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Boyish Eng Ver


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Domenik 2017.10.14
Sexy game and girls but very difficult

Tiodor 2017.10.06
Fun game, long to play, gets boring to the end

GP69 2017.08.16
Can`t say I enjoyed this game. Too much faffing about to get the resuts

Tiodor 2017.05.27
It is to hard to play. Tried, long time to play and I have never finished

fiftypez 2016.11.21
good game but man its hard. and sex could be better

Top-Ramen 2016.02.09
Takes a long time to complete, sex scenes could be better, preferred to not have the gay characters, but it gets addicting to see how well you can do. It ends up being more about the game-play itself and less of naked perversions.

brian110 2016.01.15
Good story and good game. It was hard.

introvert 2015.12.24
ame that u can play loads,but not that much goin on otherwise...nd a gay scene???

introvert 2015.12.24
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours.

introvert 2015.12.24
I really couldn`t get interested in this game.


carlvanan 2015.12.22
not bad game, very hard to play

HentaiShad 2015.12.01
Hard game but animations are really good in my opinion

highonpotenuse420 2015.08.16
The game was a bit confusing but it had ok graphics

cameronw 2015.02.18
not a fan of this anime games but this one was ok

MultiShadowslayer20 2014.12.18
Seems pretty interesting game style is new to me look forward to playing it more

Socdny 2014.07.12
A little boring, but not all that bad

madmax68 2014.02.21
can`t work out the story line or how to pick up attributes

Svastik23 2013.12.28
Really good game, hot chicks, good graphics, and good story

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

Thinman 2013.08.27
An Interesting game to play. Fun in it`s own unique way.

totto0675 2013.07.21
really nice and horny game, a bit hard but funny, i like it

Davos 2013.05.31
I dont like the game. It is very boring

Tages01 2013.05.23
Good game - the lavels make it fun.

gwazz 2013.04.21
i did not like the pixilation

rot 2013.03.19
Excellent game. LIked the leveling up, the fight mechanism was simple but enjoyable. I wouldn`t have figured out the poison option without reading it in hints, though. One thing, I really wanted an ending scenario. I thought that the ending was a little weak for all the work I did in defeating the two dojos, repeatedly plowing the sister, having to engage in homosexual activity, etc. Is the sister`s stomach thing supposed to indicate she`s pregnant? How did that happen if we never actually had vaginal sex with her?

hant 2013.03.01
can you change the sister to some one else??

duke51 2013.02.01
really boring game, not good graphics and the story is quite bad

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

aviv74 2013.01.26
nice graphics but a little bit to easy and to quick if you compare it with the other versions

RomeoHeat 2012.11.26
Just got to the ending. Hope there are more, going to try again to see if there is. Amazing game!

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Has a great rpg quality to it.

Horgretor 2012.11.11
A little complicated as a game but fun, I generally liked it.

pruts 2012.10.12
Quite easy if you know how to but fun, gameplay I didn`t like that much but good way to waste time

s524545 2012.09.14
I really like this game!!!!!!!!

polux 2012.08.30
the game is thoo hard but i ilek

polux 2012.08.30
very nice game but thoo hard

ilikeappes 2012.08.22
lol did the master give him a bj to get him hard?

lichkitten 2012.08.19
a ver annoying games good pictures but teh over all game play is alittle irritating

dragons 2012.08.16
Not bad it was having sex with boy and girl in the game

RichardWood 2012.08.03
The fighting was really good, I also enjoyed the RPG aspects.

chap74 2012.07.21
litle hard but still good game

glukos37 2012.06.12
a nice game very funny hot girl

bahamut86 2012.05.19
don`t like it, bad grafic

femjessie 2012.03.23
well it`s quite good but it`s boring

talibum 2012.03.10
great game.. gets a little boring after awhile

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game, its like those japaneses visual novels but free

orlando furioso 2012.02.02
I found a guide if you hear

Boyish English Version:
Watch story get first BJ, recruit students (may get 1, 2, or 3) you want 3 but may not be able to get them all now.
Sleep, if you didnâ??t get 3 last time, recruit again. If you have sufficient power left train.
When training you must first remove the coat, once the coat has been removed try for maximum points (first by touching and getting special experiences such as: first phallatio, virgin areas, body stats, then kissing, then knocking each area). Then sleep. When you have gained a few levels you may be able to train more than once a day.
Repeat training and sleeping until you reach Level 4. At level 4 talk before training, this will get you the whip (the whip is better than knocking, again use it on all areas for maximum points. This is a Save point.
As your levels go up keep talking before training to get other items: Vaginal vibrator, anal vibrator, taser. Save after getting each.
At this point the pink haired girl may try to attack your dojo. Defeat her BUT DO NOT CAPTURE HER.
Continue training and leveling up until you are at least level 10.
If you have not yet encountered her brother ,the straw haired boy, try expanding your dojo. Again, defeat the pink haired girl BUT DO NOT CAPTURE HER.
After you have captured 2 or 3 dojos The straw haired boy will talk to you, accept his ofer and kiss him. He will join your dojo. MUCH LATER in the game, after you have captured his sister and she has submitted to you the boy will talk to you. You will be able to fight him and have sex with him.
Continue expanding the school and capture the pink haired girl. At this point the black jaket guy will fight you. Beat him everytime, but you will not be able to capture him yet.
Now expand to the Man School, Do your best to beat and capture the red haired girl.
Attack the last Man School and you will be told that its too stronge, you must find another way. At this point everyone except the red haired girl should have been captured and have submitted. (sometime around now the straw haired boy should return for your TALK, don`t be discouraged if he doesn`t. He definately will eventually)
Train all to maximize points and experiences, saving as many days as possable, at least 3.
Go to recruit and you will be asked if you want a part time job, says yes.
After work you will be given the chance to gamble. Win enough money to buy the poison.
Attack the Man School again, it still wonâ??t work but you will be given a plan to use the poison, say yes. The poison takes at least a day so go back and train or teach. When the poison has done its work the Man School, and the red haired girl, will be defeated. Have sex with her.
If time remains you will be given the option of going to the last day or continuing. If you havenâ??t captured the straw haired boy by this time he will come to you now.
Have fun with everyone until the days run out.

bcharlesr 2012.01.23
Good game play. Addicting. Crashy. Save function doesn`t work.

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
wow English ver, I like Jp ver, it have a lot of fun! but very hard to me!

Guillaume 2012.01.04
good and entertaining at first, but after playing it several times it is repetitive and boring

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
a nice game very funny hot girl

branknock 2011.12.09
nice game, game play ok, graphic`s could be better

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
This game is unnecessarily long and repetitive. At least have more variety in the `lessons`. The game crashed on me at the very end when I was just about to finish it...

duke#3 2011.11.01
great game why your sister dough

titmousetm 2011.10.22
Not bad, gets kinda boring a but can still play for hours.

pipsickle 2011.09.28
sex with the sister was a little weird for me

Big Dog 63 2011.09.08
I LOVE this game... totally addicting. I`m gonna get fired... LOL

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Ok game, seen better ones.

whiteghost 2011.08.26
nice game but the graphics could be better.

m4t0n 2011.07.16
hots girls makes this game superb

zelda813204 2011.07.11
its ok hard to play though could u make it more easy to play

Hacks 2011.07.07
Liked the disciple system

Skarn62 2011.06.30
not impressed. graphics could be better.

edwin4483 2011.06.24
its an ok game nd the girls are ok too

Zartz 2011.06.14
man this game gets so hard after a time. but it has lots of stuff to do

Sixxico 2011.06.10
Very long and hard to beat but nice if you have lots of time

kluster 2011.05.25
boring and litel dificult game

NEo8011 2011.04.26
Its a very interesting game, much like robozou, but a little slow at times in action

goldee 2011.04.16
game play is normal and graphics would be much better

gauravei 2011.04.12

kalbs 2011.03.23
boring and litel dificult game

pavel203 2011.03.22
this is not a very good game

Gracerus 2011.03.16
Graphics are quite bad, but the game play is fun. Need a patch for this lol.

jonnyfever 2011.03.09
not as good as the others, but still better then whats out there

dragonj 2011.03.08
Very long and hard to beat but nice if you have lots of time

perechon 2011.03.07
Erotic martial arts, coool!
But the realisation is not very good:
After a short time the same damn blowjob becomes boooring! More options, please!
Dirty fights: Your opponents doesn´t fight! He/She only stands there, and you are told: yeah, you succeeded or nope, you failed! Oh yes, sometimes he/she gets a blue spot! Oh great....
Dead or alive-fights: The stick figures just suck! Is it too much to ask for some nice graphics and animations, versatile moves, some battle cries? Perhaps you could provide us the possibility to control our fighter onto some degree?
Just some ideas to make the game better...

angel_of_chaotix 2011.03.07
A very good game. Fun and addictive, but also very frustrating.

paddywhack 2011.02.23
very tough game to get a handle on

jupat 2011.02.16
very very good graphic and story line

silver12 2011.02.14
This game was hard to figure out, kind of lame

SergeiSway 2011.02.10
The game is good and entertaining at first, but after playing it several times it is repetitive and boring. Still, I have so much fun with it ;)

spyke1 2011.02.05
nice game but the graphics could be better.

0904038 2011.02.01
quite fun, gets a bit boring after a while though

truesorrow 2011.01.20
gotten through most of the game but can never beat that dojo that wants to wipe you out for being perverted

Ramdon 2011.01.14
Not as good as Robozou but still a damn good game.

lvcvcb 2011.01.07
not impressed. graphics could be better.

pabloescobar 2011.01.05
way to hard when training and fighting

Druid 2011.01.01
Good game. Beat game on day 30. For those complaining about having to deal with both male and female: If you spend the first batch of days just training with the sister, then the assistant leader challenges you. If you defeat her completely then she`ll submit to you. Then the gang leader returns, if you volunteer to give her to her brother then gang leader will leave you all territories, you won`t have to fight him or brother, and you`ll still get to bang the assistant. Then just focus and training and attacking the leader of man dojo and presto. Game over and only girls banged. *note to beat red head you must claim all territory then get the bacteria from gambling at the recruit zone.

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

lmagnet123 2010.12.27
not to bad but the game is to long other than that its great

hengame 2010.12.25
Not bad, gets kinda boring after awhile...

amer4274 2010.12.21
i like this game. its make me horny

butterfinger 2010.12.05
Annoying sounds and weired gameplay.

Kotton24 2010.12.04
Not bad very neat game well done

Bigbob22934 2010.11.30
Took a while to get the timing down but the game was worth it overall

hash19 2010.11.29
the graphics ain`t that bad, but this game is very long and could get confusing at times

krazy 2010.11.28
if you got the time this is a great game

AYORK 2010.11.26
Very long and hard to beat but nice if you have lots of time

206esc 2010.11.24
I just didn`t like this game....for me it seemed to be too much work for too little gain...but each to their own

badboy2196 2010.11.22
cool game and like the play style, but i`m not into the guy on guy action later in the game. would have been better if there were more women to choose from.

Bonnierider 2010.11.17
these game is very pretty

Original99 2010.11.09
Wow. Kinda like Robozu but i think i need a walkthrough to get anywhere. Fun and i will be back when I have more time I thnk

Stevie B 2010.11.08
i didnt like this game that much though it could have been better

darkor 2010.11.05
to level up quicker wuth your sister put her 3 levels below you all the time and try to hit blue every time to get maximum exp.train for the first three days and start to take dojos.start with blue color as red is a level 15.beat the bank and after a few more rounds you should get the red girl join you.still havent work out how to get the sister can only do oral sex

jay50 2010.10.27
The game is great, but too long.
Nedd more consentration & focus to play it.

I really couldn`t get interested in this game.

rovanerns 2010.10.21
At last. I managed to get to the last day, with level 36 and 32 students in my dojo. Often took the clothes and the redhead made her suck my cock often. But in the end you do not fuck her. The game ends up being very long and time consuming.

frostee 2010.10.20
the graphics ain`t that bad

but this game is very long and could get confusing at times

keijonen 2010.10.20
litle hard but still good game

rovanerns 2010.10.19
The game is pretty hard if you do not understand. But the desire to reach the

viking 1 2010.10.19
can some one plz post an walktrue on this game

jpkr 2010.10.16
the english is a bit buggy but it`s a fun game

chumak 2010.10.12
seems overly boring. the graphics kind of lousy too

Peterg 2010.09.23
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play it many times

ctplue17 2010.09.19
i hate the training, but the sex is good enough to take it all away.

Google22 2010.09.16
Nice game :D But really hard. Took some time before i could get the redhead :P

lancejin 2010.09.09
Love this site, but this game loads too long

hyperboy25 2010.09.06
great game too long to load

bhizzle 2010.08.30
not a fan of this game, didnt play for that long and it got boring. graphics are alright. could be little better.

kpyrinikos 2010.08.28
interesting but boring, you die quite easily

vad05 2010.08.25
The game is great, but too long.
Nedd more consentration & focus to play it.

ryzaaa 2010.08.23
Nice art, kinda boring though

jjbb1234 2010.08.16
i love this game but you know its to hard, remake it like you did with robozou.

firefreak 2010.08.08
nice game only u never can beat the final person at ending of game,
he`s to powerful.

kenn4eyes 2010.08.05
its of average quality more things to do would be appreciated

animwatz 2010.07.25
love this kinda game cant wait to see if there will be more

Tommmy 2010.07.23
Difficult to understand and a bad game

sllim 2010.07.19
slow and hard to understand

tadasas 2010.07.17
boring and litel dificult game

pitons 2010.07.13
nepatik man si spele vina ir stulba

MJ 2010.07.10
It`s fun for a bit, but get`s REALLY weird later on. Not too good overall.

gopens8711 2010.07.03
Difficult to understand and a bad game

nameit 2010.07.02
interesting but boring, you die quite easily

scannatore 2010.07.02
A game very interesting, a little hard, i admit.
The ending isn`t so good, after all...

cake567 2010.06.29
This game should not include nudity

zurich 2010.06.28
blurry images, no tutorial, complicated eh

Diamond Age 2010.06.28
Great Idea. Needs better Quality and scenes. maybe a tutorial

bcdance 2010.06.21
Fun game, love the sister action, haven`t finished it yet

dreamcatcher232 2010.06.18
not so bad. but it is long to play

arefin3d 2010.06.16
try to make better story but the rest was fine.

trhhnxf 2010.06.15
im am stuck at the main dojo plz help

HP 2010.06.13
Poor english, but you can still understand what they`re saying, the language in many other games are too poor for me to play. The scenes are pretty good, but it`s the same scenes over and over and over... They get boring, quickly, especially since they`re so short. An option to skip them would have been wonderful, more scenes would have been even better. It`s also hella hard to figure out the game, it`s very unintuitive and there are no instructions or a tutorial in any way. I`m still not sure if I can get a higher chance to succeed in certain actions or if it`s just random.

des14 2010.06.06
I liked this game, but there is still something wierd that could be better.

david 2010.05.24
try to make better story but the rest was fine.

wahooman48 2010.05.20
shes sucking a lightsaber!!

gaga1977 2010.05.18
i love the meet and fuck games but this one dose get boring after a while

hotsexlover1 2010.05.17
it was ok. it was a bit confusing

Outlaw046 2010.05.15
good game, but it gets kinda boring after a while

sornage 2010.05.11
very unusual and hard one

Yatcatcher 2010.05.11
Difficult to understand and quite hard, but good pics

sneglen 2010.05.10
what is the point of this game

boogie33 2010.05.08
its an alright game. a little difficult, but not bad

stevie 2010.05.03
could be a fun game. a bit difficult to learn, but will be a challenge

Kalaam 2010.05.02
not bad game if i knew how to play it

Paradox 2010.05.01
Good gameplay etc but its loooong XD

pieter 2010.05.01
long game, difficult to pass but overal gameplay is great.

argonidas 2010.04.30
good game but a little too long

Blinky 2010.04.29
Very long, but when I have understood, it was cool

diggingfortreasure 2010.04.28
a little boring but still fun and good graphics.

tarot 2010.04.28
really long but it is not boring

dlcoyne 2010.04.28
good game, took a few attempts to get used to it though

macmac277 2010.04.28
very hard! but still rewarding! lol!

sdanos1 2010.04.27
very long and hard to understand

Apollo09 2010.04.27
quite long but overall pretty good

tarminator 2010.04.27
the game is really long and hard to pass, but i like the gameplay

biggsreddy 2010.04.25
didn`t really enjoy this game

ilmenys 2010.04.25
Very Hard to play. I tried it a long time ago and I have never finished

paultease 2010.04.23
this game takes forever to get the girls or boys to have sex.

Mortiis 2010.04.21
I don`t understand how you undress your sister when you dirty fight anybody can explain ?

lovinhoes 2010.04.20
IT hours to figure it out n waz very repetitive

SubZero 2010.04.19
Ignor that last one, was confusing this one with the Robozu game

SubZero 2010.04.19
Good game, intersting consept, but I still can`t get over the disturbing concept of acually fucking your own family... but other than that a very cool game.

slm_jng 2010.04.17
Interesting game concept but it gets so repetitive!

tido333 2010.04.15
not enough to do for such a long game so it gets boring

laharl80 2010.04.15
A bit wierd this one.I don`t quite understand it.

sexxx_9891 2010.04.14
REALLY long gameplay and a bit too redundant, didnt really like the gay sex but overall it was a fun, interesting game.

ryohky 2010.04.14
fun game, long to play, gets boring to the end

phreakadilly 2010.04.13
didn`t really enjoy this game

rekless302 2010.04.12
Game did nothing for me , to boring. to go on with it.

ocid 2010.04.12
silly games i dont like it

kidd 2010.04.11
don`t know if it`s a problem of my laptop or game`s one: sometimes i can`t press the back icon. i just played few mins cuz i was blocked to a empty menu ("teach")

Jezta92 2010.04.10
hard gameplay, maybe make it a little easier?

Mani 2010.04.09
A difficoult game.. dont really get it :/

Ergo 2010.04.08
well this was a... weird game....

dadomax 2010.04.07
it` boring after 2 minutes

tazzo 2010.04.03
this game got boring 2 quick

GGGunSlinger 2010.04.03
The game had potential however i didnot like it due to the repetition and the gameplay style.

mwafaq 2010.04.03
not a bad game, nice graphics and gameplay

ahmere 2010.04.02
not good,keep repeating game actions

jaeth 2010.04.01
good game takes time to do but its well worth it

Darhedel 2010.04.01
i loved this game, i got all girls to be my sex slaves and i gotta say my fave was the transfer student =)

Roarscream 2010.03.31
too hard to get started, was hoping for a more quick paced game

Terrisa12 2010.03.30
i like this game, but there is still something that can be better.

SweetSammie 2010.03.30
this game is pretty...weird..very hard and confusing >.

david 2010.03.28
nice game, but try to make it with better graphics.

kneedropp 2010.03.27
i think it is borring and really complicated

kutje 2010.03.27
definitly my personal favorite

bobsaggot 2010.03.26
that game was lame. not the greatest graphics and just kind of long

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
this game is very long and could get confusing at times; I dislike the graphics

todd999 2010.03.25
very long but over all ok

cato90 2010.03.25
1 of me favourite games great gameplay and animation

lopez420247 2010.03.25
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours

grnlwn 2010.03.23
it had potentel. the story needed more behind it, and it would have been better to have a english option

sicnarfj 2010.03.23
Great Game, great pictures

vapor10 2010.03.20
This has to be one of my favorite games!

podge3000 2010.03.20
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours.

Rickey 2010.03.19
Nice art but boring overall lacked depth and theme.

Scythe 2010.03.19
I do enjoy these games you can play for ever...

j0k35t3r 2010.03.19
weird at times, but love the concept. Just over all fun to play when you know what`s going on

megablue5 2010.03.19
this game is long and hard but good

miller4595 2010.03.18
very long and hard to play at times but it`s fun .

Butio 2010.03.18
This game is great I love the details in the game.

Comi 2010.03.17
too confusing it can be done so much bether

Blitzwing 2010.03.15
very weird game and very hard, when the cursor gets to "bad" click on the mouse, always want to get "good" or u`re will never win.

keba45 2010.03.14
this game is boring as hell

sp death 2010.03.14
alright but it is too long and hard

apostatejohn 2010.03.12
This is challenging, takes alot of focus... :-/ but its redeemed by nice pics!

Stolkmen 2010.03.10
Its an ok game. I really dont get the point of it but its fun to have a sexy fighting game lol

wateshito 2010.03.10
Intresting game the idea behind the game is a little odd. The only problem I would have is that you have to deal with both male and female but I guess that is the name of the game. I have not been able to beat the game yet. It is hard to time the game to make it work out right.

keesio 2010.03.10
A little hard at the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it`s really nice

Fafhrd 2010.03.10
a little repetitive, but interesting

Grolf 2010.03.09
Good one, hard first times though.

Talha1000 2010.03.05
I played it for hours fantastic game

ghurka 2010.03.04
trippy game, i will play it more than once

foofghting 2010.02.22
Intresting game the idea behind the game is a little odd. The only problem I would have is that you have to deal with both male and female but I guess that is the name of the game. I have not been able to beat the game yet. It is hard to time the game to make it work out right.

Stevie B 2010.02.20
i like it but not sure about the gay shit

dorogon fier 2010.02.20
sex games very hotttttttttttttttttttttt

OM24 2010.02.17
Addicting game to say the lest. the ending could have been better

jethro 2010.02.17
love the game but wish it didn`t take so long. Good action early then seems to get a little redundant

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.17
a greate game, nice drawings, nice animations. And the gaysex doesnt bother, because the boys look like girls too ^^.
Some say it would be hard, but I think its easy, I finished in one try so go ahead and play.

Berem 2010.02.17
This game is the most difficult whom I have played

toriyazaki 2010.02.15
too long game withe fights very very repetitives
but good graphs

sxy123321sxy 2010.02.13
this game is probly one of the most challenging sim games that i have played
its fun but i never really won it lol.. but i do like the style of the game
and grapics i wish thought they had made it a little easier with the levling up part since every opponents seems to level up as you do that part is frustratingxD

LEXX33 2010.02.13
yes not bad game if i knew how to play it

boywonder0586 2010.02.10
Its not a very easy game to play

myrddraal 2010.02.07
i dont get it and therefor i didnt like it

triaxkle 2010.02.05
stuped didn"t get the game pay

triaxkle 2010.02.05
slow moving but over all ok

boobies999 2010.02.05
i liked it not bad graphics

cdkck 2010.02.03
i think that this game is enjoyable it has good graphics,stroyline,as well as the lv up system which is what i like most about gams is lving up

Urbano 2010.02.03
Pretty tricky! And take slong time to coplete it

Takedown902 2010.02.02
this game rules. its definitely my fav

Shadow24 2010.02.02
good game, abit confusing at first, but still very good graphics an gameplay.

kh2xxgamer 2010.02.02
This game is great I love the details in the game.

Badmiker 2010.02.02
Wow. Kinda like Robozu but i think i need a walkthrough to get anywhere. Fun and i will be back when I have more time I thnk

booberry 2010.02.02
this game is confusing, but once you get it down it is fun

leeroy 2010.02.01
Kinda hard... Never got it to work for me... =/

harry72023 2010.01.31
this ones cool but hard

spica 2010.01.31
this game is probly one of the most challenging sim games that i have played
its fun but i never really won it lol.. but i do like the style of the game
and grapics i wish thought they had made it a little easier with the levling up part since every opponents seems to level up as you do that part is frustratingxD

NyteRayne 2010.01.30
good game, once you get the timing down. Does get repetitive quickly

drifter921 2010.01.30
great game but the timing is kind of annoying

andy_regresa 2010.01.29
Not bad, but it`s a good game

alexus68 2010.01.28
The game really needs a walkthrough. On its own, the gameplay is too confusing

Drizzil 2010.01.27
long a bit hard but, mostly just cant get my self to play the yaoi side of the map in the game.
may be that the game is more for girls but I don`t know

robinho 2010.01.27
I don`t like much, its seemed that is a girl game and despite that i`m stucked in trainning. Its very boring

W0lf68 2010.01.27
the controls were pretty easy, but the game became very repetitive, very quickly which made the game boring very quickly

anipit 2010.01.26
Very borink, it keeps on talking and talking...

saveyou 2010.01.25
A little repetitive, could be more interesting if changed places and forms of attack.

totalcyber 2010.01.25
the game is good but complicated, i don`t understand the timing thing if someone can help. I`ve played for couple of hour but didn`t find any hint for it

beishiznit 2010.01.25
Boyish seems to spend a good deal of its time wishing it was robozu. It`s harder, more complicated and features *shudder* yaoi oral sex.

slipstone 2010.01.24
very tedious - really couldn`t get into it.

padensamonster 2010.01.24
Well then! Nice game, but it got kinda...odd

Sentius 2010.01.24
The game really needs a walkthrough. On its own, the gameplay is too confusing

edge99uk 2010.01.23
long game.....gets boring

jonlnegmes1 2010.01.20
In this game, you need to build up your experience to be able to defeat your enemies, one of the best games which you can play for a long time.

rikyrat 2010.01.18
Great game but I haven`t completed yet. I`ll have to set aside some time.

Jakester 2010.01.10
Awesome game... if you talk to your sis at the menu screen you can change difficulty level.. still one of my favs...

Nobody 2010.01.06
Not bad, but it`s a good game !

redblue23y 2009.12.29
it`s very confusing, i couldn`t figure out what to do

donny22 2009.12.29
Nice mix between fighting and dating games, quite hard though... and sometimes it`s just really wierd

booberry 2009.12.29
i dont like this game that much, it is confusing and i think it isnt as good as the other ones. the animation is good though.

Ciddic 2009.12.26
great game but the timing is kind of annoying

trscroggs 2009.12.25
I have such a hard time getting off the ground in this one. Any suggestions for starting strategy?

badfirecat 2009.12.23
I like the challenging games like this one, but I still prefer the fully hetero games from a guy`s perspective.

Paris155 2009.12.19
Great game but i think Robozou is still better

boomboomboom 2009.12.18
great game but the timing is kind of annoying

Nullimus 2009.12.17
This game is great. Aside from the fact that you have to seduce two guys. trick to the timing. Don`t try for best shoot for the middle of the bar. As you advance in levels it is all you need to win.

When you get to the point where you cannot attack because the dojo is too strong. Recruit, take the job and break the bank in the game of chance.

After that do a recruit again and have your sister deliver the sickness.

Curious Nubs 2009.12.16
...and the secret to the timing is?

Primo 2009.12.11
Can someone put a guide i can not figure out this game. It is to complacated especially on the timing part. Please help.

krob 2009.12.09
not a bad game, but gets repetitive after youve played for a while. its also weird that your master is your sister. still trying to figure that out

daniel160982 2009.12.03
This game seems a bit wierd in the beging, but after you get the hang of it, you can play it for hours

Rainer36 2009.12.01
This Game is verry long and complikatet

radar 2009.11.28
I get stuck so often, and so early - with this and Robozou. Anything like this for the less-than-handsomely-gifted gamer? ;-)

dada 2009.11.25
I really couldn`t get interested in this game.

CrazyValmont 2009.11.20
how do i get the scroll thing right. too much of a timing issue

darksechs 2009.11.19
the game is long and to slow

LariatQ 2009.11.19
It drove me crazy for awhile, but once I figured out the gambling it was fun. The need to save can be a little much. Too bad there`re not more hetero scenes, as a hetero, that would make it better.

mlongleaf 2009.11.18
good game. I`ll consistantly give high marks to any game that plays more like a mainstream game than a flash dating sim.

Zeraku 2009.11.18
Very interesting game and fun to play.

Bigmanbishop 2009.11.16
different but fun very fun

fuxmehardnfastbby 2009.11.15
awh. its fucking great XD I love the game

jottfrogprince 2009.11.14
I don`t understand why the boys look like girls in this game?

dfish_44 2009.11.13
pretty boring and complicated. I don`t get it

Oooooo786 2009.11.13
Awesome but take several hours to complete.

zarkaos 2009.11.13
This game seems a bit wierd in the beging, but after you get the hang of it, you can play it for hours..

professor 2009.11.12
nice game i love date sims

assman 2009.11.10
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

DeepCore 2009.11.10
Boring! To complicated and the graphics aren`t that good either.

dx61005 2009.11.10
the game`s a bit complicated to be understood... boring.

zzzzero 2009.11.10
I played this game for days to try and figure it out when it was only in japanese. Made by the same people as Robozu but not quite as interesting. Still one of the best free games on the internet to date.

powpow 2009.11.10
this game is not so bad, but a little bit boring

Tfrank 2009.11.09
This game is potentially interesting, but it requires more instruction as to what are the goals, how much training is sufficient, etc.

Xyzzy 2009.11.09
Complicated, and pretty boring at times. Anyone know of a walkthrough?

firefox77 2009.11.09
This game is long and slow.

And it is complicate.

randy06 2009.11.08
yes not bad game if i knew how to play it

soso1234 2009.11.08
nat bad game nat no1

soso1234 2009.11.08
i ts nat good its no bad oky

lojo2 2009.11.08
its ok, not much of a exciting game

Mandrab 2009.11.08
liked it for a whule but either i didnt do it rght or it gets boring easy

bestia99rom 2009.11.08
not a bad game, not one of the best

dtdsora 2009.11.07

warmasterx5 2009.11.07
good game but as noobsaur said gets boring after a while

king_matthias 2009.11.07
I really couldn`t get interested in this game.

cheese101 2009.11.07
a game that u can play loads,but not that much goin on otherwise...nd a gay scene???

NOOBSAUR 2009.11.07
Not bad, gets kinda boring after awhile...

b3d0w 2009.11.07
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours.

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