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Brons Quest: Reasonably Beta


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alta!r 2018.07.14
mediocre game (still in beta),nice sense of humor but still a lot have to change to become good

Schmitzi987 2018.07.11
Funny game with a fast sex scene

GregShore 2018.06.29
Has potential but spends way too much time trying to be entertaining without doing anything and has random instances of racism for no reason other than... I guess they felt they needed to be edgey since the game is pretty light on the steamy content.

ethan34 2018.06.20
Love the humour in this game, can`t wait for the full version!

Phlebas 2018.06.20
This is not really a game at all - just somebody`s not very good attempt to write a visual novel. I could write a better script myself, but it would still be a waste of time. Don`t give up your day job!

m0nster_c0ck 2018.06.19
thats a useless game....too many useless scenes and no interesting features

BSlick 2018.06.18
Seriously? Can`t even go to Old Town like the game directs you to unless this crap is part of the whole "Beta" joke. For what I was able to play, funny but pointless.

MasterSir 2018.06.17
I like how they make joke and that they talk about the real world. Can`t wait for the full game.

icrazyur2 2018.06.16
STOP with the shit games please rn

pancakeman29 2018.06.16
Interesting and funny game, a lot of dialogue. Still in beta so it could turn out great


Jackouille 2018.06.14
Interesting game and story, really good designs. Waiting to see more of it and get all the endings :D

xxxPeanutxxx 2018.06.13
light on the sex but funny and interesting, pity its still in beta, needs more content

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