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Bulma F


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memeforce 2017.06.21
Oooh, the jiggle physics of this game.

ianjames 2017.03.10
nice graphics but pretty pointless

scythe41 2016.10.23
great game! love the simple gameplay great graphics.

notna3 2016.07.26
they should have put sound in to the game

MikeJGee 2016.03.31
Well... nice. But with sound would have been even better.

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.21
Cute, but sound would be nice.

PureEvilTWB 2016.01.11
This game is very original.

Pajk 2016.01.07
Nice positions and girl too bad there is no sound. That would make it perfect

kanther 2015.08.06
even tho there is not really a game in this, its nicely drawn

mrnobody 2015.08.02
i love these dragon ball z things


chuck131 2015.04.13
love this game it makes me so hard

Sir Cumalot 2015.04.06
I really like this game, I read dragon ball when I was younger, and Bulma really turned me on. It might have been forced, but still. The animations are very good, and I like how the later "scenes" are with a see through man, so that you can see every inch of sexyness.

Bcallday123 2015.03.26
Nice game loved the sex scenes almost made me blow my load

zachcake1 2015.03.08
the best game to have been played and known

holystoner 2015.02.28
another interactive picture - no story - but still fun to look at.

Aliastar 2015.02.25
kinda boring no story but I guess it gets the job done if you just wanna nut off lol

gwazz 2015.01.25
no story but pretty well draw n

crzydavez 2015.01.20
100% all the way it very turn on game and very sexy and it one of my favorite game and it a really teasing game i love it

Broomfondle 2015.01.19
Great tits with lots of bounce an positions

Pigfortune 2015.01.04
This is a simple and pleasurable distraction. Easy to operate, nice and simple fantasy teasing and fucking with full view of all angles.

yoloman751 2014.12.27
it`s a grate game I wis you could see the cum on the carector

katisnota 2014.11.17
definately erotic to say the least

isse2014 2014.10.15
love the graphics, i like it.

Drakket 2014.09.15
Meh.. not good but not bad

bonusbro587 2014.08.10
i remember when i wantd something like this when i was a kid great work

dmckay 2014.07.19
Young Bulma is my favourite anime character.

Jarhead469 2014.05.09
Another boring simulator with no story line or plot. Graphics are decent at best. Worth only 1 or 2 minutes.

elkaiir 2014.05.01
Nice graphics as always with F series !

ak74india 2014.04.19
She looks much sexy than original series

bobikow 2014.04.19
nothing special, the same type as the previous

GratefulGoddess333 2014.04.04
I enjoyed the versatility of her movements but I think that a bit more creativity would benefit ones imagination and tease the mind that much more,

blklagoon 2014.03.25
good graphics horrible game play needs more action

AristoN 2014.03.16
good game but in 3D it would be better

divad 2014.03.14
nothing to do
i`m not in love for bulma

Kryrev 2014.03.01
Bulma! Great to see a DB game, simplistic, but well done either way.

reskos 2014.02.08
BUUUULLLLLMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I absolutely love Bulma. And this game is awesome. :3

chillz13 2014.02.02
Like the the games looks, but needs more variety. like others form the series.

xjaws 2014.01.02
the girls is hot nice job

joker001 2013.12.27
not really a game, but good graphics and animation.

Krag1733 2013.12.15
Lovely Bulma. I love this flashgame. All the costumes makes me drool.

8224cv 2013.12.07
such a good game with great graphics

Master Bill 2013.11.08
Ok wish could strip totally but not bad

sharon005 2013.11.06
i like realy this games im suck this games where sansual moment

vjspring 2013.10.13
Great game good for any DBZ fan to get a chuckle

noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

Hornydonny88 2013.09.16
I love this game. Great animation. Love the chick from DBZ. Lots of different options in the game as well. Very recommendable

golborg 2013.08.31
omg i have been looking for a game to do with bulma this website is awsome thanks who ever made this

notnavianna 2013.08.25
a short game for relax is nice

Ken_Scades 2013.08.23
boring. but hey it`s a try-it-all-no-difficulty game. nice graphics at least.

runningfromlions 2013.08.03
Not really a game, but great animation.

link4443 2013.07.30
this game don`t have any gameplay

smartsex 2013.07.25
quite boring, only good thing is that it`s bulma

Chadster 2013.07.18
It was kind of boring. If there was sound or something it would`ve been better.

donatellont 2013.07.16
a little boring but hey who doesnt want to mess around with bulma?!

jojojem 2013.07.13
not that impressed. There was sound or instructions. poor graphics.

lyebrenth 2013.06.25
This game is full. The graphic is amazing, is undoubtedly very tasty playing it.

ChrisCums 2013.06.19
There wasn`t much to be doing in the game and I got bored real quick

Rafomater 2013.06.13
Wonderful graphics! Bulma looks soo hot!!!!

torm81 2013.06.12
good graphics and great game

Mumboman 2013.06.02
Good idea, but lack of sound makes it below average.

Angelus88 2013.05.27
I liked the graphics however I wish there was sound.

beruga 2013.05.23
typical f-series game, nothing special

madmage 2013.05.09
I`m a fan of Bulma... Transparancy was weird though

addaxe115 2013.04.14
i like this game its so nice

addaxe115 2013.04.14
v great game and i like it

gwazz 2013.04.10
pretty boring found the transparent bits offputting

dogmean5 2013.03.31
Not all that good. Sorry

pankusy 2013.03.24
nice animations. I like that game :)

maxxpavne 2013.03.19
Graphics are great,I like how you can pick many ways to pose her but,in my option it`s to short of a game!

daywalker12 2013.03.18
the game is cool get to try diffrent poses

madmax68 2013.02.23
Loved the game - great body and graphics

priah 2013.02.18
this game is short but keeps you interested until you finish all poses

wisdom123 2013.01.27
thus was boring not much excitement

Yousuf 2013.01.26
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

flemderp 2013.01.20
good graphics, and i like the different positions

egane 2013.01.18
wery seksi impresive graphic

ballsac 2012.12.25
Reminds me of another game I played recently. Good, simple, but fat titties bouncing up and down. Who could complain?

newbuddy 2012.12.13
nice positions. wish there was sound.

sxgmes 2012.11.24
Graphics are great,I like how you can pick many ways to pose her but,in my option it`s to short of a game.

Long Dick 2012.11.24
don`t care for this type of games.but graphs are good

fuckstars1211 2012.11.22
it is a very good game could include more options

Bossian 2012.11.16
very sexyyy.. but way too easy thou

Ayushank 2012.11.15
The animation is awesome...I love the big jiggly boobs, and I love how you can play with her and put her into different positions. Would be nice to make her completely naked. I wish these type of sex "tease" things would have a story to them.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Nice but as commented in the other similar games it need sound effect and better animation and drawing of the character as well as the fluids.

HenryMaster 2012.11.03
pretty cool not as boring as i thought

Nasenhaar 2012.10.25
seems this girl needs some real come deep inside her ;)

sexkelly 2012.10.13
what a game super graphics i like it very much

stevie 2012.10.04
good graphics but could be a lot better

coolsam123 2012.09.15
oh what a game,good position yet a funny game

nat_sur 2012.09.11
its just action not a game u play

Lolotte 65 2012.09.10
good easier et funny game

McBoon 2012.09.07
SUPER clean visuals and really hot poses!

DarkAce777 2012.09.05
Lol nice, I always wanted this girl to be fucked

Pusher 2012.08.26
good game but would do better in 3D

cooljin12345 2012.08.23
ooo what a nice fucking game

jim95 2012.07.25
beautiful girl and amazing positions she is in

Nastycookie 2012.07.16
many poses and good graphics but still nothing special to do, and no sounds

coolman1706 2012.07.10
very good game, very exciting, with very good graphics and a lot of options

Mario1969 2012.07.07
the graphics is good. And that`s all.

dannieru 2012.07.05
good graphics but could be a lot better

89LX50 2012.07.05
I am always turned on by these big titty girls.

chris8833p 2012.07.03
very strange did not really like it

qwertyzxcvbn 2012.06.25
I really love this game, i only wish the cum was more realistic

bestia99rom 2012.06.18
very ordinary game, looks like all simular games

Thom999 2012.06.08
good graphics boring game

terry0112 2012.05.31
the artwork for these games are always really nice

dabeast1 2012.05.28
there needs to be more action on this game

bahamut86 2012.05.21
good grafic, bad game.... boooooring

jforce1 2012.05.17
i`ve never seen her in this type of way...........i like it

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.16
nice animations and hot game...very good!!

Jada2123 2012.04.28
game is not bad, in fact i love the playboy bunny outfit.

stucool 2012.03.21
Good animation but no sounds

Pyro100 2012.03.13
I like the game it should have sound. It is still a good game

uber50 2012.03.13
she`s hot, this game would be nice with sound

LOLman23lord 2012.03.11
simple game with lots of options. love it!

glukos37 2012.03.05
gameplay was great.graphics was nice.animation needs more work

T0Ni.[454] 2012.02.24
Perfect i love this easily one of my favourite play force 1 games

rasetsu88 2012.02.18
great! i love this kind of game and bulma is awesome

whosnext5999 2012.02.15
cant beat having sex with bulma

viri111 2012.02.13
great graphics,like the game(if you can really call it a game that is)

rot 2012.02.07
Would have been better if it had lead somewhere. As it was, was just a series of poses. Not bad and some sexy.

masterxmp33 2012.02.06
the game wasn`t to good it was more boring than exciting

heello 2012.02.03
fun game i like how theres lots of poses

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Another animated slide-show, but Dragon Ball fans will love this one.

rahulroy1n2 2012.02.01
i am a fan of dbz and hence this game rocks

MatCool 2012.01.31
cute bulma....where can i find her?lol

badmofo06 2012.01.30
gameplay was great.graphics was nice.animation needs more work

brit_man33 2012.01.30
It`s weird, seeing the "invisible" cock etc. Kinda fun though.

ponal 2012.01.23
nice, let`s go to bunny hunt

isma28 2012.01.21
I really like this series, wish they had something with the same quality without the super distended breasts.

johnboob 2012.01.19
Bulma is hot, nice little game

guitargod10 2012.01.16
Just like all the other f-series games. Boring

mrmmg123 2012.01.15
i wish there was sound...hot game otherwise

Curlly55 2012.01.12
she`s hot, this game would be nice with sound

Guillaume 2012.01.06
this game could use sound

sexydragon64 2012.01.05
its an ok game with fairly good graphix but theres not enough of it

geekboy 2012.01.05
nice graphics but not really my sort of game

mikicostanza 2012.01.03
bulma is so sexy its a great little game

fable7868 2012.01.03
Great Game, especially if you know Bulma from Dragonball. Cant stop playing it lol and nice graphics

brit_man33 2011.12.31
No mystery, no challenge. Kinda fun though.

Triton400 2011.12.27
Cute girl but would have liked more control over the action.

wally98 2011.12.23
the game was rather boring. I don`t think I would play it again.

long55 2011.12.18
I enjoyed the game, very nice images, nice!

PyMpmYsTR 2011.12.13
really good game, loads of options, simple, and has a nice dynamic

Spud 2011.12.08
Awesome Great graphics too

Mistress 2011.12.07
Cute & Busty! Fun little game, just like the rest of the F series.

zenginoglu 2011.11.18
This is great game... I like it very much...

giancarlo005 2011.11.17
If this was real i`ll jump right now into the screen

aldifarizqi 2011.11.15
super sexy game! great graphic

BallIdiot 2011.11.12
Kind of boring to play... But the graphics are good.

Rorkal 2011.11.10
miss some more interactiv but nice Bulma.

lshone501 2011.11.01
sexy animation bunny easy to do

reddevil07utd 2011.10.26
Nice game with some nice girls

wally98 2011.10.21
Interesting game. Kind a fun to play.

pfouse 2011.10.13
Not really a game per say but good animations. Why not adding sound?

mattbro 2011.10.09
awesome animation. I love these mini games.

tutku1 2011.10.08
Bounce Bounce hehe :) Fun enough way to kill some time

ptvptv 2011.10.03
One of my dream come true!!!!

darvia294 2011.10.01
way to short and no story line but a good game anyways

soakingfingers 2011.09.27
very interesting but no sound??? hmmm

Percy Jackson 2011.09.19
Bit hard to get used to the controls, but good game once you get used to it.

Jason Grace 2011.09.19
Even though this is a good game and all, I hate the fact that there`s no sound in it :/

vesica 2011.09.18
the pics and animations aren`t that bad, and I am a big fan of this series in general

gtt16664 2011.09.14
I enjoyed the game, very nice images

Acmeth 2011.09.11
great game still with no sound is not as fun tho acceptable anyless

AmazonQueen 2011.09.09
Even a bad pizza is better than no pizza must work for sex games too. This seemed a lot better when it was new and there was little to compare it or others like it to. Still fun to put cartoon sound effects to

telfung 2011.09.09
Graphics are great,I like how you can pick many ways to pose her but,in my option it`s to short of a game!

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Bulma is hot, nice little game although simple.

tonytreiner 2011.09.01
great graphics,like the game(if you can really call it a game that is)

Snutjulle 2011.08.26
good when you get it right when you play the game

kokumoon 2011.08.25
Kinda boring but great tease and graphics.

xdukex 2011.08.17
funny game but it is not a real game i think

elo77 2011.08.16
boring game
but good tease with bunny bulma

habo111 2011.08.13
nice graphics........but a boring game

Gundalf 2011.08.07
Bulma is great ... but other than that there is not much to it

pornomab 2011.08.07
I love dragon ball so I love this game

tunemusa 2011.08.04
A little boring but the graphics are good. Think it would have done better with a story

porsche 2011.07.27
not as goood as other one in this series imo but great drawings

dude90 2011.07.24
very nice game , beautiful

rzrfc 2011.07.23
more boring gameplay, subpar artwork, go with rei instead. Also, no anal?

mountblade 2011.07.11
Another bulma F game love the grafics but noooo story or plot ????

wisiol1 2011.07.08
amazing graphics indeed, but no plot, i dont know, doesnt really arouse the mind.

Fofally 2011.07.07
The animation is awesome...I love the big jiggly boobs, and I love how you can play with her and put her into different positions. Would be nice to make her completely naked. I wish these type of sex "tease" things would have a story to them.

bulass 2011.07.07
you should add an story, but i like your game cause you put bulma in it

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

yunklertgreat 2011.06.30
This was a good game but i like ones with storys

caloooo 2011.06.30
very fun so many choices this is my favorite

nolitor 2011.06.30
f series have nice grafic, but no sound

cisse 2011.06.29
good game, I remember watching this show as a kid.

fap680 2011.06.29
Nice game! great graphics and animations.

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I don`t get it, made lazy.

dgkesquire 2011.06.25
Good graphics, nice and clear animation. One of my favorites of the F-series so far.

hentaibitch 2011.06.25
very difficult but great game. i love it :)

Zabarbar 2011.06.22
nice animations and hot game...very good!!

quasib 2011.06.21
I like dragonball so I like this game

Nightspiral2k 2011.06.19
ok animation, needs sound (or did i miss something)

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
pretty much the same animations but oh well, nice

AteivisWTF 2011.06.12
Great game, i like the animations.

demanderx 2011.06.07
could have really more interaction, it`s just a flash movie almost... but i like the graphics even tough

ExEdge 2011.05.25
pretty funny game, the graphics is cool and the bulma is very sexy!

Revyn 2011.05.24
I just like Bulma, therefore for me its a great game

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
Better than the last one of these I tried. I think I just like the girl better

ryuzakin 2011.05.09
nice game but more features and position can be added...i didn`t like the girl very much

Skarn62 2011.05.06
Boring game. No sound, no music, no interactions.

ramirezl12 2011.05.01
Dragon ball is amazing great quality

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

jet2 2011.04.26
this is a great game and the quality is good

jet2 2011.04.25
this is a okay game and good graphics

kppatient 2011.04.14
I love these picture games. I always like to flick the big titties.

xXTacoJonezXx 2011.04.11
This is a great game, Bulma looks great and I liked the variety.

D4N 2011.04.06
Very good game i really like the animation looks very fluid.

hesteng10 2011.04.02
ok game... but not good graph-----

cliss 2011.03.29
Again, great animations... but a story and clothing variations would be great!

Tiege 2011.03.29
Kept hitting choices until something worked, really not a game but a test of patience to find the right combinations.

kguy5 2011.03.22
i love these F series things a lot!

dragonj 2011.03.21
good game nice hentai i`m playing this more times

themadgear 2011.03.20
Could do with better cumshots, otherwise, very hot.

Nixsen 2011.03.17
sound and better better cumshots and its a grerat game

fameasser 2011.03.13
hottest game i have every played

ksyadav16 2011.03.11
didnt realize bulma was hot too.....

Lois_Voom 2011.03.07
It could really use so sound and a little more graphic`s wouldn`t help

leslieboy 2011.03.03
I like these games. Its fast fun, lol.
I hope i see more from the "series"

viewer2936 2011.03.02
great graphics but the gameplay is kinda lame

r_o1_s 2011.02.17
i love this game and Very hot girls... amazing!

silver12 2011.02.14
These games could be so much better with audio

09echekar 2011.02.14
it reminds me of the old dragonball series

sliceitup 2011.02.10
i loved bulma since dbz series and i love her more in this version

sissyboy 2011.02.10
haha nice didnt realise she was so hot lol

tubetoker 2011.02.05
Could use some sound, but altogether a cool game.

baba1689 2011.02.01
bulma has always been one of my favourite DB girls!if only they made this more hardcore!:P

ratonius 2011.01.18
Is probably one of the better ones in the Tease Section,but very limited.

kamper87 2011.01.16
when will these games have volume

lukithy 2011.01.14
bulma in bunny suit = good

shatcake 2011.01.13
Could be better with sound

jordan2345 2011.01.10
great graphics ,like the game (its prety fun)

Sharpie 2011.01.09
great graphics and awesome gameplay

MIKEy847 2011.01.08
sounds will be nice as well as some more options

korzakorza 2011.01.07
always loved bulma, her and that bunny suit nice graphics...

black123 2011.01.06
too simple should be more erotic

silver12 2011.01.04
Could be better with sound

jmalbec 2010.12.26
dress ups are fun, but I usual just cycle through the poses and leave it at that.

trueguy1964 2010.12.23
nice game graphics is good i like it

ifqvp 2010.12.23
good because it`s dragonball only ...

jasmith247 2010.12.18
good game but i like the character in this game graphics are good too!

fracturelike 2010.12.17
sounds will be nice as well as some more options - not just next an next

aquaticpyro 2010.12.15
dragon ball hentai is always good

HotSpot 2010.12.15
some lesbian show would be verry nice

poohbear 2010.12.14
need more like lesbian or something new

gastud 2010.12.05
needs sound and game rather lacking something

donysabox 2010.12.03
i love that bulma wearing bunny suit . . nice graphic

zeretet 2010.12.02
nice game graphics is good i like it

rohan_bhagvat 2010.12.02
loved it actually nice graphics but no sound

stylerin 2010.11.28
interesting positions, and a simple game to play for distraction

selim321 2010.11.28
game was ok but it could have been more interesting

bazbadasss 2010.11.26
not a good gasme but it was not as bad as some on here

Zouzounis 2010.11.25
i like bulma , nice little game

marcodeg 2010.11.25
you can have anal in 4 out of 9 scenes. This is a little lower than the average Gamesofdesire game, but it is a good game anyway. My favorite is actually the first, Felicity who will let you fuck her again in the throne room

carmalone 2010.11.25
sorry but the game was not so good :(

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

chennaite 2010.11.18
Not much to play, just pre-enacted clips put together, decent graphics, but not even sound. Bit boring

lesr 2010.11.17
Graphics are very good, but this not my kind of game

conker11 2010.11.17
funny i like the transparancy

trueguy1964 2010.11.17
good game needs more models

chumak 2010.11.15
Nice bouncing tits that´s all

Apac20 2010.11.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

prc100 2010.11.11
Graphics are great,I like how you can pick many ways to pose her but,in my option it`s to short of a game!

Lanfeust 2010.11.05
not really a game, it`s more a show. great to play with bulma though

Felix1125 2010.11.01
Seen style before in another game. only real difference is added charcter. More options or more characters would be nice. otherwise okay.

mike cook 2010.11.01
Great graphics but some sounds would help

lasvegas 2010.10.27
good game needs more models

DoubleShadow 2010.10.24
cosplay is cool, but its nearly the same like rei f-2 ... :(

maybe more different actions and sounds?

xxrammherxx 2010.10.18
this game could use sounds but other then that i like it

sexy dude 2010.10.13
good game lyk the graphics bulma is great

kamouloxx 2010.10.13
It`s a good game, play with bulma is hot!

dragynomega 2010.10.12
I really like this series, wish they had something with the same quality without the super distended breasts.

spoiledsundew 2010.10.10
need to put some toy there

romeo1985 2010.10.06

kranz 2010.10.03
pas terrible mais bulma est sex

robert15 2010.09.29
wow in dragon balls bulma lol

guillemarcantoni 2010.09.24
nice animation and graphicts

tophe35 2010.09.19
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Kitty69 2010.09.18
It would be better with sound but other then it`s ok.

theforsaken 2010.09.03
not great but not bad ether so its okay.

dalton9195 2010.09.02
again just a show. not really a game

Nimrod 2010.09.02
Once more good pics, but not much of a challange. Not enough to keep my interest.

dmedsraiders 2010.09.01
okay game, not my favorite. I like feeling like i`ve earned the surprize

johnmark 2010.09.01
this has to be 1 of the best f-series !

T M 2010.08.28
These F series games are always really good art, but no challenge or thrill.

NickC 2010.08.28
the game was ok, if it had sound it could be better

hooman7272 2010.08.26
great graphics,like the game(if you can really call it a game that is)

ahoskie16 2010.08.23
THese are some of the best games. Great graphics. Wish cum animation would actually go all over face and stay there rather than evaporate

omahan 2010.08.18
not a big fan of this type of game, but i liked it better than most others

punjabi 2010.08.04
its a funny game for a lot of time

lostdog 2010.08.04
there is a lot of choice in this little game

Caine1379 2010.07.31
same cocept as other f game

dizzyjab 2010.07.28
fun game with good graphics

rtw1029 2010.07.22
wesome game it could have more sex positions

Hanak 2010.07.20
very nice game. like all the options and the character being used but no sound

pderigobert 2010.07.19
this is a little boring and too convetional

Andre-95 2010.07.17
bl?! it`s boring and short! wath game is this!

passion7 2010.07.11
that kewl game i played it before

samantta 2010.06.22
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

mjgates87 2010.06.21
very nice game. like all the options and the character being used.

xcameron1 2010.06.16
no sound makes it less fun

trhhnxf 2010.06.15
hot graphics and animations

mamba 2010.06.13
cool but simple game nice graphics and a great way to fill in some spare time

egc 2010.06.11
excitin` ... but too bad that you can undress her

big dick 2010.06.03
the way this game is made is very interesting

buddy12127 2010.06.02
I don`t even get what your supposed to do

trencin 2010.06.02
i like th??s game especialy some pose with dildo

Ralkoz 2010.05.25
not bad if your a bulma fan

Warzuk 2010.05.14
This game is very excitement,but is missing something.

rockador 2010.05.10
not a bad game. could have been a little more in depth, but not bad overall

romeo01 2010.05.08
it is a great game a lot of options ,nice

Kalaam 2010.05.03
Just a little to boring for my liking

maschke 2010.05.02
its ok game. it could way better

moco 2010.05.01
good ,but could be better

xeracodai 2010.04.30
these types of games are great, lots of options

she looks familiar, not sure where i saw her tho

coza17 2010.04.29
hot graphics but too boring

boinky 2010.04.29
good, just like the other F games but this one has more positions and Bulma!

Kerrik 2010.04.28
in this game we have only twelve positions. this is too little.

Blinky Bill 2010.04.27
Wont be playing this again...........

kelloke 2010.04.24
it`s a good one but i think we could do better tahn that

kmax 2010.04.15
This is another good addition to the F-series, but as with others in this series, the game needs audio to make it really worthwhile.

leahB 2010.04.15
Good graphics but not very exciting

TheLizard 2010.04.09
i liked her since the anime... nice

elmejodegiacomo 2010.04.07
I like bulma, she is so sexy; good game.

biggsreddy 2010.04.07
good graphics but dull game

panat 2010.04.05
it was alright...??? i guess?concept aint that good though?

phsoldat95 2010.04.01
The Graphics are great, but game is boring.

buneylan 2010.04.01
Same with others. Not special anything

joseluis74125 2010.03.31
it is a great game i never seen it like this in my life

svantovit 2010.03.30
Nice game, not enough to do though. Also sound would have made it better.

dgkesquire 2010.03.28
Interesting, unchallenging gameplay on one of my favorite characters from DBZ universe; can`t wait to see next

Horrocrux 2010.03.27
simple but effective realy liked this one no negative points

Johnny811 2010.03.27
Great graphics. Which the game would be a little longer

widoman 2010.03.27
This is not a game,you can pick many ways to pose her

escipio 2010.03.27
Bulma is the hottest cartoon in history!!!

goku 2010.03.27
i love that slut bulma of dbz i wanna fuck her right now

nxenon13 2010.03.26
nice pictures, but to short and is just positions. there is no goal.

eralph67 2010.03.26
less than average and nothing to chance or suprise.

Kedar 2010.03.21
This is not a game. This is just watching different positions.

riyans_17 2010.03.20
The game is just about watching the girl different positions by clicking of a button. It get boring after a minute or two It does not have any excitement

Rosco 2010.03.20
Doesn`t give any kind of thrill. Good graphicsc but the game it self SUCKS!

j0k35t3r 2010.03.19
better than most of the other kinds of these games

steelcitykid5 2010.03.18
great graphics and so many positions. bonus points for bulma

Syntactic1 2010.03.17
Crayzee dat bulmaz N diss game but overall it alright

renshi 2010.03.15
nothing to do with this game

Redseeker 2010.03.13
Bulma`s a weird character for a game like this, but it`s still really hot. The graphics are done well, and the animations are really fluid. This one is probably one of the better ones in the Tease Section.

Viperion 2010.03.11
pretty but abit awkward when it comes to bulma.. in such game tease.

Fafhrd 2010.03.09
Pretty images, but not really a game

andix 2010.03.06
a little bit boring you can say

ajhalo 2010.03.04
great game some great scenes mega boobs galore lets have some more of this please maybe more toys next time

sinner666 2010.03.03
good game but no sound :(

wiler 2010.03.01
good graphics, but not the best game. too short and not many options

Zach 2010.02.28
I don`t like it, there is no entertainment to it.

a_dude 2010.02.28
gode bilder men litt kjedelig action

jules1903 2010.02.27
Love the graphics , great positions this lovely girl gets into.

poldek890 2010.02.25
This type of game is very interesting and new.

xx76 2010.02.23
really bad boring and not very sexy

johnyboy49 2010.02.21
I really am getting bored of these games, theres no real action
the graphics a great tho

Venus 2010.02.12
Graphic, Animations and gameplay are all good, but i dont like games with no sounds,

k75strider 2010.02.12
Good animation just needed the sound to go along with the game.

kldxxx 2010.02.08
simply boring dont like this type of game

gabu 2010.02.08
love, breast large bunnies! Bulma is hot!

tawdry 2010.02.07
not really a game just click and view

BigNasty 2010.02.05
heck yah nice to see bulma in a game awsome

toriyazaki 2010.02.05
stupid game but it`s cool to see Bulma ;-)

Capnord 2010.02.05
stupid game boring very limited game if you can call it a game

nine0ball 2010.02.04
Really like the graffics and the options just a shame no sound

agone 2010.02.03
simply boring dont like this type of game

mummy27 2010.02.03
graphics good gameplay dull

gman 2010.02.03
is this meant to be bulkma from dragonball z?

stonerider 2010.02.02
this game is a bit short... not very interesting in fact.

hellsvail 2010.01.30
its quite nice but not really a game

Omega33 2010.01.29
Its about time. I have wanted to do Bulma since DBZ.

psycho 2010.01.28
i wanted to do this to bulma ever since i saw DBZ.. XP.. tnx for the game.. but i would have appreciated some sound clips and effects .. + would be nice to see goku or vegeta fuck her.. or even picollo

randy06 2010.01.27
yes good game its ok for what it is

rockerking22 2010.01.25
i like this game but its a littel bit boring

drakkhen 2010.01.24
good game, I remember watching this show as a kid. I feel dirty now ;)

kevinmansilla 2010.01.21
fucking sexy i like anime games like this

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
awesome animation......i like boobs

sudclawer 2010.01.16
awesome animation and good moves

Shawn 2010.01.11
Just a little to boring for my liking

bigbluem 2010.01.08
don`t like this click it through things.

Kathole 2010.01.08
really bad boring and not very sexy

Chaine 2010.01.06
Hmm.... This game isn`t too realistic and the interactivity is at a bare minimum IMHO.

Drawings are decent and I`ve certainly seen worse out there though.

jj26 2010.01.05
really bad boring and not very sexy

hleland 2010.01.04
a little too simple. Dildo action is in no way realistic or interactive.
No sex appeal.

Revyn 2009.12.25
I´m a big fan of bulma -> great game

Venus 2009.12.24
The graphic and the animations are great, but the game would have been much better with sounds.

nillax2k 2009.12.24
this isnt a game really but i "played" it sort of

Jones3D 2009.12.21
Wow!A wonderfully erotic game!

nintendofilo 2009.12.21
amazing graphics indeed, but no plot, i dont know, doesnt really arouse the mind.

nogard 2009.12.18
fun game with good graphics

Primo 2009.12.16
This is a sweet game. And because it is bulma and and she so hot.

whitemox 2009.12.16
it´s more like an interactive demo with nice graphics

johan 2009.12.15
stupid game boring very limited game if you can call it a game

scarletrose 2009.12.15
F series is not that good, not even a real game, but as far as F series goes this is one of the best.
Is still not a big deal...

jerryonly83 2009.12.15
boring.... very limited as this kind of game is....

nissehult 2009.12.14
no so good game, almost booring

Xyzzy 2009.12.14
I really don`t like these F series things. I can`t even call them games.

chris123 2009.12.14
no much too it need more adventure games

Wolfy32 2009.12.14
Graphics are great,I like how you can pick many ways to pose her but,in my option it`s to short of a game!

BigDick891 2009.12.13
kewl game i played it before

cheese101 2009.12.13
great graphics,like the game(if you can really call it a game that is)

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