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Bungler and the Witch


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lukeRage 2018.07.18
I really like a game so keep up the Good Work

ricarno59 2018.07.16
Good game, a bit short but sexy and funny. I like it.

AnnaRainbow 2018.07.16
Yes, absolutely gorgeous graphics, a charismatic witch with personality, and a lot of humour throughout make this a very fun game. And it`s not as easy as you might think... Great design work all around.

pancakeman29 2018.07.15
there is a sequel game also but its not posted here yet

alta!r 2018.07.14
nice game,a bit hard but rewarding atleast

D1NGBAT 2018.07.14
Very good all round, nice easy time filler to warm up with.

shyman44425 2018.07.12
Slow pace but pleasantly surprising graphics. Will play multiple times.

ranma2 2018.07.12
Below is Bookmarklet, to get Details about the Links in the Game

Kronos 2018.07.09
how do you get the other achievements (sorry typo on the last one )

Kronos 2018.07.09
How do you get the of achievement


dragonking1972 2018.07.09
very nice game great graphics easy controls

supertrucker 2018.07.09
great game fun to play. awesome graphics. nice story.

cromer 2018.07.09
good graphics quite an easy game to play

KitCarsen 2018.07.08
A nice little time filler with some good graphics.

alec69 2018.07.08
Fun and interesting game. Great Graphics and Audio is good as well!

andhind_arie 2018.07.07
nice game... short but nice. love the graphic

Grick Rimes 2018.07.06
It`s a pretty good game. The graphics are excellent, but the story is a bit odd. Seems rather linear to me. rnPretty much all hinges on what item you pick in the beginning I think. That`s about the only way to see any real "change" in the game play.

mostergrand 2018.07.06
Short but nice game, fast to play

mostergrand 2018.07.06
I really like a game so keep up the Good Work

pancakeman29 2018.07.06
Not game related but how many pts do you need to get another quest from Kelly? I have over 400 and keep getting the first one with the basic way to get points.rnrnThanks in advance!

pancakeman29 2018.07.06
short fun game with good graphics. There aren`t many options so it`s pretty easy to get to the end

randy1 2018.07.06
Short , but had some fun with the gamern

marcus747 2018.07.06
Nice game, short and to the point. Zenny looks pretty good most of the time. Once the action starts, it amps up very quickly, although the buildup is fairly slow. A very good short game!

stach56 2018.07.05
Short but nice game, fast to play

yoyogum 2018.07.05
Is there a difference in content based on difficulty? I know some games will only let you see the hardcore stuff on the hardest difficulties.

qball7601 2018.07.05
Great game, Fun to play even though it is on the shorter side.

St3phan3 2018.07.05
- How to avoid being kicked out of the witch`s house -rnQuite easy, find by yourselfrnrn- How to not finish naked in the snow - (for easy mode, haven`t tried the other yet)rnYou need to score 15 before getting into the action. Solution under :rnThis is only the lines when there`s more than a single choicernrn- Take the Cat mintrn- "I`m not stupid. I`m just not from here."rn- "Hi, I`m Player! This is why it`s so empty in here!"rn- "I`m also new here!"rn- "I have a delicate problem..."rn- "Why shouldn`t I want it ?"rn- Yeah. With the help of magic!rn- Continue (after her saying "don`t distract me")rn[While she makes the potion, when she turns her back, on the screen -> "take a bunch of grass", the leaves on the ceiling]rn- Give me this! I`m ready for any sacrifices!rn- "Nice pussy." (give mint)rn- (Give coins)"I`ll stay overnight in the tavern, and then I`ll go to town."rn- "Okay. I don`t mind. I`ve even got hungry."rn- "Thanks"rn- "Ten"rn- "Each of them had her own time on a schedule."rn- "Settle down and have a wife with kids."rn- "But you are using magic!"rn- "I don`t know."rn- "Frankly speaking, I can`t..."rn- "Hello, you look great!"rn- "Do you wanna go anywhere ?"rn- "What are your hobbies?"rn- "Would you like to drink a tea at my place?"rn- Kiss Zennyrn[f*ck f*ck f*ck + cum inside then re-f*ck f*ck f*ck]rn- Cum in Zenny`s mouth and hold a herb close to her nosernrnTHE END

Ya boi skinny penis 2018.07.05
Im stuck at the dungeon sort of place and i cant get past it can i have help.rnBut I do enjoy the graphics they are great and so is the animation

bianca29 2018.07.05
Short but nice game, fast to play

Dazzler197 2018.07.05
A very short but decent game.

farkas 2018.07.05
Very nice graphics, good storyline and sound.

pjjd 2018.07.05
I really like a game so keep up the Good Work

ethan34 2018.07.04
Great game and the animations were really good

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