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glukos37 2015.04.25
i just love Eleanor but is there no anal?....

elvinaervina 2015.04.25
great game great graphics took a while to get ultimate date

bosseruption 2015.04.25
love the bonus pictures. i want more!

big0520 2015.04.24
great game graphic and some POV scenes really awesome!

Sennin713 2015.04.24
great game great graphics took a while to get ultimate date

damndude 2015.04.23
Game and the graphics are great and eleanor is so sexy!

gsharma 2015.04.21
The game is awesome specially the graphics, the music could have been better but Eleanors moans were sensuous. I was kind of hoping for a better bonus gallery

manoffire 2015.04.20
great game! love the graphics they look so real

gi4262 2015.04.20
This is one of my favorite games. Eleanor is one of the sexiest ladies here! I love the graphics on LOP games.

ololefent 2015.04.20
good game i want to play premium version now


halokiller0 2015.04.20
great graphics and storyline! top game!

john milton 2015.04.19
eleonore is always eleonor... nothing to do, noting to say...
just enjoy...

cooltani4u 2015.04.18
Simply love this game. Elenor`s body is hot and makes me very horny.

sexmax6767 2015.04.17
is very beautifoul game to do sex

clashofclans 2015.04.16
a lot of goods games i just love it

shuvobd 2015.04.16
Very Seductive & enjoyable..... tnx for nice game

Star4599 2015.04.15
Took a while to load but it was amazing after it did

CashMorgan 2015.04.14
A really nice game, it gets my fantasy spinning..

jangjang 2015.04.12
Game was good just a little to short

gokuwaffle12 2015.04.11
this game is awesome so great love it

winnerisme 2015.04.09
The girl in this game is so sexy! the graphics are so good as well!

Iceflyer75 2015.04.09
This Game ist really Hot. Please chreate some Game vor Goldlop whit the Story and contiue the Story of Eleanor!!! I love the game!!!

winnerisme 2015.04.09
The girls in this game are so attractive! The graphics are amazing!

marxism 2015.04.09
good graphics and good game i can play this game one more time. have an interesting story

razorblueo 2015.04.08
its good but could be better

fergal 2015.04.04
Good game play, good graphics, give it a go!

Chloe321 2015.04.03
Ok. Next My sex date: Lisa :>

Loopus76 2015.04.02
Nice Game with a hot girl, although I can`t seem to beat it

JamieXd24 2015.04.02
WOW BEST Sex game ever great graphics and good gameplay more sex scene please

Dicksmash Ironcock 2015.04.02
Good game, even though it took me 4 tries to get a Epic Disaster ending

lesbo111 2015.04.01
took forever just to load. but other than that i like the game.

sexstar69 2015.04.01
okay this one seems better than the last ones

brandthose1994 2015.04.01
i am stuck at the beggining

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Amazing Grpahic. Amazing Girl. Nuff said

klass 2015.03.31
this game is Amazing, not too easy and with great graphics

matt78428 2015.03.29
The responses for this game are confusing in what are the best choices. But it is a well made game.

Mccloud93 2015.03.29
good game, enjoyed it. will be back for more

Demonslayerz619 2015.03.29
I think this is one of the best games so far

Nova91 2015.03.28
Great Graphics, nice Gameplay....makes Fun and Eleanor is hot :D

Lokesh Reddy 2015.03.28
extremely good game and good graphics

willemalm123 2015.03.27
the graphics is really good, and the gameplay is nice too!

Bcallday123 2015.03.26
Ugh i can never progress in this game its not as easy as sex date paula in my opinon

iamcool121 2015.03.25
it was an ok game but could have been more fun

Samarkada 2015.03.23
Interesting game with great graphics

thokbar 2015.03.23
not their best game, but sexy anyways.

wamenw 2015.03.23
GREAT game, thanks to pf1.

hiimdeath 2015.03.23
the graphics are outstanding :O

peakxl 2015.03.23
No anal? Don`t tease me with the anal gel then, geez...

Great game btw. Always love the graphics.

LelaMarkov 2015.03.21
Good game, its a bit confusing at first but otherwise good :)

nomi61 2015.03.20
wow, it`s a good game, has a good graphic

sb12 2015.03.19
well it was a lot of fun...but i feel it is a little short should be more interesting

gekodude100 2015.03.19
This is one of my absolute favorite games from them they do so well with graphics and story lines. though the spelling could be abit better.... but all in all it really is an amazing game!

Kane Ryan 2015.03.19
so hot!!!! loved every minute of this game!!!!

Kane Ryan 2015.03.19
Another classic by this group. Loved playing every min.

babynicky007 2015.03.19
really great had much fun

MarvinO 2015.03.18
Nice game with good graphics

rata76ve 2015.03.18
To my it is rhe game with the best quality of graphics

patelshantanu 2015.03.16
Oh it`s so hot sexy game.
I like it.

Ellanox 2015.03.15
Great game. I love to search for unexpectet hot spots.

um4you 2015.03.15
i just love Eleanor but is there no anal?...

parker10 2015.03.14
i need help i did the wrong thing.

Zeblast 2015.03.13
A very sexy date but would like to have more spots

ozorne_6 2015.03.12
Didn`t think i`d like the game, not into the slave ms bull, but when he ASKED her to do things , yeah right.

schoolboyzz 2015.03.12
sexiest game ever i got ultimate date and now i can do that to anyone ion any game

HowWasItTaken 2015.03.10
Good game, gave it 80. All my sex date`s are good.

guitarsurfer 2015.03.09
So hot...so hard. The game that is...

MountainMan 2015.03.09
very good one nice girl nice animation good gameplay

Edward1298 2015.03.08
Probably the best virtual date game I`ve ever played. Eleanor looked sooo gorgeous!

rookiesp 2015.03.06
ok game, started off trick but after 3rd attemp got through the game. gave it a 73

GravnHD 2015.03.05
Great game, scripts and graphics ,
Eleanor is so hot, loved all the endings!

seraphimofd 2015.03.05
she`s pretty, i played until i got the best ending

lordaniket123 2015.03.04
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Danlovesfeet 2015.03.04
Good game and very sexy. A must play and very hot!

omega3597 2015.03.02
nice another beautiful girl to play with

bigcock444 2015.03.02
Amazing game played it 2twice over just disappointed I don`t have gold to get the other Eleanor game

rajatmittal 2015.03.02
soooo good love the graphics

lazypokemon3 2015.03.02
This game is sexy and puzzling, amazing job.

The Beholder 2015.03.01
I`m surprised this game is ranked as high as it is. I found it to be more bland than many of the Lesson of Passion games.

Doberk 2015.03.01
i like thi type of games really good work

turbojim 2015.03.01
Really hot stuff. Gotta really put seduction skills to the test.

Cauchpotato 2015.02.27
I found the extra options such as the cherry and egg were interesting. More games should include this.

bigbenn76 2015.02.26
my new favourite game! 10 out of 10

leek 2015.02.26
i love this game!! so hot and the graphix are superb

Zeeno 2015.02.25
wow, best sex date you ever made. This should be minigame inside LOP GOLD Eleanor game ! Love the extending kevin & eleanor plot, hope you are not done with it.

One minus: pussy and dick in anal scene is acting really weird.

Slyyder 2015.02.24
Fun, good graphics, enjoyable game

mehomeho38 2015.02.23
You need to get far enough to see it`s good interactive game...hot

m.browne88 2015.02.23
Great game, love the graphics. Hope LOP makes more for this character

Razorsedge 2015.02.21
It`s alright, could be longer though story wise.

concon123q 2015.02.20
i love this game It has amazing graphics and features

ShitMeister 2015.02.19
This sex date game is cool, and music is very good to listen to.

AngelForYou 2015.02.19
Good game, but a little bit too straight to the point.

BamaME2016 2015.02.19
This is one of my all time favorites. The graphics are stunning, the woman alluring, and the animation is fluid. Definitely need more games like this. And by that I mean sex dates.

Assassins1243 2015.02.18
Superb Game
Want To Play Again
Nice Game
Nice And Fantastic Game
Grat Game
Great And Nice Game

Clouffie 2015.02.17
Elanore is one of the sexiest girls I have seen in the sites games yet. Whomever did the voice for her is amazing. I know it was probably taken from a porno but still.

Zombi3Slay3r 2015.02.17
really enjoyed the detail and depth of this game one of my favs

uknownsd 2015.02.17
These are the best types of games

James19 2015.02.16
awesome game. eleanors the best

SeeMeD 2015.02.16
great.fun to play and i cant wait to keep going.

gofoso780 2015.02.15
I think the background story of this is really supid

gfg111 2015.02.15
its great.i like that its 3d

jamielee 2015.02.15
good date sim, better with more options

hardyhar 2015.02.15
Story: 7
Gameplay: 6
Graphics: 8

I enjoy the scene`s theme (blackmail for sex). The interaction is pretty minimal, but I like there are a lot of different routes. Graphics great as usual, but the sex scenes look a little funny.

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing,. Good game.

devildave 2015.02.13
not a bad game I did enjoy it

Steeljore93 2015.02.13
One of the best games I have played

Daryon 2015.02.12
Very. VERY hot. Kept me playing until the perfect score. Addicting almost

OzzieDevil 2015.02.12
Very nice , having her lick you clean after anal right at the end, before letting her sleep and then wanking over her , would be a bonus

10cc 2015.02.11
good game to get rock hard to ======D

jeevesfsw 2015.02.11
I love these games, alot of fun and great detail

Big Dick 78 2015.02.09
Great game.. easy to navigate.. almost got ultimate on my first try, and I already know what to do to get it!

soulthaan 2015.02.09
cool game, nice graphics

hanamichisakuragi 2015.02.09
Quite linear, but still pretty good. Nice graphics.

donsmith 2015.02.07
i think that the paula game is better

BakerBoy1998 2015.02.07
This game was so awesome, the gameplay is freaking great

bensniper8 2015.02.06
Fun Game. Kind Of hard though. I Like It.

Daeven75 2015.02.06
Sexy as hell, love the anal scenes, loved the interplay between text choice and mouseovers for some scenes to reveal extra paths, not many of the games ive played on PF1 actually have that feature, its nice.

HornyDrummerboy425 2015.02.06
Very exciting game, got me real hard real quick.

bian22 2015.02.06
It`s a funny and sensual game.I love the animation that there`s here

Brad-Pitz 2015.02.05
Great Game. Difficult because shes my slave and i have to be nice. lol.

fuqjuju 2015.02.05
She`s a lil hard to figure out. But well worth the effort.

gwazz 2015.02.05
great graphics lots of fun even the disaster was fun

IllKeepTrying 2015.02.05
Pretty nice game overall, not gonna lie, I like the graphics of it, but the moves are a little clunky, but the sound is good

charles95 2015.02.05
love it, if have more freedom to chosee what can with eleanor than it will be great ~

qwert99 2015.02.05
all around good game graphics good need to be able to change music

Italian Medallion 2015.02.03
I think she would better off a Mistress

TerastiosNL 2015.02.02
My Sex date is a good series, great potential for more

bob247 2015.02.02
this is a good game not a great one

Arariel 2015.02.01
Lovely game. Hope it will be more.

CowKilla 2015.02.01
Difficult game, took me a few tries, but well worth it. Thumbs up to this

Drlove92 2015.02.01
very good game looking forward to more

LiKong 2015.02.01
Great game, it is hot and I like the anal part most

Luard 2015.01.31
good game,short story good quality

cameronw 2015.01.30
Really enjoyable game. Brilliant

player1235 2015.01.30
its a good game the games a little tricky but really sexy

jafferris 2015.01.29
Nice game could do with some improvements however.

AustinC 2015.01.29
Lesson of Passion made, yet again, a great game

tyr70 2015.01.28
good game, good story, really good graphics and just as good animation

edward123 2015.01.28
nice game good graphics and gr8 story line

Tenn1998 2015.01.28
very enjoyable setup on this one

dehkid215 2015.01.27
Great game amazing quality superb a little short though

hardon69 2015.01.27
DAMN. this was a sick game. Shes crazy hot

TheRealMachine 2015.01.27
The most awesome babe I have ever sawn in 3D

jake83 2015.01.26
This is a great game. Abeautifull girl.

SmiLego 2015.01.26
sounds excellent, need to go back to it to finish it

popo906 2015.01.25
To die for game but has a short sex scene.

sirdeadjester 2015.01.23
game was ok want to see more force

tjsj 2015.01.23
great graphic,great sex but the scene is to short

imran91 2015.01.22
Damn the gameplay is hot. The character`s graphics are awesome

xslayermkdx 2015.01.21
will be nice if we see more of eleanor short episodes like jordan 500 other scenes or dudes

xxmenxx 2015.01.21
That`s a great game with good graphics, i like it :p

biogeek 2015.01.20
interesting start to a game. kinda wish there was more story to it though!

geminitiger01 2015.01.20
I do the walk though people put up here and i only get like 3373 points or so this bits

bagemann 2015.01.19
good game but am i required to choose all of the options at the beginning of the game or just most of them
cause some them i feel like will only end up in making her mad

gunnerboss 2015.01.19
Very nice game, took a while to get on the right track but it was worth it.

baugustine321 2015.01.15
this was hard, as she seems very sensitive to what you say, but she`s hot.

Ivan42 2015.01.14
Great game, even it could turn more into BDSM...

swisher420 2015.01.14
great game, great quality, great scenes

georgeisjohn 2015.01.13
One of the first games I played here, really liked it, wished for another chapter

Julian1000 2015.01.12
Another fantastic addition to the sex date series.

dave1995 2015.01.12
One of 1st games, what I found here.

rorobobo 2015.01.11
excellent game, very fun to play with good graphic

bigman123456789 2015.01.11
Really nice game love eleanor

blehmehz 2015.01.11
its very hot and the graphics are great!

Bananamate 2015.01.10
Damn the graphics were so good, and the gameplay was so hot

Koenjo40 2015.01.09
Great game! Graphics are amazing, story could be better but meh.

micheal10998 2015.01.08
does anyone know how to get ultimate dat that is the one i can`t get

micheal10998 2015.01.08
this is an awesome game, want to play more

sushmitasen 2015.01.08
Eleanor is kind`a hot but Kelly is best..However the game was quite easy!!!

sushmitasen 2015.01.08
I could take her for a stripper!!!

olyg7 2015.01.07
Excellent graphics. Walkthrough is much appreciated.

kuroko123 2015.01.07
i like that you can continue to doing the things, even though it is the wrong choice

eddie force one 2015.01.06
thats not the best game...but the girl turns me on!

cambridge4453 2015.01.05
I`m, finding this hard to get into; its not clear what angle she wants or when/how to move on

sex-ayback 2015.01.05
WOW!!! What can I say? Best game ever? AWESOME game?
Actually both of those and thanks to multiplex_1 I got to enjoy the bonus gallery! Thank you!!

rorobobo 2015.01.05
really good graphics and good story

Nicholas_Hanz 2015.01.05
Eleanor is soo sweet... I love it
good graphic

king.mike 2015.01.04
its fun and entertaining

mstapleton8706 2015.01.03
well it was a lot of fun...but i feel it is a little short

mhetts11 2015.01.03
Another great game, When you don`t have to make mouse motions to fill a bar to continue, you have a great game

carliscool 2015.01.02
i really like the gameplay its fun and sexy

Koenjo40 2015.01.02
Very nice! Lovely story and great gameplay and graphics.

Westy987 2015.01.02
Managed to get to the ultimate. Images are great, as are the bonus images.

gtg94 2015.01.01
love how the graphics look

Dalton26 2014.12.31
Great game. Everyone who is new try it.

jc369 2014.12.31
The graphics are really good.

nude_boy23 2014.12.30
wow.. eleanor is the great ideas for this game

hottytits34 2014.12.30
OMG that is a really good game :) good job

Dzeko19 2014.12.28
good graphics and a good animation

BlackoutJuan 2014.12.26
Eleanor is soo hot... I love it

bubba97 2014.12.26
Amazing game absolutely loved it

damnkjeff 2014.12.26
good game, has awesome graphics too

codeda1 2014.12.26
the graphics are like every other game

karaprens 2014.12.24
No story at all, Beautifull visuals, simple sounds.

80 / 100

kandojin 2014.12.23
Eleanor is just perfect! More games with her please! :D An extended version of her first game would be awesome, for example with multiple affairs and different options on what kind of sex... Eleanor can become the new Kelly here :D

Jacked98 2014.12.23
This is actually a suprisingly good game

Bo79 2014.12.23
Nice Game for little relax

dirkm007 2014.12.23
she is nice and easy. i hope for new adventures

TheMole 2014.12.23
Cool game, nice graphics.

Nettwo 2014.12.22
Nice one, but this game is too short

tricky.caudensiya 2014.12.22
nice game. good graphics

pussyeater1876 2014.12.21
Nice game, but when trying to have sex with her remember to please her than yourself
and she does like anal lube but not anal sex

vovan77 2014.12.21
Very good game,best sex animation

Thrawn4 2014.12.20
I tried to play nice and I didn`t win.Blast it xD

camw123 2014.12.20
Overall fun game, would recommend

omaga 2014.12.19
Eleanor is the best game of lop games ... i can not wait for more Eleanor games

santy2434 2014.12.19
this games is amazing waiting for a new update

xeleron 2014.12.19
yet another great game they never cease to amaze

FootFetishFan 2014.12.19
Good graphics, animations and a good story. Pity there isn`t a sequel, yet at least.

AULMYTY 2014.12.18
Kind of short but enjoyable

IndiiAvery 2014.12.18
This game is good, just a little too short and hard to get at first But overall rating 8.5

Aeldreth 2014.12.18
Great game, but Kevin is out of character and seems too nice.

me2383 2014.12.17
wow pretty cool, looking forward to more like this

Nightdog 2014.12.16
Girl: 8
Plot: 7
Sex: 7
Overall: 7.5

A bit much guess work - she liked the anal lube, but not anal? - but otherwise good interaction. More sex positions would make it better.

rkimmelerre 2014.12.16
Good game, interesting premise. I agree with one of the other comments that it seems like Eleanor is in control a lot more than you`d expect given her situation, but I`m not sure I`d want to play a game that was more non-consensual so that`s not really a complaint.

MarkerGamer 2014.12.16
I loved it! Is so hot how you give her that ecstasy :p

More games like this :D is my first comment, by the way

mrr2d2 2014.12.16
Very good game. I recommend.

HORNY GAMER 2014.12.15
One of the sexiest games on the site

souldymono 2014.12.14
Eaisly one of my favorites on the site by far.

Dolphzigglerforever 2014.12.14
That was amazing
best game ever

Mxdan 2014.12.14
Very nice game. The girl very sexy

sexydude45 2014.12.14
great graphics but a little too short

pacostevens 2014.12.14
I like it but it is almost too short.

Totto2706 2014.12.13
really nice game, girl is pretty hot

deffy duck 2014.12.13
very nice game. the girl is so sexy

D_ 2014.12.11
Great graphics nice game once u get the hang of it lil bit quick

Mei Ling 2014.12.11
I like this game. When is the next date?

wldsxwizz 2014.12.10
very sexy game having fun trying to get all endings

Raziel69 2014.12.10
Awesome game follow the walkthrough get ultimate date

Raziel69 2014.12.10
Great game could be a little better with endings tho

FODENDOTUDO 2014.12.09
Cool game, its so very good

Scarredchef 2014.12.09
Eleanor is one of my favorite LoP characters.

XzuLeTz 2014.12.08
Nice looking new game, liked it.

mliebert 2014.12.08
Very nice graphics and the girl is hot. keep them coming.

schnabbelbob 2014.12.07
Superb graphics , nice gameplay.. hot lady

ScottS69 2014.12.06
Elanor has a sexy body and the sex scenes are great too. Play your cards right and you can have anal sex with her too.

hunted 2014.12.05
Awesome game and graphics

Tr4nquilize 2014.12.05
This is one of the better games imo

nightinggale103 2014.12.05
This game is so hot. Nice graphics.

bicountrygirl 2014.12.04
this game is great best game

davecrow 2014.12.04
Gorgeous body. Game was a bit short.

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.04
good game great graphics nice interactions

juggernaut 2014.12.04
Nice dating game, with awesime graphics and interface

stoad_69 2014.12.03
Eleanor has a hot body and the game has awesome graphics. If you play your cards right you can have vaginal intercourse and anal intercourse with her.

bawhat 2014.12.03
sound must be on (speaker icon) for scoring to work before sex

HiSSSS 2014.12.03
Great graphics and good gameplay.
Got stuck in this game

mVpxBr0ny 2014.12.02
all of these LOP games are so well made and designed

J174 2014.12.02
great graphic, sexy girl and juicy scene.

johnrico 2014.12.02
great good game script and graphics ,
Eleanor is so awesome and masturbate session make me so high .

theWarder 2014.12.01
For some reason i dont start getting points until she starts riding my dick
anyone know why this is?

kira3895 2014.12.01
Really Great! Love the girls

bannaking123 2014.12.01
awesome game and great graphics

Pendergast 2014.12.01
Awesome game, good story, amazing graphics

knoll 2014.11.27
good game , though i feel that its missing something..

jadealmighty 2014.11.26
Great visuals. Really fun.

Jumpingforce 2014.11.26
Very hot and fun girl. You`ll love this game for certain. The graphics are good and all the scenes are fun.

Edhed4Life 2014.11.26
It was pretty good and she is sooooo hot.

blacktiger75 2014.11.25
I like the story and she`s very sexy but i dind`t like when fusk the ass, the graphic was not so good...and i hope more slave games to do with her in future :D

maxjones97 2014.11.25
This game is very good. I like the character development and the truthfulness of the story! Also, these are great graphics!

ARTAlive 2014.11.25
Hell great .... She sounds owsom...
Nice background music

63ted 2014.11.25
Good scene and graphics but could not find when playing in gold game.

Spiritkai 2014.11.24
Graphics look great, no surprise for the LoP games, Eleanor is really hot, cant wait to see more in the future

gard385 2014.11.23
really good game, enjoyed it. really want to see more eleanor and kevin. this has so many possibilities which should be used better in the Original eleanor gmae

Tobi1994 2014.11.23
this Girl is so hot i really love her body

dadohl 2014.11.22
good sex games with nice graphics

sida9000 2014.11.21
okay okay
not so good not so bad experience

lee8will 2014.11.20
A very beautiful game, I liked the image quality, but the game play was short. The only thing that I would add tot he game, just to go along with its realistic look is a more realistic sound. For the sex scenes, the moans were excellent I just would have added the clapping sound that two bodies make during the action, especially when you select the "faster" option.

ttomcat 2014.11.20
Really good graphics. Challenging and not too easy - she makes you work for it. nice theme as well

Fuckluck 2014.11.20
this gmae was fun and i love the graphics

tdogthecummer 2014.11.18
i really liked it but i didnt get it at first

phoenix2014 2014.11.18
fantastic game, the idea of making a slave game so hot is brilliant

shinocksa69 2014.11.18
Could have better ending

asdf23 2014.11.18
ctually, it`s possible to get "Ultimate date".
Here`s what to do
Kiss her hand
Tell her that she looks ravishing
Offer her wine
Offer her cherries (click her lips to clean juice)
Ask her to show you that she is without panties
Touch her pussy (click her pussy to put a vibranting egg inside it, then click again to turn the egg on)
Ask her to swallow ecstasy pill (it makes her more malleable - I`m talking about anal sex here)
Ask her to strip

Touch her knee
Expose her boob
Lick her boob
Spread her legs
Massage her thighs
Remove her dress
Ask her to put black collar
Ask her to dress slutty leather shoes
Ask her for a make up

Punish her
Use anal gel on her ass
(Move the cursor towards her pussy to put the vibrating egg into high power)
Ask her to lick her juices (then click the egg to remove it, then move the cursor towards her ass to put the egg inside it)
Ask her to put a cherry inside her pussy (click her pussy to eat the cherry)
Ask her to ride your dick

Take her from behind
Ask her to spread her ass for you (click her butthole to cover your fingers in an anal gel and taste her)
cum inside her ass

Order her relax a little
Then you can sit on a chair and watch her sleeping or masturbate over her sleeping. If you chose to watch her sleeping you`ll get 6619 points. If you chose to masturbate over her, you`ll get 7371. Both lead to "Ultimate date".

Enjoy the bonus image gallery! =)
I love the music. I wish I could download it. =T (LoP staff, that`s a suggestion)
Love you Elly! haha =P

sirbells69 2014.11.18
good game, enjoyed it. will be back for more

mrsbig 2014.11.18
This game is a good prelude to the LOP gold game, which I`ve also already tried playing. There isn`t much to the story though, which is understandable as it isn`t a standalone game. I like the options and of course, Eleanor`s hot. Graphics are great.

papillon 2014.11.17
it is a good simulation dating game

Mark13 2014.11.17
this game isn`t that bad!

Mark13 2014.11.17
this is such a nice game

Mark13 2014.11.17
this game is sooo hottt

J_Dymer 2014.11.16
this game is so hot!! I wish it went for longer.

how do you have anal?

pusshound 2014.11.15
Great game and great graphics. Sex scenes are great too.

bryce1982 2014.11.14
Fun game, lots of replay potential. Graphics are awesome as usual, would be better if it was longer with more options.

zantha 2014.11.14
Fun game, but I wish there was an ending sequence.

jack bin marcovick 2014.11.14
im stuck in this game please help me with walktrough

Road Ninja 2014.11.13
Awesome images and great sex. Worth playing over and over again.

rafic 2014.11.12
nice game , great animation stuck a little bit but that`s ok

MKHacks 2014.11.11
really fun game sexy to ;)

kotokkotok 2014.11.11
my sex date: Lisa from LWT please

Mystic92 2014.11.11
This is the best date/sex simulation game i have played so far. Loved the sound, graphics and the gameplay. It`s simple yet complicated. Just that the story is a little too short for my taste but in any case i want more. :)

rocky21 2014.11.11
quality game it is bsjhch c

Damos 2014.11.11
Great game wish it was a longer game

masterleo 2014.11.10
Hottest game ever. Looks & feels real. I love this one.

medium_jock 2014.11.10
Love the graphics and gameplay hope there`s going to be another one with her

demhairynipples 2014.11.10
Love the animations in these games, and this one was hot as fuck.

EnTaker101 2014.11.08
This game was very hard to complete

Yeah_1 2014.11.08

WOW!! so great i recommend this to you guys!!

JamieMcEpic 2014.11.08
I bit hard but sill a great game all should try it

d a y d r e a m e r 2014.11.05
The game`s OK, but it could use alot of improovement. It`s kinda short, and you need to make a GxG version.

rock_star 2014.11.03
it was really a very nice game. had a lot of fun.`

wwwer4 2014.11.02
well made game it needs a few changes here and there but overall well made

OnkelRapidZ 2014.11.02
great game and graphics....well done

deathsniper 2014.11.01
hopping so much i can switch place with kevin and blast so much for seeding her

Endryn 2014.10.31
Loved it! Not too difficult, and fantastic graphics and animations. Sex was very hot. Only quibble was her pussy during the anal sex scene...graphics are a bit obviously skewed there. Other than that, top notch!

jordantech29 2014.10.31
amazing game but can a little unpredictible at times

moned 2014.10.31
ehhhh not all that great. Kind of a weird setup.

Mmaster 2014.10.30
nice game but it could be more fantastic
win on origin of story but losing on details

sithlordhugo 2014.10.30
it`s a good game. a little short though

fck 2014.10.30
Nice game enjoy playing it. It is pure time pass

Helreith 2014.10.30
I really enjoyed this game, great graphics, Good animation, took me a couple of tries to get the bonus gallery, but it was fun seeing her reaction to negative treatment. I recommend it.

w1drng22 2014.10.30
Wow the graphics were great. She really knows how to eat me. Good job.

PoissoningMan 2014.10.29
Very nice game. I really enjoyed this one.

FuckAllNite 2014.10.29
first, i was nice, and take her from hehind, then i piss her and CumInsideThePussy!

Coatman44 2014.10.28
great game and graphics hard to get perfect ending but worth it

flintstoneflop 2014.10.27
Great game. Nice bit of a challenge and Eleanor is hot

arathor 2014.10.26
incredible game, the girl is amazing and so the story, one of their best games

naughtythings 2014.10.26
Beautiful graphics, but has anyone got a tip to at least get to memorable date?

mick149 2014.10.26
this is a pretty good game! :)

kimkhun 2014.10.26
Great game maybe needs some additional style

Mr. bond 2014.10.26
very sexy girl love the different sexual positions and loved the anal sex.loved watching it slide in. and the ending so good wat a way to end.good game

pieffepi 2014.10.26
The animations in this game are just amazing... love the egg bit and the anal. It would be nice to have more sex with her, just amazing, thanks!

Liverbird1892 2014.10.26
Great graphics and good plot, keep up the good work!

sexyjockex 2014.10.26
the game is really good but I can`t seem to get beyond about 3800 points. Even followed the guides posted by the players and couldn`t get higher that this. Can somebody help me?

Viking01 2014.10.25
a good game, a bit short, and missed the treesome

Ironman49 2014.10.25
Rea;;y good game, ;love the story and graphics.

Chiron723 2014.10.25
How can you get the high score? I follow every instruction I can find and I don`t get higher than 3800. Am I missing something?

tolge 2014.10.24
Like this game. She is so beautiful

pisseocul 2014.10.24
this game is fun less than the premiun but nice

esokeria 2014.10.24
Awesome game, i enjoyed (and cum) hahahaha

AgentD1 2014.10.23
Amazing graphics/girl looks extremely sexy, but wish it was longer.

Ian1956 2014.10.23
Good graphics think I will play again.

Azzalin 2014.10.23
Actually, I just got 7493!

From the Ultimate walkthough, when you get to the sexual stuff, use Anal Gel before having her lick her juices. Then when you ask her to lick her juices, you can remove the egg (hot spot), then have her insert it into her ass (hot spot).

Azzalin 2014.10.23
Great game! What is highest possible score? I got 7137

jadelaroche 2014.10.22
Great game. I love to search for unexpectet hot spots.

Shakma 2014.10.22
One of the best games i played so far, tremendous graphics and high quality sex scenes, very very hot :)

just_bored_forever_18 2014.10.22
Seems like the dick during sex doesnt seem lifelike other than that it was a great game

raiderhawks88 2014.10.22
awesome graphics, lots of fun, shes got great tits

nvdw 2014.10.22
Great Graphics, great Scenes, Good Game

genec56 2014.10.21
this is one of the best games on here it has great graphics and all

MyNewNight 2014.10.21
Great and seductive game!!

obeyvital 2014.10.20
great game for me cause i loved it

Hotguy29126 2014.10.19
Awesome game, great graphics but no anal?

superasianbacon 2014.10.19
Amazing realistic graphics in this game. There are many little things that you can miss but its always rewarding to find something new.

Cockhead1234 2014.10.19
Really like the graphics and scenes. Good job!

indianlotus 2014.10.18
This guy should be rough not this way... as description given male character is not portrayed in the game..... Eleanor is enjoying rather than Kevin and i wish he should get Eleanor during her periods........Even though Eleanor disagrees for more guys Kevin should call more guys....... thats what I wish.......... ELSE graphics are as good as all games, Story line too short... atleast it should be like a month i.e. 30 days or something...... wish you improve the game..... as I read comments and many are not satisfied with the gameplay.

Pooliboy 2014.10.18
Good game. i`d prefer it if it was a bit dirtier as she is his sex slave and that isn`t really apparent so much in the game.

playerhater23 2014.10.18
Game was awesome! I recommend a date with Lisa (living w/ temptation) and or threesome date

ejd717 2014.10.17
Took me awhile to get to the perfect ending, but it was worth it

theWarder 2014.10.17
What kind of score am i looking for the ultimate ending
im getting like 3k following the suggestions and am only getting enjoyable moments

Managert 2014.10.16
Gosh Darn it..that`s one girl who demands alot! I like the game tho! AWESOME POV!

blackmagic 2014.10.16
I hope you do more POV games. Great job!

salanziano 2014.10.16
amazing graphics and decent story. loved it

network22 2014.10.16
nice sex graphics - realistic sex.

goldboy66 2014.10.15
Very sexy love everything about the game from the dialog to the action great game nice lesson of passion

intel2450 2014.10.15
Get armegadon at 1st try , haha , anyway she is sexy and good graphic :D

lalalasextoy 2014.10.15
realy good game love the graphics but you need to pay attention to everything its a bit difficult but really fun

Glde8er77 2014.10.15
great game, hard to find all the right hot spots. excellent graphics.

Tenn2014 2014.10.15
love it she becomes a good little slut

RacerC45 2014.10.15
You know what I think would be a good idea, more games where you play as the girl. That and more girl on girl games

germanico2 2014.10.15
Great game maybe needs some additional poses.

Ted75 2014.10.14
I think there is no option to put vib into her ass.. anyways, get ultimate dates anyways.

theWarder 2014.10.14
I tried following you Multiplex but all i get is memorable moments, 2 teirs above Ultimate date. Dunno what im missing

frank1974 2014.10.13
very good games,great graphics but little short

bitz94 2014.10.13
Such a nice game. A bit easy but the graphics is so good.

yannos34 2014.10.13
great game nice shot of women

network22 2014.10.13
good game - great graphics and sex - nicely done

Ninja032 2014.10.13
this game has really good graphics

alexinotank 2014.10.13
pretty nice game,it`s the first time i`m here,but it won`t the be the last one

Raijingirl 2014.10.13
Its an okay game just takes a while to figure things out

z4 2014.10.12
This game ain`t bad at all

Minakill 2014.10.12
It`s not hard for learn.

ronxxx10000 2014.10.12
awesome game with good graphics

Justme22 2014.10.12
It is one of my favorite games

VeNNoM 2014.10.12
Good game, but too short.

w1drng22 2014.10.11
The images were great and the storyline pretty good. The English was barely passable.

Playboy77 2014.10.11
Hey, I am unable to see the option of Clean juice from her lips nor put vibrating egg by moving the mouse , I tried both in chrome and mozilla, why is it so ???

alexbeubeu 2014.10.11
a very good and deep game

danosaur192 2014.10.11
its a nice yet quite difficult kind of game

AnnaRainbow 2014.10.11
As always, beautiful graphic design and art. I appreciated the subtle twists away from the misogynistic direction I thought the story would take. Very intriguing power play dynamic.

notman 2014.10.11
Great game, please make more.

sclong 2014.10.10
i like the graphics but i think the actions could have been a little less stiff

Ollieoeter 2014.10.10
this is a awesome game luv the dress up part

bert6262 2014.10.10
Really enjoyed playing this one, hot sex scenes & hot story line

mrhotrod1981 2014.10.10
awesome game, good story, amazing graphics.

asinble 2014.10.10
i love this extremely hot babe the game were wonderful and model are so cute

khudgarz 2014.10.10
very easy to follow the hints

khudgarz 2014.10.10
graphics are great and the gameplay is nice and easy

linla 2014.10.10
Incredibles graphics as always, keep the good work.

tommek 2014.10.09
Awesome. Kinda went directly to the point but I`m not complaining :D

girthy 2014.10.09
very good graphics, but game isn`t consistant

Akkin 2014.10.09
You can have the ultimate date with 5000 points, whichever end you choose.

Magic Knight 2014.10.09
Good game with nice graphic.

homes7 2014.10.09
Blackmailing a woman for sex -- not sexy. Way below LoP`s usual standards. Ick.

bigbob1869 2014.10.09
very fun game I really enjoyed playing could be a bit longer

FurryFanatic69 2014.10.09
*The following is just my opinion. I love this site and feel the need to be honest when I comment on a game.*

At first I thought this game was going to stay true to Kevin`s character, but after going through the game several times I`m actually disappointed with this one. Kevin was an absolute douche that used blackmail to get what he wanted from Eleanor. If you had never played the original game for Eleanor I doubt you would see this Kevin as that one. Kevin would force his desires onto Eleanor and get off on her anger and spitefulness towards him. There`s almost none of that in this Kevin whatsoever. The choices make it seem like Eleanor has come to enjoy Kevin`s treatment even though her reactions and early endings speak otherwise and Kevin has gotten soft on his forcefulness to get what he wants from her. The game is well done but this isn`t the Kevin we got to know from Eleanor`s original game. When you try to do what you`d expect Kevin to do or say it`s pretty much game over. When did Kevin decide to lighten up on his treatment and try to be a not quite decent guy but not the douche we all know? The game is disappointing but decent enough to get off on. Sorry but Kevin just isn`t Kevin is this one.

As a porn game I give it an 8. Great graphics, OK game play, and lots of hidden choices. As an LoP game it gets a 7 for not staying true to Kevin`s character. It might be nice to play the douche character every once in a while but this isn`t Kevin at all.

farkas 2014.10.09
Nice graphics and music. stunning girl width interesting story line. i wait the sequell.

boris3005 2014.10.09
My only complaint is that I didn`t get to play with this girl for longer. Incredibly hot game.

playerhater23 2014.10.09
game was really good and hottt graphics= A+

Bobbe 2014.10.09
Another good game, nice graphics and fairly simple to play.

bigfreddy 2014.10.08
These games are great, good graphics, good scenes but just a bit too short!

stoad69 2014.10.08
Great graphics and awesome pictures. Hot woman.

wildsxwizzard 2014.10.08
great game and fun to play...she really looks amazing lop is a lot of fun

thebestonesite 2014.10.08
good game hard to get ultimate rating

CapnMorgan 2014.10.08
It doesn`t take too many run-throughs to get to "Awesome," but the girl is hot and it`s a good story line. As with all of these games there`s always a continuity issue or two, but overall it works very well.

paul7678 2014.10.08
this is a fun game. but not long enough.

dreadwolf 2014.10.08
gameplay, graphic, animation are good

jcc1985 2014.10.08
good game great graphics a little hard but fun

shyman44425 2014.10.08
Beautiful lady and interesting story line.

Jaaru 2014.10.08
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Nazgul62 2014.10.08
Very nice graphics. Not too difficult. I enjoyed it

fkf,fq 2014.10.08
really nice game with a very hot girl!

Multiman 2014.10.08
Excellent graphics no problem in images the best i have seen for a 3d game.

LexManHeat 2014.10.08
Excellent game!!! does anybody know about any games with trannies?

aeronai 2014.10.08
Hot... so hot! Elenor i so sexy

Guntag 2014.10.08
It was really nice to play a real bad guy (with women, Johnny Bullet is a bad guy, but he behaves just like any other guy with women, unlike Kevin here) for a change !

I hope we`ll see more main male characters like this in your larger games !

drakki 2014.10.08
Eleonor, she`s so fucking hot....

jingstir 2014.10.08
Great game! Enjoyed every second!

Tfrank 2014.10.08
Excellent graphics. Walkthrough is much appreciated.

ired 2014.10.08
Pretty awesome ,i hope we will see more of these mini episodes with Eleanor.

primus21 2014.10.08
I would have to say this is one of my most favorite games on hear so fair

tbails 2014.10.08
this was a good game, and the guide line comments were helpful to ensure a more complete game experience

Petro28 2014.10.08
story line is not grate, graphics are low.
Its not what I expected from this game but still I rated 81

multiplex_1 2014.10.08
Ultimate date Walkthrough:
Kiss her hand
Tell her she looks ravishing today
Offer her wine
Offer her cherry
Clean juice from her lips (move pointer over mouth area)
Ask her to show you that she is without panties
Touch her pussy
Ask her to put a vibrating egg inside her pussy (pointer is over pussy)
Turn the vibrating egg on (pointer is over pussy)
Ask her to swallow ecstasy pill (loose points, but is necessary for Ultimate date)
Ask her to strip
Touch her knee
Expose her boob
Lick her boob
Spread her legs
Massage her thighs
Remove her dress
Ask her to put black collar
Ask her to dress slutty leather shoes
Ask her for a makeup
Put the vibrating egg into higher power (pointer is over pussy) [can be used at anytime before ask her to ride your dick]
Punish her
Ask her to lick her juices
Use anal gel on her ass
Ask her to put a cherry inside her pussy
Eat the cherry from her pussy (pointer is over pussy)
Ask her to ride your dick
Take her from behind
Ask her to spread her ass for you
Cover your fingers in an anal gel and test her (pointer is over asshole)
Cum inside her ass
Let her relax a little
Masturbate over her sleeping

oranjeboven 2014.10.08
Creative and sexy!
Keep it up.

TOOLMAN1 2014.10.08
Very good game ,I got to Ultimate Date on my third attempt , used a bit of trail and error but I did it., gameplay was pretty good

xslayerx 2014.10.08
how to make her to take the pill? i get 1428 score and she always refuse to take the pill any help?

63ted 2014.10.08
Like the graphics and game but earlier release of preview of full game had more options than this very limited release.

RdmNo6 2014.10.07
Great game, took me a while to figure out though :D

Mmaster 2014.10.07
nice subject but bad working, sorry. it can be more fantasies...

katakana132 2014.10.07
Honestly, I did not really enjoy the male character being Kevin since he was such an undesirable character in the game (and his manhood was nowhere near as large as it suddenly is on this date). This game was ok, but it doesn`t really have the replay value you look for from Eleanor.
Maybe it needs actual endings for the ultimate date or something. It was just ok.

InvIouS 2014.10.07
Well..good so far, just hope I get better

pieffepi 2014.10.07
What an amazing game! Extremely sexy, realistic and nice animations! Thanks a lot for this

ajayjhajhria21 2014.10.07
give ecstatic pills for anal

ajayjhajhria21 2014.10.07
use anal gel before asking egg in ass

dandraft 2014.10.07
i love eleanor,its not quite gold-standart graphically but its good,kevin takes a new role here,it could be something if he turns her completely to the dark side and they move into a house next to tracy and justin.but eleanor is freakin hot and its the secret love of many i think. 9/10 for ths one

xiaokf 2014.10.07
kiss her hand next her to strip-touch her knee‚??expose her boob

‚??lick her boob‚??spread her legs

‚??massage her thighs‚??finger her

pussy‚??remove her dress‚??ask her

to put black collar‚??ask her to

dress slutty leather shoes‚??ask

her for a makeup-next-1.2.3-Election last one-take

her from behind-cum on her

face or ask her to-Perfect ending

repuindy 2014.10.07
fantastic sex date! eleanor is awesome and i love the plot!

hoptirinay 2014.10.07
I cant make her swallow the ex somebody help me please

poppa 2014.10.07
great game and fun to play...she really looks amazing

Futuros 2014.10.07
I believe that this is my favorite LOP game and that is saying something... Plot and character are hot and sexy and the rewards at the end are amazing... Great job!

zabol979 2014.10.07
i love Eleanor, more, more games with her

Aminadab 2014.10.07
Great game. I love to search for unexpectet hot spots.

froucht 2014.10.07
My fault, apologyze, it`s ok she takes pills. :)

froucht 2014.10.07
She doesn`t want to take pills. How can i give them??

basshunter 2014.10.07
Not as good i was thinking , but at least was fun .

Raio10 2014.10.07
Love any game with eleanor in she`s amazing this game is also amazing i cannot wait for the next game.

kiall1 2014.10.07
To get Eleanor to do weirder stuff you have to make her swallow the ecstasy pill before moving on to the sex scene.

Kiss her hand
Offer her wine
Offer her a cherry
Wipe the juices of her lips
Ask her to show you she doesn`t have panties on
Tell her she looks ravishing
Touch her pussy
Put vibrating egg in
Turn it on
Ask her to take the ecstasy pill.

Figure the rest out on your own ! :)

sifilis 2014.10.07
Give her pills if you want anal.

derdof 2014.10.07
How can I get anal? Stuck everytime at "cum on her face" or "ask for anal"?

lucid 2014.10.07
does anyone know how to get ultimate dat that is the one i can`t get

pruha07 2014.10.07
cool game so far, so good, BUT not enough to be

cane711 2014.10.07
good game good graphics

but how do i anal to her :D

ren 2014.10.07
Ok. Next My sex date: Lisa :>

moonstardk 2014.10.07
i just love Eleanor but is there no anal?....

jifjif 2014.10.07
wow, best sex date you ever made. This should be minigame inside LOP GOLD Eleanor game ! Love the extending kevin & eleanor plot, hope you are not done with it.

One minus: pussy and dick in anal scene is acting really weird.

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