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Charm Point Part One


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Domenik 2017.10.19
Little game. Easy and simple . A little boring

KitCarsen 2017.08.14
A bit tedious for my liking.

emmeburk1 2017.07.25
This game is nice and clam i thinkrn

michas 2017.03.14
I can;t touch her breast, Weird,,, :(

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Good graphics and animation. A simple teaser, definitely a worthy Chapter One. Makes me look forward to a prospective Chapter Two. Too bad they don`t have a link to said later chapters.

shogom 2017.01.07
ok. but i expected to get some..

Bruno83 2016.09.26
short and easy, good quick game.

mrjay09 2016.09.19
one of the more simple but enjoyable games

JohnSephiros 2016.07.20
the game has nothing else, it could be better

kristmas27 2016.07.08
The gameplay is terrible. It takes too long for nothing.


cambridge4453 2016.06.01
Desperate to find any polite words to say about this. It is ridiculous and a waste of time. No story; silly scenario. Why???

divineunity 2016.05.30
ooooh come oooon! You are teasing us too? let us fuck her hard in her pussy :D

singlevirgin 2016.03.19
Great Game With A Hot And Sexy Woman

BOTO77 2015.12.27
Decent graphics, no story line and short, but kind of fun.

daddiestickem 2015.12.09
kinda simple but gets strightt to the point

dgkesquire 2015.11.08
Fair game, if not quite up to good. I like the graphics (mosaic notwithstanding) and the gameplay. I just wish there were more of it.

vandon 2015.09.09
graphics were good game is short, too repdative

xkcd12 2015.08.12
Good Game. The graphics are good but the gameplay is repetitive.

kanther 2015.08.06
nice grapgics in this one. The Woman looks hot and reacts to the stimuli. nicely done

donger74 2015.07.31
graphics is ok but the game play is repetitive

larchyteckte 2015.06.30
good game good graphics easy

Sthyll 2015.05.31
Simple game but efficience ! A negative point : this game is too long and repetitive.

pulla25 2015.05.09
it,s nice game ,but simply

Mesut_Sharper 2015.04.21
thats not good game. so short sexes and so on ...

sasxxx 2015.03.28
its a simple game not a good sex game

holystoner 2015.02.28
just not much to do - if you could do more with her she is pretty

Chopik 2015.01.20
I liked this game.Girl are very juicy

Broomfondle 2015.01.19
Awesome boobs. wish she made some noises and not sure it had ended

Pigfortune 2015.01.14
This lady is juicy, you`ll need a mop on standby as that kitchen floor is gonna be wet and sticky.

Syneid 2015.01.07
Boring game, the image is decent but there is not much to do. 45%

Dalton34 2014.12.31
This is a great game. All newcomers should try this.

dgkesquire 2014.11.25
Nice lead up to the action, great graphics...the boobs are a bit too big for me, but I understand that the "bigger is better" concept works for some players.

dandraft 2014.10.17
it gets boring rather quicly , graphics are ok,but it takes too long to progress and theres no point,really,
The girl is alrigth,but not one that will cost you any sleep.
she doesent look very pregnant to me so its wierd that she produces milk,but i guess everything is highly possibe,where she is. But for the slow progress it only gets a 2/10.

Y2Jericho 2014.09.07
the game is little bit aweful cause there is only little to do

Rottencrotch 2014.08.23
I love giant breasted hentai babes. The game itself was repetitive, but it is meant to stimulate you and did so.

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
Good graphic but could have been better if it wasn`t so much clicking

Stathis 2014.08.09
Pretty simple game, gets repetitive quickly..

Jarhead469 2014.07.31
just point and click, gets really boring towards the end. Graphics are the only redeeming quality

Luderi 2014.07.29
short game but simple & fun.

Drew31 2014.07.23
great fun game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN-Duke 2014.07.05
i love how you can milk those giant titties of her. really sexy

altelier 2014.06.17
nice squirting milk... i like it... hhahaha altough its still plain

Jarhead469 2014.05.09
Decent graphics, no story line and short, but kind of fun.

dgkesquire 2014.04.25
Nice, simple game. Graphics and action interesting. Not the biggest fan of the censoring mosaic, though.

rennarenna 2014.03.24
nice! a pretty much way to spend time

djaquafresh 2014.03.22
Ok, graphics are not bad. overall kind of plain.

vegetajr17 2014.03.19
Interesting gameplay. I like but I wish more was done.

tanaman11 2014.03.15
the girl was great if the game was longer it would be awsome

prouders11 2014.02.15
OK game, bit basic, but good animation

Stathis 2014.01.30
Played similar games..the lack of plot is disturbing but it`s ok.

bqanderson 2014.01.16
Slow and unresponsive gameplay, but a very sexy girl!

Zucifer 2013.12.20
great graphics...very easy...enjoyble

X.man 2013.12.18
it was so short . i didnt like it

facawat 2013.12.08
very heavy sexy game i see today

derp234 2013.11.29
the game was straight to the point, which I can appreciate.

TJLifeless 2013.11.20
It`s only a little frustrating when somewhat good games get very repetative and follow the usual trends. It`s good for a quick game, though. Having individual meters instead of one single meter keeps it a little diverse.

bilbily 2013.11.17
Point and Click to get results.Really stimulating game. Graphics is pretty good than expected.

iatesatan 2013.11.10
The animations were fun but it was a little too short and easy.

serge74 2013.11.06
little bit short and easy

sharon005 2013.11.06
its realy good im suck in this games where it is more sensual

Badvoc 2013.11.03
pretty dull, no challenge and quite repetetive

tashakaye 2013.10.28
Really stimulating game. Graphics is pretty good than expected.

leoyong98 2013.10.24
should have more sound effects

lopjak 2013.10.23
Quick, clicky game with another anime cutie girl with the expected giant tits, but these additionally drip and squirt along with her wet and ready little cunt.You have to work a little harder (more tedious clicking) to see the short animated endings on this one. There are plenty of other, better ones out there.

Artybee 2013.10.01
Nice gameplay en good story

insanityjoker70 2013.09.28
what a fantastic game .. i like it, ahaks, ahaks

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

dio92105 2013.09.20
I know how to milk a bovine not a woman ...just strange otherwise fun game

hahaha05 2013.09.15
its nice game, with a good graphic.. very impressive

mikie477 2013.09.10
nice game but its more fun in 3D.

shadowfox18 2013.09.04
game is not so intersting......

jahe 2013.09.01
nice graphic, it realy teasing
would be great if there`s a sensual voice from the woman..

madmax68 2013.08.31
great game, loved the graphics and storyline - realy enjoyed it

Zenk 2013.08.27
cool game with good grafics

Thinman 2013.08.27
Nice Graphics...but the game repeats itself to much.

Ken_Scades 2013.08.23
way to repetitious, but cool graphics.

x x 2013.08.22
So hot and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lantern 2013.08.21
Reasonable game but far to repetitive

Luckyman26 2013.08.16
it should have some more interactive things to be able to do then the same stuff

airgear123 2013.08.13
Nice game and very interesting

runningfromlions 2013.08.03
Was it really necesary to make us do both boobs every. single. time?

lilmann 2013.08.01
i wish you would make new games

asinble 2013.06.22
very heavy sexy game i see today

Loitny 2013.06.20
I found no interest in this "game".
Graphics not so great.

bernas56 2013.06.10
this game is very good i played him 6 times

max slayer 2013.06.07
i liked the game and graphics, the girl was sexy

listener 2013.06.02
Not much going on here. Very simple, just follow the directions. Not my favorite.

mad one 2013.06.02
next game must entertaining

droopy1988 2013.05.27
good game but to much clicking. nice jugs

pokefan 2013.05.26
Too simple. And not that fun.

waasig 2013.05.19
Great animations....but hate the clicking part. kinda gets tiring

Ilkay 2013.05.19
Decent graphics, but to short

gwazz 2013.05.15
not very challenging gets boring

ionut81s 2013.05.09
how about more 3d games?

gwazz 2013.05.03
nice graphics but over all aboring game

manish.mks22 2013.04.21
too bad game, its worth to play. total waste of time

brit_man33 2013.04.19
no real storyline, just a click thorugh thing. Boring after a while.

koltrain95 2013.04.15
Great game loved the idea, but it was very easy

Vanghelsing 2013.04.11
game esy to little combinatios to cuming good

gwazz 2013.04.10
nice graphics but the game is just boring

gwazz 2013.04.09
girl was sexy but the game was pretty boring

TANNY02 2013.04.08

andregrande 2013.04.08
not like other game.. sorry

AntoSerr 2013.04.07
Great game, but it repeats its self to much

LadyPayne 2013.04.03
I thought it was kinda boring and repetitive.

roudyboy 2013.04.01
Worst one ive play on this website not good

yoyomatt123 2013.03.30
I dont usually go for these types of games but this was definitely tease and the graphics were 100%

dmaan 2013.03.29
Enjoyed the way her breasts bounced. COOL

asadaly21 2013.03.26
more 3d games with longer time or story fuckin`n love this game .

generic99 2013.03.22
it`s a tease, alright. nice quick fix. those boobs are ginormous!

nathanco 2013.03.20
sexy girl whith big boobs thats awsome

aloula 2013.03.15
nice game and big boobs wow thats great

Imskel 2013.03.10
Too short but it is a tease.

for me the boobs are too big but nice.

all in all nice game for a tease.

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Love the dripping pussy and tits. Nice shiny oiled skin. I thought there were 3 girls in this game.

77out 2013.03.03
very good graphics but the gameplay is a little lacking,

Sir_Loins 2013.03.01
Thought it was over but surprise surprise keep on trying :)

madmax68 2013.02.23
good graphics, not much fun otherwise

Duke63 2013.02.22
A simple game without much challenge.

JarheadHME 2013.02.20
very good graphics but the gameplay is a little lacking, its tedious waiting for the animation to end.

Elerias 2013.02.17
hot chick, liked her graphic alot

Duke63 2013.02.16
OK game but a bit simple.

crank 2013.02.09
not much interesting... graphics are good...

tsps1977 2013.02.08
good graphics-not much fun otherwise

gamelarry9 2013.02.04
not very good. same things get repeated

soulkiss 2013.02.04
a great sexy game, multiple poses were good

vash_27 2013.02.02
more 3d games with longer time or story fuckin`n love this game ..

sweetheart23 2013.02.01
Nice game ,could had been longer but no complain love it

PatRay 2013.01.26
Enjoyed the way her breasts bounced.

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Nice game , but too simple.

marmadukexx 2013.01.24
i think its quite boring, i prefer the one with stories

dgkesquire 2013.01.18
Nice, simple game. Great graphics (both the lactating and the cumming). Would like a possible function where the player could, if so equipped, employ a live cock instead of a vibrator in one of the lower orifices.

gartal 2013.01.17
the graphics were good, and the gameplay was simple, all in all, a well made

pilosipo 2013.01.13
Simple, but nice animation

zee95 2013.01.12
yes this game is nice but its too short

stravis672 2013.01.03
This game was a little too simple. Not as fun as I had hoped.

tslutz 2012.12.29
Good game, kind of simple though.

dadybooss 2012.12.28
good game but reloaded slole

wolfpredator855 2012.12.28
This is one of the best. Purely interactive with hotter sex options! Great graphics.

im3xbuck 2012.12.25
Nice animations A little more thinking would be great and move...

sudhanshu 2012.12.24
great game, with a nice sexy stunning lady....

viknes 2012.12.21
sexy game with a hot girl. more thought into the game would be nice

viknes 2012.12.21
The game, for what it offers, I feel was drawn out too far. I also would of enjoyed a more interactive experience. Too much "Hey click here", followed by "Good job, now click there 20 more times so you can advance only to perform the exact same thing"

einrudelgurken 2012.12.15
Nice game, a bit tired of the general 2D game, but it`ll do.. how about more 3d games? Not complaining, though. (:

Theosopher 2012.12.14
could be better with sound effects.

thejedi 2012.12.12
nothing too extraordinary...but i liked it nonetheless

fuckstars1211 2012.11.22
sexiest game i had ever played

h-life7 2012.11.21
wasnt bad but she was so hot

Doc_Sauvage 2012.11.17
While this is a good game, it`s pretty general. it`s not the kind of game that I come on here to play, I really wish it could be more original.

noti 2012.11.15
Nice animations A little more thinking would be great.

Blesshand 2012.11.10
Simplicity itself. But the girl is cute though. I just missed the choices.

mellows92 2012.11.09
Nice animations but too repetitive

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Hm interesting game. Very simplistic though and needs sound effects with on/off always.

Jonah666 2012.11.07
Nice graphics, but the game is so bored, so repetitive

woohoobar 2012.11.05
the graphics were good, and the gameplay was simple, all in all, a well made

zilver63 2012.11.03
Pointless game in my opinion, don`t do anything for me.

chap74 2012.10.27
this game is good but not the best

chrisnebeker 2012.10.23
i enjoyed this game a lot althogh it need a difrent tune

morgano 2012.10.16
more multiple choices games like this but with out the help

dante godhand 2012.10.11
I like this girl. great graphics, hope they will release another part of this game! soon

varadibalazs 2012.10.11
Nice graphics, but a bit boring gameplay

JohnMcKrusty 2012.10.08
I like tke look and the game play...more please ;)

brosda 2012.10.05
this on is awesome, very very nice game

Jack Cracker 2012.10.04
Oh, wow! I have been looking for this game! This one is a very good adult game, one of the first I played and liked! It`s got wonderfully drawn females and the gameplay isn`t a let-down either.:):):)

strokinghard 2012.10.03
game ok but could be better

erpoly 2012.09.23
nice game...the sound background good...graphic also good...love it

akitta 2012.09.22
nice,but i prefer the 3d games.

holy fuck 2012.09.22
The graphics are really great and the gameplay could be better

gregscallywag 2012.09.16
The milk was a nice surprise with the breasts, but as it was a central theme it would have been nice to have a more explosive result when you achieve max levels.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.13
A small nice Game for few Minutes...

MiroMasry 2012.09.12
waste of time boring game

jahe 2012.09.10
good graphic
but boring
but it tease me,just like the title

MiroMasry 2012.09.05
really boring... has no idea in game

penguingod 2012.09.03
HOT MAMA! very common though..

HarryU 2012.08.29
A bit lazy game... Nice graphics though

pablo13 2012.08.28
this game is good but not the best

tb10921 2012.08.28
good graphics, boring though

kawsrob 2012.08.25
OK game with nice graphic, but not too interesting

dhruboPassion 2012.08.21
Not much impressed by the game...kinda boring...only worth playing the game is for the girl

blackcat93 2012.08.19
Nice Game its very easy ply this game

rlt3744 2012.08.19
nice game just to simple.

DBrock21 2012.08.19
Nice game for click base game

skybluedevil18 2012.08.17
lots of repeted gameplay too much clicking might need some improvment

dumbapple 2012.08.14
i dun mind the 2D but nice and easy to play nothing to hard about it , graphics is at high standards as normal xD over all 10 / 10

Big2823 2012.08.13
Game is not that good, to repetitive

love33333 2012.08.10
i like this game..i think need improvement

drmuhrasheed 2012.08.07
average game need more improvement

wolfman 2012.08.02
boring boring game,the girl looks allrigth but its annoying with all of the clicking in order to progress and whats that with the fluid spraying out?is she pregnant or what,NOT very cool youve done better guys,i felt like a bit of a perv playing this one i hope thats not your aim

cobra1347 2012.07.29
If it`s a real girl then she have lots of dicks together to choose.

cdub09 2012.07.23
i like the click here option all in all good quality great game

chap74 2012.07.21
Nice little game, but too shor

lngbrdr22 2012.07.17
Fun sexy game with wonderful sexy anime girl

trex20 2012.07.13
amazingly hot tits but the ass was beyond belief

kooka 2012.07.11
Even though it lacks any sort of challenge I liked the game

circa1984 2012.07.08
more games need the click location as an option... liked it.

king aro 2012.07.03
a nice games,great graphic,and amazing animation

thestud 2012.07.02
fun game good graphics a good girl too

manuel83 2012.06.27
lovely game good graphics should play game

blindlight 2012.06.20
great animations,extremely sexy the game character,but the music is boring,and the lack of voices to the character is unforgivable.

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.20
simple and to the point. loved to see the juices squirt. beautiful girls

lichkitten 2012.06.19
such a pity that good pictures go with such a poor game.

bestia99rom 2012.06.18
what a boring game... too easy and not enough variety..

lebeau317 2012.06.17
nice game,not spectacular but nice!

pjw5328 2012.06.16
Good game if you like massive tits, lactation, and squirting; the graphics are well-done. If you`re looking for any kind of puzzle or challenge in the gameplay, look elsewhere, because this is one about as simple as it gets.

drjk 2012.06.09
this is a great game if you love big huge tits

mauskis 2012.06.09
its too easy but its have nise grafic

MadnessUK 2012.06.05
I prefer games with more heavier challenge. The sort of game where if you do it wrong you don`t do so well or get some other form of penalty.

crysup12 2012.06.04
realy hot, but i wish that there were more things to do to her

saintd 2012.06.02
so so.....not the best..but non the less enjoyed.. viva 3d

yoda 2012.05.26
you`re a real man! with a dildo? missing a body part maybe

Billy_77 2012.05.26
Easy to play but won`t be rushing to play again

jmt90 2012.05.25
OMG this chick is hot... wish i could bang her now...

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.23
WOW, this game was not only exciting to play but also very captivating, from every squint she did with her eyes to every titty grab feature that was given, excellent in my books.

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Good grafic and gameplay but too short game

paulie 2012.05.20
pretty boring prefer the adventure ones

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.15
Pretty simple straightforward game not much of a challenge

duke51 2012.05.08
Nice graphics, but the story is simple and too boring

jenkinsleroy 2012.05.07
Good game. Like the springy boob graphics.

V354 2012.05.07
Nice game! ? like these graphics

Neo Kawimawa 2012.05.07
good game but im tired of sqezzing the milk out of her boobs

roni@cox 2012.05.05
i like this game but need more

zompireslayer 2012.05.04
fun game animation is cool and awesome tits

Atlas500 2012.04.27
It`s alright but no sense of accomplishment

twoecho 2012.04.26
It`s not bad. Wish there was more interaction

rockd01 2012.04.23
d game`s good but d use of mouse is very much

Tammoul 2012.04.19
Poor game. Kinda boring, without any real sexual behaviour...

ikkaku123 2012.04.18
to bad there is no stroy line behide this game

sora123212 2012.04.13
very good graphics but needs more skill

fredgues 2012.04.13
Where is the story. Great graphics but no story.

kinou21 2012.04.12
didn`t like it, good grafics but boring gamind, and a total lack of story.

ballsdeep 2012.04.11
this game is pretty sweet i like the big tittied chick in it

john9411 2012.04.11
this is a great game i liked it

Apsara 2012.04.07
that was a fun but short game

natemon117 2012.04.04
that was a fun but short game

MaverickGoose 2012.03.30
really good graphics and animations and the girl is hot

zifix.nochoans 2012.03.27
The good old times before meet`n`fuck!

CryOfFear 2012.03.27
very hot game! but dont have so much to do..

iulian1963 2012.03.24
very nicely,but not especially variety..

JBROPER 2012.03.17
Not a very good game, very basic.

uber50 2012.03.13
Great quality... more babes for more fun

LOLman23lord 2012.03.11
a very hot game with a nice amount of interaction

EricDey90 2012.03.11
not very good boring interactions and graphics relativly bad

richard6541 2012.03.08
it iz so................................ borin this da shortest game i ever play shit borin they aint spent time on this -.-

matrix123 2012.03.01
the graphics and animations are awsome

kergeller 2012.02.22
too simple game seen better

goldeagle4 2012.02.21
like the game but to simple

j3ssie 2012.02.19
Like other playes said colors would be sweet and you can never have to much interaction and animation.

dgkesquire 2012.02.19
Gameplay a little too simplistic. Still, nice graphics, pretty female.

whosnext5999 2012.02.15
neat but simple game wit super hot chick

Kiolas 2012.02.14
great pictures, sexy girl, but a lot of repeatable actions.

Clouding 2012.02.13
Great quality... more babes for more fun

surip ketip 2012.02.10
a nice game, good animation

stordan 2012.02.10
very hot hentai game. makes very horny!! i want more of this!!!

surip ketip 2012.02.07
Nice game, awesome babes.

madmax45 2012.02.06
Nice game, a bit tired of the general 2D game, but it`ll do.. how about more 3d games? Not complaining, though. (: ...

CoMIYC69 2012.02.06
Easy and fun good graphics

honey911 2012.02.04
i graphic is AWESOME! i love it!

DerJenige83 2012.02.03
Nice graphics but it is to easy. You always have to click the same points. But I had good 5 Minutes with it. Maybe more positions and toys could help

sammyshambles 2012.02.03
poor game.... the milky tits dont do it for me! also could do with more scenes

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game, but too short.

Hardinuk 2012.02.02
picture quality is good, but the game is slow and repitative

betelgeuse49 2012.02.01
Tedious to have to click the ridiculous oversized breasts each time. Too repetative and artificial to be a turn on.

sjoerd444444 2012.01.31
it was so easy and the graphics were good but the game was little boring
and i like hentai anyway so good

brit_man33 2012.01.30
Cute chick, although the milk coming out of the tits weirds me out just a little bit.

DevilDST 2012.01.29
very easy and to the point

Jake Raw 2012.01.27
it was so easy and the graphics were good but the game was little boring

Jackpot_pimp 2012.01.27
This game is kind of boring, great titties though

ben_500 2012.01.26
boring and easy game, at least the graphic is good

avtrainer69 2012.01.23
this was a boring game but i actually understood how to play

Renath1 2012.01.18
Nothing exciting just click on the same place all the time. this is not the place here for this style of game.

Hornygirl23 2012.01.16
Probably the one game i dont struggle playing

mamas 2012.01.07
wonderful game with good graphics

ChadimusMaximus 2012.01.06
I would fuck her titties all week

Guillaume 2012.01.06
the graphics are nice but its kind of boring

Riverman4390 2012.01.06
It wasnt too bad of a game but it was way too short.

jadak09 2012.01.05
the animation is really great but it was too short

chrono1985 2012.01.03
boring game...and really short

jodownik 2011.12.30
good playable game with nice effects. Very easy.

BEAVOLFS 2011.12.30
This game is very well. And vith sexi girl

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
nice little game with amazing girl

Zagothal 2011.12.28
Very simple. Not any challenging or thinking.

snow01 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

DUDESKI 2011.12.18
Pretty simple straightforward game not much of a challenge

Wyszna 2011.12.18
Bad game. no story no action

aldyboy 2011.12.14
Nice game, good stories and good story line.

crimstide 2011.12.13
Didnt like this game very much.Was kinda boring.

sander01 2011.12.12
This is a really great game

lennard 2011.12.12
I`ve never understood the entertainment value of inhuman, oversized breasts squirting milk.... maybe I am jealous that I can walk upright with out tipping over or feel inadequate that my tits can`t feed a small country. The full version is slightly better but this has to be a cultural thing that I am just not getting ...

Mistress 2011.12.07
Sexy graphics of a very busty girl. She is one of the 3 possible from original game.

Malb1 2011.12.06
Well, pretty good game, but it could have more interesting actions

rumxes 2011.12.04
Averrage game with limited options. Can be better...

curt4u2011 2011.12.04
great game with really good graphics

djj9tra 2011.11.29
I think the quality of the game was good I just think there could be more interaction.

krompir 2011.11.28
not much of a gameplay, but the chick is hot

seria 2011.11.27
much better then i was expecting

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

MWS911 2011.11.25
Totally fun game. Less work more pleasure

angelo144 2011.11.24
that was lots of fun for not having a story.

spammehere 2011.11.21
What`s the "ending" of this game?

blah00 2011.11.20
very nice i like this game

Krueger 2011.11.20
That girl is really hot. I`ve enjoyed this game.

NOTE: player "zenginoglu" is posting the same phrase at all of the games... -_-" isn`t it stupid srsly?

zenginoglu 2011.11.18
This is great game... I like it very much...

Lizzie 2011.11.16
Not much to the game, however the girl was hot!

aldifarizqi 2011.11.15
good game,good graphic,but too simple,need more actions

Blackstone 2011.11.15
Interesting. Although I liked the artwork, the action was so distracting it was hard to enjoy it really. I felt more like a mechanic. Strange. And milk from the breasts? A lactating mother, or is this something else I know nothing about? Seemed odd. 2.5 out of 5 for me.

peter65 2011.11.14
Hot girl, but missing the story and changing in playground

eethar 2011.11.14
kinda hot but no story and the game froze up on me each time

GBPackers12 2011.11.13
gameplay was bad, graphics were good and animation good

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Not much interaction with this game. Just keep clicking with the mouse. Good graphics and animations.

mac12122 2011.11.13
does it have a sequel if yes find it

dri 2011.11.11
This Was Nice , But kind of slow !

ron57 2011.11.09
game was ok .... regular stuff

hans234 2011.11.09
nice game, but its too simple

CharlieBigger 2011.11.07
Well, This game is 2 of 3 So slow, but good graphics

gouldy 2011.11.03
good game a little too easy

ultraperv316 2011.11.02
game is boring but it looks nice

Terax 2011.10.31
Perhaps have moving targets to increase difficulty.

waynebzr 2011.10.31
Nice pic. Cute Charracter.

lasdos 2011.10.30
good graphics and it was a little boring

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.30
very nice game and good graphic

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
Boring and plays too slow.

reddevil07utd 2011.10.26
Boring game but very addictive :)

Tygafifty 2011.10.21
that was lots of fun for not having a story.

wally98 2011.10.21
Not much to the game but it was fun. Also quite a bit tedious.

BrownSugar 2011.10.20
This Was Nice , But kind of slow !

mord-seed 2011.10.20
Absolutely useless staff. But her boobs so milky)

Miladiou 2011.10.20
big boobs, nice ass, I like cooking in this kitchen

Flopok 2011.10.20
good game. she is so sexy!!!!

ali_ercu 2011.10.19
not so bad but no sound effects

edizzle 2011.10.15
good but easy and reptative

pfouse 2011.10.13
Needs more developping, the graphics are ok but oh my the gameplay and the quantity of situations are horrible.

kronos2121 2011.10.12
alot better game than i expected,

WRB1957 2011.10.10
The graphics are reasonable but not much to the game

Bryana86 2011.10.09
Good game But could use different scenes

mattbro 2011.10.09
mmm! lactatin` titties! great game.

pfireeye 2011.10.04
not a bad game, but it`s boring and repetative.

doddi 2011.10.03
nice game, but its kinda borin

mcdoomsday 2011.10.01
very repetitive but the girl was hot.

jinger 2011.10.01
nice game, but its kinda borin:l

darvia294 2011.10.01
great now if they had a story line that would have been great

Salacia 2011.09.30
it`ll do, was a good way to pass the time

HO HUM 2011.09.28
So so game no real chalange but ok to pass the time

tighill01 2011.09.27
Short and a little too dull and obvious

TBear9877 2011.09.26
Good game But could use different scenes.

musicace2 2011.09.26
Not much of a challenge and seemed to run out of options before the end?

jajajadididi 2011.09.24
nice game but its too short nice graphics though

chaoslegion1804 2011.09.23
way too simple of a game. the girl was cute but too much repeating the exact some thing.

anonimo 2011.09.22
nice game...but its too easy and simple....it would be better with more realistic graphics

fiat 2011.09.20
nice game, but its too simple

hello123987 2011.09.19
again... a good game. very straight forward and easy to know where to click

Jason Grace 2011.09.19
I recognize the background music from some Meet`n`Fuck games :D But still, the game is a bit too simple and at the same time, long in my opinion :/

farkas 2011.09.18
Cute girl but too easy game.

gentealliage 2011.09.16
not too bad but still lacking excitement

D3nh1s 2011.09.15
Funny games but nothing special there are better games.

Unbelivable 2011.09.14
Was entertaining, I usually don`t play arcades, but this one is fun.

thinlwin 2011.09.13
loading toolong.animation is good.

Taio 2011.09.12
i am surely a litele depressed

Hotdaddy 2011.09.11
i wish i could play with these boobs forever

nightrider 2011.09.11
Sexy girl, we need more scene...

groover099 2011.09.11
I love the game and the quality of this game

AmazonQueen 2011.09.10
I`ve never understood the entertainment value of inhuman, oversized breasts squirting milk.... maybe I am jealous that I can walk upright with out tipping over or feel inadequate that my tits can`t feed a small country. The full version is slightly better but this has to be a cultural thing that I am just not getting ...

mibiz 2011.09.10
Lame game--slow, repetitive. And gallons of lactation

Frujul 2011.09.07
the "gameplay" is awfull.

Dark-schneider 2011.09.06
A bit pointless but nice graphics

pussylover222 2011.09.05
Nice game but can use more actions

Muzzum 2011.09.05
ah.... GoD.... will you ever fail to impress me. Yet another hidden gem, its no Meet N` Fuck.... but it`ll do.

Melimelo 2011.09.04
Hot babe but game too repetitve and with no real interest ...

dv_knight121001 2011.09.04
easy organsm game but good graphics

Forum 2011.09.04
not really interesting game, did not enjoy much

cmoi24 2011.09.03
Sexy girl, but doesn`t bring much... Repeatitive with no real reward in the end...

deaconblues3 2011.09.03
What`s the point of the lactation, doesn`t that mean she just had a kid?

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Way too repetitive, but what a hot babe.

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
That woman must drink a hell of a lot of milk,seems to be coming out of everywhere lol

boltedcock 2011.08.31
certainly not the best game ever....and no mute button for music.

roro66 2011.08.30
you don`t seem to want to stop milking these lovely tits and squizing the hell juice out of her

elo77 2011.08.30
basic game, beautiful graphics and girl
but quite boring

gamer009 2011.08.29
A good basic game, really simple, bbut the visual is really sexy! I love milking breast

DarkRanta 2011.08.28
nice game but a little bit to easy

Snutjulle 2011.08.26
good when you get it right when you play the game

whiteghost 2011.08.26
Fine graphics but bored easily

Rasu891 2011.08.25
A good game but it is way too short even for a "part one"

LightsOut 2011.08.24
not bad but kinda boring....

marutu19 2011.08.23
Ooo nice a new game. Can`t wait to try this one out

Rajsters 2011.08.20
a really rubbish ending

asymonds998 2011.08.20
very nice and interesting game...is a worth play

bigpoppa56 2011.08.19
game is ok, a bit too much clicking...

Vox 2011.08.17
a little bit unreallistic, but the girl is nice

mlynske 2011.08.17
Charm Point Part One

decent game

sirdoesnt 2011.08.16
Great game, too bad that it`s so short :S

lightshadow500 2011.08.16
such a horny game. graphics where ok

Arkaide 2011.08.15
notn really special about it. but o boy those were the size of blue ribbon melons

highmiler69 2011.08.14
nice graphics but gets repetitive pretty quickly

htowngul 2011.08.13
nice games know all the right places to touch

hammers76 2011.08.10
ok game, graphics again are ok theres better made

benj123 2011.08.10
its a little boring but the girl is nice

Patsy 2011.08.09
I love milking titties. Thanks.

Silveros 2011.08.07
almost the same as the others

smity 2011.08.06
really enjoyed this one, great graphics

jloofock 2011.08.04
force one made better. 2D is boring

Renaud1 2011.08.02
Excellent Graphics, really boring gameplay

spokxx 2011.08.01
good graphics but its all .... tooo boring nothing else

tophatgrendel 2011.07.31
Lactation? I really don`t get the attraction there. The excessive clicking gets old fast.

Henshin 2011.07.31
A lot of clicking involved, sure, but at least the animations are smooth. It`s pretty hot; certainly a lot better than other games where they find two pictures and make them move to look like they`re fucking.

ckornpuppy 2011.07.26
A little too simple for my tastes. And far too much clicking. Graphics were nice though.

flacosmo 2011.07.26
could use more interactive scene

PierceSatan 2011.07.25
Too bad thow one doesn`t go any further!

mohab 2011.07.25
i like this game very much because the animation is really beautiful and attractive.

bobirdsell 2011.07.24
bit too easy but hot game non the less

justafry 2011.07.21
A little too simple for my tastes. And far too much clicking. Graphics were nice though.

badboy_4578 2011.07.21
ass fuckiing sux for sure but nice game

pro486ca 2011.07.19
the milking is a nice touch

Rahul09 2011.07.17
very gud game but the gameplay could be much better

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
fun entertaining nice girl

Ananas 2011.07.14
The girl is hot, but the game is quite boring because the only thing you do is clicking.

pravesh139 2011.07.12
A bit boring, but nice character

pawan2modi 2011.07.11
The girl in the game is very sex, I always dream about her, nice girl

solaarsslave 2011.07.08
A very simple one, but the chik`s boobs are quire awesome ;)

wisiol1 2011.07.08
beautiful but very few actions and kinda boring

mlis 2011.07.06
a little to simple, miss more action, less clicking but great pictures of an anime girl

thevoice 2011.07.04
This was was just a lot of clicking. I wonder what Japanese game they got the images from.

Batthory 2011.07.03
Cute game, simple, but not terrible

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

jakeanderson101 2011.07.01
Better in 3D but i still wanna eat her out if she was real

mark100 2011.06.30
not to bad but better graphics than i thought i was gonna be

Shadow Viper 2011.06.29
Not that great of a game, breasts are crazy huge.

dragonman1961 2011.06.28
that wasnt even worth the wait to download..

jazmin18 2011.06.28
this games rocck is the best ever you sould play it

LUTHER 2011.06.26
The girl is so sexy, but the game is so simple!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Boring just like the second.

feardalet 2011.06.25
Good animation and decent art, but truly it could haveh ad more to it, and be a little less repetitive.

Jorden-500 2011.06.23
kinda sucked to be honest

hornyboy123 2011.06.22
tasty girl but a litle boring the game sorry

hornyboy123 2011.06.22
the housewife is very tasty but the game is a litle boring

anab 2011.06.21
Hot housewifes is always welcome in this household ;)
Little big tits, but hey... comes with the gengre right?

shenron 2011.06.21
NIce girl needs more moves though or some more scenes

argalouz 2011.06.21
a bit boring, but nice character.

jormunguard 2011.06.20
Decent looking character, kinda boring game play though.

corsaru 2011.06.20
nice housewife, but a little boring. more variety in action will be good.

jimmyl 2011.06.20
boring game, almoust fell asleep playing this

pieter 2011.06.19
Funny game but far to easy.

hotmark421 2011.06.18
nice graphics but all you do is click around

turktom 2011.06.17
repetitive and boring!nice graphics though!!

arskha 2011.06.17
big boobs in kitchen are my all time fantasy

arskha 2011.06.17
i know its too much work .... but no pains no gains girlfriend

devin007 2011.06.16
too much work for the reward

wolfman9112 2011.06.14
too much for a little tease game

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
very repetitive, but wow what a mess

hottie2045 2011.06.11
Nice game. Better without the instructions thought

mvexille 2011.06.10
Idea is good and graphix is nice as well.

bigdickjoe 2011.06.09
Would be better without the instructions showing were to click.

Serg1 2011.06.07
nice housewife, but a little boring. more variety in action will be good.

cheapis 2011.06.07
good gameplay...i like this game

bob2912 2011.06.06
Gets a bit boring pretty quickly.

tempusRose 2011.06.06
Actually a very dull game and very repetitive

Artemis1992 2011.06.03
it`s getting boring very fast

lovelygodess 2011.06.03
awesome.i liked every bit of it.its definitely a 10 or higher!

Achylle 2011.06.02
great graphics...really like to see her squirt from everywhere !!!

Taavi Kosonen 2011.06.01
Idea is good and graphix is nice as well.

Smyxter 2011.05.31
Very average game. Not challenging at all requires no skill to play. The worst part is no way to turn off the shitty music!!!

Ravenmadd 2011.05.29
Found it enjoyable, if not challenging. But sometimes, easy is just the way to go.

Arbaal 2011.05.28
Idea is good and graphix is nice as well. But game itslef is too "linear".

nightmagic 2011.05.28
nice housewife, but a little boring. more variety in action will be good.

nunovale 2011.05.27
This girl is a BIG COW...
Always milking... lol

timg582 2011.05.25
short simple game,i liked facial animations

Revyn 2011.05.24
I like this big boobed housewife

melissa 2011.05.22
this was great i really liked the animation

iceman426 2011.05.21
It was short but i enjoyed it

Shadowford 2011.05.20
Its a nice game to play, but graphic could use a little more inprofent.

jmeoff 2011.05.19
This game is simply tedious.

mik3y 2011.05.19
wow what a great game just wow!

bigwilks 2011.05.17
lovely graphics and animation just boring and short

tonywr 2011.05.17
thought it was pretty boring

arragillium88 2011.05.16
great picture, simple gameplay. liking it. :)

Schwalbe 2011.05.16
Nice graphics but a quite pervert silly game

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
Good game. A little simple and short, but good. Probably a little old too

Nights 2011.05.14
not the best game, too short and easy.

patty23 2011.05.13
gud game gal was great but very short n meaningless

rahulkrishna1234 2011.05.13
good 2d game but very very short

xanadax 2011.05.11
noot the best of games .

banes 2011.05.10
the only thing going for this game is the girl.

tonysmalls18 2011.05.07
good graphics too short though and too easy

Skarn62 2011.05.06
good surprise with this one. Nice graphics

R.H 2011.05.05
it`s ok but could be more intresting

Matt740 2011.05.05
Interesting, but a bit monotonous

ameen1973 2011.04.25
good graphics but not interesting game

adramelech727 2011.04.24
The artwork is good, but the gameplay just isn`t worth it.

crzyone 2011.04.22
I think the manufacturers of mice for computers make these, they are all just click till you barf games lol

radpchick92 2011.04.22
Pretty simple game.... but hot if you don`t really want to spend time thinking about it

smallbucket 2011.04.22
It`s a great game when you don`t want to think ... just simple clicking :)

Benoit07 2011.04.19
hmmm, nice but too simple to rate much higher

xenon956 2011.04.18
The best game i have ever played on

gauravei 2011.04.18
really nice girl n so sexy boobs i waanaaa suck boobs

Eddie Roc 2011.04.18
Not much here except a lot of clicking.

feuglacee 2011.04.17
too easy, that makes the game boring

djokerzt 2011.04.16
not to bad game, but don`t like this.

grandevil 2011.04.16
i find its a bit irritating to keep clicking hopefully part 2 will be more fun

gquan 2011.04.16
love theas game hard at time but good fun

kppatient 2011.04.16
Not much here except a good looking girl. But may I add, it would be a bit more enjoyable if it didn`t tell you to "touch this" or "that" A little more thinking would be great.

roflbear 2011.04.15
not bad I guess, but the game is too simple with not much to do nice girl though

Craigito 2011.04.14
This game got me soo hard

georgefilipe 2011.04.14
Nice grafhic.... nice scenes.
But, it whoud be nice, more interaction!!!

C. C. 2011.04.13
Not much here except a good looking girl.

Raeven 2011.04.13
A little boring, but it is great for a tease.

vtheghost 2011.04.13
Good game, except for the censoring

mendragor 2011.04.12
hmm, boring I think. Just a few clicks

lil mario 2011.04.12
amusement for a few mins, decent graphics

AD8 2011.04.12
alright but could have been better

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
great game, graphics could have been better though

queenredbear 2011.04.11
very easy game to play no skill involved

link1link1 2011.04.06
needs more to do, it is boring.

manofpoverty09 2011.04.06
i love quality of the game

manofpoverty09 2011.04.06
not bad the game is good the animation the graphic and everything

bigmanwithabigfriend 2011.04.03
great game quaility is good and great graphics and animation

khadren 2011.04.03
Good game bit repetitive though

Smyxter 2011.04.02
very average game. no skill required

alston 2011.04.01
awesome animation. milky boob.

ltworf1 2011.03.31
Okay but i would rather have not used toys.

jimdragon 2011.03.30
i dnt know y but i whatsame hot anime girl milk now

imthewolf 2011.03.29
good distraction game but not much beyond that

silverchain 2011.03.29
very simple and to much milk,

gbear3 2011.03.25
Great game short simple sexy a lot of click for just a little bit though

Tommy.lenguyen0710 2011.03.24
This game is quite good and lots ?? XXX

tky3k 2011.03.24
fun game.. I like the rather unusual style. but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome!
Hope there comes more!

kjvogel 2011.03.23
mmmh it sucks, very simple and to much milk,

mathias1981 2011.03.22
this game is boring and not funny

cain 2011.03.22
very simple but still hot

whatever125 2011.03.21
nice game i love it but next time u should be more lovely....

yehwenn 2011.03.21
a little bit too simple but nice graphics

SamSmiffyLFC 2011.03.21
Normally games of desire are quite good but this one isn`t

aristarh2007 2011.03.21
Busty girl but not so interesting

deth212 2011.03.20
it`s freezing up for me just after it finishes loading

wif740 2011.03.19
good game but lacks something else?

Mitex 2011.03.17
nice graphics but tired of 2d , wasn`t really my game

Nixsen 2011.03.17
Hot housewifes is always welcome in this household ;)
Little big tits, but hey... comes with the gengre right?

ebunny66 2011.03.16
Nice graphics, looks real nice. Clicking gets boring though.

Skylink 2011.03.15
elicantly simple ang good graphics but no sounds just music

playacurt 2011.03.14
nice game short and to the point and the girl is hot

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Graphically good but one clicking is enough go through the whole game... No timing required at all. The gameplay is so simplistic it gets annoying real fast.

huuuub 2011.03.13
This game was boring. Way too repetitive.

kasparov 2011.03.12
this game have a good graphic.. but in the middle, i found a not logic part.. it when the lady produce milk and juice

pieter 2011.03.11
Nice graphics, looks real nice. Clicking gets boring though.

dragonj 2011.03.11
Great animations....but hate the clicking part...kinda gets tiring

dnhman 2011.03.11
Graphics are good but gameplay is too simplistic

Chia 2011.03.10
I is a great and nice game but too short to play. But I still enjoy it.

kot1468 2011.03.09
Great animation. fun to play.

nico81 2011.03.07
but i do love the beautiful girl

nico81 2011.03.07
these games are to easy

scrip 2011.03.06
good to play but not long time

scythe00 2011.03.03
i enjoyed it. not the most activaty bound game around but good.

NoOneImportant 2011.03.03
Never mind i figured it out

NoOneImportant 2011.03.03
plese help meh iam stuck

Magnanimus 2011.03.02
I like the graphics, but maybe if not be so monotonous can be much more better

krispydo 2011.02.28
lol quite funny, but incredibly easy and boring

Ferrari13 2011.02.26
good graphics but a little tedious clicking the same spot and getting the same result for what seemed like forever

Sculpture80 2011.02.26
too simple and boring... the next one should more entreteining...

ski9072 2011.02.24
A little short, a little repetitive, but hey, it was a good tease.

getrou 2011.02.24
pretty less actions and not quite fun-.-

Brownkr79 2011.02.23
Simple point and click, no sound, just mucis

firbit 2011.02.22
pretty boring, but hot chick...

Stardead456 2011.02.22
Boring game, tired of how repetitive it was. The girl was definitely very good looking but maybe increase what you do. I didn`t like the touch this or touch that part of the game. Animation was very good!

terryaal 2011.02.22
Fine graphics but bored easily

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.21
Very hot girl but the game play was boring.

samsunghp 2011.02.21
not really a game so much, no challenge to it

r_o1_s 2011.02.18
nice and juicy boobs !i like it very much!so sexy girls!(:

momostoli 2011.02.17
Short but good, always liked M-n-F games

Garouken 2011.02.14
big disapoirntment just TERRIBL:E

boxer200 2011.02.11
great game i hope you make more games like this ..

xtatic 2011.02.10
a little bit boring. nice graphics although the tits are too big for me ;)

Ubber1 2011.02.09
Got Cookies!!!!!! She has the milk, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

m4lv1n 2011.02.09
This game is absolutely fantastic! Great sound, animation and chick..

frits1977 2011.02.08
Really nice girl, but could have done without the milk.

hurst8183 2011.02.07
good graphics but the game play wasnt as good as other games ive played.

nightman1869 2011.02.05
melons and eye candy, but you basically have no control over the speed while the boob clicking gets in the way of enjoying the VERY short penetration of toys.

mastersarge 2011.02.05
rlly nice game, good grhaphcis

Nick2 2011.02.05
Hot and amazing game, I like it.

AGuy 2011.02.01
Fun, but very repetitive.

hersh2450 2011.02.01
Game was interesting good graphics but it was too short.

xanadax 2011.02.01
nice game ... i love meet and fuck games

mrastounding 2011.01.31
I cannot wait for the sequel; p.s. to those wanting help, be more specific about your position

guisir46 2011.01.31
boring game, pretty girl but too simple

julix12 2011.01.30
a good game, but a bit too easy telling you to `click this` all the time

righto 2011.01.30
this is too hard...im stuck...can someone help?

ARNAULT99 2011.01.30
good graphism, but too repetive

Reyson 2011.01.29

is quite good, too much clicking though, it could do with a little more of... interaction, part two should be better

skitler90 2011.01.28
gorgeous girl but too repeptitive and boring needs more interaction than just clicking over and over again

Wilyam 2011.01.25
Good Animation but too easy

blowjobluva 2011.01.24
a good game, but a bit too easy telling you to `click this` all the time

sexyrose 2011.01.22
Too much clicking. It got boring really fast

cookieMONSTER 2011.01.22
Too easy and a little bit boring (; Not that exciting.

Kodiak0727 2011.01.21
the game is really short and too easy

dail 2011.01.21
amazing but i want more of jordan

spizio 2011.01.21
Naa,it`s not a great game, too short, and simple....other game are better

wetkasi 2011.01.20
I like this game, but it could use some voice

borahsarmah 2011.01.20
its quite nice to play with the body of that bitch!!! by looking at her milks seems like her baby sucks her boobs hard....

mightyazda 2011.01.18
I`m sorry, but this is very repetitive. Chick is quite hot, but there are defo better games on here!

kuhaku 2011.01.18
to much repetitive, but a good precentation

snozzo 2011.01.18
repetative to the enth degree, not my cup of tea

Hardheart 2011.01.18
Average game not that great

dandacus 2011.01.18
nice graphics, way to repetitive

ponytail 2011.01.13
Very easy game and kind of redicolous but some how it turns me on alittle, like it when pussy moves, boobs move too much.

woops1978 2011.01.13
it`s a nice game, but not adviced to play with a touchpad :p

aniyac 2011.01.12
Best animation I`ve seen in a while and simple easy gameplay. Overall winner for me, definatly will come back to this one.

kalbs 2011.01.12
not bad. typical hentai game.

geronimo65 2011.01.12
This game is very boring to play

ratonius 2011.01.11
Short game,you just click a location repeatedly for the same result...

Pietr Vlaminsky 2011.01.09
Nice Game with a hot milky girl

123mad1 2011.01.09
A nice game! Imagine how much easier it would be with `meters` in REAL life!!(ha!ha!)

Dzjorsj 2011.01.08
ok game, newer ones from the series are better though, nice one

mick149 2011.01.08
very easy game a bit boring though

adman147 2011.01.07
worst game here very boring

Speedy1977 2011.01.05
The animations just perfect.

levelo 2011.01.04
so nice milky boobs..... but too short

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
realy sexy exept from the milk part

darkspider99 2011.01.03
The animations just perfect.

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.02
Where`s part two? I`m not really big on the milk from the tits thing.

skiller7070 2011.01.02
fun game for starters needs to have sfx

merigul 2011.01.02
Fun game, but no way to tell if it`s ended.

erkki12 2011.01.01
nice artwork but music andgameplay are littlle spoiling the fun

creamin4u 2011.01.01
decent but could be better, very sexy character, overall = decent

goodjob 2010.12.31
not very entertaining game. i stopped somewhere in the second scene.

bballislife 2010.12.29
i got bored but nice game

pinky124 2010.12.29
good graphics but very boring gameplay

timbuck2 2010.12.29
the game is just to short need more to do than just click here and click here
not one of the best games

JeanMarc 2010.12.27
very simple game with OK graphics

Ace Lambert 2010.12.27
Oh yeah, before that, they need to put more characters in this game.. it will be more fun if they did.. :)

Ace Lambert 2010.12.27
Still a great game, a lot of liquid came out.. hehe, this is best 2-D game for me

aaaaaaa1234567 2010.12.26
nice, but no sound is bad

cc6789a 2010.12.26
not a huge fan of this game. kinda sucks

chene 2010.12.25
funny game good graphics though

brookshickman123 2010.12.24
omg this game was fucking amazing. boring. but extremely hott!!

Klus 2010.12.23
good graphics and a hot girl but the game is too boring it needs more.

MrBuddha 2010.12.21
i`ve found it boring, only in the beginning it had my attention

tomoyobigboobs 2010.12.21
this hot cool,not bad for me

laddie4 2010.12.18
game is okay but needs more to it

figxray 2010.12.17
the graphics are nice but it is just clicking around

RATC 2010.12.15
fun but i wish there was at least a small amount of story

Zangetsu117 2010.12.14
This game was fun, short and need to add where you go farther

Jay8143 2010.12.13
This game was pretty entertaining

q123 2010.12.12
a really interesting game

akzm37 2010.12.12
great graphics and story is good

dunckjosh 2010.12.11
no messing around with this one...just right to business

long55 2010.12.11
Great graohics. Nice bondage game.love

Pablos 2010.12.10
very simple game with OK graphics

Karl Urban 2010.12.09
the game is a little tedious and relies on a lot of repetition, but it`s a nice way to waste some time.

robert_tm 2010.12.09
really liked the animation in the game

Erik_romance 2010.12.08
step by step a very easy game

takishi 2010.12.07
Its a nice game but i think that it needs to involve more

gastud 2010.12.05
graphics good but game little slow overall

Andy78 2010.12.05
The girl is hot and sexy, but the game is rather boring, not much action, only clicking

abhicool 2010.12.04
cool sexy game !!!wow nice milky boobs and those wet juicy pussy !!! cool

anilraj 2010.12.03
fucking game no story juswt going straight must be little more attractive

donysabox 2010.12.03
hmm too much too click. btw nice boobs

anilraj 2010.12.02
boring game too much clicking and too easy

jofisher 2010.12.02
I don`t like this music. I love those juicy melon boobs, but quite boring

timbuck2 2010.12.02
that was a fun but short game

skindog21 2010.12.02
fine graphics, interesting scene but too short.

kjdehn 2010.11.30
very nice game but short I miss kelly when is she back from japan

proz 2010.11.30
interesting game. funny with the milk!

Liny 2010.11.29
It`s fun. Just not enough.

stylerin 2010.11.28
very simple game, worth a single play, but probably not repeats

RobbyWilliams64 2010.11.27
nice game good graphics but it is too short

BigBen40 2010.11.27
this is an easy game, a little to easy, boring.

trueguy1964 2010.11.26
nice chick but the game is some kind of boring

abhi.1111 2010.11.25
nice game. graphics are just okay.

carmalone 2010.11.25
sorry but it`s a bad game :(

dyeh 2010.11.23
nice game really nice good for starter players!!!!!

Stevie B 2010.11.19
i like this game because of the pic look really good but this not the best game of a tease

smoerf 2010.11.19
i d love to see more scenes but it was allright

chennaite 2010.11.18
great game, soft music, smooth graphics, easy and hot to play. COOL

Bonnierider 2010.11.17
I want more of these game

az89 2010.11.16
one question: when will part two come out?

tubs 2010.11.15
Needs to be longer, its a ok kind of game. Hope you do more.

CIDDAYA 2010.11.14

Malemburgia 2010.11.14
i love a nice, hot and wet game like this. keep on doing them

raynor666 2010.11.13
awsome game kinda easy though took a minute to figure out what was going on but besides that really good game

rotsilberschwarz 2010.11.13
nice chick but the game is some kind of boring

Ojad01 2010.11.12
not very interesting, you just repeat the same action over and over again.

justo01 2010.11.11
The girl is nice, but the game isn`t intersting...

prc100 2010.11.11
Nice graphics but needs more to it. But I liked it.

Kanno111 2010.11.09
Graphics were nice.But may I add, it would be a bit more enjoyable if it didn`t tell you to "touch this" or "that" A little more thinking would be great.

djones 2010.11.09
became boring very quickly. and the breast milk was a little weird

seth13p 2010.11.08
wow this game is good i wish there was part two

aion 2010.11.08
very hot and nice games

Zaldin24 2010.11.07
Over all it was a good game although it was way too repetitive. I liked the beads and viberator combo.

maxxxy 2010.11.07
Ehh, I`ll pass on these teasers. Just some bland clicking and the bizarre animation that has what look like sparks flying out of her breasts and vag -- give it a pass.

lolomiloable 2010.11.06
good graphics and easy to play

rickygerrard 2010.11.05
Average game not that great

juliolugo 2010.11.04
way too repetitive, not much pay off.

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
what was that? one of the most boring games I ever played

sauce 2010.11.04
Graphics and animation are pretty good, I find the breasts to be a bit too large tho. Maybe sound effects every time you click something too?

driverX 2010.11.04
whoa this is a awesome game very awesome and very sexy

Toboshi 2010.11.03
Everything just took to long. It was great other than that though.

cerebus 2010.11.02
good game, that girls got a nice pussy. want better graphics though

spida 2010.11.01
a bit of a silly game, but ok i suppose

aschaosfalls 2010.10.31
nice graphics and overall great game

Kuhlmann28 2010.10.31
the game was really playful. the character was really nice n playing it was real fun

mike cook 2010.10.31
nice game i liked the graphics

paul72002 2010.10.30
straight forward but clicking is repetative

write2varun 2010.10.30
the game was really playful. the character was really nice n playing it was real fun

gareth 2010.10.29
Good game. like the graphics.

mystique 2010.10.25
nice pics but no storyline..

DoubleShadow 2010.10.24
nice to view, but i like more games with story ;)
nice graphics ;D

crincrin 2010.10.22
drawings of pretty but the game does no research, no interest

detective 2010.10.22
this is too boring.........not that fun.....

hari027 2010.10.22
Its really nice game, great graphics.

karakurt 2010.10.21
nice game good graphics but it is too short

Del 2010.10.21
great game and very small to play with

valkyr 2010.10.20
it was a fun game but probably would not play it a second time but in my opinion u should try it for ur self u may feel differently to it than i do

fckmerotten 2010.10.20
good game, easy just to much clicking

north262 2010.10.20
Not bad, just a bit simple

ricoaz 2010.10.18
nice tease game but it`s boring if just 1 position like that but the graphic are good

RoninX76 2010.10.18
I dunno, it`s okay, graphics are nice, but, no real audio, except the music, and, it;s kinda lack luster over-all...

sexxatron5 2010.10.17
nice grafics, but noious and easy

Teaos 2010.10.16
Kinda boring gameplay but nice pictures.

SholtoMaru 2010.10.15
These games are always good, and this one doesn`t disappoint!

sean7 2010.10.15
great graphics,good quality and fun game

dartshooter180 2010.10.14
great game great graphics

mike cook 2010.10.14
If only all women were built like that

gouldee25 2010.10.12
love the way the panties get wetter

dragynomega 2010.10.12
I really like the game, the clicking gets a bit tired, but still awesome....

chumak 2010.10.12
It was pretty good but got dull pretty quickly since it was all the same action.

pussymaniac23 2010.10.10
This game made me realize that female breasts could squirt out milk . Ultimate turn- on for me .

dadofmatthew 2010.10.10
not to bad made me and the mrs laugh ..squirty boobs ftw

orgout 2010.10.10
gotta say, gross me out...

lonely3000 2010.10.09
not bad could have been better

lilnoobie 2010.10.08
gameplay was boring but the art was good

drom 2010.10.08
Gameplay was bland but the girl was hot.

dannybiohazard0 2010.10.08
i have seen better games!!! the page is good thay should have more games with editors choice

joynesy 2010.10.04
nice graphics, very short but good fun, she is smoking hot!!

kranz 2010.10.03
ce jeu est on ne peut plus lassant

Armour 2010.10.02
Liked the girl but the visible clickpoints took away any challenge

Jerkeys 2010.10.02
Very hot girl but the game wasn`t so good.

sameertondon007 2010.10.01
game is nice and the music is also very nice

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.01
The girls are hot but the game not so great. ;p

bshdaddy1 2010.09.30
good game however there are three girls in the whole game this is only part of it granted could be involved a little more in the action instead of point and click.

pippopippo 2010.09.29
unrealistic and short...noy a nice game

jackmackle 2010.09.29
Feels like there should of been more to this game than what it left you with.

Jamesy 2010.09.26
good graphics but the gameplay less so...

rovanerns 2010.09.24
Her breasts are magnificent, otherworldly, great.

qpalzm 2010.09.21
nice graphic, but gameplay is so-so only.

Linzy 2010.09.21
The game was pretty good. I liked it.

mountain 2010.09.20
Not a very good game.not very realitic

Kitty69 2010.09.19
I like when the milk comes out of her boobs very hot.

z7q3 2010.09.19
amazing game! great animation and gameplay

Elfe 2010.09.18
A little bit boring... Need more fun than that!

Marty18 2010.09.17
An excellent game with excellent gameplay although it is a little short

blackleg 2010.09.17
sexy girl but simple click games.. but still like it

pankracy 2010.09.16
This game is absolutely fantastic! Great sound, animation and chick!

kial 2010.09.16
the graphics are nice but it is just clicking around

rawrvisor 2010.09.14
her squirting looks like fireworks

lolipop1 2010.09.13
click click click not very good

storm 2010.09.13
nice game ..... i love it

deivyn07 2010.09.13
the game was a little too simple. not much of a challange

sebastian5000 2010.09.12
not so good ... a kind of boring

krakky 2010.09.12
not even any choices or smart dialogues... :(

grygost 2010.09.10
would be better if it had sound effects.

requiemfire 2010.09.09
its kinda boring...click and click..

bluelarve 2010.09.07
Nice game, too much clicking though

Gerrad 2010.09.07
Great animations....but hate the clicking part...kinda gets tiring

artman26 2010.09.05
animation is good, but is really short and few options

xphile67 2010.09.03
Awesome graphics but kinda boring gameplay

ranmagh01 2010.09.03
Definitely a lot of clicking required. Nice animation though.

FlyBoy88 2010.09.03
Think it be a bit more fun if the touch points were not told to me

Nimrod 2010.09.02
Another with good art, but too easy.

Bosbrand 2010.09.02
A little bit too simple for my tastes. But nice enough.

graym5 2010.08.31
The game got a little to repetitive, but the graphics were nice

poppop 2010.08.31
graphics are wonderful but like others said way too much clicking

akiaowner 2010.08.31
a good game, less clicking would make it much better though :)

reddcloud 2010.08.30
way too much clicking for my likeing

Dragon123 2010.08.30
Way to easy for my liking. Should have more of a plot line.

htas4 2010.08.29
? dont like it so simple

Mizu7 2010.08.29
very simple game with nice graphics but it could be better
anyway it`s interesting somewhat

virgus 2010.08.28
it doesnt represent anything challenge, pretty boring but nice graphics tough

guerman2008 2010.08.27
fun but short. a plot would make it better...

alijeal 2010.08.27
god this is rubbish!!! more fun watching paint dry

XReaperhobo 2010.08.27
not that fun of a game could have been better

vad05 2010.08.27
Not bad at all...
the graphic is good, but the game too simple.

diabian 2010.08.27
what sexy chicks.. this is a good game

holyman9999 2010.08.26
a good game buta little to simple

bigbadwolf 2010.08.26
was nice but a little too simple graphics were good tho

mertblat 2010.08.26
animation was really fantastic

hanningthomas 2010.08.25
it`s the same music as meet n fuck

hanningthomas 2010.08.25
they could have done so much more with this game

fedexguy 2010.08.24
this game was boring and too easy

kpyrinikos 2010.08.24
Not very interesting, i could say boring

playoneforce 2010.08.23
a little too basic. no guess work.

koltrain95 2010.08.22
loved the big boobs and the lactating action

lolcatz 2010.08.22
there was too much clicking and waiting for animation to finish

bockel79 2010.08.21
Not very interesting, nor challenging...

ZeroImage 2010.08.21
Nice graphics, but overall gameplay could have been better

daftx 2010.08.21
THis girl is so milky.. Licking ill be nice

gomnek 2010.08.20
easy game with nice graphics

taker10 2010.08.19
this is a really good game i like it

Beckmann 2010.08.17
Pretty weird game.. but sexy.. :D

kdogg 2010.08.16
gameplay was bad, graphics were good and animation good.

kanten 2010.08.15
this needs some work. Tidious game

MagicYang 2010.08.15
a simple game and also a funny one

madgreek30000 2010.08.14
Fun Game , a little easy

AntonyJ 2010.08.12
milking is so nice, straight forward gameplay.

thetk 2010.08.12
boring, a little pointless and the girl isn`t even that hot

paragon117 2010.08.11
really like the graphics in this game

eytan 2010.08.07
the graphics are nice but its kind of boring

F1Micha13 2010.08.07
But may I add, it would be a bit more enjoyable if it didn`t tell you to "touch this" or "that" A little more thinking would be great

pascal_l_1987 2010.08.06
nice graphics i appreciate the fact that it is not censored but it`s rather boring

johnson12312 2010.08.05
very nice will play more often

lostdog709 2010.08.05
some games just get ya horny

cocky 2010.08.04
awesome game was great fun cool graphics

marsupilami 2010.08.04
it has amazing gameplay and graphics!

hulkster 2010.08.04
this is a good game could have some more action in it though

args2 2010.08.04
Its ok but we need more challenging games

fuckboy 2010.08.04
not good enough graphics needed to be more realistic and the babe is sexy though

ModelP 2010.08.04
it would have been better if it had amovie mode to watch what happens in smooth animation

WordDogg 2010.08.03
Not exactly what I was expecting.

Interesting concept, but I don`t think I`d play again.

satandevil 2010.08.01
it has amazing gameplay and graphics!

satandevil 2010.08.01
wow!great game with great graphics!

dtmscan 2010.07.30
nice game and graphics but way to much clicking

nemesisnerd 2010.07.30
easy game with good graphics

CJW 2010.07.30
Was an okay game, not much thought required, but it was alright.

jakecyber 2010.07.30
girls is good...but im not into milking titties :)

xXTuga09Xx 2010.07.30
That`s a good game, I like it.

anepsaas 2010.07.30
graphics are good..
it is easy to play..
overall a nice game..

lord vampiro 2010.07.28
is a easy game, but the graphics are very good. i like it

wyskas 2010.07.28
no interst too easy useless!!!

Knaster 2010.07.28
its easy game,but good graphics

BunnyBabe 2010.07.28
very good game and is good actions

boblaponge 2010.07.27
i did not like the game but some might give it a shot

bruteoger 2010.07.27
Good but very basic, not very indepth. But decent graphics.

BrandonMars 2010.07.26
Nice game, a bit tired of the general 2D game, but it`ll do.. how about more 3d games? Not complaining, though. (:

gerty 2010.07.26
very simple game
but not bad

dreadwolf 2010.07.26
game play is ok graphics are ok , animations are ok /game is ok over all

kurre95 2010.07.25
good game but a little booring. way too much clicking and a little annoying music.

tedted 2010.07.25
the game is boring. needs to be spiced up a bit.

tubs 2010.07.24
sexy game with a hot girl. more thought into the game would be nice

strongwood 2010.07.24
good game but too much juice i think!

mattmc68 2010.07.24
i hav e to agree with everyone else compared to the rest of the games this one is boring.

847847 2010.07.23
nice game but too easy for me

godkwabu 2010.07.23
good animation and funny game

valtreck 2010.07.23
it`s a boring game...just clicking away...and i am not so into spraying tits...

dave2121 2010.07.22
Great game , but too many clicking.

lokzowx 2010.07.22
Nice graphics beautiful babe but too much click and maybe too simple with no real goals.

Trashcan 2010.07.22
Graphics are cool, but agree way too much clicking.

kilxgore 2010.07.20
this game is alright but waaay too much just clicking other than that and the annoying music it was pretty good

Hanak 2010.07.20
it was fun playing this game

jackskill 2010.07.19
good game but too much juice i think

Fraix 2010.07.17
Nice Girl, but too much juice^^

MaxRider 2010.07.17
Too much clicking and not enough interaction. The grapics are fine and the animations are smooth, but the gameplay is lacking. Overall an average gane.

linko 2010.07.16
Game was definitely not my favorite and whats up with the music its annoying

jwa 2010.07.16
ok game but could be more interaction

Gunshot1 2010.07.16
retarded im sorry but seriously obnoxious music and little thinking

highlands 2010.07.15
graphics good just wish it was a little more interactive

goku442 2010.07.15
good graphics for a really hot game

IrishRed 2010.07.13
Never again.. no re playability.. and the music tells me to kill

sathesh 2010.07.12
wow... its a very normal game lah...

Baddibu 2010.07.11
every time the same but the girl is hot!

tonianikpe 2010.07.10
Could be more interactive. but nice!

juliolugo 2010.07.08
pretty okay. but the lack of interactivity killed me!

mick138 2010.07.08
the game is ok is part 2 on here?

az89 2010.07.07
nice game. where is part 2?

sportymarc 2010.07.06
not a reinvention of the genre ;-)

upinya 2010.07.05
Nice game, a bit tired of the general 2D game, but it`ll do.. how about more 3d games? Not complaining, though. (:

birkhenrik 2010.07.04
Fun, but maybe a little to long

Fixman 2010.07.04
oo great...Grafic is OK, animation too. Is there part 2 ???

edlee69 2010.07.04
I think this game is ok but could use more sound beside music and more action scences

TRATC 2010.07.03
I liked this game cant wait for more

ohippiho 2010.07.01
good games, however I`ll like it to be more challenging.

jenso 2010.06.30
boring game to many clicks need more interaction

duke51 2010.06.30
it`s rather boring and too simple game - sorry .....

DocSpoon 2010.06.30
could have done a lot more to make the game more enjoyable. like work on the graphics. have a warm up bar and so on.

Spearheady 2010.06.29
pretty boring when you`ve played the grafical games

Zippo 2010.06.28
another point & click game this time they even say where to click lol
But the girl is hot stuff, huge tits :P

lfro15 2010.06.28
good games, however I`ll like it to be more challenging. How about adding more RPG games????

rubenmendia 2010.06.24
how do i change my profile

mjgates87 2010.06.22
nice game but needs a sex scene

cabeza 2010.06.22
this game is annoying with the clicking but worth it

komax155 2010.06.22
Very much clicing, but nice and sexy !!!!!

R3PTAR 2010.06.20
The game, for what it offers, I feel was drawn out too far. I also would of enjoyed a more interactive experience. Too much "Hey click here", followed by "Good job, now click there 20 more times so you can advance only to perform the exact same thing".

phoenix1080 2010.06.20
too simple and boring... the next one should more entreteining...

Joolsmoore 2010.06.19
Poor graphics and the gameplay is too boring.

fowlly 2010.06.19
had me wanting more, whens the next one out

Euric 2010.06.19
This game got pretty repetitive with all the clicking, other than that it was alright.

Arnald 2010.06.18
Nice animations but repetitive. Not a big fan of lactation anyway.

dreamcatcher232 2010.06.18
nice an sexy chick. just click- v´can be a little more action

OnePlayerForce 2010.06.18
Not bad, but needs something more exciting.

scannatore 2010.06.16
Not bad, not good!
Interesting, that`s all...

shakeandbake278 2010.06.14
didnt really like it kinda boring too much clicking

sexydrugaddict 2010.06.14
all right gets a bit boring but she has immense tits i wish my girlfriend was like her

Bond69 2010.06.14
It`s all right but not too good

LuigiLuca 2010.06.13
much clicking and short action but good graphics

joe782 2010.06.12
good graphics but too much clicking

taco123 2010.06.10
Nicely drawn but not well thought out.

OMGosh 2010.06.10
Its an okay game. Not that exciting...

xion01 2010.06.09
It`s alright. The graphics were nice but the game play was too repetitive. Wish the animations were faster. Sitting there waiting for animation to finish to click again gets boring.

Jacob32 2010.06.02
good graphics but too much clicking

Jehuty 2010.06.01
Nice animation, but a little slow since you have to sit through each and every animation

wahooman48 2010.05.31
kinda lame but nice graphics like the bounce

Reborn777 2010.05.31
The game is slightly boring with repititions...please try to change it and put in more original plot

Reborn777 2010.05.31
Graphics and gameplay can be improved...better animation please

ROB83073 2010.05.30
It was an okay game just needs sound

mightynight 2010.05.30
the clicking of the mouse gets tirering quickly but besides that not bad

jackhammer69 2010.05.29
great graphics but the clicking gets old fast

goseebananafish 2010.05.29
reminded me of back home on the farm. bad "game". just a clicking exercise

musicman21483 2010.05.29
this chick is nice really nice game

arathor 2010.05.27
the girls is a beauty but the game is nothing special

bbrandi 2010.05.26
this game is kinda good but love the graghics

Nick2 2010.05.26
Not too bad. But very small game!

huskyman 2010.05.25
played better games but still like to say thanks

daadennis 2010.05.25
that was a boring game......couldn`t even finish it

kekimu 2010.05.23
very hot not much gameplay but a nice set of tits

Angel25 2010.05.22
nothing to get excited about

wahooman48 2010.05.18
it was fun playing this game.....

ralphhm47 2010.05.17
very straight forward and easy to know where to click

chris18 2010.05.17
Decent game, very straightforward and to the point

rebthaz 2010.05.17
where is this character from? O and it froze after the dildo insertion..

hotsexlover1 2010.05.17
good but too much clickign and no sound effects

pizza 2010.05.17
Good graphic but could have been better if it wasn`t so much clicking

Eguy 2010.05.16
I like it ! nice and short. may have been a bit too boring though

Deconosensei 2010.05.16
A boring one. No interest in it

jay220 2010.05.15
It`s an OK game,good graphics
not much of a challenge

Outlaw046 2010.05.15
Not much action only clicking, graphics are good, but kinda boring

badplattitude 2010.05.14
Game is pretty boring, it could use better interaction, its all kind of the same thing over and over. Nice art though.

hamstaa 2010.05.13
very booooooring game, way to much cliking, poor audio, there are much better games.

basehead3000 2010.05.13
it`s ok, there are better ones though

mentos 2010.05.12
its easy game,but good graphics

ATFred 2010.05.10
This game is very boring.
The graphics are ok, nothing stary

gunnar26 2010.05.09
the graphic is great but it is quite simple wich is ok one in awhile

gaabee 2010.05.09
great grafics, but a bit boring

FlyingDoctor 2010.05.09
it`s a boring game...just clicking away...and i am not so into spraying tits...

nightsilver 2010.05.08
its an ok game.graphics could be better,its fun to mess with this game.

ice611 2010.05.08
game is ok but alittle boring

romeo01 2010.05.08
nice game but too simply and too boring

bullseye1976 2010.05.07
this game is ok but way too much clicking

progek 2010.05.07
it was fun but gets boring kinda fast

all45 2010.05.07
Good mouse coordination practice, limited game play

Sherlock 2010.05.07
it really need more interaktives to be a great game

mr.black 2010.05.06
fun game but too short...kinda funny too..lol

dark_devil168 2010.05.06
boring game.need more interaction

kergeller 2010.05.05
sorry but too boring after a few minutes

lss 2010.05.05
great graphics but had problems with the pointers...

lightphantom 2010.05.05
Than you should play the original one it`s untranslated and there are 3 girls of different ages

rameteb 2010.05.04
good graphics and exciting... fun to touch this girl

joshuabean12 2010.05.04
very very good need a little more scence...........

buneylan 2010.05.03
I didnt get what is the point of this game.

secbase4 2010.05.03
very simple. i love her tits

chuckster22 2010.05.03
hot anime stuff, great girl and action

luky555 2010.05.03
It has bad graphics, but it can do the job.;)

Dr cueball 2010.05.03
Ok but to short and way to simple

scybbe69 2010.05.02
Worked for me:) really hot girl!

Kalaam 2010.05.02
a little booring but nice 2d game

DannyBoii 2010.05.02
Very Good Needs Another Scence

ashiquz 2010.05.02
ok game but too easy and too short

alandarwin 2010.05.02
not so bad game , too short

oddjob 2010.05.02
good game needs another scene

Motherfucker 2010.05.01
graffic good but stupid alot of clicking

Andy1 2010.05.01
nice game and nice graphic

helenbabes 2010.05.01
I totally loved the game i wanted to play it over and over again

helenbabes 2010.05.01
it was such a good game to play

weyek 2010.05.01
i think the game is really boring

xeracodai 2010.04.30
long load, but it was worthwhile, alot of clicking but its still a great game

boinky 2010.04.29
fun little click game, wish the girl made some sounds

bronti 2010.04.28
excellent game a little short though

steffano09 2010.04.28
love this game is awsoem i love the graficks are awsome i just love this game keep them coming

LP83 2010.04.28
It was good, just not good enough

cedric09 2010.04.28
funny game but not very intens though.

comecloser 2010.04.28
it is a pretty hot game tough, ;p

comecloser 2010.04.28
bwah, it`s a good game ;)

dibly3000 2010.04.28
not much to it hopefully part2 will be better

rparadis 2010.04.27
i do not think that i would play this game again, their is not to much to it

streetfighterz 2010.04.27
game was grate love the way the juces squerted

jaybeezy2o5 2010.04.27
this game had too much clicking for me and not enough things to do with the girl

reinler 2010.04.26
This game is okay, but too much clicking. The graphics aren`t too bad though.

Sevenrs 2010.04.26
nice graphic and animation.the game is very awesome

Raider1471 2010.04.26
Not particularly fun, but the character is really hot. Would be great in a sim

bob2313 2010.04.24
a strange but fun game but it drags on a bit

cazzy86 2010.04.23
simple graphics the girl is hot... :)

Riomiain 2010.04.23
know this game for a while - good drawing but the same old music

faker 2010.04.22
no game for me, its to simple

Nergal 2010.04.22
Graphics were nice. Would have been better if she was in some Dating Game...

shishkabob 2010.04.21
preetty boring, no thought & these graphics are not for me

ry4132 2010.04.21
Gameplay was kind of redundant and not as fun as i expected

amebator 2010.04.21
Just interesting, not my favourite game so far, but it`s playable

trashb7 2010.04.20
This game is `pointless` click-click-click...nothing new here.

skill50 2010.04.20
it all repetitive clicking but nice art

michaal2 2010.04.20
very enjoyable game, will be playing it again to try and get the other endings.

AxetheGreedyNoob 2010.04.19
THis game is quite interesting...

AxetheGreedyNoob 2010.04.19
This is one of my favorite games so far...

ajbuggsuk 2010.04.19
It`s ok, but a lot of clicking and repetition

greif 2010.04.17
I like this game very much

cjfwbvld 2010.04.17
Not bad I like the graphics

kelleyuai 2010.04.16
Ok game however i thought there was too much repetition.

gp78 2010.04.16
way too many clicks..
cgi would be nice

erjishere 2010.04.13
Not bad but could be alot better. Doesn`t really get me going and too short.

argonidas 2010.04.12
hot game, nice girl too short

sumsum1993 2010.04.09
loved the game but its alot of clicking. 3D would`ve been great too

shaorune 2010.04.09
just click and click again.. borriiiing~

bn1087 2010.04.08
this game is ok but way too much clicking

elmejodegiacomo 2010.04.07
I love this game, it`s so sexy and hot

Hesteng 2010.04.06
nice action but to much clicking

sweetchig 2010.04.06
Great Game but tooooo much clicking and i hate the Left and right clicking

redman69 2010.04.06
Really nice girl, but could have done without the milk.

woollybobcat 2010.04.05
wasnt amazing but does give a good hard on

Hotfly 2010.04.03
Well where is the fun. Some clicks but nothing to do. And the music is that annoying. Puh.

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