stunning graphics and amazing storyline.

sabryel 2014.05.22
kinda hoped for a threesome ending!

markd321 2014.05.22
Good game with lots to do, will take some time to get all 3 girls but can be done

markmarky 2014.05.21
Really good in the story and in the animations. To me, Lessons of passion is a sure thing, now! ;)

igandlore 2014.05.20
good game... tried 2 out of 3 girls

Deserter69 2014.05.20
Great Game! A bit complex but amazing!

Porcel 2014.05.19
I could only reach one girl at a time!

Adolf69 2014.05.18
really nice girls. the asian lady is my favorite

grimsigh17 2014.05.17
nice game,, would love to have orgy with the three girls..

r0ckst4r 2014.05.17
All three girls are gorgeous.

JackieeBoy 2014.05.16
The blonde is absolutely fantastic.

raiha024 2014.05.16
very nice game.. nice graphics... 30 days is quite challenging too...

55c 2014.05.16
got endings 2-4 still working on #5. nice game.

mel123 2014.05.15
great game, nice graphics, loved it, very cute girls

mfrank 2014.05.15
Really good story, a lot of interaction and good graphics

kyle1172 2014.05.12
Really good game. The girls are hot and the gameplay is challenging, but enjoyable

pandeyaryan555 2014.05.12
nice game i loved it another superb game from force one

elliot26 2014.05.12
great game - love the structure.
slutty blonde is my fave!

ootm 2014.05.12
awsome game! i love it that it`s no that easy to win

Vectra 2014.05.11
Very good Game with good graphics

Raio10 2014.05.11
this is a good game that is also quite challenging unlike most of the others with is easier to get the best endings and good scenes.

GoMartijn300 2014.05.11
It`s a fun game but you need a lot of patience, it`s also a true rpg dating sim

Tonno 2014.05.11
i loved it so much i want to play again

heatpm95 2014.05.11
Very hot. Game isn`t that bad and takes pretty much repetition to get all 3 girls.

shyman44425 2014.05.10
Really cool game. Challenging at first. Reward is worth it!

kristin121 2014.05.10
The game of deception. Only began to recruit points, and the game ends. And other games. On the left site kept playing Eleanor once dobralas to the office the game ends. It

advar 2014.05.10
This game is great, but I can`t do enough in the time alotted...

shawol 2014.05.10
glorious game best i have seen

shawol 2014.05.10
love the gurls and the plot

kristin121 2014.05.09
one deception and not the game. Only began to recruit points, the game ends.

kristin121 2014.05.09
I do not understand how to play this game. Who podskazet?

randy06 2014.05.09
wow great sex game love the ladys and want to finsh so i can get all ladys hope to do it soon

Megamorp221 2014.05.09
really nice graphics good of how we play this game and really lots of steps and it was fun!

nyon 2014.05.09
another editor choice, wonderful and amazing, the girls are very beatiful, and the graphic, well, next level :)

Keegan_crow 2014.05.09
Hot girls and awesome graphics

biologellen 2014.05.09
really nice gameplay with good graphics love that

sexyonee939w 2014.05.09
amazing game, good graphics

rocky1905 2014.05.09
nice game loved playing it

makakofalvi 2014.05.09
Nics game, a bit short and repetitive, however, and can`t get the "secret" ending, no. 1 :/

kristin121 2014.05.08
Why the game ends as soon began to recruit glasses

thehelp 2014.05.08
I actually found a glitch in this game where you can get in bed with all the girls without having to talk to them.

notman 2014.05.07
interesting game, had fun playing it, but hard

rinoalb 2014.05.07
nice but should be more girls

julio1980 2014.05.07
Hot game, nice twist in kendra finish... Greato graphics.

bethrezen 2014.05.07
Extremely interesting game, had fun playing it

firedog12046 2014.05.07
fun but takes alot of time

elDona 2014.05.06
Cool graphics nice game

tjsandhume 2014.05.06
Would be privileged if more of such games are made available on pf1. Another superb game!

CollyChamp12 2014.05.06
I enjoyed the game. Being in college now it was nice to find a game with a setting similar to my everyday life.

Tript 2014.05.06
Very good n interesting game :)

Petro28 2014.05.06
Easy game and very good graphics

luke1234567890 2014.05.06
great game , its fantastic

elishacuthbert 2014.05.05
time 1, 2, 3

Talk +2
Box of chocolates +5
Fancy flower +7
Teddy bear +10
Silver earrings +18
Golden necklace +20
Flirt +5
Invite for sex +33

Touch her hair +4
Kiss her hand +5
Compliment her outfit +3
Massage her thighs +6
Grab her boobs +7


Sex - Massage her buttocks, Ask her to touch herself, Stop her, Kendra sucks me, Kendra gets fucked

and you cum on her ass

Talk +2
Box of chocolates +5
Fancy flower +7
Teddy bear +10
Silver earrings +18
Golden necklace +20
Flirt +5
Invite for sex

Compliment her eyes +3
Touch her arm +4
Kiss her lips +5
Massage her thighs +6

Sex - Compliment her outfit, Push her on a window, Kiss her lips, Spread her legs, Undress her, Remove

her panties, Massage her boobs, Turn her around, Ask her to suck your cock,
Reiko goes down on you and sucks your cock
you taste her pussy
you fuck her and cum on her ass

Talk +2
Box of chocolates +5
Fancy flower +7
Teddy bear +10
Silver earrings +18
Golden necklace +20
Flirt +5
Invite for sex

Compliment her hair +3
Kiss her lips +5
Touch her arm +4
Massage her thighs +6
Grab her boobs +7

Sex - Kiss her, Massage her thighs, Remove her hands, Touch her hair, Remove right strap, Remove left

strap, Take it off, Touch her boobs, Touch her ass, Remove panties, Massage her boobs, Touch her

pussy, Put wet finger inside her mouth
Naomi blowing ya
Naomi rides you on top

Amincoy 2014.05.05
to much step but interest

Anatik 2014.05.05
i love this game... it`s fking hot GOOD WORK ;)

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Not my favorite because of the graphics but not a bad game.

bemont 2014.05.05
i love this game,hot girls

Avatareagleman2 2014.05.05
I LOVE ASIANS. but this game is still a little too short.

Petro28 2014.05.05
grate game , i like the idea.

haganeno 2014.05.05
Best dating sim i ever played, please make more games like this one

hithart 2014.05.04
kendra and reiko are amazing
i dont like naomi that much

pf1234 2014.05.04
Great gqme, very good graphics, not too easy

AnonymousGuy12 2014.05.04
Cool game nice graphics

Hotguy29126 2014.05.03
Awesome game! Great graphics, hot sexy girls and a good plot.

skodev 2014.05.03
beautiful woman awesome graphics

skodev 2014.05.03
wicked game so many choices

mochabear415 2014.05.03
Another great LoP game and a tip - stick with one girl!!

westoy 2014.05.02
i like the game. i liked that u need different attributes to get different girls

westoy 2014.05.02
very good game, interesting and not too easy

helpme 2014.05.02
nice game need to pick one girl to flirt with

FlowerPwner 2014.05.01
Pretty nice game but not very easy at the beginning.

steven.wijesinghe 2014.05.01
very interesting game. really enjoyed it

Mashin 2014.05.01
Tried all but Kendra (least favorite) though I wanna do her too. ;)

Bugatti25 2014.05.01
wow my favorite one out of the 3 is Reiko cause I always wondered how it was to have sex with a different race and this game me a chance to see how it might be.

Plei 2014.04.30
At first it`s a bit hard but then it gets better when you know the basics

Tom91 2014.04.30
J`aime bien se jeu et le site :)

miskas 2014.04.30
Definetly a great came loved especially the day cycle and actually having to think of what to do next.

111justin111 2014.04.29
it`s a game where you need to dicide carefully what you choose

wawok 2014.04.29
very good & Hot Ending I like it very much this game

Jayuk 2014.04.28
Good game, but quite hard

Sparky411 2014.04.28
Fantastic game, really addictive, found myself playing for hours to get all the endings.

slipknotfcker 2014.04.27
pretty cool game kinda hard trying to keep the score up but fun just seeing the hot chicks on there

kjdehn 2014.04.27
wish I now Kelly college friends

presin 2014.04.26
Nice game i like reiko the most

Defttone 2014.04.26
Not the best game to come out of this website, but the new mechanic of Morning, Midday, and Evening is a fresh take on this form of game.

CMPunk34 2014.04.25
I love this game so much i play it everyday woohoo

ozorne_6 2014.04.25
great game , can`t wait to score with all three girls

SexyBasje23 2014.04.25
super hot girls, and its a very nice game

frank1974 2014.04.25
great games,hot girls and good sex scenes

ShdwVortex 2014.04.25
Great game but some button glitches for me

harrywibowo 2014.04.24
Nice graphic, but actually we can`t have more than one girl so thats make kind of poor.

airwaves182 2014.04.24
this is epic... i like this game!

TroyLancea 2014.04.23
good game great graphic hot girls like it!

toddyxxx 2014.04.23
rather challenging but worth it in the end!

hops25 2014.04.23
great game. one of the most enjoyable on the site

Dudemanrocks 2014.04.23
Love the graphics and the gameplay. Definitely one of the best games on the site. Adding to the favorites!

LazorusDefec 2014.04.22
Great Game graphics are good and gameplay. best game here!

raiha024 2014.04.22
love the game... great graphics and gameplay...

pedrofigueiredo 2014.04.22
i didn`t know what to do but then i realized how easy it was

sigler768 2014.04.22
good game good graphics

CMPunk34 2014.04.22
Nice game ever to be played

Blitzkriegbob 2014.04.21
best lop game in a long time. Gameplay and Graphics are easy to the eye.

pusshound 2014.04.21
Nice game. Good looking girls . Sex animation is pretty good. Too bad there is no anal. It took some time to get all three. Good story line. Worth playing.

brawltoy3 2014.04.21
The QR codes should have a link to part of the website for those who don`t have the QR scanner.

randy06 2014.04.21
great game again and sexy chicks and sex scenes yes great again try and finsh it

LordTrap 2014.04.21
Great game, lots of work put into it i can tell

SachinAgnihotri 2014.04.20
Very good game..must play

dharker 2014.04.20
Got all three girls, all are very different with great animations. love it.

aron5345 2014.04.19
There should be some more long haired girls, as well as more extensive gameplay, however I think the girls took a realistic amount of time to get.

Tzzman 2014.04.19
Not a big fan of these 30 day limit games

Jim89 2014.04.18
Nice game

It took a while but i finally fucked all three girls on the last day (one day less and i would have been screwed).
As it was quite hard to get all three there should be a sixth ending where you get all three on a field trip or something.

I just leveled everything up as high as necessary until day 13 (Popularity 60, Fitness 50, Swag 60, Science 50, Culture 60) to get to the sex scenes with all the girls, so you already have enough to pass exams.
Then theres the trick to date Reiko on morning in class and on evening at the shop, Kendra at midday until you fuck Reiko, then you date Noami at morning and in the club in the evening, if you do everything right you even got the evening of the last day free to fuck a girl again.

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