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latinagr 2016.01.31
You have to check the contents before you add them to the site.

ranran 2015.12.28
not working it says i need a plugin - i am a web developer but can`t figure out what they want from my browser oO

katsan 2015.11.29
Requires some weird plugin to play.

blumpybimp 2015.05.04
I hate the games you have to download or buy

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

shyman44425 2013.07.16
Very interesting game. Great plot twists. Love the reactions of the characters.

jamers 2013.06.07
well worth the download, fantastic game

addaxe115 2013.05.03
One of the greatest games

raiha024 2013.04.24
really interesting game with possibly limitless option to play....

gwazz 2013.04.20
poor graphics ad atiny screene


gartal 2013.02.18
like that you determine game outcome but not much fun

Gordn3 2013.01.27

Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

gaul 2013.01.05
nice game, very interactive.....

MDona 2012.12.17
This game is absolutely awesome

gartal 2012.12.15
that is good game and it looks like comic books please make them more thank you

spud06 2012.11.07
black and white style was interesting but game was lame

vashali 2012.11.02
enjoyed the first person role play but it was a bit slow to get going

stevie 2012.07.23
Interesting interface. like an interactive comic book almost.

Just1SF 2012.07.13
Great idea to do a game like that ! Very realistic

bahamut86 2012.05.18
boring and no sense game...

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.29
not downloading a sex game no way

Lippi1983 2012.03.17
his game is absolutely awesome, not too sexy, its hard to be turned on by that sin cityish style of drawing but man this is the most interavtive and branched game ever, ive played so many times and still find new paths, too bad im on mac now and i dont want to install windows just to play itthe menu part is tricky, how do I go about starting the game?

glukos37 2012.03.11
Seems unique, pity it took so long to load after every answer I gave

bobrick 2012.03.06
My computer won`t run the game. Can this be fixed?

bill1411 2012.03.06
Really interesting game there seem to be limitless options.

brit_man33 2012.02.03
enjoyed the role play, slow start, don`t really like this extra "need plug in".

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Very unique and interresting, a great game.

Netch 2012.01.08
Seems unique, pity it took so long to load after every answer I gave

Guillaume 2012.01.02
interesting game,pity its not all online

Matt2404 2012.01.02
like that you determine game outcome but not much fun

waxall 2011.12.30
A pretty fun "choose your own adventure" style game. As far as being "erotic" you can do better with an "R" rated movie.

mikicostanza 2011.12.27
nice game good story and graphics

pornguy85 2011.12.22
This game does not make sinse at all.

suckdboobs 2011.12.07
very nice game excellent application in Adobe shockwave........

derda 2011.12.03
It`s interesting to be able to decide your future in the game. I like the opened finals.

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

spammehere 2011.11.21
Too much reading, Too little fun

lazy boy 2011.11.20
can`t game .. just frozen page .. .

BallIdiot 2011.11.14
Can`t get the game to work.

BrownSugar 2011.10.20
I Didnt Really Understand !

AmazonQueen 2011.09.10
Definitely NOT what I want from entertainment or eroticism. Crime doesn`t pay and neither does this as a fun game.
Seriously needs rethought and improved

mhtsos 2011.09.07
good graphics story but it must to be continued

HornyPorny 2011.08.26
great game. very interactive. black n white is not bothering at all.

The_Who 2011.08.15
Moderate fun. A bit weird, though

derda 2011.08.05
enjoyed the first person role play but it was a bit slow to get going

snow01 2011.07.30
could not get game to load without a plug in

derda 2011.07.26
quite diffrent game, still good one

Z-MAN 2011.07.18
where can I find more games with graphics like masq?

zybaxos1 2011.06.29
Novel idea, the time limit adds a bit of pressure - turn reading speed up to max...

stefano71 2011.06.12
very hots girls makes this game superb

Malder99 2011.05.26
his game is absolutely awesome, not too sexy, its hard to be turned on by that sin cityish style of drawing but man this is the most interavtive and branched game ever, ive played so many times and still find new paths, too bad im on mac now and i dont want to install windows just to play it.

m4t0n 2011.05.14
hots girls makes this game superb

sexyjames90 2011.05.03
crap game, makes no sense

0012 2011.05.03
I didn`t like the story! It was fun though.

jameskan 2011.04.28
this is a strange game, im kinda confused but alice was hot

jsmith77 2011.04.15
game crashed in the first page? needs to de-bugged...

Gnosis8887 2011.04.08
Quite intriguing. Interactive comic, old fashioned style though. I like it. Multiple decisions and endings, where your choices make a difference throughout. Would love to see them successful in their further endeavors.

Skarn62 2011.04.07
It`s just a boring game.
Gameplay is simple, and story too low.

FFFfcp 2011.03.15
the game is good but graphic no

silver12 2011.02.14
I couldn`t download the game

hersh2450 2011.02.02
Game was different. Didn`t really enjoy but the change was nice.

hammnet2 2011.01.13
this game is good....just wish i didnt have to open a seperate window....

VDiesel88 2010.12.30
It`s an interesting idea, but I am always hesitant to download anything, so I only saw the first 2 episodes.

luluhornygal 2010.12.27
Not bad, it`s the best I`ve tried so far

ozorne_6 2010.12.21
fantastic story, graphics are a little lame, but the story line is good

Futurus 2010.12.16
theres an error with the game. can`t play it.

mick149 2010.12.16
game cannot be played and i aint paying

Breadtastesgoog 2010.12.13
Keeps crashing firefox when opened

scrip 2010.11.30
really don`t want to download

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

bazbadasss 2010.11.23
enjoyed the first person role play but it was a bit slow to get going

paddywhack 2010.11.11
not downloading a sex game no way

pezhman 2010.10.22
1st time playing this game hope it is good as other games

chumak 2010.10.14
different game i like it different from other games

fmeyen 2010.10.11
This game has a sort of problem. I downloaded it but couldn`t play.

bshdaddy1 2010.10.07
i`am not going to download the plugins because norton anti-virus is indicating bad viruses there for i can not play the game as is

mrrustyphaser 2010.09.24
this game is extremely interesting

kial 2010.09.15
i like this comic book style

mikaello 2010.09.08
hope i will like it. still trying to play

Axx 2010.08.31
Interesting interface. like an interactive comic book almost.

vad05 2010.08.27
i can`t download the game....

johnh2501 2010.08.24
Game stuck on loading 1st panel - disapointing

ivegotyou1337 2010.08.10
nice graphics and gameplay i like it

crespo 2010.08.05
oww,this game is so boring

args2 2010.07.29
What a good Idea for a game

Dona 2010.07.26
such a great game. thanks

whatta 2010.07.15
there is need for better gameplay

wimLOD 2010.07.03
prety good game has some potencial

thingssuchas 2010.06.11
love the game....cool graphics!

des14 2010.06.06
Great potential .. hopefully it gets more involved in the future.

whoami 2010.06.02
Interface is a little unwieldy and not intuitive

thedevil911 2010.05.29
interesting game prety good graphics it`s worth it!!

bloodgreaver 2010.05.12
it forces you to recruit another to the site, not very professional at the very least.

boinky 2010.05.06
nice graphics, but the game seems to not work properly for me. it keeps getting stuck

buneylan 2010.05.06
hope i will like it. still trying to play

Kalaam 2010.05.02
One of my favorite...Really good game !

travor 2010.04.30
this was a really interesting game...

security12 2010.04.17
Not so much a sex game as a game with sex, but really enjoyable.

Amber 2010.04.06
i like more interaction. didn`t care much for the game

keipui 2010.03.25
interesting game play like it

lovethis 2010.03.14
firtst time ever i play this game
and i like it nice story and nice graphics

choker81 2010.03.12
interesting game play, like the comic style, good plot.

EpicBoredom 2010.03.11
nice storyline and interesting gameplay overall a interesting game

momosquiton 2010.03.11
Wow such a great game. thanks
is a good game, nice girls

der 2010.03.08
I think they have server problems. It was slow then would not load

LoLB 2010.03.05
I really love this game, don`t you have it for mac

stillman 2010.03.04
fantastic story, graphics are a little lame, but the story line is good

foofghting 2010.02.22
I have never been able to get this game to load right. It always starts and goes to no where.

aardvark59 2010.02.22
i like more interaction. didn`t care much for the game

Ratty 2010.02.21
Fascinating game - I am sorely tempted to purchase the entire game. It has a unique story line and interface. The graphics could be better.

tanbir90 2010.02.21
nice interesting game to play but i got struck 2 times

soupkitchen4 2010.02.20
Interesting game but no soundd

7z9 2010.02.20
Great potential .. hopefully it gets more involved

mcgophish 2010.02.16
I had some problems with this one. Got stuck on "hello" opening screen, but didn`t load.

Revi 2010.02.15
Good Game! Interesting And Full Of Choices! Takes You Down Many Avenues!

wagnerjr1982 2010.02.13
interesting game,pity its not all online,i cant download:(

Derrick 2010.02.10
Nice game, just wish my GF looked like that

CBJoe 2010.02.08
i like the game but i found it hard to keep ip with the basics of the game it is still a good game but really hard

omuh 2010.02.08
Great game, but too bad the sex scene aren`t very exciting.
Is it safe to download ?

toriyazaki 2010.02.06
great game with many possibilities
and a good story

mondale 2010.02.05
Fantastic concept, but the story is a kind of dumb. The format is great, but write a decent story. Also, this could easily be fitted to mobile phones, which seems like a no brainer.

MickeyDee 2010.02.05
Great potential .. hopefully it gets more involved

dandanmush 2010.02.05
played better games but played worse aswel

mr J 2010.02.04
this is seriously boring...

Septim 2010.02.04
Great Game, high replay value

lonelygoatherd 2010.02.04
Interesting game. I like the fact that there are multiple options with different outcomes. Should make it fun to play again and again.

7z9 2010.02.02
Funny and sexy; would like to see similar games or an expansion of this one.

Djole 2010.02.02
great game, i loved it!!!!

ironraiser 2010.02.02
Perfect game...so many choices...i loved it

rustypig 2010.02.01
wouldn`t work for me, clicked it but it didn`t do anythin.g.

Chrispi 2010.01.31
Not bad, wish I could play it all without the D/L

alxies1997 2010.01.30
i love this game,i joy play

studlypinoy 2010.01.30
This is like Choose your own adventure.

reaper87 2010.01.30
very odd experience, reminds me of the old adventure books, "if you wish to say hello turn to page 340"

assrapist 2010.01.30
Good game, your choices determine your ending, scenes are not too bad.
In my opinion, the problem is that it must be downloaded to be complete AND that you cannot play the fifth chapter more than 10 times before having to pay for it. That screws it but it`s still a very good and funny game to play

frank3nst3in 2010.01.30
i only palyed the online 2 episodes but man that was intense...too bad this wasnt flash or sumthin...very good game

totalcyber 2010.01.29
very nice game lot of interaction, I like the different endings

Omegathrasher 2010.01.29
I like the interactive on this, its different, but pretty cool also.

alexus68 2010.01.29
Innovate and fun! i liked this game alot

smojojojo 2010.01.29
The choose-your-own adventure format makes this lots of fun.

elgrandforever 2010.01.28
I really enjoyed this game and would like more of the same

mike21 2010.01.26
i really love this game

mondale 2010.01.25
Are all five stories available anywhere online? Try to avoid downloading anything from sites I don`t know.

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
I really enjoyed this game and would like more of the same

andy_regresa 2010.01.25
interesting game... the girls are hot... but I like the live action games better

reaperslayer 2010.01.25
this gam was a little difficult to get the ending i wanted but good overall and quite amusing to see where your choices actually take you

Reills1 2010.01.24
Great game. Many different endings.

chrose 2010.01.21
this might be in black and whit but its awesome to play great story and not to slow

4angels 2010.01.21
it`s really intresting, but you need some time to spend with this game

Yamato01 2010.01.17
Story is of course excellent and smart.... reminds me of a detective show...definitely worth playing, however sex scenes are less exciting but again do try this out.

draco668 2010.01.17
Some very talented art work! must of took awhile

lordhood117 2010.01.07
This game isn`t bad at all. From me, that`s high praise. Trust me.

pronsander 2010.01.07
Loking so much forward to playing this one.. Looks really great.

yayoogaks 2010.01.06
This game is super awsome.

darkbane 2010.01.06
definately worth more than one playthrough

misiek91ski 2010.01.06
I download this game, and it doesn`t work:( When I open this file, some information appear me: "A Fatal Error has occured. Click OK to Quit." And next: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in unusual way." What must I do??

urben 2009.12.31
nice game, im trying all the endings :)

Bowler Midnight 2009.12.28
think i m downloading this game!

aceelite 2009.12.28
Innovate and fun! i liked this game alot

JHansen791 2009.12.26
Very good game, can work out differently depending upon how you play.

LoLB 2009.12.22
I really like this game, it`s somthing different then the regular thing

hjp766 2009.12.21
fun way to pass 20 minutes or so

nogard 2009.12.20
really cool game. alot of choices and alot of fun.

trewwy 2009.12.20
this game is awesome, fun and extremely coool

az89 2009.12.18
this game`s rock
i like it

Siddella 2009.12.18
Having trouble playing i click on it and a black page comes and even when i go to the site nothing can some one help?

jah89 2009.12.17
goodish game theres alot better on this site thou. jah

joshman369 2009.12.16
it wasnt great but not terrible

ctkballer31 2009.12.14
great quality and sexy girls 2

fm2006 2009.12.10
great two chapters - pity that exe file is crashing on my PC. Story looks great and awesome idea would be to join this story with graphics of pussylight or double take games.

zim1 2009.12.08
Interesting to see what others had said - I got quite addicted trying to find every possibility

nillax2k 2009.12.06
its different though not really what i like to play

birdog37 2009.12.05
cool ! i like live action games better

pimpollo2780 2009.12.03
a very interesting game, good fun and thoughtful

svanis 2009.12.03
a nice surprise havent played a game like this before

uzziel9 2009.12.03
Nice game. Way more story than I am used to from flash games like this.

Ricoh124 2009.12.01
I really like this game and downloaded it to play, hours of entertainment and annoyance as you pit your wits against the story but I think that is the beaity of any game and this one is highly recommended.

rugbycreep 2009.12.01
interesting game... the girls are hot... but I like the live action games better.

Maxy 2009.11.25
Nice game but hard to play

nissehult 2009.11.24
this is a very cool game, sexy girls

Omega963 2009.11.21
Very well done, really. xD
anomaly, no, i think it too xD

Johnjs 2009.11.20
Sort of like AIF, but more like a comic.

denisdel 2009.11.20
I did not like it. Brrrr Fr

SonOfSparda 2009.11.20
So no one else has had the problem of it freezing when you enter your name? I`ve tried multiple times but it always ends up freezing on me...Anyone? Help

professor 2009.11.19
great game have a good potential

rikyrat 2009.11.18
It seems pretty complicated. I feel like I had to study to play the game.

peet86 2009.11.14
i have to agree cheese101, the first two chapters look good.

JohnDoe 2009.11.14
it´s a greate game, but need´s more possibilities

thetheif 2009.11.10
i like the game it`s cool and funy

benhaszkod 2009.11.09
Uuuuu, thought it is all for free. Looks promissing but...

junior 2009.11.08
i´ll try downloading, it´s good

junior 2009.11.08
its good i would like some colours

chiefherron 2009.11.07
it is a little hard to find out

freddydingo 2009.11.07
it was kinda weird at first, a little bit of effort to get started but after that it was pretty good

thawk2048 2009.11.06
It`s pretty confusing to figure out at first.

horbs38 2009.11.06
not working put my name in and it stops

Mandrab 2009.11.06
Really didnt understand well haow it goes, so i quieted playing, guess aint good for me

LoLB 2009.11.04
very nice game, too bad you can`t play the whole game

spenracq2 2009.11.04
bit slow but could be a good game

ryanv999 2009.11.04
its a good game, but it would be better if it was done with real pictures instead of drawings...

Alucard97 2009.11.03
Yeah, its not working for me. It opens up a white pag, with the (X) icon in the corner of the screen. Anyone care to help?

michlc 2009.11.03
lol - quuiet hard to handle, but this is the magic

colinjfrancis 2009.11.02
This game will keep you busy for hours.

Bollocks 2009.11.02
Addictive interactivity good story multiple endings, would be near perfect in full screen with 3d colour graphics or is that asking to much?

Tarkin90 2009.11.02
interesting game and nice concept keep up the good work

NastyMatty 2009.11.02
Was interesting, sad no sound tho :S

Eliot Ness 2009.11.02
It`s interesting to be able to decide your future in the game. I like the opened finals.

JesusIsMagic 2009.11.01
I enjoyed the simple graphic style.

rlovie 2009.10.31
This game has interesting game play

nate 2009.10.31
Really different game with a nice story

yuriy61 2009.10.31
his game is kind of weird.

TomCox25 2009.10.30
Damn good game. Thinking of downloading this one for the other three episodes.

jmonke 2009.10.30
pretty fun game, all sorts of paths to choose from. simple illustrations kind of add to the charm

BeMoreDog 2009.10.30
Love this game, can`t stop playing and hopping there will more lifes!

deadbrain 2009.10.30
right it is not running with the shokwave

bestclass08 2009.10.29
There is something wrong with shockwave and the game isn`t working...

Aneirin 2009.10.29
very good game, nice and detailed with many possibilities

fairyglen 2009.10.28
game wont load please help

Bladepower 2009.10.27
Pretty cool game, be better if it came with sound

jerryonly83 2009.10.26
good game! very tricky and intriguing!

juleverne 2009.10.26
This game is really interesting. One of my favorites

khalam 2009.10.25
No u arnt i could not agree with u more

MrJabs 2009.10.25
interesting game, like it=)

herger 2009.10.24
The game is god, but i can´t the game play long.
at time comes an error and he say to me Unableto validate user.

Blacko 2009.10.24
Nice game but it could use some color

bnasty 2009.10.22
cant play it so dont know how it is......will not open

yinyang69 2009.10.22
poorly done should have color

aaro1223 2009.10.21
quite diffrent game, still good one

link120 2009.10.21
They should make another one like this :{P

Chewy85 2009.10.20
Help. I seem to need a plug in for this game but I don`t know what is needed. I`m using Firefox 3.5.3 Does anyone know where to get the plugin?

sexywomen9990 2009.10.20
All right i guess i dont want to download the rest though

cenesuyu23 2009.10.19
download twice the other parts but gave me an error both times. Could anyone fix it?

bikercoppia 2009.10.19
Wonderful. Absolutely surprising. When you start playing, It seems more a comic that a game, but going through the story you will be surprise!

johndoejohn 2009.10.19
looks like a lot of fun, unlike any other game i`ve seen out there

dess 2009.10.18
totally different game from everything i played so far, worth the time

Rusher 2009.10.18
this game is really worth playing,i will try

Flame666 2009.10.18
Really different game with a nice story. Definitely worth playing.

maxpower890 2009.10.17
great game series was really good

cagan 2009.10.17
different game i like it different from other games

HAL6000 2009.10.16
Very intresting. While the graphics don`t seem that engaging at first, they do have a noir feel that grows on the player, adds mood and suits the game well. While I only played the first two episodes (prefer to play on-line and put off by down loads), it seemed to have a unique and suprisingly intellegent style of play and developed story. Look forward to further developments from this team :)

MangoDK 2009.10.16
Very special game! Its really worth a try.

LILMAMA902 2009.10.16
Its a cool game and i love it!!

Charli 2009.10.14
very unique and cool game.
i like it very much

im2smart4u 2009.10.14
Does anyone have any hints? I keep failing. 7 trys. 6 were bad endings. 1 was good until a tape arrived in the mail.

ludwig 2009.10.13
i cant install the plugin - grrrrrrrrr

XTesteX 2009.10.13
diferente and with a lot of choices. nice game

monkeyone 2009.10.13
Interesting concept, but there seems to be an error.

randy06 2009.10.13
game ok just dont understand and get into it

godzilla 2009.10.12
this was a susper fun game lots of alternatives love it

Cool Dave 2009.10.12
nice game but difficult ti understand for a non english speaker

win93 2009.10.12
this is a strange game, im kinda confused but alice was hot

Shazear 2009.10.12
Doesn`t work because there`s no x64 compatible version of the Shockwave plugin.

snakehips 2009.10.12
nice different game. a joy to play

hotboy360 2009.10.12
this game was cool and really fun

reletik 2009.10.11
Too much story, too little action in my opinion

noked 2009.10.11
Very good game, and awsome story 10/10

dx61005 2009.10.11
The game is good and drive the player getting addicted with it from the start to the end.

santa 2009.10.11
Different type game. Like the interactive style. Would like bigger picture.

Gorahn 2009.10.11
seems like a strange game and y do u have to inv a freind to start playing it?

death22 2009.10.11
the game was fun wonder if there is more

cubbieblue 2009.10.11
This game is not like any normal game. It has a great story line and very interesting characters.

noobland 2009.10.11
i don`t mean it is bad....but i readly don`t like to watch comics...it is quit good if you love to watch comics....

wodahSShadow 2009.10.10
Haven`t even finished it yet and I`m already Impressed by the level of work done on it. Amazing.

almeida67 2009.10.10
With the great graphics of Maldonado, this is one of the best games I ever played

abdule 2009.10.10
good bit of replay value

Lokijoe 2009.10.10
I`ve played this before, and found it rather enjoyable. No soundtrack that I can remember, but the replay value is good for the first few times you play.

hosking 2009.10.10
it`s a problem to play this game when i have downloaded it

skiggy 2009.10.10
is downloading worth it? there seems to be issues getting it to work

jlai006 2009.10.10
I couldn`t download as well..but the game was good

Cakejr 2009.10.10
Anyone know how to get more action from Alice?

Zerran 2009.10.10
Yeah the interaction was very good worth the download.

zielarz gandzialf 2009.10.09
very nice game i like it...

sairemo 2009.10.09
It would be great if the game was available for download..

sexdick 2009.10.09
nice game and a unique one

bill98661 2009.10.09
I think they have server problems. It was slow then would not load

boyo111 2009.10.09
Very different, I like the interaction its pretty good

seprium 2009.10.09
very unique and cool game.
i like it very much

billyhunter 2009.10.09
lost at the get a friend part

villafanart 2009.10.09
This game is absolutely awesome, not too sexy, its hard to be turned on by that sin cityish style of drawing but man this is the most interavtive and branched game ever, ive played so many times and still find new paths, too bad im on mac now and i dont want to install windows just to play it.

cyberonic 2009.10.09
great game. very unique not exactly like the other games here. download well worth it

Xyzzy 2009.10.09
Sorry, not downloading a plug-in just to play a sex game. Ain`t gonna happen.

alter_alias 2009.10.09
the menu part is tricky, how do I go about starting the game?

horhe 2009.10.09
is a good game, nice girls

cheese101 2009.10.08
interesting game,pity its not all online,i cant download:(

anomaly 2009.10.08
Am I the only one who thinks this game doesn`t make sense ? or...?

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