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Beneath steal clouds


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Eomas 2019.03.19
Ok, is there any other way to raise agility besides stretching?

leonizer 2019.03.18
We`re solving the MAC issue right now.

JDB68 2019.03.17
I couldn`t get the game to load. It gets to about 60% and stops

diary 2019.03.15
great...the next game that just does NOT load...loading 0/40....for 20 minutes...getting old now....

krawittel 2019.03.15
Great game, keep up the good work

shyman44425 2019.03.14
Very enjoyable game. Lots to do. Not overly difficult.

04bigkev04 2019.03.14
Not a bad game, a few bugs but hope they do something similar again

super1400 2019.03.12
good game, nice story and beautiful animationrn

asunayukkki 2019.03.12
it was fun. although i want kelly

MountieMan 2019.03.11
good graphics and scenes would recommend and will play more


nssd702502 2019.03.10
Does this not work on MAC. It does not load up.

aishabedis 2019.03.10
I suggest stealing drugs as the first action in the game. If you succeed, then go to the scrapyard and search for scrap to sell. Then, enter the bar and sell drugs. BUT if you fail, do some stretching at home and on Day 2, try again. If you succeed, proceed as above, but if you fail again, you can work as a lab assistant and earn 40 credits a day.rnrnAlso, one reliable way to earn money is to buy the CLUP VIP card, work as a lab assistant (or steal drugs with high agility) in the morning, search for scraps in the afternoon, and be a bartender (or sell drugs), which will give you either 85 credits or 300 credits a day.

MartiBlank 2019.03.10
***SPOILERS***rn - - - rnThe game is fun, but a little too easy. Best way to make money is from fixing parts in your condo first to buy AGI from the clinic and INTERPERS from the black market. From day 6 on you can then work as a lab assistant which is the best job in the game. Work every day and use the other two turns to talk to the girls. Done.

RicV 2019.03.10
The Game is really good! I think this is one of the best game released in a whilern

MisterMystery 2019.03.10
So for those who are stuck, to get the corporate ID card you need to talk to Nobe about getting Vanilla`s brother a jobrn

cakesxo 2019.03.09
where do we find the corporate id card??rn

vitali 2019.03.09
Both girls are georgeous, but wanna date Vanilla too. But where do I get the ID card?

fans 2019.03.08
how can we find the id????

Judex 2019.03.08
Another nice game from LOP : the story is nice, girls are sexy, the paths are interesting. Thanks guys for your amazing work !

aishabedis 2019.03.08
Nobe and Vanilla are absolutely gorgeous; I adore Bubx`s renders. I appreciate that, at least for this free game, you went back to the 30-day stat approach again. Overall, a fun game and a welcome addition to the LoP library!

dwrecks 2019.03.07
How do you find the ID card?rn

Wolf1176 2019.03.07
great game would recommend

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