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Kim: the cheating wife


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kawser222 2017.08.21
very good graphics seductive game ...

icrazyur2 2017.08.21
ok been gone like 3 weeks stillsame games looks like ill be gone againrn

cistobzv 2017.08.21
This game is lots of fun, interesting story and easy to play.

tnt2 2017.08.14
graphics are good a bit short nicely done though

plplqo 2017.08.13
It´s short but great quality, i´d love to have more sounds instead of just music but it´s ok.

jakepaul172 2017.08.11
this game was sort of easy but the graphics and the animations on here were amazing

jamessavage 2017.08.11
Game was great good jobrn

Unknown1212 2017.08.10
OMG i love so much dating sim, absolutly the best games!! and.. the graphics.. awasome

devon224545 2017.08.05
the games have nice graphics

Pizzaolle1 2017.08.05
Very nice game good story


marcus747 2017.08.01
Fantastic graphics with an enjoyable story! I enjoyed this tremendously!

caves 2017.08.01
this was quite the game o.o gameplay and story tugged on me

bandit04 2017.07.31
I love this story. Good action

3981 2017.07.30
really nice graphicssrnrn

Dhil 2017.07.29
wow this is so awesome n nice i like itrn

Dhil 2017.07.29
so nice with hot girl like herrn

Dhil 2017.07.29
that was so nice i really like it

Dhil 2017.07.29
this game is so nice and i love itrn

Pizzaolle1 2017.07.26
Great game and nice graphics

Jhon Shauf 2017.07.26
The game have nice graphics, is a lot of hard to pass but is fine. Does not seem to be as complicated to find hot spots and action as other games by this programmer.

JimboStout 2017.07.26
Pretty good game Beautiful girl. Would like more "motion" animation.

Bomber93 2017.07.24
lession of passion is always the best, super graphic, sexy girls and so much more

Aaron22 2017.07.23
great game! So nice to play through

tluciotti74 2017.07.19
good graphics but not great play, very limitedrn

capcum 2017.07.19
This game is very graphically intriging

darkdrunk 2017.07.16
i like this woman, she`s very sexy

Alzonty 2017.07.16
The sexting photos are so addictive. especially with the sister. would love it if there was more from the flight attendant. best game on here so far. Love it so much I donated to the developer.

JGwlsk 2017.07.15
Good game. I like the way the girl looks, not your comum thin with small breasts chick. Hot.

jon3011 2017.07.12
The game have nice graphics, is a lot of hard to pass but is fine. I like!!

superarsch38 2017.07.11
Nice game. Keep up the good work

dogg300017 2017.07.05
This game has amazing graphics.

carl1068 2017.06.30
the graphics for this game is awesomernlove the gameplay totally worth it

Ark7890 2017.06.28
Lesson of passion have always made amazing games, always look forward to them

HiddeObs 2017.06.23
Nice game, great graphics. Rather straight forward.

mars1995 2017.06.22
great game .. ;)I love this game. French translation is very good

w1drng22 2017.06.22
Easy to figure out what to select. I don`t care for the body parts massaging. Show both people.

Soulfire 2017.06.22
I enjoyed playing this game

AJ@2 2017.06.20
Nice game, good looking model

raycis 2017.06.19
Kim is great, so promiscuous

RADOST89 2017.06.19
I love this game, graphic is good.

phillipkk 2017.06.17
really good game, gr8 graphicsrn

Sonosuke 2017.06.15
Really good game, and the cheating thing only makes it better.

tmramorniy 2017.06.14
Nice and funny. I like games like this, just sit and relax..

Angel Baby 2017.06.14
How do I visit Kelly for her instructions about how PF1 works

hutiu3q 2017.06.13
Good and nice game. I like this genre. But there is a problem.rnPlease help: I just listen to music. Other sounds are not.

mutrommi 2017.06.12
Nice scenes, but nothing really new here. The game was too linear with few options leading to any real consequences that would affect a change. Narration was too verbose and unnecessary with an apparent intent to develop the characters. Seems to me this would only be useful for a much longer game. I think it could have been much better with more narration selections that altered the available scenes and maybe more interactivity with the environment in the background. Great art and some good lighting effects.

murphda92 2017.06.07
Great game characters are stunning

jamie418 2017.06.06
i very much enjoyed playing this game.

jjnoodle 2017.06.06
Good cheating story, kim is very hot. another good game. great effort guys.rn

atg1239 2017.06.05
very sexy game i love the gameplay.

glukos37 2017.06.05
i love this game still need a walkthrough rnit was nice.but it could be more graphic.

Blitzkriegbob 2017.06.05
I like the longer games of this kind more interesting, but it is worth playing it.

premiumphil 2017.06.03
Very fun game, simple but not boring.

Thatguyoverthere 2017.05.21
I liked this game not to challenging but enough to keep me interested

littleGamer 2017.05.14
I like this little game - nice and short

pieffepi 2017.05.14
Good graphics, story is a tad simple

Tiodor 2017.05.14
The graphic is good. Game is nice and easy to play.

TheLoveDoctor69 2017.05.11
Good overall game: gr8 graphics, but not enough options, only when selecting dialogue, other games have given you two options when removing clothes/foreplay. The story seemed a bit long winded, like going nowhere for a while, could do with a touch of editing of some of the mini-stories (though same may say that adds to the tension/build up). I`ve only got 2 endings so far, the failure & where you go all the way to having them end up dating. Also does anyone know when & how to use the vibrating egg? Thanx

gozilla4711 2017.05.06
great game, but more graphic

godley 2017.05.06
good game but was wondering how do i get kelly quest wont lolad any after registration ?

Marko_bgd 2017.05.03
great game... the quality of the game is really good

Pedrodelacrosa 2017.05.01
Oh hell yes.. this is amazing game and kim is beautiful

asimking 2017.04.30
really good gamerni am so horny

numptyspud 2017.04.27
good game. nice and easy to play.

dwg 2017.04.24
Nice game, really recommended. The girls are really hot.

stach56 2017.04.24
Cool game and interesting action

Nobu 2017.04.23
Lol, ungrateful husband. It nice if you can improve the graphic tho.

BigDog76 2017.04.22
It`s fun to finally play with Kim.

asinble 2017.04.18
wonderful woman wonderful gamerni m very excited

shyman44425 2017.04.17
Lots of fun. Does not seem to be as complicated to find hot spots and action as other games by this programmer.

BigRedTongue 2017.04.16
If you get stuck during the game the hint word is "duty"

viginasucker 2017.04.16
i love this game still need a walkthrough rnit was nice.but it could be more graphic.

oliverqueen16 2017.04.15
it was nice.but it could be more graphic.

plasmal1 2017.04.14
i love this game still need a walkthrough

Ombresournoise 2017.04.12
I love this game. French translation is very good.

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