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Amazon Island


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BonerMan 2017.10.16
short game...be fun to meet the queen :)

nrasmus3 2017.10.08
I love meet n fuck games so much

KitCarsen 2017.09.30
Was an OK game. Could`ve been better if the sex with the 2 girls wasn`t exactly the same.

boeijaka2 2017.09.26
It was ver good game and very funny

LarrySA_01 2017.08.11
Fun,, short and to the fun stuff

yinyang770 2017.08.07
hope there will be more to come from this game

kaleo07 2017.04.23
Nice game, short bit nice, can`t wait for the next one

ianjames 2017.03.11
very short and very enjoyable nice graphics

jnyhge87 2017.03.10
Smooth graphics and very hot!

Lucifer1815 2017.02.13
Great graphics and story, however quite short.


Vikram123 2017.02.04
A short and good game.
Hope story continues.

sexyboy102112 2017.01.20
I wish there was a threesome

grilloP 2017.01.12
can`t really complain... fulfills its objective as a game.

shogom 2016.12.12

KinkyPhoon 2016.12.09
theme and artwork on point

gamerchick01 2016.12.02
nice game, just too short

icybear21 2016.11.23
Not that great of a story. Needs more filling substance.

MrJD 2016.11.13
Pretty good game for the level of animation.

DrPezh 2016.11.11
awesome game thanks to the developers :)

scythe41 2016.11.01
nice game, do hope to play the next part soon.

caramelcutie18 2016.10.12
was a bit short but liked playing it and would like to play the next part

hherkatic 2016.09.13
The only difference between both women is their hair color. At least make a difference whether the player wins the duel or loses it.
Otherwise a nice game, there should be some more penetration action though.

Robertt 2016.07.29
Good game, but needs a better history...

3laatarek 2016.07.27
Far too short..... hope that is just a teaser for more to come!

midget21 2016.07.15
love the game great graphics

Modjo123 2016.07.08
Good game, but i think is a bit short.
Whatever, its ok for have a funny moment

fapperforgirls 2016.06.27
good game, great graphics, and i fucked both of them

Mojster1976 2016.06.21
its a great game, nice graphics

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Actually like it but it should be more longer than that

math_24 2016.06.05
any idea when is the next part coming out? would really love to play

majinwesley 2016.05.27
its a great game, nice graphics, but it`s a shame they didnt add a threesome, that would be very hot, But on top op that really a great game

Pl9yer 2016.05.20
Little strange this one...maybe needs some upgrading...like others say way too short

kanekiken 2016.05.19
the graphics are great and I like how the boobs are a lot smaller than the other one/games

K. Jacob 2016.05.02
good game wish it was longer

leo76 2016.04.27
good game but could bee Little longer

arndx 2016.04.23
girls have nice boobs not those disgusting humongous ones

knight09 2016.04.16
Pretty good game. Just needs to be a little longer, but other than that, it`s cool.

Jackel 2016.03.29
The fight was fun but i lost, but it was still a really good game, like the M&F games

poopluver 2016.03.22
this game got me hard but was too short

purplerice 2016.03.20
I lost the girl v girl fight but the game was still extremely hot and fun

Bernd_Bumsebiene 2016.02.27
A funny game,but very short

bhposphate 2016.02.26
Fun game. I enjoyed the music and the minigame.

braden 2016.02.20
the game was awesome I just wish it was longer and you got to fuck the both of them

Peronator 2016.02.10
I did not like, it was too short and little interaction

NaverNoob 2016.02.07
what just happened? too easy game

davo2k17 2016.01.25
good game was very well made

singlevirgin 2016.01.24
The Girls Have Nice Breasts

Fadekiller 2016.01.23
Decent game but very short. Also not many options

Jake371 2016.01.03
Fun, though the story seems short and a little corny.

adameve 2015.12.25
animation is pretty basic good story though

The4K 2015.12.23
I like the game any thing with Jessica rabbit is good.

ranran 2015.12.11
pretty short but challenging with the mini games. thanks for this game :)

canavas01 2015.12.05
not bad but is too short...very hot ladies

fman66669 2015.12.03
nice game, would benefit from sounds from the characters though, and for it to be a bit longer, roll on pt2!!!

geilerd 2015.11.26
nice game, it has a challenge

katsan 2015.11.20
Wow this one actually has a challenge to it. Nice.

nighthuman2 2015.11.14
cool game . nice graphic and easy to play

ski9072 2015.11.14
Definitely not the best game on here, but a nice short little diversion.

erosenin95 2015.11.13
cool game but really short

jarod95 2015.11.12
game was far too short to be honest, had potential though

lovernotfucker 2015.11.08
great game make you want to be a cast away

sangaggi 2015.10.31
wow i rely wont a 2 part.is ther one

Amnesic 2015.10.09
awesome game. nice girls.

matthew2 2015.10.01
great game love the girls and graphics

plokij 2015.09.25
simple gamplay and graphics but alright game

magn6161 2015.09.24
wow thats awsome gg i hope there is a full game soon

mt570917 2015.09.02
Short, but great that you don`t need to win to advance the story

subboy 2015.09.01
cool nice game waiting to be continue lustful

1mplus 2015.08.31
Nice game, Cool graphics and girls

Tyrian 2015.08.28
Nice art and decent animation, though I would I suggest some indicator where to attack/defend each round to make the outcome non-random. I like that losing still leads somewhere.

SlenderHitman 2015.08.25
Great game, .but incomplete.

brecio 2015.08.21
Great POV on the first sex scene. Second could be a lot stronger or maybe different for each girl.

CoolDude473 2015.08.17
sexy africans dude.....graphics awesome as usual

highonpotenuse420 2015.08.16
Great game but i wish they had moans in during the sex and not just music.

jboy517 2015.08.13
Great Game should continue game to fuck the others

zoeynarsh 2015.08.12
I thought this game would be much longer by the way the story started, I thought it would have been better if it was longer

Dragon_K1ng 2015.08.07
fun gme, but isn`t complete

majorefiction 2015.07.30
its quite okay though despite for being a simple game

tedybear1973 2015.07.23
Low quality game play with short play as well make for a low score. Sorry but not the best offered

Deamonklaw 2015.07.20
A little short and could have done a little better than to duplicate on girl and just change the skin color.

Mooseotaur 2015.07.14
The game is good but very short

lexisuarez 2015.07.04
The amazon girls were hot but the game was too short and boring

marten 2015.06.24
why thise game is so short and were is the seqond part of the game :(

trushauna 2015.06.18
lovely graphics and beautiful sex scenes

ackowacko 2015.06.05
game is ok animations could be better

mikey416 2015.06.04
fun game, i like the animations

Sthyll 2015.05.31
Games easy to finish but it`s hard to can choice the girl we want because the battle are totally ramdomed !

Hendhogar 2015.05.26
well, the gameplay was fairly simple, but i totally love the fantasy/idea behind this one.
graphics and animation were okay. :)

bladesmanlou 2015.05.16
not a bad game played better

maxxer337 2015.05.04
I liked it. was hoping for a more intriguing game with so length but over all was a fun game to play

xabito 2015.05.03
disapoinbted because is just a deme, hope full version appear

Hoosteporn 2015.05.02
Its a nice little game. I quite like the shortness of it

dgkesquire 2015.05.02
Usually like the graphics and animation of the MnF games. Bonus points for action whether winning or losing.

Gorgolock 2015.04.22
Haha, I gotta say, I do love how girls fight over you at the start. Great game.

john milton 2015.04.19
one of the sexiest game from that site, enjoyed it a lot!!!

shame1126 2015.04.17
not really what i expected kinda of wierd rock paper scissors

sasxxx 2015.03.28
not so good as asex game improve the game by making interaction btw the players

Bcallday123 2015.03.26
Teases are the best you just get straight to the sex and thats what i love for quickies

awilson 2015.03.22
Extremely short, the combat segment was a bit rock, paper, scissory and the scene felt like a sub section of a different, larger game.

tk421 2015.03.19
The game was too short and straightforward to offer any interest in repeat play.

xan1m3gu4x 2015.03.19
I`ll played games like this genre, then but this one is short. hehe.

j3hj3h 2015.03.10
A good start but compared to other games on the site, this is one scene of a much larger game. The fight and the second sex scene where you have to keep all the arousal bars topped up was unique compared to other games, but there was no variety between the girls (i.e. same scene/sequence) regardless of who won.

Eddcerv 2015.03.03
nice game but graphics are terrible, too short

holystoner 2015.02.28
graphics are terrible, too short - no replayability.

labmunky 2015.02.28
nice little game, little being the emphasis. way too short. the cat fight was enjoyable tho.

trispere 2015.02.20
game was great, even when you lose fight you still get to watch.

rohan66 2015.02.17
gud game but could have more to add in it

O3sparky 2015.02.08
Cool game, girls are cute, especially blonde, wish game was longer

Sensomaru 2015.02.07
Good but could be longer

Roxas69 2015.02.06
Pretty good game, could be a bit longer, I would like to play the next part

Hanger27 2015.02.01
nice game with nice graphics

markg1991 2015.01.29
like this game but could be longer

L@MeY :wOW 2015.01.29
okay plot :3
Sounds & expressions by the characters would have helped it in making more interesting !!
Btw the game was too short :/

Madganer 2015.01.28
Funny game....but incomplete. hope that the story conitues.....

dehkid215 2015.01.28
Looking forward to more like it

nick54379 2015.01.24
Good game, if you like To be continued at the end when you fuck a girl/guy

whyro 2015.01.06
boring... very short time!!!

karaprens 2014.12.24
Too short, old game with very simple graphics, no details, no story, no sound effects.
I think this game shouldn`t be on this site.

My rank: 10 / 100

Draken5 2014.12.24
could have used different models

nick robinson 2014.12.16
i like this game i want some friends the website is the best final i can play good games

blenderboy 2014.12.16
great game with great graphics

rockerlol 2014.12.10
too short the games easy the fight was a little tough but overall ok

Pendergast 2014.12.01
Nice girls, but very short game,

blacktiger75 2014.11.26
She was wonderfull girl.... i loved tease her...so hot...i hope to see soon the continue...

taysmith7111 2014.11.22
a little to short for my liking and could have been a little more interactive but still fun

HentaiKing 2014.11.19
it was a tease..... but it still was lovely...... kudos.... an i look forward to the future

sirbells69 2014.11.18
Wow, so much more that could be done with this. Way too short. Needs more time to develop, could have sex with both girls, and get taken to the chief. I know it says to be continued.....but.....

dickboy3 2014.11.17
Great game! easy to play and very sexy

katisnota 2014.11.17
smooth playing but very short

princssex 2014.11.09
funny and cute, looking forward to part two!

daveydave 2014.11.04
A nice little gam I`m looking forward to seeing part two for more fun

FuckAllNite 2014.10.31
yes, it was short but the cafight was funny, they should had taken him to the chief... just more fun

blackpenman 2014.10.25
Pretty good, kind aboring after a while though.

lildaveswagger 2014.10.12
its good but it should have been longer

AstroMachine 2014.10.04
The game was good but short. It would be cool if there was a threesome after or you were taken to the chief.

goldendick 2014.10.02
love these games shorts which means get to play another one quick love the lesbian cat fight

arcedon 2014.09.30
yeah i was just teased.. but its great i want more lol

Digiman 2014.09.30
The storyline doesn`t work, considering it is the first man she has seen and then the first thing she wants is sex. The fight scene was quite cool, but again a bit redundant to the story

Wendelburg 2014.09.28
Not bad, looking forward to the next episode! :)

Guiforte 2014.09.28
It`s a good game but to easy and to short

bobwho123 2014.09.28
fight scene was confusing and im not actually sure whether i won or not
sex scene was lacking in quality, variety and imagination, ive seen dozens of similar games

apixbax 2014.09.27
oh this game is soo amazing whit best animated moves

DragonKing65 2014.09.26
Interesting that there is a choice between the two girls

ovio 2014.09.26
another fAvourite of mine

GBZRA 2014.09.22
Not bad, but MnF was better before, when it was a dating sim. Now its just about completing minigames and clicking next

badgurl 2014.09.20
the game is short but interesting

knoll 2014.09.20
nice game, a bit short though

Justme22 2014.09.20
simple game. but always appreciated. A break from the more complex games

Deti 2014.09.19
That could`ve been a bit harder. Pretty okay nonetheless.

jojoxc 2014.09.18
fun story and fights but im waiting for a sequel

artik20 2014.09.16
easy not that hard and really quick

ukmuppet1 2014.09.16
Would be nice for a different graphic style all seem to be overly large breasted which spoilt it for me

Zefreemen 2014.09.15
Kinda Short but i liked the fighting

bignick95 2014.09.12
This is a great game, really short but definitely great quality

goldenmanz 2014.09.12
amazing but short can wait for more

ru2l8 2014.09.11
it was pretty cool. I liked the fight part

ThaneOfAss 2014.09.10
Good fun, hoping for the sequel!

esi25 2014.09.07
Game was fun, specially girls` fight.

titotarek 2014.09.06
Game is short but fun good graph

savster622 2014.09.04
good looking new game liked it

glukos37 2014.09.04
Nice looking new game, liked it.

NotSoMagicMike 2014.09.03
quick and easy game nothing special but i kinda enjoyed it

max115 2014.09.03
its a funny game but its to short !

rovanerns 2014.09.02
Game very boring, monotonous, could have more interaction in hot scenes.

lonewolf592 2014.09.02
i have been looking for i site were i can play game`s like this and i am so happy i found it lol :)

sirenx 2014.09.01
game was too short :( the fighting part was funny tho

Mr.Charming 2014.08.30
the game was a little too fast...wish it was longer

Hobgoblin67 2014.08.27
I`ll reserve judgement until the full game is released

sclong 2014.08.26
what man wouldn`t want this to happen to him

silvercrowftw 2014.08.25
good game, could be a little longer, but it is probably just a teaser, so i hope to see the next part soon

TotallyRockHard 2014.08.20
i hope this is just a teaser because this is way to short

loneshark22 2014.08.18
good but very short game

Aelous 2014.08.18
great at all but need more long story maybe

rambo1200 2014.08.17
New I got 20 points .

Yes Yes Yes .

rambo1200 2014.08.17
15 points .

need 5 more and I will have 20 and go to the apartement .

rambo1200 2014.08.17
I like this game .

but it will be more nice if we know the end .

pussycat123 2014.08.17
loved the game but it was to short

xxodazxx 2014.08.16
good game, not the best but good , i should it

wampire 2014.08.15
the game has low quality , nothing special.

nightflash 2014.08.10
plz can i have some help with the game

PoissoningMan 2014.08.08
This is so funny. Really a tease

chief007 2014.08.07
Game is way too short, cut off when the excitement mounts up. Gameplay was alright . Nice!

dogcrafter225 2014.08.06
The game is quite fun, but VERY short

2b4ever 2014.08.06
gameofdesires always give the best games. bravo ...

agslv2 2014.08.06
A bit short, maybe if it`s continued will be more of a challenge

wendyafternoon 2014.08.03
just when the game got interesting it ended :( i want more of it, when is number 2 coming out?

undeadzombie 2014.08.03
nothing special but nice

izick 2014.08.01
does not have look a man those close huh.

j3rre 2014.08.01
lol i picked the ebony amazon... she seemed a little hotter

Yodude2375 2014.08.01
not the best I have played,but still a nice game

Living Shadow 2014.07.31
okay game but a bit too short

codisniper 2014.07.29
good game but not long enough

gigantic 2014.07.28
not the best I have played, the graphics arent that good and the story aint long either

SamuelYankee 2014.07.27
this game is very good, its creator always pike in this glamor me

daniel210298 2014.07.27
Well... The game is great... but it is way too short

greasyfoot 2014.07.25
interesting storyline and setting and like the style

play gk 2014.07.24
very very short game, but it is good. iwish to play the continuation

kirituna 2014.07.21
very short, but I love the graphics and the animation. very sexy girls.

MikeyH74 2014.07.19
Disappointingly short, hope there is a follow up.

MalditoRasta 2014.07.18
it could be longer, it is to short!

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.18
Nice but only a short time game...hope to be continued..

brink7000 2014.07.15
Amazons and no lesbian stuff? Not cool.

Girls are still hot though.

ArchangelNova 2014.07.15
great game but sad, its too short

brutesfail 2014.07.14
i love playing cartoon games thumbs up

jimbornk 2014.07.12
the idea of the fight is interesting, the rest of the game a little poor

BlackSteel 2014.07.12
Game is short but fun none the less. Hope more will be added

Sexyace20 2014.07.11
very hot game nice job on who who ever made it

Peanut2563 2014.07.10
the game is short but its okay

Shub940 2014.07.09
amazing game... espicecially that cat fight... great tits

spartan916 2014.07.09
graphics decent, game too short

Rumfred 2014.07.09
graph ok but the game is very short

bigdig 2014.07.07
quick and dirty, sex is fun, decent graphics

lilkid44 2014.07.07
was a pretty good game but to short

niedrich 2014.07.06
It`s a good game but to easy and to short

Akkin 2014.07.06
good but very very too short.

mooli 2014.07.06
So gooood. yeah. but it was too short

snapdo 2014.07.05
Graphics nice, Girls are good
Very short game.

Ha1oGuy99 2014.07.02
Good game up until the To Be Continued part, but defo worth the play

Ninguem 2014.07.01
A good game with beautifull girls, but is very short

Ajaki 2014.06.29
graphics are okay... a way too short

DeadSnake4 2014.06.29
i think the graphics are great.

wyldogg 2014.06.29
this is a great teaser and pretty annoying and long start

ramlary 2014.06.28
love the game should have been longer

tallpaul 2014.06.27
Enjoyed the game, however very short.

sensei 2014.06.25
Hard start but nice game , abit short

Santana-Kun 2014.06.25
A weak story, in fact. The scenes were allright, at least.

ghoost 2014.06.25
good sex & sexy graphic ..

frostmourne 2014.06.25
i can play this game everyday

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
A fav to play over and over.

kidreaper1 2014.06.23
amazon babes are always hot and loved this game

sonubhai07 2014.06.19

stefanos13 2014.06.19
another favourite game of mine

mallutubexxx 2014.06.19
game was nice, wished it would have been longer,

Sennin 2014.06.18
fun game wish it was longer or offered more women to play with

bite 2014.06.18
This game is classic, not well elaborated, but always good for a quick fap :)

Vaulantis 2014.06.17
Hmm to win the catfight just select the girl you dont want to win lol

lusty221 2014.06.16
this game is jus plain awesome i e it i could play it all day

caliguy1155 2014.06.16
i hope they make more games like these

a.h 2014.06.14
hope to add other parts to it too

Paraiso83 2014.06.14
Graphics cold be better, it is entertaining, but its short

draellegron 2014.06.13
i liked this game but i want to know what happens next

roby03 2014.06.12
the game is good and the graphics too, but the story is too short and maybe it`s a good idea to continue the story with a threesome

yannos34 2014.06.12
okay game but seen better yet to come

anvesh21 2014.06.10
this game is fucking awsum......

konjuring 2014.06.10
Nice Graphiks and the fight is... cute. haha

konjuring 2014.06.10
Far too short..... hope that is just a teaser for more to come! yeah

smurf02231 2014.06.10
The story needs more time to develop. While the two scenes are good I don`t think the game should`ve been out yet. It`s way too short to build re-play value. That said, the game (or at least the part we have at the moment) was good -not amazing but still good.

maddie12121212 2014.06.08
I really liked the game, great sex scene but it was a little short

ryanblender 2014.06.08
quite enjoyable for a couple of times but not too many different ways to get and ending

ajjuman 2014.06.08
good story and incomplete
liked it

saitej92 2014.06.06
The sex scene was good but some other pose could have been used instead of the doggy style.

saitej92 2014.06.06
Gameplay is short and it got over very soon. I liked the cat fight scene between the girls and the instructions were not clear at all. Please make the instructions clear

saitej92 2014.06.06
I like the girls in the game. Nice animation. But some more poses could have been added.

saitej92 2014.06.06
Nice game yet it can`t be played again and again. Please upload the continuation of the game.

saitej92 2014.06.06
The game graphics is good.
Waiting for the continuation.....

sid23 2014.06.06
This Game is waste of time. Story is not good at all

thekingofthehillpgporn 2014.06.06
it`s a very neat and cool game

chairman066 2014.06.05
looking forward to the continuation

DeeWane 2014.06.05
Funny Game ... But too short

sam wilkins 2014.06.04
great game but its too short

Maddog12 2014.06.03
Not bad, decent animation but it`s pretty short. Could`ve added a lot more content.

ifuck2 2014.06.03
great game i hope u make the game longer =]

Light_Obsidian 2014.06.03
Not Bad, could do with options as to where you can cum.

TheForced 2014.06.02
could of added more of a story and more women

Blitzkriegbob 2014.06.01
old game, not complete and mostly boring.

pusshound 2014.05.31
Game is short. Girls do the same thing regardless of which one you choose. They need to continue it and make it a lot longer with better sex scenes.

brink7000 2014.05.30
i`d rather see a game with no men on amazon island

Hazan9 2014.05.30
Idea is good, but game is too short.

scannatore 2014.05.30
Battle is decent, but after that... well not so good.

blueman5 2014.05.30
no good needs alot of work no fun to play

thefenderman 2014.05.29
at least a different type of game from gamesofdesire,its actualy nice

hiddenkiller09 2014.05.28
no point in this game at all

rand09 2014.05.28
i liked this game, just to bad its short

sirwolfpire 2014.05.28
well is was short and sweet a lil bit too quick

elninolash 2014.05.27
its so simple and good graphic game

mick149 2014.05.27
not much of a story line to this game! :(

xabi 2014.05.27
a simple game but with nice pics

DoctorWho 2014.05.27
This game is too easy and short

Stuger70 2014.05.26
Nice game, hopefully a second part will follow

Safsbro 2014.05.26
Good dialogue ,but a little short waiting on full version

pornlover623 2014.05.26
Way to short. Needs to be longer

REEESES 2014.05.26
Overall it is a good game, but it sucks that it is short. Can`t wait for the rest of it.

Boobiesareamazing 2014.05.25
Good story line. The graphics could have been better though!

jm69 2014.05.25
it was nice and short throw but nice game

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
Nice game. Too short... that sucked

rumxes 2014.05.25
Good story line. The graphics could have been better

aguilablanca 2014.05.25
it is a fanny game but a little small, thanks for the game

Sexy007 2014.05.24
Simple game...but way to short! What happen to the queen?

megod100 2014.05.24
It`s an ok game... moderate amount of graphics

hornyowl 2014.05.24
The game`s a little on the short side, but the good graphics make up for that. Hope part 2 arrives soon.

HarrietGarmin 2014.05.24
i like the controls very simple but a little short and boring

shyman44425 2014.05.23
overly simple. not too bad.

jackfrost0 2014.05.23
its a good game but short

swagbarbiehellokitty 2014.05.23
i love this game is one of my faves love it faves

Kill@0815 2014.05.22
There are many other better games from this producer. its short but the quality definetly became better.
short but still nice.

WolfWarrior 2014.05.22
yeah, it`s really short, demos will do that to ya. But I miss the moaning sound effects.

mewsigma 2014.05.22
Not very fun. I never have liked the crazy insanely fake sex games.

Cyberpepere 2014.05.21
This game is too short. Doesn`t matter what girl you have cause they do the same action. I`m waiting the next part.

igandlore 2014.05.21
really boring game..not fun at all

nawaabiteetar 2014.05.20
this game is very short... aim to pussy most.... is effective

himpan 2014.05.20
really boring and a old game

Deserter69 2014.05.20
Good game. Simple yet satifying

gensai34 2014.05.20
Though the premise was alright, the "game" was too linear with no real input on behalf of the player.

klf 2014.05.19
not a game, just an animation

Adolf69 2014.05.18
Nice idea, but a little short.

banes 2014.05.18
good game, fight scene was useless, sex scenes too short.

ivanman 2014.05.18
ahh realy good game realy

buttcrack 2014.05.18
game is to short graphics not to bad

duplicate 2014.05.18
should include the chief a threesome with both of them and maybe an orgy would be nice

julio1980 2014.05.18
Nice game, the fight scene is pointless... Nice girls.

jbeck1492 2014.05.18
I like the idea for the combat system. Unique!

xerus 2014.05.18
Great game, excellent graphics and gameplay

BverComander 2014.05.17
great game.. nice animation but way too short.

Hotguy29126 2014.05.17
ITs an okay game. The fighting scene had no point in it

mwbajkster 2014.05.17
fun till u discover that both girls do same, and that kills the fun out of chick fight

r0ckst4r 2014.05.17
It was pretty short, and the fight was a little pointless, but it was pretty hot

wezel87 2014.05.17
Nice game.. Good graphics but a bit short!
I liked it but there are better games..

clenchinsilence 2014.05.16
short but hot, girls are hot as always

dadykid 2014.05.16
the fight was useless, and the game is short ...

oranjeboven 2014.05.16
Pretty girls (Twins?)
Very short though and both girls exactly the same action.
See what is to come...

doecke83 2014.05.16
Interesting start which is different and fun. Pity after that its the same. Doesn`t matter what girls you have, they do exactly the same things

randy06 2014.05.16
yes another great cartoon sex game and big tit chicks and good sex and good story

sexyfrank 2014.05.16
The graphcis were nice, but it is too short

stefano71 2014.05.15
really quite nice, but nothing special

braizencry 2014.05.15
good game sexy chicks and its great that you get to have fun win or lose the fight

mohmoh 2014.05.15
HEY GUY ...this is the one of the best game i played.. so lets play again

hunted 2014.05.15
Never seen worse game than this.... This is the worst game ever been here

jcc1985 2014.05.15
ok game pretty fun nice girls

AnnaRainbow 2014.05.15
Cute little game. The rock-paper-scissors type Amazon tussle is a fun new element to these games. Nothing major here but fine for what it is.

GP69 2014.05.15
Good game to play when you`ve had a couple of beers!!!

Anatik 2014.05.15
godd story but too short :/

eli konki 2014.05.15
sexiest game on the whole site i loved it

deffy duck 2014.05.15
good graphics great story overall nice game

worlock789 2014.05.15
like the game great graphics and wow made me horney is there any way to change it though there are to multiple choice that saw

sf33 2014.05.14
Unfortunately to be continued ... can`t wait

dreadwolf 2014.05.14
gameplay, graphic, animation are good

rinoalb 2014.05.14
nice game, esspecialy the fight part.

Stathis 2014.05.14
It felt a bit different than the previous one of the site but too short and linear. And shame we didn`t get to meet the Amazon leader. Bet she would be hot. Valasca was more than ok though.

meneerdocent 2014.05.14
This was a dissapointment. Too short and pretty boring. I feel like the quality of games from meet nd fuck is going down.

dennyjc 2014.05.14
short fun game. what i was expecting. no more.

dheezzz 2014.05.14
attractive games but only short story,, wait for the next episode

Json81 2014.05.14
not bad but kind of short

jamessimpy 2014.05.14
this game is too short and is too easy. expecting more !!

fafefifos 2014.05.14
You really should stop posting these games here. They`re utter crap in every way.

farkas 2014.05.14
Game good, graphics normal and music is adequate.

themoda 2014.05.13
I know this games is too old, not bad

DarkCathal 2014.05.13
Hope there is more to come. kinda short

Mmaster 2014.05.13
inot a PFO game, we wnat to see just the best games here :/

VeNNoM 2014.05.13
Well, for what it was I guess it was good. A bit too short for my liking though.

Tiger21 2014.05.13
Short, poor and linear gameplay, not worth playing again.

C.C. 2014.05.13
OK game. Hot ladies. Good enough to continue playing.

dandraft 2014.05.13
i dont like these games,all you do is click and try to get around some obstackle,its really not worth the effort. 3/10

planlos2002 2014.05.13
Nice Graphiks and the fight is... cute.

Jaaru 2014.05.13
Nice looking new game, liked it.

ImrtlWolf 2014.05.13
not very good repeating play but i think the graphics are great. The fight scene could use better instructions.

anoniem_ikke 2014.05.13
Is this all????
Way to short and the fighting makes no scense.

Ricoh124 2014.05.13
Beats BG`s survival island; but not got repeat playing interest

Boogeyman 2014.05.13
Far too short..... hope that is just a teaser for more to come!

Nazgul62 2014.05.13
Funny game....but incomplete. hope that the story conitues.....

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