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Akiza Izinski Gang Bang


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Domenik 2017.10.14
Sexy girl, cute tits, nice graphics

Tiodor 2017.05.06
Short and easy game, but no gangbang.

ianjames 2017.03.10
game sticks pitty as the girl is cute

abzero271 2017.01.31
I`m stuck at the half way bar plz help

Corgath 2016.11.05
Needs more animation and options but its ok.

hentaimaster69 2016.02.05
she kind of looks like colin from code geass ...its ok the game

RuMiT 2015.09.03
Nice game, good the graphic.

twotouch 2015.08.19
not a bad game, good graphic`s to remove panties, slided them to the side

kanther 2015.08.06
no sound, decent graphics.. but overall too short

msmelsta 2015.04.07
i cant get the panties down!


kingshyla 2015.03.23
this one isn`t great, doesn`t deserve to be so highly rated

Ssslicer 2015.03.07
Pretty good but it would be better if you could choose more characters.

holystoner 2015.02.28
the guy climaxed in place of the game having one... very anticlimactic - very linear story - graphics just OK

gwazz 2015.01.26
short easy game but no gangbang

xai 2015.01.10
Decent flash, just click away though. Not much to it

Jarhead469 2014.07.31
Short game with very few options, decent graphics but nothing to hold your interest. And why did they call it a gang bang when there is only one guy?

judytabooty 2014.05.10
It wasn`t hard to play that is not a gang bang. That`s a little disappointing. Should change the name aka make it relevant to the game.

Fuckher21 2013.12.29
Hot game but it was to easy and to short

Gamemaster1213 2013.12.16
nive game, but i wasn´t easy to find out about the pantys

rambo20155 2013.11.24
a nice little game but to short

ilmilio 2013.11.22
the first time i can`t finish a game... mAH

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

kaizer54 2013.09.19
im stuck with bar half way , i give up

nunu654321 2013.08.31
short and simple, not exactly a gang bang though

Pauley909 2013.08.30
pretty good might wanna make it longer though

precisionkiller 2013.08.17
good game, good graphics, but needs to def be longer

Tiger1819 2013.08.09
Not the best ive ever played

lucvz12 2013.08.05
OK game. But bit short and simple..

jack665 2013.07.25
Need to ad more excitment but a good game none the less

marck4 2013.07.15
good graphics,decent game,cant get panties down tho...

LexiBoo 2013.07.15
Loved it. But it could`ve been better with sound.

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.14
Nice game, but it`s over a little bit to soon.

Pauley909 2013.06.06
nice game but i cant get to pussy part so ill give 3 stars

shaggy629 2013.06.05
im stuck with bar half way , i give up

gwazz 2013.04.16
good graphics but couldnt get skirt off

darkrogue 2013.03.17
good game but needs to be longer

madmax68 2013.02.28
I enjoyed the game but only one partner - Where is/was the gangbang?

Duke63 2013.02.22
OK game, but not really a gang bang

joshile 2013.02.09
I stuck in this game in the panty part i do not how to proceed, please help me

joshile 2013.02.09
nice could have been longer though

joshile 2013.02.09
OK game , but over too quick

joshile 2013.02.09
Decent graphics, but clearly miss named . . . which I was glad of.

joshile 2013.02.09
Good graphics. Not too much to do though, multiple scenes would have been cool.

joshile 2013.02.09
Good concept but sex poistions are too limited and the undressing part is quite frustrating...

joshile 2013.02.09
Like the gameplay and options. More of this with longer story would be great.

omerrefik 2013.01.30
Simple and boring but animations are good

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

pusshound 2013.01.05
Pretty boring. No gang bang. Very simple. Clothes don`t come off, they just pull to the side

infinis 2012.12.23
boring game but nice animation

shadoebat 2012.11.24
Um.... Where was the gang bang. Good game, but titled wrong.

gastaue 2012.11.13
it couls be better if it had sound effects.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Hm, generally liked it. Needs sound. More stripping. Not really gang bang also :P

kryptkeepr 2012.10.30
fun to play good graphics

pabloescobar 2012.10.25
cant get to fuck sen please help

recongrunt2211 2012.09.18
Decent game, a great time killer. Graphics are decent.

RedDragon7971 2012.08.30
It`s not the best game but thanks for taking out the demo`s!!

rageboyfat 2012.08.27
Needs more animation and options but its ok.

santwan12 2012.07.06
yeah where is the gangbang because i was waiting for it

MadnessUK 2012.06.06
Not really a gang bang... but being able to trigger multipul animations at once is quite nice.

SexyBeauty0426 2012.05.28
Somehow missed this game so played for the first time. Like the gameplay and options. More of this with longer story would be great.

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Original gameplay, nice grafic and girl

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.07
Good graphics. Not too much to do though, multiple scenes would have been cool.

Jada2123 2012.04.28
it a awesome game but, where the heck is the gang bang?

twoecho 2012.04.26
Funn game, but where was the gang bang?

tcorbett 2012.04.13
It was okay. But the name is misleading. Gang Bang usually means more than one guy fucking the girl.

xtren 2012.04.06
Nice game but over so soon

CryOfFear 2012.03.27
Easy game, but its not bad, its hot, its cool!

uber50 2012.03.13
I loved this game, very hot girl, the controls were a bit weird though

glukos37 2012.03.05
this game is definetly to short. and a little bit to easy. but for a short break its perfect.

Thumper_1 2012.02.23
Always thought gang bang meant more than two people. lol Ahh well, overall it was hot but Jessie`s right, it need some oral.

j3ssie 2012.02.19
great game with excellent graphics beautiful girl

j3ssie 2012.02.19
Game is simple, but HOT :) Also I missed some oral sex.

stordan 2012.02.10
this game is definetly to short. and a little bit to easy. but for a short break its perfect.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game but its defenetly not a gang bang...

brit_man33 2012.01.30
Good graphics. Not too much to do though, multiple scenes would have been cool.

hotness90 2012.01.24
has done it again

Veressa 2012.01.15
very nice Girl, but kinda short. and where is the gangbang???

sexydragon64 2012.01.05
great game but wat else is there to do other that play with her boobs srip ger boobs and skirt nd play with her pussy?

Guillaume 2012.01.04
Decent and enjoyable game. Short and hot

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
a nice little game but to short

Anonymous619 2011.12.01
I loved this game, very hot girl, the controls were a bit weird though

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Awkward controls and mediocre graphics...

lazy boy 2011.11.11
Nice game, but it`s over a little bit to soon.

kldxxx 2011.10.31
great game. I liked it but the undressing was pretty frustrating and ther was only one position...could have been better

wally98 2011.10.21
Cool game. Took a bit of work to finish the job. Enough fun to play it again.

michikage 2011.10.21
man i love akiza she is my favorite girl in yugioh. but the game could be better in graphics and gameplay. and i should give more options

Tygafifty 2011.10.21
I like how you play this game but the name is deceiving, it wasnt much of a gangbang. wish there was sound too.

avernus 2011.10.11
cool game like the graphics a twist on how u have sex in the game

alertpleased 2011.10.09
the girl is hot, but this is very short

Jaaru 2011.09.02
I liked this game and what a babe.

darknesslight43 2011.09.02
i really think is game is awsome

spokxx 2011.08.01
great game, good graphics cute girl but wher is the gang bang ????????????

siralexferguson 2011.07.29
good graphics interesting game but no sound

pro486ca 2011.07.23
pretty small game not much content

kpyrinikos 2011.07.10
Kinda short. A few more positions would have made it better.

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
could use better graphics, but decent game

Texean 2011.06.01
Good graphics but too easy. OK to run through once.

speedballz_21 2011.05.28
its not a gang bang so got boring

loredofbunnyz 2011.05.24
good game but wheres is the gangbang part?

iceman426 2011.05.21
This game is great the girl is sexy

dannyboy1234 2011.05.20
great game, good graphics cute girl

patty23 2011.05.14
not so good but the concept used during fuck was good

mrjellyboom 2011.05.14
good but short (and why is the game called gang bang)

Laharol 2011.05.13
its a great game but to short

Skarn62 2011.05.06
why this game called gangbang?
Just one good point : Cute girl

dirtyvince 2011.04.16
Short game, not satisfying fuck her very well.....

Said is gang bang but only one guy...

kalbs 2011.04.14
Nice game, but it`s over a little bit to soon.

Skylink 2011.04.12
short game but not bad except that it doesnt have sound

hentailover85 2011.04.10
Well first off, the name had gang bang in it, but she only fucks one guy. second, theres no sound. the girl was hot though.

sidehacker 2011.03.27
It seems as though all I can do is touch her. The "strip" button isn`t doing anything. Weird and unfortunate since I like the design a great deal.

Billpie70 2011.03.23
Not that good of a game kind of boring

TheGame0512 2011.03.18
Not really a "gangbang" but the play was decent

Nixsen 2011.03.17
hot girl...
love the outfit
to bad it was more than tha...
a bit

airdrais 2011.03.11
simple, yet my favorite game so far

castledoran 2011.03.10
i thought it was an ok game very simple

Nick2 2011.03.01
Nice game with hot girl, but too short.

ski9072 2011.02.26
Really didn`t care for this one much, the grapics were ok, but nothing spectacular

ocandela 2011.02.19
Kinda short. A few more positions would have made it better.

nico_flo 2011.02.18
foarte incitant jocul, dar se mai poate imbunatatii

Cichy 2011.02.16
Not very good but decent game.

silver12 2011.02.14
No audio, this game is lame

m4lv1n 2011.02.12
very short and a bit to simple....

ratonius 2011.02.07
Decent and enjoyable game. Short and hot.Simple but Ok...

Xavier47 2011.02.07
title was misleading but a good game overall

sanjuro94 2011.02.03
I dont like click and drags and the title was misleading... not a bad start though!

alucard12 2011.01.23
it is a nice game hot ass babe and big tits

mightyazda 2011.01.22
sorry, but not too impressed by this - too long and a tad boring!

dail 2011.01.21
i like it actully i want games about wives plz

teh_good_guy_88 2011.01.13
decent graphics and good game play, but doesn`t fit the title, seeing as how i didn`t see a gang bang option

R_bOnEz 2011.01.07
wasn`t bad, wasn`t good either ,least the graphics were ok

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
not a whery good game its to short and it dosent live up to its name either

saints 2010.12.30
Quite an enjoyable game. Short and hot.

Xavier47 2010.12.16
great game. I liked it but the undressing was pretty frustrating and ther was only one position...could have been better

orvarth 2010.12.08
a little short , a gang should fit the name`s game , a few more options and this game could be good .

butterfinger 2010.12.05
Games is missing sound and it is to short...

donysabox 2010.12.03
i dont know if this called gangbang, but is hard to slide the pantie.

erikef 2010.11.28
Good concept but sex poistions are too limited and the undressing part is quite frustrating...

hayden1 2010.11.26
not the best game ever, but enjoyable ;)

carmalone 2010.11.25
Quite an enjoyable game. Short and hot.

sophia2435 2010.11.23
it is to short. i like hard games but not games that waste your time. not very good. who ever made this game i think they could have done a lot better on it and gave more things to do with the girl.

Feelyn 2010.11.22
Thats Not Even a Gang Bang,but nice quality

TMAN81 2010.11.21
Game is really nice so is the girl :-)

chennaite 2010.11.20
Why the name when there is no gang bangs available. Cute girl, cute tits, nice graphics

Phoric 2010.11.13
Cute, but no gang bang. Also, to those stuck with the meter half full, to strip her, you have to click and drag

Chibijosh 2010.11.09
a decent game that`s pretty easy to beat and has an enjoyable character.

Zaldin24 2010.11.07
Very Nice! For awhile i couldn`t figure out what to do when the meter was halfway full. The woman was super sexy too!

DoubleShadow 2010.11.06
not the best game ever, but enjoyable ;)

Toboshi 2010.11.02
Quite an enjoyable game. Short and hot.

xcrisp 2010.11.02
not bad, expected more tho

mike cook 2010.11.01
Great game good graphics i enjoyed it

paddywhack 2010.10.28
not a very good game but enjoyable sex scenes

Lollo92 2010.10.13
Yeah! This is a great game. Nice sex scene.

spida 2010.10.09
i thought it a rather silly game (not even a game}

thedevil911 2010.10.08
nice game good graphics nice babe but too short

jeanmimel 2010.10.03
really not interresting game

Jerkeys 2010.10.02
where`s the gang bang? medium game whit medium grapighs

soundofmusic 2010.09.26
I think the title is a little misleading. there was no gangbang.

tashadream 2010.09.25
Graphics were of Medium quality. Gameplay was slow and short. Was hard to do the fuck secene, different type would have worked

rovanerns 2010.09.24
Very weak, I lost my time with this game.

bshdaddy1 2010.09.22
good little game to short needs more options as far as what to do to the girl. could use better graphics and more detail in the actions. overall a 40 out of 100

Xcite 2010.09.10
Title is a misnomer. Not a game as such, but I was fascinated by some elements of it which I haven`t seen before. Mildly enjoyable but not a `game` you would come back to.

Nimrod 2010.09.08
It was okay, could have used a little more.

reddcloud 2010.08.30
the game could have been better

AntonyJ 2010.08.17
no storyline, good graphics

joey333 2010.08.04
okay game - nothing spectacular but not bad, although the title is misleading

Caine1379 2010.08.03
cool concept, way too short . . . . and no gang bang starngely enough

nemesisnerd 2010.07.30
game is good but need more story

crazyfly 2010.07.27
Title needs changed otherwise was awesome.

mammothcock 2010.07.26
it was good but i wonder what makes it a gang bang?

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Not bad for a fucking game, but a gang bang is more than 2 guys on one girl. the title is misleading

Hanak 2010.07.20
great game but shouldn´t a gang bang be with more than 1 man?

lenman 2010.07.20
Easy and straight to the point. The game play is ok. It`s a normal game and the graphics are ok. I did not find anything to brag about.

dubidu 2010.07.11
yeahhh this is fucking great, like it ;D

skarch 2010.07.02
terrible game, bad graphics and worse game play....

vipsky 2010.07.02
no gangbang..easy but nice

toramos 2010.07.01
Not very much gang in that bang

zedi 2010.06.29
needs to be longer more interaction

scannatore 2010.06.27
Good game, but not so interesting after all...

mjgates87 2010.06.22
the game was good but needs to be longer

Rromeo89 2010.06.22
could do with a bit more interaction

turtletat2it 2010.06.21
fun game. simple but enjoyable, sexy girl

joe782 2010.06.19
game was great but was also vary esey

Billybob 2010.06.09
Short game but good keep them coming

monkey.lover69 2010.05.19
very quick game but nice graphics, god while it lasted

ROB83073 2010.05.12
Nice game, but it`s over a little bit to soon.

buneylan 2010.05.06
short but good game. i liked the fucking part

australis 2010.05.05
Gang Bang? hmm seems they don`t know what one is.

Kalaam 2010.05.02
a little on the boring side needed more

HereI 2010.05.02
good game but sound would have made it better

boinky 2010.04.29
good graphics, too bad there isn`t any kind of sound or music

streetfighterz 2010.04.27
game was great but was also vary esey

Toker12345 2010.04.27
i liked the graphics in this game

stevie 2010.04.23
fun game. simple but enjoyable, sexy girl

kmax 2010.04.15
Good looking game, and a fair amount of interactivity, but the lack of sound and varying options stifles it.

jooona 2010.04.14
where all other girls? good looking girl thou... more different positions please...

pyratemime 2010.04.13
Can`t get any of the clothes off and just get to bounce her tits. Not much fun all in all.

argonidas 2010.04.12
no gangbang but otherwise nice

slm_jng 2010.04.08
very basic game . didn`t like it

Hesteng 2010.04.06
decemt game.. nice graphics and great things to do

Stardream 2010.04.01
it was a little too easy and not a gang bang.

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.04.01
I do like the game. It does need some sound to it though.

joseluis74125 2010.03.31
this needs sound and music but akiza lokks sexy

DaddyStuff 2010.03.30
Could definitely be a better game. No "gangbang" involved though.

Balmoth 2010.03.30
the game is nice I like this you get more options as you go game style. but the title mentions a gangbang... two people is a bit different from a gangbang...unless I missed something

mistermatrix24 2010.03.30
ehh it was a nice game. could have done with some sound. but i liked it

spackler 2010.03.29
way too short, pretty good tho

Totte 2010.03.28
Nice game, short, not much "gang-bang" action here

Johnny811 2010.03.27
great graphics but to short

mojomonkey77 2010.03.27
good game. good interaction. more choices/positions would be nice.

bobsaggot 2010.03.26
i didn`t even get that far in the game before i got tired of clicking

monfan1 2010.03.23
it is quite nice but i cant seem to strip her fully is there something i have to do

HornyPorny 2010.03.23
its ok but could do with sound and more action

seducer 2010.03.22
no good game too short and to easy

grom76 2010.03.21
Nice game. Could added another girl. hope that there is a sequel.

UKHornyGuy 2010.03.21
It`s an ok game but a bit short and a gang bang needs more characters. Unless i missed some way of getting more involved?

mavrie 2010.03.21
its a good game but would be better with sound

aki555 2010.03.21
the game has good graphics..............................it is a great game

docrx1991 2010.03.19
nice interactivity, but short

pedro619 2010.03.18
the game was boring but good quality.

patbeau19 2010.03.16
ok but not much, not so fuild,

twy24 2010.03.16
this is a really good game

operalish 2010.03.15
needs a lot of improvement and sound

ejk5108 2010.03.08
good idea for a game but it is not long enough

drok 2010.03.06
Hmmm. A gang Bang is 3 or more guys on 1 girl. Obviously this is not!!!

cueball1970 2010.03.03
The game was a little boring

cryspy 2010.03.02
its ok but could be much better with sound

Bonerex101 2010.02.27
Its good but its too short

jules1903 2010.02.27
Nice game, liked moving the panties and the internal view is good.

skeletor6662001 2010.02.27
Not bad, but does have a lot of room for improvment

Hunter99004 2010.02.27
Graphics are ok, panties should be removable instead of sliding to side....overall a 4 out of 10

qng419 2010.02.24
The game is good but its kinda boring....

sfox 2010.02.19
This game could use a little bit more stuff in it but other wise it was good

bigbeefy 2010.02.17
almost fell asleep playing itlol

mister v 2010.02.15
very short and a bit to simple

mickey469 2010.02.10
Nice game a little short tho

krb42 2010.02.08
nice graphics could be a little longer

CBJoe 2010.02.08
damn good game the graphics was not bad either

ba ghost 2010.02.06
decent game but only a few options
graphics are good
the girls is from yu gi ho

jeremy1 2010.02.05
better than average game too short and over too quickly

workingstiff 2010.02.05
Not much to it, very basic game without any repeatable value

Wandere001 2010.02.04
Simple interface but nice game

justag469 2010.02.04
ok game, great girl. pussy simulation interesting, but where was the gang bang??

JeiJei 2010.02.04
Nice girl, but I miss any sound

agone 2010.02.03
simply boring dont like this type of game

ejr450 2010.01.31
decent. not overwhelming.

HoneyKen 2010.01.30
Good graphics. Decent girl.

alexus68 2010.01.28
Very short, no challenge, no sound. this is not a very good game

randy06 2010.01.27
hello its ok needs more story line and more things to do to her like all u do to a lady

robinho 2010.01.27
Its easy money this game and don`t screw the mouse

derek69 2010.01.25
easy game with good graphics

jmalkovich 2010.01.25
idea is to get panties aside and not down... after that u get the ride... but why the gang bang??

eaglesedge 2010.01.25
nice game, easy to play and simple. less stress trying to hunt for complicated clues.

rockerking22 2010.01.25
great girl but its really boring

Draggy 2010.01.24
The words "Gang Bang" and "Tease" used to describe 1 thing? That`s pretty damn weird, why is it "tease"?

mr90 2010.01.24
this game is too short it hasnt any story

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
Good game and nice graphics.......sexy girl...

cypruslt 2010.01.10
Game is simple, but HOT :) Also I missed some oral sex.

envies 2010.01.10
sexy girl, game too short. Too bad no oral sex

bigbluem 2010.01.08
the game is ok. short and not very challenging. graphic is good an a little anatomy lession is included as well

mikebhaal 2010.01.08
needs more oral sex and a larger cumshot

persaunna 2010.01.03
Attractive girl; too few options to play the game. Also, the name of the game is Akiza Izinksi Gang Bang..is there something I`m missing after I strip her blouse, skirt, pull panties aside, touch her and have her ride me?

donzor 2009.12.31
nice game
hot girl
difficult to find out how the heck you get to fuck her
and too short:(

mrarmy91b 2009.12.30
game is ok but needs more oral sex

deamon555 2009.12.29
I am stuck in the part where you are supposed to pleasure her but i cant seem to do it can you help me?

wannabi 2009.12.26
nice game !!! really liked that girl ;)

nillax2k 2009.12.24
too short no challenge no sound three whole things to do

tsael 2009.12.15
ouldn`t figure out at first, but turned out to be an ok game!

chris123 2009.12.14
a little on the boring side needed more

Dnai01 2009.12.09
graphics are pretty good, took time to realize you need to move panites aside. would be better with sound, and more interaction

krob 2009.12.09
bad game. no sound, and the pleasure bar doesn`t go up

seanownzyew 2009.12.07
good graphics,, pretty good game,, its really hard to get panties off.. =/

CandyMan87 2009.12.06
i lkie dis game very much

mago99 2009.12.03
game play was ok. graphics and animation are lame though

dutchman59 2009.11.29

nissehult 2009.11.24
Very short, no challenge, no sound. this is not a very good game

roxac 2009.11.21
Excellent graph, but too bad not include sound

rafystole 2009.11.21
what a great work, i love the graphs

wardaddy 2009.11.20
too short. Thought the title was gang bang? Woiuld have been nice if there was sound.

Raizan 2009.11.20
in general a pretty good game ^^ just way too short. it could be a small part of a bigger game. so creating a story around it could make it much more fun.

Xyzzy 2009.11.20
Too short, no challenge, no sound. Not a very good game.

eveready077 2009.11.16
it was realy too short of a game there wasn`t much to do!

dfish_44 2009.11.15
just ok. too short. needs sound

joker 2009.11.12
this game was too short but overall it was good

nevells016 2009.11.10
Very short. Could have been more options.

Mandrab 2009.11.09
too short, but nice game, a bit simple also tho, great graphics and sexy lady

BigBob 2009.11.08
pretty good game, nice, graphics, just a little bit short. All in all a good game.

crazyboner99 2009.11.07
wow this game turned me on soo much lol

powpow 2009.11.07
I stuck in this game in the panty part i do not how to proceed, please help me

powpow 2009.11.07
good game such a nice girl

Credom 2009.11.07
good game, but at last way too easy ... some more options would be great, positions or something like that

dilleytime 2009.11.06
Nice gameplay, but I could have used some more `options`. Positions, other orifices, that kinda stuff. Still hot though.

DarkGuy 2009.11.06
good game but its so easy D:

kaname8 2009.11.06
I get that Aki is a hot female Yu-gi-oh! character and all...yet I find that this is a decent game overall and it could have been slightly longer. Graphics are alright, yet the title of the game can seem misleading.

angrycookieman 2009.11.05
nice game but too short, name of the game is misleading

2241chris 2009.11.05
excellent game a little to short

calle84 2009.11.04
good game but where is the gang bang

oriole 2009.11.04
OK game , but over too quick

tommer 2009.11.04
nice could have been longer though

akiyama1234 2009.11.04
Awesome Graphics, its a great game and its my favorite =D

Blacko69 2009.11.04
It`s a nice game. I didn`t get it at the begining but it`s nice.

kohtet 2009.11.03
good game , make me hard really nice :DDDDD

Tazz6699 2009.11.03
It`s OK, but some one needs to tell the writer Gang Bang is more than one guy.

Kuyu 2009.11.03
A good game, good graphics, but a bit hard when you play the first time.

b3d0w 2009.11.03
i can only get so far on this game, i dont think the girl is good enough to waste anymore time on

james_73737 2009.11.02
great game with excellent graphics beautiful girl

thomc 2009.11.02
Nice Graphics alltho the game isnt too exciting

dtdsora 2009.11.02
Awesome, very awesome, just wish i could get past pulling the shirt off...

playboy1569 2009.11.01
awesome games awesome graphics

cagan 2009.11.01
this game is awesome i like this

r2043man 2009.10.31
not to bad a game to play

Dragonclaw1 2009.10.31
Nice game, but it`s over a little bit to soon.

mandrake 2009.10.31
good game could use some sound though

dyingrabbit 2009.10.30
nice game but bad graphics with better graphis more interesting

cescroman 2009.10.30
Nice Graphics alltho the game isnt too exciting - can`t put a finger on why tho ...

sucker1993 2009.10.30
pretty awsome game but a little too short

crankyseb 2009.10.30
Okay game. Short and not very challenging. The graphics are okay.

chaos19 2009.10.30
good game, a little short, but great looking girl

deadbrain 2009.10.30
nice game but very short wish some longer games

mpieshark 2009.10.29
Pretty decent game, but also short

pool 2009.10.29
This game has good graphics and its hot

fishman456 2009.10.29
it took a while but then i beat it

Texluky 2009.10.29
she is so hot i could fuck her all day

boyo111 2009.10.29
Seen better with meet n fuck, but its challenging with the panties at least

leporcon 2009.10.28
OK game, fairly standard stuff

shabam28 2009.10.28
THis game makes no sense, I didnt like it

Ironclad_Oriatee 2009.10.28
This is a Alright game, Although rather Short and un-eventful

jerryonly83 2009.10.28
kinda boring one.... it`s a little too limited..... not that good...

Zargas 2009.10.28
Nice Graphics alltho the game isnt too exciting - can`t put a finger on why tho ...

santa 2009.10.28
Good game and nice graphics. Took a while to figure out panties. Don`t understand title.

trayter 2009.10.28
ouldn`t figure out at first, but turned out to be an ok game!

kissoto 2009.10.28
good graphics and nice game

Tfrank 2009.10.27
One of the better Hentai games.

dw4l1n 2009.10.27
didn`t like it... and besides.. .why it`s called gangbang???

woody 2009.10.27
nice could have been longer though

Shot 2009.10.27
Nice game, but it`s over a little bit to soon.

timewaster 2009.10.27
Decent graphics, but clearly miss named . . . which I was glad of.

Cheese, you don`t remove the panties. Try sliding them to the side.

cheese101 2009.10.27
good graphics,decent game,cant get panties down tho...

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