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Art with Carla


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Joester 2017.09.04
loved it it was worth playing

Reddie69 2017.08.29
A really nice story and good graphics. Check the walkthrough if you`re lost.

Trokkar 2017.08.28
A little slow, but enjoyable as well. Nice body no doubt.

Bicudo_SA 2017.08.24
The game is cool and well done, but the dialogues are very silly

Bicudo_SA 2017.08.24
O jogo e legal e bem feito, mas os dialogos sao muito bobinhos

brojoe1974 2017.08.17
i couldnt get this game to work o my computer this is the first time it has happenned on this site

cambridge4453 2017.08.03
What`s happened to this game? I now have to download it from mediafire and unzip the file before I can play.

sct5220 2017.07.29
great game.,..just be ready to be playing for a while if you intend to get to the end. but it is well worth it!!rn

sebeju 2017.07.28
Really good graphics and enjoyable. It`s hard but you can get the final scenes following a good walktrough

Bomber93 2017.07.25
slow storyline, boring most of the time and almost zero sex scenes


TheLoveApple 2017.07.15
Games was good..Quality graphic and i like it.

amarde 2017.06.05
I very like Carla but the story is very sad especially the end.

redpunk 2017.06.02
I downloaded the game...but it was different game when i opened the file??

littleGamer 2017.05.22
best game I played - Story like real life. I was hoping for a "Happy end"

BigDog76 2017.03.11
Good set of story lines and great animations.

ianjames 2017.03.10
not impressed was slow and boring

traffic_x1 2017.03.07
It took a few tries and a little bit of help.. but finally managed to get under her pants.. :p :D

sony37 2017.02.15
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

YatoGamiXD 2017.02.11
Best flash dating sim i ever played great history and great graphics but need a little bit of pacience to finish.

kozuu 2017.02.05
It was a solid storyline, but not enough scenes for the amount of time it takes. Also feels like you must play it a certain way exactly rather than having multiple options to explore.

Rod861 2017.01.24
One of the most completes games I ever played

Ladysmith 2017.01.08
A long game and very tricky to get to a `steamy scene`, it could do with an interlude and a bit of leeway in the quest as it is a bit linear (as far as I can gather) - other than that, someone spent a lot of love and time putting this together, just to remind us that you may end up having lots of mega sex - but in real life you have to spend quite a time getting there.

Madno 2016.12.30
very very long game, but worth the time...
nice story ...good gameplay.... interactive walkthrough

CineK 2016.12.27
Very good game. I enjoyed the fact that it`s not focused on sex .

cwan222 2016.12.15
very story based but great game. i cant believe this is based on a true story. my only question is how is this based off of sara`s game? cuz the start it asked if you played sara then i decided to download and play sara first but in sara you are an older guy who sleeps with his married co-worker so the main character in both games arent even the same and i cant find what relates them

mank_rcks 2016.12.14
great game.. has more story elements and is engaging
would have been great with sound and more action

GLC0123 2016.12.14
Great game - in my top ten! Would be even better with less delay in text scenes.

ficker2 2016.12.12
great game
i like the roleplay

anidreams 2016.12.12
Fantastic sex scenes, good story

appu123 2016.12.10
story couldve used some more sex scenes

dx_12 2016.11.27
nice game, although it is really hard to get progress on it though, but still amazing game throughly

komajz 2016.11.26
It is too long. It takes about 1 hour to finish the game and it isn`t something extra.

bigbobbyd 2016.11.15
A little long and drawn out, but fun to figure out the right path. It`s nice to be able to play people instead of just fucking animations

MrJD 2016.11.13
Good story, lots to learn about the girl.

aznbobhope 2016.11.09
Great game, wish there was sound

blaze9196 2016.11.07
i love the animation and the glasses are a serious turn on

Applepie7000 2016.11.05
Great story for sure, I loved her character. Felt it was waaaayyyyyy too long though. 2 hours to finish, with walk through. Lots of fun though

Czeslaw 2016.10.30
Nice gameplay and awesome grafic

Sullen 2016.10.27
This is a long haul, with plenty of good stops along the way. Also what the hell man with the emotions...

Jstew 2016.10.24
Good game, loved the girl but the dialogue can be a bit slow at times.

LimpLizardLover 2016.10.15
Good game with nice quality and pretty interesting

es 2016.10.12
too much dialogues, but still a good game

NicoRobin 2016.10.10
Cool game nice graphics and story line.

farkas 2016.10.05
Nice game width good graphics and story line.

jupa1985 2016.09.29
good game, a bit long concerning about dialogs but its good anyway.

Schwalbe 2016.09.27
Wow, what a nice game! But why no happy ending? So sad!

farkas 2016.09.21
Very long game but very nice scenes and interesting storyboard. i like. I give 9/10 points.

whisper 2016.09.14
very very nice game, i learn pctures :)

ruiverson 2016.09.13
really loved this game. One of the best so far in here.
Quite long, but loved the story.

poordeludedjoe 2016.09.07
Game was good. More teasing would have been nice. But over all it was fun.

pieffepi 2016.09.04
Amazingly sexy. Storyline is brilliant, and the character is super sensual. It could do with some more video-like sex scenes, but other than that, very very well done. Enjoyed it thoroughly

himpan 2016.09.01
nice game with great graphics
surely on my top list

cdogg1999 2016.08.28
this game is definitely a 10/10 game, carla is so sexy

SuperDark232 2016.08.28
great game and pretty challenging

xashish 2016.08.25
good game i like the game

xilor 2016.08.24
Hard game, which i enjoy.Great game. Great story & excellent art. Awesome model.

jopstar93 2016.08.24
hello i can not open the game after i downloaded it? any ideas?

xashish 2016.08.23
love this game. but there is more conversation.

brian1 2016.08.23
good game but too much dialogue

MoonLight01 2016.08.17
I love this game. Hard but perfect.

danny182661 2016.08.16
It is a interesting game with some good graphics

Wahnsinn 2016.08.16
Also, since the game is originally written in Spanish, it`s pretty great for practicing your skills if Spanish isn`t your native language! I`m at a low intermediate level and I understood the large majority of it, with WordReference open in another tab if I got stumped on something. Plus, there are lots of...graphics to give you context as to what`s going on. Just think, you can simultaneously learn a foreign language while you masturbate, how great is that?!?!?

Wahnsinn 2016.08.15
Based on the comments, I was afraid that this would be a long tedious game like Jordan 500 or one of the many other repetitive dating sims.

In fact, this was hands-down the most erotic game that I have ever experienced, including the excellent creations by Tlaero and Wolfschadowe. It is extremely effective at building sexual tension, which is arguably what makes the whole genre so unique. It`s true that if you only have an hour to burn, this is not the game for you, but when you find the time it`s absolutely worth it.

Cptrexer 2016.08.14
Fun game. Very sexy and not what I expected.

perrango 2016.08.14
This game is really cool, feels a little bit long tho, still has great animation, once you start getting to the end the game turns really good and exciting

Ken Adams 2016.08.13
I usually realy like this style of story driven games, but I found the characters quite imature and tedious in this one. Each to their own though, some people will probably really like it. That`s just personal preference and in general this game lives up to the high stnadards of Chapters from Love

celeHree666 2016.08.12
i like the concept of this game

robert54401 2016.08.09
long game and it takes to long before you get to any real action

sauley 2016.08.09
This game has fantastic graphics and a really good story. The poses of the model were super hot! The dialogue tended to drag sometimes and made the story very long.

mooey 2016.07.31
Difficult and lengthy, but a decent game

stach56 2016.07.31
this game doesn`t even have any sex. so bad.

AayushBhai 2016.07.26
Damn such a long story and such a hard game. Lot of dialogues but overall great game.

dutchfall 2016.07.26
Nice game, loved the fact that I had to learn

gopi7891 2016.07.25
gameplay,graphics and animation ok

redridinghood69 2016.07.24
the game is good.. but has many dialog and less action

EyalAndOmer 2016.07.21
Love this game ! so well made

elturrero 2016.07.19
A perfect game. You can feel the progression of the story, Carla is so cutely hot. Great great game.

Proder 2016.07.18
the story in this game is great, and the characters are beautiful.

azrael15 2016.07.16
very very long game, but i really like it

punjabi 2016.07.15
it´s great for a short break, nice graphic sweet girl, its for relaxing

colinjfrancis 2016.07.11
Nice art and an interesting story. But as others have said, dialogue can be very slow.

SpikeD28 2016.07.09
I love playing the type of date, amazing graphics and nice story.

ilokivi 2016.07.06
Doesn`t open, jumps straight to Tumblr

jeter12321 2016.07.06
Hard game, which i enjoy. Actually means i have to put some time and effort into it.

Gravereys 2016.07.04
Absolutelly amazing game. Sometimes it desperates me, but the story reeaally worths it. So real, so good.

JasonPhoenix 2016.07.04
A good game. It would be nice if there were more options though.

brink7000 2016.07.04
I just didn`t really feel like there was enough to do in this game. Didn`t do much for me, sorry.

billthornton6996 2016.07.03
Too much talking not enough skin!

stroodlebobbins 2016.07.01
Awful game, simply awful. More dialogue than War and Peace and the entire works of Shakespeare combined only to end in a timid sex scene with most of it blacked out. Girl is hot, the idea is good, the story is o.k., but the amount of dialogue (two hours + worth) is too much for too little reward at the end. Complete rubbish.

joyjulian 2016.06.29
Quite an interesting story line to it.

bowkerratedr 2016.06.27
I`m having issues running the game. just takes me to a blank white screen with numbers on

Jwilson 2016.06.27
This is an incredible game. Its a little long but it is an incredible story unlike most that is present in a porn game (This is based on a true story) And It has a lottttt of teasing before you get to the end. Find a walk-through and play through it when you have time. It is worth it.

wifaasalta 2016.06.26
good game. the history is good but the graphics is not great

GunHoser 2016.06.26
Game was way too long... I think it would have made a better impression if it was shorter like the previous episode. Also, not being able to save more than once was annoying... what happened if I wanted to re-play certain sections... It took hours to get to the end...

I give it a B+

tj74 2016.06.24
Is there a way to play this online and not download it? The link from the image leads to another website and couldn`t find the web version to play. Anyone?

momoga 2016.06.24
very nice game, great graphic and good storyline

KellyIsBae 2016.06.23
Great game with a lovely story takes a while but i think ill play it again

AleX_MH666 2016.06.22
Loved the game. 19, same emotional situation, and learning some art in the trial. It`s been a lot of fun, just loved.

wldsxwizzard69 2016.06.22
fun game loved the teasing

gimmino77 2016.06.21
Story, graphic fantastic...

LeoDrake 2016.06.21
Nice game! I really loved the story!

AlexPapineau 2016.06.21
This game is cool and i want to have more of it

AlexPapineau 2016.06.21
I love this game its sooo awesome

BANANA2137 2016.06.20
I like this erotic game, but many dialogs.

kinou21 2016.06.20
Awesome game, one of the best i`ve played on here! 9.5/10

Ikzoo 2016.06.16
Yes, game is not too short, but it is definitely doesn`t matter, coz all that story about fantasy and teasing! And, as we all know, more teasing - more pleasure! I am cum twice before get to the sex scene.. )) Maybe not the best game (almost imposible to beat Bonus Scene from Redemption with Jessica ), but for me it`s in TOP5!

kule 2016.06.14
I think a lot of the quality of this game comes from the teasing and dialogue, but a lot of that is lost in the game`s translation from Spanish to English. I still enjoyed it, but not as much as someone who speaks Spanish most likely would.

CapnMorgan 2016.06.14
I don`t think there is any replay benefit to this, but it was an interesting story line. The graphics were decent and the teasing was good. Clearly the author was deeply moved by the experience they had, since they`ve put so much time into this game, but there`s an awful lot of work for little payback.

tiqris00 2016.06.13
Played two times but can`t find the best ending... But i think i like the game. 65/100

aragorn90 2016.06.13
Great game, it lives from a good story and the players fantasy. I like the mix of a great text game and the graphical gameplay.
I do not agree with all the comments stating that it is far too long before s.th. is happening. The story is developing like reading a good book.
There are some repeated statements from Carla, but in the end this doesn`t matter for me.

diam9123 2016.06.13
Everything is good...i like the long way to get the ending :) but the only things is that only one sex scene in this game...it let me feel bored when i played until half way...but i will give 4 stars for this game, thanks.

iamshy 2016.06.13
The graphics are good and the eventual sex scene is good, but it`s way to long before you get to see anything decent

bleaubyou 2016.06.13
The graphics are good and the eventual sex scene is good, but it`s a LOOONG way to go for some naked pictures and a single decent sex scene. Even using a walkthrough to avoid making mistakes, it is still a several hour long proposition!

getspam 2016.06.13
If it had half of the talking, wold be a 10. When the action starts hapening, even so the dialogs are tooooo long.

diam9123 2016.06.12
My question is who was taking the photo for Carla...hahaha....

flamma09 2016.06.11
i love it, but the end drags so long.... and so much of it is talking... I`d give it 100 points but i have to substract some points because my dick got bored after an hour

sleepy_lazy_alex 2016.06.10
Beautiful game! I really liked all this anticipation, although it could be a little shorter...

vainey 2016.06.10
Fabulous game, and I loved your first game as well. Carla maybe became a little redundant at times, but overall one of the best games I`ve played here. I hope you can continue to develop, I would be a Patreon investor for sure!

ArizonaCIL 2016.06.09
@Stormyqq the game has several sex scenes, read a walkthrough if you are lost ;)

TonyJoe 2016.06.09
I have to admit that is a long winded game, but if you want to speed it up a little, turn off the `phone delay` (has to be done each day) and use the space bar to progress through the game...

Stormyqq 2016.06.09
*spoiler alert*
sorry ,but this game doesn`t even have sex at all. no matter how hard you tried you get only a slight touch to your man. she doesn`t even show her nude. the game is like a bit hard, you have to do a lot of things, but like someone said in here so much work for a little payout. I think from the beginning she just uses you and that`s the point of this game. being used by her.

JustJeff722 2016.06.09
Very interesting game, which I enjoyed very much! I hope to see more from this person again in the near future. I think this is one of the best games on this site!

Knave 2016.06.09
Way too much effort for too little pay-off... :-[

cambridge4453 2016.06.09
I agree it is an enthralling story and quality artwork. There definitekly needs to be a way to have multiple re-load points instead of only loading your most recent save.
You need to speed through the dialogue after the first try - there`s so much of it! . Play on easy mode and save often to be safe.; I played on medium and found I needed a whole new load of saves as I progressed further and further... the story is sensitively done but becuase Carla spends a lot of time agonising over things and it gets really slow and it is very, very long. Not at all easy to get to a fully successful conclusion, either.
This is a quality game but if you want quick sex look elsewhere

Marcus Crassus 2016.06.08
Long long long dialogues. But interesting storyline.

wek 2016.06.08
Sch??ne Bilder, sonst aber auch Nichts!
Zu viel Text, zu wenig Sex!

Stormyqq 2016.06.08
this game doesn`t even have any sex. so bad.

blahblahbleh 2016.06.08
Great game with a good story and quality artwork. Wish there was a way to have multiple re-load points instead of only loading your most recent save.
If you are replaying or just want to speed through the dialogue, hold the space bar. Also, you can get rid of the "Carla is typing" with the "disable phone delay" button, but beware it is sometimes a little buggy and gets stuck when there are multiple lines of text loading. Play on easy mode and save often to be safe.

esteban69 2016.06.08
the game is awesome... but to much dialogue... or waiting for the chat ... skip key will be awesome...

prats1234 2016.06.07
Amazing Game...Definitely one of my favourites...Fantastic story..

Archer40 2016.06.07
Girl is ugly. I did not like this game.

pr0n 2016.06.07
Pretty hard game if you choose to play with only 1 save. But nice story and good graphics.

ArthasMenethil88 2016.06.07
I have some trouble after I entered my name it won`t work ? I`m using the latest FireFox but it didn`t work

Toufik33 2016.06.07
Very pleasant game, nice graphics and interesting characters. Quite "credible". One of my favorites !

HaremKing4Life 2016.06.07
Love how when you finish it , you get sent to a youtube video of a sad piano song bc we no longer have Carla.... i cried..... lol jk i love this game though.

mdhrk 2016.06.07
What a great game! Even though most of it is static, graphics is good too. Story line is awesome and buildup to the climax is perfect!
Very few games there which achieve this.
What I was getting bored of was "Carla is typing..." part. Even on video conf, it appears as if they are chatting/texting. It may help to cut down multiple lines of dialogues on single screen. Otherwise what a great game! I would still rate it 100 just to improve its rating here.

dfish_44 2016.06.07
Great game. Great story & great art.
A tad bit on the long side and dialogue seamed similar at points.
A good level of difficulty. I had to go through some parts again to get it right.
But, all in all, awesome game. I enjoyed it a lot.

JimKill 2016.06.07
Nice graphics, great gameplay, epic story, and a bit hard to play
Couldn`t ask for more

Eustice 2016.06.07
Downloaded and unzipped v1.5 but nothing happens after I enter a name. What am I missing?

feelthebasse 2016.06.06
great game it`s hard to pass but it`s worth to do it without any help

chete79 2016.06.06
Muy buen juego, aunque un poco complicado. y seg??n su autor, esta basado en una historia real

wolf 123 2016.06.06
Hard game but is very good and the graphics are amazing, Worth playing it

domi84000 2016.06.06
love this game .. just WARNING ....
OPTION save the game... is ok if u not close ur navigator.
was on day 22 then i close it !!!!

kedO52 2016.06.06
I don`t know how - but i lose) I don`t like this game;P

Gippstar16 2016.06.06
Good game with a Great story

amko228 2016.06.05
Good game. Girl is very hot and nice Graphics

regdunlop 2016.06.05
If you use walkabeastâ??s excellent walkthrough BUT only study rather than workout from Tuesday the 10th on, there is no reason to save. I got the ending with 6 knowledge, 32 friend, 98 love.

The first time I had less than three knowledge and 108 love while never missing any art questions and was shut down on the 25th. So be sure to workout up until Carla catches you in your boxers and then be sure to study whenever possible. Also I always chose shower/groom over clean up notes and clean up room. Good luck!

Oh and fantastic game but I agree with the majority - unnecessarily long and the lag on dialogue is annoying.

AlanErchiagrossa 2016.06.05
Hard game, but it`s worth the effort. :-)

Tanis18 2016.06.05
As for the knowning the paintings, most I knew from school. The dates where a bit fuzzy but easy enough to figure out.

ianuk42 2016.06.05
crap game how you suppose to know the answer to them paintings

Sucks911 2016.06.04
Wow Awesome Gameplay and Graphic too

zerx5949 2016.06.04
Great Game !!! great story !!!

MacPau 2016.06.04
Another amazing game. But, to be a honest, it`s a bit long and could have a different ending. :) For example Carla becomes his grilfrend :D
Anyway, I`m impressed, nice graphic, quite hard scenario, in all - A grade (with a little minus for a small longeur) ;)
Keep it up!

Peekaaboo 2016.06.04
Awesome game with good story.. although there is only one ending as i understood.. which is a bit downside about it ..

still awesome game.. Almost made me wish it exist such a woman like Carla in rl. :)

Summer92 2016.06.04
Great Game !! I Love This
This GAME is my likings .. a little more to really life
Easy Normal or Hard is the same but show tat life dun giv much chance when you meet the right girl ...

voodooacidboy 2016.06.04
Awesome game, one of the best i`ve played on here! 9.5/10

Jaaru 2016.06.04
Nice looking new game, liked it.

walkabeast 2016.06.04
Almost complete guide. THERE ARE NO BENEFITS FOR DOING THIS GAME ON HARD! DO IT ON EASY, SO YOU CAN SAVE OFTEN! This guide has some parts missing, from what I recall around the end, so the 20th. So save your 15 saves until then and if you reach a part that isn`t listed, save before answering. This game is hella long and for me there was a bug with the text delay speed, so when you`re texting with her IT TAKES FUCKING FOREVER. But this is easily top 5 for dating/erotic sims. Right up there ArianeB and what Chaotic puts out.

Tuesday 3
Okay, this doesn`t bother me too much.
In practice it`s not so easy
Yes, I have organized my notes and exercises before you arrived
Yes, but It`s not that easy, I`m young and I want to enjoy life
Can you tell me something about yourself?
Right now I do not have much motivation ...
It`s complicated...
(Add 3 points "friend level" by the conversation between the two)
It is still early, do we have time to study something today?
(Carla asks you several questions about various pictures, if you do it right you end up with 13 pts on Tuesday of "friend level" and Carla gives you her mobile number (I

insist that you use the browser to search for information )).
Wednesday 4
Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups
THursday 5
(Before class begins with Carla you have 3 options: Clean up my notes, clean the room, Showering and grooming , I think at this point it does not matter which you choose,

but I choose the shower usually.)
(Carla class , if you do well (use the browser to search for information ) end the class with 15 pts of "friend level")
Friday 6 to Monday 9
Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups
Tuesday 10
Showering and grooming (it`s the only time I`ve seen a significant result).
(Carla class ( if you do everything as I said, end on Tuesday with 20 pts of "friend level" and 15 "love level" ))
Wednesday 11
Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups
Thursday 12
Of course!
I`ve been studying nonstop
Carefully check her cleavage
Chat with Carla from Mobile
(Apologize for having looked at her cleavage during class)
You know that I respect you, I did not want to offend you, it`s just ...
Do you remember the first day when you asked me why I had no motivation?
Your legs
Friday 13
Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups
Saturday 14
(you study)
Open the attached image
Open the attached image
Sunday 15
Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups
Monday 16
Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups
Tuesday 17
Get on the chair and try to kill it
Turn your head and kiss her on the lips
Wednesday 18
Buy Carla a birthday present
Buy a two pack of luxury brand thongs
To my friend Carla ...
... It has reawakened my interest in the world ...
... With love, (Player name)
Thursday 19
Set the conditioner to 86 °F.
Why don`t you take of your clothes? I`ll give you some clothes and we can put yours in the washer and then the dryer
Put your hands on her ass
I hope you don`t mind me asking, but since we will not see each other again, can you take your bra off for me?
If you want ... you can look under my shorts right now
Friday 20
Keep studying
You are supposed to open it on your birthday ...
Saturday 21
The first or second , no matter what you pick it`s ok
No, I erased them...
Your chest
If you were taking a shower with me, the two of us together, it would be my perfect shower
Hehe, as you`ve said before, something that starts with p ...
Pass the exam
Do not get me wrong, I really want to shower with you, but the test is more important
Sunday 22
Your tits are still the star of the photo
Open the attached image
Monday 23
Many times
When was the first time you did it thinking of me?
How do you masturbate?
Where do you usually do it?
How often?
I`d like to see you doing it ... you`ll let me see you?
Tuesday 24
I ... do not feel a romantic interest in you, but I appreciate you as a friend
Wednesday 25
Try to forget Carla by telling her you`re going to have a date with your ex-girlfriend (LIE)
There are no wrong choices for the last selection :)

Petro28 2016.06.04
After you downloaded the game, left click on main folder and choose "Extract All"

Petro28 2016.06.04
I got to the end and I liked it, but I thing the end was too short (for my liking)

sam8547 2016.06.04
nice game i like it gameplay awesome

dcvoltman 2016.06.04
downloaded the game but does not work....waste of time

speedyyyyy 2016.06.04
how r u guys playing or did u download it

Smokey902 2016.06.04
Can`t get past the class on the 10th, any hints or pointers would be welcomed

Fredrickson 2016.06.04
Took awhile but finally got to the end! Great game. Some of the "correct" answers I thought were obviously wrong, but the story line and dialog made sense of them.

PZF 2016.06.04
Great game. Great story & excellent art. A good level of difficulty that gives a real challenge. I enjoyed it a lot.

speedyyyyy 2016.06.04
why do we have to download games i like playing games without downloading

inhindsight97 2016.06.03
Hard game, which i enjoy. Actually means i have to put some time and effort into it.

infomusz117 2016.06.03
Quality game, I love it, with all of my heart

effuls 2016.06.03
Neat game, I like it reminds me of Dreaming with Elsa with quality

Petro28 2016.06.03
I don`t understand this game, I played it four times and every time I lost.

taoluk 2016.06.03
Lots of dialogues but good game

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