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Afternoon to remember


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TYRIBA27 2019.06.22
one of my all time favs will there be an update coming soon ilove the storyrn

Luis Otavio 2019.05.24
tha`s wath i`m talking about. great gamern

Judex 2019.04.23
A short but nice game. Jessica is very hot and Keley too. A nice introduction for Unforgettable Diner !

super1400 2019.01.20
nice game, good graphic. I Like it

nik333 2019.01.16
good game,beatifull story.nice slightly animated shots

Badman.SP 2018.12.27
When you open the window with the game, on the right side you have access to chapter 2 of this series which is very fast where the choices make a real difference.rnIt seems to be too simple but it is a good game, especially since Jessica is a very hot girl, so far I have not been able to find out if the "Yellow Bikini" made things easier ...

lelele 2018.12.26
pretty good game, would almost say perfect

Badman.SP 2018.12.26
This is a great game. It has nice looks and is fun to play. There are a lot of finals and I could not figure out if I could actually do something with the blonde girl.

sgt_kidd 2018.12.13
Good game and good replayability and story was not to shabby either

dkr 2018.12.01
Simple game. it`s a pity that there is only the demo version


rodol 2018.11.12
This games is too difficult for me

danny182661 2018.11.11
great story really made me enjoy itrn

jetset28 2018.10.26
this game is great good graphic and good story

hunter68 2018.10.23
sexy figures.....wow. well made game

Tron70 2018.10.20
Grafic is good and the story too, maybe too short!rn

Ken123 2018.10.14
i love this game a lot i play this heaps of times

hotstuff20 2018.10.08
This is a good game, the graphics are good and is enjoyable, it just seems a little short.

BigCock168 2018.10.06
This game is great but the only bad thing is that there aren`t enough sex scenes

jackhandy 2018.09.26
This hame has potential, but it seems some paths aren`t yet developed, which is frustrating. Still, plot has potential.

bkd 2018.09.23
good game, so many parts , but graphics not good

chesthenut 2018.09.23
I have to say. This game is Great

punjabi 2018.09.19
funny game, maybe it`s not complete ready. I wish to have fun with the blonde girl

MrTurner 2018.09.18
Great game, looking forward for the continuation.rn

CumLikeAHose 2018.09.17
It has been months since I`ve played this and I still remember ;)

manrat 2018.09.16
is there a way for fucking the blonde girl?

matix87 2018.09.14
fun game , is there only one sex parterner?rn

yissy36 2018.09.09
Loving this game it`s really sexy

Roc6387 2018.08.24
great game i have playedbits of the sequel as well and its very good so far.I`ve seen two parts to this; the artwork is great and the choices make a real difference. It feel a bit flimsy but it is pretty good if quite a quick game with little relational development

GP69 2018.08.23
Quite enjoyed this game, especially the young girl in the room!!!

tallahasseez 2018.08.22
Decent game, but there should be more options on the woman you want to have sex with

drk1998 2018.08.18
I`m very happy to see this game, it is fun but short. only one ending that i could find

MAGCs 2018.08.16
hard to get through, but good gamern

cr7cr7cr 2018.08.12
grafik is ok fun to play

scertox 2018.08.11
how to download this game ??

Kakashi551 2018.08.10
great game i have playedbits of the sequel as well and its very good so far.

asinble 2018.08.07
this was an amazing game it take me to much more than i expected

nissehult 2018.08.02
Really like games like this, many different ways to end it, sexy girls and lots of sexrn

vitali 2018.07.28
Nice game with a lot of options. Graphics could be better.

looner 2018.07.27
cool game.. surely it is an afternoon to remember

tallahasseez 2018.07.25
Decent game, with OK graphics.

andromeda1101 2018.07.22
nice game look forward for the updatesrn

koiranosPlay 2018.07.11
Very good game!! A different approach from usual thing. I liked a lot.

Kronos 2018.07.09
Can you have sex with the girls?

asinble 2018.06.20
i hope u supply us with more of games like thisrn

pancakeman29 2018.06.20
The sequel is good too, same graphics and good story.

ScarletLuv 2018.06.18
Things I like about this game:rn-It has great graphicsrn-It has a sequal Im pretty sure of dinner with Keleigh and her momrn-It has options rnrnWhat I want to seern-It could be longer and have some sense of a larger storylinern-It could be a bit more open with optionsrnrnOverall would say this is a great game :P

andromeda1101 2018.06.17
This game is a little too short , but enjoyable and fun

Celleke 2018.06.14
Nice art Work , well playable liked it alot :-)

miker3594 2018.06.13
Not a bad game, but seems to be limited.

Dazzler197 2018.06.13
Not the best but still a quality game

glukos37 2018.06.10
eally great visuals cant wait for future installments

greg1234234 2018.06.09
this game was very fun and easy

kemode 2018.06.08
good game with good graphics. Hot girls

ghostjar 2018.06.04
this game was lame and there was no options besides the obviousrn one

urmomgayxd 2018.05.30
nice game with multiple sotrylines

Cw9666 2018.05.29
Another good game by xtryptic studios graphics are really good

marko29 2018.05.29
this game is great, I like the part with the teen boyfriend and girlfriend

glukos37 2018.05.28
This game is a little too short , but enjoyable

VectorVonMag1 2018.05.27
Good graphics and a reliable game. Enjoyed it

vectorvonmag 2018.05.25
Good story and great graphics

HiddeObs 2018.05.24
Liked it. Lot`s of stories, fast game play

saj 2018.05.24
You can get a lot of scenes, that`s great

Xtryptic Studios 2018.05.22
Hi.. There is no sex scene with Kayleigh on this version. The sequel is already published with the name Unforgettable Dinner, it will have 3 phases: dinner preparation, dinner and after dinner. The writer said that there will be somethings with her on phase 2. Regardsrn

GEPilot 2018.05.21
good animation and much different stories

pboyd1994 2018.05.20
Great game, enjoyed the graphics and game play. Will play again.

icehead 2018.05.20
Is there any way to get a scene with Kayleigh, the girl in the yellow bikini? Because I can`t seem to find one.

xxxPeanutxxx 2018.05.20
Fun game. a few too many options that lead to the same thing but good

Johntim5881 2018.05.19
Pretty difficult but fun to play rn

Arjen 2018.05.18
Honestly one of the better games that i`ve played so far

pancakeman29 2018.05.17
good game, hopefully there will be a sequel

tomgochi 2018.05.15
I think this game has a good potential. This version still is short but you can easily reach good sex !

hammertime44 2018.05.15
most fun Ive had with a game in a long time. Lots of variety and choices. This game is worth the playrn

Tiodor 2018.05.14
Nice graphic and good gameplay. Game is sexy, fast and fun to play.

curtiss16 2018.05.14
how can i get all the girls?

pancakeman29 2018.05.13
any walk through or hints?

blade2344 2018.05.12
good game hope get more like this

evilbob1234 2018.05.11
Fun game and good graphics

fargfcexx 2018.05.09
Make alot more of this game it is very good

deathmagi 2018.05.08
damm better do more games like thisrn

fargfcexx 2018.05.07
I would love to fuck Jessica so hard!rn

fargfcexx 2018.05.07
I seriously like the first girl there should have been a doggy style scenern

fargfcexx 2018.05.06
Great game and the girl is very sexyrn

tbeanz 2018.05.06
great game, great visuals, great story

Rammbock123 2018.05.05
It really was an afternoon to remember. Good story and animations

maxi_tom 2018.05.04
Nice game. Pretty much options. Kinda like it.

Pornloverr69 2018.05.03
This is a great game. It has nice visuals and it`s fun to play. I`m wondering if you can actually do something with the blond girl though.

shyman44425 2018.05.02
Not too difficult to have a good time!

CartoonFan 2018.05.02
Good game and lots of options. Looking forward to the next level.

petermel1234 2018.04.30
nice graphics great story

edy777 2018.04.30
Nice looking new game, liked it.

banditmain 2018.04.30
absalutly stunning gameplay and textures

tom90 2018.04.29
Nice graphics and the concept is top notch.rnrnHowever the game is extremely short once you get the conversation path down, like 10-15 minutes fast.

droopdog39 2018.04.29
sexy,fast and fun, cant wait till next chapter

kimak23 2018.04.29
nice graphic . good gameplay

Bendertoy 2018.04.29
Nice Game but a bit Short

Eddie_beast 2018.04.28
This is the best game i have played.

Diosmialo 2018.04.28
It`s a really great game. Lots of different paths that I really enjoyed. My only regret is the quality of the cumshots. It looks so horribly painted on. But other than that. Great game.

Gangstabill1984 2018.04.28
Can you do something to the blond girl by the pool?

supertrucker 2018.04.28
I like that even if you don`t choose the right answer the game brings you to a great end anyway.lots of differnt endings makes this game a great game.

super1400 2018.04.27
i like it, going straight to sex

Willie77 2018.04.27
Fun. Had some good variations/paths. looking forward to chapter 2rn

geunie 2018.04.27
I like the multiple storylines! Each choice has a different way the get to the end! Nicely done!

TheRealJoker 2018.04.27
wowwzzz old asf and listed as new jeeez

STNeish 2018.04.27
Short, but nice. Nice to see human proportions on the characters. Also nice to have a protagonist that`s a little bit older for us geezers. :P

Xtryptic Studios 2018.04.27
I`m very happy to see this game here, I used to play games here years before become developer. I didn`t want to bother asking to publish here, but I`m gratefull for who did that. This game has 406 images, 29 endings (theoricaly just one is the right, says FIN instead of Game Over). In this chapter you can only have sex with Jessica, the yellow bikini girl will be pursuited in nexts chapters.

marcus747 2018.04.27
Very short game but well made. Overall limited branching paths, seems impossible to get a different partner, even though she is teased.

randy1 2018.04.27
This game is a little too short , but enjoyable

boropride23 2018.04.27
really great visuals cant wait for future installments

cambridge4453 2018.04.26
I`ve seen two parts to this; the artwork is great and the choices make a real difference. It feel a bit flimsy but it is pretty good if quite a quick game with little relational development

jackwidahl 2018.04.26
Is it possible to fuck the girl in yellow bikini?

khahan 2018.04.26
Good game and good replayability. Nice graphics with a mix of still shots and slightly animated shots.

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