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Big City Campus


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lukerage121 2018.07.15
fun to play the game and really sexy

supertrucker 2018.04.15
Im playing this game and adding up points but seems to be a little slow on action

joyrider 2018.04.05
really great game i love it

tmanfrance 2018.03.14
I`ve attempted to open the game in 3 different browsers and not able to launch the game.rn

conan87ben 2018.03.05
good game, very sexy girl

Peglynn 2018.03.02
After clicking on the game receive messagernArniigamesrnError: [object Object]

liovana 2018.02.13
I cant play the game, there is an error with the server or something like that

clerimb 2018.02.08
I don`t understand how to play. Where can i find a walkthrough? thanks!

palbane49 2018.02.06
I looove Arniigames!!!! I do not share comments about bugs: I believe he was able to solve most if not all the problems you might have encountered. very nice graphics and rather exciting overall.

liovana 2018.01.28
I can´t play it, it seems to have an error or something like that, fix it, please


bruh12 2018.01.07
Great game I love the themern

Rev332211 2018.01.07
Awesome gameplay fantastic grpahics very hot girlsrnrn

cambridge4453 2017.11.29
Wow am I playing the same game? I cannot understand why the comments I am reading don`t reflect my experience. Yes the girls look great but it is really boring and I have no idea what is going on as venues keep appearing and disappearing, and then one is unavailable, and you don`t know what you are buying stuff for, etc. It is very long and I just lost interest in the end, right after I had to hit musical notes into a basket to prove Lucy could play a sax. The skills progressed so slowly and the music ended up getting on my nerves. The artwork was great but that`s all, although it has potential to be a decent game.

Badger 2017.11.26
good game still under construction due to the nature of the crashes

Wolf1974 2017.11.22
Graphics are decent,good game.

Trokkar 2017.11.21
good game, decent graphics. Loads a little slow at times, but play if fun

jahan2 2017.11.12
This is a fascinating and good game. Medium graphics and good story.rn

bullsextra 2017.11.06
nice and erotic scenes. super sexy game

BloggoS5 2017.10.31
A little bit hard, but I like it

Kyogre91 2017.10.31
I only just started this game recently. Seems promising so far, but I have had a little trouble in some areas. I`ll reach a certain point and get stuck. So far it seems like it will be a good game.

antharesia 2017.10.27
Story and gameplay are great, graphics and animation should be improved. Hannah and Lucy are both nice looking girls. The only thing difficult was poker and the part where you have to look for hidden spots ( some extra time or some hints would not hurt).

azakah15 2017.10.27
good game, nice graphics and good plot

archer295 2017.10.25
fine graphics but the game is too slowrn

bullsextra 2017.10.22
All characters are damn sexy. beautiful erotic play

Machintrucbc 2017.10.03
Really nice graphics and story, but had a bug when going back to the casino, after seeing Mandy there: no way to play any more, stuck on slot machine screen, forced to refresh browser. When loading, had the Mandy scene again every 1st time I came back to the casino, and alway the bug on the 2nd time....rn*spoiler* for those who need a hint with Strom, the Ogre in the video game : switch character when the red lights at the bottom of the screen are in the middle.

Bronco888 2017.09.26
very interesting gameplay; story makes you want to continue playing.... when reaching the end it felt like I had only begon...

hdjeep93 2017.09.11
i really enjoyed the gamerngreat graphics and great girls and scenes

Moonstar9210 2017.09.10
i don`t like offsite games

CoolApple 2017.08.21
Great Graphics and Great Gamern

LuciusM 2017.08.19
Ilove the part with the view point is very exciting!!

derfi06 2017.08.15
the gameplay is not easy but the story is interesting

Timex626 2017.08.11
Suprisingly addicting. Couldn`t stop till I had finished the story.

1fucker 2017.08.09
really good game loved the story too bad there is not more girls to interact with

1fucker 2017.08.08
Great game, good graphics and great girls

Tofus 2017.08.07
Amazing game and good graphics

marcus747 2017.08.02
I found this game to be quite good, the girls were different and attractive, but I found the animation to be lacking a bit. Enjoyable nonetheless. I would recommend!

hazephoenixz 2017.07.20
This is crazily hot omg LOVED IT

Azizam 2017.06.23
Disappointing, very cliched game !

littleGamer 2017.06.16
well paintedrntried some times, but found no way to the game

Kevin_2222 2017.04.25
The graphics are unbelievable. love this game.

dwg 2017.04.24
Nice game, really recommended. The girls are really hot.

randy1 2017.04.24
seems to need something else to give it a boost

methusala 2017.04.23
Game play was way too long. I lost interest in it.

butfuckbitches 2017.04.15
nothing special and a bit predictable

wantrow 2017.04.02
game very difficutl but it`s good

HornyDave 2017.03.29
Wish I was in college like that shit! gets me really hard

Raziel1911 2017.03.20
This was a pretty good game but it has a lot of bugs

IAmGreat24 2017.03.15
Good game good game indeed i like the story aswell

kevin014 2017.03.15
great game! is there a anything to progress to after beating Storm in the arcade game?

FFFF1905 2017.03.12
college games really are the best, honestly too good.

ianjames 2017.03.11
it keeps sending me to a website????

Vritra 2017.02.27
Great game, good graphics and great girls

BraZZer 2017.02.21
Great sex scenes, I love this game

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.21
average graphics - non interesting gameplay - cant say much nice things about this one.

lycan64 2017.02.17
The graphics are good, and the girls are hot. I love games like this(rpgs).

Ryanhorny23 2017.02.10
i`m stuck, how do you get to the point where you have sex?

anus36 2017.02.08
This serie is getting better and better.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.07
Its a tricky game to understand but when u do it is highly enjoyable.

genaro23rg 2017.02.03
a great game only need a more action

pablin 2017.02.01
good game, very sexy girl, good graphics

haribo7 2017.02.01
Not particularly impressive

Ngopp 2017.01.31
it was an incredible game, very nice graphics and good story

super220022 2017.01.27
I really enjoyed the game

revon 2017.01.25
I liked that they added in girl on girl but the game was meh.

Taurasi 2017.01.21
Its a well though out game. I enjoyed it.

turner16 2017.01.20
amazaing story with incredible graphics

penis13 2017.01.18
this game is very awseome the gampley and the graphics are very good i love this game

Instagram 2017.01.13
Great game. I would have appreciated some endings

CartoonFan 2017.01.07
I had to play this a couple of times to get it right as there were a few bugs/glitches such as during the game in the arena which froze after the gladiator ejaculated. Also another glitch was the fact that if you go to the casino too early in the game it prevents you from progressing. Also the girl in the park seemed to be a bit of a red herring - she looked promising but didn`t appear again.
I really enjoyed the game and love Arni`s artwork and story telling. Out of the two I have to say I preferred Haunted Island but this is still great - keep them coming Arni

XenoWarrior 2017.01.05
Cool game, there were a few bugs but nothing too major!

Catgofire 2017.01.04
fun game, but freezes all the time. still worth playing.

mrjosh7403 2016.12.30
good game, very sexy girl

jhoey93 2016.12.20
this was a great game ever

akajam79 2016.12.19
construction is good.Takes too much time to load

akajam79 2016.12.19
if the game would have had 3d graphics the best game ever

chisse1711 2016.12.15
the game isnt bad, but its a bit to repetative

cwan222 2016.12.15
meh this game was a bit long i think. and a lot of it seemed incomplete. all you do is grind for points a lot of days. or try and try and try again to finish the slot machine part which was annoying. also like i dont even get the story. so two lawyers were trying to organize an underground sex ring for a professor? did they know he was keeping the money for himself?

fakkuthrowaway 2016.12.14
Really hard to get into this game, really isn`t my cup of tea

mank_rcks 2016.12.14
has a lot of bugs .. i am unable to get the views in the locker room scene

GLC0123 2016.12.14
OK game, good graphic. It is a bit drawn out and a few unexplored characters....unless I am missing something...

ficker2 2016.12.12
great game with hot chicks

aditya69 2016.12.11
The game always gets stuck in the video game scene! but great game! I love Arniigames

cobras81 2016.12.07
sexy lady....good game....little on the short side

haddy1202 2016.12.06
i think that they should make more amazing games like this

haddy1202 2016.12.06
the graohics were pretty amazing

Siddarney 2016.12.03
Pretty average game. Nothing spectacular - Little bit slow and a couple of bugs. Good concept

Rayan12345 2016.12.01

smaximus 2016.11.29
good graphic but gameplay could be better

StonedWatcher 2016.11.26
Well, i think it was kind of a bad game, the graphics and just playthrough could`ve been better.

jmax312 2016.11.25
the graphics were amazing

kinou21 2016.11.21
It should be a great game, once the bugs have been ironed out , keep up the good work arnii and thanks for sharing this with us.

ss94 2016.11.18
I can only find one camera angle in the initial scene!

And barely anything after... this game is so hard!

iamfeelinhorny 2016.11.14
no the best game here but nice

Orbmakram 2016.11.09
Its got a neat concept. but a bit slow

lvr 2016.11.08
Wow, this game`s graphics is awesome, I need a sequel!

lvr 2016.11.08
I would pay money for this game! It is so awesome!

oranjeboven 2016.11.07
LONG game, it dragged a bit at times. I like the characters (especially Lucy - always had a weakness for redheads), which is why the ending was disappointing. It felt kind of rushed, there wasn`t much TO it, erotically speaking.
Decent game, though.

kim721 2016.11.02
off to college hoping for some sluts

Newy94 2016.10.31
A little bit slow for, not the best game on here

memer 2016.10.29
didnt really like it its like the regular story of all other basic games and easy to predict

Viperx 2016.10.27
beatiful and love it game

janhuahua 2016.10.26
Woah. The graphics are great in this game! I love it!

Boubouxv 2016.10.25
Nothing happen when I buy dresses. What should I do?

getsmoked47 2016.10.25
It`s a good one, still confused by parts of it though.

Teaser6xx 2016.10.25
I didnt like it at all.First thing it takes a hell lot of time to load then the screen suddenly freezes and blanks out after the opening scenes.I hate it

pervet1997 2016.10.25
great graphic hot girls

popepope 2016.10.24
Good game throughout but the last sex scene isnt as great as i hoped it would be. Really hot girls though

bradlyamanda 2016.10.23
good gameplay and good graphic

rickyllkoeg 2016.10.23
Ths is a great game! I would like a bit more from the animation but I read your comments talking about the give and take between animation and quality of the images. THanks Arnii

viko25 2016.10.22
I think the game is good and the grafic also is good

LOLAWSOME2332 2016.10.21
To many bugs, but overall good game.

CyrJ 2016.10.17
It could use further polish, but I`m enjoying it. The girls are lovely and there are some sexy ideas at play; I would love to see an improved balance between grinding and story. Ran into an interesting glitch where after restoring the game once I found two of Hannah`s scores had been flipped, but it`s minor as it corrected itself the next time out.

I`m stuck on a couple of things:

1) I finally got Lucy into the band and set up her potential date with her bandmate at BigPix, but nothing seems to be happening with it; the location is still unavailable. Does she have to have some prerequisite score to activate it?

2) I`ve been able to figure out most of the side games, with two exceptions.
- The find-the-hotspot game at the hotel; no amount of waving the cursor around disclosed a hotspot, and having the challenge time-limited didn`t help. Maybe this is more of a glitch?
- I give up with the arcade game at the girls` apartment. I have no idea what I`m supposed to be doing here or what anything means. There`s an up-arrow sometimes, a down-arrow sometimes, the position-switch button is either blue or red, I`m supposed to be interacting with the flame effect at the bottom of the screen somehow but I`m fucked if I know how. I have yet to beat it. Help?

3) Is there something specific I`m supposed to do to advance the storyline we run into at Grubb`s Mall after buying the dresses? If there is, I`ve no idea what it is.

skidevil 2016.10.17
game and graphics are great along with the story but needs more player interaction and more places to visit

Corgath 2016.10.17
Pretty good. Nice graphics and decent story

ScottS69 2016.10.15
Nice graphics and great images and nice story line too

arniigames 2016.10.15
"this game was a joy to play. From the graphics to the storyline, everything was phenomenal!" - Drummerboy5000

I should use that on my promo material :)

MikeyH74 2016.10.13
Quite a long game but enjoyable. Doesn`t seem to be working properly on Chrome (a couple of scenes, the park and when Lucy goes to the hotel room just went black) but Firefox was fine.

drummerboy5000 2016.10.13
this game was a joy to play. From the graphics to the storyline, everything was phenomenal!

Sola_KMT 2016.10.11
Thx Arnii, I knew I was doing something wrong. I managed to complete this awesome game and gave it my highest rating ever. Note after I completed the test tube thing the office was black screen but did not effect me completing the game

arniigames 2016.10.11
Sola_KMT - Only the first click counts, so hover over the middle tube but don`t click unless its the correct colour

Sola_KMT 2016.10.10
I click center tube and its wrong then quickly click correct tube nothing happens

Sola_KMT 2016.10.10
love the game .... and yes a flame appears when I pick the right one , am I supposed to be able to make more than one pick if I make a mistake??

arniigames 2016.10.10
Sola_KMT - Thanks for your feedback. On the test tube game when you click on the correct tube is a flame appearing?

Sola_KMT 2016.10.10
I love this game , great artwork , sexy girls and I like the story line.
1st time I played it was on chrome , long loads and lots of black screens!
On FF much better but
On casino game if you hit center bet either 2 cursors show up of no spin box>
No biggie its better to bet max amount anyways.
I am stuck on the test tube thing. I read tutorial and keep curor on mid tube , if its not mid tube and switch to another nothing will happen even tho its the correct tube.
Am I missing something here??
I stuck and cannot procede any further in the game :(

arniigames 2016.10.09
Gandalf7843 - It is likely to be a compatability issue, at that point I render some graphical effects. Only thing I can suggest is to try the canvas version which can be found under Adult Games > Arnii`s Games > Big City Campus on my site.

DemonLord 2016.10.09
Good game - takes a while to progress which is a nice change of pace from the finish too quickly games. One thing I did notice is if you save the game, when you reload it has lost the status of which card hands you have completed for example - if you completed 4 of kind - save reload the 4 of a kind is gone. Something to look at maybe but other than that keep up the great work.

Gandalf7843 2016.10.09
maybe I need a different graphics processor, but at the biology lab a section in the middle goes black and I can`t get any further. I`ll try again after I get a better computer.

arniigames 2016.10.08
vitali - Game progress is saved every morning in the game. For this to work you do need cookies enabled on your browser.

vitali 2016.10.08
Cool game. A lot of options, fair graphics.
Anyhow hard to understand all the strory, aims and sidegames built-in within the main game. Somehow too long and not able to save progress. I`d prefer shorter game.

HarrietGarmin 2016.10.06
I found this game really good. It was the right amount of days and time that it was still enjoyable.
Maybe there could have been a few more side stories but i believe that will be happening soon anyway.
It feels like it takes a long time to get Hannah`s Intuition to 60.

OldCuteBoy 2016.10.04
I`m not convinced ...
The char-building is a bit boring and does`t work properly ...
The sidegames aren`t really a challenge ...
The storyline could have been worked out much better ...

There are a lot of bugs espacially if you try to boost the chars with watching TV.
You get an effect which is lost with the next step ...
But the normal char-building always has the same pic`s, textes and sidegames ...
It is more difficult to understand, how to play those sidegames, than to go on in the main story ...

Sorry, but you can do t much better ;)

I`m not convinced that I would like to play this game a second or third time, sry ...

OCB`s Daughter

scannatore 2016.10.03
The autosave is funny. Sometimes my stats get a boost and i can advance faster.
There are several bugs but the game is good.

Gamesofsex 2016.10.03
good but with a lot of bugs

arar17 2016.10.02
not bad could be better

aragorn90 2016.10.01
It took me quite some time to build my character and I am missing a possibility to save my game and continue later, return back to my save and try different paths. Would be quite good to have this opportunity.
I like the game very much, since it is not easy at the beginning (especially the music-game). But with some experience I managed to succeed and so I had to play it quite often.
That`s what a game is for. It is good not to succeed to easily, otherwise it would be boring. There are two games in this game, quite interesting ....
So: great job, I like it.

glukos37 2016.10.01
PRetty good game and the scenes weren`t that bad

arniigames 2016.09.29
getspam: thanks for the feedback. In the next update I will increase the stat gains for various activities. I also really like the idea of the pron channel and how it effects the characters (increasing curiosity after initial repulsion), I wish I had thought of that when I did it originally. I may add this scene, but only after working on some additional scenes involving Rose, Eleanor and claus (+others)

getspam 2016.09.29
I have loved Haunted Island, so I was expecting a bit more on Big City Campus. The game indeed takes a bit longer than it should. It takes too much time to build experience, desire, intuition and confidence on the characters. That should be made more quickly. I also feel the lack of a porn channel on the cable TV. That should be interesting and could be explored in a way that decreases desire on Lucy on a first moment, but starts to increases after a threshold. The final scene also could be longer. Over all, it is a very good game. With a bit of fine tunnig it will explode!

STNeish 2016.09.28
LONG game, it dragged a bit at times. I like the characters (especially Lucy - always had a weakness for redheads), which is why the ending was disappointing. It felt kind of rushed, there wasn`t much TO it, erotically speaking.
Decent game, though.

luv2drinku 2016.09.28
exhausting game and I didn`t pass the ogre console game.

ashish0808 2016.09.28
@ Arnii - I have selected English language and using chrome on windows 7. Unable to see any text..

SexDareDevil 2016.09.28
Hey guys and beautiful ladies ;)., how do i get past the video game part? i cant seem to beat it and once you buy the formal cloths to go to that party you end up finding out about, i bought the formal cloths but nothing bout that party shows up on the map and how do unlock the faculty area, but other than that I love this game :D

Darv94 2016.09.27
The game always gets stuck in the video game scene! but great game! I love Arniigames

arniigames 2016.09.27
ladiesguy: nice avatar pic.

arniigames 2016.09.27
Some DNS issues with cloudflare last night, apologies.

jwhart921: can you register on my forum, send me a PM and I will try and find out what is happening?

ladiesguy 2016.09.27
average game gameplay not great

docustom 2016.09.27
Hey mate i`m also receiving a DNS resolution error 1001

Hope you(ll fix it soon . i`m really curious to play your game.

Dremeldude 2016.09.27
I`m getting a DNS error when I try to load the game.

jwhart921 2016.09.27

I am using English and there is no text at all. I have a PC running Win 7 and am using Chrome.

draco1921 2016.09.26
PRetty good game and the scenes weren`t that bad

0341misfit 2016.09.26
Too much stuff to do in order to have sex. Plus I`m stuck somewhere. Concept is good and the animations are pretty cool.

kursaw 2016.09.25
First scene isn`t the best, but the scenes after that were awesome. Really liked the scene with Lucy and Paulie graphics were really good.

arniigames 2016.09.25
Anyone who is unable to see text can you let me know a) what language you are playing in b) which scene and c) what type of computer and browser you are using. I will try and fix the problem. Thanks.

arniigames 2016.09.25
icrazyur2: not impressed at all play force i know there* free games but really slave lord .[comma not full stop]space paws then this please

Not your type of game, that`s a shame. I was hoping I would attract the feckless retard demographic, but I guess I haven`t. Oh well, I`m getting steady interest from people who like story and character development and such like that should make up for that loss.

* "they`re" you illiterate twat

icrazyur2 2016.09.25
not impressed at all play force i know there free games but really slave lord .space paws then this please

thking 2016.09.25
couldn`t play the game there was no words to read.

arniigames 2016.09.24
Nuc: There is an auto-save feature which saves your progress every morning. You do need cookies enabled for this to work though.

nuc 2016.09.24
The game needs some sort of Save function. It just crashed on me when I was about to enter the Hotel and I had to start over. Don`t know if it`s just me but there was some sort of glitch in the music, I kept hearing a click every other second or so, a bit annoying but nothing major.

Besides that I really like this game but will await a Save function since it takes some time to play and having to start over was really annoying. Keep up the good work Arnii.

stach56 2016.09.23
Nice game, cool graphic ;)

Troubledone 2016.09.23
Story and gameplay are great, graphics and animation should be improved. Hannah and Lucy are both nice looking girls. The only thing difficult was poker and the part where you have to look for hidden spots ( some extra time or some hints would not hurt).

Jaaru 2016.09.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

ashish0808 2016.09.23
I have no text in the dialog boxes. Please help

cicciopugnetta 2016.09.23
Nice game. Good also the translations (usually are not so good).

arniigames 2016.09.23
Civil: thanks again, this feedback is genuinely really useful. If you are interested, could you register on my forum (this is free) as I would like to discuss this further.

jwhart921 2016.09.23
I have no text in the dialog boxes. Am I doing something wrong?

Civil 2016.09.23
Thanks for being so keen on the thoughts of the fans and viewers Arni. What I want you to hear is that the end of the game, even if you intended it to be the cinema scene did not feel like such to me.

The end for me was the build up to the final consensual scene with Lucy as that is where the story tied up the aphrodisiac variable, her horniness, and virginity. I totally want you to make a living and so I understand the supply the story to build a demand for the scene and additional content. Though as a consumer enjoying the ride it just felt like the final conclusion to the story and final sex scene were at odds. I think having paid content starting with the sexcapades of Hannah and Lucy after the final monogamous scene would have been the way to go.

In my humble opinion, no matter what, you can`t make all of us fans happy, though one of the challenges for a game designer and story author seems to be having the rising action and climax in sync with the reader/player experience as that is what creates a feeling of resolution not only for the story/content, but interest for add on pay content and future work. GL!

arniigames 2016.09.22
Civil: Thanks for the feedback, really useful. There is always a pay-off between good still image quality and animation simply because the size of animations, I have tried to get the balance right here, but the cost of serving the many animations frames to make the animation quality I would like would probably bankrupt me.

In terms of the content at the end, the lecture theatre scene was always meant to be the climactic end, and the extended ending is genuinely a nice bonus rather than you missing out. The biggest scenes in the whole game is actually the two bonuses (one is still in development) and this is the value I want to add with patreon. I want to offer free games, but I have to balance it by getting some modest income in.

arniigames 2016.09.22
Dicktom: don`t usually respond to negative comments about my games, but hey ho, you made the effort to be a dick so I may as well provide a reapomse,, Graphics are infantile, seriously. Sorry mate, like what were you expecting a cast of pornstars in super HD?? Slow and long, sorry I didn`t take your ADHD riddled brain into account when making this. I wanted to make something a bit more engaging with interesting characters, but obviously I was wrong. if you don`t like it, fine. Say you don`t like it, but don`t question the value of the effort I put it, I`m very proud of this free game I have shared with everyone here.

doctom 2016.09.22
Game is slow, simplistic and TOO long. Graphics are infantile--too bad all this hard work for nothing. The games keeps going but very slow, sex scenes are no better than still pics. Won`t play again!

HellexLord 2016.09.22
Game had some sik graphics mate i would rate this game fuckable/cancer

Civil 2016.09.22
Didn`t have an bugs when I played through. Construction wise, the animations were a bit simplistic and artistry was decent. The highlight I thought was the variable mini-game system both for erotic and non-erotic purposes. Also liked the skill element.

Only real disappointment I had was the final scene build-up that turned into a blueballing pay-to-finish the final scene content. That really bothered me and had I thought to support the patreon that strongly disinclined me. DLC or patreon content imo needs to be in addition to the base story/scenes; or the game needs to have pay for content for just the story.

whisper 2016.09.22
very good game but so slow

kaftos 2016.09.22
No i didnt like this game..Many loadings and boring story

celeHree666 2016.09.22
its anice game easy to play

tomcatdr 2016.09.22
Does anybody know how to get the three camera angles in the locker room? I pretty much figured out the playthrough, but still can`t get that simple one in the prologue.

arniigames 2016.09.21
Johnny Football: Did you get all the hands at the slot machine?

Johnny Football 2016.09.21
I really like this game with its many features, mini games and side stories... but I seem to be stock after buying the dress... how do I progress from there?

lmaolmao 2016.09.21
the graphics and the storyline are good

Synful1 2016.09.21
I just get error 522,website offline.I`m using google chrome.

sirphon 2016.09.21
all I get is website offline error 522

markyman11 2016.09.21
liked the lesbian sex turned me on

Tal3WakkR 2016.09.21
I keep getting a "Website is offline l 522: Connection Timed Out" redirect.

brink7000 2016.09.21
I guess it could have had more lesbian stuff, and it was a little repetitive,but overall, it was a fun game. Nice story.

seducer 2016.09.21
Some of the stats improvement doesn`t work. When watching TV it shows Lucy`s sats being increased but on the next day her stats are like before watching tv.

arniigames 2016.09.20
Whatru: This game was released as a demo (the very first scene only) a year ago. Principle work for the full game was completed in July this year and I am continually improving and adding exclusive new scenes for my members/patreons.

arniigames 2016.09.20
Thanks for your comments. My games use a lot of resources and when they are first released these can cause issues with loading and occasional freezing. Also I test on my own system and the most popular browsers, but I do not have the resources (I am one person doing this as a hobby) to fully test on all systems and browser - I rely on help from players so let me know if you have a bug by sending an email or on my forum or on Patreon..

Whatru 2016.09.20
Graphics are decent, gameplay felt very slow paced and is still glitchy (game appears to have been released a year ago)

Ripperd 2016.09.20
It should be a great game, once the bugs have been ironed out , keep up the good work arnii and thanks for sharing this with us.

icrazyur2 2016.09.20
please stop with the
bugged games average was being nice iker66 the its free can make up for so much

shiffos 2016.09.20
unfortunately this game have a lot of bugs it always freeze so you have to restart at a previous moment

iker66 2016.09.20
average game in construction

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