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Black Jack with Janice


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arnorich11 2017.08.10
Funny game, a bit hard but funny.

Laelith 2017.07.28
Very bad animation, photos are common

lolasaurusrex 2017.07.20
bad animation-- really a shame since this game had some potential

Eomas 2017.05.21
the only way to make this game anywhere near winnable would be to make you win all ties or to make you win if the house busts higher than you do/make it a tie if you and the house both bust. in short, this game is too difficult to warrant playing

godley 2017.05.04
blackjack and nude women i love it

185771 2017.04.17
terrible graphics but the game was awesome

hentaijapanese 2017.04.11
Erm, why I dun see any girls? And I keep losing....

Capiche 2017.03.25
Nice game , girls were really nicle looking.

ZarMolinsky 2017.02.19
With nice graphics and a little help will be a fantastic game

NawtyDawg 2016.12.25
Difficulty level needs to relaxed little BIT. ITS KINDA TOO HARD at the begining andf with no girl to start it won`t do good


Dresden 2016.12.04
the game was ok - challenging but not as much fun as a few of the other card games available here

Strawswef 2016.11.20
bad game, sorry but the animation are bad

hfighfidndhdid 2016.07.13
good game but dealer is a lot harder than actual dealers

HiImTable 2016.05.02
Love blackjack, A sexy girl helps a lot too :)

latinagr 2016.01.30
If the screen will be bigger and thw resolution better will be a grate game

Pommy963 2015.12.22
Fun game, hard to play at first.

PepeLaPew0527 2015.12.17
really loved the game i would definatley play again

curciulo 2015.10.01
not so bad game,beatiful girl

Toddas 2015.06.27
the blackjack wasn`t too arduous, I liked this one

ddbdl123 2015.05.08
i love the black woman, its always makes me get horn, such an nice games

.L1L$QU4RE:: 2015.03.24

atlas991234 2015.02.26
I agree, it`s too difficult. There should be at least a learning curve to allow getting somewhere.

gwazz 2015.01.25
quite good fun but girl isa much better player than me

playforcej 2015.01.21
Very difficult. I didn`t make it far. I kept busting. didn`t realize I had to unlock the bonuses in the right order.

xai 2015.01.09
Decent. Animations were great but the game very bland.

Voidkom 2014.12.20
Basic blackjack, decent visuals. Could by improved by allowing split & double-down.

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.11
lowest score I have ever given a game because the win loss ratio of hands is so unreal I have played in actual casinos and this is nothing like that

Kixx 2014.11.04
good game.didn`t see animation till the end.am i missing something

booomer21 2014.08.26
not sure how to advance . how do you move up

jawiejetzt 2014.07.17
nice game,the "GIRL" is the better Black Jack player...the pics are rather small

jstowell1 2014.04.22
Very hard to win:) Needs a reaaly waiting:)

CrySeeker 2014.04.02
The game has GREAT animations, worth to watch!

marc110 2014.03.26
This would be better if it was poker

mark24cm 2014.03.20
one of my favourite game !!

Mr_Untouchable 2014.03.14
It`s a fun game and it`s fast so you don`t have to wait long

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.12
I find these type of games frustating!

patrickwlt 2014.01.15
The model was alright but the grainy video filter was annoying really. The game works but isn`t particularly fun, but it is fast which I`m sure people would appreciate!

minecraft 2014.01.10
the animation is ok but other than that its a good game

rockitgood 2013.12.27
like this game its not to easy

bp8 2013.11.18
game play is a bit slow bht the graphics are ok

Badvoc 2013.11.03
okay i guess, not great though

noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

nmraber 2013.09.19
boring game but great animation!!!

sklavincari 2013.08.25
the game didn`t really work for me...

viduka36 2013.08.23
Difficult, the AI seems unbiased sometimes

frank12 2013.08.11
WOuld be great if it was longer

link4443 2013.07.30
cool another sexy poker game

aleg 2013.07.29
so so game, not my favorite graphics

rdg6969 2013.07.28
no disrespect but the graphics on this game suck bad

Magic Knight 2013.07.25
wonderful game....i love this game

Dbollox 2013.07.16
Not bad,I suppose.Vids coul be highr quality

DylanFTW 2013.07.13
I wanted shex not black cats.

RyanT333 2013.06.26
This game sucks, terrible graphics, horrible game-play, not even worth playing if you ask me...

gdirnaw 2013.06.22
fun game, i like the vids

kapilguj 2013.06.10
a time consuming game graphics not that good

gwazz 2013.04.13
graphics exellent unfortunately im a rubbish card player

pippo73 2013.04.06
wonderful game....i love black jack

Elerias 2013.02.17
Janice is even hotter than Nicole...me likey

crzyca151 2013.02.10
the game is not bad but why did the game started off in poker u should of just get to kno her first but love the graphics

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Nice video scenes
better than pics only
Real girls are hotter though

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


Horgretor 2012.11.07
Nice gameplay, nice music, very nice unlocking rewards system.

varadibalazs 2012.10.12
Nice game, it`s a shame I`m not a good black jack player...

oranjeboven 2012.09.26
Nice video scenes
better than pics only

theonly1234 2012.09.15
not wat i thought game could be a lot better

biochm98 2012.09.11
ok...too bad not a real model

saxomanu 2012.09.07
Nice little game but its get boring after a while. but goog graphics

HHangman 2012.08.17
nice game with nice graphics

stevie 2012.08.16
Nice little game but its get boring after a while.

zeroxman2 2012.08.11
the dealer is just bleh X_X you only win if you get 19 or higher and even then i got him tied with me twice when i got 21

zabriel 2012.08.08
Just your basic blackjack game. It`s fun if you`re into blackjack, but I`m pretty sure the RNG hates me.

Wardog013 2012.07.15
graphic was good buy needs more video awards

hopehopefull 2012.07.04
graphics are good but i did not like the game

cav_leoes 2012.07.03
the videos are great... but not a good "blackjack game"

Bruza 2012.06.18
not a great version of blackjack, model is hot, videos cool

paulie 2012.05.23
freat game enjoyed it good graphics hot girl

bahamut86 2012.05.21
bad game, good grafic but boring

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.18
a cool game but not very very hot

dj.jack 2012.04.15
love these types of games hope they make more

uber50 2012.03.18
original idea but didnt like it

sexitanal 2012.03.16
easy but complicated game n it is sexy

sexitanal 2012.03.16
improvement is needed 2 make it more attractive

sexitanal 2012.03.16
good game and pretty sexy girl

stevemaan2 2012.03.09
good game with a hot girl =-)

Givain 2012.03.08
Nice tits and I love blackjack XD

phoenixblood 2012.03.01
game could be easier to win but decent graphics

Spinnaker 2012.02.07
game is really simple but the chick is great....

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game but its get boring after a while.

brit_man33 2012.02.01
Boring game. Trying to figure out what happened to Janice.

tater1213 2012.01.31
this game was challenging but fair

wolfman 2012.01.22
good animation,but a wee bit boring

zubot 2012.01.07
Graphics are too small, the music is too loud, no splitting or doubling down... low marks overall.

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
a cool game but not very very hot

Gnomon 2011.12.29
"Dial" No splitting, no double down. Learn the rules of Blackjack before you try to make a game of it.

John G 2011.12.28
Only a mediochre game and "dial" should be "deal".

im000123 2011.12.23
are you sure there`s a way to win?!? maybe I only lost all my lucky... I can only stay betwween 200 and 420 $... Nothing at all!

cosmic 2011.12.14
the game is way too simple

loveDP 2011.12.14
Not good game, it`s almost impossible to win

sewerman 2011.12.14
not the best videos too short and girl far too disproportioned

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

wateshito 2011.11.25
this one was bad, don`t liked.. not to good quality

kapers 2011.11.22
It seems quite hard to win

Daz_Joker 2011.11.21
boring game only short videos and no real action, im not playing this again for sure

spammehere 2011.11.20
How can I turn the music off?
I dont like it

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

bigsmoke74 2011.11.12
great game if you love playing 21, good graphics

hmalapak 2011.11.07
Good game with good graphics

brightboi 2011.11.03
House wins too much, don`t feel like this game is much about chance anymore.

rellu 2011.11.02
i love the game but dont be good at it all that sucks

garfield11 2011.10.31
original idea but didnt like it

jibberish 2011.10.28
The machine is cheating I think.

Lednacek 2011.10.22
didnt really like it bj is too random to be played long term

seeker55091 2011.10.21
Nice game, but the graphics could be better.

kon_ 2011.10.16
the game is hard but the girl is hot so thats good ;D btw love it

dmadvlee 2011.10.12
i have bought things but i get no vid?

lolkidz 2011.10.11
really good graphics and animation! i really liked playing this game. i played it multiple times

lolkidz 2011.10.11
hate this game but the girl is so hot

Francy25cm 2011.10.04
very beatiful and intersting game

mostlynormal 2011.09.29
good idea but too hard for me

MarcelE 2011.09.21
nice game and verry nice vid...not too easy...like it :)

juicey 2011.09.07
the lack a double down or split feature is pretty weak

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.05
The game is fucking rigged,unless you get twenty or twenty one you ain`t gonna win.

deaconblues3 2011.09.02
This one isn`t really worth it.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Simple and easy game with hot chick.

FreezeGopher 2011.08.21
I never win at these games i swear

karth222 2011.08.20
The house always wins. Its a pretty interesting game. Eventhough my luck proves bad.

JumpingJack 2011.08.18
I swear im the unluckyest person at these games.

Maniac018 2011.08.17
Love black jack ..lets play :)

elo77 2011.08.16
quite boring
i prefer game with real girls

lightshadow500 2011.08.16
nice game. was a bit hard

Darusdia 2011.08.15
very fun and illustrious game

rstringer11 2011.08.11
hot chick and blackjack my life is complete

lagunner 2011.08.02
If you wanna play black jack, might as well be with janice!

spokxx 2011.08.02
i find nothing special in this game
low graphics

Lesleytje 2011.07.28
It`s an average game: gameplay is a bit boring and the graphics are ok.

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

nzfly 2011.07.09
great game, i love this kind of blackjack

jackolake 2011.07.08
i enjoyed this game but the screen was a bit too small

tylarne 2011.06.26
Fun, but you misspelled "dealer" as "dialer". Seriously?

snow01 2011.06.22
i didn`t see any graphics

prowlin2007 2011.06.21
screen was to small but was a way to ill some time lol.

chip chipperson 2011.06.19
nice time waster. great graphics, nice video

torbkkahne 2011.06.18
couldn`t get the last video to play. hot girl

J10E5S19U21S19 2011.06.06
Great graphics but hard to beat

stranger1 2011.06.04
Good animation and graphics but boring in the long run

C.C. 2011.05.30
The girl makes it worth the time to play some blackjack.

cantu57 2011.05.28
Nice graphics, other than that just a standard, slightly boring blackjack game

toogrumpy 2011.05.22
This one just seemed too hard to win at.

jedifortis 2011.05.11
this girl is hot! talking about distractions...

jerry74 2011.05.11
good game it gave me a good run

Skarn62 2011.05.10
Boring, boring, boring, & boring.
What else?

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

perceussoz 2011.05.08
this game is too difficult and the controls are confusing...

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

schbob 2011.04.27
Seems to me that you must have more luck because else is boring

stanky 2011.04.25
Too hard. Only unlocked a few vids.

FrankC 2011.04.24
Excellent graphics, lame game play tho..

brnas22 2011.04.23
the scenes are really good.

muffinlover666 2011.04.21
This game has interesting animation, but the card play is very limited and makes the game not fun. In black jack you should have split and double down bets. Also the "spin" bet" and "dial" buttons are very confusing for a new player.

theviper1976 2011.04.21
Graphics are good but the overall game is long and boring.

lightburner 2011.04.19
Playing times are to long, not a real good one

malir 2011.04.13
Graphics are quite nice, but the card part of game is boring and a bit too hard.

karlthenoob 2011.04.13
do like poker games do find they get a bit boring after a bit

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
I love this game, great graphics and huge boobs

bj69 2011.04.09
good game wish more likd regular game with double downing and spliting the pot

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Nice blackjack game, but it favors the computer like none else I have played in here.
Makes it tricky to buy all the videos and put it an end, gladly each of them are a hundred a piece, no need to gather too much to see them all.
It looks like the last vertical row on the right, is offering twice the same videos (Sexy View/Tits View).
It was mentioned in another comment in here that losing and buying back the first common video would unlock back the rest of what you had from the past games, that never worked for me. I had to play it straight each time.

chet-17 2011.02.23
nice game like the graphics

MFSpidey 2011.02.18
Odds on this are horribly unfavorable. Otherwise fun.

silver12 2011.02.14
gambling games are slow and kind of pointless

Nick2 2011.02.12
Very good game with hot girl. I like this one.

ratonius 2011.02.08
Nice game ,be great if you could play all videos at once in series.

red_barun 2011.02.07
blackjack whit very nice girl - wow

Thomas75 2011.02.06
Yes this game rocks one of my favorite blackjack games. But i have a tndancy to always loose lol

bbychick15 2011.02.05
I need help....i unlocked the first video buht i juss cant unlocked the other ones nd i be losing my money....ugh!!! anyboody please help me

bob31415926535 2011.02.05
one of my all time favorite blackjack games, it rocks!!!!!!!!!!

randy06 2011.01.28
yes nice game just bit slow and nice girl as well

JeiWan 2011.01.22
The graphics are alright and the game itself wasn`t too bad. Bump up the graphics a bit more and it`ll be even better!

sd45 2011.01.17
games graphics arent good needs cleaning up

joepie 2011.01.13
nice card game love the graphics

snozzo 2011.01.12
kind of plastic looking graphis as well as grainy. gameplay is very basic, it is good they had video just quality isn`t that good/

tonymidsuk 2011.01.03
impressive graphics. pretty standard BJ game. will play again

southrim 2011.01.01
Despite the favor given to the computer, there is an easy way to win this. Every video except Common Plan is $100, and any videos you buy reappear if you lose, then buy Common Plan again and play it. Then you have $200 left and can get another video, lose, and repeat the buying and playing of Common Plan to get them all back as needed.

captain savaho 2010.12.29
This game sucks, black jack should not be that hard!!! even the odds at least. not worth it.

plp3333 2010.12.27
nice game, great graphics but bad control

JeanMarc 2010.12.26
The videos are nice but you should have the ability to raise your bet !

big002fr 2010.12.26
Nice game great graphics. Might be a bug but last video Sexy view is the same as tit moving

trueguy1964 2010.12.23
nice game and great graphics

igigig 2010.12.19
nice game, love the animations in the unlockable videos

ania_F 2010.12.11
nice animations, I like card games

Allie1404 2010.12.08
Love card games,one of the best

GrumbieTheFirst 2010.12.01
i dont really enjoy cards.. so i didnt think much.. but its good for those that do

freakinflash 2010.11.30
nice game... hot girl in game...nice animations

teijgertje 2010.11.29
nice blackjack game, a little tough, but nice animations as a reward

selim321 2010.11.28
game is hard but overall it was fun

lower5 2010.11.24
nice pocker game the girl is hot

hemi86 2010.11.21
love black jack strip games wish it where real lol

cronner 2010.11.16
Nice game like the graphics

chumak 2010.11.15
Hot girl. Good game of Blackjack as well

Papasmuff692 2010.11.10
Videos were great, although alittle underwhelming

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Not liking the capped bet with fixed prices to unlock the buttons. Also, doesn`t really explain which buttons need to be bought first to unlock later ones.

saman70 2010.11.03
Card games, I wish you could improve anoter strip poker game

aschaosfalls 2010.10.31
nice game and great graphics

Soulafein 2010.10.30
Good graphics and animation but could use more blackjack options.

Eaglesfanatic 2010.10.26
Game is very challenging. Liked it a lot!

Rybody 2010.10.25
i prefer other games over gambling games actually

edawgsburg 2010.10.18
Good game,nice graphics would love more card options...like double bet,split.etc. but all around easy to play and enjoyable.

tom801 2010.10.18
The videos are nice but you should have the ability to raise your bet !

elgrancesar 2010.10.16
sometime playing will take you too long to unluck the other images

BacariBurberry 2010.10.15
great graphics!
the girl is realy hot

TakeruHayatomi 2010.10.11
Its and interesting game I`m not that great at it though

orgout 2010.10.10
easy fun, good little time killer

Hottie_StaceyXxX 2010.09.24
i like the girl she is so hot :P

charlesc28 2010.09.22
good game not very good at blackjack though

iaiag 2010.09.20
Grafics are really coming along. The girl is hot! couldnt get the last video to play

tophe35 2010.09.16

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

bigd69 2010.09.15
i cant start the last video

metalgreymon434 2010.09.14
this is a great game hot girl

obigox 2010.09.12
Never got to see Sexy View, same as Tits Moving. For me at least.

nicneo 2010.09.11
this game is totally cool

ooo 2010.09.06
this game was pretty entertaining

adam5 2010.09.06
wow what a beautiful lady i like her

obscure 2010.08.31
i didnt know how to play

Andros 2010.08.29
Nice game but could use some major upgrades

Lynol 2010.08.28
Decent. Managed to view all scenes :)

asdsadsad 2010.08.27
ok game i prefer the other blackjack games i think they are much better

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Nice model but difficult to play for someone who don/t know poker

none 2010.08.18
Excellent animations in this, I really enjoyed it.

irishlad1982 2010.08.16
a tad frustrating at times :)

madgreek30000 2010.08.14
Not the greastest game on the site, but still was fun to play

InsidiousWeasel 2010.08.14
Terrible soundtrack. Poor gameplay. If they can`t spell `deal` then I doubt they can count to 21 either. One for the File 13

Kdren 2010.08.11
I really dislike strip game that make the AI cheats.
I may be REALLY unlucky but its funny how every time I get a 19-20 she get the number above me.

kent1990 2010.08.06
now she is really hot..great game

chester 2010.08.04
not a bad game , good graphed , find it boring

kaczore 2010.07.25
not the best game, but it`s ok

yyo 2010.07.24
this game is fucking awesome

gilderda 2010.07.24
At least they could get the spelling of Deal right!!!

KirbyJo 2010.07.23
Pretty girl! I really like 3d movie games!

Viper426 2010.07.23
Not a bad game, but the music started driving me insane. Needs more than a 10-second loop.

amano 2010.07.22
i dream of this girl all the time

lenman 2010.07.19
Nice game. Unlocked all the videos. Great graphics. Wonder if we are supposed to keep playing the game after unlocking all the videos on display in order to unlock new ones. Wish there was a more explicit scene with Janice. She is to die for.

adis89 2010.07.18
great game i am impressed

tarrmcadam 2010.07.18
the amount of 21`s the dealer gets is a bit ridiculous

Sabrefan 2010.07.16
This game is okay if you just want to waste some time.

tht1guy 2010.07.12
not a big fan of luck-based games, but not too bad

dubidu 2010.07.11
hmm that`s not a good one, in my oppinion =/

matrex 2010.07.08
god game and nice graphic

Bionic12 2010.07.07
Grafics are really coming along. The girl is hot! couldnt get the last video to play

jola08600 2010.07.06
Just as easy as Poker with Nicole. Scenes are good, too, but also lines are disturbing...

craig_ka 2010.07.05
fun game, but seems nearly impossible to accumulate enough money to unlock many of the videos

VirgoDragon 2010.07.04
Real life odds are a lot better. I say it`s rigged, but fun nevertheless.

Todd 2010.07.04
This is a fun game to play, nice graphics.

megamansm 2010.07.04
i love black jack but i keep losing great game

kray23 2010.07.03
good game love black jack

jamiewinston 2010.07.02
not that hot and way too easy, didnt see any vids

jenso 2010.06.30
the grafic of the videos is great the girl is hot

pornhound 2010.06.29
Blackjack is awesome, boobies are awesome, this game is AWESOME!

eezypink 2010.06.29
was ayight have played better on this site and others

lucic17 2010.06.28
Gorgeous tits, some of the videos are a waste tho, too short with little action

crymetyme 2010.06.28
Hate this game. Odds are stacked toward the "DIALER" (and what`s up with that spelling, anyway). Played this game four or five times, can`t win. I thought the idea was to see pics, not lose at blackjack. And yes, I know how to play the game

Inuyasha2005 2010.06.22
The tendency for the computer to be able to tie or get a better number than you is HIGHLY annoying, but it still is an overall enjoyable game

bobdude42 2010.06.21
The graphics are amazing! Outstanding facial expression. I`d like to see more games likes this. Maybe with more sexual situations. It really is more a tease than anything else.

I still enjoy it very much though.

TheOriginalSyn 2010.06.21
ok videos, good graphics, get`s really boring really quick.

OnePlayerForce 2010.06.18
Nice game but can be frustrating.

Juniorchef 2010.06.17
the game is okay, but no new experience. only blackjack

Maggot4life 2010.06.17
Fair graphics, poor gameplay extremely tedious

wallstreet212 2010.06.14
Graphics are really nice, but the game is just like every other blackjack. Needs some kind of new twist.

ECRIDER 2010.06.13
Is there much difference between last two vids? Would be nice to take it further

dohnjohn 2010.06.10
it was ok, deffinatly played better strip card games

rob63 2010.06.06
A bit on the boring side but the girl is hot.

palle4ever 2010.06.02
nica graphics but kind of boring game when you sit with it more than 15 min.

emetiel 2010.06.01
in my eyes nice graphics but a boring game

mania1234 2010.06.01
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

obijoe 2010.05.30
great graphics, but the game is rather tedious - should include more advanced blackjack rule such as double down, splits etc.

shakeandbake278 2010.05.25
graphics were good and quite entertaining as well

Cherrylover 2010.05.24
Couldn`t agree more to say it`s taking to long

inferno243 2010.05.21
pales in coparison to other games on here. Must be an earlier attempt?

grimboy777 2010.05.20
really sexy girl...also blackjack is amazing

wahooman48 2010.05.18
basic poker game...oh wait

farawaycold 2010.05.17
Really, really pretty girl! Hate Blackjack though... is it only me, or everyone have such bad luck?

nunolopes123 2010.05.15
impressive.. the girl was just perfect!

ddmxxx 2010.05.15
very good game. Graphics are pretty good.

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

davsig 2010.05.12
I cant stand the odds of this game, since it takes too long to accomplish anything.

Silver_Wolf5636 2010.05.12
very good blackjack game compared to others that lack any real quality; should have had extra features i.e. split and double down. nice to actually see a game with video and not just images. 3D model was really well done as well.

vllad 2010.05.09
not really big into this game myself but its good for people who like video poker

sHorTTHunder 2010.05.09
very good game i like black jack so it was pretty easy.

FlyingDoctor 2010.05.09
the videos are hot, but I just don`t have the patience of playing 15 min of blackjack for the next video...

saraholic 2010.05.09
I wish we would`ve been able to see more.

wpowder 2010.05.08
Graphics are pretty good. The gal is hot!!!

farmfoogle 2010.05.08
so so game, not my favorite graphics

snowman01 2010.05.07
i love this game its very well done and the little movies that u can buy r cool to.i hope more games like this come out soon.....

rovanerns 2010.05.06
Janice is very sexy and naughty.

OWND 2010.05.06
this is a great game.... an the graphics are cool, id like to see more like this

seraph39 2010.05.04
nice videos, though it would be nice to see more.

xxxboyxxx 2010.05.04
I didn`t get how to unlock the items. could someone help me?

xxxboyxxx 2010.05.04
really good graphics and animation! i really liked playing this game. i played it multiple times

ghost818 2010.05.04
Generally enjoyed - too tough to win hands though

cooljay82 2010.05.04
wasnt that good got bored

secbase4 2010.05.03
fun game and awesome animations

Kalaam 2010.05.03
thanks damn good game more of the same

Xanitos 2010.05.02
I`ve played better, and easier games.

freestyle2010 2010.05.02
the game was intense on some levels. needs a little more work. over all a good success!

nbcman 2010.05.02
Blackjack game - ho hum. Too random of a result to progress further in a situation.

miki25g 2010.05.02
sexy and beautiful girl in anice game

HereI 2010.05.02
with all the busts it`s hard to get far

bluesfan1 2010.05.01
Didn`t enjoy this game at all. Too much hitting and busting to get where you need. Also need to add a double down button at least for realism

JR 2010.05.01
this game really get`s it going - you cannot stop

jin 2010.05.01
this is sow a good game i like it

travor 2010.04.30
She is so damned lucky, but the game is okay!

spenracq2 2010.04.30
great game managed to get all vids

benjuelos 2010.04.29
This game is too hard. How can she be so lucky?

mulligan 2010.04.28
AI seems to favour the dealer - she managed to get a 20 almost every time I stayed on 19 - ho hum

Achielles 2010.04.28
Found this game quite hard to begin with, eventually got the hang of it and it was well worth it :D

mnd100 2010.04.27
hard to beat the dealer wiv bad hands

giantamerica 2010.04.27
lots of fun! but makes me realize how bad I am at blackjack! haha!

wlwlvr 2010.04.27
Love strip poker/blackjack games.

allmon 2010.04.25
great animations here. takes forever to unlock all vids though...bad luck i guess

kenni4two 2010.04.24
great animation but smaller window needs to be bigger

tsartes 2010.04.24
hot girl! kinda easy game though

ilas 2010.04.23
Great graphics, great girl

progassman 2010.04.22
its a good game but its all about luck

styx2272 2010.04.20
pretty average. Not as random as a slots game, but not enough skill like a poker game.

Jazz Man 2010.04.20
Could not get good hands in any sequence. Could not up the bet.

ajbuggsuk 2010.04.19
Is ok, but not a favourite

Kazarian 2010.04.19
kinda hard to play coz u rarely get decent hands... nice eyecandy tho :)

bobby54 2010.04.18
Good animation, but I would like a little more advanced blackjack

shauna5232 2010.04.17
this game was ok.not the best

argonidas 2010.04.16
nice black jack game with difficulties

gp78 2010.04.16
a bit hard and boring, girl was ok tho

rajath4 2010.04.15
Easy gameplay if you know what your doing. The models gorgeous! Good Game overall.

111223 2010.04.14
great game and excellent content.

Mad Myk 2010.04.13
Fun game and sexy girl. Good graphics!

phoenix77333 2010.04.12
fun game but alittle hard

jayhawk1987 2010.04.10
Fun game and sexy girl. A little hard, though.

Jambo 2010.04.10
Fun game. nice quality graphics and pics. Almost seems to cheat! :-)

LOVEUDEAR 2010.04.08
Strip poker I had played I liked those games more than this one...

sethsergio 2010.04.07
Good graphics bad gameplay

Coolioprince 2010.04.06
I love black jack. Good game

testingtesting 2010.04.06
i suck at blk jack couldnt buy anything :(

sweetchig 2010.04.06
Graphics are great but blackjack was kinda hard...

lolada 2010.04.06
great game
thanks for this great site

pyratemime 2010.04.06
Only problem with the game is now I don`t want to go to work!

woggman 2010.04.05
hot girl, simple game.....forgot I was playing 21 for a minute looking at her....

bob49 2010.04.05
This game is very good and addicting

holyness 2010.04.04
Kinda boring, I have played better blackjack games.

lunkan741 2010.04.04
this was not so good game why can you split cards

pankomm1 2010.04.03
really boring game, but nice girl

pejathegreat 2010.04.02
Alright for a blackjack game

NotVenom 2010.04.02
The game is hard to play. You hit and stay and she beats you. You keep hitting and bust. No win situation.

cliff67 2010.04.02
i was a good game played better

spectare 2010.04.02
very nice vids, and good animation.
You will need around 1000 usd to buy all vids.
It`s better to have alway 200 usd to bet, to preserve from game over.

buneylan 2010.04.01
Very hard to win:) Needs a reaaly waiting:)

joseluis74125 2010.03.31
this game is by far the best game i ever played

jacklti 2010.03.31
Sure is a hot game. Maybe ill win next time.

eralph67 2010.03.29
good game but hard to concentrate on the comparisone of the han ds.

gillian 2010.03.29
i like the grafics...
the girl is hot....

josm68 2010.03.29
very nice game and a very sexy girl.

ladysexy696 2010.03.29
nice grafics, next time let the player participate with the girl

hollowman 2010.03.29
game looks really nice. not a fan of blackjack though. takes too long to make money :) poker would be better imo

guitarnerd111 2010.03.28
I love how it has video instead of just still pictures

Law 2010.03.26
Intresting game with so erotic content

spoor61 2010.03.25
nice game good graphics but a little easy

sterraven 2010.03.24
nice grafics, next time let the player participate with the girl

biroxan 2010.03.23
very good looking girl, but gameplay is slow, and 50 is a low bet in my opinion

render 2010.03.22
nice girl, but boring gameplay

seducer 2010.03.22
this game isn t easy but the graphics are boring

kingme1 2010.03.21
very addictive game and ariane is so cute

SkillzZ20 2010.03.21
nice graphics video`s nice bonus

ztact12 2010.03.20
Good game but the graphics could be better.

Guive 2010.03.20
it was a good game but i think we could do more but its a good gam

hvdrake 2010.03.19
nic graphics but its very dificult i can t see her naked

nick123 2010.03.19
Really funny game, good graphics and based on a great idea

LoLB 2010.03.19
a good addition, nice graphics

Foxstag 2010.03.19
Excellent strip game. Nice animation and very hot girl. I recommend it definitively.

mpaialunga 2010.03.17
thisgame is too difficult

essemje 2010.03.17
video could have been higher quality, couldn`t get last video either. Be cool if you could play all videos at once in series

punu 2010.03.17
the best and the harder strip jack i`ve ever played.
the animations are really good

twardy88 2010.03.17
The game is good idea, nice girl, great graphics

Dude7500 2010.03.15
Nice graphics. Lovely girl

aervin 2010.03.12
Nice Game, I wish there are more game of her soon

cold 2010.03.12
didnt really get that far to be honest, was a little borng

ygpanic 2010.03.12
the girl is hot couldve made the videos blend together

The_Bard 2010.03.09
great motivation for win!

biggles5 2010.03.09
Nice graphics hot girl, takes a while to get enough cash, but ok.

mgunter 2010.03.08
If you are not good at blackjack, pass this one up.

6768 2010.03.08
very very sexy,
and SO HOT girl

jaxturner 2010.03.07
i enjoyed the video parts, makes the game stand out from others where you only get pictures

lunaticbob 2010.03.05
Worthless and impossible. Why even bother, there are much easier ways to see much better tits.

Talha1000 2010.03.05
Nice game i like the graphics

snoopy666 2010.03.02
good game, nice animation but needs too much luck

fredodido 2010.03.02
Very difficult game, but Janice is gorgeous

scotman87 2010.03.02
its not that good i dont like game

bravox34 2010.03.02
girl is georgeus. graphics and scenario is good. ? like this game.

ajfklajkf 2010.02.27
Game was alright, good graphics, but I wish the clips were longer.

Gonebiking18 2010.02.27
very difficult to win, even when you draw you still lose, unlike real Blackjack, and when you stick on 20 she usually gets 20 or 21.

hagg 2010.02.27
the graphic is nice
I like blackjack

jules1903 2010.02.27
Good Game, the Girl looks fantastic, really sexy.

mibokat 2010.02.26
Very nice game. The girl is gorgeus.

pyrax72 2010.02.26
nice game but way too easy....all you have to do when you loose is play again and buy the first video....all the previous ones will unlovk when you watch the first one so you have 200 left to buy a new one and play some more, just keep repeating untill you see all vid`s.......
please note the last 2 vids are the exact same......big rip off

minterlint 2010.02.24
Excellent 3d modeling, fairly smooth rendering. I found the best way to get to the end is to wait until I accumulate $300 before buying the next video.

tggr2001 2010.02.24
i think this game is too hard to play. the dealer always seems to one up me. i think it should be easier.

docrx1991 2010.02.24
Really nice body, but films too short. Need more action, like fingering herself

Evil Dave 2010.02.23
Girl is HOT, great animating. Unfortunately I got to bored playing more than half an hour to get to the end. Decent, but not great overall.

xx76 2010.02.23
a bit of a chliche but still really nice

xx76 2010.02.23
great game!!!! but very hard to play!

stanny03 2010.02.23
wish it wasnt so hard becuase she is fine

davj5 2010.02.23
It was very lame, like it is meant for you to lose and not win. Dealer was getting impossible hands to win.

markenmac 2010.02.22
I didn`t like it - thought it was lame.

richw 2010.02.21
nice game, a little bit difficult to win though, and some of the spelling is wrong, but all in all a nice little game.....

demonicwerewolf 2010.02.21
a fun game i like that its video parts and not just a boring picture and nice graphic

IdTapThat 2010.02.20
Graphic quality is lacking, poorly done and I agree with the previous comments if you are going to create and publish a game make sure 1. the spelling is correct and 2. there is a chance of actually winning.

test01 2010.02.20
nice animation. Just a bit random

walter39787 2010.02.20
great game i love playing cards

MR Love 2010.02.20
This game is absolutely awesome guys

Doffer 2010.02.20
Real nice games. Great done!

eyb 2010.02.19
man, this is real difficult. should be allowed to split, etc.

gwood114 2010.02.19
I love strip games. Could have done with a better looking girl though.

limehawk 2010.02.19
It appears to be a pretty good game. I had trouble lowering my bet and busted very fast

capro 2010.02.19
bof this is not a very good game

Frozen89 2010.02.18
I love naughty pictures :) got anymore ?

mcgophish 2010.02.18
I don`t see the girl at all... tough game, though.

storm 2010.02.18
nice game .... more of this game nice

dip it in 2010.02.17
another rubbish game, but i dont like cards.

trastarin 2010.02.17
It´s a goog game but dificul

tmcgov 2010.02.17
Very tough game. Seems to get harder if you raise your bet.

pixxel 2010.02.17
I like Black Jack, grafic is very nice. More from here plz

EasyLover81 2010.02.17
really good game,blackjack with janice is awesome

dimidrol 2010.02.17
this game cool, i love this game

LariatQ 2010.02.16
Never, in 55 years of black jack, have I seen such blatantly fixed hands. Makes the game tedious, and boring.

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.16
the girl is hot, but i only could manage the first three vids, because the game totally sucks.

chwie 2010.02.15
good concept, but is really hard to win. :(

Naughty_Aussie 2010.02.15
game play could be better if double down and split was available

wculverton 2010.02.15
The pictures are pretty good. And the blackjack is realistic. I would like to be able to double down or split.

knight470 2010.02.15
This game sucked really bad

bob33 2010.02.15
relies completely on luck

drok 2010.02.15
too much left to chance boring

ngem3 2010.02.15
there is too much left to chance in this game - I prefer games with more action. The video clips are awsom though.

jlk99338 2010.02.15
black jack games are rather boring they take to long and the images arent really worth the time it takes to get them. in all this game can easily be skipped

Chobitz 2010.02.14
a little boring but not bad.

Stevie B 2010.02.14
its ok but could be better

lobo2453 2010.02.13
I love interactive strip games like this one. I also love women`s breasts

Berem 2010.02.13
It is very difficult to earn money

Raiha24 2010.02.13
whew... this is a hard game.... hard to win a round...

slippy 2010.02.13
I like women who are sexy and smart

damien1234 2010.02.13
after about 20 hands nothing has happened. i dont know how much money it takes to unlock a picture but i am not going to find out.

barney200212 2010.02.12
wasnt too bad but not best ive played

jcplains 2010.02.12
a little boring but not bad.

twinkiessuck 2010.02.12
I didn`t care for it just becasue I am so bad at blackjack

Brittney931 2010.02.10
Nice game but a little borig

pich777 2010.02.10
it feels really one sided, but it`s still a great game cause of this hot girl!!! Great graphics

Mortiis 2010.02.10
Nice graphic i love the animation but getting bored fast

spenracq2 2010.02.10
bot slow for me but 1st vid great

esehorny 2010.02.09
eh its alright not the best game

harm 2010.02.09
no joy playing the game , I found it not very good and could not get into it.

kchrisomallis 2010.02.09
well, even it`s dificult to win i really enjoyed it!

heff2010 2010.02.09
Was alright but really not my kind of game

TheKnightFlyer11 2010.02.09
Too hard the game , somehow she wins way too many times

XxMiKeYxX 2010.02.09
its blackjack...takes a while

katfishkris 2010.02.08
finally saw her!! nice tits. i am still bad at blackjack.

katfishkris 2010.02.08
fun, but i am not good at black jack. didnt even see the girl.

tuzigoot13 2010.02.08
too difficult to win. can be frustrating

kldxxx 2010.02.08
its not good game i didnt know how to play it bad luck

nordic75 2010.02.07
i love but u need to bee patient

falcon 2010.02.07
Not the real black jack rules, but nice game anyway

GameTime 2010.02.07
Easy gameplay if you know what your doing. The models gorgeous! Good Game overall.

yoshi 2010.02.07
pretty easy. just refrain from being greedy and the game goes pretty easily. i got all the vids in one go. a little disappointing there werent enough pussy action

wesley_9 2010.02.06
very nice game, like alot, model is very hot

wodahSShadow 2010.02.06
Well, I only got all the videos thanks to what I think is a bug (when it`s game over you just need to buy the first video and click it to get all videos you had before), otherwise it was enjoyable, theire`s much room for improvement.

stuffy 2010.02.06
interesting and funny game, like it much

tijian9911 2010.02.05
Heard you had a friend introduced the game. Is certainly not great, the picture is very beautiful, I like!

diggles 2010.02.05
Its a good game just a little slow needs better pictures and graphics

bsymons 2010.02.05
but otherwise a good game, good video

bsymons 2010.02.05
tha blackjack is too hard - not realistic

Crazy6665 2010.02.05
Dont like it girls dont look good at all

nine0ball 2010.02.05
Game was ok. grafics wern`t bad but i found the blackjack a little boring

liverpool 2010.02.05
nice game but i couldnt see the girl

toriyazaki 2010.02.05
what a cheat... this girl always do 21 pts but she`s very sexy

mmorais 2010.02.05
Wow!!! Nice boobs. But I think that the game is cheating. No way that it would have so many blackjacks so easy.

hereiam 2010.02.05
Hot girl. Good game of Blackjack as well

micstr85 2010.02.05
I don`t like this game, because it`s to hard.

Vertical-Smiles 2010.02.04
The games was fun and animations thumbs up

cdkck 2010.02.04
takes quite long to win but very good especially for blackjack

JazzzyJo 2010.02.04
Not really fun. Girls is hot tho

dubidu 2010.02.04
i don`t really like this one.. but i love the story on this site, it`s amazing i hope there you can go on to fuck kelly... shes damn hot :D

Slightning 2010.02.04
good pics. but you have to heve a lot of luck.

denisdel 2010.02.04
Please add some rules of the blackjack, like split... or double down

JeiJei 2010.02.04
The pictures are too small. so i need glasses

jj26 2010.02.04
i hate card games as i dont know how to play them and always lose

Djole 2010.02.04
Not so bad but not so good either :)

rdubbs96 2010.02.03
I didn`t like the graphics and game was boring compared other strip blackjack games.

bob247 2010.02.03
i cant get this game to work on my computer again but when it did very nice game

TantalEyes 2010.02.03
I like the graphics. Quite hard to get to the higher unlocks though

omuh 2010.02.03
Nice game, would like to see more if I were not so unlucky or if the computer would not play after me.

tegge 2010.02.03
The game is good, but its difficult...

jaksombre1 2010.02.03
a bit of a chliche but still really nice

jjskyline 2010.02.03
thanks damn good game more of the same

B0bby123 2010.02.03
blackjack and videos. awesome combination. would prefer poker though

Talon31 2010.02.03
it`s alright, if you like fixed games, the luck is squarely on the side of the computer :p

alikashif06 2010.02.03
Grafics are really coming along. The girl is hot! couldnt get the last video to play

laos_2003_uk 2010.02.03
Damn, got all the way to last video then lost all my money. Great graphics, but a real woman would increase re-playability.

moygen 2010.02.03
this game is too boring or i`m not so patient

LSUCowboy 2010.02.03
very nice game..and nice tits on the girl

asdfg000 2010.02.03
Geez, this is hard, stuck at the first video.

ecazam 2010.02.02
OK game. The only way to play is to bet the max and almost always hit unless you`re higher than 17

kh2xxgamer 2010.02.02
This is a awesome game I really like the graphics and photos. Great Job.

justag469 2010.02.02
i think this one is rigged like vegas!! but fun!!

PhilWill 2010.02.02
Nah, can`t be bothered with this. Keep losing too much.

deagle94 2010.02.02
nice graphics. but a real girl would be nice

stonerider 2010.02.02
Very interesting game. and very hot pictures. movies are perfect. but not very hard...the same with a partener? ^^

colinjfrancis 2010.02.02
Very good graphics, although maybe next time video of a real girl could be used.

ctf_fancore 2010.02.02
perfect game fore me, I love the fact that you play black-jack to get someone naked lol

Artoox 2010.02.02
nice graphics, but very hard to bet this chick. anyway worth to play.

hd79 2010.02.02
hard to win but good game, I hope to see something just once

Sugee69 2010.02.02
i love black jack and nice girls!good game!

jessy 2010.02.02
this girl is very hot looks like someone i know btw..

legionar 2010.02.01
This girl is very hard to strip, she always have lucky hands... :)

nissehult 2010.02.01
really hot girl! hope we see more games with her, the game was ok

Mymphpt 2010.02.01
would be better if there wasnt a video with everything already

Luzi 2010.02.01
Very unrealistic game. To win enough money to unlock everything is a bit impossible.. but nice graphics

buckeye87 2010.02.01
Graphics are nice but the game seems more prone to lose compared to other blackjack games

notiboy 2010.02.01
Good graphics but I seemed to lose every time I bet big .

sithvader 2010.02.01
it should be deal and not dial....

sithvader 2010.02.01
nice graphics... not too difficult. quite easy after you know the trick as to when to hit and when to stay

dodge21211 2010.01.31
great animations, hard to win, but you play longer that way

Shawtydf 2010.01.31
Pretty decent game. Difficult, but fullfilling

BirdmanGA 2010.01.31
Very nice girl video idea, but as stated, needs better win-to-lose ratio.

spindel 2010.01.31
-spelling errors
-sexy view the same as the button below it
other then that not to bad of a game just lacks originality by using black jack

ejr450 2010.01.31
Need to double check the spelling. It`s not a "dialer"

senior 2010.01.31
good game but hard to win, i lose all the time

Lil keeper 2010.01.31
Hard game, hardly ever win...espically if you bet bigger!!

asdqwe 2010.01.31
I like the 3D animation, but the game itself could have more to it.

BigTim123 2010.01.30
it feels really one sided, but it`s still a great game cause of this hot girl!!! Great graphics

stevebarthrop 2010.01.30
Good graphics but I seemed to lose every time I bet big :( maybe just my bad luck.

mortis 2010.01.30
this games quite hard to beat but its a good game with good videos

Marty0341 2010.01.30
I like the progression but win to lose ratio could be better.

Wolfy35 2010.01.30
Good Graphics and animation.

bandit79 2010.01.30
Lose too much, but good quaility

UandMe 2010.01.30
Nice game pretty much common sense.

az89 2010.01.29
nice quality
tired always losing

az89 2010.01.29
nice quality
need more action
tired keep losing

spatula1 2010.01.29
i like the graphics and the hot girl, but poker type games tend to get way to hard, n pun intended

cheese101 2010.01.29
shoul be able to bet more in one go,takes too long this way

andy_regresa 2010.01.29
Grafics are really coming along. The girl is hot! couldnt get the last video to play

sairemo 2010.01.29
The girl is hot!Nice game like the graphics

bestia99rom 2010.01.29
nice graphics but just like vegas its hard to beat the house

VerbalMoon 2010.01.29
Good game and wonderful view!

Gonrad69 2010.01.29
Good blackjack game ... the game plays well.

smojojojo 2010.01.29
It would help if the rules were spelled out more clearly. How much does it cost to get stuff?

Lizard890 2010.01.29
I love this type of game.....poker or blackjack game are gorgeous...thx

a_dub 2010.01.29
nice cgi takes a bit to collect all pics overall a good game

jerryonly83 2010.01.29
great game!!! very very nice girl and cool videos!

Crazylogan 2010.01.29
Cool game, liked Vids instead of pics, would like to see a Poker game like this

I3rutal 2010.01.29
easy gameplay.
just buy the common plan and buy the next video.
run out of money no problem start again buy the commonplan and you can buy the next video
because you get to keep the video`s even if you lose your money.
like the grapics a lot want to see more pussy .
nice to get video`s instead of pic`s.

akuji 2010.01.28
not too good not too bad. average game

walrus13 2010.01.28
I didn`t even get to see one vide

shadowwraith 2010.01.28
The videos of the girl are done nicely, though a bit grainy. The model herself looks hot! The last video does not work, maybe an error or something, when clicked just plays the previous video "Tits Moving."

Oh and if you do run out of money, just press `Play Again` buy the common plan in the new game and click on the video, you don`t have to pay for the ones you`ve already bought in the previous round.

Good game, thanks!

funlvncwby 2010.01.28
Kinda like this game. I`m sorry at blackjack, but it`s good

wek 2010.01.28
nice graphics but just like vegas its hard to beat the house

King_Felagund 2010.01.28
Cool game, nice animations, actually didn`t find it so hard to beat... probably i`m pretty lucky.

lothar_ab 2010.01.28
This game is little too hard but has nice animation.

jamie40 2010.01.28
great game graphics excellent

delta.gunner 2010.01.28
had an error with the last video but not a bad game

SoCalJams 2010.01.28
The house is tough but the videos are great

chris123 2010.01.28
nice graphics but just like vegas its hard to beat the house

davey 2010.01.28
i prefer other games over gambling games actually

wayneworld 2010.01.28
Hm not this good in my opinion.
Graphics are nice, but could be better. Also gamesplay is as in all bj games crap.

Jakester 2010.01.28
Awsome graphics...but was let down w/ what the screen play was...I expected more..

paranoid 2010.01.28
well it`s quite nice but thats it.
Last two videos are even the same. Bug!!?

at least you keep you`re achievments...

laburne 2010.01.28
Great game, goods graphics, thanks !!!

erised 2010.01.28
Great animations for the payoffs. but the dealer seems to win more often than not

ronnyponny 2010.01.28
Dealer or in this game dialer is ridiculously lucky

bob12345 2010.01.28
the best and the harder strip jack i`ve ever played.
the animations are really good

david 2010.01.28
Really nice game like the graphic. go on with it =)

usherxz5 2010.01.28
this game made me really horny! videoclips are great and it`s a blackjack game, but is quite difficult to finish... Mark: 9

boinky 2010.01.28
Standard Black Jack game, but with some nice animations as rewards instead of static pictures.

MeatyMikey 2010.01.27
Apart of "dialer" and "dial" in place of "dealer" and "deal", the blackjack game is weak.

defenseor 2010.01.27
decent game, def stacked against the player

jonshannow 2010.01.27
Dealer or in this game dialer is ridiculously lucky.

dew501 2010.01.27
its alousy game most black jack series are boring

tombom 2010.01.27
It`s alright, I would like to be able to split and double down. Also it`s spelled "deal" not "dial".

Drizzil 2010.01.27
all ways fun to play some cards and not bad to get nice strip pics for your winnings.

derek69 2010.01.27
games wasnt too bad just needed more time

nillax2k 2010.01.27
eh games pretty boring i mean blackjack how can you lose at this

fuct_up 2010.01.27
Last video ain`t working, kind of boring game... and video quality could be better

ponyboy 2010.01.27
hot girl but the videos were too short. the last video didn`t work. if you change your bet often it seems to help

plopman 2010.01.27
The game is def. stacked against the player.
and hey, we all like big titties, but what`s up with game designers and their obsession with abnormaly gigantic titties?

nissehult 2010.01.27
really boring game, but nice girl

mafia 2010.01.27
Hate this game but the girl is hot!

angarf1 2010.01.27
Card games, I wish you could improve anoter strip poker game, with 3D girls, more erotic I must say, but a great game is here, congratulations!

Xyzzy 2010.01.27
Hate this game. Odds are stacked toward the "DIALER" (and what`s up with that spelling, anyway). Played this game four or five times, can`t win. I thought the idea was to see pics, not lose at blackjack. And yes, I know how to play the game.

eagleata 2010.01.27
This game is too difficult. Good game

Geilt 2010.01.27
anyone having problems winning, simply change your bet every 4-5 hands, seems to make your hands better, and remember, the dealer hits on anything under 16, stands on 17+...

tomcatdr 2010.01.27
definitely a game that is going places, but I agree with earlier post .... too expensive and odds are definitely not in players` favor

randy06 2010.01.27
like these games and poker games hope more is coming

porntoad1 2010.01.27
Nice chick, but too expensive to get stuff.

Ricoh124 2010.01.27
Hard game as odds never seem with you, prefer poker games.

zenofobica 2010.01.27
very nice girl neds to be in more games. definately recommending this one.

blablaa 2010.01.27
great game, but hard to play

bertolucci 2010.01.27
I got the same problem... Cant start the last video...

SMACKDOWN 2010.01.27
great game great girl great everything

sierra 2010.01.27
this is a really hot girl! hope we see more games with her.grrrr!!!

jsun76067 2010.01.27
Nice game like the graphics

hozer 2010.01.27
Grafics are really coming along. The girl is hot! couldnt get the last video to play

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