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Almost noble hero


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SurfdudeRich 2019.04.14
Nice to see a game also in RPG style. Good graphics, overall nice!

datboiforever 2019.04.07
Good game but was kinda easy. Animations are...interesting.

MountieMan234 2019.03.25
Good game but the gameplay can get a little bit repetitive.

ConanBallard 2019.02.24
Excellent game. I love how the RPG mechanics were incorporated and all of the girls were great.

shahhh 2019.02.19
very nice game and i like it very much

Badman.SP 2018.12.14
Very good graphics, Good RPG system but endings in general feel disappointing.rnGood game great graphics and good story.

dkr 2018.12.01
I love this gamernrni can`t say anything else, only love love love

johng52 2018.11.08
its a well designed game beautiful job

rojolocosex 2018.11.01
Entretaning game, easy to play, good graphic and really nice scenes secuences...

Scorp10n 2018.10.05
This is one of my favorite games, but be careful with the pay-for-love girl... If you toggle view just as the meter hits a certain point, it gets the game stuck in an infinite fuck loop.


playforceboy74 2018.09.28
I like how there are many different quest paths you can take throughout the game.

MrTurner 2018.09.20
Comedy mixed with erotica, what`s not to love! rnrnGreat game guys, keep em coming!

BallIdiot 2018.09.15
Different than typical games here; quite enjoyed it.rnThe fight mechanics are easy, but fun.rnThe game does get a bit time consuming though.

baggymans 2018.08.30
Good game but the fighting time is a bit too long.rn

john679 2018.08.29
Solid game, i like the branching plot lines, but i think its showing its age a bit. love to see a new version

recharged 2018.07.23
Fantasy idea adds a bit to the traditional games you find on PF1. Like the multiple ending options too

Schmitzi456 2018.07.13
really cool game,rna bit easy, but a quick funrn

Mikealpha 2018.07.10
Hot story and great graphics.rnsome paths are a bit tricky

hell123456 2018.07.09
Love it. Realy nice game I like the animationsrnrn

Diosmialo 2018.05.29
I love this game. It`s got humour and sexy girls. The fighting is very good. Really enjoyed this.

VectorVonMag1 2018.05.27
The game mechanics are amazing

Cruiser Stream 2018.05.27
I cant open the gamernInstead its just a straight line above the rating, views etc optionsrn

woody77 2018.05.11
Pretty nice story, not too much sex, but I enjoyed it.

vertamoon5 2018.05.07
Interesting game, has a different playstyle than most of the others

Rammbock123 2018.05.05
Love the gamemechanics, recommended!!!

bloodbath 2018.04.18
great game the gameplay is really easyrn

pancakeman29 2018.04.18
fun game, takes some time but worth it

asdfasdfasdf1 2018.03.29
Sure was a game. Can`t believe it`s about egoraptor.

lolol963 2018.03.16
great game, the graphics are good

kangsam4 2018.03.11
I like the storyline, mechanics, and graphics a lot! Rated in the 90s

JordiPlayz484 2018.03.09
Best so far graphics AAAAAAMAZINGrn

oneforall 2018.03.06
a good game with good graphics

crusherius 2018.03.02
Good game but the gameplay can get a little bit repetitive.

EWRTY 2018.02.27
graphic is so good, and many quests to do.

lucas0057 2018.02.18
Medieval rp is so good ! Just a little bit hard

thefumu 2018.02.18
very eye catching graphics and realistic people

Archont 2018.02.18
Probably is not very rilevant but this was my first game on the site and enjoy it very much. Is not easy but is very interesting.rnrnThank you

huhu123 2018.02.10
Nice game it was very funny

sanjeewals 2018.02.09
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animationrnrn

liovana 2018.01.28
Its a pretty awsome game, i like that rpg style, Nice Work

joe_b 2018.01.23
I like how the RPG elements are implemented, that definitely gives the game some replay value

probadora 2018.01.19
I think this is the best game of all the page. It mixes action with sexy 3d women.

kemode 2018.01.07
Not a bad game at all. It`s a good story with good interaction between various girls. Maybe a bit slow moving but fun for an adventure type game.

jasseplayer 2018.01.04
i really like those heroic kind of games.rnVery nice game

Maxx_Tyger21 2018.01.02
Not a bad story at all! The game style was also very exciting. I`m glad I played this one, and hope to see more of this type soon! I`ll also be returning to this one eventually.

Dwinmontana 2017.12.30
Great depth and storyline

*Cock_Sucker_Bitch* 2017.12.26
- Every time I play this game...rn - I Squirt !!!

xrawex 2017.12.24
Good game would like a follow up on the game!

chaotic_savage 2017.12.20
fun game had hella good graphics

youssefgobran 2017.12.20
Really cool game for some quick excitementrn

WeeLadMad 2017.12.20
High quality game with lot`s to do!

deckmate 2017.12.12
Fun game and ladies are really hot. Be patient in your quest.

VDagon 2017.12.09
Good gameplay and good storyline, the animations could be better

PlayOne81 2017.12.08
Decent game play with decent art. Sex scenes aren`t terribly in depth, but it`s a good diversion for a bit.

Badger 2017.12.04
it was ok as game play goes

Donny1900 2017.12.02
nice models! great graphics good gamern

Bieler98 2017.11.26
The game was nice overall, I liked the idea of an ROG, but the animaoins aren`t that good and some of the endings are very sudden

Raskal 2017.11.25
Game was ok. Didn`t enjoy it as much as other games. But wasn`t bad.rn

TEX TIGER 2017.11.21
The amazing game, nice story, good for play.

Lequit 2017.11.20
That was fun, interestin story )

Twinblast 2017.11.14
Wish there were more women and quests in this game.... or options.

Prabakaran 2017.11.12
nice game...almost loved every sexy ladiesrn

pirateon420 2017.11.10
This is probably the most fun game on the site. It has a real story and hot girls to fuck. play it over and over.

CrimeSpree 2017.11.07
i can never get this game lol, im too badrn

bearbear 2017.11.04
i love fantasy games like this

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.04
The gameplay is great and the animation is good

zalag 2017.11.03
one of my all time favs, great graphics. hoping for a sequel

caves 2017.10.05
A game that has a fitting title for it

eatwater2 2017.10.04
It`s a really great game with nice humour at times. Would love to see an extended version.

BengerBang 2017.10.01
A bit tedious with the battles but still a nice change of pace for Lesson of Passion with this type of role playing game. Could have done with less ambushes on the journeys, but overall, the models, scenery, and animations were beautiful as always. And the interactive scenes were hot as usual. Another good entry!

Nightshade09 2017.09.22
Very fun and down right lol fun game to play. I was very very surprised there is a little in it for everyone. If your an old RPG gamer such as myself or your looking for a little hot erotica this game will not disappoint you in the slightest.

Rodney1994 2017.09.20
great graphics, lots of different quests, hot girls.

bango 2017.09.16
i like the graphics and the story is so hot

Huntman98 2017.08.31
liked how u could level up chacter

seedeer2 2017.08.24
This is fun, long story and a lot of options

Rainhard52 2017.08.15
I just keep coming back to it. It is an awesome game with an intruging developement

marcus747 2017.08.03
I like the humor in the game, a refreshing change of pace from all the games who take themselves too seriously. Happy sexy fun time!

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Interesting game. Good adventure, but the fight scenes are too long. I wanted to focus more on seducing the women.

tac404 2017.07.28
i like how we get to choose where we go

SamiC. 2017.07.28
I like the game but I`m not very good at it. Didn`t get very far. Kind of reminds me of the old Fable game.

yoyogum 2017.07.20
One of my favorite games i keep coming back to.

Triv24 2017.07.16
graphics good cute girls love all the girls.

KitCarsen 2017.07.06
Well worth the effort getting through the fights...great scenes!

mermon 2017.07.03
tricky but fun. Took me awhile to get anywere, but the payoff scenes were good. :)

Mikey67 2017.06.22
I`ve played worse than this.rn

raycis 2017.06.16
Like the adventure, game is challenging

littleGamer 2017.06.15
good graphicrngame could be better

JoeMan 2017.05.06
Truly an adventure game i truly enjoyed it

Tiodor 2017.04.28
Nice game and good grafik

Pucak 2017.04.21
it`s a really nice game... could play it multiple times :Drn

FranklinMac 2017.04.20
Even without the hot sex, this is a good RPG. I`ll be playing it again, soon.

Poisoned 2017.04.14
There should be more games like this that are full of humor.

Car8995 2017.04.09
loved the graphics and game

HornyDave 2017.03.29
The widow was the best fuck!

taighermen 2017.03.22
It`s a nice game but graphics aren`t good.

BigDaddyDave 2017.03.04
Fun Game but Graphics and interaction could be better.....

sporecap 2017.02.17
really loved it but graphics were not that great

TightAssFucker 2017.01.29
The game was annoying, but also fun!

NovvySilth 2017.01.23
Easy storyline, but enjoyable. I rate it an 8 out of 10!

damosex 2017.01.15
woohoo reached 6 and 7 endings good graphics

VestusPrimus 2017.01.10
I love the rpg element of this game, absolutely amazing

DucaDalba 2017.01.09
Nice game, but it`s just a short trailer.

XenoWarrior 2017.01.05
This game was pretty cool. Give it a shot.

KingEdwardTheBrave 2017.01.02
This game has some nice music, and a very nice look to it. I give it an A.

dudefromupstairs 2017.01.01
nice game, although i dont get very lucky with chests xD

cioc100 2016.12.29
well this is one hard game

jjkitchen245 2016.12.20
fun game like the hero vib good animation

afrikabroder 2016.12.12
very good game i like it alot great graphics

pornpanda11 2016.12.05
great story ! i loved story so much ! it going to my fav list ! please update this game guys ! make changes or make Almost noble hero 2

khatria 2016.11.29
Great game and amazing quality

jessicalee24 2016.11.25
this game was fun and very sexxy

Timbercoux 2016.11.22
I love this game, and I find it nice that there are different end

Dannky12 2016.11.21
nice game with some good options

DarkIce22 2016.11.17
Fun game. It`s nice the game doesn`t end when you die. The game can end too abruptly if you make a wrong choice though.

fiftypez 2016.11.16
this game was all sorts of fun. loved it

7day 2016.11.12
like this but may be if you can run it a long version i would love to support

kappa123 2016.11.10
good graphics good story great girls overall 9/10 game

vasquitog 2016.11.09
I like that game, but you need to add more sex scenes as rewards for quests

asdcxy122 2016.11.09
very nice game lots of different quest
with nice graphics.

InB4Wank 2016.11.08
I love the feature of being able to load games, and the music was far better than most lop games

mhrdd_mm 2016.11.07
Very good game. Probably one of the best flash erotic fantasy RPGs out there

- Very good graphics (as per LOP in general)
- Good RPG system (it makes sense in the world presented)
- Decent choice of female characters to encounter
- Good humor (most of the time)
- At times (if you are unlucky especially) it requires a lot of time to "grind" exp/money
- Endings in general feel disappointing

KillerKeemstar 2016.11.04
this was a really good game, the sex scenes were great and the role playing was great!

BigMike5000 2016.10.31
Good role play great sex scenes easy to play and fun.

sushil.shinde07 2016.10.28
good game good story bt too long

LOLAWSOME2332 2016.10.21
Sexy game, however there aren`t many different possibilities.

magsoft 2016.10.20
Indeed, saving doesn`t look like it`s working for me....Any workaround?

funkydrummer1 2016.10.10
The theme of the game really adds to the detail

Scipio42 2016.10.05
I cant save my game! Help anyone?

Scipio42 2016.10.05
This game is absolutely amazing! I`m fucking chick after chick, though i`ve yet to get into the princesses pants, as well as the exotic dancer. Does anyone have any advice?

lelele 2016.09.18
well It was an interesting game at all but if you are unlucky it seems a bit hard

welshninja1972 2016.09.17
battle scenes need improving and game not long wnough but apart from that good game

lycan53 2016.09.17
A good strategic rpg with good graphics and game play. I enjoy games like this

stussyquavo 2016.09.17
this game is cool and very cool

Exohan 2016.09.16
Nice game. I loved the graphics, women and the gameplay!!

chilinh12313 2016.09.13
I`ve unlocked all the scenes, oh god the scene with the elf is the bestt

wowzr 2016.09.12
i really like the graphics, tho could be better with more animations

shade-assula 2016.09.11
good graphic kinda funny, would like to see this as a big project.

davedave416 2016.09.08
Fun but the gameplay is very linear

poordeludedjoe 2016.09.07
Good game. I enjoyed the RPG element of it.

gopi7891 2016.09.05
good gameplay well animated

sebek113 2016.08.29
I really enjoyed playing this game in my freetime.

Steveywonder 2016.08.28
I enjoyed playing this great game. Found most ending

martinmatin 2016.08.18
This game is quite good. The limit is the time you need to meet a girl. But if you`ve got time and you want to make a quest until you find a beautiful girl then this game is for you. Something wrong : the scenes aren`t really well made.

mali1007 2016.08.12
this game is really fun to play

daredevil999111 2016.08.01
This game got nice graphics

qaqaqaqaqaqa 2016.07.31
a really nice gameplay but a little bit hard to get sex

SylWrathe 2016.07.28
Great game, I liked the amount of content, but the Guy is kinda wierd...

martinmatin 2016.07.27
Adventure is good but the sex scenes are really bad, If I wanted to play for a medieval game, I should have play Fable or something like that. The sound is also never changing...

Punkette47 2016.07.09
This game is fantastic, it`s like if Skyrim had balls. Love the humour, and although I wish it were easier to get the sex scenes, I feel like I actually accomplished something.

stach56 2016.07.09
unique game, unique scenes good graphics. fun game

shiffos 2016.07.08
how do you beat the knight and how do you get armor?

SavageBoy2002 2016.07.07
Love it please make sequel.its long and fun to do if you are bored

meitsmeagain 2016.07.05
verry interisting game ! good graphics !
but it`s little bit short

lonelysailor12345 2016.07.01
good game but a little long for my taste

KELPZ 2016.07.01
Really good game, nice graphics, nice girls, nice scenes altought there´s a little problem with potions

wifaasalta 2016.06.26
i like this kind of games. great girls

TheLM2312 2016.06.22
I can´t reach the potion with my cursor, what should I do?

lil_eddie99 2016.06.17
great game great graphics

tekoppen 2016.06.14
really cool game. love the graphics

sleepy_lazy_alex 2016.06.10
Really enjoyable game! I like that it has a bit of humor! We need more games like this!

Seinaru 2016.06.10
I love the RPG style of this. So sad I sold the amulet though.

mindy123 2016.06.09
this is a really great game

polop06 2016.06.08
good game great graphics but the way of fighting is bad it depend of the luck :(

krabee 2016.06.06
Great game, not so hard, but fun, it`s cool to fell like a medieval hero looking for adventure and some love!

DevilzDick 2016.06.06
Cant find any sex in this game

belbzzzz 2016.05.30
i have fun playing this game ;D i hope you can make more games like this

JimKill 2016.05.27
This one was surprisingly good
really hope more like this and the Bitcher release
keep up the good work, guys!

ScottS69 2016.05.27
Little bit different type of game but great graphics and makes you use your head a little bit but you do get to have sex with different women.

Marathon42 2016.05.25
very difficult game but great fun.

jonifin31 2016.05.24
bit of a trek with waiting times between places but pretty nice game otherwise

Cathad 2016.05.23
is there a way to use food to restore health during combat?

korbagor 2016.05.21
Really though game, got all endings :)))

forceiser7 2016.05.18
This game was really fun. I especially like the various scenes you can unlock. The dialogue in the game between the characters is generally funny. I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade.

BigMitch 2016.05.16
Fun game getting all the endings took a bit of time though.

Stormday 2016.05.12
I can`t defeat the black widow D:

converse 2016.05.11
Extremely fun. I enjoyed it t very much

PatrickWilding 2016.05.06
Love RPG, love erotic games. This is just the combination for me

biffjohnson 2016.05.05
decent game it was a little slow but it was fun

HiImTable 2016.05.02
great game once again pf1

Anarchysex 2016.04.24
I love the game good graphics.

Whitemane 2016.04.20
the girls are so beatiful but it can be perfect

terrem 2016.04.19
nice one.

cant find two endings though.

cntdynamite 2016.04.19
the gameplay was very good, but can better if there are more characters

mastegun 2016.04.06
more games like this please!

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.03
Great game! Love the story, the graphics work great for me and love the characters

Spunge10 2016.04.01
Great game, graphics and dialogue are good

eternalk 2016.03.30
good play through choppy animation campartivly

goofballz777 2016.03.29
fantastic game. great graphics and I love the fantasy setting

ShyBiGirl 2016.03.27
Wish there was a bed you can fill up your hp bar

VanityDire1 2016.03.24
Not bad, a few annoying bugs (misspellings), but it`s pretty enjoyable.

Sid8911 2016.03.22
I love this game. And the medieval theme works like a treat. real hero :)

Spidi 2016.03.20
I love that game, every character is so sexy!

gmanbeck 2016.03.10
best sex game i have played it was lots of fun

Salid 2016.03.08
The gameplay and graphics are really good but I can`t save the game at any point.

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.02.23
Love this game, so good and long type one.

devood 2016.02.23
I wish they would update this game and get more gameplay. It has a great combination of sex and story!

jatin729 2016.02.21
very good game and enjoy it very much

nfamos1 2016.02.19
Was a fun game. A bit limited on choices, very linear at times.

lsy 2016.02.15
The game is certainly a standout, unique settings created by the makers and indeed a unique idea. The game is one that stands out from other pf1 games.

Cronos93 2016.02.13
this game was so fun, and pretty hard too, the girls in this game are hot, very good

neil_64 2016.02.07
its ok i love the graphics

crazyeyes 2016.02.06
really fun and challenging game to play

mogitech 2016.01.30
Nice game, but I find it hard

latinagr 2016.01.24
Nothing to do with erotic games but I like it

sauron666 2016.01.15
The animations could have been better. But that`s my only complaint, as the gameplay is wonderful - quite a few paid games could learn from this.

mkra 2016.01.12
pretty good game great graphics

Joesy18 2016.01.09
the graphics are very good

ski9072 2016.01.07
Actually quite fun, a very enjoyable distraction

hellsektor 2016.01.06
awesome game need more like it!

Synful1 2015.12.23
I enjoyed playing this one,great game.

Peperoni 2015.12.18
amazing game, tbh there needs to be more of these kinds of games, amazing graphics with great gameplay

markus7759 2015.12.16
great game found it enjoable

buttbutt1 2015.12.15
unique game, unique scenes good graphics. fun game

ron4u1350 2015.12.13
I love this game. And the medieval theme works like a treat.

ranran 2015.12.11
i love medieval stories and this is funny and cool - but i think the save button is not working :(

killer21 2015.12.10
A very interesting game! Good graphics!

kshetty235 2015.12.03
game is bit tricky to play but playing completely feels awesome

phazes 2015.12.02
This game was hilarious. Fun a tad bit of a challenge with good graphics.

xFaZeworKx 2015.11.29
Great game, just stuck on how to beat the whole game

AxisRiven 2015.11.21
Pretty good didnt join the guard though

SychoO 2015.11.15
Very nice as far as lop games go. A little long and repetitive.

nighthuman2 2015.11.14
Best game that i play ever . Has many ending and not too easy to get all.

djwatson 2015.11.06
Really great game with playing again

remoremoit 2015.11.06
Pretty good RPG sex game, would have been perfect with the option to customize the hero.

ibemagnus 2015.11.04
This game is actually very great. It has a progressive story, nice scenes, and amazing fucks

joules_1 2015.10.31
The game is good, i like the graphics used.
It`s a bit hard which makes it even more interesting

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
Not your best work LOP, but thanks for the free site :)

DickDeity 2015.10.21
Essentially a sex RPG....and I love it.

fets 2015.10.20
is good but It`s quite hard....but once you get the basics its easy which took mee loong long time :/

Nishit 2015.10.10
Aw man.! All the animations, Gameplay and Graphics are coool.. was hoping a little more adventurous and RPG

Bloaker76 2015.10.10
Very nicely done.... looks again epic :)

kunka 2015.10.07
really cool game,
a bit easy, but a quick fun

ttstom 2015.10.07
I like these rpg style games, would like to see more =)

Nishit 2015.10.05
This RPG game one of the best game.. It`s kinda adventurous and Graphics and Animations are commendable..

Nishit 2015.10.05
This RPG game is stupendous..! Everything is just so cool..!

Nishit 2015.10.05
This game is juust too Good.. Great graphics and commendable Animation.. This one is appreciable..

casiopatroclo 2015.09.12
Please, I cant save the game, help me. TKS

badass101 2015.09.04
i love these games and the model on this one is cute

xaveeeee 2015.09.03
great game maybe over 2 soon

rider009 2015.08.29
Wew. Managed to get all endings. Girls I liked the most were the Merchant, the Courtesan and Princess Amanda (too bad you only get the ending scene and nothing more with her...:/). Lol, at the endings 3,4 and 5 btw.

Some tips: Accept all missions but do them in order of easiest (one star)-hardest (five stars). You may want to hit go back to the city to do a route more than one times for gold and exp-gold lets get equipment and leveling up improves your stats as well. Use the apples, breads and chickens to restore HP (click on the guy`s face when in route for a quest or in the town to use them). This way, you`ll be able to save the potions for the difficult fights. The sooner you get the best equipment, the better. Also, in difficult fights, try using the special attacks to lower the enemy`s DEXTERITY and ARMOR, especially if they`re high. When you have the Berserker moves, it`ll be better.

P.S. I was gonna ask if anyone had success with the Sirens since every time it seemed to fail for me. Got it in the end, but it was disappointing...

And LOP, please bring Kelly back.

sulthon03 2015.08.27
this is great adventure sex game i love this game yeeeaaah

randyply 2015.08.22
I actually enjoyed the turn base combat.

megold1 2015.08.20
Fun game, just wish there was more.

Heatround 2015.08.20
I had a lot o fun with this game I just wish there was more to it

M.Lo4DinG 2015.08.15
sex and adventure ? its too good for a sexy game

kwothe 2015.08.14
Nice game but a gallery would be cool

lolasaurusrex1 2015.08.11
The game was extremely hot, and the writing was actually humuorous. Not that often that happens in these games and was appreciated.

donger74 2015.08.07
Good story and graphics. Game play was easy enough to get to he end.

Mondoblasto 2015.08.05
Cool, but very long. Set some time aside if you`re going to get the best ending. Would look up a guide to avoid the bad endings at least, since it`s a big time commitment, and you`d have to start all over.

lolihero 2015.08.01
Well it had an interesting introduction, but Luke`s personality was killing the game play for me. He looks like Vlad the impaler, but has the mindset of a 10 year old pretending to be a hero. Great story idea, but I preferred if Luke was a little more of a badass.

briansteel 2015.07.28
a little strait forward for an open world game but its fun with great graphics

SGrunge 2015.07.26
Loved this, multiple choices, and plenty of hot girls!!

Triple D 2015.07.23
`Stinky village`, `magical sluts`... lol, this is going to be a great game.

acata94 2015.07.21
I can not load game... why ?

Daris 2015.07.18
Nce and Funny RPG/Erotic game A bit simplistic, but still fun.

Teleporter47 2015.07.08
Nice graphics, as always. I also found it funny how the zombie in Die 4 Glory turned out to be this guy.

tututu100 2015.06.30
Cool game, a bit easy but thats okay!

sexydick121632 2015.06.18
nyc game best graphics makes me horny

m1sterioso 2015.06.17
LOP makes the best games. amazing animations and gilrs.

Dersonrn 2015.06.15
nice models! great graphics good game

puessylover805 2015.06.14
really fun game to play a bit challenging to add to the fun

nazrill 2015.06.11
Cracking game this! Great visuals and loads to do!

HughGRection 2015.06.08
Graphics and storyline are enjoyable. The combat system is a little wearisome. Maybe it could offer an option of autofight until you reach 5-8 health instead of clicking every turn.

Dersonrn 2015.06.08
Good game. I enjoyed it.

ghoul789 2015.06.07
Nice looking game with decent graphics and storyline

ThrashMetalCenturion 2015.06.04
Intriguing game that kind of has an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim feel to it.

mack6700 2015.06.03
very good game, lots to do

ccckkc 2015.06.03
really a good game i like adventurous games and this one of them

Avrion00 2015.06.02
its a really nice game, i enjoyed it

haroldgoodwinson 2015.05.31
Very good game, few minor bugs but nothing serious nice RPG effect

FattyRoman 2015.05.28
RPG games like this one is definitely where it is at!
Great stuff, this is even better than the last one I played!!

Jim97 2015.05.28
Fantastic concept, the execution is quite solid too.

haseck 2015.05.26
very nice game, one of the betters on the site, i hope a premium one like this ehith more girls to fuck

fergal 2015.05.21
Got some different ending, not all yet, good game, enough to keep busy for a while!

savagefury 2015.05.18
I thought the game was great. Long enough with plenty of replay value without being overly long. Just enough sex tossed in to keep it spicy too excellent work!

littlejrc 2015.05.17
Good game but could use a bit more sex

Zemelya89 2015.05.16
Nice looking new game. a bit easy, but a quick fun 55

darkshadowslord 2015.05.16
Good game. Too bad you can`t continue after you choose an ending.

Beybe 2015.05.14
? think it needs more sex in it but still its a great game

Zun 2015.05.14
wise choice game..so emotion so touch..great

abaza2013 2015.05.11
great but complicated game

spidder100 2015.05.07
great game quick and to the point

Butsch28 2015.05.04
Nice game with nice Roleplay Facts

blumpybimp 2015.05.04
the game is a lot of fun. all the lop games tend to be good

kiisamee 2015.05.03
very nice game, better than most, satisfying endings

Damnsexxer 2015.04.26
Game was a big success.Very Sexy.

sak 1092 2015.04.25
really cool game,
a bit easy, but a quick fun

ikedas1 2015.04.22
I had a lot of fun with this game! I really enjoyed the more RPG sturcture of the game and there were some quality scenes. I also thought that it was fun that they had an ending that was the main plot of the game as well as a better ending if you wanted to complete it in a little harder fashion. That was great!

john milton 2015.04.19
i liked it a lot!! maybe one of the best of the last year! great work guys

Nuctom 2015.04.19
Great game cool story amusing story and challenging levels :)

Mesut_Sharper 2015.04.17
I`m stuck, when it asks me for hot spots. Fuck it. althrough i liked it. It`s normal game.

xcomic 2015.04.15
The MOST funny so far from lopteam

illusionbreaker 2015.04.14
girls least pretty of the LOP games I`ve played so far

absporty2013 2015.04.10
nice endings
but good fun

zeddym789 2015.04.10
Was going great but got stuck when i was fucking the merchant girl....

TXRaistlin 2015.04.10
Awesome work! woot woot!

Doidoxzx 2015.04.09
Good graphics and the "rpg" is great :D

Wahooguy 2015.04.07
awesome game my favorite so far!

pie_man123 2015.04.07
Excellent game! nice girls nice quality and graphics recomended

narud07 2015.04.07
bug: killed knight, switched to letting them go event

narutosasuke123 2015.03.31
i really like the graphics of this game. ive always loved rpg sex games like these.

komik3dTurbo 2015.03.29
I have a question about exp behind my login. What it means?

komik3dTurbo 2015.03.29
It`s interesting game. I liked because fights in the game to proceed in tour. I`m sory for my english bud is weak

Yanaga 2015.03.28
woaahhh a great game, I feel the adventures

eendil 2015.03.26
story well done, lot of fun while catching the maids ...

Jake200329 2015.03.23
nice game and nice graphics

kingshyla 2015.03.23
Great game, the varied encounters are fun too

valera_valera_valera 2015.03.17
great game, very nice.. i love it

Leipenl 2015.03.15
what a cool game really love it

um4you 2015.03.15
Very interesting, great story and great girls, more more more!

ZehelX 2015.03.13
Really liking this game
It feels a bit short, but nevertheless I love the graphics and the mechanics

ben123angelo 2015.03.11
This is fun, long story and a lot of options

Nico3 2015.03.10
Don`t hesitate to go back to city often, during the travels it s a good way to gain XP and gold to redo the roas several times

hugenda 2015.03.09
long story, lots of endings ... love games like that

noperapon 2015.03.08
A very nice game, loved it.

A few tips:
- buy magic potions from the witches and sell to the exotic dancer
- buy apples from the peasant and sell to the trader
- when fighting werewolf, go for legs
- when fighting elf, go for legs as well
- when fighting giants, go for armor
- when you defeat someone, clicking on the food you`ve won in the winning screen restores your health without changing the amount of the food

asmasb 2015.03.04
Well keep this

Max Hp 74 strength 8 dexterity 9 armor 6 at level 10
Mine were Hp 55 strength 7 dexterity 9 armor 5 at level 8.
Don`t sell medal from blacksmith use it to kill goblin and buy from witch and peasant not from town .
fuck girls if u can but save/earn is better.

rajatmittal 2015.03.02
really a good game i like adventurous games and this one of them

Mohastar 2015.03.02
They should make more games like this.

TiS 2015.02.28
I Like This Kind of Games
I Hope If There a Lot Sites Like This
:D :D

akeron343 2015.02.26
That`s a funny game full of different situations. It`s not too difficult. Good game

FelixieoMyst 2015.02.19
Super fun and great graphics

lynbrielaa 2015.02.17
its hard at battle, and skip the sex scene to save your gold

James19 2015.02.16
awesome game. nice graphic

bigace232 2015.02.15
this is the best lil short but good

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing, Good longer game. Good to be the night. Lots of women.

Heyesey 2015.02.13
This is fun to play in its own right, and the sex scenes are good too.

levinious 2015.02.12
i loved it but it needs to be made longer

jord123 2015.02.12
good game but needs to be longer

10cc 2015.02.11
good fun being the hero in both bed And in the game

AnIowaGuy 2015.02.10
Decent game, interesting scenes.

ariel1234 2015.02.08
you need to get the best sword and to go to the castle for ending no. 5

Sensomaru 2015.02.06
Very good game and WOW graphics

verizon 2015.02.04
make sure not to sell the reward u get after helping the blacksmith

Alkaid 2015.02.04
The dancer girl is gorgeous. It is worth working up to her.

realshady 2015.02.03
I actaully really liked this game... graphics A+

TerastiosNL 2015.02.02
Nice new type of play, Adventure feel

Kitkate 2015.01.29
this game is fun and very addictive

vinevide 2015.01.23
Shortcuts/hints if you want them

to gold/better gear : every time you encounter villager/witch buy up as much of their cheapest stock as you can and resell in town. Especially apples at 2gold/per profit you can make your first 500+500 quickly. Then just cruise to 2k+2k for top gear.

Tough fights - make sure you`re hitting their Legs/Armor on first couple rounds to make the whole fight easier.

Anyone succeed in getting the higher levels? Seems almost impossible/pointless but the game is kind of fun - I would play a similar game without the sex. The mechanics of the fights are fun, take a little strategy.

asdfasdf1 2015.01.21
I like the idea for the game, but at times, the combat mechanic feels kinda off. If you get bad luck, you could keep winding up dead

bicks26 2015.01.20
A truly fascinating game full of emotion and resenance

spotdon1 2015.01.20
great i really like such heroic kind of games, taverns girls and situations there
i`d like to see more games in this genre . especially lopgold with more size and stuff, hope you will make it.

Hiddendeath 2015.01.15
this game is definatly a favorite in that it makes you work for the girl instead of going at it almost immediatly like other games

gwazz 2015.01.14
good graphics but the fight scenes are to long

oranjeboven 2015.01.13
Good story.
The sexscenes could be more interactive.

Adam_35_lat 2015.01.11
Very good game. Probably one of the best flash erotic fantasy RPGs out there

- Very good graphics (as per LOP in general)
- Good RPG system (it makes sense in the world presented)
- Decent choice of female characters to encounter
- Good humor (most of the time)
- At times (if you are unlucky especially) it requires a lot of time to "grind" exp/money
- Endings in general feel disappointing

infamous 2015.01.09
its kinda funny, but not really great

DaneWolf 2015.01.07
Good game but not the best one though.

Dargon 2015.01.05
love to play this game, has some action and not always sex actions

Madcatz 2015.01.04
This game is fun to play, although it`s very annoying when the player misses the target in the most of the times

mooper 2015.01.01
This game was really fun. I especially like the various scenes you can unlock. The dialogue in the game between the characters is generally funny. I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade.

dasean 2014.12.30
I like this game a lot?? Only one problem: how do I save my progress? The save function does not work :(

Stouter96 2014.12.30
it had a good story line, but I thought the game was a littler too hard

Remi_Ingrao 2014.12.29
storyline is incredible i love it

jord123 2014.12.22
good story and interesting

dragonman1220 2014.12.22
i like this it is interesting enough to keep you playing. good story and fun little adventures

tricky.caudensiya 2014.12.22
this is the good game I looking for

horny horner 2014.12.21
so frustating i cant do it :(

mmiikkii 2014.12.18
very nice game, a cool idea

sambedy 2014.12.17
nice game i love the animations good job developers

tcco 2014.12.16
i really dont like this game it sucks

digimon 2014.12.15
sex scenes and girls look amazing. animators did a good job.

souldymono 2014.12.14
I like the game,decent scenes but a bit long for my taste.

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
good idea, too less quests and various characters

candy007 2014.12.11
also ich schreib hier irgendwas :D damit ich mehr sxp bekomme :D

yoost 2014.12.07
love the game element in it.
that makes it more playable

SpaceGhost53 2014.12.06
This game is very addictive and has a good learning curve.Good graphcs and quite erotic!

elemnt23 2014.12.06
i can pay this game over n over agin i love

user98 2014.12.05
what must i do to save the game

Couldn`t kill the demon becoz i selled the artifact that the blacksmith gave me but it dosen`t matter becoz the game was great !!!!!!

inhindsight7 2014.12.02
Almost Noble is a bit of a stretch!

djbrave 2014.11.28
Game play is a little aggravating but on the whole it is a very enjoyable game with great graphics.

za96 2014.11.27
good game, but it is way too long

Graphics are good as always

SenseiGrey 2014.11.26
This is a cool idea. More games like this. Action and sex!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marisha 2014.11.25
I love this game and good graphic

ARTAlive 2014.11.25
nice one eith payment method

bigboy666 2014.11.23
i can pay this game over n over agin i love this game

ArkAngel96 2014.11.20
interesting game, good spin on the other styles and definitely enjoyed it

HentaiKing 2014.11.18
LOP i really enjoyed the animation controls of this game however, this game wont make it to my favorites list... for the most part this game was OK but i think i can be reworked. the script was decent but i know you guys can take it further o_o..... i"ll be waiting for it

mrsbig 2014.11.18
I`m not fond of fantasy-themed games like this but I enjoyed the graphics

tonihardcore90 2014.11.15
fuck yea!!!i finish the game!!!so hot gameeeeeeee!!!need more

MysteryGirl 2014.11.15
Great graphics,this game is such a wonderful game.

Haegen 2014.11.12
Another good game with nice scenes and great graphics

kakaate 2014.11.11
this is a cool game. Absolutely a stress buster

Freed453 2014.11.08
I like the quality of the game and lots of hot sex

Viking01 2014.10.25
fun and entertaining, and good graphic

akku 2014.10.25
not bad good story line....great game play but little tough

brit_man33 2014.10.22
Fun....Just like playing D&D...Would definitely play again.

woytaz 2014.10.16
I`m not usually into this kind of games but this one is really fun.

salanziano 2014.10.16
very fun game. I hope to see more adventure games like this in the future

1paul1 2014.10.13
To much Fun really is a nice game :D

davechize 2014.10.11
how to unlock the last ending?

wildsxwizzard 2014.10.10
good game but does not play right somtimes

hansfurd 2014.10.09
EXACTLY the kind of game I love. Awesome.

thebestonesite 2014.10.08
fun game but u should be able to beat the warlock

mburgballer 2014.10.07
very cool game. Could use a little work. I found some bugs in it.

elishacuthbert 2014.10.05
1st END: Keep yourself the Goblin Slasher Amulet, and kill the Goblin in the Princess quest.
2nd END: Sell the amulet.
3rd END: Join the guards, right before going to the last quest, go to the Guard Point.
4th END: At the same point in the adventure, don`t join the guards and go alone.
5th END: Join the Bard right after getting a handjob from her :D

tommek 2014.10.05
I really liked it. Just one question .... how can you miss the head of a troll ?!

domee37 2014.10.05
very sexy and fucking game. the graphics were good.

Futuros 2014.10.04
Game is fun and light. Very good entertainment.

fadabafada 2014.10.04
The best so far. The sex isn`t really needed so the game is fun.

acehood1234 2014.10.03
great gameplay and graphics and top animation

TheGear28 2014.10.01
a lot of funny I fully enjoyed it

NTK 2014.10.01
okay game, was a bit difficult to complete over and over

ThatGuyDave89 2014.10.01
I had a blast. I actually forgot it was sex related for a bit!!

steveng7 2014.09.30
Great game. A Little more action on the sexscenes could put this game trough the roof - love the combo of sex and acton.

termhuss 2014.09.28
One of the best adventure games

ovio 2014.09.26
game depends on ur lck how often u fall in trouble

okkosan 2014.09.25
Better than having a date. Becoming an hero. i love :)

tommylewis235 2014.09.25
I hope they make another game like this

Justme22 2014.09.24
One of the games I enjoy the most. Very complete.
Very good graphics!
Good story.

maxjones97 2014.09.23
A difficult but very fun game! I recommend!

MartVR 2014.09.23
LOL got the shaman ending, did NOT expect that

sexmann 2014.09.22
it was a great idea to mix adventure with sex

BoobNina 2014.09.22
Beautiful graphics, i love the game play to

Thinkablespy3 2014.09.21
I say we need more hentai games on pf1

Thinkablespy3 2014.09.21
Good game wish there was more girls tho.

juhstou 2014.09.21
This game is so intense and I love it 5/5

kriss2 2014.09.19
but this game is more than good!!!

janialover 2014.09.19
good game, a little long but otherwise good.

KonradSimon 2014.09.19
I love the idea of a fantasy adventure game with lots of hot sex. Well done. If someone wanted to do another, that would kick-ass. I mean, sure, I wish there was more and better sex, but, seriously, just that this exists is pretty cool. Thanks!

splodd 2014.09.16
I accidental finished the game without getting laid once! Wish it warned you before you made end game decisions

sertyuio 2014.09.13
A very good game.One of the best i`ve played.

draco452 2014.09.12
Pretty good game. Bit strange at time but good. Love the music too :D

ThaneOfAss 2014.09.10
Loved this, would like to see similar setting again!

lordaegnor 2014.09.09
Just say perfect story is good but little bit bored

n0b1t4 2014.09.08
this one is very fun to play, makes me wonder why LOP dont make more games like this ?

darkhelmet342 2014.09.08
Good game, can be a bit tedious though. Sex scenes are cool

alexbaggins 2014.09.07
Good game, but too long!

ho6 2014.09.06
kinda tricky, and a bit slow

hanibal194 2014.09.05
i do love this game many ending et nice girls try it!

blue2510 2014.09.04
great game quick and to the point

igodown 2014.09.02
game is ok a little boring and slow graphics are good

rovanerns 2014.09.02
Game with good gameplay, however long, could have more interaction in hot scenes.

blackninja206 2014.08.31
very good game good

edthot 2014.08.30
Nice game. Need more gameplay though. Little sex.

nlhl2181 2014.08.28
wish there were more girls in this game though

nlhl2181 2014.08.28
fun, tough, and great graphics

Hobgoblin67 2014.08.27
How the hell do you save on this game?. Clicking the save icon doesn`t do nothing apparently. I got to level six and thought I`d quit the game for a while. Came back to it later and my save game wasn`t there :(

sf33 2014.08.27
The fights are a little bit anoying but the game is still very great

fucksuck 2014.08.27
Good game and full of sexyness

Gruby4D 2014.08.24
A really good game. I liked it. Most games on this site are amazing.

Cocko 2014.08.21
I really like this game I love the RPG ones since the gameplay is very fun

dodge15 2014.08.19
one of the best games on here love the different endings only problem is you will need a fair amount of time to get all the endings as each play though is reasonable long

cooljoe12345 2014.08.19
decent game great scenes.

ladiesman420 2014.08.18
Great game... fight sequences are a tad irritating sometimes...bt sex scenes make up for it!
great graphics...!!!!

Onkin 2014.08.17
The fights are a bit annoying and sometimes seem to be really unbalanced.

The game is quite ok, also if I don`t like the general style with more fighting than sex.

redred123 2014.08.09
great game, good scenes

thunderstick99 2014.08.08
great game, i loved the play style, and multiple end sequences. it is quite the step up compared to other adventure games i`ve played.
-quality graphics too, very impressive-

PoissoningMan 2014.08.08
Interesting RPG. These epic ladies are amazing

nitrosonny 2014.08.07
Damn, it is too long... Need at least an hour to complete the game. I prefer only short and quick ones.

dogcrafter225 2014.08.06
I really do like the RPG element in this- makes it unique

Bsash1 2014.08.05
Very fun game. It always makes look forward to the next "Adventure".

KyBlueEyes822 2014.08.04
It`s a very good game very challenging.

nutella9 2014.08.04
wow, that game is greate, but it`s not my fawourite.

ooginator 2014.08.04
Very enjoyable. Good gameplay

Esmeralda13 2014.08.03
this game is awesome great animation

gllbsk 2014.08.02
rpg style is fresh and different. good idea. too many misses though

Huio 2014.08.01
I think this is a good games but not a lot of sex

TheCasanova 2014.08.01
the girls are all hot and the different ways to get each girl is also nice

Onkin 2014.08.01
Nice game, a solution would be fine anyway

stratocaster911000 2014.07.31
i love the graphics, the game play was very enjoyable

TomTwoToes 2014.07.31
Great RPG with very good graphics. A lot of fun, but could use some more sex scenes.

bigbob1869 2014.07.31
game has a lot of pointless scenes there is to much battle its hard to enjoy other parts of the game

Clyde22 2014.07.30
Fun game, though it gets a bit repetitive after awhile. Once you figure out how to play you just more or less keep doing the exact same thing in combat. If they could add something to mix things up and break up the monotony it would be much better over the long run.

WC Gordan 2014.07.28
So there are sex scenes with 4 girls (except for princess and the one that eloped with some knight)
There are endings for 2 girls (princess and bard)
and 3 other endings are a bit dumb, well out of 3 others there is one where he has a lot of sex, but no scene there too, only couple of images...

SamuelYankee 2014.07.27
I love the graphics, the gameplay is very good. it`s great

ZzarachizZ 2014.07.27
nice story line and great graphic

niko987 2014.07.26
Very fun game, lots of things to do. Nice story and action.

Juanksape 2014.07.25
I didn´t like it as much as other ones in the saga, but of course it was good, the ambient was not good at all, but graphics were stunning

Duckfan81 2014.07.22
Fun game with good interactions

DieNowLeavEarth 2014.07.22
Pretty good game. A little buggy but good

csoggo 2014.07.22
i think i didnt figure out the end properly, great game thogh

omie 2014.07.22
this really a good game. love it

smaukacius 2014.07.20
Very interesting, great story and great girls, more more more!

JadMia 2014.07.20
The game is good. Though it migh lack a couple of quests because I finished the game at level 7 several times.

stoad69 2014.07.19
Nice story line and great graphics.

Ray1967 2014.07.19
This was a very nicely done adult flash game, has some good detail and fun to play.

Nuke67 2014.07.18
A sexy fantasy adventure, I didn`t get to complete it, but I plan on soon.

cherrysex2121 2014.07.17
its a fun game should be more scenes

Grigori 2014.07.16
Was different and I really enjoyed it. I hope to see more games like this

Raulhmc280 2014.07.16
I enjoy rpgs. the graphics were great. Still have a few to figure out yet, but really enjoyed it

blasoon 2014.07.13
I liked this game. The sex scenes were great and I replayed it to find the other endings. But the combat was so horrible that it kind of took me out of the games immersing fantasy world. I think that this would have been better if there were items that could help control the hit/miss ratio.

99cadavers 2014.07.13
Very fun game - like the fantasy RPG style! Wish there were more like this.

matso 2014.07.11
hot games sexy images and nice battle scenes

DylanFTW1 2014.07.11
Ha atlast something medieval

wpgguy05 2014.07.11
Wicked game... like the fact it takes a while to finish and require some strategy. Awesome sex scenes too.

undeadzombie 2014.07.11
Now this is a game, very enjoyable

C.C. 2014.07.10
Good game as far as it goes. 1`s and 2`s are easy. 3`s are really rough. Still haven`t made it through a 4. I`ll keep trying.

icrazyur2 2014.07.10
know its bad to complain about free stuff but been waiting for a new game on here and this is what i get lol played this game like a month ago else where

mick149 2014.07.10
this is a great, long game :)

Ivalien 2014.07.10
I liked the story , graphics are good

uptome 2014.07.10
great, very nice game but quite long

asdzxcqwem 2014.07.09
Quite hard and long game, but interesting and nice history.

macumba 2014.07.09
Good game, but too long to finish all the ends

Gatessex87 2014.07.09
very lovely game.
ok here the walkthrough for each ending
ending 1- complete all the quest especially the blacksmith and keep the talisman you get from him. go to enchanting madness with talisman and you can fight the demon but be careful he has like 9 strength, 6 dex, and 5 armor
ending 2-go to enchanting madness without goblin slasher(talisman blacksmith gives you for his quest)
ending 3-accept bards offer of becoming a magic but you must choose the second option instead of having her sing of your glory
ending 4- go to new hope guard post and accept the position of black guard
ending 5- go to new hope guard post but refuse the position of black guard

pjames 2014.07.08
Pretty good job designing the mechanics of the game. I wish there were a few more missions, though. I also wish you didn`t have to reach an ending to load the saved game.

A few glitches: strength is misspelled, armor doesn`t equip automatically, you don`t need the lyrics to be accepted by the border guard, fighting the knight can trigger glitches.

bigdig 2014.07.07
this is a top 3 dame on here. Fights are actually fun. Tip: if your enemy has high dexterity, take out his legs first.

parkerb93 2014.07.07
as a runescape geek gotta say this is my favorite game on this site

nekyy 2014.07.06
Decent game worth the play

Ztrewq 2014.07.06
Extremely enjoyable game - even without the sex! (and I never thought I`d say that in PF1)
Lots of different endings, random encounters, possibilities of lvl-ing up essentially all the time. And the girls are lovely, too ;-)

bitz94 2014.07.06
A Decent one but bit tricky than the other games though its been kind of a fun.

BonesMD98 2014.07.06
Pretty fun game, though animations and graphics are not as good as some of LOP`s others. If you have a hard time hitting foes, try using ur special attacks on the legs. Hope that helps;)

horneeguy69 2014.07.05
1 end: marry Princess
2 end: become villian
3 end: become bard
4 end: become guard
5: end: become hero

Al3x90 2014.07.05
A very decent game but kinda tricky

mark1223 2014.07.05
Very fun game, lots of things to do. Nice story and action.

ohantom2850 2014.07.04
Nice game. Need more gameplay though. Little sex.

White_Wizzard 2014.07.03
starts slow and a bit boring but the further you get the more interesting the game becomes

zmaj 2014.07.03
amazing graphics, great difficuty, loved the blonde

zmaj 2014.07.03
amazing graphics, great difficuty, more pov

patrico 2014.07.02
Over 50% of attacks miss. Sex scenes are lame and you have to grind in terrible combat for an hour to see them.

rocky21 2014.07.02
could be more intresting if possible

downloadsbacon 2014.07.02
one of the worst games horrible gameplay
Fucking Horrible Gameplay
Sex can`t save this shit. I can`t kill a single enemy i always miss. Great Job guys (sarcasm)

network22 2014.07.02
lots of fun - good graphics - multiple endings - very enjoyable game

pusshound 2014.07.02
Sex scenes are not as graphic as I`d like. You can`t even fuck all the girls. The story and play is good. Worth playing a couple of times but not great overall.

grayman30 2014.07.01
this is a fun easy game i like it

Nazgul62 2014.06.30
Nice graphics but the game is to short. But I loved playing it

eagleata 2014.06.30
Great game. Nice and good girls...

oasis21 2014.06.29
Could have been better, not as good as other LOP games

mutrommi 2014.06.29
Ok. Not the BEST graphics and animations for a Games of Passion game but I gave it a 100 because of the adventure sequences and true RPG style theme. I had a great time actually playing rather than just going through a bunch of animated sex sequences.

shadowlad 2014.06.29
Anyone know if you get anything for hitting lvl 10?

sahabjee 2014.06.28
great but short game. one of fantastic games of LOP

rot 2014.06.28
There`s the merchant, the courtesan, the bard, the dancer. Is it possible to get the runaway bride? What about the female bandits? Did I miss a in-game scene with the princess? I think I`ve gotten all the endings except the sell coin one but it feels like there should be a few more opportunities to sex up the neighborhood before settling down with the princess or heading through the gate. Overall, I enjoyed the game--worth an hour or so.

Drakefyre3 2014.06.27
this game is yet another great on this site

raiha024 2014.06.25
very interesting game, although the story is quite short

Magic Knight 2014.06.25
very good game and nice story. Great ladys and so sexy.

Har-Dick 2014.06.25
Very interesting game. Funny script makes it so much interesting.

hornsfan35 2014.06.25
Good graphics but a little monotonous. Played it twice and got two different endings but just didnt want to spend the time to play anymore. Maybe I will come back another day before the next update.

Drake1981 2014.06.24
Looks good really liked this game

ltworf1 2014.06.24
I just got the first ending kinda disappointing , thought it would be more .

yowad 2014.06.24
The graphics are amazing and the story is great

pusshound 2014.06.24
A typical RPG game. Good graphics and hot girls. Takes too long to play through all endings.. Still worth playing a few times.

rossco199 2014.06.23
Great game, only got three endings so far!

TPatricioTi 2014.06.23
Please tell me the name of the music. It`s Epic, like the game!!

creamy 2014.06.23
Great game..wonderful graphics, wish it was longer...lol...I find the game can be won at level 7 for all endings...Defeating final character to win princess gives level 8. Wondering why the game goes to level 10, I decided to achieve level 10, with over 500,000 points, 30,000 gold pieces...no changes occurred.

excellence444 2014.06.23
A Save function would be useful

romanreigns 2014.06.23
quite hard to play
but good quality

jrlampard 2014.06.23
End 1 - Accomplish the princess` mission
End 2 - Fail the princess` mission and become a villain
End 3 - Accept the proposal of the "musician"
End 4 - Join the Black guard
End 5 - Refuse the join the guard and travel beyond the post

ingoio256 2014.06.23
To get the "villain" ending you have to go to the goblin shaman without the talisman to kill him.

M0nkeyB0y 2014.06.22
I like the mechanic girl but need more scene

2b4ever 2014.06.22
game yg sangat menakjubkan. sangat-sangat mengesankan dan membuat ingin bermain kembali. good job.

kmaxx 2014.06.22
great game but the graphics can be improved

kasbro 2014.06.22
How do i get the princess?

aragorn90 2014.06.22
A really good game. I liked the story and the play. The endings are good. Got all 5 endings. But it is hard to receive Level 10. You have quite a track to rise from 200.000 to 500.000. Still I don`t know if getting Level 10 is worth it.
Perhaps I will try this also.

I agree with Stathis: When will Kelly get her next story for the Kelly adventures?

randy06 2014.06.22
really a great game and great stroy line and great sex ladys again and finshed it and loved it

temporaneo.81 2014.06.21
i like the mechanic but not scenes. it could be better.

johnyrocker 2014.06.21
i like the game loads but i wish there was more quests takes ages to build the character up just for a few quests.

but i really enjoy the game keep up the good work. thanks.

MrSh4rk 2014.06.21
The graphics are great and the girls are hot. Nice game.

ashish0808 2014.06.21
good game with beautiful gals quite after a long time....loved it...:)

kenjmeyer 2014.06.21
Has anyone been able to get the save game to work?

toulavej58 2014.06.21
way too long takes forever to get to a decent level, and thwse games do not play well on a mac

tjshah 2014.06.21
very good game, awesome graphics, and love the setting

johnyrocker 2014.06.21
i liked this game it was like i was really a knight . i kinda like saving the ladies and getting rewards, graphics are great too.

tolge 2014.06.20
This is a good game beside Jordan 500. I am really enjoy this game. I play again and again. Congratulation for the good creation of this game. Love it!

mystery666 2014.06.20
wooohooo... i like adventure 3d games.. i like this one

Mmaster 2014.06.20
wow great, this game will rule, gratz guys

vitali 2014.06.20
I like this game. Good idea after several "similar" games. Now must return to finish all tasks :-)

MaVys 2014.06.20
Did you find a save game file? I would like make a copy sometimes.. but I cant find it.

az89 2014.06.19
ending 5 just like ending 4, go straight to another gate without finish the witch and decline the guard offer to join them

decconan 2014.06.19
Ending2:Just like Ending1, but at last you should sell the medal.

gippster77 2014.06.19
Excellent game to play good story and great graphics

Falramir 2014.06.19
that`s a really good game, i like it ;-)

mystery666 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics, i like it

cwoodb11 2014.06.19
Got all the endings but the one where you become a villain if someone could write a walkthrough on how to get the different endings that would be awesome but all and all great game with awesome graphics.

az89 2014.06.18
got 1 ending, only 5th one left

Mikker 2014.06.18
@Stathis - Ah. Of course, I sold it, so I will just have to replay the game. Thanks for your help :-)

ShadowBeatzOff 2014.06.18
great game just how about redo sex

voodooacidboy 2014.06.18
one of the best games ive played on here recently! very impressed!

al1eks2andar 2014.06.18
I really like RPG so 100 points from me, but please in Your further game put
posibillity that main character can sold spare equipment ( for example, spare
armor or weapon).

sonubhai07 2014.06.18

sexyboy 2014.06.18
reached 4 endings.
Ending number 2 i can´t get.
What you have to do to get it?

Hazan9 2014.06.18
Nice game, good graphic, story is good too. Easy and short game :/. Good job LoP (Y)

mfrank 2014.06.18
Not bad at all, for the first attempt at a fantasy RPG quite entertaining, with a good story, nice character developement and a range of different endings.
The graphocs are also good, though not as good as your latest games, especially the sex scenes all look a bit artificial for my liking.
For your next RPG, you should definitely add more of these interactive acts, I would have loved to bang the fiance after killing her knight or get intimate with some of the female thugs after the fight.

randy06 2014.06.18
very good game and great story and great ladys and so sexy and great to fuck would like to fuck the princess good after u finsh the coquest for her but great tho and sexy fucks of lady and finshed it all

6166542 2014.06.18
The 2nd ending is if you do not have the talisman when you fight the goblin, and you join has forces. I prefer endings 1 and 5

rot 2014.06.18
Good game. I enjoy this kind of build up the character and also get lucky. Does anyone have a list of all the girls you can get? Is the guard station intended as a trap and dead end? I`d like to take advantage of some of the female bandits who attack... I think this would be a nice add-in. And yes, I`d like an interactive sequence with the princess.

evilwawa2010 2014.06.18
i cant figure out how to get 2nd ending can anyone gimme a hint?

devil21 2014.06.18
such a nice game
quite easy and is fun

a2bigo 2014.06.18
The Bartender should interact with you and offer a quest!

bite 2014.06.18
I do really like these games, they are long and entertaining, with many girls to fuck, plus a real progression in the game.

Stathis 2014.06.17

When you do the Blacksmith`s quest (killing the Black Widow spider, it`s called Spider Plague something, 3 stars) he`ll give you a talisman. DON`T SELL that talisman. Go find that demon and you`ll be able to fight him.

Stathis 2014.06.17
Wew. Managed to get all endings. Girls I liked the most were the Merchant, the Courtesan and Princess Amanda (too bad you only get the ending scene and nothing more with her...:/). Lol, at the endings 3,4 and 5 btw.

Some tips: Accept all missions but do them in order of easiest (one star)-hardest (five stars). You may want to hit go back to the city to do a route more than one times for gold and exp-gold lets get equipment and leveling up improves your stats as well. Use the apples, breads and chickens to restore HP (click on the guy`s face when in route for a quest or in the town to use them). This way, you`ll be able to save the potions for the difficult fights. The sooner you get the best equipment, the better. Also, in difficult fights, try using the special attacks to lower the enemy`s DEXTERITY and ARMOR, especially if they`re high. When you have the Berserker moves, it`ll be better.

P.S. I was gonna ask if anyone had success with the Sirens since every time it seemed to fail for me. Got it in the end, but it was disappointing...

And LOP, please bring Kelly back.

az89 2014.06.17
the 4th ending quite funny

athossico 2014.06.17
nice subject, maybe a little bit more of development.
good graphics as usual, easy to play

lovableidiot 2014.06.17
The graphics are great and the girls are hot. Nice gameplay

LexArturo 2014.06.17
I love that I can start over from my last choice after reaching an ending. It makes the binary options to enjoy, since I don`t have to redo 20 minutes of gameplay to try a different route.

az89 2014.06.17
manage to get 2nd and 3rd ending

Mikker 2014.06.17
Great game, but I keep get killed by the demon in Chanting Quest. I need some kind of treasure, any help with this? Thanks.

adyee 2014.06.17
its all say good graphics good characters girls are hot....

es 2014.06.17
good game. love all the girls.

Borsuk15 2014.06.17
Nice and many quests. Very good game!!

klf 2014.06.17
nice game, 1 ending reached 4 left

stnick 2014.06.17
Ive played three times too an end 1,3,4 and thats enough, the RPG bit is clunky and the combat scenes are so random, best advice is always fight never run oh and get a decent sword ASAP.

Vaulantis 2014.06.17
This is intesting but the rpg battle style is meh

Marakuya 2014.06.17
( someone could tell me how to save the progress I`ve been in this game? )

Totto2706 2014.06.17
really good game, awesome graphics, cute girls

jk3guns 2014.06.17
Good game, but a little challenging during the fights. One of the better games from LOP

deffy duck 2014.06.17
very good game great graphics and good story

mekaiah 2014.06.17
Graphics are good and fairly easy.

Saracus 2014.06.17
Well done for the first free RPG style. I rather liked it. Decent graphics. Good game overall

wezel87 2014.06.17
graphics are very awesome
great game

Peter1212 2014.06.17
Best RPG game ever. The graphics are hot and nice. A good amount of load I made after this playing game.

lobo2453 2014.06.17
I enjoy rpgs. the graphics were great. Still have a few to figure out yet, but really enjoyed it

multiplex_1 2014.06.16
1 end: marry Princess
2 end: become villian
3 end: become bard
4 end: become guard
5: end: become hero

Willie77 2014.06.16
Interesting change for LOP. Would have been nice if you had a chance with each different girl. You get interactive with the Trades Girl, the Bard and the Dancer. Why not the runaway fiance? I mean she likes sodome on her own terms . . . why not after you defeat her knight that she makes you an offer to not bring her back? There should definately be some interactive scenes with the Princess.

jcc1985 2014.06.16
good game lots of different quest

shyman44425 2014.06.16
Very nice as far as lop games go. A little long and repetitive.

HarSlan 2014.06.16
Find 1.emd-princess
2.end-dont know

Hotguy29126 2014.06.16
This was a bit easy but it was pretty fun for the first few mins :D

sexyboy 2014.06.16
Found 3 of 5 endings?
Could someone tell me all 5 endings so i can find them too.

Zariaswell 2014.06.16
Liked this game !

I think there is a little bug : when you choose to fight the knight and kill him, the game give some weird screens. Then, you release the girl and let her be with the knight (who`s suppose to be dead) instead of bringing her back to her fiancee...

chrisa 2014.06.16
its ok i love the graphics

yesno 2014.06.16
graphics are very awesome

Jaaru 2014.06.16
Nice looking new game, liked it.

dessad 2014.06.16
bug: killed knight, switched to letting them go event

ImrtlWolf 2014.06.16
Fairly easy mechanics but fun none the less

zikas 2014.06.16
very nice game and i like it very much

tbrad123 2014.06.16
great game quick and to the point

ewfee 2014.06.16
great i really like such heroic kind of games, taverns girls and situations there
i`d like to see more games in this genre . especially lopgold with more size and stuff, hope you will make it.

studi_jungfrau 2014.06.16
really cool game,
a bit easy, but a quick fun

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