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Christmas Eve in Metropolis


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stach56 2017.04.26
best game I have ever played in my life

hentaijapanese 2017.04.11
This game is definitely not worth your time not even....u know....

dickman1234 2017.04.08
this game is so lame don`t play it

Fiercebones 2017.03.24
couldn`t find some of the items like the panties. still a fun time-killer

mchias 2017.03.21
I really like the graphics, but i hoped for some endings

gwazz 2017.03.07
not a bad game but pretty easy to play

Chenz15 2017.03.02
It is ok but it could be better

dracowhitefire 2017.02.23
Silly and fun. Reminds me of a Dutch artist.

jacob2141 2017.02.21
The game will not load please help!!

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.21
there arent alot of good christmas themed games around, so it doesnt come as a surprise that a christmas themed porngame isnt high art. That said its really not a bad game.


buu2003 2017.02.14
very fun game, but its really hard.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.08
Fun Game, Difficult to see some of the Objects but it is funny.

anus36 2017.02.08
Quite fun. Deserves a better grade than what it has.

shogom 2017.02.07
very nice..yu should develop one with the easter holiday also :)

jaipalsinghchauhan2002 2017.01.28
best game I have ever played in my life

sexyboy102112 2017.01.20
Its a interesting hard game

mykel4445 2017.01.18
dam mouse button stuck all the time

VestusPrimus 2017.01.10
quite the nice game, very fun but with an edge of difficulty.
-Vestus Primus

Holger 2017.01.08
very good design, game play is good and yet looking forward to see more

CartoonFan 2017.01.07
I played it twice and still couldn`t remember where everything was - doh!!

SaMoriTu 2017.01.04
Very intersting game and funny

DaMIIX 2017.01.01
Pretty but not my type, I had problem with solving it. 5/10

petewoz28 2016.12.31
Fun and quick easter egg hunt.

ashish0808 2016.12.30
getting error webGL not supported. what to do

paerarru 2016.12.28
Vibrator goes to girl on computer.
Cake goes to boy peeking.
Bottle goes to cuckold.
Carrot goes to girl with elf.
Dildo goes to girl bathing.
Panties go to guy hanging from window.
Roses go to reindeer.
Doll goes to guy watching TV.
Collar goes to dog.
Whip goes to guy in bed.

ugabuga 2016.12.28
Fun and simple game, with a very nice artwork.

glukos37 2016.12.26
good game. Pretty fun but I cant find where to put Panties Flowers Booze or Cake

iotr89 2016.12.26
nice game but a little slow I think

JimboStout 2016.12.26
In columns of windows from the left
1st Column Cake is in orange window on the left where the party is.
2nd Column Panties are on Xmas Tree where couple and crying baby
3rd Column Sex doll at top with reindeer
Dildo on table in porn movie shoot
4th Column Vibrator at bottom window sill near spray painter
5th Columns Flowers And Dog Collar - Big Orange Window - Husband catches wife
6th Column - Wine - Romantic Dinner - Guy hanging from window
Whip- Directly over Wine Window with candle witch
Carrot - On top of building on snowman

JimboStout 2016.12.26
More difficult than I thought it would be. Still pretty fun!

Jaaru 2016.12.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

sharif123 2016.12.21
where dose the black snake go?

Angelo DZ 2016.12.21
where are the pantieeeeees hahah

xrecec 2016.12.21
Panties are on the christmas tree and you give them to the little guy hanging from a windowsill. You give flowers to raindeers, carrot to a girl fucked by elfs, booze to the old guy who sees his wife cheating on him, cake to the kid listening through a wall.
Very nice and detailed little game.

Maximizer 2016.12.21
It`s a teasing game although i cannot find the panties, is there anybody who might help me

Eomas 2016.12.21
Where the hell do i put the carrot? trying to give it to the lady i presume is cooking

Corgath 2016.12.21
good game. Pretty fun but I cant find where to put Panties Flowers Booze or Cake

Bobmaster20 2016.12.21
The wand is on the window sill next to the spray paint guy

Sola_KMT 2016.12.20
fun game but I couldnt find the wand tho

jjkitchen245 2016.12.20
fun game, more into tease then other games

al1eks2andar 2016.12.20
I give up. Please where is the magic wand?

al1eks2andar 2016.12.20
It is just litlle diamond of art and funny cartoon. I like it.

leonizer 2016.12.20
spotdon1 - that`s not true. That`s unique content, what` more - created by our friend.

spotdon1 2016.12.20
Annoyed that the website takes over two months to release a new game and the new game can be found on TONS of other websites. Please step up the work Playforceone

CapnMorgan 2016.12.20
I have a touchscreen laptop and this was unplayable until I went to full screen. very annoying game with barely funny "gifting" situations.

garonbrown 2016.12.19
Its ok, but could have been longer

geunie 2016.12.19
The panties go on the little guy hanging out the window on the right!

xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.12.19
hmmm. i guess it was okay

HarrietGarmin 2016.12.19
I enjoyed it personally can`t seem to find the panties though

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