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Poke-con Con-Quest v0.04


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MAHMOUD1997 2018.05.12
this game is very nice but its difficult

barry23 2018.04.08
i dont understand this game

Sroper328502 2018.02.03
This game is boring and stupid

binhlun90912 2018.01.28
it`s nice gamerngood game but ends abruptlyrn

Oconner 2018.01.13
This game is not up to the mark....by any means

Maxx_Tyger21 2018.01.02
Not too bad, but a little hard. Trying to earn enough of the currency is a chore.

Trokkar 2017.11.21
very different, fun, yet not for everyone, a little pokemonish, thus the name

TEX TIGER 2017.11.18
The game is very complicated

tony1977 2017.11.12
strange enough it is captivatingrn

bearbear 2017.11.04
the girls are sexy .Really fun game, thanks developers


BonerMan 2017.10.15
Fun game but keep dying...WHAH!!!!rn

mucklees 2017.09.09
interesting game, but can`t get past the second screen with the face on it.

zorgocrypton 2017.08.26
The game just keeps on loading. Please help.

marcus747 2017.08.10
Even though I have never been a pokemon fan, I found this game enjoyable, even if lacking in sex scenes. A fun little time passer!

1fucker 2017.08.10
those legendaries driving me crazy

linkmzm7 2017.08.05
This game have a good musicrn

RIZA HAIZUL 2017.08.01
nice graphics and good game with fight

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Too much story in the game, not enough put into the sex scenes. Not bad, but not my favorite

LILAXEY 2017.07.30
i like this game but it could be alot better tho

tluciotti74 2017.07.19
I enjoy this game, been much longer than a month waiting for next area though!rn

BloggoS5 2017.07.15
Not bad game , but could have more things, likes animation or other

talonfire200 2017.06.30
this game is pokemon-tastic!!!!!!@!!!rnrn

biobirth 2017.06.30
those legendaries driving me crazy

bleso1989 2017.06.16
nice game nice graphic funny too

hotsex1551 2017.06.07
lovely game, nice graphicsrn

geunie 2017.06.06
I`m not sure where this game is going to! What is the purpose? I can`t get it to end!

zaryamain 2017.06.03
good game but ends abruptly

TMAMA 2017.05.15
been following this on newgrounsbt it does get grindy

Warduck154 2017.04.28
how to make so much money??

Kaox666 2017.04.28
Im still trying to find all shiny cosplayers

omglookatherbutt44 2017.04.23
The skip isn`t working- I use firefox

matiksonnn 2017.04.23
strange game but youl get used to it

Kharuma 2017.04.21
strange game, it took me a while to figure out how to play but now i like it.

Jablko998 2017.04.09
I am using Opera, and game doesnt work, someone had that issue?

jorgiittoooo 2017.04.05
awesome game! Loved the similarity to Pokemon and also liked the costumes. I wish the sex scenes were a bit more detailed and diverse, but i guess this is all you can get. certain characters after the eevee cos-player did not seem to be found. stuck there i guess!

emea 2017.04.04
Very good idea, i really like it. Took a little bit to load, but the gameplay is very nice

crowdie 2017.04.02
verry interesting game here

n0cn1l 2017.03.26
Has good grafics but need to improve in gameplay

allenmiller17 2017.03.22
I really enjoyed the game. Kinda confusing at first though

Charlezzz 2017.03.16
I had a really good time playing this game. Is slow at the beginning but once you understand it becomes easier

HStebbs 2017.03.16
Not really what I was looking for, but still was a good bit of fun. It`s well done. Wish there was more too it and a lot more sex involved.

ETRock12 2017.03.14
good game but could have improvements

PussyS 2017.03.13
it`s nice game but can be better

dadsdad 2017.03.13
Good game but slow good art too who ever made this props to you

marcos20 2017.03.13
great graphics and animation

Spanky McGee 2017.03.10
game`s a bit on the boring side, and takes an excruciating long time to load

ianjames 2017.03.07
not my sort of game but graphics pretty good

kemode 2017.03.07
Awesome game...little slow though

GunHoser 2017.03.05
I hate when the developers release an unfinished game!

JamieLynn7176 2017.03.02
Not a bad game,used to better graphics with the other games on this site.

ImrtlWolf 2017.03.02
this is a good game for passing long waiting or down times.

Booty Hunter 2017.03.02
It`s a good game, but takes forever to load

zorthonx 2017.03.02
Takes Forever to load.....

walcolo 2017.02.28
great game looking forward to extensions

kithra 2017.02.28
I have high hopes for this game since this is only an alpha.

lalomata914 2017.02.28
Awesome gameplay, keeps me very entertained. Definitely love it.

AnalCumSlut 2017.02.28
Love the game, can`t wait for the next update!

fuckerfenil 2017.02.24
Okay I got it. You need to use the magic corresponding to the character.

fuckerfenil 2017.02.24
Phoebe says try calling on me 10 times. How to do that?

scarmaster19 2017.02.22
It is a great time consuming game.
For the people who asked if there is anything beyong certain points.
thusfar you can only get Phoebe, Ivy, Carmen, Michelle and Eve.
After that there was a conversation about come back in a month, so the makers will update eventually, so I would say build up some money for then.
Furthermore for people who are stuck outside the place there are 2 stands the one at the right will give you stickers you get the coins by beating enemy`s and the one at the left will trade in 5 extra stickers for a complete new sticker.
Also try to do all the quest the pokemons give you!

that`s all I found out. If anyone found something more pls tell :)

hornsfan35 2017.02.21
Not really into the cosplay thing, so just gave this game a courtesy try and wasn`t interested.

oODexyOo 2017.02.20
Good game, but nothing new since I beat Squirtl? What`s to do?

dyzzo811 2017.02.20
I can`t find my companion anywhere. I have beaten Phoebe, Ivy, Carmen, Michelle and Eve. The barrier at the beach won`t go down. And neither the second one at the garden. Can anyone help?

Adamatraor 2017.02.20
Not bad game , but could have more things

asfasfasf 2017.02.19
Great game, but could be better.

SeraphinCeleste 2017.02.19
Great game, a little confusing at first and light on explaining how everything works.
Make sure you copy and paste the save password somewhere if you want to be able to continue where you left off. (lost my save that way)
Tip: Didn`t figure this out until I had beaten squirtle, but you have a little $ amount under your big $ amount that is for the little vending machines outside the pokemon center to the left and right that lets you buy stickers that boost your stats. (you get one of the little dollars every time you beat an enemy)

Mondoblasto 2017.02.18
Defeated a Nurse Joy at the beach at 44, got 5 lvls and $8000.

LariatQ 2017.02.17
I am using Firefox, and have never had the game load, after five attempts.

Ripperd 2017.02.17
cool game,passes the time away thanks guys.

Jaaru 2017.02.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Alorine 2017.02.16
This game is great for kill time.

asdasdasdas 2017.02.16
not a great game.graphs are not well but still u can kill time..

Pedrodelacrosa 2017.02.16
Cool game i like it and can saving if are tired to play =)

mickeymouse55 2017.02.15
Is there anything more past squirtle?

sinboy1988 2017.02.15
it`s nice game but can be better

OwlTheMaster 2017.02.15
Really fun game, thanks developers!

bobbyjoemudda 2017.02.15
vanilla ato heals you but only to ~40%, you gotta buy the chips and dew to heal up fully

mickeymouse55 2017.02.15
how do you get vanilla to heal you in the shop? I keep dying

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