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Roommates: Evening with Lina


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dwg 2017.04.24
Nice game, really recommended. The girls are really hot.

stach56 2017.04.24
Cool game and interesting action

Nobu 2017.04.23
Nice game, really recommended. The girls are really hot.

omglookatherbutt44 2017.04.23
Looks amazing, great game.

Poisoned 2017.04.22
I loved the game. Graphics were excellent. .

someoneofgod 2017.04.22
Nice artwork. Wish it was longer.rn

Graindesable 2017.04.21
Good dialogues and action

damnfuck 2017.04.20
yes a good game very addicting

mogospa 2017.04.17
i sure hope that an update will be available soon. thanks. good job.

Joekickass 2017.04.16
nice game but could use more choices


dragonhunt3r 2017.04.15
beautifull game nice grafics and great gameplay

sempreio 2017.04.15
beautiful graphics and superb game

shavell 2017.04.09
the graphics for this game is awesome

scannatore 2017.03.26
The game sure is good, but it`s a simple introduction to the real game.
Anyway it`s funny.

Tankero21 2017.03.22
love the graphics and prequel to roommates such a good side story

wqertwtw 2017.03.21
best graphic and animation so far but short gameplay

mesobeso 2017.03.11
love the way of seduction

kemode 2017.03.09
Very hot lesbian action...good graphics too.

haretkaret 2017.03.08
graphic and animation are really perfect

ianjames 2017.03.08
great graphics very sexy girls

atrain116 2017.03.06
this game have nice gameplay

toriyazaki 2017.03.04
Beautiful game but so repetitive...
Anyone knows if the Kelly`s story is going to continue or not?

Chenz15 2017.03.02
Great game the girls hot and beautiful

bubi3375 2017.03.02
I can`t Image doing this myself. Great job

zorthonx 2017.03.02
Decent Game, nice graphics

davidice07 2017.02.28
a little bit repetitive, and i`d like more interaction but a good game with great girls

Vritra 2017.02.27
Awesome game, i just finish played and i love it, great girls.

JohnnyT 2017.02.27
Good game, i have played it so much and i like it

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.19
pretts average I must say. Would this game have been released 3 or 4 years ago it would be up time.

SeraphinCeleste 2017.02.19
Good game, great visuals and mostly realistic interactions (For the most part the girls aren`t unbelievably horny, slutty whores. Which is usually a deal breaker for me)
Unfortunately, these types of games are too slow, repetitive and frustrating for me.

tortuguelo 2017.02.18
many hours of play. I like so much

JuCordell 2017.02.17
its me or game freezes its very stupid

Tyranno 2017.02.14
Great game. Wish you can make Vivian have different hair with skin color, also wish have Marcle more involved

lane553416 2017.02.14
very, very sexy. great graphics. i enjoyed it so much i played it multiple time to find every ending.

Ramses93 2017.02.12
Not bad good look and Quality more please

j3hj3h 2017.02.11
A good start, but short. There is definitely chemistry between the two that could result in a lot more endings... either one being submissive. Great graphics and animation, but it`s a little repetitive to get the arousal and familiarity up... perhaps more objects to interact with and more `Talk` functions that, deeper into the relationship, offer more in the way of different endings and experiences.

Ryanhorny23 2017.02.10
love the graphics and animation

kjdehn3 2017.02.09
wish i had roommates like these

xslayermkdx 2017.02.08
can we expect boyfriends i mean i really like lesbian action and all but still prefer action boy girl so will be extension from this game?

anus36 2017.02.08
Nice pictures but the storyline is a bit too simple.

batagor 2017.02.08
looking foward for another good lesbian scene like this

mickeymouse55 2017.02.05
I loved the graphics and the concept is very sexy. Good game overall

kitkat69 2017.02.04
I like it, I`ve played it a few times, it`s just so difficult to get Lina and her roommate to have any other type of interaction other than just licking. I`d love more noises too. But, still really like this game. Graphics are decent

LetsGOOO 2017.02.04
im so bad inn thise game

Executy 2017.02.03
Exiting story, deceint graphic and but not enough endings.

Bane1995 2017.02.01
Nice artwork. Wish it was longer.

harry12 2017.02.01
graphics and animations are great

worldathome 2017.01.30
I don`t like lesbians, but with the graphics of this game I like it...

Turner9 2017.01.28
Great Game, Very good Visuals.
1. Load times are slow, this could be corrected by allowing us to download the flash game using a free mega file system .
2. Have 12 Endings ! Add two more categories : Morals and Submission /Will
3. Add Other characters , 1 or 2 males and a small outside adventure
4. Have other scenario`s : Like her being in bed asleep with vivian trying to manipulate her while she is dreaming.. Have levels that show her dreams altering more and more arousal.
5. Perhaps I am missing the point all together, maybe this is just to get people interested in the full game? Hmmm .
6. Add BDSM .. why not.

quintdraken 2017.01.28
The gameplay is a bit limited, but if you have played "Roommates," it is a fun prequel.

agentwhite 2017.01.28
stunning visuals. Gameplay is a bit repetitive thou

gianoo4 2017.01.27
This is a very hot game, looks great

jackalmond65 2017.01.27
I love this game its so good

spitfire12 2017.01.27
anyone know hoe to get the 4th ending

xslayermkdx 2017.01.27
its me or game freezes its very stupid

luckyhooker 2017.01.26
the game was fun and super easy to play

zenshigo 2017.01.26
graphics and animations are great

Zamasu 2017.01.25
A lesbian porn game. Beautiful quality.

tspextreme 1 2017.01.24
very nice adn sexy game girls were awesome dn i liked the tan lines ;) good job

tspextreme 1 2017.01.24
great game nice gameplay and sexy girls .. nicely done
wish it had more scenes but its ok

adyee 2017.01.24
Two girls are hot even you can play more in lession of passion preimium version.. good graphics

nelsondc 2017.01.23
this is a good game and your imgs are really beautyful

gdlevy 2017.01.23
Great visuals. Move sex scenes needed though

prorok616 2017.01.22
this game have nice gameplay

cambridge4453 2017.01.21
Its pretty good; the artwork is great, the girls are sexy,; it is a genuine game with variations and anumber of endings and it is good enough to make me want to explore all the options. The sound is awful and really detracys from the quality of the game as a whole. The sex is not very sexy as the animation is basic and there are no sound effects; the masturbation scenes are my favourite . The same actions have to be repeated over and over again which is not fun, so maybe a lttle more variation would help.

Alucardthefirst 2017.01.21
the link for this game and the others like it dont work

Alorine 2017.01.20
Great Game, Super easy to play

multiplex_1 2017.01.19
I tested it. You need Familiarity at 20, Arousal at 10 and Intoxication at 2, for the most sexy actions.

Ombresournoise 2017.01.19
Very pleasant game. Girls are beautifuls.

Ggy12 2017.01.18
Great game. Should make a game similar to this for City of love.

CartoonFan 2017.01.18
Good graphics and like the endings. Bit slow to get to where you want to be but otherwise good game.

penis13 2017.01.18
the game is nice, but i found every time only one ending

davinakitt 2017.01.17
I can`t get past the loading. Says that I should use Firefox for WebGL. BUT I am using Firefox (latest version)!!!

It gets to the "Preparing" page, and then I get a message pop-up :
"The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating less memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings."

I close the window, and then the loading icon stays that way... like FOREVER.... sigh....

jrlampard 2017.01.17
You need intoxication at three to make the threesome possible

dechef 2017.01.16
Played for the first time, had a nice ending. Finding out the other ones

WC Gordan 2017.01.16
I didn`t vote high for this one, because it doesn`t have a happy ending of sub finding her dominatrix. No ending end up with them dating, so if you want that, sorry but not possible =(

WC Gordan 2017.01.16
Familiarity is updated by following:
1) Talking to her (works only 3 times)
2) Watching funny video (+1)
3) Giving her massage and stopping without touching her breast (+2), can be done only after drinking at least once

Arousal is raised by Undressing or masturbating (playing with herself), requires at least 5 Familiarity

Intoxication is raised by drinking alcohol, most of the actions are available require Intoxication at least 1, most of sexy actions with 2-3 girls require at least 2 intoxication (I tried with intoxication 1 for a long time, but Lina always refuses it seems when she is not drunk enough) You can`t drink 2 times in a row, give her a massage before drinking again.

You need Familiarity at 20, Arousal at 20 and Intoxication at 2, for the most sexy actions.

Ending 1:
Just Play with herself when Familiarity is below 5 and you get kicked out

Ending 2:
There are actually 2 ways of getting to it

Ending 2 version 1 (Lesbian play with hand and tongue)
Just go all the way with massage

Ending 2 version 2 (Threesome with strap-on)
Get fully undressed (Click "Undress" 2 times) and call Marcie on the computer.

Ending 3 (Dominatrix Lesbian play with strap-on)
Use strap-on with Lina

Ending 4
Get Lina to drink 4 times

welsjo 2017.01.15
Nice gameplay. How do you get the threesome?

Tomo7 2017.01.15
Nice game as usual from LoP.

mrgamerz998 2017.01.15
this game is amazing but it is a bit repetative

geunie 2017.01.14
@ Ilpleut:
Is there a threesome??? I`ve played all the four endings but I never got a threesome!

Pedrodelacrosa 2017.01.14
not like lesbians game, if in game have not any man :D

vitali 2017.01.14
I do like it. Still need to play more times to get deeper into the logic. Anyhow nice graphics and fine story.

ScottS69 2017.01.14
Great graphics of two beautiful sexy women. Still haven`t played enough to give more details yet.

Ilpleut 2017.01.14
It keeps freezing. Too bad.

trugamster 2017.01.14
loved it and the graphic are amazing

Corgath 2017.01.14
excellent game. Rather repetitive but the girls are hot

Calebfuller 2017.01.14
This game takes forever to load and isn`t worth the wait

shiffos 2017.01.13
lina is cute
but it is almost like the previous one

soleroth 2017.01.13
takes a while to load but enjoyed it well enough, although clicking through the screens to quickly tends to crash it. really like the girls, still haven`t gotten marcie to come over though.

moun10man 2017.01.12
The girls are hot, but it doest seem to go fast enough.

coc121 2017.01.12
game crashed after 10mins of boring grinding. Anybody know what numbers you have to get intimacy and arousal at to progress the game?

garonbrown 2017.01.12
all four endings have only slight variations separating them. Not bad

darkminded 2017.01.12
repeat repeat repeat repeat , booooooooooooooring

frodrigo 2017.01.11
So, anybody have a good way on how to get a hold of marcy? have gotten all other endings that one

pornzootp 2017.01.11
i loved the graphics and thanks for the help capnmorgen

fw190pilot 2017.01.11
What does Lather , Rinse, and repeat mean/

jk3guns 2017.01.11
It takes too long to load. Waited 10 minutes. Anyone else having problems with this??

CapnMorgan 2017.01.11
talk to her til you can`t talk to her any more.
watch a few silly videos.
give her a drink or two (but not 3)
massage her shoulders (but no more the first couple times)
lather, rinse repeat. Oh, and don`t forget about the pillow ;)
that should help you get farther.

oldmanlogan77 2017.01.10
i cannot do a thing. i have tried everything. the girl is an absolute girl scout

voodooacidboy 2017.01.10
a decent game, not too difficult to get all endings. excellent graphics too.

VestusPrimus 2017.01.10
This game is fun and quite sexy! Lina is cute and getting into her comfort zone was a great challenge, luckily not to difficult as to make me wanna stop trying. just an amazing and sexy game overall.
-Vestus Primus

eagleata 2017.01.10
i`ve got all endings. that`s good...

Ilpleut 2017.01.10
Found the 4th one, hangover. :)
Ending 2: fine roommates (nice threesome) and ending 3: submissive
Ending 1 you get fired.

have fun

Ilpleut 2017.01.10
Managed to get 3 out of 4 endings. If you get the 4th ending, I`d love to know how... :)

Hint: needed booze... :)

dreadwolf 2017.01.10
graphics and animations are great

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