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Behind the Dune


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Azizam 2017.06.23
I loved the original movie, but this game is so weird :(

youngbuckpimp 2017.06.21
Pretty fun game I like the chapters

bigboiiXD 2017.06.21
I wish most of the sex interactions were more longer, however the gameplay is good

Kouhaku07 2017.06.17
Both story and animmations are awesome.If you didn`t play yet,play it now , you will like it.

habaneronis 2017.06.16
This game didnt reach my expectation tbh, you can do better

Error 22 2017.06.16
Sure, the plot is good. However, all the sex scenes are short and pretty bad.

Hottie515 2017.06.14
awesome game, great gameplay, i loved it

randy1 2017.06.13
Interesting game , many twists and turns , keep it up

chaneldiamondz 2017.06.11
Nice game is there any more games like thisrn

Nicalos 2017.06.10
great game, gameplay is fantastic - sex scenes are not exactly my style but it`s still hot :P


thebreadman503 2017.06.05
Great game, love the animations, i want more of this game, story was good too

glukos37 2017.06.05
very good game but need patient is there any walkthrough?

CyrJ 2017.06.03
Right up my alley. Amusing Dune parody with some sexy content, phenomenal artwork and actually interesting gameplay. Good way to waste an hour or two. Kudos the the creator.

apache59 2017.06.03
Good game, would have preferred to be able to use the control thing on more than one woman. Would also like more ending choices.

MarcusLittle2563 2017.06.01
This game has a fairly easy to follow story line, and even let`s you skip ahead at points, overall, pretty good game

Tyranno 2017.05.29
I enjoyed playing this game. wish you can pick which one to marry and do the command effect on all the woman.

stach56 2017.05.16
Good game. A good story with lots of variations

AnnaRainbow 2017.05.16
Clearly a LOT of work went into this - the scope is pretty epic and it is a very faithful telling of the classic Dune story, using both the book and the 80`s film for references. The play is fairly easy but has a lot of elements going, along with some good humour. The design and artwork are very good. Overall its very absorbing with a good degree of replayability.

TMAMA 2017.05.15
Can never get all scenes, despite best efforts

Nigmael 2017.05.13
Good game that follows the original story

stryderkiller12 2017.05.11
the sex is one of the best parts of the game

Ricoh124 2017.05.11
A good story with lots of variations

jk3guns 2017.05.11
It`s a good game, long. Not enough sex action, but have to progress further to get those.

bangbangman 2017.05.10
more sex actions would`ve made it more fun, but still pretty good game!

shyman44425 2017.05.09
Just getting started with this. Not much action.

TBG1972 2017.05.09
Okay for Dune or other Sci-Fi fans, but kind of repetitive for not much sex action.

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