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Blackjack with Veronica


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orgasmlover2134 2017.10.07
really fun great graphicsrn

TWM42 2017.08.02
Good Graphics and nice pictures.

Turin1 2017.07.31
Cute girl, game is a bit too long.

dogg3000 2017.07.25
this is a fun game. great photos

Alpha06 2017.03.22
need lots of work and luck to get the right card. nice game

Alpha06 2017.03.22
the idea is good but it couldve been done much better, still ok.

Alpha06 2017.03.22
It`s much better than the other blackjack games. Hot chick and excellent strip moves

haretkaret 2017.03.10
very perfect game for everyone. 100 percent rating

MrSwinDall 2017.02.20
I don`t like Blackjack, so I guess I am kind of biased when I say I didn`t really like the game.

Girl looks good though, and the controls seem fine. If you want to win you gotta go high though.

6/10, the game feels a bit pointless.

revon 2017.01.25
A easy card game and hot girl? Great game


dada1111 2017.01.17
Not bad, but kinda too long imo

DaMIIX 2017.01.01
Great job with game! I really enjoyed it!

NawtyDawg 2016.12.23
I absolutely enjoy playing BlackJack anyway ,then jjput this version so much more entertaining and thrilling, Good thing it is not interactive to where she can respond or report is more like it

GP69 2016.12.18
If you want to beat this girl, In my experience you need to be a gambler and bet high stakes!

Erock789 2016.10.17
Nice game would have liked to see more than one girl

alextrack10 2016.09.30
Its a good game. But i think shoudls have a button to raise your bet fast. Its too slow

xrecec 2016.09.01
I really liked it. The girl is superb and you progress even when she gets a blackjack!

stach56 2016.07.24
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

RoosterPV25 2016.06.09
Good blackjack game. takes a while to win, amount of bet doesnt affect prugress. could use a bet max button

franckdc 2016.06.08
very beautiful Veronica =)

bforeman33 2016.06.06
great game, i love me a good game of blackjack, and especially with a girl like that

erock31 2016.05.15
nice game but unsure when it ends.

Khaemwese 2016.04.12
Ok, but has some weaknesses. Mostly, you have to win a huge amount of money, so winning will take a long time. In fact, your best option is just to bet all your money each time and then accept a game over if you lose. Betting in smaller amounts, as you would in Blackjack, will make it take forever.

kevsev 2016.03.29
playing cards is always fun its always the luck of the draw:-) with a spicy view to go along with it ..fair to good ....

tyriba2000 2016.03.14
liked it a lot thought it would be longer then it was fun though

nightari 2016.02.29
simply wow! nice girl, pretty easy win

latinagr 2016.01.29
The game will be better if you can see the girl without obstracls

leena03 2016.01.03
the game was fun wish could get a great dealer like her wow....

droopy1988 2016.01.03
great game wish I would see a dealer like that in the casino

Asterixxx 2015.11.16
very easy since you can just bet all your money in the fist game and if you win you can afterwards always bet 1$ and it`s basically inpossible that you will run out of money.

jarod95 2015.11.12
I suck at Blackjack so this game was difficult !

TheLM2312 2015.11.01
This game is really cool, I like it. Graphics are awesome

sangaggi 2015.10.31
the girl is hot but its to easy to play

saviolocao 2015.10.23
the game is cool at first but you start to lose interest in the first 7 minutes

RhianLuu 2015.10.18
Once you realize you only have to win and not reach certain money milestones, it get`s pretty easy. HOT!

asddsaasddsa 2015.10.04
great game ice graphics wows

raven.warrior.eternal 2015.09.24
cool game I love blackjack and hot girl just makes it better

Chord10 2015.09.11
You can`t go wrong with blackjack and a hot woman.

rogueone10 2015.09.06
enjoyable game play, gorgeous girl, good way to pass time.

himplayscer 2015.08.28
Game seems a little buggy

theskycraftian 2015.08.20
black jack is fun nice game

Novvy 2015.08.12
Blackjack is my favorite card game, and this girl is beautiful. Amazing game.

Blaze74 2015.08.03
really good game, hot girl

Daris 2015.07.18
Nice Pictures, But I wish there was more risk involved in the game. Besides self-imposed risk.

ayjay123 2015.07.11
A bit hard, but maybe i just suck.

beetle61904 2015.07.04
Good game. It`s like strip poker black jack. Who cares about the money

balyking 2015.06.18
Doesn`t matter how much you`re betting for so high risk doesn`t equal high reward

hancel30 2015.05.23
This girl was absolutely gorgeous with seductive eyes. however the black jack aspect was kind of intense to be completely honest

scuicidedager 2015.05.05
This is an o.k. game to similar and to quick

blumpybimp 2015.05.04
Not as big a fan of this as I thought i`d be

hunted 2015.04.24
Interesting game just to long

tjtrov07 2015.04.01
Yes Veronica is really hot but there is no point to betting. Might as well just have the cards on the table with no chips.

harem_master89 2015.03.28
Terrible game. The amount you bet and/or lose means nothing, as long as you bet $1 you`ll eventually win. You can`t even bet big to pass by multiple stages. You have to win hand by hand.

joewou 2015.03.28
Great game. Easy but slow getting going.

.L1L$QU4RE:: 2015.03.24

rookiesp 2015.03.06
set up wise it is great , but prefer poker to this

CaptCaveman 2015.02.14
This one was better cause you got play something good or easy in your area of gaming.

bob247 2015.02.02
i always liked these games

gwazz 2015.01.25
fun game with a very sexy girl

uergel 2014.12.28
Liked the game. A little repetitive after a while though.

BlackoutJuan 2014.12.26
I really dislike them blackjack strip games..

Bo79 2014.12.23
not bad, sweet Veronica played well

Voidkom 2014.12.21
Model looks really nice, and the setting fits well with the blackjack game. Also good that you can split and double-down in this one. Only negative point is that it is difficult to see the pictures, the camera doesn`t move enough for some pictures and there`s a lot of stuff in the way even when you`re looking at the pictures after you finish the game.

Doodie 2014.11.26
This game is not that hard, but the thing that makes it no so good is that you have to bet a lot to go further.

ARTAlive 2014.11.25
Yo i Won with victoria ...
She is fucking hot

Seth_Voss 2014.11.20
Cool game I like blackjack.

HornyLatino4U 2014.11.16
one of the best black jack with pics that i have played.

NaruBoy 2014.11.10
come on for blackjack
or black pennis

Kixx 2014.11.04
one of the best black jack with pics that i have played.congrad

PoissoningMan 2014.11.04
Oh i really did enjoy playing Black Jack with this fine woman ....

fck 2014.10.30
pretty smooth game love the graphic

Bobbe 2014.10.08
The model was very nice but the game itself was a bit repetitive and quickly became boring.

Shakespeare77 2014.09.20
I like the betting. Very nice pictures and cool commentary!

VegasDude 2014.09.03
Pretty hard, but it was still fun

ben.836 2014.08.26
good game, could of done with a bet all button though

fababuba 2014.08.23
this game is soo hard,, at least its fun

jakeywayne 2014.08.22
good game fun to play very sexy girl

Angelofdooms 2014.08.20
Dam this Game is sexy as hell

.marcos 2014.08.18
Wooow I really like her body
She plays very bad Its very easy beat her

FCOS 2014.08.12
Good game, but a bit too long, for to little reward.

stoad69 2014.07.14
Awesome graphics and gorgeous model. Only draw back I have is the are you place bets and and play hide parts of the model when you get further into the game but all in all it`s a great tease and great game.

aqasa 2014.07.04
man she looked so real at first, good game

awtg ase vtg 2014.05.29
it`s ok, a bit hard, but playable.

xadavia 2014.05.24
it`s a decent game i guess...

bauerfrank 2014.04.28
nice game but a lil bit boring

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
not bad, but games with storyline are wqay better. Beside it blackjack is boooring without real money

jstowell1 2014.04.21
this game has amazing pictures and graphics

quantas 2014.03.20
Good photos!! liked the concept

dhaniel 2014.02.06
I like the game, buti wonder if it has other girls

gecko1 2014.01.21
didnt feel like blackjack... dunno maybe i play to much blackjack and poker in real life

molderh 2014.01.15
It takes a bit to long. But good graphic anyway

patrickwlt 2014.01.15
Slow animation got annoying as well as having to hammer the 100 bet button to get a reasonable bet going. Plus the difficulty got annoying so I won`t be playing this again.

minecraft 2014.01.10
the game was ok but it took too long but its a new game(for me)

topkek 2014.01.08
Could do with a faster card-dealing. Also the betting system seems useless? The profits should be directly proportional with the game progress.

When splitting, I was able to reach 25 from 5 cards after busting with 3, and my hand still counted as winning against her 20. Not sure if this was an isolate case or not.

mysteryinlife 2013.12.30
love the game of black jack, this just makes it better

stevenm1988 2013.12.12
blacjack and hot girls what a combination great game !

doublejk200 2013.11.13
give me a 1000 coin button please

dude533 2013.10.29
Great model but the wagering system seems useless

lusty-lesbian 2013.10.19
game is ok but not great

rainofvilla 2013.10.15
The graphics are good, but not overly interesting me.

anthonycrean 2013.10.06
good game bur the chips seem pointless to me

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

CidVic 2013.09.06
Nice game but a prefere strip poker...

F0SM 2013.09.03
stunning body, but the game sucks. why is there no button to show the picture withoud hiding most of it by the hud?

Fox Pilot 2013.09.01
Again the girl is stunning and the game is fun. Good graphics. Pass

dr.pangloss 2013.08.20
Play it safe guys. Don`t risk it all.

hydester 2013.08.15
naked girls and poker...no better combiniation

mjgc26 2013.08.13
this game is super hot but I feel like it takes too long to win and the pay off isn`t that great

M.Aurelius 2013.07.29
First, the girl goes from "first time playing blackjack with aweful luck" to "grandmaster with a rabbit`s foot."

However, that`s all cool, because how much you bet does not matter at all in the game. So, when she started winning like crazy (I had 20 and she hit 4 times to get 21, which is about as likely as me inheriting Bill Gates` fortune), I just started betting $1 and beat the game.

All that said, when I got to the gallery, I can`t press the forward button.

w1drng22 2013.07.24
The girl is pretty enough. I just think she got undressed a bit too quickly.

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
Graphically nice, beautiful girl... but needs a `Bet Half` and `Re-bet` button... also higher denomination chips. ie; 1k, 5k etc.

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game with very nice graphics.

farkas 2013.07.17
Good game width stunning girl.

sukdboobs 2013.07.16
A nice game with good graphics and interesting lineups....

eric mercy 2013.07.12
gameplay was nice and smooth not too easy not to hard like any card game, and graphics/animation were perfect for a strip style game.

BigD32 2013.06.28
this game was awesome and the girl was hot

somedude0 2013.06.27
Unintriguing to say the least. The female isn`t too pretty and the gameplay is overly cliche.

JUUHUUU 2013.06.26
Beutifulll ,this is what i wanttt .Give mee moreee

gdirnaw 2013.06.22
hot girl, fun little game, but why does it have `1` cards instead of aces?

Miki1098 2013.06.20
Great Game, nice graphics

ADHex 2013.06.18
I love that kind of games keep it on
also love graphics

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.13
I love these games because it mixes between gambling and sex (perfect mix)

Tages01 2013.05.23
Logic? You play the odds. Not that difficult a game to play.

Images do stay when you`re busted, and you can get into debt - gives a warning about real gambling sites - interesting.

jonnescion 2013.05.21
i lose always, veronica is amazing

jw111 2013.05.17
fun game but the end wasn`t worth the continued effort

Buddler 2013.05.06
The girl makes blackjack a slutty game. I love it!

Existence 2013.05.02
Pretty woman, but I tend to prefer poker games whereby the bet has more influence upon current disrobing

vannav2 2013.04.30
i love these games, especially the blackjack ones.

brit_man33 2013.04.14
Not a huge blackjack player, but the girl was really hot.

thelew 2013.04.11
I like that its a real chick and not just animation. only got to 40%.... but ill keep trying!

kevinzb 2013.04.09
hot and steamy but not enough action

bidphil 2013.04.07
this was a great game and the girl was beautiful

webman94 2013.04.03
Nice game hot looking girl.

jagare 2013.03.27
This was really awesome, i really loved it omg

Swoch 2013.03.22
Funny game for between a little bit more graphic are great

THEBIGB 2013.03.20
awesome looking woman, super sexy and very fun to play

Roshan15 2013.03.12
It is an awesome game especially consodering it is fast and the pictures are of a real babe

mahealani12345 2013.03.10
i wish i had a lot of sex

loftyvv 2013.03.09
Good game really fun playing

hant 2013.03.05
i enjoy play black jack..nice graphic and hot chick.

Fuilp 2013.02.26
What a good game. Still fun with such a lovely girl

grzymek 2013.02.25
Wonderfull pictures, Veronica is fantastic!!!

a715jjr5 2013.02.07
she is hot but it does take a long time to win -- will keep playing though since she is so hot

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Good game , challenging nice animation.

vikrai 2013.01.15
Good game but u have to bet big

shyman44425 2013.01.12
kind of pointless to have the game board cover the best parts of the pictures

gengenx 2013.01.09
this game is tough but fun worth a play.

whatupg 2013.01.06
older game, but blackjack plays great and it isn`t imporssible!

AtzeGeil1977 2012.12.30
she makes me feel that i real touch her skin

monkey12 2012.12.28
Best game of blackjack ever

rebel2k 2012.12.14
great blackjack adaption. hot girl

twointheclip 2012.12.12
fun game as long as your good at black jack.

jsant213 2012.12.09
the game is easy if you know how to play blackjack

Dexter0420 2012.12.07
i like the fact that the babe remains undressed even though i lost the game and have to start again! Great work team!

Superbones 2012.12.05
Good but plenty of room for improvement

rwood1001 2012.12.04
Very nice game Beautiful model

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


luckygun 2012.11.16
i like playing card ith sexy girl like this. hehe

noti 2012.11.14
good game great graphics love the series

Happymitchqcca 2012.11.14
This game is nice and the girl is hot. Love the bit of hair on her puss :)

kathren 2012.11.13
Wow,I like new games , keep going

newton purcell 2012.11.11
Shes a really sexy girl, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. The money is unimportant in terms of progress.

LordDragonEye 2012.11.07
What happens when you hit 100% ??

Horgretor 2012.11.07
Ok, VERY nice girl. Excellent gameplay, I liked how it saved your progress. Music would be nice with the ability to turn it on/off/low. I wish with huge betting something more could be earned, but I general thumbs up.

voynar88 2012.11.05
Love such card games. And the actress is nice:)

magnumhot888 2012.10.29
hellllloooooooooo, guysssssss..... i just got hocked to this game.

Gfizzle 2012.10.22
Blackjack with naked pictures, can`t be that bad.... Could be better though!

daddynemz 2012.10.20
I like that a game of black jack was involved

varadibalazs 2012.10.12
Nice graphics, nice chick, it`s a pity I suck in Black Jack...

Paulius 2012.10.08
I have always liked the games with chicks and cards. Thank you. Nice

Asghan 2012.10.08
Nice strip poker game, basic and efficient. The progress bar is fine, avoid us to see her putting clothes back on, still it is possible to lose. Very nice model.

benboe 2012.10.02
OK but doesn`t have the appeal of poker

oranjeboven 2012.09.25
Why is it, that the amount you bet has nothing to do with the percentage you proceed in the game?
Not logical at all!

dangibney 2012.09.12
Sometimes I find gambling games too hard, because you have to reach a certain total money to unlock pictures or other content. However, this one has gone the opposite way: far too easy. It seemed that whether I won with $500 or with $1 I still unlocked the same percentage. Great pictures, though. However, one thing annoyed me: sometimes the other graphics block a particular part of the photo that`s I prefer. Especially with the last photo: the square that tells you how much money you had and to use the arrows covers up the best part of the picture!

oranjeboven 2012.09.11
Nice pics
the betting is not very relevant to the percentage you score though

bestia99rom 2012.09.11
Great version of an old favorite with nice pics.

harrywibowo 2012.09.05
Well hot women, but make it more structure. at 17% the bra already open, but at 20% she wearing it again ... come on !?

Ormox 2012.09.03
relativly easy, if you build up a big stack at the beginning. Afterwards just play out your stack with low bets until you reach 100%

thud 2012.09.01
easy after you get used to it

Distortia1994 2012.08.18
It`s really difficult at first. Then you realize that you win the same prize for winning a $1 bet as a $1000 bet. That doesn`t seem entirely fair.

clayvorant 2012.08.18
Great pics, but the % of wining doesn`t change even if you bet all the money.
plus... Ii can get over 100%.
In any case, great photos!

kingjones2112 2012.08.14
good game great graphics love the series

ablenitro711 2012.08.13
its a good game to try , but u must have good luck

wolfman 2012.08.08
nice girl in a weebit boring game

reaper123 2012.08.05
good game but id like to bet more

Troyking11 2012.08.05
Blackjack, no limits, hot babe = Great Game
Are there more versions with different girls?
Or 5-card draw poker versions?

MarcoXXL2245 2012.08.03
nigese kapieren ich this game was?

groky 2012.08.02
she is so pretty, i like her photos so much

Hungus 2012.07.28
Lovely girl, but the interface is somewhat clunky.

stevie 2012.07.27
not bad, maybe if the bet didn`t reset every round it could be better

amrilim 2012.07.24
Nice Game but it could let you see the photos once you win.

josten 2012.07.21
Why is this listed under logic?

BigCock115 2012.07.16
This Is A great Game Hope Fine More Like IT

houndspear 2012.06.28
its a nice game and a really hot girl

anteantic 2012.06.20
if you like blackjack and naked girls this is a game for you

17dvldog75 2012.06.17
Not bad. Some of the photos you cant see the goodies due to the games graphics.

M4rsh4ll 2012.06.14
great quality and smooth control

Ketan Badjatya 2012.05.31
the girl is nice along with the game

elluu 2012.05.30
good game.. keep doing this good job!

Antalbaoc 2012.05.28
Play black Jack with V??ronica........ Huummmm !!! very hot....

eighthsin 2012.05.25
Don`t like the camera following the cursor. I just want to see all of her and my cards at the same time.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.24
Wait... It seems as though it doesn`t matter how much you bet. Any time you win a hand you get a photo.

bahamut86 2012.05.23
Very hot girl! Nice game and grafic

bob247 2012.05.20
really simple but a good game overall

sodomanie 2012.04.29
Wow, I like new games (: , keep doing this good job

kellylovefucker69 2012.04.29
I enjoy the blackjack, especially because it stayed real blackjack. But I do wish there was more striptease involved, a little bit more sexy, more skin, a little faster. Maybe a video, like in Sexy Strip Poker(which I highly recommend)?

dtztrixx 2012.04.24
This blackjack is one of the best out there. most of the other ones limit your play, and this one plays like the real thing.

john9411 2012.04.15
this game is great i liked the girl she is hot

ushxxxpm 2012.04.11
loveeeeee black jack, specially with veronica

silentxxemoxx 2012.04.10
Great pictures, love blackjack and women! Great combo! Love these games and hope to play more.

glukos37 2012.04.07
Nice to have a game, that teaches you how to play. Having a girl strip kept my interest for a while other than that I would not bother with it...too plain.

mute 2012.04.07
good game but its easy i need somting more

bobytt 2012.04.06
Nothing special. I like the other ones more.

pyanzabraham 2012.03.22
just a nice game..i like it..

Ryo27 2012.03.19
Standard blackjack strip game. Good pics.

uber50 2012.03.18
Pity that it is based on winning hands, nice pics.

fan34 2012.03.09
Tough game to finish, but in the end i scored. Nice photos.

Synful 2012.03.08
Good game,a little short.Very good photo`s of model.

Aphiliuswb 2012.03.07
Nice game, with a very attractive gal, though having the betting play a role in the gameplay would be a great upgrade.

danielsyd2 2012.03.07
not bad, maybe if the bet didn`t reset every round it could be better

jay50 2012.03.05
Really hot girl. The game is so long though, and gets really repetitive. Not nearly enough hotness to keep your attention. Plus to move anywhere you have to bet big, and when you bet big you can also lose big

stordan 2012.03.04
very hot girl. difficult to play, but i scored ;-)

Aqua_fish 2012.03.01
Always remember, dealer stays at 16.. Nice to know if you wanna win

kergeller 2012.02.27
she had 4 blackjack in a row

mcgooner 2012.02.17
this game is tough but fun worth a play.

nefarious1098 2012.02.16
Ok Blackjack game, not particularly awe inspiring, but still a pretty girl, and some nice pictures

Ricardo919 2012.02.14
I thought the play was relativetly sluggish. I like to play games like this a little quicker. The girls nice, but scrolling around was annoying. I like when the girls make sounds.

Present 2012.02.12
It`s a realy good game, but is has some BUG. We can see all of Pictures even wendon`t win the game!

dragonj 2012.02.08
Very easy and simple game, but hot girl.

Spinnaker 2012.02.07
a classic game but girl is great....

DRROXX 2012.02.05
The real thing... VERY challenging...

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
The game itself is boring, but the girl is hot !

VentusLau 2012.01.29
It is quite boring =(
if there is some animation it would be great

Devilson 2012.01.28
This game is kinda boring. But the girl is hot!

John G 2012.01.27
Very attractive girl but game-play is only fair.

spoonbill 2012.01.25
I quite enjoyed this. The tactic seemed to be: fortune favours the brave!

dawjack123 2012.01.24
kinda broken..can get past 100%

Dekalinder 2012.01.23
i didn`t liked it, not mechanicaly sound, clumsy and not interesting.

morjo1 2012.01.17
g har to decide....black jack or Veronica

the namek 2012.01.16
hot girl fun game but few pics

mrmmg123 2012.01.15
not bad for a BJ game. I am just not very good at the game unfortunately. the girl is smokin though

sansantenna 2012.01.14
I can never pass up a good blackjack table. The only mathematically beatable casino game in existence...with awesome babes makes it even better :P

drewbie1 2012.01.10
Hot, hot, hot! Very sexy girl. But when I started over from game over the pictures didn`t reset. Not complaining though.

mikicostanza 2012.01.09
nice game with this hot girl awesome

Guillaume 2012.01.08
Not bad, she`s really hot

zubot 2012.01.07
Wait... It seems as though it doesn`t matter how much you bet. Any time you win a hand you get a photo.

Monkmax 2012.01.05
Very nice but can`t see all the details in final photo.

nugget007 2012.01.03
very good game but it needs sound

fallgirl 2012.01.01
hot, but my browser just stopped!

John G 2011.12.27
Always like the gambling games. This one is fairly easy to beat.

kldxxx 2011.12.25
Nice pictures, but i does`t matter wheter you bid 1 or 500 dollar to the progress of the game. you just have to win a certain amount of games and it doesn`t matter how many you loose. could be more exciting if you might run out of money

pornguy85 2011.12.22
Very good game and very good graphics.

ZHBarcaFan 2011.12.21
Kinda too hard
But is definitely worth the difficulty

f5082 2011.12.20
this game is awesome cant stop playing it

AirBautista 2011.12.19
game play, graphics, animations are nice

xKxMxDx 2011.12.19
All the girls are pretty! also a nice way to enjoy a game of blackjack

cosmic 2011.12.14
The game should be more harder

superfighte8 2011.12.14
betting higher amounts really should increase the % gain lol, I bet 1000 and gain 3%??

bestia99rom 2011.12.13
Pretty easy game, probably needs higher bet amounts.

leapcentury 2011.12.08
great game..
needs to adjust games difficulty.. too easy

ozorne_6 2011.12.05
I like the way the pics advance even so you loose. 30 pics of good quality pics was worth playing a boring card game.

babyb0i86 2011.12.05
sexi lady plus my fav. card game. couldnt ask for more!!!

satellitehorn4 2011.12.05
not a big fan of these types of games but i liked this one and the girl was hot

ntomber 2011.12.05
nice game but i wish there was sound

KriegerIke 2011.12.04
it is interesting, but its not the best game

syafiq 2011.11.30
sexy girls... make me work hard

CaptainPorno 2011.11.29
I like the idea how the bigger picture does not seem to reset after loosing the game.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

wateshito 2011.11.25
very nice girl, great eyes, body tits pussy, every single part of her body is perfect

montanadevil 2011.11.22
Losing 11 pat hands in a row to lose the game isn`t very fun. Need to have a better chance at winning. Kind of slow dealing also.

maega2011 2011.11.21
never had this much fun playing blackjack

bigbubba97 2011.11.21
There is really no bad viewpoint ]of the game

fantome 2011.11.18
Never hurts to brush up on your blackjack!

riglef 2011.11.14
this game is flat out lame

Rudy4u 2011.11.12
Fantastic black jack game, very nice pics

tommo2085 2011.11.12
super girl very sexy love this game.

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

celyana 2011.11.10
the girl is nice but the game is not very funny

Sacklbicka 2011.11.06
some really nice pics, annoying buttons like many others also said

owned! 2011.11.03
Great pictures. Finished with 33900 credits! The buttons and text in the gallery mode were annoying.

ponceman 2011.11.03
good game, this girl is hot!!
but it`s take a while to reach the 100%

almanzel 2011.11.02
Nice layout by Sensea, a little to much work for the reward

aflac1 2011.11.01
i was always bad at black jack :c

Terax 2011.10.31
Nice Game, maybe too difficult if you try to rush your bets.

hobbit 2011.10.31
yawn! strip black jack, nice pics though.

TBar39 2011.10.29
Pretty good simple Black Jack game, and the model and poses are really fantastic.

revenant11 2011.10.29
not so interesting game, won but was realy bored( saw more interesting strip BJ

wytzen 2011.10.27
great game, great graphics only im not so good at blackjack

Djarash 2011.10.25
Really nice game, good model

kroyw 2011.10.25
It`s hard to earn money, keep starting over. Or just bet a dollar. Sexy pics, tho.

Lednacek 2011.10.22
nice girl. pity the control tabs are in the way even in the gallery mode

laffinboy 2011.10.17
My god she is hot worth playing for the pics

brikadams1 2011.10.15
i think you have to win hands vs money. nice pics

Aster85 2011.10.12
I like this game and the girl is sexy

Kalderza 2011.10.10
Not bad, pitty about blocking text and the computer tends to hit the right cards very often.

doute 2011.10.08
Haha i got her :)) love those strip games with cards

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.04
Good game, one i hit 93% could not get a good hand

Francy25cm 2011.10.04
wonderful game , girl wonderful

Quaax 2011.10.03
i think this game goes too slowly and its a bit bioring.

junkfodder 2011.10.02
this game is super addictive, very good graphics

bigmack99 2011.09.30
Good game,graphics and hot girl.

Miladiou 2011.09.29
very hot pictures, nice to play

automattiq 2011.09.27
super sexy images. i love this one

CamoNinja26 2011.09.26
Good game, easy to play, good photos

mentoss 2011.09.25
the pictures are pretty good

jonnywalker258 2011.09.20
Very nice game, graphics are the max ;) only a pity that at the end the `congrats, you have won!` blocks off a part of the photos. Keep it up!

bigbubba97 2011.09.18
This was a really good game. I hope there is more of her on this website

gautham 2011.09.17
coolllllllllllllll and hottest sex game..........

biess_cze 2011.09.16
really nice girl, i enjoyed this game

nytingod 2011.09.13
quality work, very enjoyable to play. Recommend this.

amilama 2011.09.12
It`s a shame that you didn`t get more rewarded faster for betting more money. Girl was hot though!!

thinlwin 2011.09.12
i want to play another card game.make a new game.this game is easy to play.

thinlwin 2011.09.12
easy to play .
animation is good.

dovanhoi 2011.09.11
Great game. Probably the best strip poker game I`ve seen!

juicey 2011.09.07
it dosn`t matter how much you cash bet.

silvershy 2011.09.06
It seemed the money part was irrelevant, because any won hand would get you more of the good stuff.

stepan23da 2011.09.03
i think speed of game must be higher
but girl is cool

mattyowen2121 2011.09.03
a great game with a hot woman

deaconblues3 2011.09.02
Not bad, she`s really hot.

Big Dog 63 2011.09.02
Love strip poker and Veronica`s a beauty :)

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.02
hot and sexy girl,easy to play though when you complete the game you should be able to leave the pictures but remove the graphics.

.markos 2011.09.01
i didn`t spent 5 minutes
and worth it every second
she is sooo hot!!

Frodo8 2011.08.31
A very nice game with cool graphics and hot girl

boltedcock 2011.08.31
pretty good game...kinda like any other black jack strip game though

moungoung 2011.08.30
Good game because I like blackjack.

cliss 2011.08.29
Nice enough... but it seems that the amount you bet has no effect on the amount you progress... it just raises your chances of losing.

rmg 2011.08.29
realy good game..i love it because i love poker

Fredyx 2011.08.29
great game & nice hairy pussy very sweet

dragonight 2011.08.27
great game, one off the best with cards... excelent gameplay, amazing hot girl, just want to play more and more

farkas 2011.08.27
Very good and hot game. Stunnig veronica souza fotos. Interesting new blackjack game width new models.

ndoy 2011.08.26
great game & nice hairy pussy..........

John G 2011.08.22
Great version of an old favorite with nice pics.

bpnj84 2011.08.20
Good game but cards blocked some of the pics

tyler_durden 2011.08.17
animations are kind of slow but they look great. Plus who doesn`t like blackjack? Good game really nice

Beczaster 2011.08.16
A very nice game with cool graphics and hot girls

j0sh 2011.08.15

DimS 2011.08.13
Nice game, I loved the girl`s photos, quite ecxiting ;) I don`t know if there is a bug, but when the girl gets blackjack she strips anyway for me xD

MystCat 2011.08.13
games like this make blackjack fun

elo77 2011.08.11
good game with great pictures
i like this girl

saidin2501 2011.08.11
nice game, great graphics

M_vrhrn 2011.08.11
graphics are more than OK , but the game is too easy

Patsy 2011.08.09
Feels choppy. It`d have been nice to be able to bet higher.

hobbe69 2011.08.05
Classic! Beautiful and sexy girl... Nice game!

jloofock 2011.08.04
classical card play. but nice

CrazyFreak 2011.08.03
Great game, nice graphic, awesome chick:

spokxx 2011.08.01
good poker game good pictures good model;

Lesleytje 2011.07.28
The graphics are perfect, but the game is a bit too easy.

Soiuku 2011.07.27
The layout is really smooth looking om this game.

jamjoe 2011.07.27
Not bad but the cards block the images

kickstandready7 2011.07.24
finaly a game that i won on the first try.It has good grafics and .I like the way that the game is set up ,as in when you lose a hand you don`t lose ground in referance to the picture of the girl,its nice to be able to go only forward.

hotrahul010181 2011.07.22
My first poker game. Wonderful exp....
Hope RL poker is the sameway!!

FicklePickleTickle 2011.07.19
Nice interface and photos. Some photos are obscured by the buttons though. :( The goal of the game is to win hands, the money doesn`t really matter to the game it seems.

tukangpoto 2011.07.19
Beautiful model! Gameplay is simple.

TKDKidd 2011.07.18
Pretty decent looking woman, game is worth a play through.

atulluta 2011.07.17
the most sexy strip game that u will love to play

bonsaiboy 2011.07.17
Great version of blackjack. Lovely woman to look at. Perhaps a video version in the future?

JackB1708 2011.07.15
good game, no need to discuss about graphics :)
concerning gameplay: a 1000$ button would have been great

ak_is_pro 2011.07.13
Playing Blackjack in front of a woman who wants to strip. YES

dellman123 2011.07.13
Very hot but cards block view

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

NickX 2011.07.09
just stand all the time and it is ok

nzfly 2011.07.09
love this game, the girls are awesome, can`t wait to play more

sean06388 2011.07.07
good strip game even though the lady not really hot

googuy55 2011.07.07
Game is very easy to win, only the pics aren`t that great.

bunmeet26 2011.07.05
rcoking game... hot lady...

straley84 2011.07.04
strip games are very good time killers

tomassko61 2011.07.03
great poker and sexy girls too :D

kjdehn 2011.07.02
good poker game need more kelly

chrischaos 2011.07.01
This game is OK. There was no risk involved and the woman was cute, but nothing special.

yunklertgreat 2011.06.30
This game helped out my card playing in a very nice way

Gundalf 2011.06.29
Nice pictures, but i does`t matter wheter you bid 1 or 500 dollar to the progress of the game. you just have to win a certain amount of games and it doesn`t matter how many you loose. could be more exciting if you might run out of money

bigred1991 2011.06.28
gameplay has good and i liked the striping but i like poker better

Gabryxd99 2011.06.26
the games of the blackjack like me

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Babes and blackjack, a dream come true.

danny12321 2011.06.24
got a bit tedious after a while maybe my black jack ability,but the girl was very fit so good game

John G 2011.06.24
Way more fun than other Black Jack games.

derda 2011.06.22
Very good game. I like more of this.

thickwilly 2011.06.22
would be better with sound

prowlin2007 2011.06.21
another fun game, to bad items on screen block the best shots.

majkl 2011.06.13
The game was good but i lack some voices or music.

sincubus 2011.06.11
An ordinary black-jack game that has nothing more to offer that 30 pics of a nice looking model. Perhaps it`s not right to await more from black-jack games.

icebruin 2011.06.11
nice girl game was too easy

neoblade03 2011.06.09
Alright game but wish there was more to the ending than just seeing all the previous pics

BallIdiot 2011.06.08
Mediocre game; the girl is pretty good looking.

marijuss 2011.06.07
nice game,the girl is ok,wouldnt mind some music

viperdja 2011.06.05
It needs something to make it different from all the other blackjack games

mole 2011.06.05
not bad, maybe if the bet didn`t reset every round it could be better

bucsfan#1 2011.06.04
this is an ok game.the girl was hot

goodnite 2011.06.02
good game but to easy....the girl make me horny :D

johndellsman 2011.05.30
great game need to work on graphics and to short should been longer

greengatedave 2011.05.29
Gorgeous girl - a little easy, but enjoyable - thanks!

Arbaal 2011.05.28
Nice game. Bit easy and i hope there will be other girls in there as well.

katz591 2011.05.27
lovely pics and a brillant game

tommi77 2011.05.26
realy pretty girl, and she has lot of luck

Hektor115 2011.05.23
Nice game. Would be nice to get the pics after end. perhaps it could be a bit more difficult to see her secrets...

jykg 2011.05.23
boring too long game, didn`t realy like the woman either

jenso 2011.05.22
she`s hot, but this is just another typical gambling game, boring with just pictures

toogrumpy 2011.05.22
Good game, nice to win it. Looks good.

goalie321 2011.05.14
wow she is hot and game is pretty cool too

Schwalbe 2011.05.12
Shurely the hottest living girl on this page.
You can`t comcentrate on the game.

jerry74 2011.05.11
it is a good game i just cant play black jack

Skarn62 2011.05.09
Easy to win this game.
Nice girl & photos.

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

shawn07 2011.05.02
great game! a better than the other ones ive played. great graphics

Faye 2011.05.01
Graphics = FAB!

darkskin 2011.04.28
I adore black jack and so.,.... i adore veronica and the beairful graphic of this game

stanky 2011.04.25
A bit laggy but pretty fun.

trouble 2011.04.24
I bet all a few times. When you are lucky, you win, or else you just start over. It is that easy, in the virtual world.

lucky me 2011.04.24
takes a while to finish and all you have to do really is get 30000 and after that bet 1500 each time until you win

frozefreeze 2011.04.22
The score does not have any link with the money. Perhaps there could be a special ending where you can pay the girl with money to do thing :)

pavel203 2011.04.21
game is ok just takes too long to play

dwaters 2011.04.21
I like the girl, she is very good looking. I wish it would save your bet amount.

theviper1976 2011.04.21
Good overall game.Could have used some music to spice it up a bit.

r12456 2011.04.19
Like the blackjack games, but they seem a little reptitive, find a way to mix it up a little?

zenonx 2011.04.18
Nice model! A 1000 chip is recommended...

ddavee 2011.04.17
cool game, nice pics, some music would be nice

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
great game could have better graphics

AD8 2011.04.12
great quality shots but if it was video of her stripping even better

loveinglife2010 2011.04.12
this game deffinently needs some backround noise

muffinlover666 2011.04.09
Cool I love strip games like these, need more :)

Toddagen 2011.04.08
It was fun for a while then a little boring

kumarclean 2011.04.08
ok game.. would be more fun if more options were there

BadAlly 2011.04.08
Fun game but couldnt it just skip to the end?

greystyles 2011.04.07
nice game. i´d like to see more girls

LarryC 2011.04.04
nice game, but a bit too easy.

kababloom 2011.04.04
boring game, impossible to loose

Immerhin 2011.04.03
Nice graphics easy to play

amalica 2011.04.02
nice game need a few more betting options

Adam12345 2011.04.01
Ohhh! I don`t like these types

Bibbzy 2011.03.30
nice pics but there should be a way to look at them fullscreen

syladezar 2011.03.29
game loaded abit slow for me but otherwise a decent game

baron01 2011.03.28
There should be more girls and like a step-by-step progres where it should matter, how much money you bet.

razza15 2011.03.25
pretty decent some great pics

Salander 2011.03.24
This game need more action

redglove 2011.03.22
Easy to play...but she`s wonderful...

shaun999 2011.03.20
great game, wish there were more girls to choose from though

IronCobra 2011.03.20
Love the game, such a sexy girl! =)

phasedave 2011.03.18
Great game I love it, it`s simple and with great photos.

ronathena 2011.03.16
1 of the better blackjack games

Benoit07 2011.03.16
going backwards would add a bit of intrigue and frustration.

Amosina 2011.03.16
nice game, but a bit too easy..

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Of course, I meant to say blackjack down here. Just to add something to the rest, I would have appreciate some music behind, doubt my game was glitchy, I had none.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Nice strip poker game, basic and efficient. The progress bar is fine, avoid us to see her putting clothes back on, still it is possible to lose. Very nice model.

Faey 2011.03.12
Fairly typical of this type of game.
Was nice that you didn`t have to constantly be winning/increasing money to progress to more pictures.
Some of the game items cover up the good parts of the pictures in a few cases.

chiefwaha 2011.03.10
Typical blackjack game. The girl is pretty hot

etch 2011.03.10
This was fun, but some of the captions and cards covered up the good spots, which was disappointing. Especially witht he last picture the money shot was covered

The G 2011.03.08
very nice girl, and simple game rules, I like it.

S_Lav 2011.03.07
The girl has a pretty hot body, but her face is average. The gameplay is good though.

pavel203 2011.03.07
just another card game
the girl is really hot though

shackles 2011.03.07
Girl is very hot! Don`t like the way the pictures are covered up by cards. Would like to see the picture review on a seperate screen maybe so that they are unobscured.

marcelino21 2011.03.05
wow, i like new games, keep doing this good job

mocha445 2011.03.05
love black jack such a fun game its wen ur in a club alone and ur all lonely have no friends u cn play with that guy tht will screw u out of ur childs college or in this case u may get some tail ;) then its worth it all

red_barun 2011.03.05
game is easy , but gril is very hot

milowz 2011.03.02
very nice looking girl.good game not the most challenging

bat_boy 2011.02.27
a boring game. but she`s hot.

J1995s 2011.02.25
A amazing game and the girl is hot!!!
But it is a bit long
You should put the amount of money which will result in a certain position

silver12 2011.02.25
she`s hot, but this is just another typical gambling game, boring with just pictures

kalbs 2011.02.24
game is quite good even if it takes a while to reach 100%. however the game could do with a view mode to see the whole picture on game screen

lomiydo 2011.02.23
I like strip poker games.

jd994 2011.02.23
very long game ^^ the girl is very attractive, but yea, as a few people have mentioned the main pics do get blocked quite a lot.

tranquilhg 2011.02.23
Not a bad game. Veronica was attractive, and it was nice to have the smaller picture along with the larger ones. Some of the pictures seemed out of order, though (Veronica went from less dressed to more dressed a few times), and the fact that many photos were partially obstructed or cut off (especially Veronica`s face) was disappointing. Some of the English grammar was poor as well. Still, the photos were of a good quality, the setting and clothes were nice, and the game was straightforward and fun to play.

maffemich 2011.02.22
very good game, liked the pics a lot

jjteo 2011.02.21
Kinda easy game for me. but good job

Nick2 2011.02.18
Very easy and simple game, but hot girl.

malir 2011.02.18
Very nice game, although it seems that amount of money doesn`t really matters. I think it should, it`s still a card game ;)

dimmus 2011.02.18
Great looking girl, think it should have bigger chips

themiz 2011.02.16
i love playing card games

OtterDunGotter 2011.02.13
Game was easy to play. Lots of pictures when it was over. The pictures would be better if you could see all of them without obstructions.

mutualfun 2011.02.13
nice game..but..way too easy.. as long as u win, no matter how much, u`ll keep moving, and I think the pic and the main control kinda..how to say it? step on each other? maybe this kinda game can be combined with some sort of "story"?

goglicious 2011.02.12
esy to play, but a bad thing is a big income will not gets you farther in the game,

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.11
Nice pictures but not really my kind of game.

Ray_man 2011.02.10
Easy to play, nice pics and girl

can1q 2011.02.09
i like this game good graphics good looking woman

ratonius 2011.02.08
The game was easier than expected. Hot chick and nice strip moves.

yeeh1299 2011.02.07
Blackjack is my favorite card game. Much easier than poker and this game is hot.

red_barun 2011.02.07
nice pictures but game is not realy for me

aragorn90 2011.02.05
great game, but it would be nicer with a clear view to the pictures (without buttons)

akamaru14 2011.02.04
Nice. I like it. I particularly like the fact that she doesn`t strip at certain "intervals" like 1000 Credits and such.

oblesk0 2011.02.03
could use some music..plus i`ve gotten her to strip while losing so theres some bugs that could be fixed...or maybe a better explanation of how the game works

albinos 2011.02.02
the game could definately use some music, plus the animations could be faster as they slow the game down unneccessarily

bronzecin69 2011.01.27
Nice game very pretty lady

pyroman327 2011.01.26
i liked this game unlike other strip poker games were if you lose she puts cloths back on but in this you just keep going foward. good game

longjonn222 2011.01.26
very good game the pictures are great

kukoo 2011.01.26
nice graphics good animation

nanjikun 2011.01.22
fun game if you like black jack. awesome pictures but the best parts were blocked by ads and game buttons

Kodiak0727 2011.01.21
good game but it seems to continue on, no matter if your winning or not?

lenman 2011.01.20
Superb game. The photos are great. I must agree with the most of the other players that the notifications in the game cover up the pictures. I mean, "Come on!", isn`t the great spots supposed to be the object of successfully completing this game? I really feel that this aspect needs to be fixed. Either ways, a must for Blackjack enthusiasts. Veronica is sweet and hot! Cannot deny that, can we?

Darkwolf1012 2011.01.20
I love this game a lot! I can not stop playing this game XD

MAX1963 2011.01.19
simple straightforward game for everyone loved the girls

Billbob70 2011.01.19
If you like Blackjack, you`ll like this game, hot girl

tonito 2011.01.17
I loved black jack, in order to win you must take risk very often.. very nice pics but could be more saucy

hash19 2011.01.15
great looking girl, having small chips useless

BrodytheMAX 2011.01.15
Lol, I`m just addicted to this game...

BrodytheMAX 2011.01.15
Loading Sexual Atrosmere

Shafty71 2011.01.12
Great model and if you like Blackjack this is a must...

etch 2011.01.11
This was a good game, but the notification that I won covered up her swet spot for the last picture. that was a letdown

Dzjorsj 2011.01.08
hot girl but a bit too hard to complete

Moody Tom 2011.01.08
Really good game, it was fun :D I only want to admit, there is a wrong order of photos. She is in underwear, and after this photo shis is wearing her dress again.
But this is really small mistake and I added this game to my fav^^

Elfe 2011.01.07
Veronica is so amazing... The game was easier than expected. More girl like her please

skeltis 2011.01.06
a bit more difficult than i anticipated

skeltis 2011.01.06
great game, agreed about small betting, youd be here forever

Cyrus83 2011.01.05
I realy love this game...is so hot. tks

jaska 2011.01.03
The girl is so sexy and stuff great game!

krabster92 2011.01.01
good game.. chip bets didnt seem to matter as no matter how big or small the bet, the progress went up by 3 or 4 percent.

chewie 2010.12.31
good looking girl. really good game

JamesonJJameson 2010.12.30
I like that I lost ALL my money a few times and she just kept right on stripping off more clothes. I`ll just keep betting the max until she shows me all shes got!

lolzak 2010.12.29
like the graphics and a little game of strip blackjack is always good

R_bOnEz 2010.12.28
i love playing blackjack an poker,this game is fantastic hope to see more

plp3333 2010.12.27
it good but not excellent

ron79 2010.12.27
Interesting game, nice graphics

JeanMarc 2010.12.26
Realy a nice game. Its only counting if you win, not on the money.

lolitzme 2010.12.26
Not bad, good quality. I liked it. It was fun.

assez 2010.12.24
Pretty decent game actually. Enjoyed the pics.

hungry789 2010.12.21
Very good game, alright pictures

Dovla 2010.12.20
Great game, super pictures!

ozorne_6 2010.12.14
Nice to have a game, that teaches you how to play. Having a girl strip kept my interest for a while other than that I would not bother with it...too plain.

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

jenso 2010.12.06
A very good game the pictures are great

flameablex 2010.12.06
good game. actually very short if you play with high bet. don`t worry just bet higher, eventually you will win the game.

Ranma 2010.12.04
The interface needs tweaking. Veronica is a desirable woman, and I echo other posts in saying that we wish to do more to and with her in-game.

godenfisher 2010.11.30
it`s rather interesting to play with such a girl in this game

West 2010.11.30
Very short Game with an Nice girl. i win in 10 Minutes :)

Gevatter 2010.11.29
Realy a nice game. Its only counting if you win, not on the money.

blindwrite 2010.11.29
Nice games, bautiful girl. Good interface. liked it

roundroom 2010.11.29
Nice Game but it could let you see the photos once you win.

schrottie 2010.11.28
nice game, but a bit too easy..

Pedro delacrosa 2010.11.28
This game Smells very badly :(

SloAn01 2010.11.28
nice game, but the game progress is not depends form the money earned

zeretet 2010.11.27
the game is very interesting and very hot

teijgertje 2010.11.25
good graphics, after winning photos should be completely visible.

dewamps 2010.11.23
difficult game, but nice graphics

Xeonse 2010.11.23
Quite a good game. Although, higher bets would be more convienent.

Mrname 2010.11.22
overall good game, but could really use a max bet and higher quantity bets

Rudeboy 2010.11.22
Nice blackjack game thanks

flintstoneflop 2010.11.22
Nice blackjack game. Veronica is amazingly beautiful. Game lacked sound or any video, either would be nice. Maybe for the ending of the game you could use your winnings to have sex with her, or buy her implants or something interesting like that to make it a less typical card game.

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
Beautiful model! Gameplay is simple.

Alianthias 2010.11.21
Gameplay was a tad odd. Being that winning was based on hands won and not amount won. Also didn`t end at any point. I was at 107% complete. I am a tad confused by that.

dominique 2010.11.21
nice game
nice girl but only one not enought
it will better if we can win videos
none or less very nice black jack game

dragonguardian13 2010.11.18
very nice game girl is beautiful.

kusho 2010.11.17
Any way to hide the user interface ^^?

kurosakiz 2010.11.16
pretty straightfoward game , especially for black jack lovers (:

redsea 2010.11.16
good game, no need to discuss about graphics

Sariah 2010.11.15
The animation is good, but too slow for this type of game, where you just want to play the hands out quickly.

Overall a bit boring, and the blackjack component is pretty pointless when the money you earn means nothing except as some sort of high score. At least if there was a ranking of most money earned it might mean something.

Really needs music and/or sound as well.

Maikeru 2010.11.14
Beautiful model! Gameplay is simple.

ElysiumShield 2010.11.10
Nice game, plays as it should, a little odd that it goes off of hands instead of chips. Good looking girl too. Liked it overall.

amda 2010.11.10
difficult game but still interesting

hamilton2010 2010.11.10
Nice game. Good animation.

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.10
Good game, kinda slow though, wish the cards kicked out faster.

badd1 2010.11.09
Not to bad, I like the graphics too.

zliks 2010.11.09
I love this girl! best blackJack game in a while.

da.kevin 2010.11.07
well,it`s ok,but i`ve played better black jack games yet

dill132 2010.11.07
good game hot dont normaly like card games

justme4386 2010.11.07
Nice pictures, not too difficult...

dennot 2010.11.07
Nice pix of a sexy lady - good game

yettiface12 2010.11.07
This game is just awesome. i love hot girls and i love blackjack :)

lednav 2010.11.06
Pity that it is based on winning hands, nice pics.

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Note that progress is based on winning hands, not number of chips. Trust me, you don`t want to be trying to click up a 24,000 bet more than once.

SaxyMan20 2010.11.03
good game but it is to easy and takes a while to get to the end

hugo57 2010.11.03
have to agree good graphics , beautiful girl , can get boring ..too few chips to play with

venkopld 2010.11.02
I love this game Very nice

broutillez 2010.11.02
i like this game and the girl

poisike1000 2010.11.02
like that it saves progress but i don`t seem do like it at all.

poisike1000 2010.11.02
needs a little improvement on graphics but still a good game

sergiomg88 2010.11.01
good game its nice that you dont lose progression if u dont win

adamtash 2010.10.31
great game with good photos and you don`t lose progress when you lose a hand

waynedemis1 2010.10.29
This game is OK at best. You need to add some music at least.

groar 2010.10.28
excellent game but there is a little problem with it... you can get over the 100% and whatever the amout of money you bet... you increase your percentage the same way

popcorn2002 2010.10.27
Good game, small betting not worth bothering with.

marcoco 2010.10.25
Gamaplay is quite easy, game is fast picture and graphics are great. Maybe there is an opportunity to modify bet system and awards...

nsane47 2010.10.25
game is easy to win, but the graphics are great !!!

Tcelmo 2010.10.24
This game is awesome. The graphics and pictures are great.

benamin8285 2010.10.24
great gameplay and graphics

manutd2772 2010.10.23
great game i love playing blackjack

bugs1959 2010.10.23
hard game but the girl is beautiful

sakaLUD 2010.10.22
great game, I really like playing blackjack. Girl is hot, but cant see her well because of too many ads.

Damerts 2010.10.21
great game, it`s a little long but lovely ladies......

sneedusmc99 2010.10.21
I love to play strip card games, but this girl just wasnt doing it for me... I prefer blondes

marcosdeto 2010.10.20
I liked it, maybe she should dress and undress depending on the oponents earnings?

navnuc 2010.10.20
nice game good graphics likes that she moves with your mouse nice touch

mwafaq 2010.10.20
good game, needs a little improvement on graphics but still a good game

redev999 2010.10.20
ncie to see you dont go backwards when you lose a few hands

cdog 2010.10.19
good game found a glitch that allows you to stand if the card getting dealt isn`t all the way down if you can the stand button in time the card value doesn`t get added

mnadam 2010.10.18
Kind of easy, boring game

callandor 2010.10.18
Good stuff, the girl is smoking hot and the game doesn`t seem to cheat like i suspect many card-games-of-chance do

mponce1 2010.10.17
It`s a game of luck i like the placement of the cards and betting, generally i just bet a lot but i don`t know if it makes it go any quicker.

Ucantseemee 2010.10.17
the idea is good but it couldve been done much better, still ok.

drgorgo 2010.10.17
Sucks that you have to re-enter your bet each time. But the girl is cute so that`s not too bad. The main problem is that, as with any balckjack game, the odds favour the opponent.

bigdon 2010.10.17
nice game sexy girl but hard to see

Furrowfoot 2010.10.16
Beautiful girl - bets don`t seem to matter for progress, nice to know how far along you are at all times - nice to not lose % progress every time you lose a hand.

golfbot 2010.10.16
ok but noyt gtreat. pictures hard to see

BacariBurberry 2010.10.15
one of the best strip blackjack games

bigdog999 2010.10.15
Nice game. Attractive girl

andiyan 2010.10.13
nice games..nice to play..I like it!!!

qille 2010.10.13
Good game. 30 pics gets a bit long, but can`t complain about their quality.
need a higher money button then its getting faster through

duke51 2010.10.12
Hot girl, but some poses are boring. And excellent furniture around - I enjoyed it.

optimel 2010.10.12
I always fancy a game of black jack. Epecially when I get to play with a hottie like this one here ;)

DaGiraffe 2010.10.12
great game overall but a bet 500 or 1000 button would be good

Hemadall 2010.10.10
great game great pics and uses vegas rules

pauld 2010.10.07
nice 2 see a real women but you only have 2 bet minimum 2 reveal pics

catapult 2010.10.07
I have no luck at this game. but I do like that it doesn`t go backwards on you like most games of this nature.

yamahoshi 2010.10.04
Very fun game, I liked the black jack girl

pnoos1 2010.10.03
blackjack = fun so this game was awesome

pixio 2010.10.03
Wow, I like new games (: , keep doing this good job

Delorn 2010.10.01
very nice pics and bags of fun :)

jenks 2010.10.01
Don`t bet with the high chips. Nudity will come anyway

Zoomie71 2010.09.30
I`d give her a royal flush!

hellsyeah 2010.09.29
No problem with this one. It is easy to score and a great finish

snake246 2010.09.28
Didn`t really see the point in in a higher chip value seeing as you gain % at the same rate regardless of the bet but the pictures were nice...

Chaserman 2010.09.28
If every hand reveals the same amount of nudity, what is the point of betting more chips? Stupid.

Aladin 2010.09.27
Nice Game with great Graphics.

mwwl 2010.09.26
Easy to play but the rewards are worth it

joesooner 2010.09.26
great graphics, prefer pics to animation.

RESSAT 2010.09.25
Game has very good graphicss and also it is easy to play. I love it!

nephilimm 2010.09.25
ths game has very good graphicss i love it

winger1199 2010.09.24
Good game. Very good pic quality.

dinbrodin 2010.09.23
this games very-very hot...

Light 2010.09.23
this game is ok, the chick is not really to my liking but eh what can I say it was ok and worth playing for the points to get to the awesome pf1 game.

suaxoday 2010.09.22
i`m not really good at blackjack but i love this game

bshdaddy1 2010.09.22
great game i think it could use a choice between different women so u don`t get to bored with it though

chynaboi25 2010.09.21
Game was interesting, but there could be more choices of women to choose from

bigdick255 2010.09.20
i thought the game was great she turned me on so much i loved seeing her naked i cant wait to see more of kelly though

Kodakai 2010.09.20
Ability to type in your bet amounts would be good.

phucee 2010.09.20
good looking girl but the game is quite repetitive

jerko2010 2010.09.20
Wow, I like new games (: , keep doing this good job

Rimboythreeinch 2010.09.19
I`d love to see a shemale version of a strip game!!!

kylius 2010.09.18
much easier than the other card games that for sure

bensen88 2010.09.18
good graphics,great looking girl

kraeeg 2010.09.18
The game is simple enough really like the girls tits. I like the real ones not the fake ones :)

Slymanmd 2010.09.18
nice photos gameplay is a little slow

mgkpt 2010.09.18
The game is extremely monotonous... the girl is hot but can`t be arsed to play it to the end.

CheatyMcCheatCheat 2010.09.17
Too slow for my liking There are better blackjack games out there.

cenzo1977 2010.09.17
wow she is hot fun game

gadawg999 2010.09.17
hot girl but it takes so long

Hunter1325 2010.09.15
i hate it. it takes too long, and gives highly unlikely hands

GamerCurtis 2010.09.15
Very easy could do with more photos i rate it seven out of ten.

xj9bh89757 2010.09.15
It looks like a real life poker game, the best!

tophe35 2010.09.14
great looking girl, having small chips useless

Fredyx 2010.09.14
Very nice game good Animation !!!

lionize 2010.09.14
Lame BJ version.

If u dont loose all ur money, the striptease will go on w/out having her gettin back.
The lady is average, not more

Naughtyvicki 2010.09.14
Sexy game, good graphics.

sebastian5000 2010.09.12
nice girl;) but easy to win

shitrick88 2010.09.10
Isnt too great of a game i guesss

Ray_man 2010.09.10
Nice girl to play with, but easy to win.

lion_man 2010.09.10
this is very nice game with a real woman and good fun!!

josh121555 2010.09.09
good game with nice girls

1qa2ws 2010.09.09
pretty decent game, very hot photos

kael85 2010.09.09
decent, but slow card animation makes it take much longer

sportingthug99 2010.09.09
great game babes are good too

cajen 2010.09.08
allways to play strip blackjack but arnt there like 2 000 000 other versions of this game but this is one of the better ones

JezzBug 2010.09.08
animations are kind of slow but they look great. Plus who doesn`t like blackjack? Good game

spida 2010.09.07

Valiac 2010.09.07
I thins thse kin of games are great, please up´load some more with different models

philie 2010.09.07
Gotta love these games poker ones better though

Tomster 2010.09.06
I like blackjack, and then you put girls like this into the game... AWESOME!

star 2010.09.06
great game, but i am not good at blackjack.

pablo.barral 2010.09.06
Beautiful pics and Veronica is awsom!!!
Wish I had more luck with her

jbeck1492 2010.09.06
Fun game, but I`m not very good at blackjack. . . D=

infinitusvox 2010.09.04
as these card games go its very very good and loving the way you incorporated a rwal women into it

bobg 2010.09.04
Hot chick. Good game, difficulty isn`t bad. I like how the aces are ones. It`s nice that you can bet as much as you want.

ralle 2010.09.04
Good game but way too easy for a average black jack player

saifty1 2010.09.03
Enjoyed the game, however could have had a better ending

awesome_penguin 2010.09.03
fun game, i like black jack =D

Slifer91 2010.09.03
easy game if your good at blackjack

pippola 2010.09.03
good games, i really enjoy it

fmeyen 2010.09.03
It`s an interesting game, a little bit slow.

knoxbrando 2010.09.02
Yeah bit long but all in all a good solid performer

dalton9195 2010.09.02
best blackjack yet, great fx`x great game play

Darkice 2010.09.02
It`s a nice game with good graphics

Schadowraven 2010.09.02
Nice Game! A little bit easy!

hanswurst 2010.09.01
more pics wouldve been nice, nice game

Eroticon4 2010.09.01
The image progression is great. I just wish I were better at blackjack.

R0M30CaSaN0vA 2010.09.01
Great pics....Great girl btw..should put more pics

Kotton24 2010.09.01
Good Graphics but for some reason i keep losing lol

graym5 2010.08.31
Would like that the money made a difference, as long as you win the hand doesnt matter how much you bet

PTran 2010.08.31
Nice cards :D.. But too easy,

explodingazn 2010.08.31
pretty easy and the pics are alright

nutrament 2010.08.30
this is really tough, are there cheats for this?

babahoush 2010.08.30
games good hot babe what more needs to said

wpowder 2010.08.30
Great game, hot gal, one of the best...

kpyrinikos 2010.08.30
very nice looking girl.good game not the most challenging

hoptirinay 2010.08.29
it`s fine not great but fine

ahnung 2010.08.28
good continuation of the storyline
great characters

sexmaniac2 2010.08.28
great game sexy girl 500 beting button wouyld have been great though

kipper999 2010.08.27
Great game. Probably the best strip poker game I`ve seen! A few of the pics are out of order though...

asdsadsad 2010.08.27
very nice looking girl.good game not the most challenging

wwwgamer 2010.08.27
sexy girl plus blackjack...can you beat it???

Supergoof 2010.08.26
A really beautiful opponent.
Auto-bid after the first round would make that game better.

pieman122 2010.08.26
good game. nice girl. pictures seemed out of synch though

sonic84 2010.08.26
yes great game and nice girl

DigBick 2010.08.26
It takes forever to play but it`s totally worth it

ikke4444 2010.08.25
Hot pics, but it takes ages.

Ryzeck 2010.08.24
This game was kinda blah...very hot girl, but the game itself was extremely monotonous

linla 2010.08.24
too bad that the photos are sometimes hidden by the interface

beastmachine 2010.08.24
shes hot but the game moves way too slow

milesp 2010.08.24
wow! great game, Veronica is HOT!

pete_rose 2010.08.23
what a great game. black jack hot naked chick. does it ever end though i was a 130%. not that i mind that it kept going.

050gertje0 2010.08.23
This game was not fantastic if you ask me. Blackjack is much nicer..

dog4305 2010.08.23
the game progress is slow

Dj Lagos 2010.08.23
Really cool game, it`s challenging but Fun!!

Hassan6666 2010.08.23
the choice of the lady is very nice too. nice playin

Hassan6666 2010.08.23
very well. nice one. keep it up!

beanieboy 2010.08.22
good game, great pics of sexy girl

Firewave 2010.08.22
Girl is hot, but I hate the interface to this blackjack game. I wish I could pick and bet and stick with it everytime to speed the game up. Too slow for my liking.

Szwarcus_PL 2010.08.22
Good game very nice pics of beautifull girl, good job

foxyboy 2010.08.22
Cool game liked the pics and the fun of winning.

bockel79 2010.08.22
Great game, with goodlooking photos. Little bit long though

mylar71 2010.08.22
good card game i love black jack and when you add women its even better.

dirtylurch 2010.08.22
bloody wicked game with a hot chick

kinky888 2010.08.21
Veronica is no doubt unquestionably beautiful and the gameplay and how everything worked made sense. However, I did not like the amount of stuff that was on the screen, they needed either smaller print or just less things on the screen so you could actually see the pictures, I liked the game though!

PTran 2010.08.21
Quite long, but the game -mainly Veronica - is awesome :) Love it

goselink 2010.08.21
i love poker strips but this one is the best

whitemox 2010.08.21
Very nice game, makes a lot of fun though.. :)

someone20 2010.08.21
Sexy girl,but the game is bit too long.

jim34hippie 2010.08.21
its a good game but can start with more chips

mizzy 2010.08.20
good game decent play but a lil unchallenging for my liking.

whowants_menow 2010.08.20
wow, what an addicting game.

zantetsuken 2010.08.20
one of my favorite card games into an erotic game ?? nicee !!

qwerasdyxc 2010.08.20
Very good game. I like more of this.

sliderbites 2010.08.20
Hate that you need to win hands to unlock pics, but allows you to win a lot then just bet a tiny amount

Achilles 2010.08.20
Awesome game love the reality of the game beautiful graphics and great gameplay

Sock 2010.08.19
A bit boring, no sound, and it doesn`t ever seem to matter what you actually bet.

bige 2010.08.19
Great Game a little long but very sexy pics

mioumiou 2010.08.19
The graphics were nice, but the gameplay was too slow

andy_regresa 2010.08.19
nicee game!! those pics are really sexy..

marrud 2010.08.19
Always beautiful girls in these games

Chris99 2010.08.19
Easy gameplay and very ice looking girl, good game

bigpapalatino 2010.08.18
love a nice black jack game specialy with beatifull girls

wazzaaxxx 2010.08.18
th girl is great!i bet she comes from virtua girl hd but i dont know

baav 2010.08.17
i like the game but if you want to go quick you lose to quick lol

tannoch 2010.08.16
Nice game if a little too easy

rubenmaneta 2010.08.16
i lique very much this type of games

benny9 2010.08.15
good graphics and beautiful girl = good game

ThirtyOne 2010.08.15
easy gameplay but takes waaaay too long to finish

Magermilch 2010.08.15
very nice girl but takes definitly too long

titolepanto 2010.08.15
it`s ok game not difficult

mjb203 2010.08.15
simple blackjack game, but very fun! good quality pics.

MJ 2010.08.15
Pretty decent game, good graphics, way too easy though

angelus1916 2010.08.14
nice girl, average play, no challenge though

mh42 2010.08.14
good graphics poor gameplay

Fimirel 2010.08.14
Good game. 30 pics gets a bit long, but can`t complain about their quality.

deadbydayinblack007 2010.08.14
it rather easy ..still cute woman worth a play

Practorius 2010.08.14
nice gameplay and beautiful girl, but a bit too easy..

clouseau 2010.08.14
The girl is beautiful, but the rules of the game make no sense. No matter what you bet, you get a new picture if you win. As a blackjack game it is poor. But she is hot!

toy4grrls 2010.08.12
Visually nice, but controls are clunky. Make it easier to bet large sums.

sasaa 2010.08.12
Girl realy makes good this BJ. I love it.

ultraplayboy 2010.08.12
i liked it the graphics were nice cool game

hornykenneth 2010.08.12
a excellent game whereby the 3D graphics was wonderfully done and the dealing of cards was as real as it can get. Good job!

lopin 2010.08.11
nice gameplay and beautiful girl

dexy122 2010.08.11
Love the game, hate blackjack but the girl makes it better

tentacles9 2010.08.11
uhhm did anyone else get to 103%? and after 90% i didn`t get new pics :(

reinyse 2010.08.11
it is an ok game,but when the dealer gets blackjack,i win another photo

evaddave 2010.08.11
Good game but the game progress does not make sense.

sire 2010.08.10
very horny game and the graphics very good

fellamee 2010.08.10
Fantastic, Very attractive girl, polished gameplay, more like this please

Gypsyhunter09 2010.08.10
attractive girl but i wish there was an add or subtract 100 button

zip645 2010.08.10
This game is great. The girl is very attractive. :)

sad111 2010.08.10
borind and very easy... not to lop

ThaBoss85 2010.08.10
i had alot of stand off

ThaBoss85 2010.08.10
they keep jacking me on the game

caeserg 2010.08.10
The girl is fairly attractive.

camelot1985 2010.08.08
Not a bad game, the girl is hot but you can`t see the photos well

grunt2 2010.08.08
Don`t really like the interface, as stated by others, can`t see the girl you are playing properly...

shamy 2010.08.08
don`t really understand the point between score and pics

Tfrank 2010.08.07
Photos and game progress are great, but the annoying thing is the box in the lower center of the screen that cannot be moved, so that some photos cannot be completely seen. This should be fixed.

Light 2010.08.07
not a bad game, i wish they would do one of these where it was more of a hand by hand basis like strip poker or something. but not bad at all.

Allan14st 2010.08.07
hot game and nice gameplay

sleindk 2010.08.07
fine game but a bit to easy and boring

shakeandbake278 2010.08.06
it was fun goodpictures easy not bad girl should get new one

CDPII 2010.08.06
Very time consuming, and I don`t think the payoff is worth the time put in.

matt1009 2010.08.06
not the greatest, needs a different model

player7 2010.08.06
Game is very easy to win, only the pics aren`t that great.

verlaine37 2010.08.05
the house wins far too much and too many times a good hand is just a draw

jameskgy 2010.08.05
Not hard but time consuming and worth it

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
nice game although it can be frusterating if you get a bad run of cards.

mycael006 2010.08.05
Gets old quick, but great pictures.

johnson12312 2010.08.05
very good game can be tough sometimes

AustinMan 2010.08.05
Really enjoyed the game, but it was a little too hard. Made it not as much fun as it could be.

rudah98 2010.08.05
very nice:) bit hard though

chrisb 2010.08.05
I like this game, with very beautiful photos and a exciting blackjack

dblake2692 2010.08.05
Very nice pics, not too hard to win as well

ALMM19 2010.08.05
Not a bad game, good layout.

bc_uga 2010.08.05
Always beautiful girls in these games

TIR 2010.08.05
Good, but I like more other graphic resolve

leuciuc 2010.08.04
When it comes to cards i`m a lucky man ... and omg what a lovely body .

kaiser1245 2010.08.04
There`s something about strip card games that is just BORING to me. especially blackjack. too random.

QTPi 2010.08.04
good game, not too hard for those who dont know their card games, yet it gives a challenge, love it and the pics

sicnarfj 2010.08.04
Great game, pretty great graphics as well

Doffer 2010.08.04
Nice game, loved the girld.

badr 2010.08.03
Wow, I like new games (: , keep doing this good job

s@nt!no 2010.08.03
A very buggy game, I`ve twice lost my money when we both got to 21. Plus I`ve counted at least 6 times when computer raised on 19 and got either an ace or 2.

blahead99 2010.08.03
Using "1" instead of "Ace" was irritating. There did not seem to be any connection between the amount won and how much she stripped. The girl was hot.

kanf 2010.08.02
A hard game, but nice all around.

argonidas 2010.08.02
very sexy pictures and positions

DAS1337 2010.08.02
I gave the game a 1 out of 100 immediately after I saw a 1 of clubs. There is no such card in a deck. There are no 1`s in a deck of cards. I don`t care if it`s an ace in disguise, that`s poor programming.

spirek 2010.08.02
The game is preety interesting although could be better in some cases.

Kernlawyer 2010.08.02
I don`t know if the games are getting better a logic game with video would be a lot better

thomascox23 2010.08.02
The gameplay`s not bad, the picture`s are HOT, and the moving camera is annoying.

Dreamwillow 2010.08.01
I`ve been a member of this site since virtually its` onset and for the last couple months, have seen it develop into an advertising front for more and more of what looks like pretty good games, but the new games we get offered to sample for free are getting really poor.

If the site wants us to continue to use it and also look at what`s advertised, therefore keeping both us and the advertises happy, then it really does need to get a better balance on quality between the free and paid for games.

hdp247 2010.08.01
game play was ok quality great but the moving camrea is a bit detracting

chrissi90 2010.08.01
Sexy model, good photos
Poker would be better than blackjack

Lucien 2010.08.01
This game is to easy, and no reward for getting to 100%, as suggestion maybe link progress to money bet, and for an ending let us scroll all the pics that where shown in the game.

Dexter_Morgan 2010.08.01
AWESOME GAME!!!! really loved it

alxxx0011 2010.07.31
entertaining game and i like the fact that when you lose she doen`t put her clothes back on

LoLB 2010.07.31
nice game, great graphics

dragoon1993 2010.07.31
=_= it`s not sexy at all...

jake874 2010.07.31
i like the fact that the babe remains undressed even though i lost the game and have to start again! Great work team!

az89 2010.07.30
need lots of work and luck to get the right card. nice game

Pnorg 2010.07.30
A fantastic game! Very good!

lliw 2010.07.30
Has the amount of the bet an importance?

neall07 2010.07.30
The pics fail they are always covered by a button

anepsaas 2010.07.30
nicee game!! those pics are really sexy..

badeeb 2010.07.30
Veronica is cute but the game should be closer to what blackjack is really like

chiefton 2010.07.29
There needs to be a pay off at the end of the game.

Caine1379 2010.07.29
typicall cheesy strip game

billiam854 2010.07.29
good game. way to long though

metradox 2010.07.29
would be a lot better if start new game starts from the begining instead of somewhere random

manzom 2010.07.29
good game, very glamour photos, but too easy: i won without money!

GregShore 2010.07.29
Not bad, but basically just a blackjack game with a naked girl and a requirement of winning enough hands to see inside her. Nothing seemed to happen when I got 100%... or 103%

cheekohh 2010.07.29
awesome blackjack game but i wish there was more to it than just stripping

acc249 2010.07.29
great game, awesome chick good for black jack players

starneo 2010.07.29
Nice graphic and beautiful girl^^. keep it up!!!

danilo 2010.07.29
nice very nice i love woman is easy but interesting

richriche999 2010.07.29
was ok, needs ALOT higher bet amounts compared to the final goal.

cheese101 2010.07.29
didnt enjoy it,not a great game,model isn`t great either

Thirdchildhood 2010.07.28
Pretty easy game, probably needs higher bet amounts.

Baamster 2010.07.28
I wonder why I should risk betting big money if you can only progress 3 or 4 % at a time even if you win a big bet. But still a nice time killer though :)

jamesjame 2010.07.28

fangsclaw 2010.07.28
this is amazing. such good graphics. not bad veronica

hemlerix 2010.07.28
great game. Easy to play. And the girl is beautiful

nalasttop 2010.07.28
some of the pics seem to be out of sequence and you can`t scroll far enough to see the whole pic.
does it make any difference how much money you win? i got progress to 103% and the pic hadn`t changed since 50%, odd.

hoshisaga 2010.07.28
naked girl and card game! NICE

dizzyspoon 2010.07.28
game is OK, great looking girl

rob 2010.07.27
Sexy model, good photos
Poker would be better than blackjack

Phantom69 2010.07.27
Cool game though could do with more sexy pics

tubs 2010.07.27
great game. could use more girls though

firefistace 2010.07.27
good game, could use some more pics

anto-menshikov 2010.07.27
Sexy games good graphics

highlands 2010.07.27
the game was fun just wish you could see more of the picture without having to move the mouse around

bsucik 2010.07.27
interesting game but pictures are not in the nice sexy order

mago99 2010.07.27
sexy and pretty good graphics

mtw2662 2010.07.27
annoying that you cant see whole pic as the girl is hot...but overall it was worth playing

spenracq2 2010.07.27
nice game nice pics but not in any order

Stretchball 2010.07.27
Good game, but holy crap! There are... so... many... bugs!

jerryonly83 2010.07.27
nice game though it`s not my favourite kind

jagick 2010.07.27
is good because it easy and there are a ot of pictures

xxbob 2010.07.26
Really hot girl. The game is so long though, and gets really repetitive. Not nearly enough hotness to keep your attention. Plus to move anywhere you have to bet big, and when you bet big you can also lose big

Turner9 2010.07.26
Good graphics, good model, nice flow to game, much better quality than others I`ve seen.

dreadwolf 2010.07.26
game play ok graphic ok animation ok could be better if the game controls and displays did not covered up the pics

Xyzzy 2010.07.26
The blackjack game part was okay. For those who want to bet more money, just click on the chips more than once. BUT -- girl was okay, hated the cursor, and the worst part was that the game controls and displays covered up the pics?!?!?! That`s pretty stupid.

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
This game seems filled with bugs... too hard to win.

davj5 2010.07.26
Its much better than the other blackjack games. Hot chick and excellent strip moves

chiefton 2010.07.26
Larger dollar amounts to choose from when placing bets would be nice.

meowmeow 2010.07.26
the game plays too slow and the cursor is really annoying. 3/10

roachy101 2010.07.26
game is quite good even if it takes a while to reach 100%. however the game could do with a view mode to see the whole picture on game screen

boinky 2010.07.26
an okay game. Standard Blackjack, but I don`t like the game interface. hard to look at whole the picture

Luzi 2010.07.26
nice game, but a bit too easy..

zann91 2010.07.26
Good game, once you get into it, it goes very fast and with maximum pleasure

CrazedJedi 2010.07.26
Wish there was a button to make everything but the picuture disappear.

pitons 2010.07.26
Wow, I like new games (: , keep doing this good job

randy06 2010.07.26
easy game just bet 25 all the time but swmall pics so u can see all of her and more please as well

paranoid 2010.07.26
good game but it seems she doesn`t loos very often...

Ricoh124 2010.07.26
Good game, small betting not worth bothering with.

Thrysoe 2010.07.26
Nice game. love the graphic
Game just to long

kelson 2010.07.26
great looking girl, having small chips useless

SuperRichie 2010.07.26
good game, no need to discuss about graphics :)
concerning gameplay: a 1000$ button would have been great

simon1990 2010.07.26
Wow, I like new games (: , keep doing this good job

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