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Abandoned College


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Chatterbox 2017.07.12
i really liked this game, but the animation was slow and could use some different music other wise good game.

ringman46 2017.03.11
i enjoyed this game simple but sexy

dgkesquire 2017.01.30
Nice story, good graphics. The puzzles were engaging. The second one was a little difficult, and the ending was a bit too abrupt.

secretive 2016.12.04
it`s not very good but its okay

fiftypez 2016.11.21
nice little easy puzzles. nice lookn pixel girls. one of my favorites

fiftypez 2016.11.16
dont know why but i enjoy this one

MikeyH74 2016.10.21
Nice little game with sexy characters and a fun story line.

raven.warrior.eternal 2016.10.17
I enjoyed the ghost story the images were good gameplay was short but fun a good solid 80

cambridge4453 2016.06.11
The girls look great and the stpryline is original; couldn`t find everything; don`t know why others found it easy but I didn`t.

singlevirgin 2016.03.01
i enjoyed this game with so many sexy girls


saxoften72 2016.01.24
Really enjoyed the story line, great game

Misterdqm 2016.01.06
I really enjoyed this game

djjohnson 2015.12.23
This Game Is A Test But It Is Also Sexy

derthethun 2015.12.18
good and nice game, I like it

ArthasMenethil88 2015.07.22
where is the music box and the diary?

megabee 2015.07.16
nice graphic and easy to play but the sex scene a bit boring

Zeblast 2015.04.01
It`s an easy and very nice game, loved it!

gwazz 2015.01.27
nice game good graphics but a little short

hump8047 2014.11.14
Cute little quick game. Good graphics

gallows88 2014.11.04
nice easy game . would be nice if you could do all the girls .

bansheeghost1234 2014.10.11
good game i like the story line as well

Futuros 2014.10.07
Interesting game but story could be better.

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
It took me a while to solve this, but it`s good. Very good graphics. Well done, but a longer game would be nice.

kamelreds 2014.08.08
one of my absolute favorites.no idea why

morpeus 2014.07.16
Good game with a decent story line. Short if you are in a hurry to play

Sitharii 2014.07.04
graphics were alright and animations were meh but alright

lovableidiot 2014.06.19
Good short game with a nice scenes.

Mega222 2014.06.13
It was great game,ghosts were awesome.

BverComander 2014.05.16
nice game.... great graphics

Teseo1321 2014.05.09
It is a fantastic game from start to finish the theme is wonderful as well as history, and truth is very simple to play

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.20
another fabolus game by sex hot games love this website force one for providing best games

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.17
Good but too short again.

Snakester96 2014.01.26
Rather good. But it ended too quickly

DJ_Johnson1976 2014.01.09
good detective story with sexy women

Eddie Roc 2013.12.11
Simple game but still enjoyable.

DaniPerfectXD 2013.12.07
loved this game really short and simple and amazing...*thumbs up*

joker00 2013.12.04
Easy game nice game even its fast a bit but i love it

djjohnson1973876 2013.12.04
great game with sexy women will play again

golborg 2013.11.21
stuck dont know were the diary and the box is

yanki 2013.11.15
easy game but good game i reaally enjoy

gullible1 2013.10.28
decent storyline but the items are almost impossible to see on a hi res monitor

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

sweatymanpons 2013.08.23
fun game. so much more could have been done tho

Harjeet291 2013.08.20
stuck in the game need help please

noogad 2013.08.09
becomes very repetitive quick

MorningStar5565 2013.07.25
great game and animations

lehamanja93 2013.07.06
okay game but a little confusing at times otherwise good graphics

Hotguy29126 2013.07.06
niceeee gamee11 loved it till the end! too bad it isnt longer :(

Avatar4400 2013.06.21
Good easy game, shame the story isn`t longer

GrimRipper 2013.05.29
Fun game. I hoped to be able to get all the girls appearing.

ju5tf0rfun 2013.05.14
Could have been better. Seemed like a lot of back a forth and graphics were okay.

dantty 2013.05.09
good story and nice graphic ,music is ok

LickmeKissme101 2013.04.21
Good game but I wish that thee was more to the story but still good game

gwazz 2013.04.20
couldnt find diary or box

lebowski 2013.04.06
its graphics are very nice

Sir_Loins 2013.03.24
Lots of fun to play enjoyed it very much.

hokey 2013.03.11
good game just a bite short

kpjr278 2013.02.10
Pretty decent game, hard to find some items

bashflear 2013.02.06
their student and headmaster is very sexy

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game , lost interest quick.

MasterBear 2013.01.27
fun game but it is hard to find the diary

dog69 2013.01.15
good story and nice graphic ,music is ok

simonp 2013.01.11
easy game nice grapics

yoshi92 2012.12.15
this game was epic great story and i think u should make more similar games to this one

djfoert 2012.12.14
simple game ... not my thing!!

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Blesshand 2012.11.12
Really a great one. I won`t forget about it soon. And as the tip, the key is in the kitchen.

Nightspiral2k 2012.11.12
Good story, couldn`t find out how to unlock class 6 though.

Sennin713 2012.11.07
a fun game but still cant find the diary

Asghan 2012.11.06
game was fun to play. animations were decent, and the puzzles for each ghost were just challenging enough.

grandhammer 2012.11.06
Pretty basic game graphics are ok

razvan 2012.10.22
nice ambience lovel gir great game y like the game is cool

cowboy87 2012.10.19
nice game with an interesting story.

bryax 2012.10.08
Hardest part is finding the items in the clutter....but decent graphics

sexyguyxx 2012.09.30
was a easy game but have to say has got a little sadness in side

Riddler 2012.09.24
great game simple game and good graphics

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.13
Its funny to help the girls and have Fun ;)

pussyfucking 2012.08.31
this is a best game , i like it

trojan2908 2012.08.31
very long, not much sex scenes/not very good ones average game

runforcover 2012.08.23
This has been the best so far...a little tricky to find everything. But I was actually paying attention to plot. I did want to have `sex` with the blonde in the striped shirt though....too bad.

rlt3744 2012.08.20
easy little game but still good.

steeve 2012.08.16
that is one hard but sexy games

Nastycookie 2012.07.29
nice graphics and simple storyline

firemon29 2012.07.28
Great game. Like challenge of it.

diary 2012.07.27
nice game,nice story...enjoyed playing it

shandin 2012.07.22
Good game with nice story.. Graphics not that great...!! But can be played once!

Sayer 2012.07.19
this really a good game and easy game to play

Sayer 2012.07.19
this is a good game to play

ritika 2012.07.11
I`m totally lost, where the dairy?

ZurDa 2012.06.26
no esta tan bueno la verdad

smurphy 2012.06.16
nice game and good game but too sort

chris_avril 2012.06.08
This game wasn`t that good. it didnt offer much graphics and neither idi it offer much intimacy.

Nic-Nac32 2012.06.05
I think this is the first time I`ve ever payed attention to a story line rather than intimacy, nicely played on the story focus as well as the music, it really sets the tone.

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
game was fun to play. animations were decent, and the puzzles for each ghost were just challenging enough.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
i like the game, the graphic is nice, and the story too

gilang harun 2012.05.25
nice game and good game but too sort

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game and story but too short

mtopic 2012.05.14
Game had a good idea but it is way too short and too easy. It could use more story.

dyl1570 2012.05.09
Decent game could have used more nudity and sex scenes.

manza21 2012.05.04
its a fun game a liked it alot

colela1 2012.03.27
the game was relatively easy, lacking in sex scenes and more interactions would be better

studiodude88 2012.03.21
Finding the diary was a pain, it is right up against the right side of the stage.

deepakma6 2012.03.18
nice game.. i had fun but not more..

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

madman1954 2012.03.14
Nice game....sexy ladies....a little easy but then again sometimes easy is OK....good time passer

Synful 2012.03.09
short game,very easy,a little too easy to beat.well written tho.

GurahkWeavile 2012.03.05
Still don`t get how a human can have sex with ghosts....oh well

unlimited 2012.03.01
keep it short and simple.

420stickyleaf 2012.02.26
the game is a bit short but still good

slitplayer 2012.02.23
Nice game, a bit sad though. to those who can`t find items move your carsor around the rooms the item will flashout when your cursor teoch it.

smartass18 2012.02.15
good game but i would have liked for most of the ghosts not to disappear

Bruno46 2012.02.15
i finded very difficult to find the diary...still nice game

klf 2012.02.12
the worst game i played here. much more than boring

sparkforceone 2012.02.06
Nice game ... Could have had a bit more substance to it. Rather simple.

btchmaker 2012.02.02
can anybody tell me which hentai these girls are from

CoMIYC69 2012.02.02
Definitely was a bit short but nicely done.

johnnylush 2012.02.01
Wish the game story had more substance. Nice game though

agram97 2012.01.30
Pretty straight-forward game but I still enjoyed it.

shawn31666 2012.01.25
great concept of the game, but too short

joe_5690 2012.01.25
nice game but to short story

Renath 2012.01.21
very beautiful story, very beautiful and sexy girls, it would be very nice to have sex scene with all :)

Renath 2012.01.19
very beautiful game, good graphics and a very good story girls are beautiful.

ben_500 2012.01.19
a great game..it`s a pity you couldn`t fuck all the girl and...how the hell do you fuck a ghost?..lol

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a cool game with many girls not bad

Guillaume 2012.01.09
the game is nice but i think there should be a reward from every girl

geekboy 2012.01.05
Nice little game, good graphics but could be more varied with the sex scenes.

Grukilo 2012.01.03
It had a great story to it. Also the spirits of the college were cute as well.

Breck 2011.12.28
it was quit fun, a bit different to actually solve some simple riddles than just plain click n play

sexylesbian4321 2011.12.27
i like this game it so much fun

drew330 2011.12.09
sexy game the graphics are awesome

justin_foreman250 2011.12.06
pretty well put together game... not very long though...

angad63 2011.12.04
it is strategic game and well game too

Avi0411 2011.12.04
Well I can`t find the Diary and the Box why I can`t find them can you help me guys thanks

sex_ira143 2011.12.02
very very very nice this will be in top

smartass18 2011.12.02
good but hard to find the book at first

jbarcarr 2011.11.30
Was fun following the clues and finding the objects. Wish it were longer and the sex scenes had some variety, though.

getmemore 2011.11.29
great graphic and nie game

krageee 2011.11.29
Amazing Graphics,And An Amazing Storyline!

JoaoSparky 2011.11.29
Nice game. There could be more objects to search and a little bit more of story. Graphics are nice, game evaluates reasonable quick.

higados 2011.11.28
Nice game, nice graphics, nice story, but very short as usual

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

xxxejecutorxxx 2011.11.25
great story and great animation plus its an easy game what else could you ask?

Daz_Joker 2011.11.22
this game needs more interaction, besides that good game

hcb36 2011.11.20
nice string of secrets to solve

Krueger 2011.11.18
I`m no longer stuck. It was easy. Great game. :)

Maniac018 2011.11.17
Love this game..loook so sexy and great .

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
It was ok graphics not the best again not a game I will come back to just because there are no other choices

adityaroxx 2011.11.17
great graphicsand i liked amanda the most

Krueger 2011.11.15
This game looks awesome but I`m stuck. After I fucked first girl I couldn`t find the diary and the fucking box. Help please anyone. :)

elishacuthbert 2011.11.15
simple story, easy to play, average graphics. Not more then 50% in the score

Tygafifty 2011.11.15
this was an alright game. i think it could have been much better if there had been foreplay. maybe if the dick wasn`t just floating in the air. i liked the simplicity but it was a little too simple. and a prompt to find the key might have been good.

leedoh300 2011.11.11
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

maspencer 2011.11.11
Was OK. Liked the ending

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

luo0008 2011.11.05
creey story but its pretty good

ron57 2011.11.05
fun game could be a bit more challenging

cannierkiller 2011.11.04
this is a really good easy game for a quick masterbation the anamations where decent tho could of used a little bit more

zero1417 2011.11.04
nice game although very simple

Rufus 2011.11.03
Nice game, but quite slowly to play

art95 2011.11.01
not bad, not bad. good simpie game

menathol 2011.10.31
Great game. The graphics were really nice, and I enjoyed the little adventure aspect of it with having to go and get all those items. The sex was a little bland, but nice graphics.

woogityboogity 2011.10.30
Pretty straight forward game. Not all that entertaining.

dri 2011.10.29
lovely game! nice history

dri 2011.10.29
that was a good game but just too easy

Dt1526 2011.10.28
great game overall, maybe a few more scenes but overall its a good game

mr ed 2011.10.25
good game it would of been even better if there were more scenes in it

jman0233 2011.10.25
could have used more anomations

kmaxx 2011.10.25
great storyline and good game

Shadowzechoz 2011.10.19
great storyline and the scenes arent so bad either

rlt6547 2011.10.16
Not a bad game. a bit short though

thw 2011.10.13
out of all the games on this website this is by far the best

CowboyBob75 2011.10.13
other than being a little short its a good game and decent graphics

princessjessica 2011.10.06
i like it very much, amazing

princessjessica 2011.10.06
interesting story
little short but i enjoyed it
good game and good grphics

Francy25cm 2011.10.04
very beatiful and interstin game

kinglear 2011.10.04
i like it very much, amazing

playboy1982 2011.09.26
pretty cool game,just kind of short though.

DreamTim 2011.09.20
not a bad game but not the best either

bitvypr 2011.09.11
Interesting story line. Very simple sex scenes. A lot of running around.

Melimelo 2011.09.10
not bad ... for this kind of game, wich aren`t my fav ^^

Saniiro 2011.09.04
its fun atleast there is a story

ASAP 2011.09.04
Incredible game. Very nice to play if its on Halloween!

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Hot babes and nice little game.

crazyboy1234 2011.08.31
best game i have played!!! hope make sequal

Derrien 2011.08.22
not bad needed to be more graphic though

trollo 2011.08.21
verdammt hei??es spiel, ich liebe es

sirdoesnt 2011.08.17
Nice but it should be longer and with more options :s

hobbe69 2011.08.12
Nice game, good storyline. Not too easy but ok

Maniac018 2011.08.06
Nice and sexy game .. i like me :0

madesu 2011.08.06
that was a good game but just too easy

banes 2011.08.01
The women are beautiful and great graphics.

kabuto09 2011.07.30
This is a good game and power

ajash 2011.07.28
great game but could be easier

Mr.Ven 2011.07.26
nice graphics nice game nice goshts

photu 2011.07.26
excellent game cool graphics

Serg1 2011.07.26
Very good game. It`s nice girls.

Darksareth44 2011.07.25
very sexy game... i love it

JasonB516 2011.07.19
Fun game but it was really easy, who knew you could fuck a ghost

guepardo_df 2011.07.15
lovely game! nice history

Amiyah88 2011.07.10
Gameplay was smooth and easy. Graphics were decent. Story was alright. Though imo, it needs more facials

lordtrexy 2011.07.01
i love this game the graphics are very good the sex scenes are great

bigred1991 2011.06.29
good game sex with ghost is a bit diffrent the bar went up to fast

leopard 2011.06.27

relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Good storyline, and excellent artwork.

tedi 2011.06.24
great game, great animation

ElDomeo1 2011.06.19
briliant game love the grafics and thought that the great animation

Taavi Kosonen 2011.06.19
nice game, a little short

dudette 2011.06.19
a little short but good graphics and story arc

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
simple but easy to play game

dsvallance 2011.06.18
Amazing game, I can`t get enough of it

wolfman9112 2011.06.14
could have been better sound quality and story line only good things

cooline 2011.06.14
very good game and graphics

zucriy 2011.06.12
The story was good and well played out, however the gameplay was very weak.

JCtheMan 2011.06.11
good game but seemed to short to me

ryu1818 2011.06.09
kinda boring but not bad graphics

m4t0n 2011.06.09
hots girls makes this game superb

BallIdiot 2011.06.07
Interesting plot and took a while to find the key. Good graphics.

b3ru4ng 2011.06.04
i like the game, the grapich is nice, and the story too

timcrwc 2011.06.01
One of the better sexhot games.

m4t0n 2011.05.27
great graphics and awsome girls

nonypa123 2011.05.25
good game. but where is box and diary?

omegastrane 2011.05.20
Nice game for a ghost hunter Like me but I could not find the box or diary any where

banes 2011.05.20
cute girls and good story line.

StaBlazed 2011.05.18
cant find bx/diary.................boring

mc123 2011.05.13
good story, good graphics, straightforward solution

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Good story line. The only thing I didn`t like is that I couldn`t sleep with all the women!

Vee-Jay 2011.05.10
I like the idea of having sex with ghosts, turns me on!

Innocent 2011.05.09
nice game but the idea of having sex with ghost is a bit weird though

goodnite 2011.05.04
nice game,good graphic,not hard enough,and the girls so cute i like it :p

Skarn62 2011.05.03
very nice game. good girls and scenes
easy to play

truckinron 2011.05.02
very good graphics and good game

abhishek kaushik 2011.04.30
this game is epic, the key is in kitchen

abhishek kaushik 2011.04.30
This game makes you work a little. I like that.

abhishek kaushik 2011.04.30
love it, my favorite, ok story and beautifull girls

Kiba6824 2011.04.30
okay game but a little confusing at times otherwise good graphics

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

C.C. 2011.04.27
This game makes you work a little. I like that.

xXshadowXx 2011.04.26
this game is epic, the key is in kitchen

ralph danford 2011.04.26
Simple Game, got stuck trying to find the Key, but it is in the kitchen. Could have used different sex positions

kronedragon 2011.04.24
i have nothing bad to say about this game, but it wasn`t exceptionaly extraordinary other than fucking ghosts

tjekdig 2011.04.24
Great fun. Good humour and nice drawings.

KarmaKane 2011.04.21
It wasn`t what I expected but still entertaining, short but sweet. Decent graphics and the story. Could be longer and more challenging.

cookieharre 2011.04.20
This game is a real cool `adventure like` game. hope you`ll have more games in this style

Romulus 2011.04.19
the story was fun... but the sex could have been a bit more interesting

sahil199993 2011.04.19
awesome game. nice graphics.

chip1283 2011.04.16
i love this game nice grafics interesting story

najib101 2011.04.15
love the game but it to short and its easy if its longer it be fun

kot1468 2011.04.12
Good Game, liked the story. Wish it had some action in it though.

xXTacoJonezXx 2011.04.11
This game is pretty good, the women were beautiful, and it was pretty easy too.

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
confusing game, but all in all quite entertaining

DavidLS 2011.04.10
Not the best I played but still good.

craola213 2011.04.09
Nice game but, to easy and to short...

kushandhentai 2011.04.08
real good nice graphics and interesting story

Tiege 2011.04.04
They should make a prequel, all the babes getting screwed before they were ghosts.

CommanderKot 2011.04.01
God a huge hard thing in my Pants after playing this game :)

kyo84 2011.04.01
i like it it was short and not that hard

viper2417 2011.03.31
it has good graphics and is a good game

NoOneImportant 2011.03.31
Overall esay but the diary was hard to find

kildon 2011.03.30
good game book is in atrs room

Zeus69 2011.03.29
Nice game but, to easy and to short...

poisonsynite 2011.03.28
The most difficult part of the game is to find the dairy in the arts room. Its one nice game but i think some more action could be added, anyways a wonderful game with awesome graphics.

C-hop2008 2011.03.28
I really like this game...But it was way to short in my opinion

great140 2011.03.26
good game but i do nt no wht im doing

devind21 2011.03.26
i need help cant find diary where is it

chinaman217 2011.03.26
this game is SO confusing

Cayden13 2011.03.25
I like it, especially with the way the planned the story out.

ajay2011 2011.03.25
good game hv to find the key nd is in the kitchen

tubs 2011.03.25
this game was good. nice story. cute girl.

ski9072 2011.03.24
A different take on a familiar game. A bit short, but a pretty good game overall

Darkheart 2011.03.23
What a fun game. I liked the mystery solving element.

mystymay 2011.03.23
needs better music, but its got good gameplay

Thanatos0042 2011.03.22
Pretty standard for these type of games, but I did like the backgrounds. Items are tough to find.

tombomb12312 2011.03.21
nice game got stuck a few times but figured it out
great graphics

xBankai 2011.03.19
Nice Game with Nice Graphics :D

DeaconFrost 2011.03.19
Quite decent graphically, efforts were made with details, the background is fitting the theme of the abandoned college pretty cleverly, I appreciated to see one more ghost shadow in the first floor corridor, funny detail.
The adventure is really short and I kinda like the tormented spirits idea, not bad at all.
Still there isn`t much to do, sex scenes aren`t great and the game is really short.
Still worth it to play it once to see what it is made of.

chickenabc 2011.03.18
Good music, but this game is too easy

bushbarut 2011.03.18
The game had a good plot. It also had a lot of girls in the story. Enjoyed the game`s quests.

bruno2000 2011.03.18
this game have a great storyline and good graphics
i have solved the mistery fast
this game is medium

weliuscaesar 2011.03.18
good gameplay and fine animation
A little more action wwould have been nice though

blank51769 2011.03.15
nice game, too bad you can`t get all of them

Skylink 2011.03.15
graphics are ok but the story is dull

Misfit32 2011.03.14
this game was hot...although had trouble finding the key

kanine 2011.03.13
game was nice. although it took me quite awhile to find the book. pressing tab helps

kj2807 2011.03.12
nice story. clear graphics love it

fastjonny411 2011.03.11
visuals were decent. The premise of the game was pretty cool, but a little disappointed by the limited game play.

nax14 2011.03.10
this game was so hot. every part was just sexy

speedballz_21 2011.03.08
nice story. clear graphics love it

wndl07 2011.03.06
nice game.. i always loved solving mysteries..

LowlifeADE 2011.03.02
good story and good graphics

dragonj 2011.02.25
nice game. littlte dificult but nice job

deathfather 2011.02.24
love the idea of haveing sex with a ghost

fritosorlays 2011.02.24
I really enjoyed this game, the idea of a college is appealing.

Selica 2011.02.23
nice game, too bad you can`t get all of them

Faaen 2011.02.22
This was a pretty good game, with good graphics

SPACKEN PRO 2011.02.20
Great grpahics and gameplay interesting story
little short but i enjoyed it

dessie06 2011.02.19
good story and good graphics

dkzdick 2011.02.19
great game, very good story and the animations is nice

AleGer 2011.02.19
Nice game with an interesting (sad) story with good graphics but the sound is poor.

dimmus 2011.02.18
a good game, good graphics, key hard to find

blue420 2011.02.16
good game, was hard to find the key but other than that the sex was pretty good

alex0412 2011.02.16
nice game ,good graphics hot babe too ,ok when you get the hang of it !!,
we need more kelly ! come on guys.

geeman23 2011.02.15
good game..
graphics are nice, game is decent length.. but honestly finding stuff is hard and also why only a few and no all the women? otherwise great game... and not too many details to piss u off with

ac157 2011.02.13
Nice simple game, i like it.

coolash 2011.02.11
good simple game, nice graphics

gilles 2011.02.08
relativement moyen mais beau graphisme

marcelino21 2011.02.07
good simple game, nice graphics

LtCmDData 2011.02.06
they always draw such sexy women for these games!

coley 2011.02.05
great gamplay and nice graphics

Luis4x 2011.02.05
Great grpahics and gameplay interesting story
little short but i enjoyed it Good music
but the sex was to simple and a little boring and little spooke and a little hard to find thing. i found 5 girls.

akamaru14 2011.02.04
This was great. Nice storyline that flowed from confusing to understandable in the end. I just have one question. I know this is a game, but how does a human with a corporal body have hot sex with sexy ghosts?

Jordanizer 2011.02.04
The graphics are great, the mistery dense

Jordanizer 2011.02.04
I found the key and then gos lost...

mastersarge 2011.02.03
this game is awseome, really good graphics

wolf1525 2011.02.01
Its a overall good game. hard to find the book. however hit the tab key youll find it then

wightsnow 2011.02.01
Played on different site, using tab helps to find the items

pankas09 2011.02.01
A good game, i played many times

Eyrie 2011.01.31
Great grpahics and gameplay.

joeschleb 2011.01.31
Not bad but there are better games on the site

noobyass 2011.01.30
Good game, but the storyline is abit confusing... best part was sex!

DragonSRH 2011.01.30
Not a bad mystery style game... decent visual effects and a nice story.

tonito 2011.01.29
nice game but very confusing in the beginning

nosrej08 2011.01.28
This was good, nice story...

Qacer 2011.01.27
As said, the gameplay is nice but the story isn`t very good.
It is almost boring, but not yet.

oreo82 2011.01.26
this is a great game with awsome graphics

richardlt 2011.01.26
the girls are sexy but the story sucked

zxSteve 2011.01.26
good game, i dont find the diarie on first time but i try again and get *-*

XXProfas 2011.01.25
Realy interesting game worth playing

kalbs 2011.01.25
good animation but this game is too easy

looneytune 2011.01.25
not bad but bit hard to find stuff in the clutter

blowjobluva 2011.01.24
good game. interesting story and great graphics

101sexy 2011.01.24
what a game it was a intresting game loved it

101sexy 2011.01.24
i love the graphic and the game was wicked

gecko15 2011.01.23
i like the gameplay ;) its new

thedeadjester 2011.01.23
good story graphics need work so does the interaction but other than that had fun.

Zonkko01 2011.01.22
nice game...i love this games

Foxhound 2011.01.22
I like the idea but than everything goes so quick and is way to easy.

dragonguardian13 2011.01.21
good graphics and a great story line.

kurtis002 2011.01.21
Good game. Nice and long

burdus 2011.01.21
good game interesting story, nice graphics, sex scenes too short

2005100 2011.01.20
I like this.. it was a long & great game

hornycal 2011.01.20
great and sexy game dairy was pretty hard to find

MagicalCondom 2011.01.20
The girls are hot, and the haunted house theme was interesting, but could`ve been so much better. Needs to have more involvement, a threesome or two, some lesbian action. I know I always ask for it, but lesbian sex in these games is where it`s at!

ronflor 2011.01.20
Couldn`t find the diary in the Arts room.

jawel 2011.01.19
this is not too hot but excellent!

niraj_93 2011.01.18
this is my favouraite game

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

Mervault 2011.01.16
different animations would have been nice.

mightyazda 2011.01.16
Game was ok, but not much better than that. Some of the items are not very clear to find and the sex was a bit boring, but graphics not bad...

Nigurath 2011.01.15
nice game, but it could be longer.

Silveralpha 2011.01.14
The same sex scene for all the girls

looner 2011.01.14
this game is a little bit boring, u just cannot go wrong with it

gastud 2011.01.13
ok game a bit easy though

snozzo 2011.01.12
I didn`t find this all that interesting. the sex with the click this button, as it pops up seems pointless, just show the flash or actually make it interactive one or the other.

wongacock 2011.01.11
could have been longer but oh well

SECXIIKILLA 2011.01.11
sad and nice game, but it could be longer.

zembot 2011.01.11
sad story,,,nice game,,but ithink its too easy

ws 2011.01.10
I agree. I bit boring. Not really a challenge.

windscar54 2011.01.09
nice game, and was actually entertaining

Kuppz90 2011.01.09
Good game , some things hard to find but good overall

mbe32405 2011.01.09
Good graphics, fun to play, a little complicaed, but I enjoyed it a lot.

long55 2011.01.09
Hot girl, but not a lot of variance to the game.nice

edwin4483 2011.01.08
i like the game but the things are hard to find

keithdw77 2011.01.07
very simple game but good overall

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
amazing game & music was also too good

sauljr 2011.01.06
good game, one of the best i played so far

black123 2011.01.06
damn this game is really awesome!

itohen5 2011.01.05
good combination of seek items and sex game, wish there where a possibility to have with every ghost some fun

jawz 2011.01.04
sex part alot like others but simple. good hides for objects

madchad360 2011.01.04
i actually felt dat game , i adore that one

jakeyknight 2011.01.04
great game if we can get more it would be awesome

xllJustSmile 2011.01.03
wish you couldve picked some of the other options

wolf33 2011.01.01
another easy game, grahpics are good, way to short and easy, but i love the Idea of ghost in a college.

mau17f 2010.12.30
Entertaining. A little short and linear but ok.

Sovrano 2010.12.30
Very nice game, but short!

gensai34 2010.12.30
The storyline was great however things were alittle to linear. Also finding that music box was a choir which took away from this adventure.

sn109w 2010.12.30
a little boring i gave up pretty soon with the game didn`t like it

puma420 2010.12.30
didnt liked it, not much interaction, u could easily win just pressing tab... good music

mmhunter 2010.12.29
MnF has better interactions

chris123 2010.12.29

masteroffail 2010.12.29
nice graphics should have been a bit longer but good storyline

devil#1 2010.12.29
great music but finding everything is kind of tedious

j@kedude 2010.12.29
simple game.btw whoever dont know wers the key its in the kitchen :)

Raven1003 2010.12.29
This was a great game! I enjoyed the mystery of it and seeking out the clues. Graphics were great too!

BabouBB 2010.12.29
beautiful and exciting game

jayr23512 2010.12.28
w wow so nice and meet new friends especially girls

18tell 2010.12.27
nice game but had to use tab button alot

zzzokkk 2010.12.27
love it, my favorite, ok story and beautifull girls

Longay 2010.12.27
Good game whit beautiful anime grapichs, a little more animation and it would be great

Iizzy 2010.12.27
nIce game but i found it a mess, too borin, lookin for stuff is not my style

Shadow Viper 2010.12.27
Overall a good game but not enough animation for my liking

George1711 2010.12.26
I really enjoyed the music but u could have worked a little more on the girls :/

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.26
Kudos for a nice story, but same old game, 1 path, you follow it, end of. Games have moved on now, you should too

gregoryfriar 2010.12.23
Good atmosphere was developed, gameplay could have been improved

Gemman67 2010.12.22
why so low on rating , I thought it was fun not to hard and good pace , liked a lot...

BDC 2010.12.22
A very well put together. Good graphics and scenes and a storyline that is both intresting and poinent and the music helps create an atmopsher thats unsettling yet also hopefully all at the same time.

woohoo 2010.12.22
nice game, graphics were cool...could`ve been longer

orgout 2010.12.22
the tab button helps alot, also I found it rather creepy, pretty girls though

charliebrown 2010.12.22
meh...each scene was bit too short. DIary was really hard to find!!

Master60 2010.12.21
i like the puzzels abit of a challenge

zerato666 2010.12.21
damn thats one sexy witch

XNabuk 2010.12.21
Nice game, nice Graphic. The Gameplay is a little bit stupid.

jesuscl 2010.12.21
It was difficult to find the diary in the art room, but hitting the tab key all items are resalted.

chazman1189 2010.12.20
game was fun to play. animations were decent, and the puzzles for each ghost were just challenging enough.

Codas 2010.12.20
The game itself was rather...simple. Overall I enjoyed it though, could of been a bit more clear on what you had to do for each ghost though.

vgab 2010.12.19
I could not find any of the items Oo Am I just too dumb? There`s nothing to click on even if you cheat using TAB key

igigig 2010.12.19
Nice game, too bad you can not have sex with all of those girls though.

xraiders 2010.12.19
good sex scenes are good, but hard to find the diary.

ender009 2010.12.19
It`s a good game... but the sex scene could have been a bit more interesting

bigman221 2010.12.18
good game. i found everything quite easily.

FRASIER 2010.12.17

Nwatkins9000 2010.12.17
love the soundtrack, gave the game that extra feeling. great gameplay with a great story. items were hard to find

fkingnoob 2010.12.17
nice game..the diary was hard to find

weromont 2010.12.16
Musical accompaniment well yes and design is good too.

Soda981 2010.12.16
It was ok but boring and too short

prokaryote 2010.12.16
i love this game.......very mysterious song

prokaryote 2010.12.16
nice game, but with that number of nice girls, they can expand with more sexual encounters

Sidyus 2010.12.16
Didn`t really hold my attention. Was a good story though

z1575280 2010.12.16
Not a bad game. Kinda boring and the diary was difficult to find.

Douglas 2 2010.12.16
Would be good to randomise the girls that you interact with and allow for different versions of the story.

zaxtus56 2010.12.16
a little boring and short could use more girls

HotSpot 2010.12.15
very cool game and a good story

lolomiloable 2010.12.15
simply love that game!!!!!!!!

silver12 2010.12.13
this game was ok, a little tedious

JeanMarc 2010.12.13
good game interesting story, nice graphics, sex scenes too short

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

eriador666 2010.12.12
Really good game ... That`s a shame you can`t do it with all of the girls ...

sexygal10 2010.12.11
it was good though the sex scenes were short..

dxkt 2010.12.11
not bad wish the sex scenes would last longer

latrupe47 2010.12.11
a little bored, it need more girls and scenes

budbro 2010.12.11
fun game maybe needs more girls

planter 2010.12.10
I found this game boring and the thought of sex with the dead is a little weired to me.

Karl Urban 2010.12.09
fun game. i wish there were more girls to talk to and have sex with. the graphics were nice too.

pebose 2010.12.09
i like the other games better

Andy_Carter 2010.12.09
This is a bit of fun, easy and passes the time. Worth the time as well.

chennaite 2010.12.09
cool game, great graphics, girls are great looking when dressed. superb story.

rust1d 2010.12.08
Looks like another one for the favorites!!!

xxkittenchow6xx 2010.12.08
the game is good simole but good.

HotHornyBabe 2010.12.08
Fun game. bit hard to find the items but got them in the end :)

justin_2u 2010.12.07
this game is great and awsome

Andy78 2010.12.07
Nice game, fine story. Graphics could be better, but game isn`t bad

daryl772003 2010.12.07
pretty cool game. wish you were able to get with all of the girls though

m4lv1n 2010.12.06
nice game... hot girl in game...could have added more girls !!

gapoll 2010.12.06
if u battle to find the dairy use the tab key it helps

wmrbest007 2010.12.05

flameablex 2010.12.05
nothing special about it. an average games. there`s so many hot girls in the game but you didn`t got to fuck them all. what a waste.

erital953 2010.12.05
best game i have played!!! hope make sequal

fuckme123 2010.12.05
good story line and the girls were good

Coriolis 2010.12.05
Simple enough with decent artwork.

smygerin 2010.12.05
I liked it. Good storyline. Pherhaps a bit too much back and fourt but good

wolfje 2010.12.05
Great game, shame you can`t get all the games and that it is so linear.

hkevinh 2010.12.05
Not bad game but a little boring
The diary position is too hard to find out(can`t see it)

Zlatan_X 2010.12.04
good game interesting story but too short

zombie101 2010.12.04
awsome game 10 out of 10.

zombie101 2010.12.04
i give 10 out 0f 10 good game.

jackspinner 2010.12.04
wish i couldve done it with the other girls

AsianBoi2k11 2010.12.04
could have made it abit longer by adding a few more scens

dirtsurfer 2010.12.04
Simple game with routine sex

ijustwannabefriends 2010.12.04
the story was fun... but the sex could have been a bit moe interesting

lowclutch 2010.12.03
simple fun game could use more scenes

paolo121 2010.12.03
cool game like the layout. *****

123mad1 2010.12.03
A nice game. Good graphics but would be better with more action in the interleading rooms.

rohan_bhagvat 2010.12.03
nice game but less girls
although good graphics and loved th music

kaissho 2010.12.02
I agree that it is too short and not enough girls

peer265 2010.12.02
nice game, like the music but to easy

TornadoXIII 2010.12.02
A fun little game with nice artwork. Only takes a few minutes to complete, and I`d say it`s worth it.

deimmunization 2010.12.02
despite all the running around and clicking, i still like this game

rollercoaster 2010.12.02
very cool game but a very short storyline

Nyghtmyst 2010.12.02
the storyline was cool, but the mechanics could of been alittle more in depth

sirbobinious 2010.12.01
Not bad at all, but could have a longer story line to it

IamBri 2010.12.01
Fun little game. You have to run around quite a bit and the targets for some of the objects are small, overall though, pretty decent.

caminzz 2010.11.30
This game is quite good. Very atmospheric. Definitely my favorite from this production team so far...

dickdick 2010.11.30
There are 7 girls, but you only get to fuck 3 of them. That should be fixed.

jffitz 2010.11.30
usual meaningless sex scenes

freakinflash 2010.11.30
nice game... hot girl in game...could have added more girls

proz 2010.11.30
cool game. strangely addictive.

frostee 2010.11.29
simple game with quite nice graphics

scarabeus 2010.11.29
amusant and good graphic...i like games like this

anujkumarverma 2010.11.29
Beautiful game! But i think it can be made even better!!

crazy foolz 2010.11.29
Quite basic, but a good storyline :)

silverade 2010.11.28
U expected more actions, but overall a good game.

wloo175 2010.11.28
Interesting game, objects are very difficult to see though, would have liked to have with all the girls

guikfra 2010.11.28
nice hentai girls, a lot of girls to meet.
but the sex was too simple

supercum 2010.11.27
great graphics. girls looked very sexy boner

mjwm54 2010.11.27
Not bad, but not great. It was a little hard to figure out what to do sometimes.

zeretet 2010.11.27
the game is very interesting and very hot

tyson0 2010.11.27
I had to walk to much in this game.com

ania_F 2010.11.27
nice and simple game, but too easy as for me

daman25 2010.11.27
nice game buty to easy to pass it

mendohighlander 2010.11.27
Just woulda been nice to put the women in different positions. other than that great game.

ebraroz 2010.11.27
Good game but it would have been better if you could do all the women.

timflu 2010.11.27
Nice little game to play....the ladies in the the game look very sexy.

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.26
nice game, grood graphics but the story was to easy

fradellasera 2010.11.26
simple game...but it make my happy :D

king2pm 2010.11.25
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

marcodeg 2010.11.25
i love this game.......very mysterious song

crossroad 2010.11.24
Nice game, but needs a little more scenes and girls.

4nik8 2010.11.23
Good game but it would have been better if you could do all the women.

hash19 2010.11.23
nice game, but with that number of nice girls, they can expand with more sexual encounters

Zezose 2010.11.23
great for halloween - sexy girls!

paladin 2010.11.23
I can`t find the diary. Can anyone help me please? Thanks.

anab 2010.11.23
superb game
good graphics

haikal 2010.11.22
i love this game.......very mysterious song

rael 2010.11.22
good u hace a nice reward for doing all that hot girls too bad most of those dont exist lol.

Rion 2010.11.21
This game had a good concept, but it could have been longer and you should have been able to fuck all of the women.

kawish33 2010.11.21
that was ok but not that great

komistus 2010.11.21
I love this! fantastic graphics

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
Sex scenes could be a little more adventurous

zelda2112 2010.11.21
good game nice and simple easy to find stuff

rob12 2010.11.21
graphics and gamplay were good

restlez 2010.11.20
interesting, graphics are beautiful, more girls would be nice

nejipt 2010.11.19
great grafics and story... keep the good work

SexBoy 31 2010.11.19
Very Good game and a sexy girl...XD

SerenaPinky 2010.11.19
that game is to easy ... you can add some more harder quests ... that will be more fun

smoerf 2010.11.19
good game but id liked more sexscenes

squibblezombie 2010.11.18
Nice game... good for killing a little bit of time.

DavieJones7 2010.11.18
wow what a good game kinda hard to get to the girls though

thetigerwithin 2010.11.18
story was kinda a let down, but the art was nice.

klave 2010.11.18
this game is so confusing and its way too hard

Bonnierider 2010.11.18
great game, very like graphics and game play

jhnguyen242 2010.11.17
good game to bad u cant have sex with all of them

Candy Ramos 2010.11.17
Gute Idee, leider etwas wenig sex Szenen. Grafik ist gut.

pussyfman6990 2010.11.17
grat game...really nice graphics

Mike_Oxhard 2010.11.16
Sex scenes could be a little more adventurous

tessie 2010.11.16
small but nice. some things are really hard to find.

rayz323 2010.11.16
Really fun game!!! A little confusing but fun.

Sariah 2010.11.15
Pretty mediocre game. Not even the various `twists` could save it. The sex scenes were rather boring, and the gameplay fairly uninspired. Not really very much I liked about it. You don`t even get to know what the secret was of the girl with the diary.

djones 2010.11.15
pretty good game. i`d play it again

shakeandbake278 2010.11.14
goodd game but kinda short

hersh2450 2010.11.14
Games was alright, the detail could have been a little better, and more girls.

ralph2010 2010.11.13
simple game but a bit hard to locate stuff

csr89 2010.11.13
unusual history but is good, except the part of find the book, arggh and only have sex with few girls :(

84desperado 2010.11.13
whoaaa... thanks for the tab info

chumak 2010.11.12
well, I couldn`t find the damn diary, lol. clicked all over art room, stage, everything. Anywho, the game is alright.

fulham1fc 2010.11.12
this game was kind of good

satanzz666 2010.11.12
nice game...i love this games

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Stinger231 2010.11.12
This Game Was Pretty Good

sakurali 2010.11.11
It was an ok game...
diary: art room

Murder X 2010.11.11
Thank you Tab key for helping me throughout the game. :D The story was pretty good, but the graphics could have been better. Overall, great game. :)

swwblackhawk 2010.11.11
i like the story but the girls could be a little more interactive

darthkrieg 2010.11.10
Nice game but a little bit easy. However the diary in the art room can be a little tricky to find. The girls are hot but the sex scenes could be improved. Overall I`ll give 5 out of 10.

u2man69 2010.11.10
Kind of boring, you do the same thing in all the sex scenes. The answers don`t even matter, they just make you try again. The objects are a pain to find (easy if you press tab). Also, you only get to screw a few of the girls.

ahclem 2010.11.10
Yes, the clutter makes it EXTREMELY hard to find some things. Without the clue about the tab key, I would NEVER have found the diary

fraip 2010.11.10
was nice, was hoping you would actualy get to bang the other girls though :P

amda 2010.11.10
grat game! maybe a little bit too long...

azurizo 2010.11.10
very short gameplay, not much interesting but plain.

loller987 2010.11.10
good game, sex scenes were a bit short and plain.

lucasf09 2010.11.10
nice game, but too easy, and bit disappointing in the end

mabacich 2010.11.09
Short, but fun and interactive. nice game for a quick break

bcfclee 2010.11.09
was a really good game enjoyed it alot wish alot more in there but still good thanksssssssssssssssssssssss

frain_efren 2010.11.09
just a little hard game...i can`t find the diary...

az89 2010.11.09
wish can have sex with the other girls as well. sex with ghost? cool

xbox360 2010.11.09
great game graphics...but needs to be longer

Zlatan_X 2010.11.08
Nice game, but not much interaction

Ballcano 2010.11.08
I don`t like the game play but I like the graphics.

knux6666 2010.11.08
pretty good game overall :)

sentaiblue 2010.11.07
A good game with 3 girls wish it can be longer

Zaldin24 2010.11.07
It was an ok game but not enough sex scenes. The girls were hot though :D

re1gn 2010.11.07
the easiest way to find things in this game is by hitting tab. tab will automatically help u find the music box, the key, and the diary

re1gn 2010.11.07
eh, it could have been better, the story was bland, and there wasnt enough sex

maxll2 2010.11.07
ist is al littel to long, but good

Ethrac 2010.11.06
Not bad.Ditto on it being a little easy...but I suppose we don`t play these games for the challenge...

flintstoneflop 2010.11.06
It was just OK. Kinda slow, the animations could have been better. But all the women had big tits.

robraf 2010.11.06
Nice game, a little bit too simple, and there are some girls you can´t have.

loadedgunx24 2010.11.06
decent game, but kinda bland and boring after a bit since its so linear and there isnt much action. animations were good though

DeMoN-123 2010.11.06
great halloween game very sexy!!!

bobsaggot 2010.11.06
fun, but items are incredibly difficult to find

randomguy530 2010.11.06
short game, but its kinda fun

sophia2435 2010.11.06
i love this game it is one of my fav.

mac_z 2010.11.06
Game is nice ,but I had problem with diary and music box.

sccowboy 2010.11.06
good game could be a little longer,graphics look great

lkjh 2010.11.05
overall not the best but a good attempt

drok 2010.11.05
simple game but a bit hard to locate stuff

kanf 2010.11.05
Good game in it`s genre, but a little short. And pretty hard to find the diary and music box, way too hidden in the background

conbron 2010.11.05
Gute Idee, leider etwas wenig sex Szenen. Grafik ist gut.

arcedon 2010.11.05
i find the diary by clicking in the right side of the stage, its not visible at all, that`s why its a little bit thrilling lol

wyllosz 2010.11.04
Nice game, but i can`t find diary

wesley2033 2010.11.04
it was fun but i hated how u went back and forth

SargeantW 2010.11.04
Dang, like most all, I wish this was longer...I was having fun.
P.S. Barrett check the lower right edge of the stage.

Barrett 2010.11.04
I need help i cant find the diary !!!

mudit7 2010.11.04
a nice game,but we have to again and again go back to the rooms so it becomes monotonous,but the fucking scene graphics are good

lemojo2988 2010.11.04
good game with a goo story and girls are very beautifful

bandedudiu 2010.11.04
Good game, but too short...

Zorrotwee 2010.11.04
I think it`s a brainless game, and way to easy an short

elbouffono 2010.11.04
not a bad game at all, just a little too much repetitive in the sex scene. Good jod otherwise.

james0079 2010.11.03
good game but could be longer

jonboy 2010.11.03
kind of the same old story...

BigG520 2010.11.03
Sad story, Good scenes though.

bravox34 2010.11.03
it was a good game. kinda short but good

simplepilot 2010.11.03
Awesome game great story!

ukmuppet1 2010.11.03
great graphics really enjoyed this game

Arty 2010.11.03
the game is too simple, the grathinhs is bad//

wtfdling 2010.11.03
good pictures and simple to play

wahooman48 2010.11.03
game is a typical play and the font is weird

hold168 2010.11.02
it was a good game. kinda short but good

Moki 2010.11.02
this was too easy ans too short, but good story line

JetSkiNick 2010.11.02
i think it`s good game and a nice plot, but a little boring at the end

bloodgreaver 2010.11.02
good amount of exploration, but not enough interaction/difference of sex scenes. it was nicely drawn though.

meowmage 2010.11.02
its ok i felt like it was rushed and could have been made better

gimmino77 2010.11.02
not the best game that i played

boxerspot 2010.11.02
the game is not bad, girls are hot

sosfa 2010.11.02
nice music. I can`t find diary at explorer 8.0...

wc47 2010.11.01
good game...love the girls and has decent graphics...but should have been more adventurous

maxxxy 2010.11.01
A bit too simplistic and redundant; not as challenging as some of the other games.

mamaface123 2010.11.01
Where`s the diary and the box?

dekkar 2010.11.01
it was quite good although very easy and could do with the options doing more

vicious 2010.11.01
the game is not bad, girls are hot... it just needs more action!

pontdoggah 2010.11.01
this game really needs some more work i think

grossman46 2010.11.01
nice game but it needs more girls

vopn 2010.11.01
Notenough sex senes in thise game

lord vampiro 2010.11.01
very nice game. Would be even better if you could be with the others girls.

leagen717 2010.11.01
It is a nice game Would be even better if you could be with the others

raidengaiden 2010.11.01
Although the game was enjoyable, I think I would have liked it more if there were sex scenes with the other girls, too. Or maybe a little bit more scenes added to the ones already available.

krb42 2010.11.01
good game, easy to progress through the rooms

mnadam 2010.11.01
Very short game. Liked the story, but scenes were generic and was too short.

sanji 2010.11.01
It is best game. I really enjoy it.

Gavote 2010.11.01
Some how it feels rushed to me, and the ending is a bit abrupt!

pyanz80 2010.11.01
good game..i like it..but i stil like play force one game..

Hunter99004 2010.10.31
cool graphics, but the diary was difficult to find, I clicked in the right spot at least 4 times before I could get it - more sex would be nice too

az89 2010.10.31
how to find the box and the diary?

prits 2010.10.31
ending could have been better

ICE Dude 2010.10.31
good game perfect for halloween

colorkage 2010.10.31
Definely more fun than that pumpkin kick up game!

slipstone 2010.10.31
Nice idea for a game and clearly a lot of effort, but it doesn`t work for me - even the sex element was tedious. Not exactly a rewarding game.

Sandman_20 2010.10.31
Great Graphics, but bad ending

Horaldric 2010.10.31
Love nice little games like this around halloween ;) short but sweet

DPSchreber 2010.10.31
Ehm... this sounds pretty lame but where is the diary?

boss12313 2010.10.31
Easy game but great graphics

pballplaya 2010.10.31
good but annoying...graphics were ok...just needed more to it

bakayaro 2010.10.31
nice story ,crap aniamtion,bad ending

Andi202 2010.10.31
Pretty Game. Easy to play

boyo111 2010.10.31
Seen better, for the play the clickable areas are way too small for a straightforward game. Interesting premise though.

paulius007 2010.10.31
where the hell is the diary???

SuperRichie 2010.10.31
cool game, nice graphics :)

paulius007 2010.10.31
pretty interesting but kinda short

irmschrz 2010.10.31
must keep your eye open to seek the thing

paladin33 2010.10.31
where can i find the diary?

registrade 2010.10.30
awesome, but its supossed to be longer.. i love the storyboard

maxc 2010.10.30
wouldn`t say it`s the best game around, but it is enjoyable

Kender3421 2010.10.30
Good short game...not alot of sex scenes though.

boloking 2010.10.30
The game play was good but the sex scenes were repetitive apart from that well done/ Could have done with more action.

dfish_44 2010.10.30
should have a sex scene with every girl and more positions with the girls

loogan 2010.10.30
pretty simple, but enjoyable all the same.

paul72002 2010.10.30
nice could have had more girls and more positions but still good

squall23 2010.10.30
bon jeux,mais un peu bacl??

pieter 2010.10.30
quite a boring game just because it was to simple

jingstir 2010.10.30
needed more scenes with the other girls

snagglepussca 2010.10.30
needs more variety in positions, types of sex.

blove329 2010.10.30
should have a sex scene with every girl and more positions with the girls.

andy_regresa 2010.10.30
pretty ok game, needs more sex scenes

adrianonn 2010.10.30
Its a fine game but i dont get the point of having sex with spirits.

machete14 2010.10.30
game´s boring. nice pics, though.

buzzman 2010.10.30
The game play was good but the sex scenes were repetitive apart from that well done

jeanmimel 2010.10.30
always great graphics but usual play

max29 2010.10.30
its a great game you could fuck the ghost

Scamper5 2010.10.30
Straightforward game, a bit depressing of a scenario, but fun to playthrough

TMAN81 2010.10.30
Still waiting for VR for these games.... :-)

gp78 2010.10.30
i`ve seen better graphics with these sort of games

Hardheart 2010.10.30
Nice concept for game, could use more interaction with ghosts. Also was not able to find/talk to the PE coach ghost

Serval 2010.10.30
Pretty but I want more interactions

sergiuitu 2010.10.30
pretty ok game, needs more sex scenes

ultraplayboy 2010.10.30
funny never thought u could fuck ghost , nice game

renonly69 2010.10.30
its a great game you could fuck the ghost

godkwabu 2010.10.30
not bad but need more details

mikerelf 2010.10.29
Nice game, but not too much interaction

pezhman 2010.10.29
An excellent game with superb graphics

FuckMeHarder 2010.10.29
O.O AWSOMEE LOL tho i thought it would atleast scare me or something

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.29
Happy Halloween! nice game sex with the ghost.

ocandela 2010.10.29
nice game. would have preferred a little variety in the sex scenes

jerfo 2010.10.29
nice game to bad the other girls dont get a turn :P

probie 2010.10.29
sex with ghosts lol got to love it great game

Mslooj 2010.10.29
Found the game quite boring; not enough action.

Rimboythreeinch 2010.10.29
The game was alright, however it would be nice if one of the ghosts was a shemale ghost.

cheese101 2010.10.29
decent game,the diary was a very small click area though :(

jay50 2010.10.29
The girls are hot, and the haunted house theme was interesting, but could`ve been so much better. Needs to have more involvement, a threesome or two, some lesbian action. I know I always ask for it, but lesbian sex in these games is where it`s at!

nissehult 2010.10.29
This was a boring game, maybe should have maked it more harder

king2pm 2010.10.29
Good game with an interesting story, good gfx.

ihavlust 2010.10.29
bored of such games now..! want more of simulation,,

fmeyen 2010.10.29
Not a bad game at all, could have some more complexity. Nice graphics.

navnuc 2010.10.29
I agree it would be better if you got all of the women not just the three girls and headmistriss

memnoch343 2010.10.29
not to bad needs more details

rock12345 2010.10.29
Good game though should have more scenes

drake1 2010.10.29
Nice game! wish you got to lay the hotter girls though;P

brink7000 2010.10.29
The girls are hot, and the haunted house theme was interesting, but could`ve been so much better. Needs to have more involvement, a threesome or two, some lesbian action. I know I always ask for it, but lesbian sex in these games is where it`s at!

juliolugo 2010.10.29
im pretty sick of all these run around, clicking games. There`s no repercussions for doing anything wrong.

keyla 2010.10.29
well it was a nice setting. But as mentioned by many people before it s a little too simple. Also the sex scenes are the very same and get a bit boring.

rushindragon 2010.10.29
Hit tab to highlight the diary. Key is in the kitchen on the table when you can`t find anyone.

Goober676 2010.10.29
It was a new kind of game. I liked it.

teteine 2010.10.29
this is a bad game !! it s like mnf but it s not ! try to find something new guys !!

ST3V3 2010.10.29
Was different to other game like this. Enjoyable

paranoid 2010.10.29
well it was a nice setting. But as mentioned by many people before it s a little too simple. Also the sex scenes are the very same and get a bit boring.

Reggie77 2010.10.29
Good game but not enough challenge to get to the end...

boinky 2010.10.29
Nice setting, but wish there was more interaction with the girls then just searching items and clicking through the sex animations. You should also be able to get all the girls.

karakurt 2010.10.29
Good story but very easy to have sex with the girls...

Xyzzy 2010.10.28
I get that SexHotGames is trying to emulate Meet and Fuck. But Meet and Fuck has gotten so formulaic and boring, that SexHotGames is not doing themselves a favor by continuing in this vein. More variety, please! I want a game that makes me think and keeps me engaged, as well as having hot sexy women engaging in gratuitous sex. Now, I liked the music, though it gets somewhat boring after a while. I really liked the sounds, they`re much better than in the past. And the women are just as hot as always. The grammar, spelling, and syntax have gotten much better than M&F. The story line isn`t bad, but it seems you meet quite a few women but have sex (and pretty boring sex at that) with only three. This offering is better than their last one, but only just.

paulywally 2010.10.28
still cannot find some of the items...grrrr

bhupesh89 2010.10.28
the game is nice but i think there should be a reward from every girlin the game and maybe the rewards could be litle better

bhupesh89 2010.10.28
weel nice graphics and storyline... though sex scenes are too static and quite non-interactive!

bhupesh89 2010.10.28
good game, the erotic scene interactions are a little boring but the gameplay was refreshing.

bhupesh89 2010.10.28
girls are very sexy in this collage game

bhupesh89 2010.10.28
Great game.. styles are old.. thats cool.. they are the best..

mkbodmer 2010.10.28
Very sexy girls but music and backgrounds kinda creepy.

the-game1964 2010.10.28
love this game , like it a lot

the-game1964 2010.10.28
Nice graphics, interesting story, just nice game

kjdehn 2010.10.28
wish i can get one of these girls for a date for haloween

kjdehn 2010.10.28
collage was never this hot when i went

kjdehn 2010.10.28
love to see more of these girls and kelly

kjdehn 2010.10.28
these girls and this game is hot

kjdehn 2010.10.28
girls are very sexy in this collage game

kjdehn 2010.10.28
wish college was this good

treefarmer140 2010.10.28
Good story but not enough sexiness or variety with the girls.

sexxatron5 2010.10.28
gaphic low and poor game...

Steve... 2010.10.28
Odd concept - it is a bit odd to be having sex with ghosts. And if you are going to do it, why not allow the player to sleep with all the women, not just the least attractive?

golfbot 2010.10.28
very poor game. Too easy and graphics are not that dreat.

dekestokn 2010.10.28
game is so-so, and the sex scenes are too repetitive.

superior.angel 2010.10.28
I didn`t like this game, fucking with died souls is perversion.


Damianos 2010.10.28
Pretty graphics and good work on the clutter to make items harder to find, but the sex scenes seemed extremely generic.

Tishab 2010.10.28
Ok game. Not very hard but not very good either. Very short too. The graphics were good, but some things were hard to find.

haiclem 2010.10.28
very well hidden diary !!
The game is pretty OK, and the atmosphere isinteresting, I mean changing with respect to other games of the series.

keijonen 2010.10.28
the game is nice but i think there should be a reward from every girlin the game and maybe the rewards could be litle better.

CactusZ 2010.10.28
Cool idea...but it could have been three times as long with more interaction with the girls.

atallsk 2010.10.28
good game, the erotic scene interactions are a little boring but the gameplay was refreshing.

Borderman 2010.10.28
cool! got like five sex scens! good game!

djgc 2010.10.28
it could be much better if it was more difficult and more sex scenes.

Nimrod 2010.10.28
I liked the "Halloween" theme. I would like to see more seasonal themed games.

clador 2010.10.28
not bad but some girls just fly away wonder if I did something wrong or just happens that way could have been rewarded by every girl

RawAgent 2010.10.28
Great game.. styles are old.. thats cool.. they are the best..

medmarine2 2010.10.28
great game enjoyed playin it...

Valiac 2010.10.28
I`m kind of dissapointed, the game was not sattisfactory, and the idea of death people it`s not really my turn on

yrac 2010.10.28
Not too bad but could have offered better rewards

jerryw 2010.10.28
good graphics but was too easy to play.

david 2010.10.28
The graphic is ok. but maybe a bit short.

ligmartos 2010.10.28
I think it coluld be a good game but now it si too short, lineal and simple. It´s nice...

abColdBlood 2010.10.28
The graphic is ok. But from 7 girls you meet. There only 3 with more as a "Thank you".

wyskas 2010.10.28
just amazing too scripted for me but amazing

jarhead911 2010.10.28
decent, but needed more challenge

DiegoJAyala 2010.10.28
Un juego entretendio, pero demasiado simple.

lopin1 2010.10.28
where can find the diary? I cannot find it in the arts room

vitali 2010.10.28
simple story, easy to play, average graphics. Not more then 50% in the score

oblicok 2010.10.28
Definitely too simple, just a few clicks and that`s all.

Madelene 2010.10.28
Nice game. Wish it was a little longer, but I do like it. Would be sweet with a Halloween game in this type, more scary, more sexy. I will definitely play this again.

addictive 2010.10.28
to straight for a puzzle game.. graphics on the middle level.. just a casual game

Tomthumb 2010.10.28
Not the best that I`ve played . Is a bit flat.

szasza 2010.10.28
bhopal76! The key is in the kitchen!

dreadwolf 2010.10.28
game play, graphics, animations are to cartoonish

mccllro9 2010.10.28
how do you get pass desire and submission, when smack her with the stick while she bend over the desk. what are the step to go to complete that mission.

ranmagh01 2010.10.28
Not too bad. The animations could have been better though.

bhopal76 2010.10.28
how can you get the key for room number 6?

eagleata 2010.10.28
good game good story nice girls.

Towy 2010.10.28
basic but i love it for that

jerryonly83 2010.10.28
weel nice graphics and storyline... though sex scenes are too static and quite non-interactive!

damthar 2010.10.28
simple but nice game and good music

Christoffer 2010.10.28
nice, but pretty basic game

illogical 2010.10.28
Pretty basic compared to other games of this type

andrei83 2010.10.28
nice game good graphics but very easy

mrcoolerz 2010.10.28
the game was relatively easy, lacking in sex scenes and more interactions would be better.

nalasttop 2010.10.28
story line is ok but sex scenes are a bit dull, not enough interaction.
there was nothing to show that the women were ghosts and it was a bit easy.

paddywhack 2010.10.28
good simple game getting the book was the most difficult

sirphon 2010.10.28
the sex scenes are all the same and most of the girls you actully dont havesex with seem cuter then does you do alll and all there is a lot of room for improvment

prats 2010.10.28
nice graphice but very short game n very poor sex scenes....n dont get 2 f##k hot girls......

mitroi 2010.10.28
Nice graphics, interesting story, just nice game

Asimov 2010.10.28
Quick and simple, graphics are nice but it was a bit tricky to find the diary, I had to reload the game again to find it.

themoda 2010.10.28
Not bad!, I like the quiz, but the fuck scenes its too old

Wolfen189 2010.10.28
Cool game, the graphics are good and the sex scenes are nice, but could be a little bit more involved. Great game tho...keep up the good work

DaJezta92 2010.10.28
Good game, Enjoyed the art style

storm 2010.10.28
very nice game. good girls and scenes
easy to play

grizzley 2010.10.27
good scenes, easy gameplay
kinda dull story if u ask me

mwbajkster 2010.10.27
more interaction during sex scene wuld be nice (foreplay, oral, anal ...ect) except straight to pussy action. too bad we cant do all of them.

Bjorn13 2010.10.27
not too bad, over all a more interactive movie. great graphics but annoying music.

darksico 2010.10.27
nice game, but with that number of girls... they can expand with more sexual encounters...

bobag 2010.10.27
Slow paced game. The music became annoying after awhile if you need help finding the items just hit tab.

thegreathadji 2010.10.27
decent game, but way too easy to finish

star 2010.10.27
very cool game,nice girls.

kenn7176 2010.10.27
Great graphics and a good story line all in all a fun game

Stevie B 2010.10.27
its ok but not that good it not really good

Mizo 2010.10.27
very cool game...sexy girls!

pitouluc 2010.10.27
Graphics are not as good as we are used to. There is a lack of action.

randy06 2010.10.27
cant find dariy or box can some one help and tell mje please

dylutez 2010.10.27
More of the same uninspired boring stuff.

alecai165 2010.10.27
Nice game, Could have used a couple more sex scenes

wingrob14 2010.10.27
Game was little boring to be honest.

ZZDrum 2010.10.27
Eh, it was alright but I would have LOVED to have fucked Amanda. Too bad the girls you screw aren`t as hot as the others.

T M 2010.10.27
I liked the creative story, and the graphics were... ok. but the sex was to simple and a little boring.

Mordep 2010.10.27
Good game, could be more interactive!
Please post more games!

KirbyJo 2010.10.27
I wished i could do the other girl... Still a good game though!

Aladin 2010.10.27
Nice game, nice Graphic. The Gameplay is a little bit stupid.

bt5121 2010.10.27
great game
please post more games

frostee 2010.10.27
not the best `game` around. i`d prefer to call it a short movie instead

nonetheless, graphics are good and sound with control is cool!

colinjfrancis 2010.10.27
Passes the time, but like a lot of these games, not really a challenge.

Rob-63 2010.10.27
Not a bad game would of been nice to interact with the other girls instead of just 3 of them.

Rigald 2010.10.27
It`s a great game, but too hort...

randy06 2010.10.27
good game but where they things are it is there and i have searched allthe rooms please need help

Phantom69 2010.10.27
Not the best of games.. Quite boring sex scenes..

big_red6 2010.10.27
interesting story
little short but i enjoyed it
good game and good grphics

Ricoh124 2010.10.27
Good topical game. Involved requiring some searching about. Usual format with girl interactions.

!Kidman! 2010.10.27
Good music, but this game is too easy

kpyrinikos 2010.10.27
nice game with an interesting story, good gfx, it needs more sexy scenes

ntwan 2010.10.27
love the music, puts you in a good atmosphere. Yet the gameplay is pour and the sex scenes not developed

Spunkmonkey 2010.10.27
I got three girls. Don`t know if you can do more.

surfnaked4 2010.10.27
Hardest part is finding the items in the clutter....but decent graphics

cooldt11235 2010.10.27
umm so yeah does any action happen in this game do u get to experience it with every girl or only with the last one that u need the key to unlock it to

lughbelenos 2010.10.27
good simple game, the key is in the kitchen

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