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Seductive RPG II




DrPezh 2016.11.11
nice game but needs further improvements

panarobo 2016.10.16
Quality graphics but to simple not much of in way off choices.

jed-peter 2016.09.26
Ok game, meant more for simplicity rather than story or choices.

Atreyusan 2016.08.22
simple game, ok graphics, easy women, decent sex scenes

huskyscrotusky 2016.08.15
obvious choices. ok sex scenes

brwoo3830 2016.07.21
ok but i had a hard time playing but from the comment people like and that`s all i care about

GIMMY 2016.06.25
That`s a good game, five girls are all very sexy

Sylvor 2016.01.05
Great game, although the requirements for the girls were too easy to find out. It would be more fun (to me) if you had to search some more for what they want.

sexyboiii12 2016.01.02
This takes so long, but worth it

bigthickwood 2015.12.02
This game was time consuming but all in all it was a totally fun game.


Boobmaster 2015.11.29
Fun game. Not too hard and doesn`t feel too easy

bbwkatie92 2015.11.21
i like this RPG games. good stories mostly, and nice big boobies, hehe

soltarus 2015.10.09
the graphics are alright, it is very easy, it really needs some sound during the sex scenes though. all in all, it is a decent game but definitely needs some more work.

_TheDoctorPotter 2015.10.05
This game is far too long. Seductive games are nice, but you can only do each girl once and it gets boring after a while - like a hundred days in game go by just "code, play, sleep, code, play, sleep," etc.

legend7 2015.10.04
it is a simple but awesome game

max36 2015.09.07
too long, but is nice... had to worked out

rexbore19 2015.07.29
very nice game it is a little slow but it is a very good gome

thatdss 2015.07.11
Not bad but too long, actually

shitfuck 2015.07.10
This is an awesome game

ma$t3r of pupp3ts 2015.06.25
very nice game ..such a great graphic...:)

MrPuppy 2015.06.14
good game but its realy easy to get the girls

danielsosexy 2015.06.13
this is a pretty good game. suggest an update though

derpinator9000 2015.06.11
Well, this is a wierd game. If my grammar isn`t good, i`m typing quick.

Idealhen3972 2015.05.27
great game love the art style

PlayboyBD 2015.05.24
Great Gameplay!!!! Very Realistic!! Earn as much as you want and spend it!!!

TheGreenDigi 2015.05.21
great game amazing story

Halo4life 2015.05.13
really good game the storyline is cool

AdhiShetty 2015.05.10
ohh wow this game is so freaking good anime style love it

nagazato 2015.05.08
best game nice gameplay

scuicidedager 2015.05.05
This is a great game, nice and simple to understand

AkumaKuroshi 2015.04.29
It was a fun game, but I`m not sure if it ends/has a point. Like, what exactly is the point?

Damnsexxer 2015.04.26
Had a great time playing it

KurisuPFO 2015.04.24
Doing the smart, classy office lady felt so good :3
Nice game, but it got a lil bit `grindy-boring` soon.

Dicksmash Ironcock 2015.04.04
I love this game the girls are so hot.

eeyyoorree 2015.03.28
great game really loved the action

shaneq007 2015.03.25
good game am enjoying it so far

lussy.jeba 2015.03.14
great game really liked it

ozorne_6 2015.03.13
I`ve reached an intellect of 1000 and still have no clue if there is an end to that game.
I think i give up because of boredom.

lazypokemon3 2015.03.02
Somewhat fun, Somewhat confusing.

RamanS21 2015.02.28
not my kind of game but it was ok

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing, Good longer game. points, points and money. not my favorite.

Synful2 2015.02.03
not a bad game but i hoped for a little better

Aleksejus 2015.02.03
the gameplay is decent for this game, although the sex scenes are kind of repetetive

pepujo 2015.02.02
I have always loved these games

jake83 2015.01.26
The game was to slow, the graphics were not good enough to keep interest,

popo906 2015.01.25
Good game, lots of effort sadly put almost nowhere 6/10.

notworthit 2015.01.25
basic simple game... just for killing time

lerodson 2015.01.23
that is great boobs grapics!

gwazz 2015.01.14
the graphics were good but the game was very slow

Operat0r 2015.01.13
The game is great but i just don`t like how you only get one health point each time you sleep.

xai 2015.01.09
Very enticing game. I look forward to being able to see how it all pans out.

cambridge4453 2015.01.05
The sex is good but the rest is repetitive and well.. so is the sex. The girl looks great though

Sparksss 2014.12.29
Great game, it`s not very difficult and very well done

sam3305 2014.12.25
a nice long game i love it well done to the people who made it

pussyeater1876 2014.12.21
Keep restoring your mood and heath to keep the game going
But other than that it is impossible to lose since the game has no ending

mmiikkii 2014.12.18
very nice game and long too.

souldymono 2014.12.14
I like theese kind of fame,working or it,probsaly taking 1 hour out yoyr life but who really cares.

bicountrygirl 2014.12.05
top fav game. ill be playing this one more often

ashbhattacharya1 2014.12.04
So nice man. Wanna fuck and fuck again

mVpxBr0ny 2014.12.02
i love games that are hentai!!!

mendezfactor 2014.11.28
Poor game, not up to the qulaity of other games easily found on playforce one

SilenceGlaive 2014.11.27
Typical Anime Game but not bad at all.

RichBCGuy 2014.11.27
average, but OK.... enjoyed parts

sparx 2014.11.20
I love this game, Great artwork and storyline

HentaiKing 2014.11.19
i liked the game but is think if your gonna go for the meet and F*** type of vibe your gonna need to put the girls in more then one position. a couple of bjs and a few money shots wouldn`t hurt either.

hippyphil 2014.11.14
a bit long and boring. good basic gameplay tho

devils69 2014.11.14
not bad at all, too easy for my favor

ttt1 2014.11.10
I think that this game is not really hot, you had to wait a lot before fucking.. too bad :/

rory28 2014.11.10
This one was kind of boring and unclear.

paoseland 2014.11.09
it has a good premise, but could have been better all around.

wonderboy001 2014.11.09
Took awhile to do things in the game and they weren`t that much fun to begin with.

rockudavid 2014.11.03
i will share this game to my friends

rockudavid 2014.11.03
my cock loves this type of game

rockudavid 2014.11.03
i want to fuck i cant wait...

rockudavid 2014.11.03
i learnt new fucking tricks from this game....

rockudavid 2014.11.03
this game makes me horny...

rockudavid 2014.11.03
this game is awsome...i love this game..

bloody1234 2014.10.28
this thing is really boring.

Ian1956 2014.10.26
Such a long drawn out game for little rewards

Nopema 2014.10.19
Not too great. Not horrible though.

BigBreastedBeauty 2014.10.19
boring to me couldn`t get passed day 4

superasianbacon 2014.10.19
This is a nice basic game, although the sex scenes were a tad bit bland for me.

emilx132 2014.10.18
I love this game. Good job with it

leonrdooo 2014.10.18
Yeah its too long, but great job haha

Bilyboy4565 2014.10.14
not the best game in the world

Raijingirl 2014.10.13
its okay of a game I guess

danosaur192 2014.10.11
the game is good but just not what i was expecting

paoseland 2014.10.10
This game is too similar to many others,and the artwork isn`t that great either. 40/100

gfdgsfgsfd 2014.10.08
Graphics don`t even come close to LOP quality.

warebear 2014.10.08
not the best that ive played but not the worst either

Cyguh 2014.10.07
Not to bad but not my favorite.

mert123 2014.10.07
Game is kinda boring but animations and rpg feel is good

fadabafada 2014.10.02
Fairly simple game, could be made better with more dialog options.

prawngod 2014.09.28
good game the sex scenes can be lacking a little bit but there still good

apixbax 2014.09.27
this game story and graphic is good soo

apixbax 2014.09.27
i love this game good story

kopillog 2014.09.25
It`s a shame that a game like this, with a nice gaming base, is literally ruined by poor graphics.

letto1986 2014.09.21
Very addicting game! Good Stuff

Thomas Raap 2014.09.18
A very good game i like it

splodd 2014.09.17
Too much time needed to sink into the game before you get anything good from it

SnOwMaN08 2014.09.16
This game whas not so good Grpahics also not so good

ArokBE 2014.09.11
original game, needs to be balanced (mood/tiredness)

ThaneOfAss 2014.09.10
Decent but too much work involved for the pay off, feels like a grind

CapnMorgan 2014.09.10
It just takes forever to get through these games... I don`t mind that most times but man this one was over the top, with a lot of work between sex.

Jbryan 2014.09.04
The game was alright. Not as fun as i expected.

NotSoMagicMike 2014.09.03
the idea was great but the execution not so much, would love htis in a better game

sirenx 2014.09.01
This game was quite boring, kind of a challenge to get to the sex scenes

SeamusWalker 2014.08.29
very good game graphics were good but way to easy woudlve been better with more girls

ngrace 2014.08.27
im stuck after you screw the gitl at the bar please help me

JSpeed 2014.08.22
The game is ok. But too easy. No need wrong answers. Just work to buy suits and watches.

colinjfrancis 2014.08.21
Extremely easy, and very little reward for playing for such a long time. Disappointing.

TotallyRockHard 2014.08.20
i loved how the was multiple girls, this game was amazing and a bit challenging

xxRyanxx 2014.08.20
you lose money to easy well. I`ll try again.

mick149 2014.08.12
these games are good but are a bit similar to existing ones :)

darkridr25 2014.08.11
Another grind type game. I`m really looking for something else.

Blitzkriegbob 2014.08.10
seems to be challenging, but isn`t. Graphics are nice though.

graciejames 2014.08.10
was ok I like better games but was ok

bonusbro587 2014.08.10
This was a sexy game with great graphics

shyman44425 2014.08.09
Sex scenes not much of a reward for the time it takes to get there.

chief007 2014.08.07
Nice for a RPG, graphics needs much improvements. otherwise a good game.

Safsbro 2014.08.06
Nice graphics for a asain ani game.

TheStormisHere 2014.08.05
This game is awesome and amazing, maybe this can be better...

Chmiel22 2014.08.05
Graphic may not be the best but i like it after all

KyBlueEyes822 2014.08.04
I have always loved these games

becalala 2014.08.04
don`t like the gameplay bad graphics and poor animations

machinafinimundi 2014.08.01
A little complicated at first but you can get the hang of it. It has poor animation and graphics.

dwb75 2014.08.01
Game is really boring and graphics are lame. There is no story line really and the grammar can give you a headache.

bigbob1869 2014.07.31
game is really boring and the graphics aren`t very good

auldgit 2014.07.28
Poor gameplay !!! I got bored after 5 minutes !!!

Very poor grammar makes it difficult to keep the player interested !!!

I certainly won¬īt be giving it a second try !!!

elchachie 2014.07.27
its another great game. Good quality

oranjeboven 2014.07.27
Simular to many games.
Not very creative.
Average game

niko987 2014.07.26
really like the simple style of graphics. it was a nice game

Maisha 2014.07.26
after playing games with good graphics its little strange

greasyfoot 2014.07.25
really like the simple style of graphics

Akong 2014.07.23
best and great game and nice graphic

Akong 2014.07.23
hot game and nice grpahic

FastE 2014.07.22
Funny game.
The Walkthrough was very helpfull sometimes,

Thank you

wezel87 2014.07.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.
But i have seen better..

graatz 2014.07.22
Here`s a step-by-step walkthrough. Note that you need to talk to each woman once before you can fuck her. In this walkthrough, that will mean entering and exiting the bar, trainings, and corporation so that you can chat with the women there twice. This doesn`t take up time as long as you don`t actually perform the action at these places. For what it`s worth, fucking doesn`t take time either, so feel free to go back and fuck any of the women if you are getting bored.

Meeting the woman while walking in the park is a chance encounter so if you don`t meet her twice by the time I did, you should just keep at it. You`ll need mood 60 to fuck Marie in the bar so if you end up fucking the park earlier than you mood is up, play console games at home until you`re there. When you meet the beggar in the park, I`m not sure it matters much if you pay or not. Luck will go up or down depending on if you do, but does luck matter? Depending on how many times you meet and pay the beggar, you may need to freelance/work for yourself more or less times than in this walkthrough to have enough money. Just make sure you keep topping off your mood and sleep everyday (a few all-nighters won`t kill you).

Here`s the walkthrough:

library->read books
home->work as freelancer
fitness club->work out
home->play console
home->play console
fitness club->work out
home->play console
home->play console
fitness club->work out
home->play console
home->play console
fitness club->work out
fitness club->work out
home->play console
fitness club->fuck Dana
library->read books
home->play console
home->play console
library->read books
bar->fuck Marie
home->play console
home->work as freelancer
home->play console
library->read books
library->read books
library->read books
library->read books
library->read books
library->read books
library->read books
library->read books
home->play console
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
home->work as freelancer
club->dance in a club
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
home->work as freelancer
club->dance in a club
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
clothes shop->buy $1000 suit
trainings->fuck Diana
home->play console
home->play console
club->dance in a club
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
home->work as freelancer
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
home->work as freelancer
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
own business->work for yourself
home->work as freelancer
accessories->buy golden watch ($950)
corporation->fuck Jane

csoggo 2014.07.22
i didnt like this, not great graphics, yu can find this kinda games on every site

hantuklo 2014.07.21
Sleeping should restore more than one health considering how much health it takes to do things in the game

CrisR7C 2014.07.21
I fucked all of their pussies :D
I am so horny now LMFAO

menyamen 2014.07.20
pretty nice game. I know a lot of work goes into making these. A lot of people dis the graphics, and yes I have seen better, but this is not bad.

m399 2014.07.20
It`s not terrible, but the sex scenes just aren`t worth the effort it takes to get to them....

HarrietGarmin 2014.07.20
it takes a long time and dedication to get barely anywhere

Kilopio 2014.07.19
Long game, poor sex scenes. Not worth the time

pusshound 2014.07.19
These games take too long and the sex scenes are not good enough to merit the time investment. Play once and move on.

toulavej58 2014.07.19
I don;t get it ...don;t like these stats building games it is for the most part contra intuitive.. o well perhaps next time

jcc1985 2014.07.17
dont really like this game graphics are not that good you lose money
to easy

C.C. 2014.07.17
I ran out of money too soon as well. I`ll try again.

dandraft 2014.07.17
an ok game,building stats is kinda new to these type of games,but its allrigth at least it would be if the sex scenes were better,a change of positisions would be nice,you dont really feel rewarded after using energy on building up to it. at least by the classy lady who requires looks and intelligence, at a very high level,shes kind of a drag when all comes down,i did expect more from her at least.there are some lively moments in it but not enough to tip the scale, 5/10

Matthew.Mellison 2014.07.17
I didn`t like this game. I ran out of money too soon.

xoxox55 2014.07.17
Too long and boring , not my way...

Jaaru 2014.07.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Akong 2014.07.17
Wauu ! Fantastic game and great

Zariaswell 2014.07.17
Scenes are not rewarding enough, graphics are a joke... Not even great 2d graphics.
The game iteself is a bit confusing because nothing is really explained as it should be. Lots of test an try to indestand what anyting does.

kuracpicka 2014.07.17
some guides to make the game a bit easier

Play console: Mood +5
Sleep: Health +1
Not to sleep for 1 day: Mood -5 Health -5
Work as a freelancer: Intellect=40 required, Money +30 Intellect +1 Mood -7

Walk: Mood +7
Run: Strength +3
Give $10 to beggar: Money -10 Luck +5
Not to give: Luck -5
May meet girl (name unknown), Intellect=50
and Strength=50 to move on

Club: Open at night
Dance in a club: Money -20 Mood +25

Bar: Marie, open from evening
Mood=60 to move on
Drink beer: Money -20 Health -5 Mood +20

Corporation: Jane
Intellect=90 and Style=90 to move on
Work as a programmer: Intellect=70 Style=50 required,

Trainings: Diana
Style=50 to move on
Pass a business training: Money -50 Intellect +10 Mood -5, costs 2 time periods

Fitness Club: Dana (well try to distinguish

from ‚??Diana‚??‚??)
Strength=40 to move on
Have a work out: Money -20 Strength +7 Mood -7

Library: Closed at night
Read books: Money -10 Intellect +5 Mood -3/4

$200: Style +15

$150: Style +10
Work as a porter: Money +20 Mood -5

Fight Club
Have a work out: Money -30 Strength +9 Mood +4 Health -5, some days (4 or 6 so far) to

prepare for competition
Take part in competition:
To win: Health -5 Money +??? (119 and 57 for 2 attemps so far, not quite sure)

Heal your wounds: Money -50 Health +50, costs 3 time periods

Own Business: Intellect=90 to unlock

sensei 2014.07.17
Too long and boring only moaning is good part of the game :(

Stathis 2014.07.17
Girls are not hard to get and the scenes not much rewarding. Plus, the game just goes on forever, no ending, which is kinda pointless. It has its merits but overall, didn`t enjoy it much.

smurf02231 2014.07.17
Sleeping should restore more than one health considering how much health it takes to do things in the game

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