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Beach Party 01


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Joester 2017.09.05
loved it wow i need the sequel like now!!

nechapacka84 2017.07.13
nice game. please continued

littleGamer 2017.07.02
not that bad, well painted nice game with hot little girls

LX0809 2017.06.26
This is a really good game. I especially liked the moment when Winnie realized that she is really cute and sexy. I need to play the second part... definitely. I wonder what`s next? ;).

Bw86bw86 2017.06.11
Love the gameplay, nice twist on other games. Would like some more options.

kemode 2017.02.03
Good game but sometimes hard to figure out the hotspots

dgkesquire 2017.01.30
Labor-intensive, but involving story line. Wish we could match Rowena and Billy together, but that will probably happen in the sequel.

Dater2000 2016.12.19
The game was could it self with all the nude scenes but the graphic could use an improvement.

jmax312 2016.11.25
the animation is stunning and the gameplay wasn`t that bad

fiftypez 2016.11.16
not bad but its a bit long....and the controlls of where to find things could be better


MikeyH74 2016.10.19
An enjoyable, sexy game though the mouse play can be a bit awkward at times.

berkayhodor 2016.10.13
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Ryedo 2016.10.11
Super sexy! Had tons of fun playing it.

Alvaro1234 2016.09.15
great game, good graphic,

ashketchum 2016.09.01
loved the game very much

Slyadam 2016.08.31
Not my personal favorite style, this game is more like reading light erotic fiction than experiencing a sexual simulation.

kaftos 2016.08.27
Very hood game with hot girls!!Im waiting for part two

Peter H 2016.05.22
Where can I find part two. I love this game and I really want to see what will happen.

MadMike21 2016.04.14
awesome story lines, a little longwinded but awesome game

w1drng22 2016.03.18
This is the best game ever. The graphics are out of this world. They are so realistic. Winnie is absolutely gorgeous. Her small boobs make it so real. I just love it. I`ve played it multiple times.

sevenandahalf 2016.01.24
The girls are hot, they`re actually "real life" pretty

bbwkatie92 2015.11.21
hot story.. but a bit too bad the visuals arent that great

mdsaccoccia 2015.10.09
to much story not enough action or choices

BAD01 2015.09.20
really loved the game. great storyline

cior 2015.09.02
this game is verry fun and good storry

Marko_bgd 2015.08.20
Good game but it need to be little longer.

micahamyers 2015.08.10
this is my favourite game
great graphics, great story
everything is great about this

Dersonrn 2015.06.09
Very true , but leaves adesejar nos commands , it takes much you talk , And Then There has Returning to the que Point Stop.

big ballz 2015.05.01
wonderful game..... love it

plasmarianor 2015.02.27
I find this game a bit boring. Time goes very slowly.

Brad-Pitz 2015.02.10
pusooy. makes great games! awesome graphics and the gameplay is sexy! loved it!

jabbyxd 2015.01.23
got stuck in the lifeguard part, pleasure wont move up, but awesome game..:)

lurking 2015.01.16
The mouse controls could be a bit more intuitive, but I like the girl(s). :-)

olyg7 2015.01.03
I like the game,espeasially the girl is so sexy.Can`t wait for the next part!!!

stroodlebobbins 2014.12.26
I`m having issues with this game and it`s the same issue as all these games. There`s no indication of the mouse movement required to perform an action. I`m on the beach where Alex is licking the lad`s balls and I`m supposed to move the mouse but I have no idea in which way so nothing is happening. She either goes close with her tongue out or pulls away with it in. How am I meant to complete this sequence, please? These games really need greater clarity of the controls.

gorilla72 2014.12.14
I love this game! I`d like to know where I can play a part 2 free please

ARTAlive 2014.11.29
Lovely work done in game nice grapgihcs

Shady1 2014.11.28
Super hot girls. This is probably my favorite game so far!

Petri33 2014.11.15
good game whit hot womans, but too short :(

Iva_bigun_12 2014.11.11
great game, good graphic, I liked it

Multiman 2014.10.30
The images of the character are much better than the another game that i know. I will not name that game it is better you figure it out!

tolge 2014.10.27
This is one of my favorite game. I play it again, and again, miss the game and play it more. I have waiting so long for the part 2

Catherine Keisha 2014.09.30
I like the game,espeasially the girl is so sexy

Futuros 2014.09.24
Need to improve controls for the game. very unclear and inconsistent.

Digiman 2014.09.21
Really enjoyed this one. when is the next one out

igodown 2014.09.02
great dialogue real erotic and chicks were hot

amra13 2014.08.28
This is one of my favorite games, great graphics, and quality. Please add the next part as soon as possible.

LickThePussy82 2014.08.08
I love it... Milf seduce a young virgin boy...

BitBucket 2014.07.13
Beautifully done!
I love the shy aspect of the virgin.
Simply awesome...

bitz94 2014.07.08
Quite good graphics we can see in this game but too short.

Flocklock 2014.07.05
great game and very good storie

AOK-CB 2014.06.04
I love this game. cool graphics

55c 2014.05.16
Nice game , Is there a part 2?

gigicurcan 2014.05.05
Great story great girls but confusing gameplay

thedreamer2000 2014.04.20
Great game, although the controls sometimes are hard to guess. But the little nerdy girl is so cute.

savber6 2014.04.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

disturbedhrt 2014.04.12
nice games looking forward to part 2

Gipzor 2014.04.11
Way too short kinda dissappionting..

Only the geeky guy and winnie get action so 2 out of the 8..

NoMerCY765 2014.04.05
good game but it need to be little longer

er22as44 2014.03.19
Would love to play part 2!

undeadzombie 2014.03.17
I love this , cant wait for part 2

adhex1 2014.03.15
sexy but need to be longer

adhex1 2014.03.15
to win you
should carefully choose

SLOWFCUK 2014.03.10
nice game, hope to see part 2

littlecletus 2014.02.25
awesome game but needs part two

fill ur hole 2014.01.30
as usual a great game from them, wish they would release two and three as non pay games.

mta19 2014.01.21
This game is great, ready for part two.

Moe372 2014.01.18
Another good game, just have to wait for part 2 now.

thedarkforce 2014.01.06
great game Alexandra love

Fuckher21 2013.12.29
Best game i ever played !

TheMiixxedBarbiie 2013.12.28
i love this game its really fun

jeppblack 2013.12.28
YES: oh man Alexandra is hot. really

marcellusi7 2013.12.17
Loved the `forbidden` fantasy part of it, so exiting, can`t wait for the next part

secretadmirer100 2013.12.15
its a nice game,good graphics and i enjoyed it so much..

meccano 2013.12.12
Any news regarding part 2? It`s been a while...

waqs202 2013.12.05
another best hot shot ,but there is no " part 2 ".

whiterun 2013.12.04
Great game, waiting for part w.

james2321 2013.11.26
great quality and deep gameplay. overall good game

TPhantomOE 2013.11.17
Great graphics but I get stuck when she tries to seduce me? Anyone else have the same problem?

ZakariaSh 2013.11.14

Ya, The Best game I`ve played recently

Pacizi 2013.11.12
very good graphics exellent story line

kiva_bat 2013.11.11
Nice game but slow reaction

nu01 2013.11.03
Great fantasie. Like the scene with the hot MILF at the beach. More of them, please.

pranav0590 2013.10.26
its really nice game.....good graphics

ShankyMan 2013.10.23
Love this game, i keep coming back for it

Lizzie 2013.09.03
Loved this game. Love to see more like this. My favourite game!!!

alliekmcintosh 2013.09.01
this game is my favorite ever! thank you for publish this! :))

tadasas 2013.08.25
cant wait to play the next part !

thorm 2013.08.24
I`m blocked when lifeguard is in front of Winnie and want play with her nipples. Help me. I move the hand on her nipples, but pleasure bar doesn`t increase

Studley 2013.08.17
Great game, actually one of my more liked games. But it`s been out for so long now, and a WARNING to first-time players...Part 1 isn`t complete. It`s to be continued in Part 2, which I`ve been waiting for a LONG time (over a year I think). So if you don`t mind playing a long game only to have it come to an abrupt halt with no Part 2 in sight, go ahead and play Part 1. But if you like FINISHING games I`d wait for Part 2 before starting anything or you`ll be pissed off.

sexybeat 2013.08.14
best tits in this game ever

BamCogan 2013.08.03
who does not know if the coast was very beautiful,
with interesting stories and good life,
with the beach rescuers good story.

ad1021 2013.07.30
this is my favourite game
great graphics, great story
everything is great about this game

w1drng22 2013.07.27
Just played Beach Party 1. I thought the Mummy Love series was the best ever until Beach Party 1. This game is magnificent. The graphics are out of this world. The motion is incredibly smooth. The body movements are so realistic, especially during the climax scenes. The story line is so believable, how two inexperienced young adults would act with two more mature mates. This story gets a 100 from me.

noogad 2013.07.24
Great game and great story, cant wait for the second part.

ARCHER24 2013.07.23
This idiot wont bring out beach party 2. He`s only keeping it for Elite members. Which is total bullshit..

The Beholder 2013.07.22
I completely agree with Zhivago on this. The gameplay isn`t so much challenging as irritating. And Zhivago is 100% on point with the creepy pedophile motif. I guess it works for some, but not everyone.

jjelraj 2013.07.21
graphics are great, however finding the right spots are frustrating at times

crashz1981 2013.07.19
Great graphics and nice story can`t wait for part 2,, there is so much left to do in this game.

fendydliedbulk 2013.07.19
the graphic is awesome..
and the gameplay is EPIC..!

georgesanders 2013.07.16
The two erotic stories are really fascinating because they are, in a way that I would never have expected in this game genre, showing sensitivity, tenderness, and tastefulness. Plus, the experienced Alexandra assertively models behavior that most men should really be much more concerned about, namely, ejaculatory control. Good show!

LexiBoo 2013.07.15
Great graphics, love LOP!

arti316 2013.07.11
cant wait to play the next part !

MS96 2013.07.10
Man, we need a sequal for this!

ajax1234 2013.07.09
cant wait for a sequel or something

63ted 2013.07.08
Enjoy this game and ability to skip slow scenes with help of a little "sand".

totto0675 2013.07.07
i really like that game, sweet girls in, hope to get part 2

zenek21982 2013.06.28
nice story, good graphics, very erotic

dorlas 2013.06.26
Love the story, interaction, just wish it moved a bit faster.

lxpl9c 2013.06.26
Good graphics, I especially liked the girl in the yellow bikini, but the game play is very slow paced and it got tedious after a while.

sexguitar1 2013.06.25
It`s a little bored, no action at first, and the way to get out the dialogs it`s anoying

believer 2013.06.19
nice story - good graphics - acceptable erotic

narago 2013.06.18
I love this graphic.. and i love this game *g*

burtonjosh 2013.06.17
This game is hot!! Would like to see more like it.

andyj 2013.06.16
Good story line, but the gameplay is slow moving...overall I like it though - definitely hot girls

irishpin 2013.06.16
Alexandra is a hot charater is this game, Any one know if she is in another game?

ad1021 2013.06.15
Excellent graphics and great story. cant wait fr the second part.

BettleJuice 2013.06.15
awesome but guy should really attack this milf

jopstar3382 2013.06.15
this is really good game!

dback1030 2013.06.14
The graphics are excellent. The gameplay is repetitive and sometimes hard to figure out. Very slow on my computer.

licius80 2013.06.11
Hot game, more of these plz.

dave1818 2013.06.11
a little slow to get into action but good once you get there.

Zhivago 2013.06.11
Good graphics, decent attempt at the story, but the gameplay is repetitive and frequently frustrating. I`m also turned off by the pedophile/molester motif that often comes up in pusooy`s games, in this case with Wendy and the life guard.

Koivx 2013.06.08
Great game, great graphics, I enjoyed it.

Scappy220 2013.06.07
Was a long and very well thought out game! When is number 2 coming out?

Pauley909 2013.06.06
a killer game to die for it was awesome

snukkie 2013.06.06
i like the graphics and the scenes. but i think it takes too long

Ritts 2013.06.05
This is the best gameplay on the site. Loved it. More of this please.

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Hush 2013.06.02
Fantastic game! Far better gameplay than the Mummy-trilogy, but as exciting a story line!

felexan 2013.06.01
love the game great sex scenes

BiggBaddChris 2013.06.01
okay graphics and good gameplay

coboypunk 2013.06.01
very nice game, and good story... hope more free games ....

Davos 2013.05.31
i really like that game cant wait for the next part

s0mers69 2013.05.30
this game had a little bit different story line to it but all in all it was a good game

sam21090 2013.05.28
nice game good graphics
a perfect game for me

Timberwolf7 2013.05.27
While difficult, these games are always good. Looking forward to a new one

bigdaddy101101101 2013.05.22
this game was pretty hard to manourvere about

LastLegion13 2013.05.22
Great game, good suspense. Maybe dialogue is a bit long. Can`t wait for part 2

Gery1 2013.05.21
Stuck with the lifeguard. Second time he wants to play with her breasts he just waves his hand around.

freaky220 2013.05.21
Solid game worth a play or two would rate it about a 79

noperapon 2013.05.19
OMG it`s so slow on my computer... Can have a smoke between actions...

Jack012 2013.05.19
i like the game and i would play part 2 now

timeline 2013.05.19
A little slow but grafx make up for it, Great game

thssing 2013.05.18
i wish i were that guy

midion 2013.05.18
i hope part 2 will be out soon

trucknut 2013.05.18
totally great game cant wait to c what happens in the next part

txstud4 2013.05.17
Can not wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

jw111 2013.05.17
great game, hot scenes, nice subtle touches with the animating

dodge15 2013.05.15
great game can not wait for part two

harith12345 2013.05.14
its so hot i could cum asa many as i want

andyy 2013.05.13
it is very hot, i love the blond girl. when comes the 2nd part ?

danny78 2013.05.12
anyone who knows when part2 comes,want to play it

Spenc044 2013.05.10
I`ve played this twice and never even gotten to a real sex scene. Amazing.

4ever2good 2013.05.10
very hard to find "the right place"

TheJudge85 2013.05.09
Great game and great story, cant wait for the second part.

DanoSvK 2013.05.08
this game is very good idea agaon very good graphic and this is very good game

babugee 2013.05.03
really a game full of fun

manguy 2013.05.03
Really nice game, i really like the graphic and the animation

Torresso 2013.05.02
Good storyline & great graphics, really like this game!

3afterthird 2013.05.02

lulalura 2013.04.30
dope ass graphics. I couldnt get past the BJ part but I LOVE THIS, site.

ststefan 2013.04.30
Is here any resume of this game? Very nice

dodge15 2013.04.29
good game although is feels unfinished part two needs to come along asap

shubhsaloni 2013.04.29
i am 18 . i search a girl for sex

shubhsaloni 2013.04.29
im 18 years old and i am searching for a hot sexy girl

mohitrai 2013.04.28
sexxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but took a long tine

pilotmaster01 2013.04.28
Great game, nice graphic, interesting story, detailed animation, could be faster a little bit

SoulEater821 2013.04.28
very nice graphics! and the story line really helps the gameplay

seppo1 2013.04.25
bad controls othgerwise good

raiha024 2013.04.22
like the game although it was kind of unfinished

Nimsajevil 2013.04.22
I didnt`t really like the "try to find the right place to click" thing. But a very nice game anyhow!

sj13 2013.04.21
great game very good graphics

amor5555 2013.04.21
I don`t like this game the mouse doesn`t listen and takes too long

niksbeter 2013.04.20
I loved this game, and really hope there will be a part 2. Indeed for some people the story starts too slow, but it is a really nice game for a change

madmax68 2013.04.20
Best game I`ve ever played - loved it when the life guard was fucking her - excellent

crooney7 2013.04.18
Really love the storyline of the game!!!!

ryank2110 2013.04.17
great game but little slow in story still enjoyed it

smoots1 2013.04.13
i love games like this thiswas an great game too

jakehammer 2013.04.13
this ones goin to my favorites

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
Great graphics, variety of game play, I am looking forward to part 2

rahlfan20 2013.04.13
Some parts are a little tricky, but the graphics are quite good.

MacPau 2013.04.12
I look forward to the next part. Nice game.

nativeguy69 2013.04.10
The game is lovely, takes awhile to get interesting, but patience pays off

gwazz 2013.04.09
great game well thought out bbut what about part2????

tobbe_91 2013.04.06
very nice game, great graphics
Just be patient, it`s worth it

flyer10 2013.04.06
good game but pretty long and hard to get past some parts

lalelu 2013.04.06
great animations!, unfortunately part 2 and 3 are for paying members only....

pippo73 2013.04.06
beatiful and sexy gameme......good

phareze01 2013.04.05
nice graphics but too short. i loved it

tron24 2013.04.03
my third game was so great my charractor got so horny

tron24 2013.04.03
third game was so fantastic

tron24 2013.04.03
my second
game was great

yolazzy 2013.04.02
Wow,one of the best games I ever played. Too bad the chikend uit,the MILF was superb..

zr77z 2013.03.31
I like games with hot blonde

poop1234 2013.03.30
nice game i love the beach

hunted 2013.03.29
Love these kinds of games. Great girls from the younger ones to the more mature lady. Would have liked to have seen more action though.

RiseOfHell 2013.03.29
Great Game !!! Best ;) Nice graphics .

RaresHOT 2013.03.27
Lovely game and great sex in the dreams... When will the next part be released???

RaresHOT 2013.03.27
I hope the next part will be just as good as this one

RaresHOT 2013.03.27
BEst game i ever played

RaresHOT 2013.03.27
I can not wait for the next part !

RaresHOT 2013.03.27
Nice looking new game i love it !

Blueberryredd123 2013.03.27
this game is really slow

asadaly21 2013.03.26
good game; I love the gameplay

asadaly21 2013.03.26
Nice looking new game liked it.

Talla 2013.03.25
The girls look great, but the game is WAY to slow. The dialogue is unrealistic and choppy. Fix the story of the game, but keep the girls the same.

Raiha24 2013.03.25
this one is a good game. nice graphics and kind of gave me quite a challenge what to do next

flyingbananatree 2013.03.24
I really don`t like this game, yea the graphics are good but the reactions to mouse movements are way too long

Dave719 2013.03.23
I like the guys who do these ones, and they didn`t disappoint. can`t wait for part 2

sebastien7 2013.03.23
good game; I love the gameplay

Tonchik 2013.03.22
good grafic very nice game. i love this game.

Ellis Thomas 2013.03.22
this game is awsome the animation is really cool graphics r awsome

messanger3 2013.03.21
Very nice, cant wait for the sequel

Abebackot 2013.03.21
I love the quality of the game.

Jayne 2013.03.19
one of the best games on here, wish there was a part 2

dpfreire 2013.03.19
Jogo fant??stico! Qualidade superior.

jakeshadow 2013.03.19
such a fantastic script and animations!! i just love this game

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

CyclonZ 2013.03.18
I hope the next part will be as amazing as this ^_^

nathanco 2013.03.16
good grafic very nice game. i love this game.

Universe1 2013.03.16
Ya ...its great game...great graphics......great animation......all is great......i like it.

BigBen18 2013.03.14
Great game, great graphics, great dialogue, GREAT EVERYTHING!

tronic1975 2013.03.14
really awesome graphics and good storyline. Gimme the next part!!!!!!

fmeyen 2013.03.13
Great game, hope part 2 comes out soon.

drVeron 2013.03.12
great game and the animation waht i like

gallente 2013.03.10
enjoyable game with quite nice graphics

jamaica 2013.03.09
Geates Game Ever I really liked the Graphics

tyga5054 2013.03.09
I liked the game for the most part, but it seemed kinda slow. a whole lot of repetition. and I would have preferred to finish one person`s story before going to the next person`s

Lurch94 2013.03.08
i hope the 2nd part will apear in next time

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Really nice. When do we get the sequel?

jeky 2013.03.08
great game and the animation waht i like

duckray69 2013.03.08
Really great game, want to find part 2

Ketza 2013.03.07
Great game ! Waiting for the next part :)

cookboy77 2013.03.07
this was a good game a little long but beautiful graphics

sousoute 2013.03.06
never tired of playing this game

sousoute 2013.03.06
waiting for the part 2 of the game

sousoute 2013.03.06
very well made, concept excellent

sousoute 2013.03.06
one of the best in the series i should say

gartal 2013.03.06
Fantastic game! Top quality.

frnmel573 2013.03.05
IGood game Great graphics

karan singh 2013.03.05
great game great graphics played 7 times but no bored cool hot game

mohitrai 2013.03.05
sexy game but action was very far from starting

Tonaxitron 2013.03.05
Great game however it takes a while to get into the action but besides that lots of sexy girls

corzande 2013.03.04
The graphics were surprisingly good. Enjoyed the storyline even the cliche portions. Controls were a bit complicated, but also somewhat intuitive once I played for a bit.

Houngan 2013.03.04
The controls are actually all right for one of these games.Normally, they`re almost impossible. Started off slowly, but a pretty good story-line. Well done.

Teine 2013.03.03
Scene Skip Word: sand
===== === ==== ====

Great, but tricky little game. The part I got stuck on was with Winnie with the lifeguard. The tricky part is where he`s playing with her nipples. When you pause, his hand will shift from breast, to breast. So make sure you know which breast he is on, and what nipple to caress.

wateshito 2013.03.03
I play this game in Pussoy page, and i liked to much, specially the part when the guy know the girl in the hiden beach

hant 2013.03.01
love this one..waiting for part 2

blackino1 2013.02.28
a good game but really i cannot go on, i stop at the beach where photografer boy meet the woman
really impossible to play

Damdimvi 2013.02.27
This was a good one. I wish there had been more choices to make, though.

dexgrif14 2013.02.27
great game. good graphics

63ted 2013.02.26
Look forward to Beach Party 2 as found this game fun.

gartal 2013.02.26
i wish im that little boy... first time sex.

49fp 2013.02.26
Enjoyed this game. Takes time but look forward to part 2.

Bombaazhul 2013.02.26
Very nice games.
Animations are great. Interactivity too.

jim4colt45 2013.02.26
love this game intence when will 02 come out or is it out already.

Koldness 2013.02.26
Really good graphics, but the pace and gameplay can be frustrating at times

gartal 2013.02.25
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

BigC2679 2013.02.25
this was a fun game can`t wait till part 2

Spark4495 2013.02.25
I llove how this game is slow and drawn out. It a really hot game. A lot of fun.

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

ed71c 2013.02.24
nice graphics and great game

jtgjrock 2013.02.22
really nice game very very fun cant wait till part 2

sweetwildcat 2013.02.21
I cant wait to play part 2. Thanks

shruthika 2013.02.21
very nice game totally awesome

brom64 2013.02.20
one of the best sexiest games I played loved it

sexyguy46 2013.02.19
This is a good game but I couldn`t get past the part where she tells the young man to smell her somewhere else, I don`t get how to control it /:

andrey2203 2013.02.16
i wish im that little boy... first time sex.

Shush 2013.02.15
Decent game. Having multiple characters to navigate is fun, but I still prefer having just one char to use. GFX aren`t as good as the other PF1 games but it`s just a matter of preference. Overall: 8/10

derda 2013.02.15
Not bad for being animated.

awesome112233 2013.02.15
cool game
i loved it
im stuck on the part where it starts to rain

jackme42 2013.02.14
That`s a great game. Waiting for part 2.

pdood1986 2013.02.14
love playing this game play it all the time has great graphics and game play. cant wait for the second part to come out please be soon.

blaylock78 2013.02.14
Fantastic game! Top quality.

stnick 2013.02.13
Great graphics and some nice story bits in it but its a PITA to play and takes ages to get anywhere, if the control system had some logic to it it would help but it doesnt, you dont know if you are expeected to jiggle the mouse about or not on half the cut scenes and once the pleasure meter is full surely that scene should move on not require Alex to keep sucking ballz for 5 mins. Still great effort and miles better than most of the other stuff, just sort the controls out.

islandor 2013.02.12
i`m stuck when on the small beach... when she licking young guys balls.
Any solution...??

valerievegas2264 2013.02.12
this is an awsome game it is a fun game it is a great game

blackino1 2013.02.12
Nive game in theory, controls are...... i stopped early when the photograph boy meet the woman in small beach, i cannot go on, can someone give an advice?i wish to go on and finish the game.....

AngelStorm747 2013.02.11
Nice storytelling and good, decent graphics. Not for the impatient player though. Looking forward for part2

estespint 2013.02.11
Good game, very exciting but kinda long to play

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
ok game, but i couldnt get past how unattarctive the girls were...

stefano71 2013.02.10
Good game, perhaps a little bit long

wandres25 2013.02.10
Very sexy game, good history line and great fantasy of the characters. I`ll waiting for the continue of this game.

mamiz 2013.02.10
I really don`t understand this game any avice

busu99 2013.02.08
this game was great i loved it

grandhammer 2013.02.08
Nice graphics but the controls are way to clunky. I never could get past the winnie/lifguard. I would love to play more but frankly the controls are just to frustrating

edf12506 2013.02.07

jrjr567 2013.02.07
this game was awesome! i liked the development

gartal 2013.02.06
i can`t wait till part 2

milany 2013.02.06
the movements are too difficult but the graphic is nice

kaitokid1990 2013.02.06
this game is interesting... however, it`s kinda slow...

yulia 2013.02.06
i like this game, good imagination

kpjr278 2013.02.06
This game had great graphics, interesting storyline, can`t wait for BP 2!

Dj92881 2013.02.05
Super hot and sexy! Love this one!

stnick 2013.02.04
Im sorry but the mouse control thing means it takes ages to progress past feeling Alex`s titties and half an hour or more to get past scene 8 its frustraiting on what would be a cracking game otherwise.

vampireking 2013.02.04
This is great and funny just needs another part to it.

MonsterDick2257 2013.02.04
i really like the graphics to this game

BigAl147 2013.02.03
The graphic aren`t bad but movements a bit difficult.

mick149 2013.02.03
it seems to be a good game but takes a while to load which is a shame :)

Yoho 2013.02.03
Nice game i like it Pretty good

arkaniss 2013.02.02
very very good game it is number one

gege1743 2013.02.02
this game is amazing me and my girl did the same thing and it made her feel horny and i love that

woody56 2013.02.02
Another excellent game... Well done

Criptomax 2013.02.02
Pusooy never leaves you wanting. Well, except for a sequel maybe ;)

kimkhun 2013.02.02
Nice Games...Interested !!!

flyguy 2013.02.02
Takes forever to get to the actual gameplay...

GigaNetBoy 2013.02.01
Good game Great graphics really liked it

liquidogg 2013.02.01
mmm that girls ass is so nice!

ck-pasta 2013.02.01
Pretty good. Didn`t like some of the controls, but still a good game.

midgriff 2013.01.31
Not bad, the gameplay is a bit slow and it is often difficult to figure out what you`re supposed to be doing. Got stuck on Scene 11, never did figure out how to get beyond.

danielselwyn89 2013.01.30
one of the best ever game that i have ever played

girl4girl35 2013.01.30
Great game, got me INTERESTED!

nothere123 2013.01.29
I thought this game was great. Good graphics, hot girls. a little slow at times and i`m not sure whether i`m supposed to be doing something more than clicking through the dialogue, but over all... nice.

sriharia161 2013.01.28
good game, seems a bit incomplete

forwarduntodawn 2013.01.28
better game than i expected look forward to the continuation.

ua tom 2013.01.27
good game and nice graphic but so slow

boboy 2013.01.26
This game is second to none

boboy 2013.01.26
girls in the game very nice, good graphic

boboy 2013.01.26
goooood animation, when part 02 related?

boboy 2013.01.26
very nice graphic, totally awesome

boboy 2013.01.26
Her sex less... but i am funny this graphic this game, awesome

boboy 2013.01.26
Can`t wait for the next part!!! when the next part out?

brodiebruce 2013.01.26
great game with multiple options and results. the controls are good but can be a bit clumpy at times with the exactness of the mouse location. overall a super well done and sexy game

derekto 2013.01.26
very nice game, great graphics
Just be patient, it`s worth it!

wolfinn2 2013.01.25
great game give it a huge erection

sexeractive 2013.01.24
this game is so slow, it takes forever to get to the interesting parts

scoot 2013.01.23
This is an awesome game. Just be patient, it`s worth it!

WARDOG77 2013.01.22
nice to see a game from pusooy again. it seems like forever since hes last "free" game. its a pleasure to see his graphic skills are improving and his story line is prefect as all ways!! keep them coming! cant wait to see how it ends!

sexeractive 2013.01.22
the mouse movements drive me crazy. so tedious

ShiFU 2013.01.22
really nice game. i enjoy it.

shinigami2433 2013.01.22
great game. good graphics

harrywibowo 2013.01.22
the glasses girl is too thin, make sexier girls only please ... her breast is too small :)

sexytimefuckme 2013.01.22
Story line wasn`t what I thought it would be. Still a great game though!

OMTOR10 2013.01.21
good game but not amazing .littel turned me on

estong 2013.01.21
very nice game. great graphics, but a bit slow for me. overall it a great game.

qwerty1121 2013.01.21
Nice game, love this king of graphics

Lost_Kidd_Jazz 2013.01.20
She takes forever to suck his cock !!! just shov it in already

GORU 2013.01.20
Nice game, thanks for it.

katakana132 2013.01.19
Game looks great and is fun, but I`m not a fan of dream sequences.

teight 2013.01.18
i love this game its amazing!!, really turned me on

teight 2013.01.18
wow this game is great, i love the graphics its amazing !!

gartal 2013.01.18
nice game and graphics made the girls here horny

sweettea 2013.01.18
great game. nice graphics. Would be better if the game would move along faster.

lmilevoj 2013.01.17
Good game Great graphics really liked it

peterpanski 2013.01.17
very nice game, great graphics.

draven100 2013.01.16
wish i could be seduced like that kid when i was in his age!

randy06 2013.01.16
another top game and great action and sexy ladys cant wait for chapter 2

ironicprod 2013.01.16
this was a good game but was dull at some points

redy4acshun 2013.01.16
Nice game. Needs to move a little faster, but not much.

tibool 2013.01.15
The party 2 is just amazing

Quineon 2013.01.15
The game has too much dialogue

magnumhot888 2013.01.14
nice story., im excited for the next episode..

Silveralpha 2013.01.14
it is a great game but i am stuck on the second girl

naughtystacy 2013.01.14
amazing game!! i`m sooo waiting for part 2!! (y)

Hobgoblin67 2013.01.14
Nice game,superb graphics. Want part 2 now!! lol

saquib.khan966 2013.01.13
nice game and nice graphics

leodrigger 2013.01.13
This game has very good length and good quality. It`s one I recommend.

pclay2 2013.01.13
Can`t wait for part 2 if this was only part 1

pclay2 2013.01.13
Keep getting stuck on the blonde girl for a while but finally got through it

pein82 2013.01.12
very hot game, just waiting for pat 2.

VaniaGr94 2013.01.12
Nice graphic and a good story!!

danzhe 2013.01.12
hey in my pc cant play game this??

gentlyporking 2013.01.12
Great graphics. The characters are interesting and most are likable.

loverboy1584 2013.01.11
unneccessary boring long conversation make me sick.

dsertigel 2013.01.11
relly nice game, I can`t wait for next part !

Madelene 2013.01.11
I liked this game very much. I really hope there will be a sequel to it. Some games in this style can be really hard to use the hot-spots and mouse movement coordination. This was superb. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :)

shishkabob 2013.01.10
Great graphics. The characters are interesting and most are likable. The play can be very slow. I wish there was a little more feedback to know what is working and what is just a coincidence. I feel a little like Skinner`s pigeons.

babymustache 2013.01.09
i love the graphic and animation. it`s cool

panzerv 2013.01.09
Good game, nice story. Very nice graphics too. Perfect game for this site. Nice job!

Ricoh124 2013.01.09
Plenty of scope for future episodes, good beginning

MitFak 2013.01.09
great game, story and graphics are top notch...can`t wait to play part 2

edda 2013.01.08
nice game like the gameplay!!

zantha 2013.01.08
Highly erotic. Very well done.

Mr.Biq 2013.01.08
thats good graphics i liked its very hot

king135 2013.01.08
nice and sexy ,,i like it ..whoaaa

grba1 2013.01.08
wonderfull game and graphics excellent

arathor 2013.01.07
Very good game. It takes awhile for it to get moving though and really interesting

markfred 2013.01.06
nice graphics and slowly increasing pleasure rate

rollinthunder 2013.01.06
Good game. It takes awhile for it to get moving though

joepie 2013.01.05
nice game like the gameplay

pericka 2013.01.05
Good game Great graphics really liked it!!!

bene4 2013.01.05
not the greatest game but it was fun

mickbho1888 2013.01.04
brilliant game. loved the storyline. hot scenes too

gemini14 2013.01.04
this game was great had loads of action and kept you interested

BallIdiot 2013.01.03
Great graphics and animation. Pusooy is improving its games!

astroyer 2013.01.03
cool graphics n slick gameplay

astroyer 2013.01.03
pretty cool game,i liked it

Arbaal 2013.01.03
Good game, but bit long-winded at start.

zee95 2013.01.03
it is a great game but i am stuck on the second girl

Petri 2013.01.03
Very pleasure game, there re many hot animate girls.

conbron 2013.01.03
super graphics & story, very nice sex-scens, a littel bit more orgy ? :-)

gradandrei2006 2013.01.03
It has been a while since his last release.

DarKnight2698 2013.01.03
the game was a little slow

oranjeboven 2013.01.03
Ultimately hot!
Graphics storyline, just perfect.
More of this!

zlati700 2013.01.02
great game i love it realy nice

gimmino77 2013.01.02
This game is fantastic. graphic story and much more....

Rick999 2013.01.02
I love this game. story starts a bit slow but the scenes are great and pretty rewarding

karrot1970 2013.01.01
It has been a while since his last release.VeryGood game.I hope the next release wil come soon.I still havent played FD3 or FD 4 yet but Beach part 2 looks hot as wel.

Sumptuous 2013.01.01
I liked this game, but the animations were a bit to long.

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game... i liked...

marek015 2013.01.01
Can`t wait till part 2,
Good game !

ililolili1 2013.01.01
GOOD GAME i like this geme

Lokairn 2013.01.01
When will the second part be disponible ?

fox_says_ken 2012.12.31
Game play is a little slow, but like most of their other games, Pusooy`s graphics are off the chart compared to the competition. Beach Party 1 is one of my favorites along with Farmer`s Daughter 1, Mummy Love 2 and Mummy Love 3.

toughguy0318 2012.12.31
amazing graphics, very real. like the others said a bit lengthy with the dialogue and not much interaction but the sex scenes are worth it!

bweavy 2012.12.31
pretty good game, but, the intro sequence without any player interaction was a bit long to click through and read

AtzeGeil1977 2012.12.30
she makes me feel that i real touch her skin

lolidunno123 2012.12.30
Good looking, hot game but at some times, kinda boring

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.30
Great game and graphics, I`m looking forward the next episode

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.30
great game i reccomend to eveyone

djfonzie1 2012.12.29
Good game!!

Can`t wait till part 2

kio4567 2012.12.29
i love the graphics in this game and the girl shes som hot

fei123 2012.12.29
this games isreally wonderful and its very good choise

valvestater65 2012.12.29
Epic! Pusooy games are the best!

lilykeai 2012.12.29
best fuck game storyline was awesome

katakana132 2012.12.28
Fun game, if not a little slow. And the dream sequences are not my favorite.

hubi 2012.12.28
i like pusooy´sgames the are anazing great

itsme332013 2012.12.28
Excellent game play. Very good with realistic breasts and pussy!

diegoporcelos 2012.12.27
Para cuando esa segunda parte

reflexian77 2012.12.27
Great game, really enjoyed it... cant wait for part 2

sex_pal3124 2012.12.27
awsome graphics 1 of mh first i played like that

ski9072 2012.12.27
That was how shall I say it, incredible

Docklander 2012.12.27
Loved the first part, can`t wait for the next - her little boobs are so cute!

Xaque 2012.12.27
The production of PUSOOY is one of the best in the net and obviously the best on this site. The games are always good looking and fun to play. Beach party - is the most exciting game from PUS, I liked it much and looking forward for the second and hopefully third par of it.

jemoeder 2012.12.26
great game i reccomend to eveyone

Roedebard 2012.12.26
I somehow missed an inital explanation about the games mode and a "jump forward" key might be usefull

wateshito 2012.12.25
grate game from pussoy!!!! i love his page unfortunely we have to pay for play the games!!!! im poor no inof money

hp95 2012.12.24
Nice game - waitung for Part 2

unclerico 2012.12.24
The graphics are really good, but it`s a bit too slow for my taste. A save point or something along those lines would have been a great addition.

nap000 2012.12.24
pretty nice game. good graphics and a nice story. i wish some more of these.

sudhanshu 2012.12.24
solid fucking.... i m loving it

silky 2012.12.23
woohoo cool game i love it

bigdick68 2012.12.23
nice looking game i realy liked it

Willis69 2012.12.23
Fantastic graphics and sex scenes!

kjdehn 2012.12.22
wish I I Kelly by the ocean

marco25 2012.12.22
great game really liked it

Hunter99004 2012.12.22
Great game, good graphics and action

IamBri 2012.12.22
Puso with another great game. Can`t wait for the next chapter to be released. Loved the see thru during the dream sequence.

TheDarkKnightRises22 2012.12.21
Really enjoyed playing this. Especially love the graphics.

kjdehn 2012.12.21
great game but need more Kelly and monica

Lucky.chang 2012.12.21
Lovely game and great sex in the dreams... When will the next part be released???

CooCharles 2012.12.21
Great date, great story, great SEX!!!

elven_steve 2012.12.21
Great game but I am currently stuck when the lifeguard is inside Winnie. If I move the mouse right as he moves right he gives an extra hard shove but the excitement bar does not seem to go up. Am I missing something?

athossico 2012.12.20
another great game from pusooy

branknock 2012.12.20
a great game, not bad game play and good graphics, like it

Maxim3190 2012.12.20
Not so much a game, but an interactive movie. Great graphics, but the gameplay could use some work.

divox 2012.12.19
Not as good as I thought but good enough.

Mangrove 2012.12.19
Haha this game was awesome with the "nerds" getting the action first!, a bit long for the scenes but I liked it.
Txs for a good game!

Steuer30 2012.12.19
Good game Great graphics really liked it

mrbiggstuff 2012.12.19
The graphics are so real! Great quality. Love it

jizzman111 2012.12.19
great game i reccomend to eveyone

dreadwolf 2012.12.19
gameplay need work , graphic are ok , animation are slow

walcolo 2012.12.18
you should be able to save that game...

oduncu 2012.12.18
This game is great! pusooy is numero uno.

ashish0808 2012.12.18
why pusooy is not launching any game from the suggested category...

ashish0808 2012.12.18
hope part 2 have some choices...

ashish0808 2012.12.18
amazing game..waiting for part 2

VeNNoM 2012.12.18
The Graphics for these games are great but they`re just too slow aside that it was entertaining and I will play the seaqual

maxxxy 2012.12.18
Extremely well done. This should be a model for more games. Would have preferred a few choices in the conversations, but that`s a quibble. The seduction/sex was very arousing. Great buildup. Good payoff. Thanks!

mclovingood 2012.12.18
I wish the nerdy kid actually did something. Too much talking as well.

glukos37 2012.12.18
Nice looking new game liked it.

gp78 2012.12.18
maybe some of the action is slow, truly a great game

lenny64 2012.12.17
amazing game
nice graphics

playforceoneboy 2012.12.17
really good. i like all of it! so exciting

Melor 2012.12.17
Just piece of shit.
Too much stupid talks.
Poor Billy can not cum more than 10 minutes its oughtfull.
So it`s game for slow-witted boys

boobstits 2012.12.17
amazing game love this game

Dennis400 2012.12.17
One of the better games on this site

hitsushi 2012.12.17
Good game.. Nice graphics.. Wait for the next sequel.. :D

zantha 2012.12.16
Excellent game! I really like the time you must take with the women.

firion69 2012.12.16
It`s a great game, but I got stuck at the perfume part... o.o nothing seems to happen anymore...

Dna816 2012.12.16
Great game and graphics, I`m looking forward the next episode

coko 2012.12.15
Good game Great graphics really liked it

GORU 2012.12.15
i like it with awesome GAME

coolman276 2012.12.15
this game is an awesome game

ixeatxpeople 2012.12.15
Wish there was a way to skip parts if you mess up and have to start over. Got repetitive

LukeChun 2012.12.15
The graphic is very good and the game is very nice too.

iwantsex123 2012.12.15
very hot! alexandra is my favorite

Cj2k 2012.12.14
really enjoyed playing this one can`t wait for the second one

mattbro 2012.12.14
better than previous games from this creator but still not impressed.

t00nie123 2012.12.13
so nice game and the graphics is awesome nice creator

Mr. Magic 2012.12.13
Fun story line. Didn`t care for the interaction controls.

ECRIDER 2012.12.13
A little long but very good. Look forward to the second one

HotGuyxD 2012.12.13
one of my fav games great gameplay

ik33377 2012.12.13
very nice looking game i like it with awesome graphics

kalbs 2012.12.13
Good game Great graphics really liked it

buu123 2012.12.13
wished billy would have just licked her

buu123 2012.12.13
cant wait for the next part

pawacoteng 2012.12.13
I can`t believe no one has revealed the secret word. It is "sand". If you type this in, you can skip to any scene within the game!

derda 2012.12.12
Good job, really exciting

monerick 2012.12.12
another great story and x scenes and hot chicks and love theses kind of storys and cant wait for chapter tw2

Theosopher 2012.12.12
i like this format. audio and video interplay creating a more sensorial experience.

shuvobd 2012.12.12
little bit tough but still okay....

littlguy 2012.12.12
This is a great game. Poosay.com always has some highly interactive games and this is probably there best.

xyphoide 2012.12.12
awesome graphic, good story, beautiful girl, i just can`t have enough

beneathuk 2012.12.11
Great artwork but I got bored with the laboured gameplay.

ptalgh 2012.12.11
good looking game. i like it

twointheclip 2012.12.11
good looking game. i like it alot.

mikicostanza 2012.12.11
great game I like realy like it

drewski0 2012.12.11
Awesome game! Can;t wait for part 2!

feelthebasse 2012.12.11
Nice game at all !
I really like the scene at the beach with this noobie :)
hope to see more games !

kk13 2012.12.11
Good game but kinda slow and long. It needs a save game button so you can come back to play and not start from beginning.

sanfoora 2012.12.11
liked it so much .. waiting for part 2

asifgadha 2012.12.10
probably the best and the boring game i ever played! i still cant finish the game! plz add skip in every steps of the story and make shorter the sex senses in second part! i m really waiting for it!!!

xoxox55 2012.12.10
graphics are nice but slow, game is OK!

sumitplay 2012.12.10
hey.....i liked the game....
thought little tough

lss 2012.12.10
i never get enough of playing these games.

durocostante 2012.12.10
Great!!! i loove this game....i`m sooo horny now...my cock it`s sooo hard

jrc456 2012.12.10
looks like he uses the same Character the lady looks like the boys mother they have the same nose and mouth put the blond hair and breast and make up on him he looks like her lmao and the rest of the games are not free you have to pay for them

TheDoRon 2012.12.10
Great Game, Just wish I could pause it, and go back to where I last left off

randy06 2012.12.09
another great story and x scenes and hot chicks and love theses kind of storys and cant wait for chapter tw2

Declannl 2012.12.09
I love the beach scene, the N00b13 is funny and the gilr is sexy

anton_r1 2012.12.09
Nice game at all !
I really like the scene at the beach with this noobie :)
hope to see more games !

Sobaan 2012.12.09
can`t even get past the first bit of gameplay x_x someone please write a tutorial

sexysushi 2012.12.09
Quite long to load but amazing game

pogibrown 2012.12.09
graphics is nice but so slow when loading... i dont if it is my connection..:D

pusshound 2012.12.09
Nice graphics. Nice looking women. Hot sex scenes. A lot to like. However, I think some chick must write these games since it takes so long to get to the action....

emetiel 2012.12.09
great game I like realy like it

karrottop 2012.12.09
it`s agood game I just hope Puso continues to post games on his free site to play. I loved the graphics and story as always

thansen 2012.12.09
Good start of a game. Shame it will be broken into multiple pieces.

flesh28 2012.12.08
nice graphics, let see what comes in part 2

Reelgreenjake 2012.12.08
Anyone got a walkthrough for this game?

CapnMorgan 2012.12.08
I was disappointed at first because of the length of the startup story and fewer options once you were in the story. But Puso constantly turns out a quality product - it takes a while but at least isn`t a disappointing wait like it was for babysitting cream. two thumbs up.

andy_regresa 2012.12.08
Nice looking new game liked it.

voodooacidboy 2012.12.08
i like this type of game a lot!

Long Dick 2012.12.08
Liked the first installment. Can`t wait to see the rest.

ozorne_6 2012.12.08
good graphics and long game, and i had the impression there was a size limit.
so no excuse anymore for bad graphics and short games.
This one is on top of the list, bravo well done.

Tiger21 2012.12.08
Not bad, but room for improvement. Good graphics and reasonable action, but the starting story is very slow, the general progress isn`t much faster - and it takes way too long and far too much mouse action to progress through the scenes.

Devin Da Dude 2012.12.08
This game is terrible! Play Keeley games, much better

wolfman 2012.12.08
wheres that beach,id like to attend,especially with that hot blonde,good game cant wait for part two

ionutionut 2012.12.08
i don t like it....is a boring game

eriyg 2012.12.08
if you`re stuck at the perfume part, it just takes patience. you control the char with your cursor so move it all the way to the left to get your face as close to her as possible, hold it there for like 10 seconds then pull back. keep doing this until your char`s head moves lower (it will be very slight so look for it) then do that like 5 more times and there will be more dialogue. this is how all the scenes work

shyman44425 2012.12.08
Way way too long for the action to complete. Took all of the fun out of it.

chap74 2012.12.08
i really love this game but part two is even beter

HighWildAndFree 2012.12.08
can any one please help me and tell me what to do when looking for the older ladies perfume please

HighWildAndFree 2012.12.08
i keep getting stuck when i smell the older ladies perfume

HighWildAndFree 2012.12.08
really great game i always love playing them to relax AND get excited.

ivcosic3 2012.12.07
Really great game, hot girl and graphics

gorex 2012.12.07
i like it, good game and god graphics

eagleata 2012.12.07
super game, hot girls. i`ll wait 2nd part. thnx pf1

ThePunch 2012.12.07
Umm, no. This game is not really that good. Sorry

mohmoh 2012.12.07
great game...waiting for the next !!!

Mmaster 2012.12.07
really good job puso, gratz. but i cant wait for 2nd part :/

xes9960 2012.12.07
part 1 is good , waiting for part 2

jobbe1980 2012.12.07
lookong forward to part 2

chook2109 2012.12.07
not a bad game the graphics r quite good

keriloth 2012.12.07
I hate Billy... what an idiot...

DirtyDave56 2012.12.07
nice game and graphics made the girls here horny

pemuda 2012.12.07
yes i like this game..... i`m wait for sesion 2

-UnionJack- 2012.12.07
This was so intense and passionate, I definitely recommend this!

cocomicrob 2012.12.07
great game.... nice story... good graphics, love the details...

Diablos 2012.12.07
I enjoyed this game and will play it again sometime.

rwood100 2012.12.07
Very good game if you have the time but well worth it. Already can`t wait for part 2

RowdyRod 2012.12.07
Great game, good length and great graphics. The older lady on the beach was HOT... she had great tits. I can`t wait for part 2.

shadowwolf67 2012.12.07
I want a part 2 now please i love this game

hawkeye93 2012.12.07
is a really good games and is really long

ws2499 2012.12.07
one of the best type of sex game. At last pusooy decided to make it free!

frostee 2012.12.06
the game is rather long, but that just shows that u`ll have longer fun

good job

rot 2012.12.06
Nice graphics. Takes a lot of patience sometimes--especially when the MILF was sucking the boy. But then it crashed shockwave. Would be much better if there were some intermediate points so I wouldn`t have to restart.

des14 2012.12.06
Great game as always from Pussooy! I like it.

katorn 2012.12.06
Looks nice but can`t figure out how game work , i try moving everywhere but nothing work ..

sxgmes 2012.12.06
Nice looking new game liked it.

Gunn 2012.12.06
Im struck... can anyone tell me what to do with the little girl with glasses after playing with her nipples for the first time ? all he does is move his hand back and forth without touching ...

DreamTim 2012.12.06
it`s a pretty nice game. good graphic, good story. I like it

dandydon 2012.12.06
This site puts out the best games on the net. As far as I know, only shark comes close.

Tusher 2012.12.06
fuck i didnt enjoy it not at all

derda 2012.12.06
cool game the characters are super hot

WARDOG77 2012.12.06
GREAT GAME! its been to long since we have gotten one of these games!! hope there will be more soon!!!

es 2012.12.06
Good job, really exciting, looking forward for Part 2.

jmeoff 2012.12.06
Too funny! The nerds got sex before the hotties! Love it.

okiestudd1 2012.12.06
very smooth and exciting game

knoll 2012.12.06
Greta start, can`t wait for part 2

Sacklbicka 2012.12.06
really great job! where can I access part 2?

okiestud 2012.12.06
I thought this was a great game

NightStalker73au 2012.12.06
awesome game play and graphics

white 2012.12.06
what the fuck story..great picture make me feel hot!

jeanmimel 2012.12.06
big up puso ! great job as usual, better and better !!! too bad we need to pay now :( but i understand.

Pecos_Bill 2012.12.06
Too bad the girl Josie we didn`t get to see anything from, maybe in the second part

warpedwiseman 2012.12.06
pretty good graphics and the story is pretty good so far. I`m looking forward to seeing part 2.

CactusZack2 2012.12.06
Fun game...hope part 2 comes out soon. And I hope the blonde from the beach returns too!

harrywibowo 2012.12.06
is the part 2 gonna be shared not for elite only?

harrywibowo 2012.12.06
Pussooy graphic always the best amongst other ... more please :)

ruiverson 2012.12.06
Pusooy did a great job with this one.
Part 2 is even greater :D

1flaguy 2012.12.06
Great game plenty of action and great story line can not wait for part 2.

antib 2012.12.05
great game with amazing graphics! Part 2 is even hotter!

Vallheruh 2012.12.05
This is great! Grafik is much better than most games and the different Themes are good combined.
Thx for adding this great game

sexyfrank 2012.12.05
great game with amazing graphics! Part 2 is even hotter!

jcm0824 2012.12.05
Didn`t get to the end before I had to stop playing. The beginning is a story board not a game. Wish the developer would have added a skip intro button. Other than that, I love the quality of the game.

stevie 2012.12.05
awesome game. love these, great graphics, hot scenes.

crhodes10 2012.12.05
The gameplay and graphics were very good. Great game

bestia99rom 2012.12.05
Can`t wait for the next part!!!

notes1 2012.12.05
very nice game, and good story... hope more free games ....

Elseftino83 2012.12.05
Keeps gliching on the 2nd girl, gets stuck during examination of the nipples, either that or i get stuck. Any help out there.

popcorn2002 2012.12.05
Nice looking new game liked it.

C.C. 2012.12.05
Love these kinds of games. Great girls from the younger ones to the more mature lady. Would have liked to have seen more action though.

stefano71 2012.12.05
wonderfull game and graphics excellent

badboy_4578 2012.12.05
very good game nice work fellas

themoda 2012.12.05
I know this game for other sites, are wonderful hot and sexy, I hope not wait very to play the second part.

ocandela 2012.12.05
Can`t wait for the next part!!!

humasarin 2012.12.05
don`t know what happened but constantly hangs my browser. Unable to play

Speedy1977 2012.12.05
good game good graphics hot girl i liked it

jcc1985 2012.12.05
Good game Great graphics really liked it

Jaaru 2012.12.05
Nice looking new game liked it.

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